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EdTech: The EdoBEST Model. Aug 5, 2022 861
AI powers Philippine FinTech Revolution. Aug 4, 2022 802
Port Stakeholders Confer On Digitization Process. Aug 4, 2022 388
RealManage Acquires Five Community Management Companies in 2022. Aug 2, 2022 156
RealManage Acquires Five Community Management Companies in 2022. Aug 2, 2022 179
'AI could trigger fintech revolution'. Aug 2, 2022 515
IIM Africa, RIMA Foundation Begin 2022 Data Protection Campaign. Aug 2, 2022 391
Minister Seeks Expanded Data To Avert Vulnerability Of Senior Citizens. Aug 1, 2022 589
Vast Data Selected by CeGaT to Accelerate Time-to-Insight for Genetic Data Analytics. Aug 1, 2022 389
Humanitarian Minister Calls For Expanded Data Analysis Of Older Persons. Jul 31, 2022 566
Minister wants expansion of data analysis on senior citizens. Jul 31, 2022 570
Data Analysis of Educational Evaluation Using K-Means Clustering Method. Liu, Rui Jul 31, 2022 6352
Construction of Rural Governance Digital Driven by Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. Huang, Ruolan Jul 31, 2022 7019
Tourism Consumer Demand Forecasting under the Background of Big Data. Li, Fang; Li, Tao Jul 31, 2022 4221
Interactive Mode of Visual Communication Based on Information Visualization Theory. He, Xiaoke Jul 31, 2022 6577
Medical Health Data-Driven Physical Education Scheme: Public Environment-Oriented Exercise Health Management. Yue, Nan Jul 31, 2022 5927
Hotspot Mining in the Field of Library and Information Science under the Environment of Big Data. Jiang, Shujie Jul 31, 2022 5794
Problems and Measures of Traditional Culture Education and Mental Health Education in Colleges and Universities under the New Media Environment. Zheng, Xiang; Bao, Junxiao; Wang, Jinli Jul 31, 2022 6706
Research on the Evaluation of Moral Education Effectiveness and Student Behavior in Universities under the Environment of Big Data. Zhu, Rui Jul 30, 2022 5615
Analysis of Public Big Data Management under Text Analysis. Zhu, Yue; Kan, Ho Yin Jul 30, 2022 5628
Digital Twin-Driven Machine Condition Monitoring: A Literature Review. Liu, He; Xia, Min; Williams, Darren; Sun, Jianzhong; Yan, Hongsheng Jul 30, 2022 9241
First Time Mothers Definition of a 'Good' Mother. Adams, Mary; Almonte, Angelica Jul 30, 2022 5569
Kashifu Inuwa says Enterprise Content Management will Save FG N4.5B Annually. Jul 29, 2022 484
IIM to host digital transformation, data protection campaign. Jul 26, 2022 421
IIM Africa Announces 2022 National Digital Transformation, Data Protection Awareness Campaign. Jul 25, 2022 367
Indonesia pushes for strengthening understanding on data governance. Jul 24, 2022 359
Indonesia pushes for strengthening understanding on data governance. Jul 24, 2022 366
Rising 3G/4G users in Pakistan. S. KAMAL HAYDER KAZMI Jul 24, 2022 728
Enterprise Content Management will Save FG N4.5b Annually - DG NITDA. Jul 23, 2022 935
Enterprise Content Management Will Save Nigeria N4.5bn Annually - FG. Jul 23, 2022 229
Enterprise Content Mgt To Save FG N4.5bn - NITDA. Jul 23, 2022 946
Enterprise Content Management Will Save FG N4.5bn Annually - DG NITDA. Jul 22, 2022 938
Comprehensive Evaluation of College Students' Physical Health and Sports Mode Recommendation Model Based on Decision Tree Classification Model. Chen, Wenzheng; Yang, Guanglei; Qi, Dongkai Jul 22, 2022 5919
Advanced Intelligent Big Data Analytic-Based Automated Layout for Environmental Design Intelligent Sensor Networks. Yu, Xueyong; Yu, Heng; Liu, Chunjing Jul 22, 2022 7357
An Internet of Things (IoT) Based Block Chain Technology to Enhance the Quality of Supply Chain Management (SCM). Rizwan, Ali; Karras, Dimitrios A.; Kumar, Jitendra; Sánchez-Chero, Manuel; Mogollón Taboada, Marlon Jul 21, 2022 6861
Feature Learning-Based Generative Adversarial Network Data Augmentation for Class-Based Few-Shot Learning. Subedi, Bharat; Sathishkumar, V. E.; Maheshwari, V.; Kumar, M. Sandeep; Jayagopal, Prabhu; Allayear, Jul 21, 2022 9286
Seroprevalence of COVID-19 in Blood Donors: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Nourmohammadi, Hassan; Dehkordi, Ali Hasanpour; Adibi, Amir; Amin Hashemipour, Seyed Mohammad; Abdan Report Jul 21, 2022 6911
Influence of the Urban Built Environment on Physical and Mental Health of the Elderly under the Background of Big Data. Yan, Shuting; Shi, Lei; Wang, Li Jul 21, 2022 5222
i2 Group Extends Analytics Capabilities with Acquisition of Rosoka. Jul 21, 2022 591
Azerbaijan to develop data journalism - Media Development Agency. Jul 19, 2022 214
Construction and Analysis of Discrete System Dynamic Modeling of Physical Education Teaching Mode Based on Decision Tree Algorithm. Wang, Caixia; Wei, Xiaoyun; Yang, Aiqian; Zhang, Haiyan Jul 19, 2022 5797
Research on Perceptual Integrity of Distributed Digital Media Based on AWTC-TT Algorithm Optimization. Zhang, Xiaobo; Shen, Rongrong Jul 19, 2022 5568
