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Historian hopes to solve mystery of married couple's identity. Jul 18, 2019 106
Historian Neil honoured for work. Jul 16, 2019 274
Invitation to dig in and join historians searching to unlock past mysteries. Jul 16, 2019 326
Invitation to dig in and join historians searching to unlock past mysteries. Jul 16, 2019 337
Invitation to dig in and join historians searching to unlock past mysteries. Jul 16, 2019 337
An eminent historian predicts a 'Gay Holocaust'. Jul 15, 2019 105
Martin 'Sonny' Tinio Jr., antiques expert and social historian, passes away; 76. Jul 15, 2019 470
Humans are 'on the verge of MERGING with machines', expert claims; Historian Professor Yuval Noah Harari claims that it's becoming more and more difficult to tell where humans end and machines begin. Jul 11, 2019 456
OUR TANK HEROES KEPT UP THE FIGHT IN CRUCIAL WEEKS FOLLOWING D-DAY; Historians RICHARD PURSEHOUSE and BEN CUNLIFFE recently revealed the key role played by the Staffordshire Yeomanry on D-Day but, as they report, it didn't end there. Jul 7, 2019 1463
Stevenson historians win medal for Chicago River project. Jul 6, 2019 497
Stevenson historians win medal for Chicago River project. Jul 6, 2019 497
Selangor Sultan approves renaming Jalan Semangat in honour of historian Khoo Kay Kim. Jul 4, 2019 175
Historian tackles the NTS over truth about Glencoe; Heritage: Expert insists no clearances took place at so-called 'lost villages'. Jul 2, 2019 430
Stevenson H.S. Historians Come Up Winners in Chicago River Reversal Project. Jul 2, 2019 493
Drafting Service For Obas Project I.e. Chabs Historian, Management Of The Same, Writing Of Study Of Security And Health, Coordination Of Security And Health And Programming And Monitoring Of Quality Control. Jun 28, 2019 131
Hoffman Estates historian to be parade marshal. Jun 22, 2019 132
Henry S. Bausum 1924-2019. In memoriam Jun 22, 2019 630
Riot tales brought to fore; Community: Historian gathers forgotten tales and superstitions. Jun 21, 2019 257
Leading historian lectures on Dr. Rizal, cartography. Jun 20, 2019 485
Historian wins PS40,000 prize for book. Jun 14, 2019 168
Historian wins PS40,000 prize; NEWS IN BRIEF. Jun 14, 2019 173
Keeping old-time radio alive Feder: Historian says 1945 was the greatest year for radio. Jun 13, 2019 1030
Chinese govt has destroyed graveyard of Uighur community: Historian. Jun 13, 2019 398
HOW WE BROKE NEWS OF D-DAY; The great Allied invasion... as told by Brum newspapers Following the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings on Thursday, Mercury historian RICHARD PURSEHOUSE looks at how Birmingham newspapers relayed the monumental military event to their readers... Jun 9, 2019 1589
Historian reveals how Mac's packed house leaked from the start; Famous architect used wrong type of cement to build iconic home. Jun 9, 2019 695
A brand new tour celebrating The Beatles is heading to Birmingham; It will be hosted by a leading historian on the legendary four-piece. Jun 8, 2019 327
Historian: How D-Day changed the world, and why we must not forget. Huxen, By Keith Jun 6, 2019 578
The Germans made 'pretty stupid mistakes' ahead of D-Day, says historian; He said the Nazis believed the Second Front would target Calais. Jun 6, 2019 452
The Germans made 'pretty stupid mistakes' ahead of D-Day, says historian; He said the Nazis believed the Second Front would target Calais. Jun 6, 2019 452
The Germans made 'pretty stupid mistakes' ahead of D-Day, says historian; He said the Nazis believed the Second Front would target Calais. Jun 6, 2019 452
The Germans made 'pretty stupid mistakes' ahead of D-Day, says historian; He said the Nazis believed the Second Front would target Calais. Jun 6, 2019 452
The Germans made 'pretty stupid mistakes' ahead of D-Day, says historian; He said the Nazis believed the Second Front would target Calais. Jun 6, 2019 452
Beatles historian honours album; E&S BRIEFING. Jun 5, 2019 168
Historian to mark Beatles celebration. Jun 4, 2019 210
Debate over Fr. Hesburgh's legacy: Author says former Notre Dame president was 'caught in the web' of the 'liberal establishment'. Schlumpf, Heidi May 31, 2019 1307
Historian welcomed back to farm. May 30, 2019 174
Eminent historian Khoo Kay Kim dies. May 28, 2019 389
Historian Khoo Kay Kim's funeral in Shah Alam this Saturday. May 28, 2019 245
Tributes recall historian Khoo's contributions to Malaysia. May 28, 2019 708
It's a game of other-halves: records of women's football Historian unearths fascinating teams dating back to the 1600s; Match reports reveal players in knickerbockers, stockings and high-heel boots. May 26, 2019 1034
