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Analysis of GPR Wave Propagation Using CUDA-Implemented Conformal Symplectic Partitioned Runge-Kutta Method. Fang, Hongyuan; Lei, Jianwei; Yang, Man; Li, Ziwei Jul 31, 2019 5952
Effective Separation Method for Single-Channel Time-Frequency Overlapped Signals Based on Improved Empirical Wavelet Transform. Liu, Zhipeng; Li, Lichun; Li, Huiqi; Liu, Chang May 1, 2019 6324
Diagnosis of Bearing Outer Race Faults Using a Low-Cost Non-Contact Method with Advanced Wavelet Transforms. Barusu, Madhusudhana Reddy; Sethurajan, Umamaheswari; Deivasigamani, Meganathan Report Feb 1, 2019 6836
A Modified Four Path Method for Calculating Coupling Field of Super-Low Altitude Aircraft Target. Zou, Gaoxiang; Tong, Chuangming; Yu, Binglin; Sun, Hualong; Song, Tao Dec 1, 2018 3061
Joint High-Resolution Range and DOA Estimation via MUSIC Method Based on Virtual Two-Dimensional Spatial Smoothing for OFDM Radar. Zhang, Rui; Quan, Ying-Hui; Zhu, Sheng-Qi; Yang, Lei; Li, Ya-Chao; Xing, Meng-Dao Jan 1, 2018 4671
A Compressive Sensing-Based Bistatic MIMO Radar Imaging Method in the Presence of Array Errors. Liu, Zhigang; Li, Jun; Chang, Junqing; Guo, Yifan Jan 1, 2018 2757
Weak Target Detection Method of Passive Bistatic Radar Based on Probability Histogram. Hu, Panhe; Bao, Qinglong; Chen, Zengping Jan 1, 2018 3392
Combining of the H/A/Alpha and Freeman-Durden Polarization Decomposition Methods for Soil Moisture Retrieval from Full-Polarization Radarsat-2 Data. Xie, Qiuxia; Meng, Qingyan; Zhang, Linlin; Wang, Chunmei; Wang, Qiao; Zhao, Shaohua Jan 1, 2018 7084
A Novel Waveform Design Method for Shift-Frequency Jamming Confirmation. Zhou, Chang; Zhu, Zhen-Bo; Tang, Zi-Yue Jan 1, 2018 7031
A Novel Method of Radar Modeling for Vehicle Intelligence. Guo, Jiao; Deng, Weiwen; Zhang, Sumin; Qi, Shiqian; Li, Xin Technical report May 1, 2017 3867
An Improved Clutter Suppression Method for Weather Radars Using Multiple Pulse Repetition Time Technique. Yu, Yingjie; Li, Yong Report Jan 1, 2017 3815
Electromagnetic Scattering of Electrically Large Ship above Sea Surface with SBR-SDFM Method. Guo, Lixin; Feng, Tiantian Jan 1, 2017 3056
A New Shooting Bouncing Ray Method for Composite Scattering from a Target above the Electrically Large Scope Sea Surface. Lixin, Peng Peng Guo Report Jan 1, 2017 3345
A New Way to Fish. Dec 31, 2016 1150
Study on Leading Vehicle Detection at Night Based on Multisensor and Image Enhancement Method. Chen, Mei; Jin, Lisheng; Jiang, Yuying; Gao, Linlin; Wang, Faji; Xie, Xianyi Jan 1, 2016 6217
Airside vision: author A R Prince studies several methods that airports have used to maintain their situation awareness standards. Prince, A.R. Dec 1, 2015 1350
A novel approach for converting 2D into 3D images using Hough feature extraction technique. Ramesh, P.S.; Letitia, S. Report Jun 1, 2015 4137
The zen of vectors: they're a great way to cut corners or avoid problems, but can leave a few things open to interpretation. Burnside, Josephe E. Jun 1, 2014 1868
Missing Malaysia Flight MH370: Did Hijackers Use 'Terrain Masking' Technique to Avoid Being Detected? Mar 18, 2014 492
On the use of passive reflecting surfaces and compressive sensing techniques for detecting security threats at standoff distances. Rodriguez-Vaqueiro, Yolanda; Martinez-Lorenzo, Jose Angel Jan 1, 2014 3130
Using FDFD technique in two-dimensional TE analysis for modeling clutter in wall penetrating radar. Insana, David; Rappaport, Carey M. Jan 1, 2014 4601
Compact low weight high gain broadband antenna by polarization-rotation technique for x-band radar. Dastkhosh, Amir Reza; Oskouei, Hamidreza Dalili; Khademevatan, Gholamreza Jan 1, 2014 2860
Novel Data Acquisition Method for Interference Suppression in Dual-Channel SAR. Lin, Xiao-Hong; Xue, Guo-Yi; Liu, Pei-Guo Jan 1, 2014 5980
Company unveils new detection technique for a small drones. Insinna, Valerie Jan 1, 2013 194
Evaluation of techniques for classification SAR-R99B images for mapping deforestation/Avaliacao de tecnicas de classificacao de imagens SAR-R99B para o mapeamento do desflorestamento. do Nascimento, Barbara Karina Barbosa; Parise, Marcelo; Pinheiro, Eduardo da Silva Jan 1, 2012 3354
Vision Techniques Spearheads Innovative Reversing Radar System Which Prevents Collisions. Feb 13, 2011 488
Vision Techniques Set to Equip Vehicles at Aylesbury Vale District Council with Innovative Safety Equipment. Nov 4, 2010 344
Sensor network data fusion methods/Jutikliu tinklo duomenu suliejimo metodai. Vervecka, Martynas Report Jan 1, 2010 1421
It's getting hot in here. Plunges, Eric Dec 22, 2003 581
Engineering rules and design charts. Jan 1, 1992 906
Array error effects in adaptive beamforming. Steyskal, Hans Sep 1, 1991 2733
Development of a radar cross section standard and its use in calibrating moving targets. Nirenberg, Allan; Bruner, Gerald W. Jun 1, 1990 1920

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