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New Intense3D Wildcat 4110 VIO Chosen by Intergraph Computer Systems for New Zx10 ViZual Workstation with Wahoo Technology.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dec. 13, 1999--

Wildcat 4110 VIO combined with Zx10's Wahoo Technology(TM) delivers

incomparable graphics performance along with digital video I/O

Intense3D(R) today announced that Intergraph Computer Systems has chosen Intense3D's new Wildcat(R) 4110 VIO for its new Zx10 ViZual Workstation. The Zx10 is the first workstation to feature Intense3D's new Wildcat 4110 VIO, which delivers the same record-breaking graphics performance as the standard Wildcat 4110, but includes a video I/O port to enable output of graphics content as professional-quality digital video. This allows Zx10 workstation users working with high-performance 3D graphics to record and play back their creations in a variety of professional-quality video formats. For instance, a Zx10 workstation user could easily produce a training video based on a high-performance visual simulation; or an MCAD artist could quickly create a video that shows a rotating product model or a building fly-through for a customer presentation. The Zx10 is based on Intergraph's revolutionary new Wahoo Technology(TM) with Streaming Multiport Architecture(TM), which provides optimal utilization of the graphics port and processor frontside bus to boost system throughput and to intensify the performance of the 2D/3D graphics pipeline.

Intergraph Computer Systems' selection of the Wildcat 4110 VIO further extends Intense3D's winning streak as the OEM graphics of choice for the industry's leading workstation vendors including Compaq, Dell, Fujitsu, Fujitsu-Siemens, and IBM.

"Intense3D is dedicated to helping our OEM workstation partners maximize the performance of their workstations and meet the specific needs of their target markets such as video production," said Bill Rick, vice president of sales and marketing at Intense3D. "Intergraph Computer Systems selection of Wildcat 4110 graphics as the graphics subsystem powering their new Zx10 ViZual Workstation with Wahoo Technology further demonstrates Wildcat's industry-leading status."

"We chose Intense3D's Wildcat 4110 VIO because we know that customers of our new Zx10 ViZual Workstation will settle for nothing less than the fastest systems and graphics performance available in the industry," said Jeff Edson, president of the visual computing division at Intergraph Computer Systems. "We also know that professionals at that level of sophistication will appreciate the ability to output their creations as broadcast-quality video from a single workstation."

Unmatched Graphics Performance with Video I/O

Intense3D's Wildcat 4110 VIO offers the same graphics performance that earned the 4110 the top score in five out of five Viewperf benchmarks, along with specialized graphics features such as Intense3D's SuperScene(TM) Antialiasing, the first true scene-based based antialiasing for Windows NT. Other features such as 3D volumetric textures open up entire new markets such as oil/gas and medical imaging. This performance and feature set is possible only with Wildcat 4110 technologies, such as independent, 64MB frame and texture buffers, which enable high-definition display resolutions and unprecedented texture performance for applications such as visual simulation or large-scale terrain databases.

The Intense3D Wildcat 4110 VIO is the latest evolution in the 4110 series, adding video I/O as well as powerful production and editing capabilities such as built-in genlock, and window-mode gamma correction. This industry-first combination of performance and features will ensure that Intense3D Wildcat products remain the graphics of choice for the industry's leading workstation vendors.

Intense3D Background

Intense3D is the market leader in affordable, high-performance 3D graphics accelerator products for Windows NT and is extending its product offerings to the full range of computing platforms. Intense3D developed the industry's first OpenGL 3D graphics accelerators for Windows NT. Intense3D leads the professional 3D graphics add-in-board market in technology, brand name recognition, end-user demand, and ISV recommendation and support.

Intense3D's Wildcat 3D Graphics Technology is highly scalable on the design and manufacturing level, enabling Intense3D to deliver the latest innovations quickly to market at affordable price points. Its record-breaking performance quickly led to awards such as NewMedia's 1999 Hyper Award, Computer Graphics World's 1999 Innovation Award, Digital Producer's Best of 1998, Video Systems' Vanguard Award, CADALYST's ALL STAR Award, Game Developer's Magazine Front Line Award, and CADENCE Editors' Choice Award.

For more information about Intense3D, visit our Web site at or call 877-286-1185.

Intergraph Background Information

Intergraph Corporation is a worldwide provider of technical solutions and systems integration. Its vertically focused business units develop, market and support software and services for local and national governments and for the following vertical industries: transportation, utilities, communications, process, marine and public safety. Other business units deliver software, hardware and services across multiple industries. Built on 30 years of technology innovation, Intergraph is consistently ranked by industry analysts as a leading vendor in the global markets it serves.

Intergraph common stock trades on The NASDAQ Stock Market under the symbol: INGR. Visit for more information.

NOTE TO EDITORS: Intense3D's Virtual Press Room contains today's announcement and the latest product news, press kits, and digital images for downloading ( Please contact Dana Staples, 978-369-3394 or for additional product information, current pricing, or image slides. For reader inquiries about Intense3D, please list 1-877-286-1185 or our World Wide Web address,

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Date:Dec 13, 1999
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