Study on Tourism Consumer Behavior and Countermeasures Based on Big Data. Li, Jing; Cao, Bin Report Jul 19, 2022 8950
Big Data Technology in the Macrodecision-Making Model of Regional Industrial Economic Information Applied Research. Lin, Kaiyan Jul 18, 2022 5815
Econometric Analysis of Leisure Agriculture and Rural Tourism Scenery Based on Spatial Data Analysis. Liu, Shihui; Gao, Bing Jul 18, 2022 5551
The Identification and Dissemination of Creative Elements of New Media Original Film and Television Works Based on Review Text Mining and Machine Learning. Yu, Xiaonan Report Jul 16, 2022 6290
Comparison Efficacy and Safety of Gemcitabine plus Cisplatin and 5-Fluorouracil plus Cisplatin for Metastatic Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma: A Meta-Analysis and Systematic Review. Yan, Le; Zheng, Hanxue; Ren, Bi; Zhang, Huiping; Gou, Haocheng; Dai, Lintong Jul 16, 2022 4679
Analysis of the Natural Conditions and Geographical Factors of the Formation of Hui-Style Prints. Li, Shangke Jul 14, 2022 6214
State Evaluation Method of Distribution Equipment Based on Health Index in Big Data Environment. Xue, Fei; Li, Xutao; Wang, Xiaoli; Wang, Chao; Li, Hongqiang; Zhang, Di Jul 14, 2022 5131
Customizable Encryption Algorithms to Manage Data Assets Based on Blockchain Technology in Smart City. Al-Dhlan, Kawther A.; Alreshidi, Hamad A.; Pervez, Shahbaz; Paraveen, Zahida; Zeki, Akram M.; Sid Ah Report Jul 13, 2022 5975
Economic Policy Uncertainty, Investor Sentiment, and Stock Price Synchronisation: Evidence from China. Wu, Jing Jul 12, 2022 5666
Analysis on the Social Environment of College Students' Rural Employment and Entrepreneurship. Chai, Wenguo Jul 12, 2022 6088
Information Dissemination Model in Rural Live Broadcasting under Blockchain in the Era of Artificial Intelligence. Liu, Jie; Yu, Yahui; Ji, Peng; Liu, Danni Jul 11, 2022 5675
Image Detection System Based on Smart Sensor Network and Ecological Economy in the Context of Fine Agriculture. Wang, Yile; Li, Hanbing; Teo, Brian Sheng-Xian; Jaharadak, Adam Amril Jul 11, 2022 7617
Redefining the Mode of HIV Transmission through Analysis of Risk Attribution among the Reported HIV Cases from 1993 to 2021 in Bhutan. Khandu, Lekey; Choida, Ngawang; Drukpa, Jurmi; Tsehring, Dolley; Wangdi, Sonam Jul 9, 2022 5580
Design of Remote Monitoring Iot System Based on 5G and New Optical Fiber Intelligent Structure. Hu, Lei Jul 9, 2022 6646
Analysis on Time-Series Data from Movie Using MF-DCCA Method and Recurrent Neural Network Model Under the Internet of Things. Miao, Ruomu; Zhang, Boyuan Jul 8, 2022 6841
Implementation of Artificial Intelligence Image Emotion Detection Mechanism Based on Python Architecture for Industry 4.0. Jinnuo, Zhu; Goyal, S. B.; Tesfayohanis, Miretab; Omar, Yahye Jul 7, 2022 8540
A Modified Mahalanobis Distance Metric Used to Optimize Mahalanobis Space and Improve Classification Performance of MTS. Sheng, Zhirong; Cheng, Longsheng Jul 7, 2022 5953
TD Synnex announces new partnership with APARAVI. Jul 7, 2022 152
What Is A Radar Chart And How Is It Used? Jul 5, 2022 832
Intelligent Analysis of Logistics Information Based on Dynamic Network Data. Yang, Pengbo Jul 5, 2022 5674
Music Individualization Recommendation System Based on Big Data Analysis. Sun, Pengfei Jul 5, 2022 5975
Pakistan Summons Indian Envoy, Protests Against Twitter Blockage. Jul 5, 2022 199
In-Depth Research and Analysis of Multilabel Learning Algorithm. Li, Daowang; Wang, Canwei Jul 4, 2022 11637
Research on Data Fusion Method Based on Multisource Data Awareness of Internet of Things. Sun, Fanglei; Diao, Zhifeng Jul 4, 2022 5248
Railway Fault Text Clustering Method Using an Improved Dirichlet Multinomial Mixture Model. Yang, Ni; Zhang, Youpeng Jul 4, 2022 7814
Pakistan issues demarche to India over blocking Twitter accounts. Jul 2, 2022 196
Visual Analysis of College Sports Performance Based on Multimodal Knowledge Graph Optimization Neural Network. Zheng, Nan; Sun, Meng; Yang, Ye Report Jul 1, 2022 7405
Innovative Mode of Human Resource Management of University Teachers Based on Intelligent Big Data Analysis. Bai, Yuhong Jul 1, 2022 6484
Evaluation of Ultra-Low-Dose Chest Computed Tomography Images in Detecting Lung Lesions Related to COVID-19: A Prospective Study. Zarei, Fariba; Jalli, Reza; Chatterjee, Sabyasachi; Haghighi, Rezvan Ravanfar; Iranpour, Pooya; Chat Clinical report Jul 1, 2022 6168
Fascism in India. Jul 1, 2022 516
Ogun Budget And Planning Commissioner Tasks Statisticians On Modern Data Management. Jul 1, 2022 361
Towards Industrial Revolution 5.0 and Explainable Artificial Intelligence: Challenges and Opportunities. Taj, Imran; Jhanjhi, N.Z. Report Jul 1, 2022 18363
Silymarin Administration Attenuates Cirrhotic-induced Cardiac Abnormality in the Rats: A Possible Role of [[beta].sub.1]-adrenergic Receptors and L-type Voltage-Dependent Calcium Channelsc. Bayat, Gholamreza; Roham,; Mazloom,; Hashemi, Seyed Ali; Pourkhalili, Khalil; Fallah, Parviz; Shams, Jul 1, 2022 6991
