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The Effects of Assisted and Resisted Plyometric Training Programs on Vertical Jump Performance in Adults: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Makaruk, Hubert; Starzak, Marcin; Suchecki, Bogusz; Czaplicki, Maciej; Stojiljkovic, Nenad Jun 1, 2020 7052
Metformin Treatment Is Associated with a Decreased Risk of Nonproliferative Diabetic Retinopathy in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: A Population-Based Cohort Study. Fan, Yu-Pei; Wu, Chien-Tung; Lin, Jiun-Lu; Hsiung, Chao A.; Liu, Hsiao Yu; Lai, Jung-Nien; Yang, Che May 31, 2020 8233
Long Noncoding RNA HOTTIP Serves as an Independent Predictive Biomarker for the Prognosis of Patients with Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma. Liu, Zhanxin; Wang, Zichun; Wang, Xiaoxiong; Lu, Meisong; Chen, Guang May 31, 2020 6547
The Chartered Trading Standards Institute launch a new free online resource for the travel industry. May 6, 2020 374
A Survey on Autonomous Techniques for Music Classification based on Human Emotions Recognition. Chaudhary, Deepti; Singh, Niraj Pratap; Singh, Sachin May 1, 2020 10140
Change in Viability and Function of Pancreatic Islets after Coculture with Mesenchymal Stromal Cells: A Systemic Review and Meta-Analysis. Li, Xiaohang; Lang, Hongxin; Li, Baifeng; Zhang, Chengshuo; Sun, Ning; Lin, Jianzhen; Zhang, Jialin Apr 30, 2020 8764
The Prognostic Value of Autophagy-Related Markers Bclin-1 and LC-3 in Colorectal Cancers: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis. Li, Jin-Xiao; Yan, Qian; Liu, Na; Zheng, Wen-Jiang; Hu, Man; Yu, Zhao-Min; Zhou, Yu-Dian; Wang, Xion Apr 30, 2020 6303
Molecular Mechanism of Functional Ingredients in Barley to Combat Human Chronic Diseases. Zeng, Yawen; Pu, Xiaoying; Du, Juan; Yang, Xiaomeng; Li, Xia; Mandal, Siddikun Nabi; Yang, Tao; Yang Apr 30, 2020 23360
Association between lncRNA GAS5, MEG3, and PCAT-1 Polymorphisms and Cancer Risk: A Meta-Analysis. Dong, Xiaoyan; Gao, Wenyan; Xiaoling, L.V.; Wang, Yazhen; Wu, Qing; Yang, Zhouxin; Mao, Genxiang; Xi Apr 30, 2020 8460
Science and Technology Daily announces formation of COVID-19 research database by Chinese researchers. Apr 22, 2020 232
Science and Technology Daily announces formation of COVID-19 research database by Chinese researchers. Apr 22, 2020 236
Mind Time for youths; New online resource launched. STUART GILLESPIE Apr 21, 2020 376
QNL offers online resources to keep children, young adults busy at home. Apr 7, 2020 993
Kuwait launches online database for disadvantaged families to register for aid amid coronavirus pandemic. Arab News Apr 6, 2020 151
Collection practices for nontraditional online resources among academic health sciences libraries. Shultz, Mary; Berryman, Donna R. Apr 1, 2020 7658
Acupuncture plus Rehabilitation for Unilateral Neglect after Stroke: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Hou, Yonghui; Liu, Ying; Li, Minying; Ning, Baile; Wen, Zehuai; Fu, Wenbin Mar 31, 2020 5083
Review on the Relationship of Absorptive Capacity with Interorganizational Networks and the Internationalization Process. Agramunt, L.F.; Berbel-Pineda, J.M.; Capobianco-Uriarte, M.M.; Casado-Belmonte, M.P. Mar 31, 2020 12772
Hemodialysis Increases the Risk of Lower Gastrointestinal Bleeding and Angiodysplasia Bleeding: A Nationwide Population Study. Tsai, Tzung-Jiun; Chen, Wen-Chi; Huang, Yu-Tung; Yang, Yi-Hsin; Feng, I-Che; Wu, Wen-Chieh; Hu, Huan Mar 31, 2020 4742
Urolithiasis, Independent of Uric Acid, Increased Risk of Coronary Artery and Carotid Atherosclerosis: A Meta-Analysis of Observational Studies. Luo, Wei; Zhou, Yao; Gao, Chenlin; Yan, Pijun; Xu, Ling Mar 31, 2020 6262
Effectiveness and Safety of Preoperative Oral Carbohydrates in Enhanced Recovery after Surgery Protocols for Patients with Diabetes Mellitus: A Systematic Review. Ge, Li-Na; Wang, Lin; Wang, Feng Mar 31, 2020 3210
Intra-Articular Steroid Injection for Patients with Hip Osteoarthritis: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Zhong, Hui-Ming; Zhao, Guang-Feng; Lin, Tiao; Zhang, Xin-Xin; Li, Xin-Yu; Lin, Jun-Fan; Zhao, Si-Qi; Mar 31, 2020 8120
Acupuncture for Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) in Adults: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Wang, Liaoyao; Xu, Jia; Zhan, Yijun; Pei, Jian Mar 31, 2020 8816
Governments' Policy Response to Drought in Eswatini and Lesotho: A Systematic Review of the Characteristics, Comprehensiveness, and Quality of Existing Policies to Improve Community Resilience to Drought Hazards. Kamara, Joseph K.; Sahle, Berhe W.; Agho, Kingsley E.; Renzaho, Andre M.N. Report Mar 31, 2020 12929
Qatar Museums compile online resources for teachers and students. Mar 23, 2020 711
Qatar Museums compiles online resources for teachers and students. Mar 23, 2020 711
Analysis of the Expression of Cell Division Cycle-Associated Genes and Its Prognostic Significance in Human Lung Carcinoma: A Review of the Literature Databases. Chen, Chongxiang; Chen, Siliang; Pang, Lanlan; Yan, Honghong; Luo, Ma; Zhao, Qingyu; Lai, Jielan; Li Mar 1, 2020 6585
Effects of Herbal Mouthwashes on Plaque and Inflammation Control for Patients with Gingivitis: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomised Controlled Trials. Cai, He; Chen, Junyu; Perera, Nirmala K. Panagodage; Liang, Xing Mar 1, 2020 9894
Thunder-Fire Moxibustion for Cervical Spondylosis: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Huang, Ruina; Huang, Yunxuan; Huang, Ruijia; Huang, Shaofen; Wang, Xiaojun; Yu, Xiaojiang; Xu, Dangh Mar 1, 2020 9153
Comparison of the Effects of TIPS versus BRTO on Bleeding Gastric Varices: A Meta-Analysis. Wang, Zi Wen; Liu, Jin Chao; Zhao, Fang; Zhang, Wen Guang; Duan, Xu Hua; Chen, Peng Fei; Yang, Si Fu Report Mar 1, 2020 7678
Geneva Natives Raise Funds to Speed-Up Access to Geneva Public Library's Online Collection of The Geneva Republican Newspapers from 1878 to 2016. Feb 24, 2020 319
Backyard gardeners can act to help bee populations Online resource. Dean Fosdick Associated Press Feb 23, 2020 561
Extreme weather has gardeners looking for resilient plants Online resource. Dean Fosdick Associated Press Feb 16, 2020 538
