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Polygiene announces success in first ever ISO ViralOff method for treating SARS-CoV-2 virus on textiles. Sep 7, 2020 156
An Improved Iterative Method for Solving the Discrete Algebraic Riccati Equation. Wang, Li Jun 30, 2020 3162
Probabilistic Forecasting Method of Metro Station Environment Based on Autoregressive LSTM Network. Tian, Qing; Li, Bo; Qu, Hongquan; Pang, Liping; Zhao, Weihang; Han, Yue Jun 30, 2020 7842
A Time-Varying Gain Design Method for State Feedback Control of Upper Triangular Nonlinear Systems. Yin, Yanmin May 31, 2020 3338
Geometric and Polynomial Approaches of Complex Systems and Control in Mathematics and Applied Sciences. Aguirre-Hernandez, Baltazar; Lopez-Renteria, Jorge-Antonio; Hossian, Alejandro Armando; Romero-Melen May 31, 2020 1187
Modeling and Prediction Method for CNC Machine Tools' Errors Based on Spatial Feature Points. Chen, Guohua; Zhang, Lin; Xiang, Hua; Chen, Yong May 31, 2020 5613
NSGA-II-Based Parameter Tuning Method and GM(1,1)-Based Development of Fuzzy Immune PID Controller for Automatic Train Operation System. Chu, Pengzi; Yu, Yi; Dong, Danyang; Lin, Hui; Yuan, Jianjun Apr 30, 2020 11422
A financial chaotic system control method based on intermittent controller. Lu, Xia Apr 30, 2020 5155
A Stabilization Method Based on an Adaptive Feedforward Controller for the Underactuated Bipedal Walking with Variable Step-Length on Compliant Discontinuous Ground. Wang, Yang; Yao, Daojin; He, Jie; Xiao, Xiaohui Mar 31, 2020 7638
Application of Multistep Inversion Method for Online Monitoring Aerosol Particle Size Distribution and Aerosol Concentration. He, Zhenzong; Xu, Liang; Mao, Junkui; Han, Xingsi; Zhang, Biao Mar 1, 2020 6883
THE METHOD OF FINDING THE MOST NATURAL STRUCTURE OF A BIOTANK POWER PLANT. Maksymov, M.; Beglov, K.; Maksymova, O.; Maksymov, O. Report Mar 1, 2020 5605
Optimal Learning and Self-Awareness Versus PDI. Smeresky, Brendon; Rizzo, Alex; Sands, Timothy Report Jan 1, 2020 6184
Development of Real-Time Maneuver Library Generation Technique for Implementing Tactical Maneuvers of Fixed-Wing Aircraft. Lee, Do hyeon; Kim, Chang-Joo; Heo, Man Jung; Hwang, Joo Wan; Lyu, Hee Gyeong; Lee, Jun Yeop Jan 1, 2020 5678
Fuzzy Neural Network Q-Learning Method for Model Disturbance Change: A Deployable Antenna Panel Application. Liu, Zhiyong; Bao, Hong; Xue, Song; Du, Jingli Dec 31, 2019 13915
An Efficient Artificial Intelligence Hybrid Approach for Energy Management in Intelligent Buildings. Wahid, Fazli; Ismail, Lokman Hakim; Ghazali, Rozaida; Aamir, Muhammad Dec 1, 2019 7521
Application of Natural Transform Method to Fractional Pantograph Delay Differential Equations. Valizadeh, M.; Mahmoudi, Y.; Saei, F. Dastmalchi Nov 30, 2019 4395
Model Predictive Control Method of Simulated Moving Bed Chromatographic Separation Process Based on Subspace System Identification. Yan, Zhen; Wang, Jie-Sheng; Wang, Shao-Yan; Li, Shou-Jiang; Wang, Dan; Sun, Wei-Zhen Nov 30, 2019 7523
Industrial Anomaly Detection and Attack Classification Method Based on Convolutional Neural Network. Lai, Yingxu; Zhang, Jingwen; Liu, Zenghui Oct 31, 2019 7240
Fast Model Predictive Control Based on Adaptive Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers. Li, Yu; Zou, Qiming; Ji, Xiaoru; Zhang, Chanyuan; Lu, Ke Oct 31, 2019 6393