Clinical Treatment and Nursing Intervention Study of Clipping Treatment of Cerebral Aneurysm under the Health Model of Data Analysis. Huang, Yuyou; Huang, Liping Jun 30, 2022 6915
Three-Dimensional Teaching Method for Art Design Major from the Perspective of "Internet Economy". Zhang, Xike Jun 29, 2022 6198
Research on E-Commerce Database Marketing Based on Machine Learning Algorithm. Chen, Nie Jun 29, 2022 8813
Exploring the Development of Chinese Digital Resources under Lightweight Deep Learning. Song, Bai Jun 29, 2022 12770
Information Visualization Design of Web under the Background of Big Data. Deng, Ran; Ni, Taile Report Jun 29, 2022 5528
Nakaseke leaders blame underperforming gov't projects on communication gap. Jun 29, 2022 563
SEC decision on Rappler seen to silence media, 'chip away at democracy'. Jun 29, 2022 751
Trial Census: NPC Boss Tasks Enumerators On Accuracy In Data Gathering. Jun 29, 2022 477
Minister: Media in Bangladesh enjoys total freedom. Jun 28, 2022 337
Research on Optimization of Adaptive Positioning and Routing Algorithm for Industrial Internet of Things Engineering Based on Improved Neural Network. Fang, Xuanzheng; Yu, Yang Report Jun 28, 2022 3998
Improvement of Mobile Learning Model in Flipped Classroom in English Classroom Teaching: Based on Big Data Analysis. Kou, Xiangying; Song, Qi Report Jun 28, 2022 6907
Intelligent Analysis of Exercise Health Big Data Based on Deep Convolutional Neural Network. Cui, Cui Jun 28, 2022 7145
Visual Network Analysis Based on Stereo Vision and Feature Matching Algorithm. Shi, Lili Jun 28, 2022 5057
Construction of Development Momentum Index of Financial Technology by Principal Component Analysis in the Era of Digital Economy. Li, Boran; Gui, Xiao; Zhou, Qianyi Jun 28, 2022 6617
Nigeria to partner Ethiopia on Migration Data Harmonisation - NPC. Jun 28, 2022 186
Nasuni Acquires File Data Management Firm Storage Made Easy. Jun 28, 2022 160
Media in Bangladesh enjoys total freedom: Info mins. Jun 28, 2022 358
'Diminishing space for plurality': India blocks Twitter accounts of several Pakistan diplomatic missions. Jun 28, 2022 290
Transparency in oil and gas sector. Jun 27, 2022 1094
Reliability Analysis of a Functional Diagnostic Test for Primary Hyperaldosteronism Based on Data Analysis. Wang, Yan; Cai, Jun Jun 27, 2022 6674
Exploring the Emotional Factors in College English Classroom Teaching Based on Computer-Aided Model. Fu, Fen Jun 27, 2022 6407
Innovation Model of College Education Based on Nonlinear Random Matrix Organization and Management. Luo, Zhikai; Zhang, Mao; Jiang, Lingxiao Jun 26, 2022 6966
Bank of Ghana, Cyber Security Authority to deepen Collaboration. Jun 26, 2022 311
Bank of Ghana, Cyber Security Authority to deepen collaboration. Jun 25, 2022 321
Data use key for business success. Jun 25, 2022 578
Sports Rehabilitation Treatment of Medical Information in Tertiary Hospitals Based on Computer Machine Learning. Ma, Xiaojun; Zhang, Zhenfeng Jun 25, 2022 2491
Research on Virtual Interactive Animation Design System Based on Deep Learning. Liu, Bing Jun 25, 2022 5522
DATAMARK, NGA Partner to Enhance GIS for NG9-1-1 Core Services. Jun 24, 2022 367
DATAMARK, NGA Partner to Enhance GIS for NG9-1-1 Core Services. Jun 24, 2022 368
DATAMARK, NGA Partner to Enhance GIS for NG9-1-1 Core Services. Jun 24, 2022 356
Innovation and improvement in content change the GCC media landscape. Jun 23, 2022 394
Positioning of Prefabricated Building Components Based on BIM and Laser Image Scanning Technology in the Environment of Internet of Things. Zhong, Yuting; Qin, Zesheng Jun 23, 2022 3972
Privacy Protection and Intrusion Detection System of Wireless Sensor Network Based on Artificial Neural Network. Shi, Lusheng; Li, Kai Jun 22, 2022 5753
A Combined Approach for Multi-Label Text Data Classification. Štrimaitis, Rokas; Stefanovic, Pavel; Ramanauskaite, Simona; Slotkiene, Asta Report Jun 22, 2022 8472
The Theoretical Topology and Implementation of Enterprise Social Security in the Digital Age Based on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. Wang, Dandan; Lin, Ting; Xu, Hongmei Jun 22, 2022 5477
Cognata names new chief data officer and president, Americas. Jun 22, 2022 157
Govt rekindles quest for access to information. Jun 21, 2022 1491
LVAC embarks on vulnerability data collection countrywide. Jun 21, 2022 533
Effect of Bodybuilding and Fitness Exercise on Physical Fitness Based on Deep Learning. Sun, Manman; Wang, Lijun Jun 21, 2022 6614
Evaluating Agile Practices in Green Supply Chain Management Using a Fuzzy Multicriteria Approach. Dolatabad, Mahsa Jamshidi; Azhdarifard, Mahsa; Acwin Dwijendra, Ngakan Ketut; Ali Sharhan Al-Sudani, Jun 21, 2022 7459
Sustainable Smart Industry: A Secure and Energy Efficient Consensus Mechanism for Artificial Intelligence Enabled Industrial Internet of Things. Sasikumar, A.; Ravi, Logesh; Kotecha, Ketan; Saini, Jatinderkumar R.; Varadarajan, Vijayakumar; Subr Jun 20, 2022 8687