Going flat out to protect skate; Online resource to track endangered fish now includes historical records. ALISTAIR MUNRO Jan 15, 2020 299
NIST Ballistics Toolmark Research Database. Zheng, Xiaoyu; Soons, Johannes; Thompson, Robert; Singh, Sushama; Constantin, Cerasela Jan 1, 2020 2221
Congenital Aplasia of the Common Carotid Artery: A Comprehensive Review. Vasovic, L.; Trandafilovic, M.; Vlajkovic, S. Jan 1, 2020 9565
A bibliometric study of research pertaining to the oldest-old (age eighty-five and older). Lund, Brady Daniel; Wang, Ting Jan 1, 2020 6816
Adverse drug reactions in drug information databases: does presentation affect interpretation? McConachie, Sean M.; Giuliano, Christopher A.; Mohammad, Insaf; Kale-Pradhan, Pramodini B. Drug overview Jan 1, 2020 5902
Utilization of Outpatient Eye Care Services in Taiwan: A Nationwide Population Study. Hsu, Chia-An; Hsiao, Sheng-Huang; Hsu, Min-Huei; Yen, Ju-Chuan Report Jan 1, 2020 2829
OSCE launches new online resource to combat violence against women. Dec 16, 2019 647
Drug Patent Database Subscription 2019: Focus on Drugs in Development. Dec 3, 2019 773
Online resources influencing cosmetic treatment choices. Franki, Richard Dec 1, 2019 402
Circulating MicroRNAs as Prognostic Molecular Biomarkers in Human Head and Neck Cancer: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Lamichhane, Shree Ram; Thachil, Thanuja; Gee, Harriet; Milic, Natalie Clinical report Dec 1, 2019 7935
NIGHTSTICK Launches Light Finder Online Resource. Dec 1, 2019 210
Prognostic and Clinicopathological Significance of MUC Family Members in Colorectal Cancer: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Li, Chao; Zuo, Didi; Liu, Tao; Yin, Libin; Li, Chenyao; Wang, Lei Clinical report Dec 1, 2019 10132
The Contraction Modalities in a Stretch-Shortening Cycle in Animals and Single Joint Movements in Humans: A Systematic Review. Groeber, Martin; Reinhart, Lena; Kornfeind, Philipp; Baca, Arnold Dec 1, 2019 9652
ValueRank: Keyword Search of Object Summaries Considering Values. Zhi, Cai; Xu, Lan; Xing, Su; Kun, Lang; Yang, Cao Report Dec 1, 2019 8049
Chinese Herbal Medicine Ameliorated the Development of Chronic Kidney Disease in Patients with Chronic Hepatitis C: A Retrospective Population-Based Cohort Study. Chang, Che-Pin; Su, Yuan-Chih; Lin, Mei-Chen; Huang, Sheng-Teng Report Dec 1, 2019 8116
Are Kidney-Tonifying and Blood-Activating Medicinal Herbs Better than NSAIDs for Knee Osteoarthritis? A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Huang, Hetao; Pan, Jianke; Yang, Weiyi; Han, Yanhong; Luo, Minghui; Liang, Haodong; Zeng, Lingfeng; Dec 1, 2019 16914
Online database on politically exposed persons launched. Nov 26, 2019 342
Y Soft Launches be3D Academy - Online Collection of 3D Lessons for Educators; Teacher-tested lesson plans in STEAM subjects aid classroom instruction and immersive learning. Nov 14, 2019 867
Association between Metformin and a Lower Risk of Age-Related Macular Degeneration in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes. Chen, Yu-Yen; Shen, Ying-Cheng; Lai, Yun-Ju; Wang, Chun-Yuan; Lin, Keng-Hung; Feng, Shih-Chao; Liang Nov 1, 2019 5871
Phakic Posterior Chamber Intraocular Lens with a Central Hole in Treating Patients with Moderate to High Myopia: A Meta-Analysis. Tang, Ying; Ye, Jian Nov 1, 2019 4611
Gender and Age Differences and the Trend in the Incidence and Prevalence of Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease in Taiwan: A 7-Year National Population-Based Study. Liu, Chih-Ching; Li, Chung-Yi; Sun, Yu; Hu, Susan C. Report Nov 1, 2019 8800
Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography Assessed Retinal and Choroidal Microvasculature Features in Patients with Retinitis Pigmentosa: A Meta-Analysis. Ling, Ling; Gao, Feifei; Zhang, Qinglin; He, Tao; Zhao, Yi; Xing, Yiqiao; Yu, Yifeng; Ji, Kaibao Nov 1, 2019 6474
eFor-Real is looking like the Complete Online Resource with the Essential College Search Tool for Students. Oct 25, 2019 442
New Online Resource Library Focuses on Strategic Storytelling for Hospitality, Travel & Leisure Brands. Oct 10, 2019 293
Advantages, barriers and strategies for circular economy: a theoretical approach/ Vantagens, barreiras e estrategias para economia circular: uma abordagem teorica. da Silva, Vander Luiz; Teixeira, Tatiane; de Francisco, Antonio Carlos; Picinin, Claudia Tania; Kova Oct 1, 2019 6868
Chemical and Petrochemical Industries in Russia, CIS, & East Europe, Monthly Report & Online Database. Report Sep 23, 2019 333
Use of Standardized Assessments and Online Resources in Stroke Rehabilitation. Lin, Susan H.; Bosch, Pamela R.; Rowe, Veronica T.; Fasoli, Susan E.; Langan, Jeanne Survey Sep 22, 2019 8852
Knowing when to prune is as vital as knowing how Online resource. Dean Fosdick Associated Press Sep 20, 2019 552
Phone numbers of millions of Facebook users was reportedly available in an open online database. Sep 7, 2019 321
Diagnostic Accuracy of circRNAs in Esophageal Cancer: A Meta-Analysis. Niu, Chen; Zhao, Lei; Guo, Xudong; Shen, Yi; Shao, Yi; Liu, Fen Sep 1, 2019 4150
Prescribing Patterns of Antihypertensives for Treatment-Naive Patients in South Korea: From Korean NHISS Claim Data. Kim, Sang Hyuck; Shin, Dong Wook; Kim, Shinhye; Han, Kyungdo; Park, Sang-hyun; Kim, Yul-Hee; Jeon, S Sep 1, 2019 8234
Israel Venture Capital Online Database 2019: 4,000 Companies & Contact Details for 11,000 Key Executives. Aug 27, 2019 426
Ministry launches online medical research database. Aug 21, 2019 312
LTO lauded for fraud-free P1.3-B online collection. Aug 20, 2019 531
Allergan plc (NYSE: AGN) - Allergan Provides Online Resource for Patients and Surgeons about BIOCELL[R] Textured Breast Implants and Tissue Expanders -- 15/8/2019. Aug 20, 2019 215
Allergan plc (NYSE: AGN) - Allergan Provides Online Resource for Patients and Surgeons about BIOCELL[R] Textured Breast Implants and Tissue Expanders -- 15/8/2019. Aug 20, 2019 215
At-Home Support Helps Stroke Patients Adjust After Hospitalization; Home-based support network includes social work case managers and online resources. Aug 7, 2019 328
