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Metaheuristics Based Modeling and Simulation Analysis of New Integrated Mechanized Operation Solution and Position Servo System. Gao, Huixian; Kareem, Ahmed; Jawarneh, Malik; Ofori, Isaac; Raffik, R.; Kishore, Kakarla Hari Report Jun 18, 2022 4833
Mathematical Model of Quantitative Evaluation of Financial Investment Risk Management System. Wang, Xiaoling Report Jun 10, 2022 6797
Solitary Solutions to the Fractional Generalized Hirota-Satsuma-Coupled KdV Equations. Liu, Jing; Li, Zhao Report Jun 10, 2022 3143
Study on Evaluation of Leisure Diving Tourism Based on Fuzzy Comprehensive Method Optimized Bat Algorithm. Sun, Jin Report Jun 7, 2022 4688
Mathematical Model for Energy and Exergy-Based Simulation of Triangular Solar Energy Extractor for Air Heating Applications. Ramesh, C.; Vijayakumar, M.; Jeyanthi, L.; Rupesh, P. L.; Kanchana, A.; Jyothi Sankar, P. R.; Sajith Report Jun 7, 2022 8048
Comparative Study on the Plastic Zone of Circular Hole Surrounding Rock in Anisotropic In Situ Stress Conditions. Zhou, Pei; Wu, Peng Report Jun 6, 2022 3540
A Study on Dynamic Behaviour of Thermally Distributed Exponentially Graded Rotor System with Induced Porosities. Vaka, Vijayakumar; Sathujoda, Prabhakar; Bhalla, Neelanchali Asija; Satish Kumar, Y. V.; Citarella, Report Jun 2, 2022 7008
Emulsion Droplet Pair Coalescence under a Direct Current Electric Field. Abbasi, Muhammad Salman; Ali, Husnain; Kazim, Ali Hussain; Chaudhary, Tariq Nawaz; Usman, Muhammad; Report Jun 2, 2022 4950
Residential Energy-Saving Lighting Based on Bioinspired Algorithms. Wu, Yuhang; Zhang, Yitong; Ilmin, Nah; Sui, Jing Report May 27, 2022 4481
Intelligent Evaluation of Product Form Design Based on Deep Neural Network Model. Wang, Shaoyun; Wu, Qiang Report May 27, 2022 3538
Ultimate Bearing Capacity Analysis of Manned Submersible Based on the Genetic Algorithm Discontinuous and Galerkin Finite Element Method. Jiang, Lu Report May 27, 2022 4377
Risk Prediction Algorithm of Green Agriculture Industry Direct Marketing Based on Improved Membership Function. Chen, Roulin; Cao, Ling Report May 24, 2022 6067
Prediction Model and Optimization of Coupling Reaction Yield Based on BP Neural Network. Liu, Yun; Luo, Xin; Wang, Ze-Zheng; Hu, Ao; Liu, Jia-Bao Report May 24, 2022 4797
Effect of Diffusion-Thermo on MHD Flow of a Jeffrey Fluid Past an Exponentially Accelerated Vertical Plate with Chemical Reaction and Heat Generation. Shafique, Ahmad; Nisa, Zaib Un; Asjad, Muhammad Imran; Nazar, Mudassar; Jarad, Fahd Report May 24, 2022 4778
A Cross-View Gait Recognition Method Using Two-Way Similarity Learning. Qi, Y. J.; Kong, Y. P.; Zhang, Q. Report May 23, 2022 8402
Cooperative Recharge Scheme Based on a Hamiltonian Path in Mobile Wireless Rechargeable Sensor Networks. Li, He; Liu, Quan; Ma, Xiaopu; Qi, Qinglei; Liu, Jinjiang; Zhao, Pan; Yang, Yang Report May 19, 2022 16122
Chemically Reactive Flow and Energy Transport Phenomenon considering Variable Conductivity on Maxwell Fluid: A Numerical Simulation. Mansoor, Muavia; Nawaz, Yasir; Ahmad, Bilal; Irfan, Muhammad Report May 19, 2022 3641
The Influence of the Number of Joints on the Size Effect of Shear Strength and Characteristic Strength. Hu, Gaojian; Zhang, Juan; Liang, Wenxu; Huang, Rui; Fu, Wei Report May 9, 2022 6838
Selection of Desalination System for Commercial Vessels by Implementing Improved Intuitionistic Fuzzy TOPSIS Method. Nazligul, Yunus Emre; Yazir, Devran; Sahin, Bekir Report May 9, 2022 8545
Study on the Influence of Cracks on the Mechanical Performance of Tunnel Lining Structure Based on Fracture Mechanics Theory. Hu, Taotao; Hu, Xiong; Chen, Jianxun; Wang, Chuanwu; Yang, Yi Report May 9, 2022 5917
Magneto-Exothermic Catalytic Chemical Reaction along a Curved Surface. Ashraf, Muhammad; Ahmad, Uzma; Zia, Saqib; Gorla, Rama Suba Reddy; Al-Johani, Amnah S.; Khan, Ilyas; Report May 9, 2022 4489
Big Data Energy Scheduling Game Management Algorithm Based on Dual Carbon Goals. Zhang, Qian; Wu, Minghui Report May 9, 2022 5964
Application of Effective Wind Speed Estimation and New Sliding Mode Observer in Wind Energy Conversion System. Bian, Fengshuo; Meng, Keqilao; Jia, Yan; Ma, Jianlong; Hai, Rihan Report May 4, 2022 5023
A Novel Faster RCNN with ODN-Based Rain Removal Technique. Kollapudi, Purnachand; Nair, Mydhili K; Parthiban, S.; Mardani, Abbas; Upadhye, Sachin; Nassa, Vinay Report May 4, 2022 6746
The Influence of the Network Evolutionary Game Model of User Information Behavior on Enterprise Innovation Product Promotion Based on Mobile Social Network Marketing Perspective. Liu, Tingting; He, Xiaofei; Guo, Xin; Zhao, Yi Report May 2, 2022 6666
Mathematical Problems in Engineering Landscape Ecological Security Assessment and Ecological Pattern Optimization of Inland River Basins in Arid Regions: A Case Study in Tarim River Basin. Mu, Yuanrui; Shen, Wei Case study May 2, 2022 9901
Mathematical Modeling for Removing Border Entry and Quarantine Requirements for COVID-19, Vanuatu. van GemerLen Tarivonda, Caroline; Tapo, Posikai Samuel; Natuman, Sereana; Clark, Geoff; Mariasua, Jo Report Apr 30, 2022 1396
Spherical Fuzzy Soft Topology and Its Application in Group Decision-Making Problems. Garg, Harish; Perveen P A, Fathima; John, Sunil Jacob; Perez-Dominguez, Luis Report Apr 26, 2022 9451
A Study on Livestreaming E-Commerce Development Scale in China Based on Grey System Theory. Liu, Jiefang; Li, ShanShan; Gao, Pumei Report Apr 25, 2022 9508
Optimal Placement of Measuring Devices for Distribution System State Estimation Using Dragonfly Algorithm. Aflaki, Arshia; Gitizadeh, Mohsen; Ghasemi, Ali Akbar; Okedu, Kenneth E. Report Apr 21, 2022 6993
Study on Dynamic Stability Prediction Model of Slope in Eastern Tibet Section of Sichuan-Tibet Highway. Ye, Tangjin; Shu, Tao; Li, Junjie; Zhao, Penghui; Wang, Ying Report Apr 21, 2022 7755
A New Generalized Modified Weibull Model: Simulating and Modeling the Dynamics of the COVID-19 Pandemic in Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Emam, Walid; Tashkandy, Yusra Report Apr 21, 2022 3617
PTFE in Wet and Dry Drilling: Two-Tier Modeling and Optimization through ANFIS. Elango, Sangeetha; Varadaraju, Kaviarasan; Natarajan, Elango; Abraham Gnanamuthu, Ezra Morris; Durai Report Apr 21, 2022 4914
Numerical Simulation of Vapor-Liquid Two-Phase Saturated Steam Fluent Flow and Atomizing Jet Cleaning. Yan, Feng; Pi, Yehua Report Apr 19, 2022 3457
Classroom Learning Status Assessment Based on Deep Learning. Zhou, Jie; Ran, Feng; Li, Guang; Peng, Jun; Li, Kun; Wang, Zheng Apr 16, 2022 4272
Mathematical Modeling and Optimal Control of Underground Ventilation and Air Conditioning in Station. Zheng, Lei; Li, Gang; An, Junfeng; Lou, Feipeng Report Apr 16, 2022 7382
Design of Basketball Player Training Action Error Correction System Based on Convolutional Neural Network Algorithm. Fang, Hui Report Apr 16, 2022 6290
