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opportunities: sharing resources. Roberts, Thomas May 1, 2020 524
Engaging Bored, Checked-out Students: Coding and robotics delivered with familiar technology and tools can do the trick. Barr, Erin May 1, 2020 678
building problem-solving skills through STEAM: STEAM activities provide a context for authentic problem solving and have the ability to reach more students than science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) alone. Roberts, Thomas; Schnepp, Jerry Essay May 1, 2020 3267
Fulbright experience: ITEEA Chinese center: A visiting teacher must be aware of their teaching practices and recognize that they may differ (significantly) from those of the institution/area where they are placed. Mahoney, Mark Essay May 1, 2020 2873
the grass-to-energy challenge: In this challenge, students and or teams can explore ways to utilize this technological advance and evaluate its impacts. Roman, Harry T. May 1, 2020 654
A Springboard into the High-quality CTE Program Framework: Can the Curriculum for Agricultural Science Education Help Agriculture Teachers Create a High-quality CTE Program? Fritsch, Julie May 1, 2020 2070
The anatomy of a design brief: The hallmark of engineering/technology education should continue to be to promote technological literacy through engineering design, and a design brief is an important part of this heritage. Kelley, Todd R. Apr 1, 2020 3060
developing a STEM collaborative. Trent, Dan Mar 1, 2020 1687
Animation Adventureland. Lecorchick, Douglas; Hoeveler, Victoria Anne; Mastrandrea, Gianna Mar 1, 2020 842
Okebukola Develops Homegrown Techniques To Teach Science Subjects. Oct 14, 2019 408
reengineering the conflict: STEM in the English classroom: The project is a humanities incorporation of STEM foundation concepts. Lipowitz, Daniel; Berkeihiser, Michael Report Oct 1, 2019 3158
what goes up, must come down: design-based learning in the science classroom. Klotz, Tracey; Peacock, April Oct 1, 2019 1178
Lionfish Invasion: Experts team up to protect coastal waters from a fearsome fish. Free, Katie Oct 1, 2019 1343
Back to the Moon! The U.S. prepares to return to the moon--50 years after astronauts first landed there. Barone, Jennifer; Potenza, Alessandra Oct 1, 2019 1038
EXTREME CANDY. Romain, Hailee Oct 1, 2019 1675
Peter's pocket. Lorah, Stacy; Thom, Paul Sep 1, 2019 1190
math and science people. Petty, Erin C. Essay Sep 1, 2019 1571
tech to go: fasteners: Engaging elementary STEM classes requires students to complete challenges that result in projects that solve problems. Daugherty, Michael; Carter, Vinson Sep 1, 2019 461
TRY THIS: Design a bookmark. Preston, Christine; Blowes, Jacqueline Sep 1, 2019 2833
Delivering inquiry learning in science classrooms: A Planning Tool. Lonercan, Robyn; Cumming, Therese M.; O'neill, Susan C. Report Jun 1, 2019 5953
the power of building empathy in STEAM. Edelen, Daniel; Bush, Sarah B.; Cook, Kristin; Cox, Richard, Jr. May 1, 2019 1877
worlds of the solar system. Lecorchick, Douglas; Detelich, Charlene May 1, 2019 1144
equity in STEM education. Giuriceo, Carol M.; McLaughlin, Charles H., Jr. May 1, 2019 2499
STEM: it's raining it's pouring. Ruesch, Emily Yoshikawa; Bartholomew, Scott R. May 1, 2019 924
equitably engaging all students in STEM. Roberts, Thomas; Maiorca, Cathrine; Chapman, Pamela May 1, 2019 2216
meet Julie Sicks-Panus. Interview May 1, 2019 439
Animation Adventureland. Lecorchik, Douglas; Hoeveler, Victoria Anne; Mastrandrea, Gianna May 1, 2019 987
bringing STEM to life! Brradshaw, Kimberly Column May 1, 2019 464
Transforming the Classroom: Dr. Rudolph Moseley, Jr. Prepares the Next Generation of STEM Leaders. Cutts, Evan; LaFontant, Andre Interview Apr 1, 2019 426
M-learning: Exploring Mobile Secondary and Primary School Science Inquiry. Sullivan, Tiana; Slater, Ben; Phan, Judy; Tan, Amanda; Davis, James Mar 1, 2019 3172