Leading online resource for healthy eating talks about the benefits of eating almonds. Aug 2, 2019 519
Publication outputs from summer student projects at the University of Otago. Wu, Charlotte Duen-Yi; Levack, William; Siebers, Rob Report Aug 1, 2019 1460
CREATE AN APPY HOME... GABRIELLE FAGAN speaks to interior stylist Heather Milner, who reveals her online resources for ideas and project. Jul 25, 2019 1323
CREATE AN APPY HOME... GABRIELLE FAGAN speaks to interior stylist Heather Milner, who reveals her online resources for ideas and project plotting. Jul 20, 2019 1305
Nonprofit to assess every home's flood risk: Data will be housed in a free online database. Jul 19, 2019 454
CREATE AN APPY HOME... GABRIELLE FAGAN speaks to interior stylist Heather Milner, who reveals her online resources for ideas and project plotting. Jul 18, 2019 1322
CREATE AN APPY HOME... GABRIELLE FAGAN speaks to interior stylist Heather Milner, who reveals her online resources for ideas and project plotting. Jul 18, 2019 1293
CREATE AN APPY HOME... GABRIELLE FAGAN speaks to interior stylist Heather Milner, who reveals her online resources for ideas and project plotting. Jul 18, 2019 1184
CREATE AN APPY HOME... GABRIELLE FAGAN speaks to interior stylist Heather Milner, who reveals her online resources for ideas and project plotting. Jul 18, 2019 1252
CREATE AN APPY HOME... GABRIELLE FAGAN speaks to interior stylist Heather Milner, who reveals her online resources for ideas and project plotting. Jul 18, 2019 1134
Good Food Finder AZ Relaunches Website: An Online Resource Bringing Local Foods & Resources to Arizona's Communities. Website overview Jul 12, 2019 632
Prognostic Value of the Advanced Lung Cancer Inflammation Index in Patients with Lung Cancer: A Meta-Analysis. Zhang, Yi; Chen, Bo Jul 1, 2019 4520
Maternal Body Mass Index and Risk of Congenital Heart Defects in Infants: A Dose-Response Meta-Analysis. Liu, Xuezhen; Ding, Guoyong; Yang, Weili; Feng, Xia; Li, Yuejin; Liu, Huamin; Zhang, Qianqian; Ji, L Jul 1, 2019 8275
Eating habits of pregnant Brazilian women: an integrative review of the literature/Habitos alimentares das gestantes brasileiras: revisao integrativa da literature. Gomes, Caroline de Barros; Vasconcelos, Leticia Garcia; Cintra, Renata Maria Galvao de Campos; Dias, Jun 1, 2019 8334
Systematic review of nutritional screening methods for elderly Brazilians living at home/Revisao sistematica de metodos de triagem nutricional para idosos brasileiros domiciliados. Roediger, Manuela de Almeida; Marucci, Maria de Fatima Nunes; dos Santos, Bruna Zillesg Borges; Dour Jun 1, 2019 5220
Tympanostomy tube insertion practice in under-18-year-olds in the South African private healthcare sector insured by Discovery Health. Samson, E.; Quail, G.; Peer, S.; Fagan, J.J. Jun 1, 2019 3790
QNL offers variety in vast online resources. May 26, 2019 779
Murphy shoots down foreclosure online database measure. May 13, 2019 289
Effectiveness of Paromomycin on Cutaneous Leishmaniasis in Iran: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Moradzadeh, Rahmatollah; Golmohammadi, Parvaneh; Ashraf, Hami; Fakoorziba, Mohammad Reza Report May 1, 2019 4616
Higher Income for Male Physicians: Findings About Salary Differences Between Male and Female Iranian Physicians. Rad, Enayatollah Homaie; Ehsani-Chimeh, Elham; Gharebehlagh, Masoumeh Najafi; Kokabisaghi, Fatemeh; May 1, 2019 5267
Daptomycin to bone and joint infections and prosthesis joint infections: a systematic review. Telles, Joao Paulo; Cieslinski, Juliette; Tuon, Felipe Francisco May 1, 2019 4109
Epigenetics and Inflammatory Markers: A Systematic Review of the Current Evidence. Gonzalez-Jaramillo, Valentina; Portilla-Fernandez, Eliana; Glisic, Marija; Voortman, Trudy; Ghanbari May 1, 2019 9077
Assessment of the Accuracy of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Videos in English on YouTube according to the 2015 AHA Resuscitation Guidelines. Katipoglu, Burak; Akbas, Ilker; Kocak, Abdullah Osman; Erbay, Muhammet Furkan; Turan, Engin Ihsan; K Report May 1, 2019 4308
Association between Central Serous Chorioretinopathy and Risk of Depression: A Population-Based Cohort Study. Chen, Yu-Yen; Huang, Li-Ying; Liao, Wei-Ling; Chou, Pesus Clinical report May 1, 2019 5240
Psychological Intervention in Traumatic Brain Injury Patients. Gomez-de-Regil, Lizzette; Estrella-Castillo, Damaris F.; Vega-Cauich, Julio May 1, 2019 6307
Differences in Leukocyte Telomere Length between Coronary Heart Disease and Normal Population: A Multipopulation Meta-Analysis. Xu, Xiaofeng; Hu, Haochang; Lin, Ying; Huang, Fangzhong; Ji, Huihui; Li, Yin; Lin, Shaoyi; Chen, Xia May 1, 2019 6418
Comparison of Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors between Older and Younger Patients with Advanced or Metastatic Lung Cancer: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Zhang, Leyin; Sun, Leitao; Yu, Jieru; Shan, Feiyu; Zhang, Kai; Pang, Xi; Ma, Chenghao; Zhang, Yinan; May 1, 2019 9612
Understanding Social Security Traveling? you can still access online resources. Apr 24, 2019 263
Justice Ministry changes info on SDPK leader in online database. Apr 18, 2019 158
Genetic correlation between Prothrombin G20210A polymorphism and retinal vein occlusion risk. Zou, Yuanyuan; Zhang, Xi; Zhang, Jingyi; Ji, Xiangning; Liu, Yuqing; Zhao, Shaozhen Apr 1, 2019 4583
Roles of Steroids in Preventing Esophageal Stricture after Endoscopic Resection. Qiu, Yu; Shi, Ruihua Report Apr 1, 2019 6897
LncRNA BLACAT1 May Serve as a Prognostic Predictor in Cancer: Evidence from a Meta-Analysis. Lu, Hongyan; Liu, Haoran; Yang, Xiaoqi; Ye, Tao; Lv, Peng; Wu, Xiaoliang; Ye, Zhangqun Clinical report Apr 1, 2019 5521
The State of Exosomes Research: A Global Visualized Analysis. Wang, Bin; Xing, Dan; Zhu, Yuanyuan; Dong, Shengjie; Zhao, Bin Apr 1, 2019 4986
Syringobulbia in Patients with Chiari Malformation Type I: A Systematic Review. Shen, Jian; Shen, Jie; Huang, Kaiyuan; Wu, Yixin; Pan, Jianwei; Zhan, Renya Apr 1, 2019 3462
Pulmonary Rehabilitation for Exercise Tolerance and Quality of Life in IPF Patients: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Yu, Xueqing; Li, Xuanlin; Wang, Liaoyao; Liu, Ran; Xie, Yang; Li, Suyun; Li, Jiansheng Apr 1, 2019 5817