The Effect of Physical Training of Athletes Based on Parametric Bayesian Estimation in the Context of Big Data. Su, Huadong; Su, Ziyi; Xia, Yuxin Report Apr 16, 2022 4924
Long-Term Bidding Scheduling of a Price-Maker Cascade Hydropower Station Based on Supply Function Equilibrium. Liu, Gang; Ma, Guangwen; Huang, Weibin; Chen, Shijun Report Apr 16, 2022 8879
Urban Complex Public Space Design Method Based on Support Vector Machine. Liu, Long Report Apr 16, 2022 7809
Wet Adhesion of Soap Bubble Bridge between Two Curved Surfaces. Xu, Peibao; Wang, Qi; Zhou, Lin; Yu, Yong; Zhao, Jun; Li, Kai Report Apr 16, 2022 5441
H[sub.?] Fault Estimation and Fault-Tolerant Control for T-S Fuzzy Systems with Actuator and Sensor Faults Using Sliding Mode Observer. Dhahri, Slim; Ben Alaïa, Essia; Ben Hmida, Faycal; Sellami, Anis Report Apr 1, 2022 5370
Improved Algorithm of Fuzzy Set Gravity Centre in Track System Teaching Field. Jiang, Zhiquan Report Apr 1, 2022 6772
Federated Learning Algorithms to Optimize the Client and Cost Selections. Alferaidi, Ali; Yadav, Kusum; Alharbi, Yasser; Viriyasitavat, Wattana; Kautish, Sandeep; Dhiman, Gau Report Apr 1, 2022 5497
Investigation of Leakage Current in Micro M-I-M Structure Using Multilayer High-K Dielectric Materials with COMSOL Multiphysics. Ullah, Naqeeb; Huang, Lingling; Amirzada, Muhammad Rizwan; Ullah, Anayat; Haider, Muhammad Luqman; E Report Apr 1, 2022 4569
Complex Sports Target Tracking with Machine Learning: Take Basketball as an Example. Xuan, Xuan; Xu, Hui Report Mar 24, 2022 6823
A New Adaptive Federated Cubature Kalman Filter Based on Chi-Square Test for SINS/GNSS/SRS/CNS Integration. Xu, Fei; Gao, Guangle; Ni, Longqiang Report Mar 24, 2022 5848
A Mathematical Model of the Transmission Dynamics and Control of Bovine Brucellosis in Cattle. Abagna, Stephen; Seidu, Baba; Bornaa, C. S. Report Mar 23, 2022 4719
Application of Multilevel Local Feature Coding in Music Genre Recognition. Xiao, Yangxin; Zhang, Qiang; Wu, Meng; Kailing, Dong Report Mar 22, 2022 5500
Electric Vehicle Usage Pattern Analysis Using Nonnegative Matrix Factorization in Renewable EV-Smart Charging Grid Environment. Balasubramaniam, Anandkumar; Balasubramaniam, Thirunavukarasu; Paul, Anand; Seo, HyunCheol Report Mar 22, 2022 4615
Optimum Selection of Mining Plans for Pillars Containing Interlayers Based on Numerical Simulation. Hu, Gaojian; Yang, Tianhong Report Mar 22, 2022 7459
Numerical Simulation-Based Model for Analyzing the Correlation between GDP Index and Quality of Life. Jing, Leijie Report Mar 22, 2022 8820
Signal Interference Detection Algorithm Based on Bidirectional Long Short-Term Memory Neural Network. Xiao, Ningbo; Song, Zuxun Report Mar 21, 2022 3557
Multithreaded Multiswarm Model for Intelligent Economic Prosumer Load Dispatch for Battery Supported DC Microgrid. Sarin, C. R.; Mani, Geetha; Stonier, Albert Alexander; Arivarasu, M.; Samikannu, Ravi; Murugesan, Sr Report Mar 21, 2022 7606
Modeling and Dynamic Analysis for a Motion of Mounted-Based Axisymmetric Rigid Body under Self-Excited Vibrations in an Attractive Newtonian Field. El-Borhamy, Mohamed; El-Sheikh, Zeinab; Ali, Manal E. Report Mar 20, 2022 7927
Research on Reliability Modelling for Heavy CNC Machine Tools under Uncertain Variables Based on Universal Generating Function. Sun, Honghua; Xu, Lipeng; Li, Chunwei; Chen, Hongxia; Jiang, Guangjun; Nie, Xiaobo Report Mar 19, 2022 5593
On the Studies of Dendrimers via Connection-Based Molecular Descriptors. Sattar, Aqsa; Javaid, Muhammad; Alam, Md Nur Report Mar 19, 2022 5086
Gauging the Impact of Artificial Intelligence and Mathematical Modeling in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Systematic Review. Hassan, Afshan; Prasad, Devendra; Rani, Shalli; Alhassan, Musah Report Mar 14, 2022 16459
Comprehensive Performance Analysis of Classifiers in Diagnosis of Epilepsy. Deepa, R.; Anand, R.; Pandey, Digvijay; Pandey, Binay Kumar; Karki, Bhishma Report Mar 7, 2022 4257
Kinematics Analysis and Simulation of a Novel 3T Parallel Mechanism. Huang, Yongdong; Lu, Quanguo; Wang, Hongzhou; Liu, Jinfeng; Li, Zhihao; Zou, Xiaohui; Zhan, Xiaohuan Report Mar 7, 2022 5246
Research on the Coordination Model of Passenger Transportation Mode in the Intercity Comprehensive Transportation Corridor. Liao, Yong Report Mar 3, 2022 11810
Buckling analysis of angle-ply multilayered and sandwich plates using the enhanced Refined Zigzag Theory: The paper is dedicated to the 100th birthday of Professor Ulo Lepik. Sorrenti, Matteo; Gherlone, Marco; Di Sciuva, Marco Report Mar 1, 2022 6908
Free vibrations of stepped nano-beams with cracks. Lellep, Jaan; Lenbaum, Artur Report Mar 1, 2022 4079
Simulation of non-Newtonian flows in a partially filled twin-screw extruder by smoothed particle hydrodynamics. Dong, Tianwen; Wu, Jianchun Report Mar 1, 2022 5256
Effects of MHD and Porosity on Jeffrey Fluid Flow with Wall Transpiration. Bajwa, Sana; Ullah, Saif; Al-Johani, Amnah S.; Khan, Ilyas; Andualem, Mulugeta Report Feb 25, 2022 4977
An Analysis of Students' failing in University Based on Least Square Method and a New arctan-exp Logistic Regression Function. Xianghan, Zhang; Qunli, Zhang Report Feb 23, 2022 5046
Performance Measurment and Lead-Time Reduction in EPC Project-Based Organizations: A Mathematical Modeling Approach. Ghasemi, Matina; Nejad, Mazyar Ghadiri; Alsaadi, Naif; Abdel-Jaber, Mu'tasim; Ab Yajid, Mohd Shukri; Report Feb 22, 2022 8136
Coupling Coordination Analysis of Urban Tourism Environment Quality and the Tourism Economy: A Case Study of Nanjing City. Guan, Hongmei; Guo, Xin Case study Feb 21, 2022 9121
On Neighborhood Degree-Based Topological Analysis of Polyphenylene Network. Sun, Chuang; Khalid, A.; Usman, H. M.; Ahmad, A.; Siddiqui, M. K.; Fufa, S. A. Report Feb 21, 2022 4081
Application of Mathematical Models in Economic Variable Input and Output Models under the Scientific Visualization. Zheng, Kai; Liu, Yisheng Feb 21, 2022 6772
Analytical Simulation of Heat and Mass Transmission in Casson Fluid Flow across a Stretching Surface. Khan, Kashif Ali; Jamil, Faizan; Ali, Javaid; Khan, Ilyas; Ahmed, Nauman; Andualem, Mulugeta; Rafiq, Report Feb 15, 2022 5153
Unidirectional Geosynthetic Reinforcement Design for Bridging Localized Sinkholes in Transport Embankments. Li, Peinan; Su, Feng Report Feb 12, 2022 6058
Research on Car-Following Model considering Driving Style. Wang, Keyin; Yang, Yahui; Wang, Sishan; Shi, Zhen Report Feb 7, 2022 4037
On the Dynamics of a Discrete Fractional-Order Cournot-Bertrand Competition Duopoly Game. Al-Khedhairi, Abdulrahman; Elsadany, Abdelalim A.; Elsonbaty, Amr Report Feb 7, 2022 4737
A Study on Disabling Injuries Prediction of Taiwan Occupational Disaster with Grey Rolling Model. Ho, Chun-Ling; Lin, Yu-Sheng Report Feb 4, 2022 7633