Science in your pocket: Leaving high school students to their own 'devices' while designing an inquiry-based investigation. Gordon, Tom; Georgiou, Helen; Cornish, Scott; Sharma, Manjula Mar 1, 2019 5984
PBL MEETS PBL: Project-Based Learning Meets Planet-Based Learning. Price, Jamie; Govett, Aimee; Davis, Misty; Wester, Robyn; Howard, Teresa; Messimer, Lisa Mar 1, 2019 3049
2019 leaders to watch. List Mar 1, 2019 2580
Enhancing the learning of technology in early childhood settings. Fox-Turnbull, Wendy Report Mar 1, 2019 7176
girls in engineering: how to increase the number of young girls in technology and engineering courses! Since its inception, the female population in Granby's Technology and Engineering courses has increased from 3% in 2012 to 38% in 2018. Lagesse, Roger; Marshall, Deborah Feb 1, 2019 1364
The non-traditional Arts and Science teacher and learner: A reflection on creative exploration. Griffith, Madeleine Essay Feb 1, 2019 3632
Science Fair projects - the roles of children and parents. Gisler, Peggy; Eberts, Marge Column Jan 9, 2019 449
GRADES K-12 One Student's Lunchroom Trash Is Another Student's Scientific Treasure: Leftovers Get Studied for Science. Jan 1, 2019 511
Equitable Engagement in STEM: Using E-textiles to Challenge the Positioning of Non-dominant Girls in School Science. Searle, Kristin A.; Tofel-Grehl, Colby; Breitenstein, Janet Report Jan 1, 2019 8703
Investigating Remote Access Laboratories for Increasing Pre-service Teachers' STEM Capabilities. Wu, Ting; Albion, Peter Report Jan 1, 2019 6694
travel time and informal teachable moments. Hummell, Laura J. Cover story Dec 1, 2018 1695
STEM Little Boy Blue: STEM Children's Rhymes. Ruesch, Emily Yoshikawa; Bartholomew, Scott R. Dec 1, 2018 1011
AFFORDABLE ROTATING FLUID DEMONSTRATIONS FOR GEOSCIENCE EDUCATION: The DIYnamics Project: An ultra low-cost rotating tank platform made of LEGOs and a lazy susan has been developed and utilized for teaching elementary--through graduate-level students. Hill, Spencer A.; Lora, Juan M.; Khoo, Norris; Faulk, Sean P.; Aurnou, Jonathan M. Report Dec 1, 2018 6005
TRY THIS: STEM scooter design. Preston, Christine Report Dec 1, 2018 4109
VIDEO MAKING TO SUPPORT SCIENCE INVESTIGATIONS. Lisec, Jacinta; Dezuanni, Michael Report Dec 1, 2018 2994
COMBINING SPECTRA PROJECTS. Nolan, Anthony Dec 1, 2018 854
Teaching "Energy Transformation" through open inquiry: The case of the Rolling Cylinders. Rizk, Nadya; Taylor, Subhashni; Taylor, Neil; Sharma, Manjula Dec 1, 2018 2453
An integrated approach in promoting the development of literacy and scientific skills in the primary science classroom. Liston, Maeve; Hennessy, Niamh Report Dec 1, 2018 7108
tumblewings in Tanzania how international are integrated STEM activities and approaches? Unspoken cultural norms, classroom expectations, and teacher-student relationships all played a key role in the effectiveness of the chosen STEM activity and lesson. Bartholomew, Scott R.; DeSplinter, Marlee Dec 1, 2018 2837
iceman technology: student learning through ancient copper smelting techniques: Pretesting and posttesting data revealed that students made significant gains in declarative, procedural, schematic, and strategic knowledge. Hainsworth, Mark; Hainsworth, Laura Nov 1, 2018 2885
Emergency power: Here is a wonderful multidimensional, multidisciplinary problem to engage students--a real-world problem characteristic of the business and engineering world. Roman, Harry T. Nov 1, 2018 792
Effects of TWA on Science Text Comprehension of Students with Emotional and Behavior Disorders in a Special Day School. Sanders, Sara; Ennis, Robin Parks; Losinski, Mickey Report Nov 1, 2018 8257
Get Your Foot into the Science Door: Four Ways a School Librarian Can Pursue Science. Hill, Rebecca A. Oct 1, 2018 2092
