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Mission schools federation clarifies issue of 'missing' RM1.2m allocation, says state education depts handling it. Jul 22, 2020 419
Rethinking Higher Education. Jul 10, 2020 373
The Jesuits in the Philippines. Column Jul 5, 2020 878
Justices Will Hear Catholic Schools: Which teachers qualify for the "ministerial exception"? Dunn, Joshua Jun 22, 2020 871
Holistic Mission in a Wounded World: Retrieving Martin Luther's View of Holistic Evil as Missional Resource. Kaariainen, Jukka A. May 1, 2020 4992
The Double Face of Christian Mission and Education in India from Dalit and Decolonial Perspectives. Sigamoney, Shakespeare May 1, 2020 6495
Christians celebrate 55 years of Runyankole-Rukiga Bible. Feb 23, 2020 621
More than half a million Kenyans don't believe in God - Census. Feb 21, 2020 446
The vital work of MAF; Be informed. Jan 19, 2020 183
Stanley Mission's Holy Trinity Church. Waiser, Bill Jan 1, 2020 744
Mirziyoyev receives CIS Executive Secretary. Dec 24, 2019 188
Mirziyoyev receives CIS Executive Secretary. Dec 24, 2019 152
How the first Christmas was celebrated in Uganda. Dec 22, 2019 1343
Khaled Anany: the minister behind the world's Egyptomania. Nada Deyaa' Dec 22, 2019 588
One Penny Paper: Its Fights, Travails And Triumphs. Dec 22, 2019 2587
So much more to the Salvation Army. BISHOPS WOOD WI Nov 29, 2019 348
So much more to the Salvation Army; BISHOPS WOOD WI. Nov 29, 2019 321
Catholic takes faith on the road, travels to pilgrimage sites around US. Maraist, Zoey Nov 29, 2019 1012
Celebrating 50 years How Harrisburg's Bible Baptist Church came to be 50: 'Our church has been blessed'. Travis DeNeal Nov 8, 2019 551
"Make Disciples of All Nations": The Appeal and Authority of Christian Faith in Hellenistic-Roman Times. Brief article Nov 1, 2019 175
A Call to Discipleship: Hearing the Message from Arusha, Tanzania in our Churches in Canada and the U.S.A. Nov 1, 2019 739
Angel Tree to be at Nokomis Christian Mission. Submitted by Gloria Wendline Oct 30, 2019 238
Saline County CEO members learn from Jason Powell Powell. Travis DeNeal Oct 15, 2019 462
"Go West Young Man": Edwin Charles Dargan's: Abbreviated Mission to the Baptists of California, 1887-1888. Finley, John M. Sep 22, 2019 2867
Winters Publishing Group Announces Release of New Zach Arnstam Book "Blue Flame: Nothing is Impossible for the Navigator". Sep 6, 2019 345
Parents, students hail Bethesda Mission's scholarship. Sep 3, 2019 608
Rally Day Begins Mission Focus at First Congregational Church. Sep 2, 2019 179
Alice welcomes bilateral removal of restrictions on Pakistan,. Aug 14, 2019 139
Wells welcomes bilateral removal of restrictions on Pakistan, US diplomats. Aug 14, 2019 317
Alice Wells welcomes bilateral removal of restrictions on Pakistan, US diplomats. Aug 14, 2019 317
Alice Wells welcomes bilateral removal of restrictions on Pakistan, US diplomats. Aug 11, 2019 331
Kuwait Hajj Mission's round-the-clock services facilitate pilgrims' rituals. Aug 8, 2019 120
Pilgrimage to celebrate the faithful; Religion: Moidart mission marked. Aug 7, 2019 429
'We are all related'. Aug 6, 2019 678
Occasion to celebrate 100 years of Christianity turns into mourning. Jul 28, 2019 1182
No sack for the journey, or a second tunic. Jul 11, 2019 290
Baptist Mission Work among Hispanics in the United States, 1837-1989. Hernandez, Twyla K. Report Jun 22, 2019 5115
Expanding the Fear of the Mongrel: Baptist Missions in Latin America and Transnational Racist Cross-Pollination. Chaves, Joao Report Jun 22, 2019 4393
A Nonverbal Mission: An Apophatic Missiology from the Trauma Experience of Women with Intellectual Disabilities in Indonesia. Novsima, Isabella Jun 1, 2019 3761
Mission and People with Disabilities: A Few Thoughts and Facts from an Orthodox Perspective. Buda, Daniel Jun 1, 2019 5211