Historian recreates Dilmun-era musical instrument which was 'used to greet kings'. May 25, 2019 1566
royal flushed; telly historian stunned by mary queen of scots link Genealogist who discovers descendants of beheaded monarch says her legacy deserves to be looked at again. May 24, 2019 1071
Historian to talk on Arab Revolt; E&S BRIEFING. May 21, 2019 174
Social historian will give talk [...]; E&S BRIEFING. May 20, 2019 144
TRIBUTE TO GREAT WAR KIWI HEROES; The culmination of a campaign to have a Great War information panel on Cannock Chase featuring the close links between the New Zealand troops based there and the local communities - actively supported by the Mercury over the last five years - takes place this Thursday. Our historian, RICHARD PURSEHOUSE, reveals the story behind the ceremony. May 19, 2019 1288
I know there's gold in them thar hills...I just couldn't find it; Historian on the trail of PS2m thrown into ravine by Scots general. May 19, 2019 790
Historian lectures on PHL maps in Lisbon. May 16, 2019 361
Alan has been through the mills to record history; HISTORIAN AND ARCHAEOLOGIST TO GIVE TALK ON INDUSTRIAL PAST. May 9, 2019 339
Historians fear Unesco status might not protect battlefield; HERITAGE. May 9, 2019 380
Historians fear heritage status would not safeguard Culloden; History: Group would prefer organisation which can hold site in trust forever. May 9, 2019 461
Historian Molina 'comes home' to UST. May 6, 2019 762
This Week: Cary Bradburn: Historian, North Little Rock History Commission. Bradburn, Cary Interview May 6, 2019 639
Georgetown's Jackson Jazzed' About History. Jones, Lamont, Jr. Interview May 2, 2019 803
Spain : Historians and academics analyze the historical and political aspects of the first round the world. May 2, 2019 547
Historian talks footy and bridges. May 2, 2019 492
'He is the historian of our village'. Apr 28, 2019 219
Literary Notes: Jameel Jalibi: A great literary historian becomes a part of literary history. Apr 23, 2019 917
Historians claim fight is shaggy dog story... Apr 21, 2019 364
5 rambles to navigate with your family while the sun's out this Bank Holiday weekend; Rambler and historian Bob Woodhouse has taken to hills and dales all over the North east, mapping his routes carefully. Apr 19, 2019 2320
Elgin historian to speak to club. Apr 18, 2019 380
Elgin historian Turnquist to speak at Altrusa Club meeting. Apr 18, 2019 390
Art Historian Explores African Diaspora, Intersections. Jones, LaMont Interview Apr 18, 2019 841
Goal-fest up there with greatest days says club historian. Apr 17, 2019 661
Exclusive - French Historian Charles Saint-Prot: Constitutional amendments 'key' to Egypt's progress, stability. Apr 15, 2019 1682
Exclusive - French historian Charles Saint-Prot: Egypt's constitutional amendments supports democratic transition, stability. Apr 13, 2019 304
Historian remembered as tenacious, caring. Apr 12, 2019 427
Elgin historian Stroud remembered for his tenacity, thoughtfulness. Apr 12, 2019 445
Historian remembered as tenacious, caring. Apr 12, 2019 445
Elgin historian Steve Stroud remembered as tenacious, caring man-BYLN- By Elena Ferrarin Apr 12, 2019 448
Historian at Coffee Talk to discuss mass execution. Apr 10, 2019 209
Docklands historian leaves a legacy in his writing. Apr 8, 2019 336
HISTORY MAN NEIL DIES AT 74. Obituary Apr 7, 2019 303
Cardiff historian Neil Sinclair, one of city's 'most colourful residents', dies aged 74; He wrote many books about Cardiff. Apr 6, 2019 313
Palestinian historian delivers talk at QNL. Apr 3, 2019 205
Footballer stood up against racist abuse of historian. Apr 3, 2019 579
Racists made my life hell as a kid.. but Gazza was so kind to me; Historian David on tough childhood EXCLUSIVE. Apr 2, 2019 566
The Getty Foundation is issuing four grants that will endorse shared learning opportunities for art historians. Apr 1, 2019 106
Historian to Lecture on Largest Mass Execution in American History at Coffee Talk. Mar 28, 2019 208
New perspectives offered on nuances of St. Paul. Boosel, Brian Book review Mar 22, 2019 989
The German Problem: A controversial historian has called the idea of the Holocaust as the ultimate in human evil a religion-like "myth." Will a new caste of priests preserve its inviolability? Goldman, Samuel Critical essay Mar 22, 2019 4331
Enlisting Faith: How the Military Chaplaincy Shaped Religion and State in Modern America. Nelson, Christopher Book review Mar 22, 2019 850
"I DON'T WANT TO BE A HISTORIAN! I JUST WANT TO BE A HISTORY TEACHER!": A WEST TEXAS HISTORICAL METHODS ODYSSEY. Pearson, Byron E.; Brasington, Bruce C.; Bowman, Timothy Essay Mar 22, 2019 9469
Forum: Visual Studies--The Art Historians' View. Discussion Mar 22, 2019 17113