QNL offers a world of online resources. Mar 24, 2019 534
Job hunt gets quicker with integration of online resources. Mar 22, 2019 217
Lavender: All-purpose 'Swiss army knife' of fragrant herbs Online resource. Mar 17, 2019 564
Coping with the Supply-Side Effects of Free Maternal Healthcare Policies in Seven sub-Saharan African Countries: A Systematic Review. Dugle, Gordon; Rutherford, Shannon Report Mar 1, 2019 5005
Prescribing Trend of Antirheumatic Drugs in Taiwan and Risk of Cardiovascular Disease in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis: A Nationwide Cohort Study. Lee, Chien-Ying; Tai, Chih-Jaan; Tsai, Ya-Fang; Kuan, Yu-Hsiang; Lee, Chiu- Hsiang; Huang, Kuang-Hua Report Mar 1, 2019 5477
Aldosterone Antagonists Reduce the Risk of Cardiovascular Mortality in Dialysis Patients: A Meta-Analysis. Li, Yan; Xie, Na; Liang, Min Mar 1, 2019 5724
A Review of Danshen Combined with Clopidogrel in the Treatment of Coronary Heart Disease. Zhang, Zhaojian; Wang, Yu; Tan, Wangxiao; Wang, Siwei; Liu, Jinghua; Liu, Xiao; Wang, Xiaoying; Gao, Mar 1, 2019 11604
Current Research Trends in Traditional Chinese Medicine Formula: A Bibliometric Review from 2000 to 2016. Chen, Yi-Bing; Tong, Xiao-Fang; Ren, Junge; Yu, Chun-Quan; Cui, Yuan-Lu Report Mar 1, 2019 6536
Effectiveness of Acupuncturing at the Sphenopalatine Ganglion Acupoint Alone for Treatment of Allergic Rhinitis: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Fu, Qinwei; Zhang, Lanzhi; Liu, Yang; Li, Xinrong; Yang, Yepeng; Dai, Menglin; Zhang, Qinxiu Mar 1, 2019 7456
Accounting, Organizations and Society: A Bibliometric Study Based on the Science Direct Database during the year, 2005-2014. Mohanty, Barada Kanta Mar 1, 2019 4983
Global Research Publications on Hepatitis C from SCOPUS Database (2009-2018): A Scientometric Study. Siva, N.; Vivekanandhan, S.; Rajendran, P. Report Mar 1, 2019 5161
SCIENTOMETRIC ANALYSIS OF DIABETES RESEARCH OUTPUT DURING THE YEAR 2014-2018: Indexed by Web of Science. Boopathi, P.; Gomathi, P. Report Mar 1, 2019 3056
MJH Associates launches online resource for independent pharmacists. Perry, Jessica Feb 25, 2019 346
On-the-Ground Reporting: Shoeleather is an online database that helps eliminate parachute journalism. Feb 1, 2019 421
Place matters in social mobility. Krisberg, Kim Brief article Feb 1, 2019 264
The prevalence of strategies for cessation of tobacco use in primary health care: an integrative review/ Prevalencia de estrategias para cessacao do uso do tabaco na Atencao Primaria a Saude: uma revisao integrativa. Santos, Meire de Deus Vieira; Santos, Stella Vieira; Caccia-Bava, Maria do Carmo Gullaci Guimaraes Bibliografia Feb 1, 2019 6561
Use of Information Sources by the Personal attributes Science Faculty Members and Research Scholars in a University Environment: a Case Study of Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirappalli, Tamilnadu. Chandrakasan, Ranganathan Case study Feb 1, 2019 6284
Ride Illinois adds truck-bike safety content to online resource -BYLN- Submitted by Ride Illinois. Jan 26, 2019 283
Building new twenty-first century medical school libraries from the ground up: challenges, experiences, and lessons learned. Dexter, Nadine; Muellenbach, Joanne M.; Lorbeer, Elizabeth R.; Rand, Debra; Wilcox, Matthew E.; Long Report Jan 1, 2019 6111
Songs for a Song Auditioners and students looking for new musical theatre tunes can turn to Considine, Allison Jan 1, 2019 1110
Bibliometric Analysis of Digital Literacy Research Output: A Global Perspective. Alagu, A.; Thanuskodi, S. Report Jan 1, 2019 4202
E-learning Research Papers in Web of Science: A Biliometric Analysis. Nishat Fatima; Abu, K.S. Report Jan 1, 2019 3372
Scientific Publications of Goa University as reflected in Web of Science Database during 2008-2017. Hugar, Jayaprakash G. Report Jan 1, 2019 5847
Datapunk Circuits: A Multi-Dimensional, Open-Source, Genomic Database for Clinical Investigation. D'Adamo, Peter J. Cover story Jan 1, 2019 1692
The lifestyle influence the nutritional status of the elderly: a systematic literature review/A INFLUENCIA DO ESTILO DE VIDA NO ESTADO NUTRICIONAL DE IDOSOS: UMA REVISAO SISTEMATICA DA LITERATURA. Bandeira, Georgia Ferreira da Silva; Moreira, Rafael da Silveira; de Lima, Gerlane Henrique; de Lima Jan 1, 2019 7217
Pooled Analysis of 86 Published Spinal Hydatid Cyst Cases From Turkey/Turkiye'den Yayinlanmis 86 Spinal Kist Hidatik Olgusunun Havuz Analizi Yontemi ile Degerlendirilmesi. Suntur, Bedia Mutay; Cavus, Gokhan Clinical report Jan 1, 2019 5600
Minister inaugurates online collection service at PESSI. Dec 16, 2018 260
Minister inaugurates online collection service at PESSI. Dec 16, 2018 260
Assessment of Information Literacy Skills among Students of Alagappa University, India. Alagu, A.; Thanuskodi, S. Dec 1, 2018 3372
SBP negotiates with provinces for online collections of taxes. Nov 3, 2018 410
Documenting Agricultural Indigenous Knowledge and provision of access through Online Database platform. Okello-Obura, Constant Nov 1, 2018 4182
Banksforge Expands Online Database and Launches New Version of the Site. Oct 25, 2018 258
Update on the Stock and Supply of Health Services Researchers in the United States. Frogner, Bianca K. Oct 1, 2018 7367
A-Z List Migration: Employing Collaborative Project Management at the University of Guelph McLaughlin Library. Brisbin, Kailey; Parlette-Stewart, Melanie S.; Oldham, Randy Oct 1, 2018 7076
The production, collaboration, and citations of high quality publications on Urban Sprawl. Ramiah, Santha Kumar; Kaliyaperumal, K. Report Oct 1, 2018 4333
New database of women achievers to identify candidates for key positions. Sep 24, 2018 559
CBE establishes financial inclusion information database. Sep 17, 2018 250
Skillful handling of online resources became a tool for ISIS to attract new followers. Sep 13, 2018 138
Accessible Archives, Inc. has completed the imaging for its American County Histories database. Sep 1, 2018 116
The global relevance of Canadian public administration? A bibliometric research note. Zeemering, Eric S. Report Sep 1, 2018 8542