Paul's "Thorn in the Flesh" and Christian Mission to People with Disabilities. Togarasei, Lovemore Jun 1, 2019 5313
Krapf Memorial: 160 years of rich history in lush green environs. May 29, 2019 417
A look back at the 119-year journey of Uganda's newspapers. May 19, 2019 1698
Islamic Affairs Ministry Launches Custodian of Two Holy Mosques Ramadan Iftar Meals Project in Malaysia. May 17, 2019 175
Gospel singer Eunice Njeri drills boreholes in Lodwar. Apr 23, 2019 457
Susan E. Jones de Arevalo and Luz Heath Barrios: Pioneer Baptist Missionaries in Mexico in the Twentieth Century. Castells, Rubi Elizabeth Barocio Biography Mar 22, 2019 3488
Faye Pearson (1940-2019): Mission Leader, Continuing a Legacy. West, Ron Mar 22, 2019 5506
From humble beginnings, HFH grows into an institution. Mar 17, 2019 620
R.I. law applies in suit over Bangladeshi accident. Bridges, Barry Mar 8, 2019 611
Emily Earl Aurora Central Catholic High School. Mar 7, 2019 193
SPIRITUAL ENCOUNTERS: The Jesuit Mission at Mackinac. Boynton, James Mar 1, 2019 2139
A mission to help in Mexico. Feb 1, 2019 516
A mission to help in Mexico Mission: 'People flock to these dentists like the Beatles are coming'. Feb 1, 2019 516
Church is selling ribs for Super Bowl parties. Feb 1, 2019 174
Church is selling ribs for Super Bowl parties. Feb 1, 2019 174
Community of Faith Church to sell ribs for Super Bowl parties. Jan 29, 2019 569
'Give them cups of tea, as you have given me'. McCahill, Bob Dec 14, 2018 1008
200 Italian archaeological missions work in Egypt: Min. Dec 6, 2018 273
WCC/CWME World Mission Conference--Arusha, Tanzania, 8-13 March 2018: Moderator's Address. Coorilos, Geevarghese Conference notes Dec 1, 2018 3931
Transforming Disciples, Transforming the Future: Young African Women and the Search for a Liberated Future. Mulenga-Kaunda, Mutale Essay Dec 1, 2018 4485
Rethinking the Ecclesial Mission from a Relational Viewpoint: Toward the Acknowledgement and Integration of Diversity. Mazzolini, Sandra Essay Dec 1, 2018 7133
Transforming Discipleship and the Future of Mission: Missiological Reflections after the Arusha World Mission Conference. Bevans, Stephen Conference notes Dec 1, 2018 6838
God's Mission as a Call for Transforming Unity. Dietrich, Stephanie Conference notes Dec 1, 2018 5245
Mission and Its Three Pillars: Translation, Transmission and Transformation. Simon, Benjamin Conference notes Dec 1, 2018 5765
Mission after the Arusha Conference on World Mission and Evangelism, 2018. Kim, Kirsteen Conference notes Dec 1, 2018 6259
Discipleship in Creative (Un)Certainty: The Potential of the Interdependence of Mission from the Margins, the Agency of the Spirit in Mission, and Transforming Discipleship. Jahnel, Claudia Conference notes Dec 1, 2018 5971
The Arusha Call: Signal of Missiological Convergence? Ross, Kenneth R. Conference notes Dec 1, 2018 6083
Mission Is Not Only about Preaching. Niyonsaba, Francoise Dec 1, 2018 6090
The Branch Is Linked to the Vine: Personal Discipleship and the Missio Dei. Whitmore, William Dec 1, 2018 4517
Analyzing Transformational Development as Engagement with African Millennials. Knoetze, Hannes Report Dec 1, 2018 6573
Evangelii Gaudium: A Call to Renewal in the Holy Spirit. Aha, Reginald Essay Dec 1, 2018 6271
A Study of the Acceptance and Accommodation of Calvinism in the Korean Presbyterian Church: The Pyungyang Mission Station of Chosun-ya-so-kyo, 1900-1930. Seong, ShinHyung Report Dec 1, 2018 4800
The Arusha Call to Discipleship: World Council of Churches' Conference on World Mission and Evangelism, "Moving in the Spirit: Called to Transforming Discipleship". Conference notes Dec 1, 2018 2141
Conference on World Mission and Evangelism Report: "Moving in the Spirit: Called to Transforming Discipleship" Arusha, Tanzania, 8-13 March 2018. Conference notes Dec 1, 2018 5965
Treasures shared. Sep 28, 2018 864
