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Articles from Parergon (July 1, 2016)

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'Late' losses and the temporality of early modern nostalgia. Schwyzer, Philip Essay 7728
Abbreviations in this issue. 107
Al-Musawi, Muhsin J., The Medieval Islamic Republic of Letters: Arabic Knowledge Construction. Jacka, Katherine Book review 828
Andres Fernandez, David, Musica y liturgia en la Catedral de Huesca en la Edad Media. Hardie, Jane Morlet Book review 881
Benay, Erin E., and Lisa M. Rafanelli, Faith, Gender and the Senses in Italian Renaissance and Baroque Art: Interpreting the 'Noli me tangere' and Doubting Thomas. Hudson, Hugh Book review 821
Beyer, Hartmut, Gabriela Signori, and Sita Steckel, eds, Bruno the Carthusian and his Mortuary Roll: Studies, Text, and Translations. Daintree, David Book review 470
Blackburn, Bonnie J., and Laurie Stras, eds, Eroticism in Early Modern Music. Beclawski, Mariusz Book review 333
Blumenfeld-Kosinski, Renate, The Strange Case of Ermine de Reims: A Medieval Woman between Demons and Saints. Bonzol, Judith Book review 876
Books received. 1035
Bradshaw, Brendan, 'And so began the Irish Nation': Nationality, National Consciousness and Nationalism in Pre-Modern Ireland. Hall, Dianne Book review 840
Buccheri, Alessandra, The Spectacle of Clouds, 1439-1650: Italian Art and Theatre. Sullivan, Alice Isabella Book review 482
Burgess, R. W, and Michael Kulikowski, Mosaics of Time: The Latin Chronicle Traditions from the First Century BC to the Sixth Century AD. Volume I: A Historical Introduction to the Chronicle Genre from its Origins to the High Middle Ages. Stewart, Michael Edward Book review 442
Chiari, Sophie, ed., The Circulation of Knowledge in Early Modern English Literature. Thind, Rajiv Book review 782
Childhood and loss in early modern life writing. Hodgkin, Katharine Critical essay 8908
Coming Home Again: Johannes Hofer, Edmund Spenser, and premodern nostalgia. Davis, Alex Critical essay 9964
di Tullio, Matteo, The Wealth of Communities: War, Resources and Cooperation in Renaissance Lombardy. Diggelmann, Lindsay Book review 396
Evergates, Theodore, Henry the Liberal: Count of Champagne, 1127-1181. Diggelmann, Lindsay Book review 799
Fanger, Claire, Rewriting Magic: An Exegesis of the Visionary Autobiography of a Fourteenth-Century French Monk. Barbezat, Michael D. Book review 830
Graney, Christopher M., Setting Aside All Authority: Giovanni Battista Riccioli and the Science against Copernicus in the Age of Galileo. Brodie, Nicholas D. Book review 645
Hamer, Richard, ed., with Vida Russell, Gilte Legende, Vol. III. Barratt, Alexandra Book review 399
Hannay, Margaret P., Michael G. Brennan, and Mary Ellen Lamb, The Ashgate Research Companion to The Sidneys, 1500-1700. James, Carolyn Book review 750
Harmes, Marcus K., Bishops and Power in Early Modern England. Norrie, Aidan Book review 393
Ilic, Mirko, and Steven Heller, Presenting Shakespeare: 1,100 Posters from around the World. Gerzic, Marina Book review 777
In the mean season: Richard II and the nostalgic politics of hospitality. Johanson, Kristine Critical essay 9443
Jaffe-Berg, Erith, 'Commedia dell' Arte' and the Mediterranean: Charting Journeys and Mapping 'Others'. Brodie, Nicholas D. Book review 433
Jervis, Ben, Lee G. Broderick, and Idoia Grau Sologestoa, eds, Objects, Environment, and Everyday Life in Medieval Europe. Hollis, Stephanie Book review 823
Johnson, Holly, The Grammar of Good Friday: Macaronic Sermons of Late Medieval England. Daintree, David Book review 469
Johnson, Kimberly, Made Flesh: Sacrament and Poetics in Post-Reformation England. Clement, Jennifer Book review 440