Shaping a Legacy Through History. Pennamon, Tiffany Interview Mar 21, 2019 1278
TV historian Prof Ronald Hutton coming to town. Mar 20, 2019 233
A bugle salute to the Boys' Brigade; HISTORIAN stephen butler RECALLS HIS CHILDHOOD DAYS IN THE 21ST COMPANY. Mar 19, 2019 751
Telling tales; This month is the centenary of the birth of renowned Welsh novelist Menna Gallie. Writer and historian Angela V John explores her legacy. Mar 16, 2019 1050
Historians reimagine George Washington's sofa. Mar 15, 2019 750
Historians re-create George Washington's sofa. Mar 15, 2019 750
Feminist historian honoured with plaque in Merthyr. Mar 9, 2019 186
New Generation of Davao Historians. Mar 9, 2019 1034
Leyte historian: Return of Balingiga Bells 'a veteran-to-veteran effort'. Mar 8, 2019 360
'Jinnah of Pakistan' author Stanley Wolpert dies at 91. Obituary Mar 7, 2019 242
Turkish historians to conduct research in archives of Vatican. Mar 7, 2019 106
Asphalting Of Streets In The Urban Area Of Almussafes: Historian Rafael Llus Duart Alabarta, Benifai Street, Sagrario Street, Mestre Medina Street And Its Crossroads With Salvador Bottle. Mar 6, 2019 144
I was blown away by St George's Hall ... I'd travelled in Greece but it was grander than The Parthenon; HISTORIAN DAVID OLUSOGA TALKS TO paddy shennan ABOUT HIS UP-COMING LECTURE ON ONE OF THE CITY'S MOST ICONIC BUILDINGS. Mar 4, 2019 759
Russell Kirk's Radicalism: It's what conservatives need now. Davis, Michael Warren Mar 1, 2019 3494
Prof. Dr. Fuat Sezgin (1924-2018) and His Contributions to the History of Medical Sciences. Tekiner, Halil Report Mar 1, 2019 2468
KU holds reference in memory of Historian Prof Dr Ansar Zahid. Obituary Feb 28, 2019 398
A historian who says history is science fiction. Feb 23, 2019 1004
A myth that has fascinated many a historian. Feb 23, 2019 462
National Artist for Architecture Francisco Maaosa dies at 88. Obituary Feb 20, 2019 165
US Presidential Historians Rate Trump Worst President Ever. Feb 19, 2019 516
Queen Elizabeth's 'Greatest Mistake Of Her Reign' Revealed By Royal Historian. Feb 19, 2019 342
United Kingdom : Margaret MacMillian appointed to the Imperial War Museum Board. Feb 15, 2019 337
New exhibition explores history of homelessness in Newcastle and add 'Missing Pieces' to narrative; Homeless people, historians and curators have produced 'Missing Pieces', to offer a glimpse into the lives of Newcastle's past and present homeless. Feb 3, 2019 351
Tackle historian at theatre talks. Jan 31, 2019 285
Historian tells audience of billionaires at Davos to pay their taxes; Speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Rutger Bregman slammed the super rich and celebrities for their 'stupid philanthropy schemes'. Jan 31, 2019 396
'Holocaust was an abomination but I am not defending Israel' In his latest Martin Shipton Meets podcast, our chief reporter talks to the Cardiffborn journalist and genocide historian Mike Joseph about the Holocaust and anti-Semitism. Jan 30, 2019 1094
Historian discusses 'Team of Rivals' at Elmhurst College. Jan 30, 2019 194
Historian discusses 'Team of Rivals' at Elmhurst College. Jan 30, 2019 208
Historians take 'long view' on Catholic sex abuse crisis. Schlumpf, Heidi Jan 25, 2019 1360
Unorthodox Live From D.C., With Food Historian Michael Twitty and Newly Elected Congresswoman Katie Porter. Unorthodox Jan 24, 2019 187
THE LAST NEW DEALER. Barone, Michael Jan 1, 2019 2016
OUR HERODOTUS. Owens, Mackubin Thomas Essay Jan 1, 2019 2530
Metahistory for (Ro)bots: Historical Knowledge in the Artificial Intelligence Era/Meta-historia para robos (bots): o conhecimento historico na era da inteligencia artificial. Nicodemo, Thiago Lima; Cardoso, Oldimar Jan 1, 2019 10385
Exemplary History: Competition in Roman Historiography/Historia exemplar: a Competicao na Historiografia Romana. Balmaceda, Catalina Jan 1, 2019 8644
With the methodology of the juridical works: historical judgement in Guerra civil no Rio Grande do Sul, by Tristao de Alencar Araripe (1879-1881)/Com a metodicidade das obras de jurisprudencia: o julgamento historico a partir da Guerra civil no Rio Grande do Sul, de Tristao de Alencar Araripe (1879-1881). Antoniolli, Juliano Francesco Jan 1, 2019 9049
The Men Who Sold the War: Among Washington's hawks, there is no penalty for being wrong. Carlson, Tucker Jan 1, 2019 2094
Historian lays out vision for new Holocaust museum in Warsaw. Dec 15, 2018 714
Art historian to discuss Chicago traditions Dec. 13. Dec 11, 2018 294
Scott Casper, Rian Hargrave, Tahira Mahdi, Jeanne Pirtle and Jennifer Shea / Maryland Humanities. Dec 7, 2018 554
Historian David Starkey reveals moment he found his partner dead on the sofa; Historian David Starkey found his partner of 20 years, James Brown, dead on the sofa in 2015. Dec 2, 2018 288