An Adaptive Nonsingular Fast Terminal Sliding Mode Controller for Dynamic Walking of a 5-Link Planar Biped Robot in Both Single and Double Support Phases. Azarbani, Ataollah; Menhaj, Mohammad Bagher; Fakharian, Ahmad Report Feb 4, 2022 8387
The Effect of Completion Risk and Project Profitability on the Investment Decisions of the Private Sector in PPP Projects. Geng, Linna; Zheng, Hezhong; Sun, Yao Report Feb 2, 2022 10325
On the Preorder Strategy for Loss-Averse Newsvendor Model under CVaR Measure. Huang, Jingfu; Feng, Bo; Wang, Chengfei Report Feb 2, 2022 4942
Nonsimilar Modeling and Numerical Simulations of Electromagnetic Radiative Flow of Nanofluid with Entropy Generation. Hussain, Muzamil; Cui, Jifeng; Farooq, Umer; Ahmed Rabie, Mohammed Elamin; Muhammad, Taseer Report Feb 1, 2022 6184
Deconvolution of Tc-99m-Mercaptoacetyltriglycine Renograms with the Concomitant Use of a Sparse Legendre Polynomial Representation and the Moore-Penrose Pseudo-inverse/Tc-99m-Merkaptoasetiltriglisin Renogramlarinin Seyrek Legendre Polinom Gosterimi ve Psodo-Invers Moore-Penrose Yontemlerinin Birlikte Kullanilmasiyla Dekonvolusyonu. Destine, Michel; Hanin, Francois-Xavier; Mathieu, Isabelle; Willemart, Bernard; Seret, Alain Report Feb 1, 2022 5488
Design of Prediction-Based Controller for Networked Control Systems with Packet Dropouts and Time-Delay. Wang, Zhaohong; Huang, Jia; Chen, Caixue; Fukushima, Seiji Report Jan 31, 2022 5412
Improved Hybrid Model for Predicting Concrete Crack Openings Based on Chaos Theory. Xu, Yao; Huang, Yaoying; Xu, Xiaofeng; Xiao, Fang Report Jan 31, 2022 7198
Bioconvection Unsteady Magnetized Flow in a Horizontal Channel with Dufour and Soret Effects. Hussain, Muzamil; Farooq, Umer; Bano, Gulfam; Cui, Jifeng; Muhammad, Taseer Report Jan 29, 2022 5475
Mathematical Model and Simulated Annealing Algorithm for the Two-Dimensional Loading Heterogeneous Fixed Fleet Vehicle Routing Problem. Candido, Lilian Caroline Xavier; de Souza, Luzia Vidal Report Jan 28, 2022 12257
Dynamic Response and Fatigue-Life Analysis of High-Speed Railway Tunnel Base with Defects. Wang, Zhiwei; Ma, Weibin Report Jan 20, 2022 9901
Magnetohydrodynamic Thin Film Flow through a Porous Stretching Sheet with the Impact of Thermal Radiation and Viscous Dissipation. Khan, Ziad; Jawad, Muhammad; Bonyah, Ebenezer; Khan, Naveed; Jan, Rashid Report Jan 19, 2022 5015
Large Eddy Simulation of the Flow Past a Soccer Ball. Iftikhar, Sarmad; Sherbaz, Salma; Haider Sehole, Hafiz Ali; Maqsood, Adnan; Mustansar, Zartasha Report Jan 18, 2022 6263
Multi-GNSS Fast Precise Point Positioning with Multi-Frequency Uncombined Model and Cascading Ambiguity Resolution. Zhao, Qing; Pan, Shuguo; Gao, Wang; Wu, Bo Report Jan 17, 2022 6948
Analytical Modeling of Transverse Vibrations and Acoustic Pressure Mitigation for Rotating Annular Disks. Norouzi, Hamed; Younesian, Davood Report Jan 17, 2022 5714
Thermally Induced Bistable Functionally Graded Nanocomposite Plate. Zhu, Yantao; Tao, Jixiao Report Jan 17, 2022 8361
Strategic Alliance Pattern Evaluation Model for Taiwan's Machine Tool Industry: A Hierarchical DEMATEL Method. Sun, Chia-Chi Report Jan 15, 2022 15364
Study on the Path of Three-Chain Integration of the Logistics Service Industry in Zhengzhou. Peng, Qingxiu; Wang, Yujie Report Jan 10, 2022 9238
Optimal Siting of Distributed Generation Unit in Power Distribution System considering Voltage Profile and Power Losses. Aman, Muhammad Aamir; Ren, Xin Cheng; Tareen, Wajahat Ullah Khan; Khan, Muhammad Abbas; Anjum, Muham Report Jan 10, 2022 5439
Analysis of HIV Infection in Cyprus Using a Mathematical Model. Sultanoglu, Nazife; Saad, Farouk; Sanlidag, Tamer; Hincal, Evren; Sayan, Murat; Suer, Kaya Report Jan 1, 2022 2746
Analysis of Flexible Batch Service Queueing System to Constrict Waiting Time of Customers. C. K., Deena Merit; M, Haridass Report Dec 30, 2021 7069
A Review of Data-Driven Short-Term Voltage Stability Assessment of Power Systems: Concept, Principle, and Challenges. Cao, Jiting; Zhang, Meng; Li, Yang Report Dec 30, 2021 10034
Classification on Digital Pathological Images of Breast Cancer Based on Deep Features of Different Levels. Li, Xin; Li, HongBo; Cui, WenSheng; Cai, ZhaoHui; Jia, MeiJuan Report Dec 30, 2021 8525
Weak Fault Feature Extraction of Rolling Bearing Based on SVMD and Improved MOMEDA. Wang, Xinyu; Ma, Jie Report Dec 28, 2021 5324
Comparative Study of the Near-Surface Typhoon Wind Profile Fitting between Offshore and Onshore Areas. Wang, Kai; Guo, Yun; Wang, Xu Report Dec 27, 2021 8812
Fund Matching between Fund-Raisers and Investors in Financing Platform with Consideration of Default Risk. Li, Kenan; Li, Xin; Lin, Zhijun; Lu, Jing; Che, Pak Hou Report Dec 27, 2021 4244
Building Mathematical Models for Multicriteria and Multiobjective Applications 2020. de Almeida, Adiel Teixeira; Ekenberg, Love; Leyva-Lopez, Juan Carlos; Morais, Danielle Costa; Wachow Report Dec 27, 2021 689
Durability Evaluation of Concrete Bridges Based on the Theory of Matter Element Extension--Entropy Weight Method--Unascertained Measure. Li, Qing-fu; Yu, Ying-qiao Report Dec 27, 2021 8320
Transient Fluid-Solid Interaction and Heat Transfer in a Cavity with Elastic Baffles Mounted on the Sidewalls. Haghani, Ahmad; Jahangiri, Mehdi; Yadollahi Farsani, Rouhollah; Khosravi Farsani, Ayoub; Fazilatmane Report Dec 27, 2021 6443
A Mathematical Model for Transport and Growth of Microbes in Unsaturated Porous Soil. Timsina, Ramesh Chandra; Khanal, Harihar; Ludu, Andrei; Uprety, Kedar Nath Report Dec 27, 2021 6122
Investigation on Thrust Force Conversion Method of Oscillating Caudal Fin Based on Wake Vortex Field Structure. Ling, Hongjie; Wang, Zhidong Report Dec 27, 2021 3281
Electromagnetic Force and Mechanical Response of Turbo-Generator End Winding under Electromechanical Faults. Jiang, Hong-Chun; He, Yu-Ling; Tang, Gui-Ji; Yuan, Xing-Hua Report Dec 23, 2021 7089
An Effective Harmonic Suppression Method Based on Linear Active Disturbance Rejection Control for Copper Electrowinning Rectifier. Cui, Yang; Liu, Cheng; Cheng, Yanming; Al Shurafa, Mahmoud; Lee, Ilkyoo; Niu, Jing Report Dec 23, 2021 6274
Passenger-to-Car Assignment Optimization Model for High-Speed Railway with Risk of COVID-19 Transmission Consideration. Zeng, Jiaqi; Wang, Dianhai; Zhang, Guozheng; Yu, Yi; Cai, Zhengyi Report Dec 23, 2021 9209
Strategic Provision of Trade Credit in a Dual-Channel Supply Chain. Wan, Qin; Huang, Yu; Yu, Cuiting; Lu, Meili Report Dec 17, 2021 10277
Study on the Formation Mechanism of Rock Burst Caused by Seam Floor Slip under an Ultrathick Conglomerate. Ma, Zhiyong; Feng, Wenkai; Wang, Zhen; Lin, Fujin; Li, Dayong Report Dec 17, 2021 6111
Research on the Construction of Evaluation Index System for Chongqing International Marathon in the New Era. Su, Yuqin; Huang, Dalin; Jin, Zhengcheng; Chen, Shifan; Chen, Ao Report Dec 16, 2021 6378