Monthly Electricity Consumption Forecasting Method Based on X12 and STL Decomposition Model in an Integrated Energy System. Sun, Tianhe; Zhang, Tieyan; Teng, Yun; Chen, Zhe; Fang, Jiakun Oct 31, 2019 8674
Tesla patent hints at new fluid-based cooling technology. ANI Oct 2, 2019 133
Trajectory Tracking Control for WMRs with the Time-Varying Longitudinal Slippage Based on a New Adaptive SMC Method. Li, Zhi; You, Bo; Ding, Liang; Gao, Haibo; Huang, Fengxiang Sep 30, 2019 5025
Scientists devise better way to harness power of solar panels. Aug 27, 2019 348
Undisturbed Switching Control Method of Superheated Steam Temperature Systems. Yu, Lei Jul 31, 2019 4965
Cast in a Different Mold: This mainstay in medical manufacturing is subject to material and technology advances as well as competition from newer fabrication methods. Brusco, Sam Jun 1, 2019 4066
Development of a Standard Testing Method for Vehicle Cabin Air Quality Index. Pham, Liem; Molden, Nick; Boyle, Sam; Johnson, Kent; Jung, Heejung Report Jun 1, 2019 5622
An Active Vehicle Suspension Control Approach with Electromagnetic and Hydraulic Actuators. Beltran-Carbajal, Francisco; Valderrabano-Gonzalez, Antonio; Favela-Contreras, Antonio; Hernandez-Av Jun 1, 2019 5569
A Method Based on Lorenz Disturbance and Variational Mode Decomposition for Wind Speed Prediction. Zhang, Yagang; Gao, Shuang; Ban, Minghui; Sun, Yi Report May 1, 2019 5795
Efficient Method of Firing Angle Calculation for Multiple Launch Rocket System Based on Polynomial Response Surface and Kriging Metamodels. Zhao, Qiang; Tang, Qizhong; Han, Junli; Yang, Ming; Chen, Zhihua Apr 30, 2019 10065
Modeling and Analysis of Wireless Cyberphysical Systems Using Stochastic Methods. Liu, Jing; Yao, Yixu Apr 30, 2019 11071
State Estimation for Switched Time-Varying Systems with Delay and Nonlinear Disturbance: An Integral Inequality Method. Meng, Fanwei; Sun, Yuangong Apr 30, 2019 4045
Effective Use of MPC for Dynamic Decoupling of MIMO Systems. Dworak, Pavel; Goyal, Jitendra Kumar; Aggarwal, Shubham; Ghosh, Sandip Report Apr 1, 2019 5688
Information Security Risk Assessment Method for Ship Control System Based on Fuzzy Sets and Attack Trees. Shang, Wenli; Gong, Tianyu; Chen, Chunyu; Hou, Jing; Zeng, Peng Mar 31, 2019 7159
IMPROVING OF ELECTROMECHANICAL STABILIZATION SYSTEMS ACCURACY. Kuznetsov, B.I.; Nikitina, T.B.; Bovdui, I.V.; Kobilyanskiy, B.B. Report Mar 1, 2019 5471
High Performance Digital Control for Industrial Motors: PROPER COMPONENTS AND DESIGN TECHNIQUES ENSURE EFFICIENT MOTOR PERFORMANCE. Di Paolo Emilio, Maurizio Jan 1, 2019 1013
A Black-Box Noninvasive Characterization Method for Industrial Wireless Networks. Kashef, Mohamed; Candell, Richard; Lee, Kang Jan 1, 2019 7518
A Behaviour Profiling Based Technique for Network Access Control Systems. Muhammad, Musa Abubakar; Ayesh, Aladdin Jan 1, 2019 5090
ADAPTIVE CONTROL SYSTEM SYNTHESIS METHODS FOR COMPLEX MANUFACTURING OBJECTS. Kudriashov, Nikita S.; Markov, Sergey A.; Potekhin, Vyacheslav V. Jan 1, 2019 3323
INTELLIGENT ROBOTRONICS--METHODOLOGY FOR SOLVING LOGICAL PROBLEMS OF SERVICE ROBOTS. Pryanichnikov, V.E.; Chernyshev, V.V.; Davydov, O.I.; Katalinic, B.; Khelemendik, R.V.; Kharin, K.V. Report Jan 1, 2019 2466
Your Happiness was Hacked: Why Tech is Winning the Battle to Control Your Brain-and How to Fight Back. Brief article Oct 1, 2018 136