Innovative Communities: Embedding Special Education Faculty in Science Methods Courses. Zimmer, Kate E.; McHatton, Patricia Alvarez; Driver, Melissa K.; Datubo-Brown, Christiana A.; Steffe Sep 22, 2018 7885
Try this: Child-led inquiry. Preston, Christine; McKie, Cassandra Sep 1, 2018 3110
Up and down, but also forward: addressing gender differences in the understanding of projectile motion. Low, David; Malik, Umairia; Wilson, Kate Sep 1, 2018 5860
Towards a more methodical approach to teaching senior chemistry. Dale, Keith; Dale, Stephen G. Sep 1, 2018 3567
excelling in engineering article series. Huffman, Tanner J.; Grubbs, Michael E.; Strimel, Greg J.; Gurganus, Jamie Report Sep 1, 2018 2274
The Heat Is On: "How do we discuss the reality and causes of-as well as the solutions to--global warming?". Democker, Mary Sep 1, 2018 1749
Teaching EcoJustice in STEM Methods Courses. Wolfmeyer, Mark Report Jun 22, 2018 4935
Eureka! Engaging classroom students in inquiry-based science lessons using local experts and contexts. Wines, Chris; Pfeiffer, Linda; Scott, Amanda; Woolcott, Geoff Jun 1, 2018 4504
STEM Resources on Demand (STEMROD): Working with community/industry partners and pre-service teachers to develop 'ready to use' resources for teachers. King, Donna; Lyons, Terry; Dawes, Les; Doyle, Tanya; O'Loughlin, Megan Report Jun 1, 2018 3537
Finding exploring and connecting TEM. Heller, Samantha; Campbell, Laurie O.; Houser, Ryan May 1, 2018 1285
STEM Jack and Jill: Children's Rhymes. Yoshikawa, Emily; Bartholomew, Scott R. May 1, 2018 964
bridging integrative STEM communities: Beyond the schools. Jones, Virginia R. May 1, 2018 1258
Create your own Webpage. Szczesny, Aneshka; Vincent, Josephin May 1, 2018 1373
"It's 1000 Degrees in Here When I Teach": Providing Preservice Teachers With an Extended Opportunity to Approximate Ambitious Instruction. Stroupe, David; Gotwals, Amelia Wenk Report May 1, 2018 10718
STEM integration: solids, CAD, and 3D printers: Some topics in mathematics more intuitively lend themselves to ignite a deeper interest in STEM applications. Fujiwara, Yujiro May 1, 2018 3124
Attitude and perceptions of fifth term medical students of Gulbarga Institute of Medical Sciences, Kalaburagi, regarding teaching methods and their learning in pharmacology. Patil, Banderao V.; Bagewadi, Harish G.; Zahid, Syed Hasan May 1, 2018 2668
Instructional Suggestions Supporting Science Learning in Digital Environments Based on a Review of Eye Tracking Studies. Yang, Fang-Ying; Tsai, Meng-Jung; Chiou, Guo-Li; Lee, Silvia Wen-Yu; Chang, Cheng-Chieh; Chen, Li-Li Report Apr 1, 2018 9041
Teaching Classical Mechanics Concepts using Visuo-haptic Simulators. Neri, Luis; Noguez, Julieta; Robledo-Rella, Victor; Escobar-Castillejos, David; Gonzalez-Nucamendi, Report Apr 1, 2018 6351
Learning Behavior Analysis of a Ubiquitous Situated Reflective Learning System with Application to Life Science and Technology Teaching. Hwang, Wu-Yuin; Chen, Hong-Ren; Chen, Nian-Shing; Lin, Li-Kai; Chen, Jin-Wen Report Apr 1, 2018 6682
How Competition in a Game-based Science Learning Environment Influences Students' Learning Achievement, Flow Experience, and Learning Behavioral Patterns. Chen, Ching-Huei; Liu, Jun-Han; Shou, Wen-Chuan Report Apr 1, 2018 6201
Interdisciplinary Learning Opportunities in Agriculture, Food, Natural Resources, and Science: The Role of the Teacher. McKim, Aaron J.; Pauley, Catlin M.; Velez, Jonathan J.; Sorensen, Tyson J. Report Apr 1, 2018 7848
An Analysis of Government Primary Schools' Characteristics Influencing Student Achievement in Northern Sindh. Hussain, Shahid Report Mar 31, 2018 3775
Pedagogy of Permaculture and Food Justice. Luna, Jody M.; Daviia, Erica R.; Reynoso-Morris, Alyssa Report Mar 22, 2018 11459
Radical STEM Teacher Activism: Collaborative Organizing to Sustain Social Justice Pedagogy in STEM Fields. Kokka, Kari Report Mar 22, 2018 10638