Internet Digital Economy Development Forecast Based on Artificial Intelligence and SVM-KNN Network Detection. Fu, Jianru; Zhou, Xu; Mei, Guoping Jun 20, 2022 7308
Correlation Analysis between Tourism and Economic Growth Based on Computable General Equilibrium Model (CGE). Wang, Shiyu Jun 20, 2022 4445
Heralding a unified approach for data-driven economy in ASEAN. Jun 20, 2022 803
Heralding a unified approach for data-driven economy in ASEAN. Jun 20, 2022 768
Heralding a unified approach for ASEAN data-driven economy. Jun 20, 2022 764
Gambia set to introduce eLMIS. Jun 17, 2022 640
GAEC Trains Graduate Students In Physics. Jun 17, 2022 319
GASTAT Completes the First Phase of Census Data Collection and Begins Analysis and Processing. Jun 17, 2022 286
Data self-management in villages will drive development: Minister. Jun 16, 2022 319
Data self-management in villages will drive development: Minister. Jun 16, 2022 321
Population Dynamics of Ammodytes personatus (Girard, 1856) in Shandong, China: Does this Resource Needs Management? Mohsin, Muhammad; Luyao, Zhang; Ting, Zhu; Hengbin, Yin; Chong, Qian Report Jun 16, 2022 4941
DBI-DIU course on 'Business Data Analysis' begins. Jun 14, 2022 210
Intelligent Financial Data Analysis and Decision Management Based on Edge Computing. Cheng, Guansong Jun 14, 2022 5012
Enterprise Information Security Management Using Internet of Things Combined with Artificial Intelligence Technology. Sun, Hongbin; Bai, Shizhen Jun 14, 2022 8606
Machine Vision-Based Ping Pong Ball Rotation Trajectory Tracking Algorithm. Wang, Yilei; Wang, Ling Jun 13, 2022 8270
Data Analysis for Modeling the Effect of Acupuncture on Postchemotherapy Cancer Fatigue in Gynecologic Oncology Patients. Deng, Jili; Qian, Yao; Chen, Xingyu; Jiang, Juan Jun 13, 2022 5496
MSD-V4: How to Perform Initial Login. Jun 13, 2022 382
First Vietnam Data Summit to take place this month. Jun 11, 2022 231
Functional Data Approach for Short-Term Electricity Demand Forecasting. Shah, Ismail; Jan, Faheem; Ali, Sajid Jun 11, 2022 9383
Athlete Health Status Assessment Based on Edge Computing Model and Large-Scale Multimedia Health Data Analysis. Zhang, Xiaoyun Jun 11, 2022 5546
First Vietnam Data Summit to take place this month. Jun 10, 2022 231
Research on Discrete Dynamic Modeling of Learner Behavior Analysis in English Teaching. Fu, Junru; Cao, Lingmei Jun 9, 2022 5218
Algorithm for Swimmers' Starting Posture Correction Based on Kinect. Chang, Zheng; Zhao, Yu Jun 8, 2022 5332
1WorldSync Acquires Longtime Partner Aligntrac. Jun 8, 2022 167
1WorldSync Acquires Longtime Partner Aligntrac. Jun 8, 2022 187
Kongsberg Digital partners with METIS Cyberspace Technology to integrate METIS to Kognifai Marketplace. Jun 7, 2022 336
Innovation of Human Body Positioning System and Basketball Training System. Yue, Qiang; Wei, Chao Jun 6, 2022 5083
The Combined Clinical Efficacy and Safety Analysis of Adoptive Immunotherapy with Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy in Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Fan, Zhiming; He, Honggui; Chen, Liqun Jun 6, 2022 4624
Disease Information Dissemination Prevention and Risk Management Methods in the Blockchain Environment. Yang, Huilan; Fan, Yancun; Liu, Ruipeng Jun 6, 2022 8263
Taiwan president, foreign ministry urge China to remember Tiananmen Massacre. Jun 4, 2022 372
GRA top officials partake in data analysis regional training. Jun 3, 2022 160
NDC replaces more than 3,000 members' cards in Dormaa Central. Jun 3, 2022 188
Relationships between Shanghai Five Different Home-Brewed Wines Sensory Properties and Their Volatile Composition Assessed by GC-MS. Dang, Xin; Feng, Tao; Yao, LingYun; Chen, Da Jun 2, 2022 9965
Accounting for past patient composition in evaluations of quality reporting. Tierney, Katherine I.; Fishman, Samuel Report Jun 1, 2022 10196
Axiom Space Chooses Box to Power Cloud Content Management. Jun 1, 2022 270
Axiom Space Chooses Box to Power Cloud Content Management. Jun 1, 2022 280
Axiom Space Chooses Box to Power Cloud Content Management. Jun 1, 2022 281
Insights on Narrative Analysis from a Study of Racial Microaggressions and Microaffirmations. Rolon-Dow, Rosalie; Bailey, Michelle J. Jun 1, 2022 8882
How Personality Impacts Remote Workers in Mainland China: A Qualitative Study. Van Ham, Christopher Report Jun 1, 2022 7937
Nursing Leadership Style, Training Methods, and Use of Electronic Health Records by Nurses in Jordanian Hospitals: A Descriptive Study. Hani, Salam Bani; Aldiabat, Khaldoun M.; Qadire, Mohammad Al Survey Jun 1, 2022 5418
Is There a Correlation Between the Cycle Threshold of SARS-CoV-2 RT-PCR and the Clinical Course of COVID-19?/ SARS-CoV-2 RT-PCR'nin Dongu Esigi ile COVID-19'un Klinik Seyri Arasinda Bir Korelasyon Var midir? Yalcin, Tugba Yanik; Erol, Cigdem; Aydin, Saliha; Sari, Nuran; Yuce, Gulbahar Darilmaz; Azap, Ozlem Jun 1, 2022 4177