Applied Oriental Studies of Russia's Own Islam: From Orthodox Missionaries to Militant Godless and Wahhabis. Bobrovnikov, Vladimir Sep 22, 2018 9104
Engaging Globalization: The Poor, Christian Mission, and Our Hyperconnected World. Waters, Brent Book review Sep 22, 2018 829
"I was on the point of death"--and a Question of Carey's Affairs of the Heart. Dixon, Elizabeth A.; Kreitzer, Larry J. Essay Sep 22, 2018 5526
Presbyterian church seeks mission volunteers. Sep 21, 2018 268
Fox Valley Presbyterian Church Seeks Living Waters Volunteers. Sep 14, 2018 288
Learn about Living Waters mission at Sept. 30 meeting. Sep 12, 2018 271
Saint Anne's School Ibadan (1869 - 2018). Sep 4, 2018 1103
Court Rules Against Colo. School Christian Fundraiser. Sep 1, 2018 156
Lewis A. Bartfield. Sep 1, 2018 183
Barrington United Methodist Church Rummage Sale Oct. 5-6. Aug 15, 2018 950
Spreading the gospel in the territory of militants. Aug 5, 2018 2798
Mission schools behind Sarawak's success, says CM. Aug 5, 2018 343
Two Middle Kingdom elites' cemeteries discovered in Minya. Aug 1, 2018 209
Bethel United Church of Christ Youth Group Goes to Rockford on Annual Mission Work Trip. Jul 31, 2018 660
My life as a full-time missionary. Jul 30, 2018 1430
CHR urges BI to review deportation order. Jul 21, 2018 425
ADMFI holds 25th discipleship conference. Conference news Jul 21, 2018 178
Tagle urges New Evangelization confab participants to donate to missions. Jul 19, 2018 334
Uppsala 1968 --The Swedish Context. Jonson, Jonas Jul 1, 2018 5018
Introduction. Lorre-Johnston, Christine; Williams, Mark Jul 1, 2018 2871
Migration in Missiological Research. Haug, Kari Storstein Jun 1, 2018 5781
Small parish, giant heart: Dolores Mission has 30 years' field experience. Morris-Young, Dan Jun 1, 2018 2530
8 ways toward 'missionary creativity': Francis has used the phrase twice in official documents. How can parishes step up? Piper, Mark Jun 1, 2018 1778
Missionary disciples. McGlone, Mary M. May 18, 2018 889
Hooked on Sol-Fa: the do-re-mi heuristic for Yoruba speech tones. Carter-Enyi, Aaron Report May 1, 2018 10531
Church Missionary Society evangelists and women's labour in nineteenth-century Abeokuta. Alanamu, Temilola Report May 1, 2018 10526
Early Life Stress at Mission Santa Catalina de Guale: An Integrative Analysis of Enamel Defects and Dentin Incremental Isotope Variation in Malnutrition. Garland, Carey J.; Reitsema, Laurie J.; Larsen, Clark Spencer; Thomas, David Hurst Mar 22, 2018 13165
Religion, Human Rights, and Neo-liberalism in a Post-Humanist Era. Sung, Jung Mo Mar 1, 2018 7695
#MeToo spreads to Catholic Church. Feb 25, 2018 1101
Northwestern Medicine honors Carol Stream doctor. Feb 7, 2018 354
145 years of Christianity in Nigeria: How far, how well? Jan 21, 2018 3178
In other news. Jan 1, 2018 119
WHY I CARE: Roger Eales teaches English language skills at the Literacy Council of Sarasota. Denton, Ilene Jan 1, 2018 240
Do you have a story of faith? Dec 20, 2017 167
Harrisburg group hosts translator from Nicaragua during holidays -BYLN- By Travis DeNeal Dec 20, 2017 436
Elon Musk's SpaceX doubles down on method for cheaper launches. Dec 15, 2017 593
Extracts from the Archives. Aftab, Tahera Dec 1, 2017 1353
Western Theology in Africa: Christian Mission in the Light of the Undermining of Scientific Hegemony. Harries, Jim Dec 1, 2017 8512
Chinese Churches and the Ecumenical Movement from an Asian Perspective. Carino, Theresa Dec 1, 2017 5629
Knowledge and wisdom "provisions of the caller. Nov 10, 2017 1034
ZEBA: Legacy of a Native-American Mission. Sundstrom-Carlsen, Judith Nov 1, 2017 1818
Charismatic discipleship: a Sufi woman and the divine mission of development in Senegal. Hill, Joseph Essay Nov 1, 2017 10317
North Korean Defector Reveals 'Hell' He Endured For Being Christian. Oct 25, 2017 435
