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How good is your BROOKSIDE knowledge?

IT'S time for the Big Brookside Birthday Brain-teaser. The Channel 4 soap is celebrating its 18th birthday and TV writer MARION McMULLEN has been delving into the Brookie archives to come up with the ultimate challenge. Try our fun quiz to find out if you are a Brookie brainbox or a soap starter.

1. Name the children's drama serial that Brookside creator Phil Redmond also created.

2. In which cult 60s series did Kenneth Cope, who plays Ray Hilton, star?

3. Name the actor who played Terry Sullivan.

4. Which Channel 4 chat show host made a guest appearance on Brookside earlier this year?

5. What is Sinbad's real name?

6. Which two current Brookside actresses have previously appeared in Coronation Street?

7. Which former Brookside hairdresser is married to star celebrity Linda Lusardi?

8. Name the first night-club to be built on the parade.

9. Who was the first soap character to cross from one soap to another as the same character?

10. What did Terry do when he found out Michelle was being unfaithful to him?

11. What did Sammy and Owen call their baby?

12. What did Jacqui Dixon call her hairdressing salon?

13. How did Jackie Corkhill dispose of pet dog Cracker's body?

14. How much did Max and Susannah pay Jacqui to have a surrogate child for them?

15. Where did Sinbad propose to Marcia?

16. What did Caroline Choi do for a living?

17. Which football club did Geoff Rogers sign up with?

18. Who did Coventry actress Sandra Maitland bury under the patio when she played Brookside's Mandy Jordache?

19. Encouraged by Jimmy, what did Kylie say she wanted to change her name to?

20. What term did Bobby Grant use to describe having a vasectomy?

21. What caused Gemma Johnson to collapse on millennium eve?

22. To whom did Annabelle's mother Mona become engaged?

23. What was the relationship between DD Dixon and Father Derek O'Farell?

24. In which city was Damon Grant fatally stabbed?

25. Name all the children Max Farnham has fathered.

26. How did Gavin Taylor die?

27. What year were Pat, Kate and Sandra held hostage?

28. What was the name of the Dixon's shop on the newly-built parade?

29. What did the evil Brenna Jordache try to do to Mandy?

30. What was Ron's nickname for David Crosbie?

31. Who was revealed to be Nikki Shadwick's rapist?

32. Name Frank Rogers' band.

33. Name Bev's pet chicken.

34. Who supposedly fixed the light switch that caused Laura Wright's fatal electric shock?

35. What number house on the Close did Harry and Edna Cross first move into?

36. Who did Sheila reveal to be Barry's real father?

37. How did Mick meet stalker Jenny Swift?

38. Where did Gary Stanlow plant drugs to frame Mike and Lindsey?

39. When was Bev's son Josh born?

40. How did Heather meet her future husband Nicholas Black?

41. Where did Jacqui and Rachel spend their hen week?

42. Name the actress who first portrayed Lucy Collins.

43. On what special day did Chrissy Rogers walk out on her family?

44. Name the new man Patricia met in Provence.

45. Name Rachel's first husband.

46. In which city does Margi Shadwick work?

47. Name Damon Grant's two best friends.

48. Who was the first occupier of No 6, the bungalow?

49. Who helped Jimmy Corkhill forge his teaching certificates?

50. How many years as Sue Jenkins, who plays Jackie Corkhill, been a Brookside regular?

ANSWERS 1:. Grange Hill; 2. Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased); 3. Brian Regan; 4. Graham Norton; 5. Thomas Sweeney; 6. Sue Jenkins as barmaid Gloria and Meg Carter as Eunice Gee; 7. Sam Kane; 8. La Luz; 9 Matt Musgrove, who appeared in Hollyoaks after he left Brookside; 10. He threw their bed out of the bedroom window and stabbed it with a knife; 11. Louise; 12. Jacqui D's Style House; 13. She threw it into the Mersey; 14. pounds 30,000; 15. On the scoreboard of at Everton's Goodison Park 16. She made jewellery; 17. Torquay United; 18. Her husband; 19 Lourdes; 20. Having the strings cut off his banjo; 21. She took a dodgy ecstasy tablet; 22. Gerald Fallon; 23. Brother and sister; 24. York; 25. Matthew, Emily, Thomas, Alice, Harry and Emma; 26. From a brain haemorrhage; 27. 1985; 28. The Trading Post; 29. She tried to poison her; 30. Bing; 31. Luke Musgrove; 32. The Scotty Dogs; 33. Kiev; 34. Laura's father, Geoff Wright; 35. Number 7, which they later let out to tenants and moved into the bungalow next door; 36. Matty Nolan; 37. She was a teacher at Leo's school; 38. In Kylie's teddy bear; 39. December 25, 1993; 40. She crashed her car into the back of his; 41. Benidorn, Spain; 42. Katrin Cartlidge; 43. On Sammy and Owen's wedding day; 44. Eric; 45. Christian Wright; 46. Brussels; 47. Ducksie Brown and Gizzmo Hawkins; 48. Alan Partridge; 49. Danny Simpson; 50. Ten.


BROOKSIDE has been breaking taboos since it started 18 years ago. The taboos may have changed but we are still breaking them.

Brookside creator

Phil Redmond

I'VE always watched Brookside. I saw the first ever episode and have always been a fan. To walk around the Close was amazing after having watched the show for so long, it all felt so familiar.

Bernie Nolan who plays Diane Murray

BROOKSIDE is far and away the best soap. I don't mind being called a soap actor, that's what I'm here to do.

Neil Caple who plays Brookside school caretaker Marty Murray

IT'S a great show and we have a really good laugh making it.

Steven Cole who plays teenager Leo Johnson

THEY wanted a grandmother, but one who was young and groovy. Jessie definitely has a modern outlook. I enjoy the emotional scenes a lot, though I really like comedy.

Marji Campi who plays Jessie Shadwick

IT'S fantastic to be back if a little strange - everyone's grown up. Leanne seems to have lightened up a bit, she used to be very intense. I felt sorry for her when she was young as nobody really liked her. She's absolutely great to play, so nasty and very cheeky.

Vickie Gates who plays Leanne Powell

HE'S a great character, he's gay, but he's not there to deal with gay issues. It's very much about him being a person first, gay second. There's a lot of comic potential in him, which I like.

Mickey Poppins who plays Lance Powell

I THINK Nikki is the best. She's so nice and I've experienced a lot through all the eventful storylines she gets.

Suzanne Collins who plays

Nikki Shadwick

I HAVE mixed feelings about my character. I appreciate where she's coming from. She's had a lot to cope with but she can be quite selfish. However, she is a sensitive soul underneath and just doesn't know how to deal with all of life's difficulties.

Patricia Potter who plays Victoria Wilcox
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