Hitachi and the Indian Statistical Institute Bangalore Develop a Theoretical Method to Determine Useful Clusters of Data Necessary for Efficient Forecasting. Sep 3, 2018 1001
Development and Performance Evaluation of a Concurrency Control Technique in Object-Oriented Database Systems. Jun, Woochun; Hong, Suk-Ki Report Apr 1, 2018 5211
Two-Degrees of Freedom and Variable Structure Controllers for Induction Motor Drives. Zaky, Mohamed; Touti, Ezzeddine; Azazi, Haitham Report Feb 1, 2018 4783
Towards Sophisticated Air Traffic Control System Using Formal Methods. Jarrar, Abdessamad; Balouki, Youssef Report Jan 1, 2018 7471
A Control Method of High Impact Energy and Cosimulation in Powder High-Velocity Compaction. You, Dongdong; Liu, Dehui; Guan, Hangjian; Huang, Qingyun; Xiao, Zhiyu; Yang, Chao Jan 1, 2018 6409
Wide-Area Damping Controller Design Based on the Frequency Domain Self-Excitation Method. Gao, Lei; Ma, Yanchao; Nie, Yonghui; Xu, Shiyun; Chu, Xiaojie; Peng, Long Report Jan 1, 2018 4994
Analytical Synthesis of Regulators for Nonlinear Systems with a Terminal State Method on Examples of Motion Control of a Wheeled Robot and a Vessel. Shushlyapin, E.A.; Bezuglaya, A.E. Report Jan 1, 2018 7387
Chloride Ion Removal from the Wet Flue Gas Desulfurization and Denitrification Wastewater Using Friedel's Salt Precipitation Method. Fang, Ping; Tang, Zi-jun; Chen, Xiong-bo; Huang, Jian-hang; Tang, Zhi-xiong; Cen, Chao-ping Jan 1, 2018 7100
A Passenger Flow Control Method for Subway Network Based on Network Controllability. Zeng, Lu; Liu, Jun; Qin, Yong; Wang, Li; Yang, Jie Jan 1, 2018 7422
Recent Development on Nonlinear Methods in Function Spaces and Applications in Nonlinear Fractional Differential Equations. Zhang, Xinguang; Wu, Yonghong; Liu, Lishan; Su, Hua Jan 1, 2018 2256
Advances in Traffic Safety Methodologies and Technologies. Dong, Chunjiao; Shao, Chunfu; Huang, Helai; Chen, Xiaoming; Sze, N.N. Jan 1, 2018 1443
Influence of Online Identification Methods on the Nonlinear Process Control. Macku, Lubomir; Novosad, David Report Jan 1, 2018 2760
Method of Spatial Path Planning for Mobile Robot in Unknown Environment. Yukhimets, Dmitry; Zuev, Alexander; Gubankov, Anton Report Jan 1, 2018 5059
Method for Supervisory Implementation of Manipulation Operations by Underwater Vehicles. Filaretov, Vladimir; Konoplin, Alexander; Konoplin, Nikita; Subudhi, Bidyadhar Report Jan 1, 2018 3648
Technology Of Multi-Agent Control For Industrial Automation With Logical Processing Of Contradictions. Pryanichnikov, Valentin E.; Aryskin, Aleksander A.; Eprikov, Stanislav R.; Kirsanov, Kirill B.; Khel Report Jan 1, 2018 3448
A Human-Robot Interaction Based Coordination Control Method for Assistive Walking Devices and an Assessment of Its Stability. Zhang, Xia; Ge, Wenliang; Fu, Hao; Chen, Renxiang; Luo, Tianhong; Hashimoto, Minoru Jan 1, 2018 9002
Robust Optimal Navigation Using Nonlinear Model Predictive Control Method Combined with Recurrent Fuzzy Neural Network. Zhu, Qidan; Han, Yu; Cai, Chengtao; Xiao, Yao Jan 1, 2018 8165
No-Tension Sensor Closed-Loop Control Method with Adaptive PI Parameters for Two-Motor Winding System. Wang, Zhiqiang; Nan, Haibao; Shi, Tingna; Geng, Qiang; Xia, Changliang Jan 1, 2018 6983