Analyzing Content and Quality of YouTube[TM] Videos on Removal of Amalgam Fillings. Buldur, Mehmet; Bal, Fatma Aytac Jun 1, 2022 5186
Relationship Between Health Care Interactions and Care Partner Burden. Mueller, Anne; Beach, Scott R.; Bowers, Barbara J.; Fields, Beth Report Jun 1, 2022 3906
Data for Data's Sake Is Pointless: Businesses Need Action from IOT. The Internet of Things generates a lot of data, but it is all worthless unless businesses can turn clear insight into actionable conclusions; argues Toby Hawkins, Sales Director for mpro5. Hawkins, Toby Jun 1, 2022 691
Fraudsters versus Algorithms? How Technology and Talent Must Combine to Tackle Fraud in 2022. and beyond...: Julia Walker-Smith, Associate Director at BGL Insurance. Walker-Smith, Julia Jun 1, 2022 1003
Working Paper Series Crosses 30,000 Mark. Jun 1, 2022 335
Clinical characteristics and quality of life of persistent symptoms of COVID-19 syndrome in Indonesia. Susanto, Agus Dwi; Isbaniah, Fathiyah; Pratomo, Irandi Putra; Antariksa, Budhi; Samoedro, Erlang; Ta Report Jun 1, 2022 4791
Managing Digital Visibility. Medeiros, Ben Jun 1, 2022 10130
Olatunji: Challenges of securing data of every Nigerian. May 31, 2022 1191
Egypt first in ME in open balance of public financial data in global barometer index: Finance Ministry. May 31, 2022 635
Egypt first in ME in open balance of public financial data in global barometer index: Finance Ministry. Shaimaa Raafat May 31, 2022 645
A Study on the Impact of Digital Finance on Regional Productivity Growth Based on Artificial Neural Networks. Li, Jia; Sun, Fangcheng; Li, Meng May 31, 2022 5270
System Resource Allocation and Rural Industry Revitalization Based on Max-Min Algorithm. Dai, Qiongyao May 31, 2022 6216
Exploring the Integration Model of Industry Chain Information System Based on Energy Internet and Its Key Technologies. Qi, Anxun May 31, 2022 6644
Traffic Sign Detection Based on SSD Combined with Receptive Field Module and Path Aggregation Network. Wu, Jianjun; Liao, Shaowen Report May 30, 2022 8137
Evaluation of the Emotion Model in Electronic Music Based on PSO-BP. Guo, Ting May 30, 2022 5469
Breast Self-Examination Knowledge and its Determinants among Female Students at Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia: An Institution-Based Cross-Sectional Study. Getu, Mikiyas Amare; Abebe, Mesfin; Tlaye, Kenean Getaneh; Goshu, Abel Tibebu Report May 30, 2022 6141
Egypt ranks 1st in Middle East in open budget according to Global Barometer Index. Egypt Today staff May 30, 2022 425
The Path of Digital Government and University Asset Intelligence Value-Added Service Driven by Block Chain Technology. Feng, Qian; Mohd Ramli, `Razlini; Liu, Youwu May 29, 2022 8144
Integration of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Technology in Healthcare and Agriculture. Vyas, Sonali; Shabaz, Mohammad; Pandit, Prajjawal; Parvathy, L. Rama; Ofori, Isaac May 28, 2022 6923
Influence Factors and Policy Analysis of Small and Microenterprises' Sustainable Development: Empirical from Zhejiang. Wu, Pengyue; Zhou, Huijie May 27, 2022 7940
An Audit Risk Model Based on Improved BP Neural Network Data Mining Algorithm. Niu, Wenjia; Zhao, Lihua; Jia, Peiyao; Chu, Jiankun May 27, 2022 4951
NAMA MD pushes for 'consequential adjustment' approval for staff. May 27, 2022 372
Research on Performance Optimization Algorithm of Resource and Environment Audit Based on Computer Technology. Wang, Yuhui May 27, 2022 4155
Application Research of Graphic Design Based on Information Resource-Sharing and Big Data Technology. Xu, Dan Report May 26, 2022 6271
Manta Ray Foraging Optimization with Vector Quantization Based Microarray Image Compression Technique. A. Alkhaldi, Nora; Abdulaziz Abdullah Alsedais, Rawabi; Halawani, Hanan T.; Abdelkhalek Aboutaleb, S May 25, 2022 6394
Cloud-Based IoE Enabled an Urban Flooding Surveillance System. Dhaya, R.; Ahanger, Tariq Ahamed; Asha, G. R.; Ahmed, Emad A.; Tripathi, Vikas; Kanthavel, R.; Atigl May 25, 2022 6818
Synamedia acquires Utelly to boost Synamedia Go's content discovery capabilities. Staff Reporter May 25, 2022 344
DIGIN partners with DNV to find digital synergies for Norway's energy sector. May 25, 2022 629
Prediction of Rooftop Photovoltaic Solar Potential Using Machine Learning. Mukilan, K.; Thaiyalnayaki, K.; Dwivedi, Yagya Dutta; Samson Isaac, J.; Poonia, Amarjeet; Sharma, Ar May 25, 2022 4595
A Bayesian Prediction Spatial Model for Confirmed Dengue Cases in the State of Chiapas, Mexico. Solís-Navarro, Manuel; Vargas-De-León, Cruz; Gúzman-Martínez, María; Corzo-Gómez, Josselin May 25, 2022 7221
Information Resource Sharing Based on University Dance Big Data Management and Utilization System Design. Liu, Rui; Wang, Lei Report May 24, 2022 5700
Analysis on Total Factor Productivity and Differences of Industrial Internet Concept Companies. Hu, Yuanning; Xu, Hongyi May 23, 2022 7734