project ConnecT: creating a STEM community partnership. Thomas, Jeff; Kavanaugh, Trish Essay Mar 1, 2018 1618
STEM Baa Baa Black Sheep: TEM Children's Rhymes Sheep. Yoshikawa, Emily; Bartholomew, Scott R. Mar 1, 2018 966
literacy strategies in stem education. Valenzuela, Jorge Mar 1, 2018 2441
A new way forward for Teaching Science: A report on the future of the Teaching Science journal. Sheffield, Rachel; Smith, Julie-Anne; Quinton, Geoff; Glistak, John; Treagust, David Mar 1, 2018 634
Transition from cookbook to problem-based learning in a high school chemistry gas law investigation. McPherson, Heather Report Mar 1, 2018 2232
Cinema Science: UNTANGLING THE WEBS OF SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING: How strong are Spider-Man's webs? How does he jump from one building to another? And is any of this even remotely plausible? Drawing upon the superhero's latest cinematic outing, DAVE CREWE looks at how the film can aid studies in junior and senior secondary Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Crewe, Dave Mar 1, 2018 2859
Design Squad Global. Wright, Judith Feb 1, 2018 895
improving teacher-made assessments in technology and engineering education: Generating solid evidence of important student learning outcomes begins with good assessment practices at the classroom level. White, Jesse W.; Moye, Johnny J.; Gareis, Christopher R.; Hylton, Sarah P. Feb 1, 2018 3718
Blizzard Shoe. Feb 1, 2018 378
Water: The World in Crisis. Feb 1, 2018 311
Soft Robotic Gripper. Feb 1, 2018 436
Role of Assessment Conversations in a Technology-Aided Classroom with English Language Learners: An Exploratory Study. Menon, Preetha Report Jan 1, 2018 7423
COMPUTATIONAL PROBLEM-POSING WITH URBAN LATINX YOUTH: Make Science Teaching Great Agai. Aghasaleh, Rouhollah; Enderle, Patrick; Puvirajah, Anton; Boehnlein, Andrew; Rickard, Jennifer; Born Column Jan 1, 2018 1204
A National Analysis of School-Based Agricultural Education Involvement, Graduation, STEM Achievement, and Income. McKim, Aaron J.; Velez, Jonathan J.; Sorensen, Tyson J. Report Jan 1, 2018 6682
STEM Education at the Nexus of the 3-Circle Model. Swafford, Marshall Report Jan 1, 2018 6715
The Role of Cooperative Learning Method in Teaching of Science Subject at Elementary School Level: An Experimental Study. Saad, Ismail Report Dec 29, 2017 5681
Policy experts recommend steps to help Pakistan excel in science education. Dec 23, 2017 490
Who is teaching science in our high schools? Exploring factors influencing pre-service secondary science teachers' decisions to pursue teaching as a career. McDonald, Christine V. Report Dec 1, 2017 6469
Sleek Geeks Science Eureka Prize: Learn without noticing. Bevington, Cara Dec 1, 2017 1663
What I learned from Australia. Fuchigami, Masahiko Dec 1, 2017 1444
From Bush Blitz TeachLive 2017 into the school grounds. Dec 1, 2017 920
bridging integrative STEM communities: schools. Jones, Virginia R. Dec 1, 2017 1362
Eye protection: safety glasses: How do you decide between safety glasses and safety goggles? Deck, Anita; Roy, Ken Report Nov 1, 2017 1764
Learn better by doing study: fourth-year results: Students learn by "doing" standards-based, hands-on activities. Moye, Johnny J.; Dugger, William E., Jr.; Starkweather, Kendall N. Report Nov 1, 2017 5939
Steam education: separating fact from fiction: Many educators and researchers are now calling for STEA(arts)M education to be the approach of choice through which teachers may facilitate growth in habits of mind and practice that are characteristic of a globally literate citizen. Gess, Ashley H. Essay Nov 1, 2017 2046
Volunteer educators bring their own ideas about effective teaching to a 4-H curriculum. Worker, Steven Report Nov 1, 2017 4537
Teaching volunteer educators to tinker. White, H Oct 1, 2017 551