The Forgotten Origins of the Southern Baptist Convention's Near East Mission: W.A. Hamlett's Month in the Holy Land. Robins, Walker Jun 22, 2017 4437
Mission and theology: teaching missiology on the basis of together towards life. Vassiltadis, Petros Jun 1, 2017 3887
Reading the document on mission of the holy and great council from a missiological point of view. Voulgaraki-Pissina, Evi Jun 1, 2017 6541
Christian mission, politics, and socio-economic development: the contribution of Mindolo Ecumenical Foundation. Kangwa, Jonathan Jun 1, 2017 8476
The second WCC-CWME consultation on missional formation. Ross, Kenneth R. Conference notes Jun 1, 2017 2135
Great women of the great war. McGuire, Kathleen Mar 1, 2017 2065
Traducir, editar, evangelizar: el discurso jesuita del "siglo cristiano en Japon" desde la perspectiva de la modernidad-colonialidad (siglo XVI). Hoyos Hattori, Paula; Gavirati Miyashiro, Pablo Ensayo Jan 1, 2017 12197
14th World Conference on Mission and Evangelism "Moving in the Spirit: Called to Transforming Discipleship" Commission on World Mission and Evangelism 8-13 March 2018, Arusha Tanzania. Conference news Nov 1, 2016 2149
Nominate a woman of faith. Oct 1, 2016 131
Marketing mission: the divergence in missiological thought between pastors and missionary leadership. Reeb, Charity; Hermans, Charles M.; Simmers, Christina S. Report Jul 1, 2016 3641
The legacy of Luella Miner. Wong, Mary Shepard Jul 1, 2016 4743
My pilgrimage in mission. Boyd, Robin Jul 1, 2016 4572
The earth is the Lord's: Anabaptist mission as boundary-crossing global ecclesiology. Fast, Anicka Essay Jul 1, 2016 6868
Dwell, work, be with God: a primer on the Missional Church. Faiz, andrew May 1, 2016 2120
An impossible gesture: the goodness of the Lord. De Vries, Roland Apr 1, 2016 819
International sisters play growing role in US communities. Stockman, Dan Mar 25, 2016 2403
"A home without walls": WMU and the reinterpretation of gender ideology. Holcomb, Carol Crawford Essay Mar 22, 2016 13532
Tennessee women: ministering to the cities. Tew, C. Delane Essay Mar 22, 2016 2990
American evangelical Islamophobia: a history of continuity with a hope for change. Johnston, David L. Report Mar 22, 2016 4560
National and international religious freedom: an essential part of Christian mission in the twenty-first century. Love, Rick Column Mar 22, 2016 3232
Who knows this McKenzie? Remembering a forgotten pioneer. Min, Yunice K. Mar 1, 2016 506
Can short-term trips be effective? Local connections are key, say organizers. Elliott, Elizabeth A. Jan 15, 2016 1240
'I was led to do this': one woman's calling. MacLachlan, Amy Jan 1, 2016 956
The right to mission in human rights law, "Mission to Amish People" and "Jews for Jesus". Martino, Maria Grazia Report Dec 22, 2015 8435
Planned giving. Dec 1, 2015 1098
The Priorities for Mission Fund: growing the church's mission today and tomorrow. Dec 1, 2015 441
This life of mortal breath. Munro, Joyce H. Essay Dec 1, 2015 3748
Making disciples: Pope Francis' paradigm for mission. Magesa, Laurenti Report Nov 1, 2015 2911
The holy spirit in EG, TTL, and CTC: the pneumatological impulse for Christian mission. Lim, Timothy T.N. Nov 1, 2015 6210
"Blessed are you who are poor": the poor in Together towards Life, the Cape Town Commitment, and Evangelii Gaudium. Bargar, Pavol Nov 1, 2015 5529
Ecumenical hermeneutics through a study of missiological typologies. Kang, Ahram Report Nov 1, 2015 6480
A "native ministry" for God's "step children"? The evolution of missional policy toward the Zulu in the Anglican Diocese of Natal, South Africa: 1904-1917. Mbaya, Henry Report Nov 1, 2015 6555
Toward epistemic decolonial turn in missio-formation in African Christianity. Kaunda, Chammah J.; Hewitt, Roderick R. Report Nov 1, 2015 6176
A mission of unity and a unity of mission: a look at the work of the Church Unity Commission. Pillay, Jerry Report Nov 1, 2015 5887