Evoke Pharma announces presentation of real-world analyses of TD. May 23, 2022 299
Empirical Analysis for Improving Food Quality Using Artificial Intelligence Technology for Enhancing Healthcare Sector. UmaMaheswaran, S. K.; Kaur, Gaganpreet; Pankajam, A.; Firos, A.; Vashistha, Piyush; Tripathi, Vikas; May 23, 2022 8832
A Dynamic Source Tracing Method for Food Supply Chain Quality and Safety Based on Big Data. Song, Jun; Huo, Hong; Li, Teng; Chu, Lingyun May 23, 2022 6040
Model Analysis of Applying Computer Monitoring to College Students' Mental Health. Mao, Shufang; Liu, Shengmin May 21, 2022 4400
Optimization and Simulation of Accounting Information Practice Model Assisted by Discrete Dynamic Events. Han, Yusheng May 21, 2022 6129
Analysis of X-Ray Beam Hardening Correction Method Relying on Cloud Computing Big Data. Liu, Yanxiu; Li, Ye; Jiang, Sheng; Zhao, Peng; Qin, Xulei; Liu, Yanyang May 21, 2022 4617
Accurate Marketing Algorithm of Network Video Based on User Big Data Analysis. Su, Yan May 20, 2022 7271
Association between the Use of Biomass as Fuel for Cooking and Acute Respiratory Infections in Children under 5 Years of Age in Peru: An Analysis of a Population-Based Survey, 2019. Chávez-Zacarías, Renato; Lindo-Cavero, Félix; Caira-Chuquineyra, Brenda; Fernandez-Guzman, Daniel; D May 20, 2022 7650
ZRU adopts performance analysis for national teams. May 20, 2022 383
Gemspring Capital Acquires GoldenSource. May 20, 2022 316
Gemspring Capital Acquires GoldenSource. May 20, 2022 297
KBR to Support Key US Air Force Initiatives. May 19, 2022 653
KBR to Support Key US Air Force Initiatives. May 19, 2022 663
Lockdown has changed what it means to be in a neighborhood. May 19, 2022 953
Stakeholders call for upskilling, retooling of Pinoy IT-BPM workers in 'new normal'. May 18, 2022 801
Intelligent Evaluation and Early Warning of Liquidity Risk of Commercial Banks Based on RNN. Yan, Wei; Song, Yinghua May 18, 2022 7580
Dynamic Guidance Strategy for Pedestrian Travel in Large-Scale Activity under Harsh Environment. Huang, Wenbo; Chen, Yanyan; Chai, Shushan; Bi, Huibo May 18, 2022 7264
Burden and Associated Genotype Patterns of High-Risk Human Papilloma Virus Infection and Cervical Cytology Abnormalities among Women in Central India. Gupta, Shipra; Purwar, Shashank; Gupta, Priyal; Halder, Ajay; Gupta, Ayush; Pushpalatha, K.; John, J May 18, 2022 4370
Cohesity Expands Marketplace With Integrations. May 18, 2022 365
Cohesity Expands Marketplace With Integrations. May 18, 2022 366
Cohesity Expands Marketplace With Integrations. May 18, 2022 359
Development Path and Mechanism of Cultural Tourism Integration Based on Deep Learning Mobile Big Data Analysis. Zhang, Renfei; Bai, Yang May 17, 2022 7152
Potential Future Directions in Optimization of Students' Performance Prediction System. Ahmad, Sadique; El-Affendi, Mohammed A.; Anwar, M. Shahid; Iqbal, Rizwan May 17, 2022 15264
Volatile Constituents of Some Selected Plant Species Traditionally Used as Tea in the Sharri Mountains (Kosovo). Hajdari, Avni; Kelmendi, Nita; Mustafa, Genista; Mustafa, Behxhet; Nebija, Dashnor May 16, 2022 5139
Correlation Analysis of Vaspin Gene Polymorphisms and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Based on Intelligent Medicine. Tang, Yingjie; Huang, Ting; Pan, Yingzheng May 16, 2022 6238
Prediction and Optimization of Stability Parameters of Borehole Sensor for Deep Water Drilling Based on Genetic Algorithm. Huang, Jing; Xia, Qian; Cai, Rao; Zhou, Kunling; Ren, Zhiquan; Yan, Huachi; Asif, Mohammad May 14, 2022 4434
Federated Learning Based on OPTICS Clustering Optimization. Lu, Chenyang; Deng, Su; Wu, Yahui; Zhou, Haohao; Ma, Wubin May 12, 2022 5079
Health Catalyst Acquires Armus to Enhance Outsourced Services Offerings. May 12, 2022 164
Multispectral Remote Sensing Data Analysis Based on KNNLC Algorithm and Multimedia Image. Sun, Yingxin May 11, 2022 4962
Heterogeneous Social Linked Data Integration and Sharing for Public Transportation. Zhao, Wei; Zhou, Bing; Zhang, ChaoYang May 11, 2022 7173
Mitigating Bias and Error in Machine Learning to Protect Sports Data. Zhang, Jie; Li, Jia May 11, 2022 6192
Identification Model of Writhing Posture of Classical Dance Based on Motion Capture Technology and Few-Shot Learning. Zhang, Ning May 10, 2022 5838
Evaluation Index System of Economic and Social Development Pilot Area Based on Spatial Network Structure Analysis. Tu, Jing May 9, 2022 5630
Health Personnel Improvement in the Implementation of Shariah's Ethical Code of Conduct in Tangerang Hospital, Indonesia. Sulistiadi, Wahyu; Rahayu, Sri; Veruswati, Meita; Asyary, Al May 9, 2022 4251
Deep Neural Network-Based Intrusion Detection System through PCA. Alotaibi, Shoayee Dlaim; Yadav, Kusum; Aledaily, Arwa N.; Alkwai, Lulwah M; Yousef Dafhalla, Alaa Ka Report May 9, 2022 5486