Comparing Design Constraints to Support Learning in Technology-guided Inquiry Projects. Applebaum, Lauren R.; Vitale, Jonathan M.; Gerard, Elizabeth; Linn, Marcia C. Report Oct 1, 2017 6889
Design of a Three-Dimensional Cognitive Mapping Approach to Support Inquiry Learning. Chen, Juanjuan; Wang, Minhong; Dede, Chris; Grotzer, Tina A. Report Oct 1, 2017 7862
What does it take to sustain a productive partnership in education?: Since 2004, eight of New York City's leading cultural institutions--including museums, zoos, and botanical gardens--have worked with the New York City Department of Education to support effective science instruction in the city's middle schools. Hammerness, Karen; MacPherson, Anna; Macdonald, Maritza; Roditi, Hudson; Curtis-Bey, Linda Sep 1, 2017 2443
Enhancing scientific literacy by targeting specific scientific skills. Hicks, Sylvia; MacDonald, Shane; Martin, Ela Report Sep 1, 2017 4409
Teaching Archimedes' principle: to sixth graders without teaching mass, density, pressure, volume or buoyancy. Raghavan, Neeraja Report Sep 1, 2017 4309
Try this: STEM--Torch design. Preston, Christine Sep 1, 2017 2939
Muscular activities of an athlete. Wegner, Claas; Groben, Bernd; Berning, Nane; Tonnesmann, Nora Sep 1, 2017 4257
Lighting up the holidays. Sagely, Megan; Beshears, Brittany; Carter, Vinson; Daugherty, Michael K. Essay Sep 1, 2017 1806
A helping hand. Brusic, Sharon A. Sep 1, 2017 1251
Bridging integrative STEM communities: families. Hummell, Laura J. Sep 1, 2017 1031
Engaging parents in STEM education. Peterson, Bryanne Sep 1, 2017 2080
Exploring STEM literacy. Peterson, Bryanne Sep 1, 2017 1235
STEM children rhymes: STEM Itsy Bitsy Spider. Yoshikawa, Emily; Bartholomew, Scott R. Sep 1, 2017 1378
The Role of Cooperative Learning Method in Teaching of Science Subject at Elementary School Level: An Experimental Study. Saad, Ismail Report Aug 31, 2017 5681
Enhancing the Student Experience in the Sciences: The Pennsylvania State University Creates a Nucleus for Student Education and Advising. Dress, Nicole M. Report Jul 1, 2017 2657
Educational Explorations of Chemical Kinetics in a Problem Based Learning Context. D'Ottone, Luca; Ochonogor, Enunuwe Chuckunoye Report Jul 1, 2017 5863
Monitoring the Pipeline: STEM Education in Rural U.S. Marksbury, Nancy Jun 22, 2017 8809
Examining construct validity of the quantitative literacy VALUE rubric in college-level STEM assignments. Gray, Julie S.; Brown, Melissa A.; Connolly, John P. Report Jun 22, 2017 5741
Try this: Plant leaf exploration. Preston, Christine Jun 1, 2017 2316
What problem would you like to see scientists solve for the future of our society? ANSTO Big Ideas Forum lets students choose the questions. Jun 1, 2017 508
CINEMA SCIENCE: Cinema Science is an explores how cinema --particularly popular, contemporary cinema --employs science and mathematics concepts. In each instalment, DAVID CREWE will explore how movies can help facilitate learning in STEM subjects. Crewe, David Jun 1, 2017 2987
HEC funding for innovative study to identify methods of maths, science teaching. May 12, 2017 287
Thrill ride: my wild adventure learning how ziplines are designed. Mead, Maggie May 1, 2017 1321
Trapped in tar: a big dig is revealing Los Angeles's wild and deadly past. Barth, Amy May 1, 2017 2374
Using a water purification activity to teach the philosophy and nature of technology: students too often think of technology as only electronic gadgets and fail to recognize the larger impact technology has on their lives and society. Kruse, Jerrid; Wilcox, Jesse Report May 1, 2017 3409
Mason bee habitations: teaching proper "making" skills through authentic engineering design contexts. Cool, Nate; Strimel, Greg J.; Croly, Michael; Grubbs, Michael E. Report May 1, 2017 3783