Research Productivity of Indian Institute of Toxicology Research (IITR): A Scientometric Analysis. Mulimani, Renuka S.; Hadagali, Gururaj S. Report Sep 1, 2018 5198
An overview of the literature on prospecting for future technologies: characteristics, challenges and trends/Uma visao geral da literatura sobre prospeccao de tecnologias futuras: caracteristicas, desafios e tendencias/Una vision general de la literatura sobre la prospeccion de tecnologias futuras: caracteristicas, desafios y tendencias. de Souza, Donizeti Leandro; Zambalde, Andre Luiz Bibliografia Sep 1, 2018 6495
ABIBLIOMETRIC REVIEW OF INSTITUTIONAL THEORY ON HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS. Hsu, Pang Lien; Maccari, Emerson Antonio; Mazieri, Marcos Rogerio; Storopoli, Jose Eduardo Report Sep 1, 2018 6843
A higher-education teaching module for integrating industry content and language through online recruitment advertisements. Tatzl, Dietmar Sep 1, 2018 11430
Punjab govt launches first online database of laws in Pakistan. Aug 30, 2018 178
MedAware Systems Dementia Research Database Pilot in Use Worldwide. Aug 29, 2018 377
LAYING THE GROUNDWORK: Through its online resources, The Center aims to standardize industry terms and metrics to improve knowledge sharing. Levin, Debra Aug 1, 2018 507
innovation OF THE MONTH. Hennessey, Susan Brief article Aug 1, 2018 202
Ontology Informed Design to Advance Developers' Informal Online Learning. Dobreski, Brian; Huang, Yun Report Jul 1, 2018 6889
A Survey on using online database by faculty members and graduate students at Shahid Beheshti University. Dehghani, Neda; Asnafi, Amir Reza; Hajizeinolabedini, Mohsen Jul 1, 2018 4971
Efficacy, acceptability, and tolerability of antidepressant treatments for patients with post-stroke depression: a network meta-analysis. Qin, B.; Chen, H.; Gao, W.; Zhao, L.B.; Zhao, M.J.; Qin, H.X.; Chen, W.; Chen, L.; Yang, M.X. Report Jul 1, 2018 6286
Grayscale Investments introduces online resource library for digital currency investing. Jun 27, 2018 201
Grayscale Investments introduces online resource library for digital currency investing. Jun 27, 2018 199
Elevated Blood Lead Levels in Buncombe County Children: Implications of Lowering the North Carolina Intervention Level to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Blood Lead Reference Value. Radford, Casey Parris; Balanay, Jo Anne G.; Featherstone, Ashley; Kelley, Timothy Report Jun 1, 2018 5508
ProQuest enhanced its eLibrary online resource to help students of all ages complete their assignments. Jun 1, 2018 110
Federalism and health policy in Brazil: institutional features and regional inequalities. Ribeiro, Jose Mendes; Moreira, Marcelo Rasga; Ouverney, Assis Maffort; Pinto, Luiz Felipe; da Silva, Jun 1, 2018 6308
What do we know about internationalization strategies implementation and what are we missing? /O que sabemos sobre a implementacao das estrategias de internacionalizacao e o que nas falta? Sacramento, Kelly Cristiny Chinelato May 1, 2018 6315
Online Repositories Enliven the Information Lifecycle. Huwe, Terence K. May 1, 2018 1621
Seminar on 'Online collection of taxes and duties' held. Apr 26, 2018 234
'Partnerships, Not Parachutes': Media organization hopes to create more collaboration with database. Ruiz, Jesus A. Apr 1, 2018 424
Winning With WordPress: How We Simplified Research Database Access. Stadler, Derek Apr 1, 2018 2135
Environmental scan and evaluation of best practices for online systematic review resources. Parker, Robin M.N.; Boulos, Leah; Visintini, Sarah; Ritchie, Krista; Hayden, Jill Report Apr 1, 2018 9740
Online Collection of Government Taxes and Duties Launched. Mar 24, 2018 612
#WOMENALSOKNOWSTUFF. Colvin, Beth Mar 22, 2018 699
Online collection of govt taxes, duties launched. Mar 21, 2018 672
Online collection of govt taxes and duties launched. Mar 21, 2018 662
SBP, FBR launch online collection of taxes and duties. Mar 20, 2018 718
IPO, WIPO organize international workshop on patent database. Mar 16, 2018 257
IPO, WIPO organize workshop on Patent database. Mar 16, 2018 194
How to Do Restorative Peer Mediation in Your School: A Quick Start Kit - Including Online Resources. Book review Mar 1, 2018 114
Influenza Vaccination and Incident Tuberculosis among Elderly Persons, Taiwan. Yen, Yung-Feng; Pan, Sheng-Wei; Su, Vincent Yi-Fong; Chuang, Pei-Hung; Feng, Jia-Yih; Su, Wei-Juin Mar 1, 2018 5739
Canada Hair to Increases Focus on Wig Offerings with Expanded Online Collection. Mar 1, 2018 474
Corporate Services Singapore Launches Updated Online Resource Hub to Assist Entrepreneurs, Start Ups and SMEs. Feb 22, 2018 517
MAPPING OF COLORECTAL CANCER RESEARCH OUTPUT WITH A FOCUS ON INDIA. Narzary, Richa; Murugan, Chinnaraj Report Feb 1, 2018 5746
MedAware Systems Launches Comprehensive Apheresis Research Database. Jan 31, 2018 380
New database of home-schooled children 'not enough' - NSPCC. Jan 30, 2018 671
State-of-art Database Management System in place to save, secure CNICs, passports data. Jan 20, 2018 592
WANTED: MISSING SLAVES: New databases of old newspaper ads are revealing details about the lives of slaves that had long been lost to history. Majerol, Veronica Jan 8, 2018 4168
Accessing an Expanded Exposure Science Module at the Comparative Toxicogenomics Database. Grondin, Cynthia J.; Davis, Allan Peter; Wiegers, Thomas C.; Wiegers, Jolene A.; Mattingly, Carolyn Report Jan 1, 2018 3310
Occupational Adaptation as a Construct: A Scoping Review or Literature. Grajo, Lenin; Boisselle, Angela Report Jan 1, 2018 5958
Reducing Uncertainty in Families Dealing With Childhood Cancers: An Integrative Literature Review. Gunter, M. Danielle; Duke, Gloria Report Jan 1, 2018 12243
Modeling Information Seeking Behavior of Scholarly Community. Rather, Mudasir Khazer; Ganaie, Shabir Ahmad Report Jan 1, 2018 3676
Effects of bariatric surgery on quality of life of patients with obesity: an integrative review/REPERCUSSOES DA CIRURGIA BARIATRICA NA QUALIDADE DE VIDA DE PACIENTES COM OBESIDADE: UMA REVISAO INTEGRATIVA. de Oliveira, Lucas Silva Franco; Filho, Mauro Lucio Mazini; de Oliveira Venturini, Gabriela Rezende; Bibliografia Jan 1, 2018 6649