A Novel Automatic Generation Control Method Based on the Ecological Population Cooperative Control for the Islanded Smart Grid. Xi, Lei; Li, Yudan; Huang, Yuehua; Lu, Ling; Chen, Jianfeng Jan 1, 2018 8043
Adaptive Gradient-Based Iterative Algorithm for Multivariable Controlled Autoregressive Moving Average Systems Using the Data Filtering Technique. Pan, Jian; Ma, Hao; Jiang, Xiao; Ding, Wenfang; Ding, Feng Jan 1, 2018 6938
Dynamic HVAC Operations with Real-Time Vision-Based Occupant Recognition System. Lu, Siliang; Aziz, Azizan Report Jan 1, 2018 2803
Zone Specific Airflow Rate Optimization by Incorporating PI Controller in a General Purpose Commercial CFD Code. Page, Andrew; Kandra, Deepak Report Jan 1, 2018 1961
Combustion Indexes for Innovative Combustion Control. Ravaglioli, Vittorio; Ponti, Fabrizio; De Cesare, Matteo; Stola, Federico; Carra, Filippo; Corti, En Report Dec 1, 2017 6303
A Systematic Approach to Engine Sound Design for Enhancing Sound Character by Active Sound Design. Kim, Seonghyeon; Chang, Kyoung-Jin; Park, Dong Chul; Lee, Seung Min; Lee, Sang Kwon Report Oct 1, 2017 4432
How to Choose Between Stepper vs. Servo Motors: Choosing the right motor involves considering load size, speed, torque requirements, and resolution. Tellier, Matthew Sep 1, 2017 1365
Impacts of Interactive and Diagnostic Control System Use on the Innovation Process. Frezatti, Fabio; Bido, Diogenes de Souza; da Cruz, Ana Paula Capuano; Machado, Maria Jose C. Report Jul 1, 2017 11034
Simulation method of HVAC systems using self-adjusting templates for the building energy simulation tool. Ninomiya, Hiroshi; Nagai, Tatsuo; Murakami, Shuzo; Nohara, Fumio; Ishino, Hisaya; Hasegawa, Iwao Jan 1, 2017 3235
Control of Chaos Using the Controller Identification Technique. Molter, Alexandre; Cabral, Fabricio B. Report Jan 1, 2017 3867
Imaged-Based Visual Servo Control for a VTOL Aircraft. Zou, Liying; Li, Huiguang; Zhao, Wei; Zhu, Lei Report Jan 1, 2017 2996
The Extended Fractional ([D.sup.[alpha].sub.[xi]]G/G)-Expansion Method and Its Applications to a Space-Time Fractional Fokas Equation. Zhao, Yunmei; He, Yinghui Report Jan 1, 2017 2953
Effects of Active and Passive Control Techniques on Mach 1.5 Cavity Flow Dynamics. Aradag, Selin; Gelisli, Kubra Asena; Yaldir, Elcin Ceren Report Jan 1, 2017 7024
A Decoupling Control Method for Shunt Hybrid Active Power Filter Based on Generalized Inverse System. Li, Xin; Li, Bo Jan 1, 2017 2771
Approximate Controllability for Functional Equations with Riemann-Liouville Derivative by Iterative and Approximate Method. Ibrahim, Badawi Hamza Elbadawi; Fan, Zhenbin; Li, Gang Report Jan 1, 2017 4630
Minimal-Learning-Parameter Technique Based Adaptive Neural Sliding Mode Control of MEMS Gyroscope. Xu, Bin; Zhang, Pengchao Report Jan 1, 2017 2995
Performance analysis of the rule-optimized Fuzzy-Logic controller for semi-active suspension. Caliskan, Kemal; Kaldas, Mina M.S.; Henze, Roman; Kucukay, Ferit Report Aug 1, 2016 6829
A simulation-based study on different control strategies for variable-speed pumps in distributed ground-source heat pump systems. Niu, Fuxin; Liu, Xiaobing; O'Neill, Zheng Report Jul 1, 2016 5473
BRAIN COMPUTER INTERFACE BASED SMART HOME CONTROL USING EEG SIGNAL. Masood, M.H.; Ahmad, Masood; Kathia, M. Ali; Zafar, R. Z.; Zahid, A. N. Report Jun 30, 2016 2042