Tools and equipment in nontraditional spaces: safety and liability issues. Love, Tyler S.; Roy, Ken R. May 1, 2017 1136
The paper towel strength challenge. Roman, Harry T. May 1, 2017 741
To engage students in STEM, engage them in the world: encouraging teenagers to grapple with real local and global problems is the kind of challenge that can attract more to the study of STEM. Torres, Jose M. Apr 1, 2017 682
Switched on to stem: stile and double Helix Lessons. Apr 1, 2017 2769
Popular Science Articles for Chemistry Teaching. Kupatadze, Ketevan Report Apr 1, 2017 4207
A Philosophical Review of Science and Society within Agricultural Education. McKim, Aaron J.; Velez, Jonathan J.; Lambert, Misty D.; Balschweid, Mark A. Report Apr 1, 2017 5935
Soft skills and the science curriculum. Ediger, Marlow Mar 22, 2017 732
Using STEM approach to develop visual reasoning and learning independence for preparatory stage students. Abbas, Rasha Al-Sayed Sabry Mar 22, 2017 5952
Exploring the use of free bioinformatics modules in an introductory biochemistry course. Dodgen, Charlsey; Uzezi, Vwerosuo; Kang, ChulHee Report Mar 22, 2017 4339
Teaching strategies: Supporting EAL STUDENTS in learning biology terminology. Fernando, Primani; Cooper, Rebecca Report Mar 1, 2017 4177
Practice in digital research spaces to engage students with eScience. LeBard, Rebecca J; Hibbert, D Brynn; Quinnell, Rosanne Report Mar 1, 2017 5164
Straight from the professional development classroom: A practical experience. Koul, Anjni Report Mar 1, 2017 4357
What do students need to know about writing for science in the middle years? Hannant, Kathleen; Jetnikoff, Anita Report Feb 1, 2017 6580
Designing and implementing web-based scaffolding tools for technology-enhanced socioscientific inquiry. Shin, Suhkyung; Brush, Thomas A.; Glazewski, Krista D. Report Jan 1, 2017 6623
Wikis for a collaborative problem-solving (CPS) module for secondary school science. DeWitt, Dorothy; Alias, Norlidah; Siraj, Saedah; Spector, Jonathan Michael Report Jan 1, 2017 6873
How augmented reality enables conceptual understanding of challenging science content. Yoon, Susan; Anderson, Emma; Lin, Joyce; Elinich, Karen Report Jan 1, 2017 6814
Implementing course-based research increases student aspirations for STEM degrees. Overath, R. Deborah; Zhang, Daiyuan; Hatherill, J. Robert Dec 22, 2016 5184
Course-based science research promotes learning in diverse students at diverse institutions. Staub, Nancy L.; Beck, Christopher W.; Delesalle, Veronique A.; Griffin, Gerald D.; Merritt, Robert Report Dec 22, 2016 7487
The mushroom-growing challenge. Roman, Harry T. Dec 1, 2016 741
In principle and practice: developing a guided inquiry design unit for district-wide implementation. Barker, Kelsey; Edwards, Buffy Dec 1, 2016 1902
Exploring the connection between technology and society through GMOs. Croly, Michael; Cool, Nate; Strimel, Greg J. Dec 1, 2016 1435
STEM integration through design and inquiry. Johns, Gary; Mentzer, Nathan Report Nov 1, 2016 3091
How is disciplinary literacy addressed in the Science classroom?: a Singaporean case study. Tang, Kok-Sing Case study Oct 1, 2016 7637
Mystery box: study objects in a sealed container. Oct 1, 2016 344
Podcasts in the Chemistry Teaching. Leite, Bruno Silva Report Oct 1, 2016 6267
Study of impact of manual biochemistry practicals vs practicals using automation techniques in first-year MBBS students. Vaishnav, Deepali; Hivre, Manjusha; Hatolkar, Veena Report Sep 1, 2016 1291
Try this: clothes for different seasons. Preston, Christine Sep 1, 2016 1455
A scientific approach to food & fibre production. Spence, Kelly Sep 1, 2016 1354
Photosynthesising in the classroom. Bateman, Natalia; Duncan, Alisha Sep 1, 2016 1623
Thinking science: a way to change teacher practice in order to raise students' ability to think. Hueppauff, Sonia Sep 1, 2016 3557
CASE thriving on the Sunshine Coast. Gordon, Neil Report Sep 1, 2016 5152