Magician and actor Ricky Jay, of 'Boogie Nights,' dies at 72. Obituary Nov 26, 2018 328
Annoying? I'm a bit of an armchair know-it-all; Historian and presenter, 69, had a sofa with a history all of its own... Dan Cruickshank On the sofa with.. Nov 24, 2018 302
ON THE SOFA WITH; Dan Cruickshank; The historian and presenter, 69, had a sofa with a history all of its own. Nov 24, 2018 287
Two dead after elderly and lost driver "stops" on the motorway; Bernard Guile, 77, will not face trial because he has since been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. Nov 19, 2018 547
Transporter Bridge visitor centre hosts historian; IN BRIEF. Nov 17, 2018 206
Why the year 536 AD was 'the worst year to be alive'; Medieval historian Michael McCormick said in Europe the year 536AD "was the beginning of one of the worst periods to be alive, if not the worst year". Nov 17, 2018 459
Historian set for Killearn art talk. Nov 16, 2018 173
War veterans' efforts paved the way for return of Balangiga bells historian. Nov 14, 2018 586
Cree Indian WW1 soldiers laid to rest at Top of Town; Local military historian investigates. Nov 14, 2018 329
What Outlaw King got wrong - historian claims Robert the Bruce murder was 'planned'; Dr Fiona Watson, author of Traitor, Outlaw, King, says the murder 'too well planned to be a mistake'. Nov 12, 2018 312
'No more revising history,' says historian on Imelda Marcos conviction. Nov 11, 2018 378
Slayer to the throne; SINISTER TRUTH BEHIND THE KILLING THAT CLEARED WAY FOR BRUCE TO RULE; Historian says film is wrong.. calculating Robert lured royal rival to his bloody death. Nov 11, 2018 1042
Slayer to the throne A historian has claimed Robert the Bruce plotted to Historian says film is; SINISTER TRUTH BEHIND THE KILLING THAT CLEARED WAY FOR BRUCE TO RULE; Historian says film is wrong.. calculating Robert lured royal rival to his bloody death. Nov 11, 2018 1052
This historian has researched war heroes for 15 years - but it's heartbreaking what happens next; Jonathan Shipley, of North Shields, has spent 15 years documenting the heroic tales of men who fought in the First World War so he could write a book. Nov 10, 2018 683
My dear grandfather Charles Hatter; FOR many years Woodhouse author and historian, Michael Kendrick, has composed special Remembrance pieces for the Echo And now in this 100th Great War anniversary year he has written a moving article, that is very close to his heart. Nov 7, 2018 2098
Historian's program explores Illinois' literary heritage. Nov 7, 2018 258
Plaque for historian Masson. Nov 6, 2018 262
Shot dead at 10.59am... one minute before end of war. Nov 3, 2018 137
Liverpool historian tells story of Britain's first black champion; boxing. Nov 2, 2018 630
State History Awards Announced. Awards list Nov 1, 2018 478
[Phrase omitted]: On the Greek Origins of Innovation. Smith, Roger Nov 1, 2018 1494
Family Storytellers Inspired Professor-Historian. Jones, LaMont, Jr. Interview Nov 1, 2018 835
In Memoriam: Black Solidarity Day Founder Carlos E. Russell. Obituary Nov 1, 2018 812
Historians have been 'lazy about interpreting how the war went' In his latest Martin Shipton Meets podcast, our chief reporter talks to Dr Aled Eirug, a journalist turned academic who has written a book called The Opposition to the Great War in Wales 1914-1918. Oct 31, 2018 1178
They want to make a movie about Tuam.. if they do it has to be the truth, the whole truth & not dickied up; HISTORIAN'S JOY AT MOVE TO EXHUME 798 CHILDREN; Brave Catherine determined to see real story told. Oct 27, 2018 894
Tuam babies historian tops Late Late bill. Oct 26, 2018 107
Meghan Markle Is Now More Popular Than Prince Harry, Says Historian. Oct 21, 2018 351
'As well as iconic places such as the White Cliffs of Dover, Edinburgh and Cardiff, I've gone to unexpected, remote places' Neil Oliver, archaeologist, historian, author and presenter of the TV series Coast, is sharing his love of Great Britain on his first ever UK theatre tour. James Rampton asks him a few questions. Oct 19, 2018 1021
Hear historian's talk on reality of WWI, post-war nationalism. Oct 19, 2018 185
Armenian Nazi collaborator spied in Balkans, says Russian historian. Oct 19, 2018 241
Catbalogan, Samar hosts national conference of historians. Conference news Oct 15, 2018 273
Top team appointed to re-imagine world famous Mathew Street; A crack team of urban designers, music historians, economists and planners have been deployed to turn the music mecca into a global tourism smash. Oct 15, 2018 742
