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Message from the CNA President ...

Nursing is a profession with many workplace and specialty options. We have different interests and choose our areas of practice to best meet them. It is imperative that we have input into what choices are available and that is one reason that the Colorado Nurses Association is so important to every nurse.

This legislative session has included a number of bills that have the potential to impact the practice of our profession. While some of these changes promise to be positive, others have the potential to limit scope of practice or otherwise have a negative impact on the profession. The Colorado Nurses Association has been very involved with reviewing bills and providing nurses with information about what is proposed. The Government Affairs and Public Policy Committee (GAPP) meets twice each month but email correspondence facilitates discussion about proposed amendments, dates of committee hearings, talking points for testimony, etc between meetings. This important group works directly with the Executive Director and our lobbyist, Ms. Charlie Hebeler, PhD, to respond to legislative issues in a most timely fashion and to keep nurses informed about what is occurring. We are protecting the profession of nursing. As a reminder, the GAPP committee is but one committee composed of volunteer members who have a strong commitment to our profession.

Many readers are aware that the Nurse Practice Act up for sunset review in 2009. The Department of Regulatory Agencies will be accepting comments early in 2008. The Nursing Profession needs to be involved in looking at what changes are needed and what should be retained. The Colorado Nurses Association is actively working with the Colorado Federation of Nursing Organizations (CFNO) in reviewing and evaluating the Nurse Practice Act contents. Just one more example of how the Colorado Nurses Association works to protect our practice as professional nurses!

If you agree that nurses need to work together to maintain and enhance our choices/options, I challenge you to become involved. For members, join a committee, or become an officer at the District or State level. For those who are not members, I ask that you seriously consider joining with us to work for our profession. We have recently implemented an introductory "State Only" membership that allows you to see what we are doing and what we would be able to do for you. There are several membership options and I believe one will meet your needs. Together, we will accomplish much!

As President of the Colorado Nurses Association, I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank Paula Stearns, who has been the Executive Director of the Colorado Nurses Association for the past 5 years. She was President of the Association, then was hired as the Executive Director. She has worked for the Association and for each of you. She is respected by all and when she speaks, people listen. She has made a positive impact on the Profession of Nursing in Colorado and beyond.

Please join the Colorado Nurses Association Board of Directors as we say "Thanks" and wish her only the best wherever the future takes her!

by Eve Hoygaard, RN-C, WHNP, MS
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Author:Hoygaard, Eve
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Date:Jun 1, 2007
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