Just-Published Protocol in the Disease Prevention and Treatment Book. Brief article Jan 1, 2018 141
Malacards: The Human Disease Database. Espe, Sue Website overview Jan 1, 2018 934
Semantic Scholar. Fricke, Suzanne Website overview Jan 1, 2018 1432
Effect of Aidi Injection plus TACE on Hepatocellular Carcinoma: A Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials. Dai, Yaoyao; Gao, Sicheng; Liu, Xing; Gao, Qin; Zhang, Lan; Fan, Xingliang; Zhu, Junfeng Jan 1, 2018 7652
Berberine Combined with Triple Therapy versus Triple Therapy for Helicobacter pylori Eradication: A Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials. Jiang, Xiaotao; Jiang, Chenguang; Huang, Cihui; Chen, Guoming; Jiang, Kailin; Huang, Baoyi; Liu, Fen Jan 1, 2018 8693
Use of Chinese Medicine Reduces the Development of Cervical Cancer from Pap Smear-Diagnosed Cervical Dysplasia: A Case-Control Study. Shen, Li-Ling; Muo, Chih-Hsin; Su, Shan-Yu; Morisky, Donald E. Case study Jan 1, 2018 5094
Chinese Medicinal Herbs in the Treatment of Diabetic Cognitive Impairment: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Yan, Bin; Wang, Jingbo; Xue, Zhigang; Tian, Guoqing Jan 1, 2018 7326
Use of Folk Therapy in Taiwan: A Nationwide Cross-Sectional Survey of Prevalence and Associated Factors. Shih, Chun-Chuan; Huang, Lu-Hsiang; Lane, Hsin-Long; Tsai, Chin-Chuan; Lin, Jaung-Geng; Chen, Ta-Lia Survey Jan 1, 2018 6844
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A Network Pharmacology Approach to Uncover the Potential Mechanism of Yinchensini Decoction. Chen, Guoming; Huang, Chuyao; Liu, Yunyun; Chen, Tengyu; Huang, Ruilan; Liang, Miaozhen; Zhang, Jie; Jan 1, 2018 7302
Efficacy of Brucea javanica Oil Emulsion Injection Combined with the Chemotherapy for Treating Gastric Cancer: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Wu, Jia-Rui; Liu, Shu-Yu; Zhu, Jia-Lian; Zhang, Dan; Wang, Kai-Huan Jan 1, 2018 6167
Prognostic Value of Frailty for Older Patients with Heart Failure: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Prospective Studies. Wang, Xige; Zhou, Changli; Li, Yuewei; Li, Huimin; Cao, Qinqin; Li, Feng Clinical report Jan 1, 2018 5587
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Acupuncture Therapy for Functional Effects and Quality of Life in COPD Patients: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Wang, Jiajia; Li, Jiansheng; Yu, Xueqing; Xie, Yang Jan 1, 2018 9769
Stomatitis and VEGFR-Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors (VR-TKIs): A Review of Current Literature in 4369 Patients. Arena, Claudia; Troiano, Giuseppe; De Lillo, Alfredo; Testa, Nunzio F.; Muzio, Lorenzo Lo Report Jan 1, 2018 8492
A Meta-Analysis of Efficacy and Safety of Infliximab for Prevention of Postoperative Recurrence in Patients with Crohn's Disease. Huang, He; Xu, Su; Huang, Fubin; Wang, Xia; Chen, Yong; Xu, Zhaoshan Jan 1, 2018 4210
Adding Handles to Optimize Manual Box Handling. Nogueira, Helen Cristina; Januario, Leticia Bergamin; Moreira, Roberta de Fatima Carreira; Oliveira, Report Jan 1, 2018 5492
Correlation between Soluble [alpha]-Klotho and Renal Function in Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease: A Review and Meta-Analysis. Wang, Qinglian; Su, Wenyan; Shen, Zhenwei; Wang, Rong Correction notice Jan 1, 2018 7947
A Triangular Personalized Recommendation Algorithm for Improving Diversity. Cai, Biao; Yang, Xiaowang; Huang, Yusheng; Li, Hongjun; Sang, Qiang Jan 1, 2018 7806
BIM-Based Construction Information Management Framework for Site Information Management. Lee, Dong-Gun; Park, Ji-Young; Song, Sang-Hoon Jan 1, 2018 6299
Hepatotoxicity of Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs: A Systematic Review of Randomized Controlled Trials. Sriuttha, Pajaree; Sirichanchuen, Buntitabhon; Permsuwan, Unchalee Jan 1, 2018 7498
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Nonlinear Predictive Control System for Stiction Compensation in Electropneumatic Control Valves. Araujo, M.E.U.J.; Gadelha, J.R.T.; Santos, W.M.; Maitelli, A.L.; Araujo, F.M.U. Report Jan 1, 2018 8631
Validity of Administrative Databases in Comparison to Medical Charts for Breast Cancer Treatment Data. Weerasinghe, Ashini; Smith, Courtney R.; Majpruz, Vicky; Pandya, Anjali; Blackmore, Kristina M.; Hol Jan 1, 2018 7092
Physical Examination Tools Used to Identify Swollen and Tender Lower Limb Joints in Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis: A Scoping Review. Fellas, Antoni; Singh-Grewal, Davinder; Santos, Derek; Coda, Andrea Report Jan 1, 2018 4772
Efficacy and Safety of Endoscopic Intralesional Triamcinolone Injection for Benign Esophageal Strictures. Zhang, Ya-Wu; Wei, Feng-Xian; Qi, Xue-Ping; Liu, Zhao; Xu, Xiao-Dong; Zhang, You- Cheng Jan 1, 2018 4599
Paulo Freire's theoretical and methodological framework: contributions in the field of nursing/Referencial teorico-metodologico de Paulo Freire: contribuicoes no campo da enfermagem/Referencial teorico-metodologico de Paulo Freire: contribuciones en el campo de la enfermeria. de Araujo, Barbara Bertolossi Marta; Machado, Antonia da Conceicao Cilindro; Rossi, Cassiana Silva; Jan 1, 2018 4243
Association of Depression/Anxiety Symptoms with Neck Pain: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Literature in China. Liu, Fushui; Fang, Ting; Zhou, Fanyuan; Zhao, Meimei; Chen, Mei; You, Jianyu; Jin, Yuli; Xie, Jinmei Clinical report Jan 1, 2018 6479
Healthcare Models for Rare Diseases: A Systematic Review of the Literature/Modelos de atencion en salud en enfermedades raras: revision sistematica de la Literatura/Modelos de atencao em saude em doencas raras: revisao sistematica da literatura. Quirland-Lazo, Camila; Castaneda-Cardona, Camilo; Calvache, Maria Alejandra Chirveches; Aroca, Alber Jan 1, 2018 2877
Intraparenchymal Neural Stem/Progenitor Cell Transplantation for Ischemic Stroke Animals: A Meta-Analysis and Systematic Review. Huang, Hailong; Qian, Kun; Han, Xiaohua; Li, Xin; Zheng, Yifeng; Chen, Zhishui; Huang, Xiaolin; Chen Jan 1, 2018 6944
NDDN: A Cloud-Based Neuroinformation Database for Developing Neuronal Networks. Pu, Jiangbo; Li, Xiangning Jan 1, 2018 4459