Power assisted braking control based on a novel mechatronic booster. Liu, Haizhen; Deng, Weiwen; He, Rui; Qian, Lei; Yang, Shun; Wu, Jian Report Jun 1, 2016 4116
Three-phase induction motor speed control using fuzzy and space vector modulation technique. Vigneswaran, K.; Kumar, P. Suresh May 15, 2016 1965
The use of management control systems and operations management techniques. Nisiyama, Edelcio Koitiro; Oyadomari, Jose Carlos Tiomatsu; Yen-Tsang, Chen Mar 1, 2016 9026
Path Planning for Rapid Large-Angle Maneuver of Satellites Based on the Gauss Pseudospectral Method. Zhang, Wan; Zhang, Yao; Li, Wenbo; Wang, Youyi Report Jan 1, 2016 3725
Structural Controllability of Discrete-Time Linear Control Systems with Time-Delay: A Delay Node Inserting Approach. Qi, Ailing; Ju, Xuewei; Zhang, Qing; Chen, Zengqiang Report Jan 1, 2016 4802
In-Domain Control of a Heat Equation: An Approach Combining Zero-Dynamics Inverse and Differential Flatness. Zheng, Jun; Zhu, Guchuan Report Jan 1, 2016 6539
Dynamic Friction Parameter Identification Method with LuGre Model for Direct-Drive Rotary Torque Motor. Wang, Xingjian; Lin, Siru; Wang, Shaoping Jan 1, 2016 5100
Control strategies and artificial intelligence in rehabilitation robotics. Novak, Domen; Riener, Robert Report Dec 22, 2015 5944
A hierarchical autonomous system based topology control algorithm in space information network. Zhang, Wei; Zhang, Gengxin; Gou, Liang; Kong, Bo; Bian, Dongming Report Sep 1, 2015 11274
A multi-chain based hierarchical topology control algorithm for wireless sensor networks. Tang, Hong; Wang, Hui-Zhu Report Sep 1, 2015 11677
Smart building technologies: building automation techniques deployed in Alaska. Slaten, Russ Jul 1, 2015 2209
Design Techniques Study of PID Controllers. Alqudah, Amin; Qasaimeh, Asseel Apr 1, 2015 5358
Waving bottleneck issues goodbye; warehouse execution software and warehouse control systems enable new methods of wave releasing to increase throughput and keep workloads balanced. Michel, Roberto Jan 1, 2015 1816
Control accuracy and its impact on building energy efficiency. Zhou, John Q. Report Jan 1, 2015 4748
The method of network control of robotic systems of different models and manufacturers. Andreev, Victor; Pletenev, Pavel; Poduraev, Yury Report Jan 1, 2015 2149
Locomotion control method for patients verticalization with regard to their safety and comfort. Jatsun, Sergey; Savin, Sergei; Yatsun, Andrey; Turlapov, Ruslan Report Jan 1, 2015 3656
Evaluating the efficiency of state and private banks of Iran by using window extended data envelopment analysis. Yazdi, Tahereh Mosalman; Yazdi, Ali Fazel Report Nov 1, 2014 5303
A hand calculation method of smoke movement through a high-rise airtight single shaft. Qi, Dahai "Darren"; Wang, Liangzhu "Leon"; Zmeureanu, Radu Report Jul 1, 2014 4482
A Hand Calculation Method of Smoke Movement through A High-Rise Airtight Single Shaft. Qi, Dahai "Darren"; Wang, Liangzhu "Leon"; Zmeureanu, Radu Jun 22, 2014 4268
A comparison between two methods of solving tumor anti-angiogenesis optimal control system. Zanboori, E.; J. Fakharzadeh, A.; Zanboori, A. Report Apr 1, 2014 4593
Robust nonlinear composite adaptive control of quadrotor. Report Apr 1, 2014 4412
Researchers find a way to identify cardiac stem cells useful for drug development, disease study: parameters provide first quality control system for stem cells. Mar 17, 2014 626