Green Economic Efficiency Evaluation Based on the GMM Model. Wang, Haohui; Peng, Gang Report Dec 16, 2021 4966
RCMFRDE: Refined Composite Multiscale Fluctuation-Based Reverse Dispersion Entropy for Feature Extraction of Ship-Radiated Noise. Li, Yuxing; Jiao, Shangbin; Geng, Bo; Jiang, Xinru Report Dec 16, 2021 4775
Dynamical Behaviors of a Fractional-Order Three Dimensional Prey-Predator Model. Barhoom, Noor S. Sh.; Al-Nassir, Sadiq Report Dec 15, 2021 4185
Validation of the 5-D Itch Scale in Three Ethnic Groups and Exploring Optimal Cutoff Values Using the Itch Numerical Rating Scale. Cheung, H. N.; Chan, Y. S.; Hsiung, N. H. Report Dec 13, 2021 5449
Nonlinear Dynamic Modelling of a Suspension Seat for Predicting the Vertical Seat Transmissibility. Yin, Weitan; Ding, Juyue; Qiu, Yi Report Dec 6, 2021 6047
Fluid-Solid Coupling Simulation of Wall Fluid Shear Stress on Cells under Gradient Fluid Flow. Zhang, Xiao; Gao, Yan; Huo, Bo Report Dec 2, 2021 4004
A Hybrid Mathematical and Decision-Making Model to Determine the Amount of Economic Order considering the Discount. Hazrati, Hanif; Barzegarinegad, Abbas; Siaby-Serajehlo, Hamid Report Dec 2, 2021 7547
Self-Similarity Techniques for Chaotic Attractors with Many Scrolls Using Step Series Switching. Goufo, Emile Franc Doungmo; Ravichandran, Chokkalingam; Birajdar, Gunvant A. Report Dec 1, 2021 4391
Experimental evaluation and numerical modelling of the quality of photovoltaic modules. Tsukrejev, Pavel; Karjust, Kristo; Majak, Juri Report Dec 1, 2021 2706
Thermal analysis of the friction stir welding process based on boundary conditions and operating parameters. Boukraa, Moustaffa; Bassir, David; Lebaal, Nadhir; Chekifi, Tawfiq; Aissani, Mouloud; Ighil, Nacer T Report Dec 1, 2021 3063
Awareness Modeling and Computing for Quality-Aware Coordination. Liu, Qing; Liu, Charles Z.; Li, Lan-lan; Gambino, Maria T. Report Nov 29, 2021 7392
Transverse Response of an Axially Moving Beam with Intermediate Viscoelastic Support. Ali, Sajid; Khan, Sikandar; Jamal, Arshad; Horoub, Mamon M.; Iqbal, Mudassir; Onyelowe, Kennedy C. Report Nov 18, 2021 4841
Effect of T-stress on Fracture of a Long Cracked Plate in Unsteady Heat Transfer. Zhou, Shaoqing; Li, Limin Report Nov 13, 2021 3557
Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Soil Cracking Characteristics under Evaporation. Feng, Di; Gong, Jiakun; Ni, Xiaodong; Ren, Jie Report Nov 13, 2021 5708
Optimizing Regenerative Braking: A Variational Calculus Approach. English, L. Q.; Mareno, A.; Chen, Xuan-Lin Report Nov 12, 2021 5084
A Joint Optimization Model considering the Product User's Risk Preference for Supply System Disruption. Song, Yang; Liu, Yan-Qiu; Sun, Qi; Chen, Ming-Fei; Xu, Hai-Tao Report Nov 12, 2021 11211
Optimization of Cryogenic Process Parameters for the Minimization of Surface Residual Stress in Pure Iron Using Taguchi Design. Zheng, Meng; Kong, Jinxing; Sun, Yuwen Report Nov 2, 2021 6365
Hyperheuristic Based Migrating Birds Optimization Algorithm for a Fairness Oriented Shift Scheduling Problem. Alp, Gözde; Alkaya, Ali Fuat Report Nov 2, 2021 11446
Designing an Agile Closed-Loop Supply Chain with Environmental Aspects Using a Novel Multiobjective Metaheuristic Algorithm. Kai, Liu; Kordestanizadeh, Ramina Malekalipour Report Nov 2, 2021 7577
Research on Contribution Rate of Independent Innovation to Economic Growth: Evidence from Changshou District of Chongqing City in China. Wang, Xing; Wang, Yuhong Report Oct 31, 2021 6584
Market Integration and Regional Innovation in China: Evidence from the Yangtze River Delta Region. Liu, Xiaohong; Chang, Ching-Ter Report Oct 31, 2021 7238
An OCaNet Model Based on Octave Convolution and Attention Mechanism for Iris Recognition. Zou, Dong; Feng, Jianbing; He, Zhixin; Liu, Liping; Zhao, Meijun; Zheng, Lizhong Report Oct 31, 2021 5165
Probabilistic Analysis of Wheel Loader Failure under Rockfall Conditions Based on Bayesian Network. Feng, Zhenmin; Huang, Dongmei; Li, Zhian; Li, Rui; Sun, Yupeng Report Oct 31, 2021 9193
Heat Transfer Simulation and Temperature Rapid Prediction for Trench Laying Cable. Fu, Chen-Zhao; Si, Wen-Rong; Fang, Ke-Ke; Yang, Jian Report Oct 29, 2021 9467
A Corporate Reputation Propagation Dynamic Model. Wang, Yufeng; Yang, Xu; Chai, Yanyou; Yang, Xuguang; Tian, Qi Report Oct 27, 2021 6960
Coupling Effect of Eccentricity and Slenderness Ratios on RCFST Column Instability Modes. Guo, Chao; Lu, Zhengran Report Oct 27, 2021 6033
Heat Transport Improvement and Three-Dimensional Rotating Cone Flow of Hybrid-Based Nanofluid. Hussain, Azad; Haider, Qusain; Rehman, Aysha; Malik, M. Y.; Nadeem, Sohail; Hussain, Shafiq Report Oct 27, 2021 5156
The Failure Mechanism and Stability of the End Slope of Inclined Composite Coal Seam. Li, Haoran; Du, Han; Bai, Runcai; Liu, Guangwei; Zhao, Mingyuan; Liu, Rongzheng Report Oct 26, 2021 7406
A New Heat Dissipation Model and Convective Two-Phase Nanofluid in Brittle Medium Flow over a Cone. Hussain, Azad; Haider, Qusain; Rehman, Aysha; Abdussattar, Aishah; Y Malik, M. Report Oct 23, 2021 5032
A Column Generation Algorithm for the Resource-Constrained Order Acceptance and Scheduling on Unrelated Parallel Machines. Song, Yujian; Xue, Ming; Hua, Changhua; Wang, Wanli Report Oct 20, 2021 11861
A Numerical Approach for an Unsteady Tangent Hyperbolic Nanofluid Flow past a Wedge in the Presence of Suction/Injection. Shahzad, U.; Mushtaq, M.; Farid, S.; Jabeen, K.; Muntazir, R.M.A. Report Oct 15, 2021 5563
Significance of Thermophoretic and Brownian Motion on MHD Nanofluids Flow towards a Circular Cylinder under the Inspiration of Multiple Slips: An Industrial Application. Majeed, Aaqib; Zubair, Muhammad; Khan, Adnan; Muhammad, Taseer; Alqarni, M.S. Report Oct 13, 2021 6029
Time-Fractional Klein-Gordon Equation with Solitary/Shock Waves Solutions. Saifullah, Sayed; Ali, Amir; Irfan, Muhammad; Shah, Kamal Report Oct 13, 2021 5577
Impacts of Double V-Rings in the Heat Exchanger Duct on Heat Transfer and Flow Behaviors: A Numerical Study. Boonloi, Amnart; Jedsadaratanachai, Withada Report Oct 7, 2021 7242
Numerical Investigation for Radiative Transport in Magnetized Flow of Nanofluids due to Moving Surface. Waqas, Hassan; Khan, Shan Ali; Alghamdi, Metib; Muhammad, Taseer Report Oct 7, 2021 5128
Analytical Solutions of Seismic-Generated Internal Tsunamis. Liu, Chi-Min Report Oct 6, 2021 5264
Semianalytical Solution of Transient Heat Transfer for Laminated Structures under Time-Varying Boundary Conditions. Li, Xi-Xia; Wang, Li; Li, Chang-Yu; Wan, Yi-Yu; Qian, Yu-Chen Report Oct 6, 2021 5104
A Linear Approach Suitable for a Class of Steady-State Heat Transfer Problems with Temperature-Dependent Thermal Conductivity. Gama, R. M. S.; Pazetto, R. Report Oct 5, 2021 5236
Evolutionary Framework with Bidirectional Long Short-Term Memory Network for Stock Price Prediction. Zheng, Hongying; Wang, Hongyu; Chen, Jianyong Report Oct 5, 2021 4993