Design of a Clinical Decision Support System for Fracture Prediction Using Imbalanced Dataset. Chen, Yung-Fu; Lin, Chih-Sheng; Wang, Kuo-An; Rahman, La Ode Abdul; Lee, Dah-Jye; Chung, Wei-Sheng; Jan 1, 2018 9876
Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Diagnostic Accuracy of miRNAs in Patients with Pancreatic Cancer. Sun, Xiao; Zhou, Xiaobin; Zhang, Yuan; Zhu, Xiaoyan; Liu, Haihua Jan 1, 2018 9019
Incidence and Comorbidity of Dementia with Lewy Bodies: A Population-Based Cohort Study. Yang, Sheng-Kung; Chen, Weishan; Su, Chun-Hsien; Liu, Chung-Hsiang Report Jan 1, 2018 4084
Metabolic Risk Factors of Alzheimer's Disease, Dementia with Lewy Bodies, and Normal Elderly: A Population-Based Study. Cheng, Chih-Kuang; Tsao, Yu-Chien; Su, Yuan-Chih; Sung, Fung-Chang; Tai, Hsu-Chih; Kung, Woon-Man Jan 1, 2018 5498
ADRB2 Arg16Gly Polymorphism and Pulmonary Function Response of Inhaled Corticosteroids plus Long-Acting Beta Agonists for Asthma Treatment: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Wang, Xi; Li, Qian; Liu, Ruming; He, Jin; Wu, Di; Wang, Yun; Zhang, Jun Clinical report Jan 1, 2018 3306
Stimulating the Healthy Brain to Investigate Neural Correlates of Motor Preparation: A Systematic Review. Neige, Cecilia; Masse-Alarie, Hugo; Mercier, Catherine Report Jan 1, 2018 11772
Croatian National Data and Comparison with European Practice: Data from the Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy Survey II Multicenter Registry. Brusich, Sandro; Zeljkovic, Ivan; Pavlovic, Nikola; Anic, Ante; Jurisic, Zrinka; Zidan, David; Klasa Jan 1, 2018 6769
Comparative Efficacy of Medical Treatments for Thyroid Eye Disease: A Network Meta-Analysis. Xu, Nuo; Cui, Yi; Xie, Tianlu; Zheng, Mi Clinical report Jan 1, 2018 7131
A Sensor Network with Embedded Data Processing and Data-to-Cloud Capabilities for Vibration-Based Real-Time SHM. Testoni, Nicola; Aguzzi, Cristiano; Arditi, Valentina; Zonzini, Federica; de Marchi, Luca; Marzani, Jan 1, 2018 7569
MedAware Systems Launches Comprehensive Dementia / Alzheimer's Disease Research Database. Dec 15, 2017 307
Online database Rotten Apples tracks movies, TV shows with alleged sexual harassers. Dec 14, 2017 355
Using small tutorial groups within a blended Bachelor of Midwifery programme: Bridging the theory-practice divide. Kensington, Mary; Davies, Lorna; Daellenbach, Rea; Deery, Ruth; Richards, Julie Dec 1, 2017 5639
Rockville Home Care Agency Updates Elderly in-Home Care Online Resource. Nov 15, 2017 464
Education must involve technology and online resources. Oct 27, 2017 1043
ASTIS Subset Databases Expand. Brief article Sep 1, 2017 212
3M Offers Center for Hearing Conservation Online Resource. Sep 1, 2017 302
Millennial homebuyers: younger buyers partial to home ownership, home-buyer education, online resources. Barbour, Tracy Sep 1, 2017 2142
Lie on Sigmund Freud's couch ... online. Aug 1, 2017 316
Our journey to digital curation of the Jeghers Medical Index. Gawdyda, Lori; Carter, Kimbroe; Willson, Mark; Bedford, Denise Report Jul 1, 2017 2218
Preconception health interventions delivered in public health and community settings: A systematic review. Brown, Hilary K.; Mueller, Melissa; Edwards, Sarah; Mill, Catriona; Enders, Joanne; Graves, Lisa; Te Jul 1, 2017 8958
School libraries--their importance within the wider information profession. Van Dort, Karina Jun 22, 2017 1871
MetPublications: five decades of publications from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Roche, Caroline Website overview Jun 22, 2017 544
Vintage films of life at the coast released; ARCHIVED FOOTAGE IS DIGITISED FOR ONLINE COLLECTION. Jun 19, 2017 792
Estonian minister says genetic information database would help save costs. Jun 15, 2017 360
Selection Criteria and Screening of Potential Biomass-Derived Streams as Fuel Blendstocks for Advanced Spark-Ignition Engines. McCormick, Robert L.; Fioroni, Gina; Fouts, Lisa; Christensen, Earl; Yanowitz, Janet; Polikarpov, Ev Report Jun 1, 2017 11854
An Online Resource: Venkat, Lalitha Jun 1, 2017 910
Vocal dose: an integrative literature review/Dose vocal: uma revisao integrativa da literatura. Assad, Joana Perpetuo; Magalhaes, Max de Castro; Santos, Juliana Nunes; Gama, Ana Cristina Cortes Ensayo May 1, 2017 6211
Marketing of nostalgia: A proposal for the photographic archive of the Pilot Public Library of Medellin/Marketing de nostalgia: Propuesta para el archivo fotografco de la biblioteca Publica Piloto de Medellin. Benitez, Angela Maria G.; Osorno, Diana Milena A. May 1, 2017 3986
Impact of drug-related problems and clinical pharmacist interventions on therapeutic outcomes of the patients admitted to a tertiary care hospital. Biradar, Siddaruda M.; Indu, Pathi; G., Manjunatha Rao; V., Kalyane N.; Ambali, Anand P.; Naikwadi, Report May 1, 2017 3425
Research 3.0: utilizing open access resources and library subscription databases in Higher Education for the fight against information illiteracy. Lamphere, Carly May 1, 2017 1971
Turkish Citizen Included in Information Database of Unwanted Foreigners In the Country Due to Posing Threat to the National Security. Apr 24, 2017 140
Galina VF, Silva TBB, Haydu M, Martin D. Literature review on qualitative studies regarding the mental health of refugees. Galina, Vivian Fadlo; da Silva, Tatiane Barbosa Bispo; Haydu, Marcelo; Martin, Denise Editorial Apr 1, 2017 5492
Prospects of studies on violence, adolescence and cortisol: a systematic literature review/Perspectivas dos estudos sobre violencia na adolescencia e cortisol: revisao bibliografica sistematica. Lugarinho, Leonardo Planel; Avanci, Joviana Quintes; Pinto, Liana Wernersbach Apr 1, 2017 5626
Neck Circumference to Assess Obesity in Preschool Children. Kondolot, Meda; Horoz, Duygu; Poyrazoglu, Serpil; Borlu, Arda; Ozturk, Ahmet; Kurtoglu, Selim; Mazic Report Mar 1, 2017 5896
Ritonavir-Boosted Darunavir Plus Two Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors versus Other Regimens for Initial Antiretroviral Therapy for People with HIV Infection: A Systematic Review. Balayan, Tatevik; Horvath, Hacsi; Rutherford, George W. Report Jan 1, 2017 5182