Historian Carl Chinn inspires at business lunch; Clarke Willmott LLP in Birmingham were recently delighted to host its latest business lunch with special guest speaker Professor Carl Chinn. Oct 13, 2018 103
Historian Carl Chinn inspires at business lunch. Oct 11, 2018 137
Indian historian Pran Nevile passes away at 95. Oct 11, 2018 354
Hidden secrets behind most remote Roman villa in Wales; The isolated Roman villa at Abermagwr in Ceredigion has changed how historians understand the Roman presence in west Wales. Will Hayward reports. Oct 10, 2018 849
Korean historian on road trip to Bangladesh visits Taxila. Oct 3, 2018 435
A historian withdrawn due to the Night Wolves case returns to his post. Oct 3, 2018 533
Historian claims 'Bangsa Malaysia' erodes racial identities, especially the Malays. Oct 2, 2018 352
The "Yiwen zhi" [phrase omitted] (Treatise on Arts and Letters) Bibliography in Its Own Context. Hunter, Michael Critical essay Oct 1, 2018 10946
Barack Obama: American Historian. Brief article Oct 1, 2018 114
The perception of the West upon the Romanian transition after the Romanian Revolution from December 1989. A historical perspective. The 1990's period. Mateescu, Ioan Dragos Oct 1, 2018 5311
Four score. Hopkinson, Deborah Interview Oct 1, 2018 551
Govt placing mediocres at top posts in institutions: Historians. Sep 30, 2018 428
SCOTLAND'S CROWNING GORY; TURBULENCE AND TREACHERY IN THE WORLD OF TWO QUEENS; Feminist historian gives fresh take on Elizabeth I and Mary Queen of Scots. Sep 29, 2018 1245
The Urban Historian is back in business. Sep 27, 2018 238
United States : Governor Abbott Appoints Monroe As The Texas State Historian. Sep 27, 2018 269
Historians make their own mark on history. Sep 25, 2018 1225
Historians make mark on history. Sep 25, 2018 335
Psychopath who dug up 29 children's bodies and dressed their corpses as dolls could be freed from secure hospital; WARNING - DISTRESSING IMAGES: Anatoly Moskvin mummified the dead children and even applied lipstick and make-up to their faces. Sep 24, 2018 1315
Meghan Markle Lost Identity After Marrying Prince Harry, Historian Says. Sep 22, 2018 441
An Interview with Lewis H. Siegelbaum. Interview Sep 22, 2018 3278
Meghan Markle, Prince Harry Can Save Monarchy, Historian Says. Sep 21, 2018 411
Digging the idea of party in honour of top telly historian; tribute to time team mainstay mick aston. Sep 20, 2018 836
Top TV historians to gather on Lindisfarne at archaeology festival for Mick Aston; The DigNation festival is expected to attract around 400 people. Sep 20, 2018 826
United States : Historians on Hamilton: How a Blockbuster Musical is Restaging Americas Past. Sep 18, 2018 290
The kits are alright. Apart from that Celtic away strip from 1991.. it's at the bottom of the league; FOOTBALL SHIRT COLLECTOR ON HOW HE WENT FROM NERD TO WORLD EXPERT ON THE GAME'S FASHION; Pop culture historian can't wait to showsupporters his unique sportswear exhibition. Sep 16, 2018 1307
World war nearly proved terminal for aerodrome; Conflict delayed take-off of what would eventually become Brum Airport The redundant terminal building at Birmingham Airport, which operated between 1939 and 1984, is to be given grade ll-listed building status. But the airport story began over a decade earlier - and is studded by twists and turns, as historian STEVE RICHARDS discovered. Sep 16, 2018 720
Historian's disgust at the destruction of one of Brum's oldest pubs. Sep 15, 2018 415
Pub's destruction 'disgusting' Historian Chinn slams demolition of one of city's oldest watering holes. Sep 13, 2018 592
BJP, RSS view Gandhi with ambivalence: historian. Sep 11, 2018 526
Uzbekistan : Meeting with a science historian. Sep 11, 2018 259
Alienation Of The Plot Of Municipal Property Belonging To The Municipal Heritage Of Land That Is Identified Below, By Contract Of Sale: Plot Of Urban Land Of 8.618 M2 Located Between The Avenue Of The Historian Vicente Ramos And The Streets Of Networks An. Sep 6, 2018 149
Historian Khoo Kay Kim among seven recipients of Merdeka Award 2018. Sep 4, 2018 326
'I'm not a traitor', Singaporean historian Thum says after public criticism over meeting with Dr M. Sep 3, 2018 912
The Portuguese cartography of maritime Southeast Asia in the first half of the sixteenth century: a synthesis of 100 years of inventory and map exegesis/Cem anos de estudos sobre a cartografia portuguesa das ilhas do sudeste asiatico na primeira metade do seculo XVI: evolucao das agendas de pesquisa. de Oliveira, Francisco Roque Sep 1, 2018 9045
A socialist, a scholar, a historian, a teacher of Prince Charles... but mainly a beloved family man. Sep 1, 2018 610
United States : Office of the Historian, Bureau of Public Affairs Releases Fifteen New Digitized Foreign Relations of the United States Volumes. Aug 28, 2018 114