Global friendship as incarnational missional practice. Robert, Dana L. Oct 1, 2015 3774
Migration, diaspora mission, and religious others in world Christianity: an African perspective. Asamoah-Gyadu, J. Kwabena Oct 1, 2015 3784
Hospitality as a life stance in mission: elements from catholic mission experience in the twentieth century. Dries, Angelyn Essay Oct 1, 2015 3644
"At the table their eyes were opened": mission as renouncing power and being hosted by the stranger. DeBorst, Ruth Padilla Essay Oct 1, 2015 4764
The dictionary of African Christian biography and the story of Ethiopian Christianity. Sigg, Michele Miller Oct 1, 2015 4112
Three tributes to Jonathan and Jean Bonk. Essay Oct 1, 2015 1372
Mission research as an exercise in humility. Moon, Steve Sang-Cheol Oct 1, 2015 3954
Humility, integrity, and simplicity. Wright, Christopher J.H. Essay Oct 1, 2015 4976
Patience in the missional thought and practice of the early church: the case of Cyprian of Carthage. Kreider, Alan Oct 1, 2015 4077
Jesus and Christology: mission and the paradox of God's reign. Burrows, William R. Essay Oct 1, 2015 4161
Missions are not congregations. Bell, Shannon Jul 1, 2015 462
A new project in systematic theology. Doran, Robert M. Essay Jun 1, 2015 8491
Sustaining missions: answering an executive director's cry for help. Faiz, Andrew May 1, 2015 2395
Heroes not welcome. Gable, Mike Apr 1, 2015 2333
Prophetic ecumenism of public witness: victim-centered mission. de Chickera, Duleep Essay Apr 1, 2015 4316
Missions from Korea 2015: missionaries unable to continue ministry in their country of service. Moon, Steve Sang-Cheol; Yoo, Hee-Joo; Kim, Eun-Mi Apr 1, 2015 1523
My pilgrimage in mission. Burrows, William R. Personal account Apr 1, 2015 4851
The missional heart of member care. O'Donnell, Kelly Essay Apr 1, 2015 5653
A great joy: engineering a world of hope. Scott, Ben Apr 1, 2015 608
Understanding Protestant Christianity in contemporary China: the concept of a believing China. Xu, Yihua Mar 1, 2015 8234
Mystagogy and mission: the challenge of nonbelief and the task of theology. Crowley, Paul Essay Mar 1, 2015 11820
Aboriginal Catholic Ministry: the urban apostolate: presented to Australian Catholic Historical Society March 15, 2015. Stockton, Eugene Jan 1, 2015 1995
My pilgrimage in mission. Martin, John P. Essay Jan 1, 2015 3682
The legacy of Frank Arthur Keller. Yao, Kevin Xiyi Biography Jan 1, 2015 3909
Pope Francis leads 88th World Mission Sunday rites. Oct 18, 2014 392
Intercultural theology is a must. Kuster, Volker Essay Oct 1, 2014 4836
Revival preaching and the indigenization of Christianity in Republican China. Tseng, Gloria S. Essay Oct 1, 2014 4835
The strategy of a missionary evangelist: how William Booth shaped the salvation army's earliest work at home and abroad. Eason, Andrew M. Essay Oct 1, 2014 3694
The Missio Dei in contemporary context. Kemper, Thomas Essay Oct 1, 2014 2572
A missiological reflection on "Together towards Life: Mission and Evangelism in Changing Landscapes". Karecki, Madge Essay Oct 1, 2014 2262
"Together towards Life: Mission and Evangelism in Changing Landscapes". Escobar, Samuel Essay Oct 1, 2014 2401
My pilgrimage in mission. Stam, Juan "John" Essay Oct 1, 2014 4323
Baptist missionary activities in Michigan's upper Peninsula: Rev. Abel Bingham. Seelye, James Biography Sep 22, 2014 8310
A century of service: women from around the world come together to celebrate the WMS. Keith, Elizabeth Sep 1, 2014 665
Grounding student affairs in a catholic charism: the journey of one faculty member in connecting curriculum with mission/Le parcours d'un enseignant pour relier le programme scolaire a la mission: ancrer les affaires etudiantes dans un courant charismatique catholique/El camino de un profesor al conectar el plan de estudios con la mision: envolviendo a los Asuntos estudiantiles en un carisma catolico. Whitney, Rich; Laboe, Mark Report Sep 1, 2014 6337