Modal Interaction-Induced Parametric Resonance of Stayed Cable: A Combined Theoretical and Experimental Investigation. Zhang, Qi-Chang; Cui, Su-Yu; Fu, Zhi; Han, Jian-Xin Report Oct 5, 2021 8253
Extracting Modulated Annual Cycle in Climate and Ocean Time Series Using an Enhanced Harmonic Analysis. Zhang, Yibo; Pan, Haidong; Li, Shuang; Lv, Xianqing Report Sep 30, 2021 4937
Optimization of Vehicle Transportation Route Based on IoT. Yu, Qian; Wang, Yuanguo; Jiang, Xiaogang; Zhao, Bailu; Zhang, Xiuling; Wang, Xiaobei; Liu, Qingqing Report Sep 30, 2021 5682
Magnetohydrodynamic Impact on Carreau Thin Film Couple Stress Nanofluid Flow over an Unsteady Stretching Sheet. Gul, Taza; Rehman, Muhammad; Saeed, Anwar; Khan, Imran; Khan, Amir; Nasir, Saleem; Bariq, Abdul Report Sep 30, 2021 4842
Actor Critic Neural Network-Based Adaptive Control for MEMS Gyroscopes Suffering from Multiresource Disturbances. Jing, Chao; Qiao, Gangzhu Report Sep 30, 2021 3347
Mathematical Modeling of THD Mitigation Using HAPF for UPS System with Experimental Analysis via Hybrid Interface of Optical USB and Power Quality Meter. Kumar, Mahender; Uqaili, M. A.; Memon, Z. A.; Das, Bhagwan Report Sep 29, 2021 6332
Thin Film Flow of Tangent Hyperbolic Fluid with Nonlinear Mixed Convection Flow and Entropy Generation. Ibrahim, Wubshet; Gizewu, Tezera Report Sep 26, 2021 7145
Drivers of Stock Prices in Ghana: An Empirical Mode Decomposition Approach. Gyamfi, Emmanuel. N.; Sarpong, Frederick A. A.; Adam, Anokye M. Report Sep 26, 2021 3572
Application of an Intelligent Hybrid Metaheuristic Algorithm for Multiobjective Redundancy Allocation Problem with Sustainable Maintenance. Tjahjono, Tri; Mavaluru, Dinesh; Fathima, Dowlath; Thiyagarajan, Akila; Suksatan, Wanich; Salikhovic Report Sep 25, 2021 6648
Static Analysis of Stiffened Shells Using an Edge-Based Smoothed MITC3 (ES-MITC3) Method. Pham, Quoc Hoa; Nguyen, Phu-Cuong Report Sep 22, 2021 3935
Optimizing Lock Operations and Ship Arrivals through Multiple Locks on Inland Waterways. Guan, Hongxu; Xu, Yanmin; Li, Longhao; Huang, Xin Report Sep 22, 2021 6068
Bifurcation Analysis of a Two-Dimensional Neuron Model under Electrical Stimulation. Yuan, Chunhua; Li, Xiangyu Report Sep 17, 2021 6232
Development of a Method to Measure the Quality of Working Life Using the Improved Metaheuristic Grasshopper Optimization Algorithm. Doudaran, Alireza Jafari; Ghousi, Rouzbeh; Makui, Ahmad; Jafari, Mostafa Report Sep 14, 2021 7188
Multi-UAV Collaborative Path Planning Method Based on Attention Mechanism. Wang, Tingzhong; Zhang, Binbin; Zhang, Mengyan; Zhang, Sen Report Sep 14, 2021 4664
Research on the Setting of Australian Mountain Fire Emergency Center Based on K-Means Algorithm. Tang, Chenyang; Zhang, Hanwen; Liu, Songze; Zhu, Guanlin; Sun, Minghao; Wu, Yushuai; Gan, Yongde Report Sep 14, 2021 8787
Grading Method of Potted Anthurium Based on RGB-D Features. Wei, Hongyu; Tang, Wenqi; Chu, Xuan; Mu, Yinghui; Ma, Zhiyu Report Sep 14, 2021 3727
Cooperative Target Search of UAV Swarm with Communication Distance Constraint. Wang, Ning; Li, Zhe; Liang, Xiaolong; Li, Ying; Zhao, Feihu Report Sep 13, 2021 6369
Research on Torque Distribution of Four-Wheel Independent Drive Off-Road Vehicle Based on PRLS Road Slope Estimation. Ling, Hongwei; Huang, Bin Report Sep 13, 2021 4575
Generalized Thermal Flux Flow for Jeffrey Fluid with Fourier Law over an Infinite Plate. Asjad, Muhammad Imran; Basit, Abdul; Akgül, Ali; Muhammad, Taseer Report Sep 13, 2021 4924
Revisited on the Free Vibration of a Cantilever Beam with an Asymmetrically Attached Tip Mass. Lei, Xiangsheng; Wang, Yanfeng; Wang, Xinghua; Lin, Gang; Shi, Shihong Report Sep 13, 2021 4954
The Study of a Wealth Distribution Model with a Linear Collision Kernel. Zhou, Xia; Xiang, Kaili; Sun, Rongmei Report Sep 13, 2021 5749
A Hybrid Approach Based on Grey Wolf and Whale Optimization Algorithms for Solving Cloud Task Scheduling Problem. Ababneh, Jafar Report Sep 13, 2021 7741
Study on Numerical Simulation of Fire Danger Area Division in Mine Roadway. Wen, Hu; Liu, Yin; Guo, Jun; Zhang, Ze; Liu, Mingyang; Cai, Guobin Report Sep 9, 2021 8898
Transient Flow of Jeffrey Fluid over a Permeable Wall. Bajwa, Sana; Ullah, Saif; Khan, Ilyas; Fayz-Al-Asad, Md. Report Sep 9, 2021 4027
Numerical Simulations of Magnetic Dipole over a Nonlinear Radiative Eyring-Powell Nanofluid considering Viscous and Ohmic Dissipation Effects. Sajjad, R.; Mushtaq, M.; Farid, S.; Jabeen, K.; Muntazir, R. M. A. Report Sep 9, 2021 8054
Numerical Investigation on the Effect of Inflow Mach Numbers on the Combustion Characteristics of a Typical Cavity-Based Supersonic Combustor. Bordoloi, Namrata; Pandey, Krishna Murari; Sharma, Kaushal Kumar Report Sep 9, 2021 8197
Numerical Model on the Dynamic Behavior of a Prototype Kaplan Turbine Runner. Zhang, Ming; Chen, Qing-Guang Report Sep 8, 2021 5818
Flow Characteristics and Fluid Forces Reduction of Flow Past Two Tandem Cylinders in Presence of Attached Splitter Plate. Ahmed, Ali; Wahid, Abdul; Manzoor, Raheela; Nadeem, Noreen; Ullah, Naqib; Kalsoom, Shazia Report Sep 8, 2021 5530
Maxwell Nanofluid Flow over an Infinite Vertical Plate with Ramped and Isothermal Wall Temperature and Concentration. Khan, Naveed; Ali, Farhad; Arif, Muhammad; Ahmad, Zubair; Aamina, Aamina; Khan, Ilyas Report Sep 7, 2021 7190
Time-Frequency Characteristics of Fluctuating Pressure on the Bottom of the Stilling Basin with Step-Down Floor Based on Hilbert-Huang Transform. Jia, Wang; Diao, Mingjun; Jiang, Lei; Huang, Guibing Report Sep 7, 2021 6375
Epipolar Multitarget Velocity Probability Data Association Algorithm Based on the Movement Characteristics of Blasting Fragments. Chen, Jinyang; Yu, Shangjiang; Chen, Xian; Zhao, Yongjun; Cao, Yunhe; Wang, Sheng Report Sep 6, 2021 6662
Embedded YOLO: A Real-Time Object Detector for Small Intelligent Trajectory Cars. Feng, WenYu; Zhu, YuanFan; Zheng, JunTai; Wang, Han Report Sep 2, 2021 4877
L-Moments and Calibration-Based Estimators for Variance Parameter. Anas, Malik Muhammad; Ali, Muhammad; Shafqat, Ambreen; Shahzad, Faisal; Abbass, Kashif; Alilah, Davi Report Aug 31, 2021 3596
A Critical Analysis of Finite-Element Modeling Procedures for Radial Bearing Stiffness Estimation. Gabrielli, Alberto; Battarra, Mattia; Mucchi, Emiliano Report Aug 30, 2021 11118
Occupational Health and Safety Risk Assessment of Cruise Ship Construction Based on Improved Intuitionistic Fuzzy TOPSIS Decision Model. Ziquan, Xiang; Jiaqi, Yang; Naseem, Muhammad Hamza; Zuquan, Xiang Report Aug 29, 2021 9828
An Approach to Ship Deck Arrangement Optimization Problem Using an Improved Multiobjective Hybrid Genetic Algorithm. Wang, Hao; Chen, Shunhuai Report Aug 29, 2021 12170
Developing a Model with Ergonomic Aspects Using Endurance Time and Rest Allowance for Supporting the Optimization of Production Line Material Supply: A Case of Single-Operator Multi-Materials. Korkulu, Sezen; Bóna, Krisztián; Péter, Tamás Report Aug 29, 2021 15862