Historian: 1968 anniversary reminds Austrians of their generosity towards refugees. Aug 21, 2018 305
Taste Paris' Past with Food Historian Jim Chevallier. Aug 13, 2018 462
WHEN 'JERRY' INVADED BRUM; Last week Mercury historian Richard Pursehouse debunked the popular myth that the Home Guard was a shambolic force spawned by hit comedy Dad's Army. In fact it was a lean mean machine, skilled in urban combat - and those tasked with fighting the Germans on our streets cut their teeth in elaborate exercises in Birmingham. MIKE LOCKLEY looks at some of those mock battles and the men who took part in them. Aug 12, 2018 1240
Historian: Malay genes second oldest in the world. Aug 2, 2018 666
Can you help historian raise a glass to the past? Jul 30, 2018 288
Carmen Guerrero Nakpil dies at 96. Obituary Jul 30, 2018 152
Essayist-historian Carmen Guerrero-Nakpil, 96. Jul 30, 2018 275
Carmen Nakpil, renowned writer, historian, dies at 96. Obituary Jul 30, 2018 309
R&B Historian Tyrone DuBose Receives UView Media Group Honor Award. Jul 28, 2018 365
Help me find family of tragic airman John; PLEA Historian Peter searches for crash victim's relatives. Jul 25, 2018 460
Why so many different folk march to Jarrow Hall today; Jarrow Hall, which offers a unique insight into the Anglo Saxon world, is a favourite destination of broadcaster and historian Dr Janina Ramirez and families looking for something to do over the holidays. It is also home to a programme offering a brighter future to young people in the region with special needs, as MIKE KELLY reports. Jul 25, 2018 830
Cape Verde : Note of regret of the historian Joao Nobre de Oliveira. Jul 25, 2018 105
What links a Sunderland wing-half, Nelson Mandela and the President of Zambia? Sunderland historian Rob Mason reveals the amazing story of life after Sunderland of 1920s wing-half Isaac McGorian; Sunderland historian Rob Mason reveals the amazing story of life after Sunderland of 1920s wing-half Isaac McGorian. Jul 22, 2018 994
Art historian says museums ban taking of photos so they can sell own images. Jul 18, 2018 581
Historians Accuse Croatia of Covering up WWII War Crimes. Jul 18, 2018 509
I have a chance to live in the USA - ideal for an American historian; As a recent recipient of the prestigious Elon-Fulbright Scholar Award, we sat down with our lecturer in Modern American History, Dr Emma Folwell, to discover a bit more about the award. Jul 12, 2018 285
Sadness at demolition of a landmark church; Historian and architect condemn loss of St Luke's to housing scheme. Jul 12, 2018 848
Town historian launches West Africa apology bid; Wants Government to apologise for WWII behaviour. Jul 11, 2018 498
Historian Khoo Kay Kim's son offers to tutor 'good friend' AG Tommy Thomas in BM. Jul 11, 2018 568
HOW A TOWN AND AN OCCUPIED NATION'S brave AIRMEN JOINED FORCES TO HELP win BATTLE OF THE SKIES; The residents of Stone's fundraising efforts paid for the Spitfire that bore its name and Norwegian pilots who escaped from the Nazis flew it against the Luftwaffe. An event last week paid tribute to both, as Sunday Mercury Historian richard pursehouse discovered... Jul 8, 2018 651
How Dara'a fell out with Syria's Ba'ath party. Jul 7, 2018 1221
Quaker George Fox is on the green plaque shortlist; Hinckley historian John Nichols is also on the shortlist. Jul 5, 2018 570
Hoffman Estates paying historian $30,000 for update. Jul 4, 2018 307
Hoffman Estates paying historian $30,000 to update book on village. Jul 4, 2018 307
THUCYDIDES'S TRAP: Is it inevitable that the U.S. and China will go to war, or can the two nations continue to exist in an uneasy peace? Fischer, Raymond L. Jul 1, 2018 1570
An apt surname. Cary, Alice Interview Jul 1, 2018 586
Fair play to historian Ally; HOT. Jul 1, 2018 137
CLIMATE CATASTROPHES: A historian looks back at transformative Florida weather events. Mormino, Gary R. Jul 1, 2018 896
Spiegelungen in Dandin's Mirror: A Comparative Pursuit in the Translatability of Narrative Modes, Historicity, Prose, and Vernacularism across French and Asian Medieval Historiography. Kragh, Ulrich Timme Critical essay Jul 1, 2018 17477
M.H. Panhwar as a Historian. Jun 30, 2018 7560
Renowned historian Dr Mubarak Ali awarded. Jun 29, 2018 369
Civilizational Sickness and the Suspended Middle: R.G. Collingwood, Christopher Dawson, and Historical Judgment. Mitchell, Philip Irving Essay Jun 22, 2018 9974
Warren A. Trest 1931-2017. Brief article Jun 22, 2018 262
Up-gradation Of Wspose (hmi) Of Pro-control P13/42 Ddcs By The Latest State Of Art Hmi System With Historian In Line With But Not Limited To The Features Of The Existing System Of 1x210mw Unit No. 5 A. Jun 21, 2018 235
