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Articles from IFR (November 1, 2012)

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An ATC number to call. Lindsay, Jack Letter to the editor 228
Classic on the air. Brief article 594
Deadly disorientation: we make a lot of noise about pilots busting minimums or botching departures, but the two heavy-hitting IMC killers we found were failure to climb and simply losing control. Report 2939
Gotta use that ODP. Kolber, Mark Letter to the editor 237
IFR under pressure: we're not talking about the anxiety of a slam-dunk vector. The subtleties of the mundane altimeter setting really matter--especially for IFR in the high hills. Dennstaedt, Scott C. 1761
Lead radial tip-offs: these crossing points on the arc are more helpful suggestions than hard rules. How you take the hint depends on both the approach in question and your relative velocity. van West, Jeff 1182
More issues with Jepp's iPad. Letter to the editor 412
Notams. Brief article 173
The iPAD feature battles won't relent. Brief article 102
The localizer-only of RNAV? Brodeur, Dick Letter to the editor 265
The quiz. 803
This chart doesn't rate. Darden, John M. Letter to the editor 138
This one will be full stop. Van West, Jeff 655
Unpublished holds: you want me to what? Where? En route holds are a rarity but fly enough, especially in high-traffic areas, and you'll get one eventually. You should be prepared. van West, Jeff 1434
VORs for Armageddon: with everything going to GPS for navigation and position on ATC scopes, what happens if GPS fails? Fear not, the FAA has a plan. Don't you feel better now? Simonds, Fred 1191
Your route on the visual: instrument flight rules are spelled out in meticulous detail, and we yet still uncover ambiguity day after day. Unfortunately, some people seem to seek out ever more. Brenneman, Dog 1534

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