Micromorphological Studies of the Loranthaceae, Phragmanthera capitata (Sprengel) Balle. Ohikhena, Franklin Uangbaoje; Wintola, Olubunmi Abosede; Afolayan, Anthony Jide Report Jan 1, 2017 3903
The Referral System between Primary and Secondary Health Care in Saudi Arabia for Patients with Type 2 Diabetes: A Systematic Review. Senitan, Mohammed; Alhaiti, Ali Hassan; Gillespie, James; Alotaibi, Badar Faiz; Lenon, George Binh Report Jan 1, 2017 5245
A Meta-Analysis of Choroidal Thickness Changes in Unilateral Amblyopia. Liu, Yanli; Dong, Yi; Zhao, Kanxing Report Jan 1, 2017 5731
A Meta-Analysis Comparing Postoperative Complications and Outcomes of Femtosecond Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery versus Conventional Phacoemulsification for Cataract. Ye, Zi; Li, Zhaohui; He, Shouzhi Report Jan 1, 2017 4000
The Effect of Hepatosteatosis on Response to Antiviral Treatment in Patients with Chronic Hepatitis B: A Meta-Analysis. Zhu, Yongfen; Yang, Qiao; Lv, Fangfang; Yu, Yunsong Report Jan 1, 2017 5627
A Meta-Analysis and Systematic Review of the Efficacy of Twice Daily PPIs versus Once Daily for Treatment of Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease. Zhang, Hongying; Yang, Zhiping; Ni, Zhen; Shi, Yongquan Report Jan 1, 2017 5733
Tumor Necrosis Factor-[alpha] T-857C (rs1799724) Polymorphism and Risk of Cancers: A Meta-Analysis. Wang, Ping; Wang, June; Yu, Mingxia; Li, Zhiqiang Report Jan 1, 2017 8437
Amino Acid Catabolism in Alzheimer's Disease Brain: Friend or Foe? Griffin, Jeddidiah W.D.; Bradshaw, Patrick C. Report Jan 1, 2017 12677
Acupuncture for Functional Dyspepsia: What Strength Does It Have? A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials. Pang, Bo; Jiang, Tao; Du, Yuan-Hao; Li, Jing; Li, Bo; Hu, Ya-Cai; Cai, Qiu- Han Report Jan 1, 2017 13854
Uncertain Associations of Major Bleeding and Concurrent Use of Antiplatelet Agents and Chinese Medications: A Nested Case-Crossover Study. Tsai, Hsin-Hui; Lin, Hsiang-Wen; Tsai, Chiu-Lin; Yam, Felix K.; Lin, Sheng-Shing Clinical report Jan 1, 2017 6413
Moxibustion for Chemotherapy-Induced Nausea and Vomiting: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Huang, Ziling; Qin, Zongshi; Yao, Qin; Wang, Yuanxuan; Liu, Zhishun Jan 1, 2017 7766
Association of Platelet Membrane Glycoprotein HPA-2a/b, GP VI T13254C, and GP Ib[alpha] VNTR Polymorphisms with Risk of Coronary Artery Disease: A Meta-Analysis. Ni, Wei; He, Jidong; Wang, Haoyu; Liu, Tao Report Jan 1, 2017 5488
Behavioural and Autonomic Regulation of Response to Sensory Stimuli among Children: A Systematic Review of Relationship and Methodology. Gomez, Ivan Neil; Lai, Cynthia Y.Y.; Morato-Espino, Paulin Grace; Chan, Chetwyn C.H.; Tsang, Hector Report Jan 1, 2017 11171
Could the Topping-Off Technique Be the Preventive Strategy against Adjacent Segment Disease after Pedicle Screw-Based Fusion in Lumbar Degenerative Diseases? A Systematic Review. Chou, Po-Hsin; Lin, Hsi-Hsien; An, Howard S.; Liu, Kang-Ying; Su, Wei-Ren; Lin, Cheng-Li Report Jan 1, 2017 8440
Effects of High-Intensity Interval Training on Aerobic Capacity in Cardiac Patients: A Systematic Review with Meta-Analysis. Xie, Bin; Yan, Xianfeng; Cai, Xiangna; Li, Jilin Report Jan 1, 2017 13455
The Outcomes of Minimally Invasive versus Open Posterior Approach Spinal Fusion in Treatment of Lumbar Spondylolisthesis: The Current Evidence from Prospective Comparative Studies. Wu, Ai-Min; Chen, Chun-Hui; Shen, Zhi-Hao; Feng, Zhen-Hua; Weng, Wan-Qing; Li, Shu-Min; Chi, Yong-Lo Report Jan 1, 2017 5781
Modeling Information Seeking Behavior of Scholarly Community. Rather, Mudasir Khazer; Ganaie, Shabir Ahmad Jan 1, 2017 3678
A systematic review and meta-analysis for the adverse effects, immunogenicity and efficacy of Lyme disease vaccines: guiding novel vaccine development. Badawi, Alaa; Shering, Maria; Rahman, Shusmita; Lindsay, L. Robbin Report Jan 1, 2017 6864
The Boston College Libraries present the Seamus Connolly Collection of Irish Music and the Burns Antiphoner, open access projects licensed under a CC-BY-NC license. Jan 1, 2017 290
Weathering the storm: Himali Singh Soin on James Bridle's Cloud Index. Soin, Himali Singh Jan 1, 2017 641
South Asian immigrant archive. Brief article Dec 15, 2016 101
HIV/AIDS surveillance among pregnant women: assessing the quality of the available information/ Vigilancia epidemiologica de HIV/AIDS em gestantes: uma avaliacao acerca da qualidade da informacao disponivel. Meirelles, Maria Quiteria Batista; Lopes, Ana Karla Bezerra; Lima, Kenio Costa Dec 1, 2016 4615
Review of HIV treatment progress, gaps, and challenges in the Caribbean, 2005-2015/Examen del progreso, los retos y las brechas en torno al tratamiento de la infeccion por el VIH en el Caribe, 2005-2015. Gebre, Yitades; Forbes, Nikkiah Meoshi; Peters, Abena Report Dec 1, 2016 5055
The risk of nephrolithiasis among patients with ankylosing spondylitis: a population-based cohort study. Shih, Mu Tsun; Tang, Shou Hung; Cha, Tai Lung; Wu, Sheng Tang; Chiang, Jen Huai; Chen, Wen Chi Clinical report Dec 1, 2016 4318
UL introduces product sustainability information tool: online database provides credibility for green product data. Dec 1, 2016 231
Indianapolis Hospice Care Provides New Online Resources. Nov 4, 2016 542
Is chronic toxoplasmosis a risk factor for diabetes mellitus? A systematic review and meta-analysis of case-control studies. Majidiani, Hamidreza; Dalvand, Sahar; Daryani, Ahmad; Galvan-Ramirez, Ma de la Luz; Foroutan-Rad, Ma Report Nov 1, 2016 2968
Collaboration and service: the recently published online resource Valuing Military Learning--A Guide to Military Prior Learning Assessment and More informs and directs military-connected individuals interested in pursuing careers in health care. Elfman, Lois Website overview Oct 20, 2016 1156
25,000 more Arabic titles in QNL online collection. Oct 20, 2016 314
New Online Resources on Lincoln Hospice Care Services Now Available. Sep 12, 2016 596
New Online Resources on Cleveland Hospice Care Services Now Available. Sep 12, 2016 537
KPPB LAW Updates Organizational Website with New Online Resources. Sep 1, 2016 493

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