Think 'Space Force' Sounds Cool? Israel's Cranky, Celebrated Military Historian Begs to Differ. Siegel, Jacob Jun 20, 2018 174
Civil War Symposium set. Jun 18, 2018 234
Provision Of An Enterprise Cloud Based Time Series Data Historian For Irish Water. Jun 15, 2018 259
Ted Dabney, Atari co-founder whose engineering paved the way for Pong, dies at 81. Obituary Jun 10, 2018 1108
Famous Russian art historian blends nature and fashion in Baku. Jun 5, 2018 860
The American Gun Culture. McGrath, Roger D. Jun 4, 2018 3725
The tartan spaceman; Moon walker Bean dies at the age of 86. Obituary Jun 1, 2018 267
'THE DEATH OR R GLORY BOYS'... Historian tells the story of the Midland men among the few who survived the notorious Charge of the Light Brigade... and the many who were not so lucky. May 31, 2018 742
Is South Africa on brink of 'reverse apartheid'? Expert fears Nelson Mandela's 'rainbow nation' dream could be shattered within 30 years; Jan Cronje, author and apartheid historian, is urging Britain to intervene to prevent genocide in South Africa. May 30, 2018 457
there are no buildings like these in any other city; paddy shennan talks to architectural historian trevor newton about his tours of the city. May 28, 2018 724
Countries looted by Britain should get two minute 'supermarket sweep' at British Museum, says BBC historian; David Olusoga has suggested it would boost our relationship with Commonwealth countries after Brexit. May 28, 2018 454
Atari co-founder dies at age 81 due to cancer. Obituary May 27, 2018 239
'the death or glory boys'... Historian tells the story of the Midlands men among the few who survived the notorious Charge of the Light Brigade... and the many who were not so lucky. May 27, 2018 1387
Meghan Markle 'Desperate To Become A Princess,' Says Historian. May 26, 2018 352
Women first aiders close to front line in maverick yeomanry; Colourfully dubbed "neither fish nor fowl but damn fine red herring", the First Aid Military Yeomanry could be described today as both revolutionary and maverick. Here, historians Tony Peters and Roy Dowell tell the story of Cardiff's very own yeomanry heroine - Elsie Agnes Courtis. May 24, 2018 1052
Richard N. Goodwin, White House speech writer, dead at 86. Obituary May 22, 2018 1742
Revealing a Hidden Chapter. Stewart, Pearl May 17, 2018 851
Flights, camera, action; HISTORIAN TAKES A BIRD'S EYE VIEW OF SCOTLAND James Crawford uncovers the nation's secrets from the sky after spending 10 years studying aerial images stretching back to the early 20th century. Here he tells the story of his TV series and book, entitled Scotland from the Sky. May 15, 2018 706
Study Claims Poles Fatally Betrayed Most of Country's Jews in Hiding from Nazis. Report May 14, 2018 583
We're not gunmen - we're armed historians! police called to report of gun-toting gang find wwii re-enactors handing out leaflets for living history event. May 12, 2018 471
Reflections of TV historian Dan. May 11, 2018 140
Think you know the Vikings? Historian will make you think again... May 11, 2018 541
Life and times of the Vikings in the North, by 'rock star historian'. May 11, 2018 376
TV historian set to make a point about the Vikings; forget the helmets with horns, academic will say. May 11, 2018 463
Jarrow Hall to host 'rock star' historian - and live Faustian performance; The popular visitor attraction Jarrow Hall is hosting two evenings of entertainment this month. May 10, 2018 580
Reflections of TV historian Dan. May 9, 2018 140
Historian Gibbons at next 'Conversations in the Studio'. May 9, 2018 198
Historian's fascination with arena. May 8, 2018 129
Dark and murderous history of hidden tunnels beneath Wirral beauty spot revealed; Historian says Bidston has an "amazing amount of myths and legends". May 6, 2018 546
Historians name 2 Indian Ocean shipwrecks. May 6, 2018 602
ASI's 'beauty parlour' treatment cause of Taj Mahal's browning, says historian. May 4, 2018 509
A Guide to Reading Herodotus' Histories. Brief article May 1, 2018 102
Celebrating Bob Gordon's Taming the Past. Gross, Ariela J.; Blumenthal, Susanna L. May 1, 2018 851
Rebellion and Anti-colonial Struggle in Hispaniola: From Indigenous Agitators to African Rebels. Ozuna, Ana Essay May 1, 2018 7134
Between the disciplinary past and the practical past: figurations of the historian in the crisis of the humanities/Entre o passado disciplinar e os passados praticos: figuracoes do historiador na crise das humanidades. Turin, Rodrigo May 1, 2018 9213
Varnhagen, Santarem and Avezac: an episode of the vespuccian controversy (1842-1858): Varnhagen, Santarem e Avezac: um episodio da polemica vespuciana (1842-1858)/Varnhagen, Santarem e Avezac: um episodio da polemica vespuciana (1842-1858). Protasio, Daniel Estudante May 1, 2018 8174