Kleinhenz, Christopher, and Andrea Dini, eds, Approaches to Teaching Petrarch's 'Canzoniere' and the Petrarchan Tradition. Stoessel, Jason Book review 387
Milstein, Joanna, The Gondi: Family Strategy and Survival in Early Modern France. Di Crescenzo, Lisa Book review 865
Newth, Michael A. H., trans., Heroines of the French Epic: A Second Selection of Chansons de Geste. Ward, John O. Book review 473
Nostalgic temporalities in Greenes Vision. Cook, Megan L. Critical essay 8070
O'Doherty, Marianne, and Felicitas Schmieder, eds, Travels and Mobilities in the Middle Ages: From the Atlantic to the Black Sea. Stoessel, Jason Book review 886
Old, old, very old men: nostalgia in the early modern broadside ballad. Phillips, Harriet Critical essay 7131
On the possibility of early modern nostalgias. Johanson, Kristine Critical essay 6898
Petrovskaia, Natalia I., Medieval Welsh Perceptions of the Orient. McDonald, Roderick Book review 780
Pitts, Brent A., trans., The Anglo-Norman Gospel Harmony: A Translation of the 'Estoire de l'Evangile'. Diggelmann, Lindsay Book review 397
Psellos, Michael, Psellos and the Patriarchs: Letters and Funeral Orations for Keroullarios, Leichoudes, and Xiphilinos. Stewart, Michael Edward Book review 800
Reid, Lindsay Ann, Ovidian Bibliofictions and the Tudor Book: Metamorphosing Classical Heroines in Late Medieval and Renaissance England. Amendola, Natasha Book review 780
Rohr, Zita Eva, Yolande of Aragon (1381-1442) Family and Power: The Reverse of the Tapestry. Stoessel, Jason Book review 761
Ross, Sarah C. E., Women, Poetry, and Politics in Seventeenth-Century Britain. Williams, Janet Hadley Book review 431
Sanchez-Pardo, Jose C., and Michael G. Shapland, eds, Churches and Social Power in Early Medieval Europe: Integrating Archaeological and Historical Approaches. Leggett, Samantha Book review 721
Schrock, Chad D., Consolation in Medieval Narrative: Augustinian Authority and Open Form. Cropp, Glynnis M. Book review 780
Scott, Alison V., Literature and the Idea of Luxury in Early Modern England. Jack, Sybil M. Book review 415
Siegfried, Brandie R., and Lisa T. Sarasohn, eds, God and Nature in the Thought of Margaret Cavendish. Morrison, Tessa Book review 400
Snijders, Tjamke, Manuscript Communication: Visual and Textual Mechanics of Communication in Hagiographical Texts from the Southern Low Countries 900-1200. Maddocks, Hilary Book review 433
Stapleton, M. L., Marlowe's Ovid: The Elegies in the Marlowe Canon. Lunney, Ruth Book review 417
Tanabe, Harumi, and John Scahill, eds, 'Sawles Warde' and the Wooing Group: Parallel Texts with Notes and Wordlists. McDonald, Roderick Brief article 273
Thibodeaux, Jennifer D., The Manly Priest: Clerical Celibacy, Masculinity, and Reform in England and Normandy, 1066-1300. Flanagan, Sabina Book review 950
Traub, Valerie, Thinking Sex with the Early Moderns. Barclay, Katie Book review 858
Truitt, E. R., Medieval Robots: Mechanism, Magic, Nature, and Art. Gilmore, Shannon Emily Book review 814
Waters, Claire M., Translating Clergie: Status, Education, and Salvation in Thirteenth-Century Vernacular Texts. Smithies, Kathryn Book review 827
Wiemann, Dirk, and Gaby Mahlberg, eds, Perspectives on English Revolutionary Republicanism. Breach, Lindsay Book review 406
Wittek, Stephen, The Media Players: Shakespeare, Middleton, Jonson, and the Idea of News. Real, Julian Book review 398
Woodacre, Elena, and Carey Fleiner, eds, Royal Mothers and their Ruling Children: Wielding Political Authority from Antiquity to the Early Modern Era. Norrie, Aidan Book review 867

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