Missioner returns with new perspectives. Sciarappa, Nicholas Interview Aug 29, 2014 663
Christian mission in the wake of the Arab Spring. Sabra, George F. Essay Jul 1, 2014 4023
Missiology after "mission"? Roxborogh, John Essay Jul 1, 2014 5075
Salvaging C. S. Lewis's The Horse and His Boy for mission and cultural awareness. Wilson, Sarah Hinlicky Critical essay Jul 1, 2014 4208
The geographic imagination and the expansion of Methodist missions in Southeast Asia. Scott, David W. Essay Jul 1, 2014 4153
Campbell N. Moody's reflections on the Christian mission. Mino, Kazue Essay Jul 1, 2014 4238
The unity of salvation: divine missions, the church, and world religions. Jacobs-Vandegeer, Christiaan Essay Jun 1, 2014 12069
Why ecclesial structures at the regional level matter: communion as mutual inclusion. Cohen, Will Essay Jun 1, 2014 11723
Probe recovers stolen funds. Brief article Apr 11, 2014 143
Mission and ecumenism today: reflections on the Tenth Assembly of the World Council of Churches, Busan, Republic of Korea. Ariarajah, S. Wesley Conference notes Apr 1, 2014 3669
Shift of the center of gravity for the ecumenical movement? WCC Busan Assembly and the Korean churches. Keum, Jooseop Conference notes Apr 1, 2014 3650
Together towards life: mission and evangelism in changing landscapes. Apr 1, 2014 2381
Historic meeting in Albania between Orthodox and evangelicals to discuss mission. Stamoolis, James J.; Nassif, Bradley Conference notes Apr 1, 2014 1823
East Syrian monasteries in the ninth century in Asia: a force for mission and renewal. Cochrane, Steve Essay Apr 1, 2014 4054
Missions from Korea 2014: missionary children. Moon, Steve Sang-Cheol Essay Apr 1, 2014 1722
"Arise, walk through the length and breadth of the land": missionary concepts and strategies of African Independent Churches. Oduro, Thomas A. Essay Apr 1, 2014 3544
Implications of having an independent missionary: a review of the 1910 Kuki Mission. Haokip, Jangkholam Essay Apr 1, 2014 4226
Fifteen outstanding books of 2013 for mission studies. Bibliography Apr 1, 2014 385
Sent by god: canadian missionaries gave their lives in Korea. Han, Peter Apr 1, 2014 1705
A place of hope: WICM provides dignity in winnipeg. Watt, Laurie Apr 1, 2014 1177
Editorial. Keum, Jooseop Editorial Apr 1, 2014 512
Busan and beyond: taking forward the new WCC mission affirmation Together Towards Life. Ross, Kenneth R.; Nilsson, Eva Christina; Hewitt, Roderick Conference notes Apr 1, 2014 6026
WCC Busan Assembly: a reflection. Longkumer, Atola Essay Apr 1, 2014 4063
CWM perspective on missional congregations as life-affirming communities. Woods, Philip Apr 1, 2014 1558
Together Towards Life: mission in changing contexts. Apr 1, 2014 1501
Missional leadership formation: embodiment of Together Towards Life. Hewitt, Roderick Apr 1, 2014 1572
Solidarity. Billman, Kathleen Column Apr 1, 2014 762
Lutheran mission in the China area: giving and receiving. Anderson, Delbert Essay Apr 1, 2014 5780
Mission co-workers begin assignments. Cole, Pat Brief article Mar 17, 2014 200
Task force proposes changes to special offerings. Scanlon, Leslie Mar 3, 2014 571
Studying mission. Jennings, J. Nelson Essay Jan 1, 2014 678
Forty Years of North American Missiology: a brief review. Speech Jan 1, 2014 5682
The future of the discipline of missiology: a brief overview of current realities and future possibilities. Speech Jan 1, 2014 6229
Missiology as an interested discipline--and where is it happening? Baker, Dwight P. Essay Jan 1, 2014 4001
Does donor support help or hinder business as mission practitioners? An empirical assessment. Rundle, Steven L. Report Jan 1, 2014 4741
Christianity 2014: independent Christianity and slum dwellers. Johnson, Todd M.; Crossing, Peter F. Report Jan 1, 2014 3812