Effects of a modified Thinking Science program for Year 8 students of various abilities. Mobbs, Ellen Report Sep 1, 2016 2211
Part of what we do: teacher perceptions of STEM integration. Stubbs, Eric A.; Myers, Brian E. Report Jul 1, 2016 6976
The Millikan oil drop experiment: a simulation suitable for classroom use. Hogan, Ben E.; Hasbun, Javier E. Report Jun 22, 2016 3705
Calculating the sun's photospheric temperature, an undergraduate physics laboratory. Kerlin, Austin B.; DeSilva, L. Ajith; Rose, Shea; Hasbun, Javier E. Report Jun 22, 2016 2926
The acquisition of scientific knowledge via critical thinking: a philosophical approach to science education. Talavera, Isidoro Report Jun 22, 2016 33470
Try this: Umbrella--materials testing. Preston, Christine Jun 1, 2016 1260
On the innovation statement. Aranda, George Jun 1, 2016 922
Inclusive STEM high schools increase opportunities for underrepresented students. Spillane, Nancy K.; Lynch, Sharon J.; Ford, Michael R. Report May 1, 2016 3217
The "what if" challenge. Roman, Harry T. May 1, 2016 760
Sandbox comes to life. Fritz, Ron May 1, 2016 1470
Citizen Science Part 1: place-based STEM projects for school libraries. Lamb, Annette Apr 1, 2016 2514
Hands on with STEM. McCrea, Bridget Apr 1, 2016 1559
Design, test, redesign: simulation in technology, engineering, and design education classrooms. Swinson, Ronnie; Clark, Aaron C.; Ernst, Jeremy V.; Sutton, Kevin Apr 1, 2016 2400
The model railroad challenge. Roman, Harry T. Apr 1, 2016 927
Tinkering teens. Brief article Mar 22, 2016 118
Promote or perish. Caccavale, Frank Mar 1, 2016 2531
Why STEM? Mitts, Charles R. Report Mar 1, 2016 3183
Social an cultural capital: the heart of stem success. Jones, Virginia R. Essay Mar 1, 2016 1616
Designing a rain forest. Anthony, Jody Mar 1, 2016 1112
Using social and cultural learning to enrich STEM connections. Jones, Virginia R. Mar 1, 2016 1216
Structural adaptation. Crowley, Julianne; Titmus, Morgan Mar 1, 2016 1915
Secrets of the STEM X Academy. Cover story Mar 1, 2016 937
A teacher professional development model for teaching socioscientific issues. Carson, Katherine; Dawson, Vaille Report Mar 1, 2016 4305
Making science misconceptions work for us. Elliott, Katrina; Pillman, Anne Mar 1, 2016 1915
Impact of chemistry experiments outreach program on learning and attitudes for students in their penultimate year of schooling. Windsor, Sarah; Bailey, Jack Mar 1, 2016 5053
Space commander: Alice Bowman steers a spacecraft to Pluto and beyond. Chain, Lydia Mar 1, 2016 917
Fast friends: what can scientists learn when animals of different species become companions? Smith, Natalie Mar 1, 2016 1309
Electric duel: how a fencer charges up to win a fight. Chain, Lydia Mar 1, 2016 741
Forming a hypothesis. Mar 1, 2016 324
Dancing snakes. Mar 1, 2016 387
A case for teaching biotechnology. Lazaros, Edward; Embree, Caleb Cover story Feb 1, 2016 2249
Visual learning in science. Kleiss, Donna Feb 1, 2016 1916
A Formacao Inicial e Continuada dos Professores de Quimica: Uma Analise do Quadro Docente de Barreiras--Bahia. Santos, Marcelo Ribeiro dos; Cavalcanti, Eduardo Luiz Dias Report Feb 1, 2016 5485
Abaco de Linus Pauling Adaptado[section]. Bueno, Dener Santana; Conceicao, Evair Romario Afonso da; Flor, Adao Molina Junior; Almeida, Vagner Report Jan 1, 2016 2576
Automated generation of questions for basic electrical engineering education. Skopljanac-Macina, Frano; Blaskovic, Bruno; Pintar, Damir Report Jan 1, 2016 4771
Chapter 2: Enhancing urban students' use of Self-Regulated Learning (SRL) strategies in eighth grade science classes. Nagle, Corey E.; Sheckley, Barry G.; Allen, George J. Report Jan 1, 2016 4307
Preaching to the converted. Humphries-Smith, Tania Editorial Jan 1, 2016 473