Data Mining and Analysis of Management Theory on the Emotional Recognition of Students' Physical Fitness Improvement. Fan, Jingang; Yu, Le; Liu, Jiabao May 9, 2022 6296
Design of Cross-Source Education Information Classification Model Based on Cloud Computing Technology. Lv, Zhimei May 9, 2022 6990
Journalism Prof. Kovacheva Warns about Intense Activity of Trolls on Social Media. May 8, 2022 848
Dynamic Risk Assessment of Karst Tunnel Collapse Based on Fuzzy-AHP: A Case Study of the LianHuaShan Tunnel, China. Yu, Yongyan; He, Xiaobin; Wan, Fei; Bai, Zhe; Fu, Chongtao Case study May 6, 2022 9796
Detecting and Extracting Brain Hemorrhages from CT Images Using Generative Convolutional Imaging Scheme. Pandimurugan, V.; Rajasoundaran, S.; Routray, Sidheswar; Prabu, A. V.; Alyami, Hashem; Alharbi, Abdu May 6, 2022 6461
Data Analysis and Knowledge Mining of Machine Learning in Soil Corrosion Factors of the Pipeline Safety. Zhao, Zhifeng; Chen, Mingyuan; Fan, Heng; Zhang, Nailu May 6, 2022 5518
Small businesses yellow pages in the works. May 5, 2022 749
Mushelenga concerned about illegal surveillance of journalists. May 5, 2022 744
UnionBank and Asia Pacific College team up for cybersecurity and information security education. May 4, 2022 304
Amarin announces publication of new REDUCE-IT data analysis. May 3, 2022 449
Construction of Game Model between Carbon Emission Minimization and Energy and Resource Economy Maximization Based on Deep Neural Network. Ma, Lan; Wang, Dalei May 2, 2022 6312
Feature Extraction of National Physical Fitness Data Based on Data Mining. Huang, Ying; Li, Yang; Ren, Wengang Report May 2, 2022 5411
Preparing for a More Digital Future in Medtech Clinical Trials. Mehr, Ami Dudzinski May 1, 2022 1135
Managing patients' pain in the intensive care units: Nurses' awareness of pain management. Almutairi, Abeer M.; Pandaan, Isabelita N.; Alsufyani, Abdulaziz M.; Almutiri, DakheelR.; Alhindi, A Report May 1, 2022 5487
An Investigation of Mediator Roles and the Effects of Learning Organization Approach and Intellectual Capital on Organizational Ambidexterity and Organizations' Entrepreneurial Orientation: A Comparison of the Service and Production Sectors. Saglam, Mehmet; Iyigun, N. Oyku May 1, 2022 8658
The Impact of Countries' Credit Rating Scores on the Export Performance of Companies. Iri, Ruhan; Gurbuz, Esen May 1, 2022 12752
AN SME APPROACH TO DATA ANALYTICS: Many small and medium-sized businesses have yet to comprehensively employ data analytics within their organizations, but they can begin with small steps by adapting what's already in place. Riley, Jennifer; Schmidt, Pamela J.; Church, Kimberly Swanson May 1, 2022 3206
How David Wright and Melanie Alder founded Pattern: And integrated data and e-commerce. Wright, David May 1, 2022 1468
Big Tech in Financial Services. Tierno, Paul Report May 1, 2022 17195
Routing optimization algorithm for logistics virtual monitoring based on VNF dynamic deployment. Qiao, Qiujuan Report May 1, 2022 9655
Paper and Ink. Editorial May 1, 2022 669
Effect of COVID-19 Epidemic on Life Expectancy and Years of Life Lost in Iran: A Secondary Data Analysis. Nasrabad, Hajiieh Bibi Razeghi; Sasanipour, Mohamad Report May 1, 2022 5509
Computer Vision-Based Medical Cloud Data System for Back Muscle Image Detection. Qi, Xuanye Apr 30, 2022 5819
A Study of Combinations of Factors in the Marketization of Open Data of Local Governments in China on the Perspective of the Configurations. Wei, Lili; Gu, Bin Apr 30, 2022 10377
Situated Information Flow between Food Commodity and Regional Equity Markets: An EEMD-Based Transfer Entropy Analysis. Agyei, Samuel Kwaku; Owusu Junior, Peterson; Bossman, Ahmed; Arhin, Emmanuel Yaw Apr 30, 2022 15698
Relationship between Capital Allocation Efficiency and Diversification Strategy from the Perspective of Internal Control. Wang, Jingjuan; Xia, Weili Apr 30, 2022 9393
Design and Optimization of University Management Information System Based on Internet of Things and Intelligent Computing Model. Lei, Qin; Li, Yuxi; Yan, Shi Apr 30, 2022 5162
Research on GPS User Trajectory Analysis and Behavior Prediction Based on Swarm Intelligence Algorithm. Zhou, Guangyong Apr 29, 2022 4004
A Research on the Realization Algorithm of Internet of Things Function for Smart Education. Fu, Kuiliang Apr 29, 2022 6359
Research on Solving Path of Negative Effect of “Information Cocoon Room” in Emergency. Liu, Wei; Zhou, Wei Apr 29, 2022 8155
Robust Spectral Clustering via Low-Rank Sample Representation. Liang, Hao; Guan, Hai-Tang; Abhadiomhen, Stanley Ebhohimhen; Yan, Li Apr 29, 2022 5577
US joins 55 nations to set new global rules for the internet. Reuters News Service Apr 28, 2022 313
Indonesia pushing G20 discussions on cross-country data flows. Apr 28, 2022 334
US joins 55 nations to set new global rules for the internet. Apr 28, 2022 303
Nielsen Expands Smart TV Data Deal. RBR-TVBR Apr 27, 2022 384