Adaptive fuzzy PID control for servo motor direct-drive pump control system. Zheng, Jian-ming; He, Meng-jie; Liu, Er-dong; Yuan, Qi-long; Xiao, Ji-ming; Tang, Ao-fei Report Feb 1, 2014 2949
Energy management of wind/PV and battery hybrid system. Almi, M.F.; Arrouf, M.; Belmili, H.; Boulouma, S.; Bendib, B. Report Jan 1, 2014 3212
Synthesis of multicriteria controller by means of fuzzy logic approach. Lozynskyy, Andrew; Demkiv, Lyubomyr Jan 1, 2014 2919
Automatic sound scene control using image sensor network. Cho, Changhee; Park, Jaehyung; Kim, Kwangki Report Jan 1, 2014 3829
An intelligent traffic flow control system based on radio frequency identification and wireless sensor networks. Chao, Kuei-Hsiang; Chen, Pi-Yun Report Jan 1, 2014 5782
Design approach based on EtherCAT protocol for a networked motion control system. Wang, Lei; Li, Muguo; Qi, Junyan; Zhang, Qun Report Jan 1, 2014 7717
Topology control algorithm considering antenna radiation pattern in three-dimensional wireless sensor networks. Youn, Myungjune; Lee, Jaiyong Report Jan 1, 2014 5432
Analysis and extension of safety mechanisms for standardized control networks in smart grid. Wu, Jun; Guan, Zhitao; Zhan, Ming; Li, Jianhua; Su, Yuwei Report Jan 1, 2014 4954
Research on an improved method for permanent magnet synchronous motor. Liu, Yingpei; Gao, Tao; Li, Guo Jan 1, 2014 2870
Faster and Cheaper Technique to Cool Electronic Systems Developed. Nov 20, 2013 544
Guide for solid, stranded cables How to use Ethernet Cable. Nov 15, 2013 1161
6 Integration tips for wireless lighting controls: how to ensure a smooth deployment and optimal performance from your new system. Penny, Janelle Oct 1, 2013 1219
Tuning of PID controller for air conditioning unit based on adaptive genetic algorithm. Zhou, Yu-ting; Nie, Jian-bin; Han, Ning; Li, Deying; Chen, Chen Report Oct 1, 2013 2378
The Supreme Council for the Environment organizes a national training course on how to cope with radioactivity at workplaces. Aug 15, 2013 184
The number of certified food testing methods, in Bosnia Herzegovina, is expected to grow further. Apr 22, 2013 634
The modeling process of the materials management system in a manufacturing company based on the system dynamics method. Baran, Malgorzata Author abstract Apr 1, 2013 4671
Methods of synthesis of automatic control systems with delay/Automatinio valdymo sistemu su velinimo grandinemis sintezes metodai. Lapeta, Aliaksandr Report Apr 1, 2013 1760
Methods and algorithms of Neuro-fuzzy system for control of texts transfer and processing in the electronic documents. Ahatov, Akmal; Zaripova, Gulsara Nov 1, 2012 3763
Which molten aluminum transfer system is for you? The best method for moving molten metal from the furnace to the mold is different in each shop and depends on a number of variables. Oehrlein, Randy Aug 1, 2012 1663
Using CUSUM method to detect faults in secondary HVAC systems. Li, Zhengwei; Paredis, Christiaan J.; Augenbroe, Godfried Report Jan 1, 2012 2745
Vibration method for the prediction of aging effect on properties of particleboard and fiberboard. Maldonado, Ignacio Bobadilla; Gonzalez, Guillermo Iniguez; Herrero, Miguel Esteban; Martitegui, Fran Jan 1, 2012 3600
Theoretical and practical perspectives of diesel locomotive with DC traction motors wheel-sets' slipping and sliding control. Liudvinavicius, Lionginas; Bureika, Gintautas Report Dec 1, 2011 5645