A High-Dimensional Modeling System Based on Analytical Hierarchy Process and Information Criteria. Koç, Tuba Report Aug 29, 2021 4940
Study on Single-Machine Group Scheduling with Due-Window Assignment and Position-Dependent Weights. Liu, Weiguo; Wang, Xuyin; Wang, Xiaoxiao; Zhao, Peizhen Report Aug 26, 2021 5364
Robust Graph Factorization for Multivariate Electricity Consumption Series Clustering. Zheng, Kaihong; Liang, Honghao; Zeng, Lukun; Chen, Xiaowei; Li, Sheng; Jiang, Hefang; Gong, Qihang Report Aug 26, 2021 5610
Fault-Tolerant Control of Quadrotor UAVs Based on Back-Stepping Integral Sliding Mode Approach and Iterative Learning Algorithm. Allahverdy, Davood; Fakharian, Ahmad; Menhaj, Mohammad Bagher Report Aug 26, 2021 6021
Research on Microscopic Evolution Laws of Sandstone Deformation and Failure Based on the Particle Discrete Element Method. Cai, Zhiwei; Wu, Tongqing; Lu, Jian; Wu, Yue; Xu, Nianchun Report Aug 26, 2021 6207
Analysis of Microscopic Main Controlling Factors for Occurrence of Movable Fluid in Tight Sandstone Gas Reservoirs Based on Improved Grey Correlation Theory. Lu, Xuefei; Dong, Fengjuan; Wei, Xiaolong; Wang, PengTao; Liu, Na; Ren, Dazhong Report Aug 21, 2021 4600
Caputo Time Fractional Model Based on Generalized Fourier's and Fick's Laws for Jeffrey Nanofluid: Applications in Automobiles. Ahmad, Jawad; Ali, Farhad; Murtaza, Saqib; Khan, Ilyas Report Aug 21, 2021 4935
A Visual Analysis of Frontiers and Dynamic Tendencies for Humanitarian Logistics. Fu, Shaochuan; Ji, Xuehua; Lu, Changxiang; Fan, Shucheng Report Aug 20, 2021 8462
Aero-Engine Real-Time Models and Their Applications. Chen, Jiajie; Hu, Zhongzhi; Wang, Jiqiang Aug 20, 2021 12046
Topological Characteristics of Obstacles and Nonlinear Rheological Fluid Flow in Presence of Insulated Fins: A Fluid Force Reduction Study. Majeed, Afraz Hussain; Jarad, Fahd; Mahmood, Rashid; Saddique, Imran Report Aug 18, 2021 6063
Reliability Analysis of Loess Cave Dwellings Based on Fuzzy Failure Criterion. Guo, Pinggong Report Aug 17, 2021 4375
Singularity Analysis of Composite Laminated Piezoelectric Rectangular Plate Structure with 1:2 Internal Resonance. Guo, Yuhong; Guo, Yuhua; Zhang, Wei; Wen, Ruiping Report Aug 17, 2021 6436
The Abnormal Phenomena of Entropy Weighting Method in the Dynamic Evaluation of Agricultural Water Conservation. Zhu, Liangzhen; Xing, Xigang; Yan, Feng Report Aug 13, 2021 3117
An Annuitization Problem in the Tax-Deferred Annuity Model. Li, Yanan Report Aug 13, 2021 4900
Big Data Integration Method of Mathematical Modeling and Manufacturing System Based on Fog Calculation. Chen, Xin Aug 12, 2021 5759
Mathematical and Numerical Calculation of the Interlayer Slip of a Two-Layer Glued Beam. Doumia, Benoît; Sanda Abo, Omarou; Nwagoum Tuwa, Peguy Roussel; Woafo, Paul Report Aug 12, 2021 5460
Identification of Engine Inertia Parameters and System Dynamic Stiffness via In Situ Method. Xu, Chuanyan; Gong, Xun; Meng, Lixue; Li, Aijuan Report Aug 11, 2021 6097
Prediction and Allocation of EDP Based on Gray Model and Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation. Zhou, Jinhe; Wang, Anlai; Su, Xiangyuan; Zhang, Caiya; Kang, Xusheng Report Aug 6, 2021 3753
The Influence of E-Marketing on Performance of Real Estate Enterprises: Based on Super-Efficiency DEA and Grey Entropy Methods. Wu, Zhong-Huan; Chen, Hong-jie Report Aug 3, 2021 6149
Impact of Hall Current and Nonlinear Thermal Radiation on Jeffrey Nanofluid Flow in Rotating Frame. Ullah, Hakeem; Alsubie, Abdelaziz; Fiza, Mehreen; Hamadneh, Nawaf N.; Islam, Saeed; Khan, Ilyas Report Jul 31, 2021 8744
New Tool Wear Estimation Method of the Milling Process Based on Multisensor Blind Source Separation. Gao, Chen; Bintao, Sun; Wu, Heng; Peng, Mengjuan; Zhou, Yuqing Report Jul 30, 2021 5098
A Novel Multivariable MGM (1, m) Direct Prediction Model and Its Optimization. Ding, Yuanping; Li, Ye Report Jul 29, 2021 6438
Evaluation of the Adaptability of an EPB TBM to Tunnelling through Highly Variable Composite Strata. Li, Tao; Zhan, Jinwu; Li, Chao; Tan, Zhongsheng Report Jul 28, 2021 8320
Numerical Research and Parametric Study on the Thermal Performance of a Vertical Earth-to-Air Heat Exchanger System. Zhang, Zhening; Sun, Jindong; Zhang, Zhenxing; Jia, Xinxin; Liu, Yang Report Jul 23, 2021 9112
Prediction of Drought Severity Using Model-Based Clustering. Niaz, Rizwan; Hussain, Ijaz; Zhang, Xiang; Ali, Zulfiqar; Elashkar, Elsayed Elsherbini; Khader, Jame Report Jul 23, 2021 5437
Temperature Field Online Reconstruction for In-Service Concrete Arch Dam Based on Limited Temperature Observation Data Using AdaBoost-ANN Algorithm. Chen, Zhuoyan; Zheng, Dongjian; Li, Jiqiong; Wu, Xin; Qiu, Jianchun Report Jul 23, 2021 6635
An Evaluation Method of Rock Brittleness Based on the Prepeak Crack Initiation and Postpeak Stress Drop Characteristics. Gao, Meiben; Li, Tianbin; Meng, Lubo Report Jul 23, 2021 5504
Sound Radiation Mitigation of Geometrically Nonlinear Plates Subjected to Subsonic Airflow. Norouzi, Hamed; Younesian, Davood Report Jul 20, 2021 5183
Solving Misclassification of the Credit Card Imbalance Problem Using Near Miss. Mqadi, Nhlakanipho Michael; Naicker, Nalindren; Adeliyi, Timothy Report Jul 20, 2021 10178
Fire Prediction Based on CatBoost Algorithm. Zhou, Fangrong; Pan, Hao; Gao, Zhenyu; Huang, Xuyong; Qian, Guochao; Zhu, Yu; Xiao, Feng Report Jul 20, 2021 5307
Fast Synergetic Control for Chaotic Oscillation in the Power System Based on Input-Output Feedback Linearization. Liu, Ling; Wang, Jiangbin; Liu, Chongxin Report Jul 20, 2021 6519
Design and Error Compensation Performance of a Precision Micro-Drive Rotary System. Yang, Manzhi; Jing, Gang; Lv, Zhenyang; Guo, Wei; Huang, Yumei; Wei, Kaiyang; Li, Linyue Report Jul 20, 2021 6777
Analysis of Response to the Wild Hornet Crisis Based on the SIR Model. Gu, Aihua; Li, Mengmeng; Ran, Yue; Wang, Zhenzhuo; Li, Shujun; Xun, Qifeng; Dong, Jian Report Jul 13, 2021 5589
Magnetohydrodynamic Blood Flow in a Cylindrical Tube with Magnetic Particles: A Time Fractional Model. Ali, Farhad; Majeed, Samina; Imtiaz, Anees Report Jul 9, 2021 5647
Extreme-Point Symmetric Mode Decomposition to Define the Turbulence Characteristics of a Flume Flow. Shi, Zhi-Peng; He, Ting-Ting; Zhang, Gen-Guang Report Jul 9, 2021 4156
Grid Impact Assessment of Centralized and Decentralized Photovoltaic-Based Distribution Generation: A Case Study of Power Distribution Network with High Renewable Energy Penetration. Khatib, Tamer; Sabri, Lama Case study Jul 7, 2021 6747
Localization of Alternating Magnetic Dipole in the Near-Field Zone with Single-Component Magnetometers. Xiang, Gao; Bo-cheng, Du; Qi-long, Wang Report Jul 7, 2021 4073
Control of Hopf Bifurcation Type of a Neuron Model Using Washout Filter. Yuan, Chunhua; Li, Xiangyu Report Jul 7, 2021 4385
