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(REF: AR 700-82/OPNAVIST4410.2/AFR66-45/MCO 4400.120/DLAR 4100.6)

1ST                    2ND POSITION

                       Means of Acquiring the Item

P               A      ITEM: Stocked
(Procedure)     B      ITEM: Stocked, Insurance
                C      ITEM: Stocked, Deteriorative
                D      ITEM: Support, Initial Issue or Outfitting
                       and Stocked only for additional Initial Issue
                E      EQUIP: Support, Stocked, Initial Issue or
                       Outfitting of Specified maint Activities
                F      EQUIP: Support, Non-Stocked, Centrally
                       Procured on demand
                G      ITEM: Stocked, for Sustained Support,
                       Uneconomical to Produce at Later Time
                H      ITEM: Stocked, Contains HAZMAT.
                       HMIS/MSDS Reporting Required
                R      Terminal or Obsolete, Replaced
                Z      Terminal or Obsolete, Not Replaced

K (Kit)         D      ITEM: Deport O/H & Maintenance Kits
                F      ITEM: Maintenance Kit, Place at O,F,H,L
                B      ITEM: in both Depot Repair & Maint Kits

M               O      MFG OR FAB at Unit Level
(Manu-          F      MFG OR FAB at DS Level
facture)        H      MFG OR FAB at GS Level
                L      MFG OR FAB at Special Repair Activity (SRA)
                G      MFG OR FAB at Both Afloat and Ashore (Navy Only)
                D      MFG OR FAB at Depot Maintenance Level

A               O      ITEM: Assembled at Unit
(Assembled)     F      ITEM: Assembled at DS Level
                H      ITEM: Assembled at GS Level
                L      ITEM: Assembled at SRA
                G      ITEM: Assembled at Afloat and Ashore (Navy Only)
                D      ITEM: Assembled at Depot Maintenance Level

X               A      ITEM: Requisition Next Higher Assembly
(Not            B      ITEM: Not Procured or Stocked. If not available
stocked)               thru salvage, order using CAGE/Part Number
                C      Order using Installation Drawing, Diagram,
                       Instruction Sheet. Identify by Cage/Part Number
                D      Not Stocked. Obtain via Local Purchase+C17

          USE:                       REPAIR:

          3RD POSITION               4TH POSITION

          Lowest level               Lowest level with
          authorized to remove       capability and
          or replace.                resources to perform
                                     complete repair.

FIELD     O  Organization/Unit       O  Organization/Unit
          F  Direct Support          F  Direct Support
          G  Navy Use Only           G  Navy Use Only

SUSTAIN-  H  General Support         H  General Support
MENT      K  Contractor Facility     K  Contractor Facility
          L  Special Repair          L  Special Repair
             Activity                   Activity
          D  Depot                   D  Depot
          Z  Navy Use Only           Z  Nonreparable
                                     B  Recondition

5TH POSITION                     6


When unserviceable or
repairable, condemn
or dispose.

O  Organization/Unit    SERVICE
F  Direct Support       OPTION
G  Navy Use Only        CODES

H  General Support
K  Contractor Facility
L  Not Authorized
   Below Depot Level

D  Condemn or
   Dispose at Depot
Z  Nonreparable
A  Nonreparable, needs
   special handling
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