My pilgrimage in mission. Carroll, Janet C. Essay Jan 1, 2014 4603
The reception of Vatican II in Latin America: a North American perspective. Pelton, Robert S. Essay Dec 1, 2013 3791
James Baldwin's challenge to catholic theologians and the church. Nilson, Jon Essay Dec 1, 2013 8466
Sailing to Byzantium: Part I: the life and mission of Saints Cyril and Methodius. Hala, Peter Nov 1, 2013 4666
Denominationalism or protestantism? Mission strategy and church in the Kikuyu Conference of 1913. Reed, Colin Essay Oct 1, 2013 4497
Releasing the trigger: the Nigerian factor in global Christianity. Effa, Allan L. Essay Oct 1, 2013 4668
Lost in transition: missionary children of the Basel Mission in the nineteenth century. Konrad, Dagmar Essay Oct 1, 2013 4743
My pilgrimage in mission. Webster, John C.B. Essay Oct 1, 2013 4155
Working on commission. Camille, Alice Jul 1, 2013 1265
Emerging missional movements: an overview and assessment of some implications for mission(s). Richardson, Rick Essay Jul 1, 2013 6136
Mennonite mission theorists and practitioners in Southeastern Nigeria: changing contexts and strategy at the dawn of the postcolonial era. Yoder, R. Bruce Essay Jul 1, 2013 6727
Pope Francis, Christian Mission, and the Church of Saint Francis. Bilocura, Theodora Jul 1, 2013 2108
Christian-Muslim dialogue in practice: the Story of a French Canadian Mission to Indonesia, 1974-83. Foisy, Catherine Essay Jul 1, 2013 4542
My pilgrimage in mission. Thomas, Norman E. Essay Jul 1, 2013 3469
More perspectives on mission. Billman, Kathleen D. Column Jun 1, 2013 406
The target of mission in ecumenical mission theology: a critique. An, Seung-oh Essay Jun 1, 2013 3669
Revisiting mission at Vatican II: theology and practice for today's missionary church. Bevans, Stephen B. Essay Jun 1, 2013 10435
Around Africa this month. Brief article May 1, 2013 246
True Friends or False? The changing nature of relationships between Indian and British missionary women in the imperial contact zone of India, c1880-1940. Allen, Margaret; Haggis, Jane Essay May 1, 2013 6738
Global and interreligious perspectives on Christian mission. Nessan, Craig L. Column Apr 1, 2013 989
Post-indoctrination: teaching Lutheran doctrine in a mission context. Eller, Justin E. Essay Apr 1, 2013 2909
Book notes. List Apr 1, 2013 410
Manly missions: Jews, Christians, and American religious masculinity, 1900-1920. Imhoff, Sarah Essay Apr 1, 2013 8928
A God of life, a civilization of love: justice, mission, and Catholic social teaching. Groody, Daniel G. Essay Apr 1, 2013 5140
Daughters of Africa heed the call for justice, peace, and fullness of life. Njoroge, Nyambura J. Report Apr 1, 2013 6417
God of life, lead us to justice and peace: reflection from an Asian and Korean church perspective. Hong, In Sik Essay Apr 1, 2013 5230
"You have not sought the lost": a reflection from Europe on the WCC theme. Cruchley-Jones, Peter Essay Apr 1, 2013 6168
Hosts and guests: hospitality as an emerging paradigm in mission. Brandner, Tobias Essay Apr 1, 2013 4090
Christian mission in Eastern Europe. Kozhuharov, Valentin Essay Apr 1, 2013 4753
Emerging adults and the future of missions. Richardson, Rick Essay Apr 1, 2013 6174
Missions from Korea 2013: microtrends and finance. Moon, Steve Sang-Cheol Statistical data Apr 1, 2013 1847
My pilgrimage in mission. Shank, David A. Essay Apr 1, 2013 5630
Fifteen outstanding books of 2012 for mission studies. Recommended readings Apr 1, 2013 418
"Such Fire Is Love": the Bernardine poetry of St. Robert Southwell, S.J. Shaw, Diana Marie Critical essay Mar 22, 2013 9683
A model trauma program for missioners. Gallagher, Tom Mar 1, 2013 1179
A missioner's occupational hazard. Gallagher, Tom Essay Feb 15, 2013 1625
Children of the liberation: reflections on ministry with children at risk. Burch, Greg W. Feb 1, 2013 3651