Fault-Tolerant Control for N-Link Robot Manipulator via Adaptive Nonsingular Terminal Sliding Mode Control Technology. Shi, Nannan; Luo, Fanghui; Kang, Zhikuan; Wang, Lihui; Zhao, Zhuo; Meng, Qiang; Hou, Weiqin Report Jul 6, 2021 4417
Cooperative Guidance Law with Predefined-Time Convergence for Multimissile Systems. Jing, Liang; Wei, Changzhu; Zhang, Liang; Cui, Naigang Report Jul 6, 2021 6250
Energy-Aware Flexible Job Shop Scheduling Using Mixed Integer Programming and Constraint Programming. Ham, Andy; Park, Myoung-Ju; Kim, Kyung Min Report Jun 30, 2021 7119
Algebraic Parameter Identification of Nonlinear Vibrating Systems and Non Linearity Quantification Using the Hilbert Transformation. Trujillo-Franco, Luis Gerardo; Silva-Navarro, Gerardo; Beltran-Carbajal, Francisco Report Jun 23, 2021 6598
Data Analysis of Physical Fitness Monitoring Based on Mathematical Models. Guo, Cuixiang; Suo, Junwu; Xu, Chunguang; Yang, Xinhua; Zhang, Liping Report Jun 22, 2021 5530
Mathematical Analysis of Nanostructured Surfaces: The Period-Scale Transform. Poulios, Costas; Constantoudis, Vassilios Report Jun 22, 2021 7049
Truck Scheduling for Cross-Docking of Fresh Produce with Repeated Loading. Pan, Fei; Fan, Tijun; Qi, Xinyi; Chen, Jingyi; Zhang, Chong Report Jun 22, 2021 9983
Thermal Radiation Effects on Unsteady Stagnation Point Nanofluid Flow in View of Convective Boundary Conditions. Rasheed, Haroon Ur; Islam, Saeed; Khan, Zeeshan; Alharbi, Sayer O.; Khan, Waqar A; Khan, Waris; Khan Report Jun 21, 2021 3666
An Improved Mathematical Model of Cutting Temperature in End Milling Al7050 Based on the Influence of Tool Geometry Parameters and Milling Parameters. Ji, Junhao; Yang, Qi; Chen, Peng; Lu, Kaijie; Wu, Yuhan Report Jun 21, 2021 5528
Identification of Permanent Faults and Disturbance Induced by Deicing Based on Permutation Entropy for the Large-Scale Clean Energy Transmission in Winter. Wang, Yunlong; Tang, Tiejun; Ju, Xiang; Hong, Dingding Report Jun 21, 2021 2968
Buckling Stability Analysis for Piles in the Slope Foundation Based on Cusp Catastrophe Theory. Zhang, Rui; Li, Chuanxun; Jin, Dandan Report Jun 21, 2021 5628
Predicting Stock Return with Economic Constraint: Can Interquartile Range Truncate the Outliers? Dai, Zhifeng; Chang, Xiaoming Report Jun 21, 2021 9611
Systematic Analysis Method for the Unusual Large Displacement in the Excavations in Soft Soil Area. Ni, Xiaodong; Lu, Jiangfa; Wang, Chen; Huang, Songxian; Tang, Donghua Report Jun 19, 2021 8712
A Study on the Cavitation Model for the Cavitating Flow Analysis around the Marine Propeller. Lee, Insu; Park, Sunho; Seok, Woochan; Rhee, Shin Hyung Report Jun 19, 2021 4809
Consistent Conjectural Variations Equilibrium in the Semi-Mixed Oligopoly. Huarachi-Benavídez, Gabriela Renata; Flores-Muñiz, José Guadalupe; Kalashnykova, Nataliya; Kalashnik Report Jun 18, 2021 8459
Turbulent Flow Characteristics in a Model of a Solid Rocket Motor Chamber with Sidewall Mass Injection and End-Wall Disturbance. Albatati, F. A.; Hegab, A. M.; Rady, M. A.; Abuhabaya, A. A.; El-Behery, S. M. Report Jun 16, 2021 7017
Buoyancy Effect on a Micropolar Fluid Flow Past a Vertical Riga Surface Comprising Water-Based SWCNT-MWCNT Hybrid Nanofluid Subject to Partially Slipped and Thermal Stratification: Cattaneo-Christov Model. Mohammed Alshehri, Ahmed; Huseyin Coban, Hasan; Ahmad, Shafiq; Khan, Umair; Alghamdi, Wajdi Mohamad Report Jun 16, 2021 5093
Modeling and Optimizing the Effects of Insert Angles on Hard Turning Performance. Duc, Pham Minh; Dai, Mai Duc; Giang, Le Hieu Report Jun 15, 2021 7520
Diagnosis Index System Setup for Implementation Status Management in Large-Scale Construction Projects. Wang, Wan-Yu; Wang, Yi Report Jun 10, 2021 4789
Research of Robust Trajectory Tracking Control and Attenuated Chattering: Application on Quadrotor. Zhou, Guangli; Yao, Yongming; Liu, Huiying; Bai, Xupeng; Liu, Jianbo Report Jun 8, 2021 6628
A Novel Extrapolation-Based Grey Prediction Model for Forecasting China's Total Electricity Consumption. Yang, Xin-bo Report Jun 8, 2021 4714
Mathematical Model Construction of the Production Workshop Based on the Complex Network and Markov Theory. Guo, Gang; Shao, Fengjing Report Jun 8, 2021 5981
A Sustainable Design Strategy Based on Building Morphology to Improve the Microclimate of University Campuses in Cold Regions of China Using an Optimization Algorithm. Chen, Shuo; Cui, Peng; Mei, Hongyuan Report Jun 8, 2021 6609
Quality Index Evaluation Model of MPP Sold under the E-Commerce Platform. Li, Chen; Zeng, Junjie; Jin, Xinfeng; Chu, Wenwen Report Jun 4, 2021 5146
An Optimization Grey Bernoulli Model and Its Application in Forecasting Oil Consumption. Xu, Kai; Pang, Xinyu; Duan, Huiming Report Jun 2, 2021 7916
A Multiagent Reinforcement Learning Solution for Geometric Configuration Optimization in Passive Location Systems. Li, Shengxiang; Li, Haisi; Ke, Ke; Li, Ou; Liu, Guangyi; Ding, Siyuan; Bai, Yijie Report Jun 2, 2021 5024
Prediction of Responses in a Sustainable Dry Turning Operation: A Comparative Analysis. Bhattacharya, Shibaprasad; Protim Das, Partha; Chatterjee, Prasenjit; Chakraborty, Shankar Report May 30, 2021 7554
Simulation of Constant-Volume Removal Rate Machining of Middle-Convex and Varying Ellipse Piston. Xu, Yanwei; Wang, Yinhao; Xie, Tancheng Report May 30, 2021 5254
UM Shaper Command Inputs for CRONE Control: Application on a DC Motor Bench. Jallouli Khlif, Rim; Abid, Ahmed; Melchior, Pierre; Derbel, Nabil Report May 30, 2021 5160
Non-Similar Solution for Magnetized Flow of Maxwell Nanofluid over an Exponentially Stretching Surface. Razzaq, Raheela; Farooq, Umer; Cui, Jifeng; Muhammad, Taseer Report May 28, 2021 4398
Evaluation of Urban Environmental and Economic Coordination Based on Discrete Mathematical Model. Dou, Chenbin; Zheng, Lan; Wang, Wenjuan; Shabaz, Mohammad Report May 19, 2021 6391
Effect of Stiffness on Flutter of Composite Wings with High Aspect Ratio. Qiao, Shengjun; Jiao, Jin; Ni, Yingge; Chen, Han; Liu, Xing Report May 19, 2021 5233
A Numerical Method for Compressible Model of Contamination from Nuclear Waste in Porous Media. Wang, Zhifeng Report May 19, 2021 3084
Interbank Offered Rate Based on Artificial Intelligence Algorithm. Xie, Wangsong Report May 17, 2021 7590
Real-Time Arrhythmia Classification Algorithm Using Time-Domain ECG Feature Based on FFNN and CNN. Cai, Jing; Zhou, Ge; Dong, Mengkun; Hu, Xinlei; Liu, Guangda; Ni, Weiguang Report May 17, 2021 8142
Simulation and Optimization for the Staircase Evacuation of a Cruise Ship Based on a Multigrid Model. Hu, Min; Cai, Wei Report May 17, 2021 8815
Research on the Rapid Closing Jet Mechanism of Pistol Shrimp's Claws Based on Fluid Dynamic Grid. Wei, Wei; Quan, Xinyu; Cao, Hongchao; Zhang, Shijie; Zhao, Ximing; Yu, Nan; Zhou, Jie Report May 15, 2021 6716