Restorative practices: from candy and punishment to celebrations and problem-solving circles. Goldys, Patrice H. Report Jan 1, 2016 3238
Doug Peltz on science education and Mystery Science. Wahl, Daniel Interview Dec 22, 2015 2043
ESP/ASP in the domains of science and law in a French higher education context: preliminary reflections. Chaplier, Claire; O'Connell, Anne-Marie Essay Dec 22, 2015 8842
Novel way in teaching introductory soil science. Wadia, Adil M.; Clark, William B. Report Dec 1, 2015 3152
Images and illusions. Rennie, Richard Dec 1, 2015 686
Try this gravitational wells. McRae, Mike Dec 1, 2015 657
Thinking scientifically: understanding measurement and errors. Alagumalai, Sivakumar Dec 1, 2015 4353
Probing year 11 physics students' understandings of gravitation. Moore, Simon; Dawson, Vaille Dec 1, 2015 5261
The common form of test used for both formative, summative evaluation and otherScience Teachers' Teaching Competencies and Their Training Experience in Classroom Pedagogical Approaches. Azuelo, Andrea G.; Sariana, Lalaine G.; Manual, Alven Dec 1, 2015 3957
Designing a homeland security network. Roman, Harry T. Nov 1, 2015 674
Going beyond fun in STEM: instead of telling students that STEM is fun, tell them it's hard, and they'll feel a sense of pride and accomplishment at their success. Pittinsky, Todd L.; Diamante, Nicole Essay Oct 1, 2015 2232
Interactivity of question prompts and feedback on secondary students' science knowledge acquisition and cognitive load. Huang, Kun; Chen, Ching-Huei; Wu, Wen-Shiuan; Chen, Wei-Yu Report Oct 1, 2015 6363
Effective practices in STEM integration: describing teacher perceptions and instructional method use. Smith, Kasee L.; Rayfield, John; McKim, Billy R. Report Oct 1, 2015 7562
School science capacity: a study of four urban catholic grade schools/L'ecole science capacite: une etude de quatre ecoles grade catholique urbain/Capacidad cientifica de las escuelas: Estudio de cuatros escuelas catolicas urbanas. Smetana, Lara K.; Coleman, Elizabeth R. Report Sep 1, 2015 12365
Using constant time delay to teach braille and the Nemeth Code for Mathematics and Science Notation to students making the transition from print to braille. Ivy, Sarah E.; Hooper, Jonathan D. Report Sep 1, 2015 5771
Integrative STEM education for children and our communities. Havice, William L. Sep 1, 2015 868
An integrative STEM approach to teaching solar energy collection. Hughes, Bill; Mona, Lynn; Stout, Heath; Bierly, Mike; McAninch, Steve Sep 1, 2015 3042
Teamwork isn't torture: teaching collaboration in a PBS classroom. Bennett, Andrea Sep 1, 2015 1525
Work integrated learning: what do the students want? A qualitative study of Health Sciences students' experiences of a non-competency based placement. Abery, Elizabeth; Drummond, Claire; Bevan, Nadia Report Aug 1, 2015 2325
Effects of collaborative preteaching on science performance of high school students with specific learning disabilities. Thornton, Amanda; McKissick, Bethany R.; Spooner, Fred; Lo, Ya-yu; Anderson, Adrienne L. Report Aug 1, 2015 9304
Planning for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) retention: understanding the implications of the theory of planned behavior. Foltz, Laura G.; Foltz, Charles B.; Kirschmann, Stephanie L. Report Jul 1, 2015 4321
Learning about enzyme specificity with an interactive enzyme model: influences on student motivation, cognitive load, and achievement. Saleh, Mounir R.; Herron, Sherry S.; Shelley, Kyna; Bateman, Robert Report Jul 1, 2015 3266
Improving mathematics and science education in rural Australia: a practice report. Whannell, Robert; Tobias, Stephen May 1, 2015 3537
New ways of teaching and observing science class: Good instruction in science classrooms looks different than good instruction in other disciplines. Hutner, Todd L.; Sampson, Victor May 1, 2015 3046
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