The use of social data in the evangelization of Europe: methodological issues. Paas, Stefan Jan 1, 2013 4175
End times innovator: Paul Rader and evangelical missions. Rogers, Mark Biography Jan 1, 2013 5979
My pilgrimage in mission. Gerloff, Roswith Essay Jan 1, 2013 4412
Status of Global Mission, 2013, in the Context of AD 1800-2025. Statistical table Jan 1, 2013 2835
My pilgrimage in mission. Cook, Arnold L. Essay Jan 1, 2013 4120
Missiological journals: a checklist. Bonk, Jonathan J.; Stalcup, Erika; Jennings, Wendy; Baker, Dwight P. Jan 1, 2013 7012
January student seminars on world mission: "Sharpened for Service". Calendar Jan 1, 2013 188
Be church: lay your hands on some sacraments. Faiz, Andrew Column Jan 1, 2013 608
Evangel hall at 100. Wardle, Connie Brief article Jan 1, 2013 183
The rise of mChurches: from mega to mobile: communicating with congregations in the social-media era challenges church leaders. Wagner, Cynthia G. Brief article Nov 1, 2012 230
Opening address. Tveit, Olav Fykse Conference notes Nov 1, 2012 1374
Gathering service: the grace of "The Gate". Leath, Jennifer Essay Nov 1, 2012 1760
Welcome remarks. Reyes, Rex R. B., Jr. Conference notes Nov 1, 2012 1249
Pneumatological foundations for mission: from a Pentecostal perspective. Onyinah, Opoku Essay Nov 1, 2012 1700
Belonging to a spirit of life: pneumatological foundations. Cruchley-Jones, Peter Essay Nov 1, 2012 1594
Creation and mission. Conradie, Ernst Essay Nov 1, 2012 2617
Salt of the earth: mission from the margins. Devasahayam, V. Essay Nov 1, 2012 1531
Mission as healing and reconciliation. Christiani, Tabita Kartika Essay Nov 1, 2012 4852
Introducing "Mission from the Margins". Mitchell, Beverly Eileen Nov 1, 2012 1179
Incarnation of faith: voices from the east, voices of the oppressed. Nov 1, 2012 1427
Closing act. Arregui, Josune Conference notes Nov 1, 2012 774
Documenting lives of mission and ministry. Perez-Lozano, Eloisa Oct 25, 2012 303
Remembering and resistance: Lenshina Mulenga's search for justice and peace. Kaunda, Mutale M.; Nadar, Sarojini Report Oct 1, 2012 4675
Unexpected call: Passionist sisters at work in Cameroon. Butel, Angela Essay Sep 28, 2012 1099
Finding fertile soil in India, Belize and Botswana. Jones, Arthur Sep 28, 2012 1156
What does the Catholic church teach about mission to the Jewish people? D'Costa, Gavin G. Essay Sep 1, 2012 11887
A Jewish response to Gavin D'Costa. Kessler, Edward Essay Sep 1, 2012 6745
A Catholic response to Gavin D'Costa. Pawlikowski, John T. Essay Sep 1, 2012 5244
We become missionaries. Brief article Sep 1, 2012 229
African nuns journey here and back: under the radar, sisters from Africa's abundant vocations are coming to US for education and mission. Popovici, Alice Jul 20, 2012 1216
A little office that reaches a continent. Winters, Michael Sean Column Jul 20, 2012 1054
The future of International Ministries: Rev. DR. Ron Wallace on the changing face of worldwide missions. Wardle, Connie Interview Jul 1, 2012 1556
Change and continuity in American Protestant foreign missions. Blumhofer, Edith L. Conference notes Jul 1, 2012 315
The Presbyterian Church in Canada's mission to Canada's Native peoples, 1900-2000. Bush, Peter Essay Jul 1, 2012 5197
Pentecostal missions and the changing character of global Christianity. Curtis, Heather D. Conference notes Jul 1, 2012 6074
Changes in African American mission: rediscovering African roots. Ellingsen, Mark Essay Jul 1, 2012 5538
Six thousand Koreans expected in Chicago area for global mission conferences. Conference news Jul 1, 2012 200
The Wesleys of blessed memory: hagiography, missions, and the study of world Methodism. Vickers, Jason E. Essay Jul 1, 2012 5245
OMSC scholarships strengthen the Christian world mission. Brief article Jul 1, 2012 235

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