IEEE ComSoc to Demo New CAPTCHA Techniques & Access Control Systems for Mobile Tablet & RFID Devices at International CES 2012 & IEEE CCNC 2012. Nov 28, 2011 1007
A field-tested log traceability system. Moller, Bjorn; Wikander, Jan; Hellgren, Mikael Sep 1, 2011 4136
Methodology for determining the optimal operating strategies for a chilled-water-storage system--part II: project application. Zhang, Zhiqin; Turner, William D.; Chen, Qiang; Xu, Chen; Deng, Song Sep 1, 2011 9167
A dynamic machine learning-based technique for automated fault detection in HVAC systems. Wall, Josh; Guo, Ying; Li, Jiaming; West, Sam Report Jul 1, 2011 3631
Static state feedback linearizability: relationship between two methods/ Lineariseeritavus staatilise olekutagasisidega: kahe meetodi vahelised seosed. Mullari, Tanel; Kotta, Ulle; Tonso, Maris Report Jun 1, 2011 8838
A simulation approach to facilitate manufacturing system design. Fandino Pita, J.; Wang, Q. Report Sep 1, 2010 5227
Lessons from ten years of TEAC's accrediting activity. Murray, Frank B. Report Mar 22, 2010 4822
Review of modern spacecraft thermal control technologies. Hengeveld, Derek W.; Mathison, Margaret M.; Braun, James E.; Groll, Eckhard A.; Williams, Andrew D. Report Mar 1, 2010 16103
Field testing of optimal controls of passive and active thermal storage. Morgan, Stephen; Krarti, Moncef Report Jan 1, 2010 4982
Technologies for Smart Windows. Rudolph, Stephen E.; Dieckmann, John; Brodrick, James Report Jul 1, 2009 1912
Axial and radial force control for a [CO.sub.2] scroll expander. Hiwata, Akira; Ikeda, Akira; Morimoto, Takashi; Kosuda, Osamu; Matsui, Masaru Report Jul 1, 2009 4056
Scientists develop method for verifying safety of computer-controlled devices. Apr 21, 2009 437
Car rollover collision with pit corner/Automobilio ir duobes kampo kliuties saveika. Viba, Janis; Liberts, Gundars; Gonca, Vladimirs Report Mar 1, 2009 2075
Automation of stitch length cams in high speed flat weft knitting machines: Online control system and numerical modeling method. Semnani, Dariush; Matin, Kamran; Sheikhzadeh, Mohammad; Latifi, Masoud Report Jun 1, 2008 3917
A formal verification method of function block diagrams with tool supporting: practical experiences. Koh, Kwang Young; Jee, Eun Kyoung; Jeon, Seungjae; Seong, Poong Hyun; Cha, Sungdeok Report Jan 1, 2008 1592
A novel intuitive dynamic modelling method for digital I&C systems in nuclear power plants. Shin, Seung Ki; Goh, Gyoung Tae; Seong, Poong Hyun Report Jan 1, 2008 2201
Binary enthalpy wheel humidification control in dedicated outdoor air systems. Jeong, Jae-Weon; Mumma, Stanley A. Report Jul 1, 2007 3178
How to specify equipment for high-purity processes: the right combination of pumps, valves and seals is crucial to the design of fluid motion and control systems. Weeks, Donald T.; Bennett, Thomas M. Nov 1, 2006 2184
A systematic analysis and controllers comparison of the alstom gasifier benchmark problem. Chin, Cheng Siong; Munro, Neil Jan 1, 2006 7310
Profile control of plastic sheet in an industrial polymer processing process. Liang, Yue; Kurihara, Kazurou; Saito, Kunio; Murakami, Hiroyasu; Kumagai, Kunio; Ohshima, Masahiro; Oct 1, 1998 3127

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