Fractional-Order Hyperbolic Tangent Sliding Mode Control for Chaotic Oscillation in Power System. Zhu, Darui; Zhang, Wenchao; Liu, Chongxin; Duan, Jiandong Report May 13, 2021 4914
A Lyapunov-Krasovskii Functional Approach to Stability and Linear Feedback Synchronization Control for Nonlinear Multi-Agent Systems with Mixed Time Delays. Stephen, A.; Raja, R.; Alzabut, J.; Zhu, Q.; Niezabitowski, M.; Lim, C. P. Report May 13, 2021 7394
Lens Learning Sparrow Search Algorithm. Ouyang, Chengtian; Zhu, Donglin; Qiu, Yaxian Report May 10, 2021 7528
Efficient Single Image Dehazing Model Using Metaheuristics-Based Brightness Channel Prior. Kehar, Vinay; Chopra, Vinay; Singh, Bhupesh Kumar; Tiwari, Shailendra Report May 8, 2021 6070
Numerical Well Test Analysis of Condensate Dropout Effects in Dual-Permeability Model of Naturally Fractured Gas Condensate Reservoirs: Case Studies in the South of Iran. Safari-Beidokhti, Mohsen; Hashemi, Abdolnabi; Abdollahi, Reza; Hematpur, Hamed; Esfandyari, Hamid Report May 7, 2021 5562
Evaluation of Hydrodynamic Pressure Distribution in Reservoir of Concrete Gravity Dam under Vertical Vibration Using an Analytical Solution. Pasbani Khiavi, Majid; Sari, Ali Report May 7, 2021 5469
Mechanical Characteristics of Coal and Rock in Mining under Thermal-Hydraulic-Mechanical Coupling and Dynamic Disaster Control. Ma, Haifeng; Wang, Lingjie; Niu, Xin'gang; Yao, Fanfan; Zhang, Kexue; Chang, Jucai; Li, Yingming Report May 7, 2021 7470
Research on Multiobjective Location of Urban Emergency Logistics under Major Emergencies. Wang, Hongchun; Ma, Xinying Report May 6, 2021 7067
Nonpreferential Attachment Leads to Scale-Free or Not. Yan, Chuankui; Meng, Nan; Yang, Yu Report May 6, 2021 5046
A Novel Input Variable Selection and Structure Optimization Algorithm for Multilayer Perceptron-Based Soft Sensors. Wang, Hongxun; Sui, Lin; Zhang, Mengyan; Zhang, Fangfang; Ma, Fengying; Sun, Kai Report May 3, 2021 5158
Study on the Fracture Process Zone near the Mode I Dynamic Crack Tip. Ji, Chenmeng; Qi, Chengzhi Report May 3, 2021 3288
Comprehensive Evaluation of Urban Road Network Resilience Facing Earthquakes. Gao, Lin; Wang, Mingzhen; Liu, Anshuang; Gong, Huafeng Report May 3, 2021 8746
An Improved Finite Element Model Updating Method Based on the Singular Values of Frequency Response Functions. Yin, Hong; Wang, Zenghui; Cao, Mingming; Peng, Zhenrui; Dong, Kangli Report Apr 30, 2021 7290
Fractional Birkhoffian Mechanics Based on Quasi-Fractional Dynamics Models and Its Noether Symmetry. Jia, Yun-Die; Zhang, Yi Report Apr 27, 2021 5406
Numerical Simulation of Free Convection in a Partially Heated Three-Dimensional Enclosure Filled with Ionanofluid ([C[sub.4]mim][NTf[sub.2]]-Cu). Bouchta, Said; Feddaoui, M'barek; Dayf, Abdellatif Report Apr 27, 2021 5585
Sales Disclosure and Pricing Policies in the Presence of Social Learning. Zheng, Rui; Yuan, Yi; Li, Yi Report Apr 26, 2021 9911
Research on Construction Methods for Ultralarge Y-Shaped Tunnel Sections. Cao, Shiding; Xie, Yongli; Tang, Wei; Wang, Wei; Zhou, Qianru; Guo, Aipeng Report Apr 26, 2021 5217
Research on Output Waveform of Generator with Rectifier Load considering Commutation Overlap Angle. Zhang, Bingyi; He, Gongfei; Feng, Guihong Report Apr 26, 2021 5462
The Impact of Financial Market Development on Agricultural Factor Misallocation: Household-Level Evidence from China. Liu, Song; Wang, Xiongzhi; Yang, Mengyuan; Wang, Ziling Report Apr 26, 2021 6079
Design and Performance of Concrete Pile Strengthened with Lengthened Steel-Tube Core: Model Tests and Numerical Simulations. Han, Shangyu; Yun, Lei Report Apr 24, 2021 6586
Identification of Critical Links in Urban Road Network considering Cascading Failures. Tian, Yulin; Liu, Xiaoming; Li, Zhen; Tang, Shaohu; Shang, Chunlin; Wei, Lu Report Apr 24, 2021 6626
UWB Base Station Cluster Localization for Unmanned Ground Vehicle Guidance. Wu, Yuzhan; Ding, Susheng; Ding, Yuanhao; Li, Meng Report Apr 23, 2021 10214
Use of Multiquadric Functions for Multivariable Representation of the Aerodynamic Coefficients of Airfoils. Ribeiro, Filipe; Albuquerque, Pedro; Gamboa, Pedro; Bousson, Kouamana Report Apr 23, 2021 10529
A Refined Model for Analysis of Beams on Two-Parameter Foundations by Iterative Method. Yue, Feng Report Apr 23, 2021 5783
The Planar Wide-Frequency Vibration Characteristics of Heavy-Load Radial Tires. Cheng, Hongjie; Gao, Lei; Liu, Zhihao; Gao, Qinhe; Liu, Xiuyu Report Apr 23, 2021 6742
The Influences of Squeezed Inviscid Flow between Parallel Plates. Akbar, Sobia; Hussain, Azad Report Apr 22, 2021 2673
Design and Cosimulation of Twelve-Pole Heteropolar Radial Hybrid Magnetic Bearing. Zhong, Zhixian; Duan, Yijian; Cai, Zhonghou; Yanying Qi, Report Apr 22, 2021 5196
Study on Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos Suppression of Active Magnetic Bearing Systems Based on Synchronization. Chang, Shun-Chang Report Apr 21, 2021 3594
Formation and Penetration Capability of an Annular-Shaped Charge. Hu, Zhecheng; Wang, Zhijun; Yin, Jianping; Yi, Jianya Report Apr 20, 2021 6484
Study on Method of Determining the Safe Operation Window of Drilling Fluid Density with Credibility in Deep Igneous Rock Strata. Han, Chao; Guan, Zhichuan; Xu, Chuanbin; Lai, Fuhui; Li, Pengfei Report Apr 20, 2021 4948
Optimization of Solar CCHP Systems with Collector Enhanced by Porous Media and Nanofluid. Tonekaboni, Navid; Feizbahr, Mahdi; Tonekaboni, Nima; Jiang, Guang-Jun; Chen, Hong-Xia Report Apr 16, 2021 7255
A Numerical Study of MHD Carreau Nanofluid Flow with Gyrotactic Microorganisms over a Plate, Wedge, and Stagnation Point. Muntazir, R. M. Akram; Mushtaq, M.; Jabeen, K. Report Apr 13, 2021 8015
Ant Colony Optimization Inversion Using the L1 Norm in Advanced Tunnel Detection. Ma, Zhao; Nie, Lichao; Zhou, Pengfei; Deng, Zhaoyang; Guo, Lei Report Apr 13, 2021 4268
A Continuous Nonlinear Fractional-Order PI Controller for Primary Frequency Control Application. Elyaalaoui, Kamal; Labbadi, Moussa; Ouassaid, Mohammed; Cherkaoui, Mohamed Report Apr 13, 2021 4907
Reverse Logistics Vehicle Routing Optimization Problem Based on Multivehicle Recycling. Gao, Zhaohui; Ye, Caiyun Report Apr 13, 2021 5832
Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis of Impingement Heat Transfer in an Inline Array of Multiple Jets. Singh, Parampreet; Grover, Neel Kanth; Agarwal, Vivek; Sharma, Shubham; Singh, Jujhar; Sadeghzadeh, Report Apr 13, 2021 5909
Facial Expression Recognition Algorithm Based on Fusion of Transformed Multilevel Features and Improved Weighted Voting SVM. Meng, Hao; Yuan, Fei; Wu, Yue; Yan, Tianhao Report Apr 12, 2021 8990
Towards a Computational Fluid Dynamics-Based Fuzzy Logic Controller of the Optimum Windcatcher Internal Design for Efficient Natural Ventilation in Buildings. Balabel, Ashraf; Faizan, Mohammad; Alzaed, Ali Report Apr 12, 2021 3975

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