Mindbreeze, Integrated Digital Technologies to Partner in Intelligent Information Provision. Apr 27, 2022 239
Evaluation Model of College English Teaching Effect Based on Particle Swarm Algorithm and Support Vector Machine. Wei, Chunyan; Tsai, Sang-Bing Apr 27, 2022 7077
Ministry invites stakeholders to develop global data management. Apr 26, 2022 316
Effect of Big Data Analysis-Based Remote Management Combined with Yangyin Runfei Decoction on Coagulation Function, Pulmonary Function, and Quality of Life of Pulmonary Tuberculosis Patients. Jin, Haihao Apr 25, 2022 4786
Multiscale Layout and Planning of Smart Gardens in the Environment of Agricultural Internet of Things. Geng, Xiuting; Chun, Ou Apr 25, 2022 7336
Big Data Fusion Method Based on Internet of Things Collection. Zhang, Tianrong; Li, Hongying; Jin, Tian; Hu, Fengjun Apr 25, 2022 4697
Research on Garden Ecosystem Based on Monitoring Sensing Technology. Qiang, Lixia; Wang, Jie Apr 23, 2022 5944
So, what is the current status of UPDF in Congo? Apr 23, 2022 604
Data Transmission Control of Vehicle Ad Hoc Network in Intelligent Transportation Systems for Smart Cities. Li, Zhenhua; Yu, Guicai Apr 22, 2022 6712
Tax Incentive Policy and Enterprise Innovation: From Enterprise Heterogeneous Perspective. Yu, Yabin; Xu, Qian Apr 22, 2022 5191
Identification Method of Influencing Factors of Hospital Catering Service Satisfaction Based on Decision Tree Algorithm. Li, Siyao; Xu, Di; Liu, Yang; Wang, Rui; Zhang, Jian Apr 21, 2022 6202
Hybrid Machine Learning Model for Electricity Consumption Prediction Using Random Forest and Artificial Neural Networks. Kesornsit, Witwisit; Sirisathitkul, Yaowarat Apr 21, 2022 7846
Responses of Urban Ecosystem Vulnerability and Restoration Assessment on Typhoon Disaster: A Case Study of Zhuhai City, China. Su, Mengyuan; Wu, Jialong; Feng, Miaoling Apr 19, 2022 6693
Thirty Capital To Bring Data Management to Mid-Market Real Estate. Apr 19, 2022 294
Xactus Appoints Chief Financial Officer. Apr 19, 2022 279
Thirty Capital To Bring Data Management to Mid-Market Real Estate. Apr 19, 2022 292
Xactus Appoints Chief Financial Officer. Apr 19, 2022 277
An Informatization Model of Scientific Computing for Mining Association Rules Used in Teaching Management Evaluation. Chen, Chen Apr 16, 2022 6520
Site Selection of Precast Concrete Component Factory Based on PCA and GIS. Wang, Shuqiang; Ruan, Yuke; Hu, Wanwei Apr 16, 2022 7599
Intelligent Writing System for Patients with Upper Limb Disabilities. Hnatiuc, Mihaela; Alpetri, Domnica; Arif, Muhamad; Vicoveanu, Dragos; Chiuchisan, Iuliana; Geman, Oa Apr 15, 2022 5436
Fault Diagnosis Method of Distribution Equipment Based on Hybrid Model of Robot and Deep Learning. Rongrong, Shan; Zhenyu, Ma; Hong, Ye; Zhenxing, Lin; Gongming, Qiu; Chengyu, Ge; Yang, Lu Apr 14, 2022 7338
Omega Healthcare Closes Acquisition of ApexonHealth and Vasta Global. Apr 14, 2022 208
Omega Healthcare Closes Acquisition of ApexonHealth and Vasta Global. Apr 14, 2022 184
NASA and UAE Mars missions team up on science data analysis. Staff Reporter Apr 13, 2022 684
The best and worst train stations in the UK -Which commuter stations should you avoid? Data gathered from Tripadvisor reveals the best and worst stations for commuters; Data gathered from Tripadvisor reveals the best and worst stations for commuters. By, Rachel Hains Apr 13, 2022 237
The best and worst train stations in the UK -Which commuter stations should you avoid? Data gathered from Tripadvisor reveals the best and worst stations for commuters; Data gathered from Tripadvisor reveals the best and worst stations for commuters. By, Rachel Hains Apr 13, 2022 237
The best and worst train stations in the UK -Which commuter stations should you avoid? Data gathered from Tripadvisor reveals the best and worst stations for commuters; Data gathered from Tripadvisor reveals the best and worst stations for commuters. By, Rachel Hains Apr 13, 2022 237
The Impact of Big Data Technology on the Scale Management of China's Animation Film Industry. Wang, Kai; Li, Guojun Apr 13, 2022 8457
Extracting Overtaking Segments by Unsupervised Clustering and Predicting Nonmotorized Vehicle's Trajectory. Yin, Ailing; Chen, Xiaohong; Yue, Lishengsa Apr 13, 2022 10855
Tegeltija and Ribeiro discuss the importance of media freedom. Apr 12, 2022 222
Multimedia Image Data Analysis Based on KNN Algorithm. Li, Runya; Li, Shenglian Apr 12, 2022 4963
Potential Pleiotropic Genes and Shared Biological Pathways in Epilepsy and Depression Based on GWAS Summary Statistics. Lin, Han; Lin, Wan-Hui; Lin, Feng; Liu, Chang-Yun; Che, Chun-Hui; Huang, Hua-Pin Apr 12, 2022 14834
Meet Vincent Olatunji: Nigeria's 'Data Security Officer (DSO)'. Apr 12, 2022 1375
An Innovative Model for Extracting OLAP Cubes from NOSQL Database Based on Scalable Naïve Bayes Classifier. Davardoost, Farnaz; Babazadeh Sangar, Amin; Majidzadeh, Kambiz Apr 11, 2022 5871

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