Historians and the possible uses of their knowledge: The contribution of the International Congresses of the History of America in the conformation of an American identity (decades of 1930-1960)/De historiadores y de los posibles usos de su saber: la contribucion de los Congresos Internacionales de Historia de America en la conformacion de una identidad americana (decadas de 1930 a 1960). Rodriguez, Martha May 1, 2018 8844
Behind the words: Political uses of the concept "impartiality" and its function in the construction of the history of America in the Spanish Enlightenment/Detras de las palabras: usos politicos del concepto de "imparcialidad" y su funcion en la construccion de la historia de America en la Ilustracion espanola. Munoz, Nuria Soriano May 1, 2018 8210
'War dance' over Birmingham that spawned a legend; Historian Richard Pursehouse reveals the act of daring that made Castle Bromwich test pilot Alex Henshaw a household name. Apr 26, 2018 1210
G-Force made that season memorable one for Wearsiders; NOSTALGIA: Rob Mason looks at how Sunderland recovered from last relegation to the third tier Denis Smith and Marco Gabbiadini inspired Sunderland the last time they fell into the third tier. Club historian Rob Mason asks: Can Chris Coleman follow suit? Apr 26, 2018 813
WWI historian to discuss African-American regiment. Apr 25, 2018 246
Chris DeRose: Court clerk by day, historian by night. Apr 23, 2018 979
Another former 'comfort woman' dies. Apr 23, 2018 160
VICTORY ROLL THAT SPAWNED A LEGEND; Historian RICHARD PURSEHOUSE, of The Chase Project, reveals the act of daring that made Brum Spitfire test pilot Alex Henshaw a household name. Apr 22, 2018 1423
Historian offers program on Betty White. Apr 22, 2018 321
Comey Memos Follow Tradition Of J. Edgar Hoover Keeping Notes On Presidents. Apr 21, 2018 1224
Historian to speak on Western democracy. Apr 21, 2018 341
Lithuania : A joint Lithuanian-Russian historian commission in Moscow referred to the 100th anniversary of the restoration of Lithuania's statehood. Apr 21, 2018 276
Teaching with Arabic Literature in Translation: Classical Texts That 'Capture a Sense of Marvel, Wonder, Humor, And, Above All, Adventure'. Movie review Apr 16, 2018 1589
Historian JOHN SADLER re-tells one of the great legends of Northumberland - that of Sir Guy the Seeker and Dunstanburgh Castle. Apr 14, 2018 652
Surrey historian releases book detailing the horrors of when Britain couldn't defend itself against German aerial attacks in World War 1; Zeppelin Onslaught looks at the first time air warfare was conducted and how it terrorised the UK. Apr 6, 2018 718
The Rise of Public History: An International Perspective/El auge de la historia publica: una perspectiva internacional/O ascenso da Historia Publica: uma perspectiva internacional. Cauvin, Thomas Ensayo Apr 1, 2018 11960
1918 bloodshed in Azerbaijan needs legal assessment: Russian historian. Mar 30, 2018 182
Australia : Australias brightest young historians recognised. Mar 28, 2018 378
City photo archivist will be sorely missed; Letters. Mar 22, 2018 189
HAIL, MOMMSEN. Epstein, Joseph Mar 22, 2018 3736
An Interview with Robert Edelman. Interview Mar 22, 2018 6647
Editor's Note. Pitts, Bill Editorial Mar 22, 2018 436
From Balconville to Condoville, but Where Is Co-opville? Neighbourhood Activism in 1980s Pointe-Saint-Charles. Vickers, Simon Mar 22, 2018 12192
Ideas and Weapons: A Critique. Casari, Robert B. Mar 22, 2018 2962
Kenneth Chih-Sung Kan 1952-2017. In memoriam Mar 22, 2018 252
Caught between Internationalism, Transnationalism and Immigration: A Brief Account of the History of Anarchism in Egypt until 1945. Hernandez, Laura Galian; Paonessa, Costantino Report Mar 22, 2018 11117
Elites and Imperial Ambitions: A Symposium: The Real Thucydides Trap. Gustafson, Lowell Essay Mar 22, 2018 11438
Tribute to an Urban Historian. Nolan, Frances Mar 21, 2018 1721
Farewell to David Wyman, the Great Historian of American Silence in the Face of the Holocaust. Sauvage, Pierre Mar 19, 2018 151
Ancient 600-year-old path uncovered by archaeologists could reveal SECRETS of mystery monument; The discovery of a new set of steps could change everything historians thought they knew about Huaca Toledo in South America. Mar 16, 2018 373
Historians, academicians concerned over attempt to rewrite history. Mar 10, 2018 553
On Unorthodox, Israeli Food Writer Gil Hovav and Historian Alan Robert Ginsberg. Unorthodox Mar 8, 2018 157
Historian sheds light on life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Mar 8, 2018 480

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