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US Media: Historian Who Predicted Trump's Win Says He Will Be Impeached. Nov 13, 2016 225
Women of old heavily influenced traditional Kuwaiti children's literature - historian. Oct 27, 2016 209
The National WWII Museum Announces Dates for Germany and Poland Educational Tour. Oct 18, 2016 888
THIRTEEN's "Secrets of the Dead: After Stonehenge" Reaches Back 3,000 Years to Uncover Life in Bronze Age Britain Wednesday, October 26, 10 p.m. on PBS. Oct 17, 2016 1166
THE SHINTY STICK HEROES; HISTORIAN HAILS LEGENDARY TEAM WHO MARCHED OFF TO FACE HELL IN THE TRENCHESCourageous players took their will to win from the sports fields of Scotland to the battlefields of France. Oct 16, 2016 1443
THE SHINTY STICK HEROES; HISTORIAN HAILS wLEGENDARY TEAM WHO MARCHED OFF TO FACE HELL IN THECourageous players took their will to win from the sports fields of Scotland to the battlefields of France. Oct 16, 2016 1442
Qualified Architectural Historian To Complete A Mihp Form. Oct 14, 2016 124
Qualified Architectural Historian To Complete A Mihp Form. Oct 12, 2016 122
Qatar honors Kuwaiti historian Saif Al-Shamlan for heritage documentation. Oct 10, 2016 178
Ukraine : Main weapon of Ukrainian historian is facts. And facts and truth are on Ukrainian side. Oct 7, 2016 585
Strength of the rugby man killed by shell fire in Ypres battle; In the latest in our series on Welsh rugby internationals who served in World War I, historian Gwyn Prescott looks at the life of Dai Westacott. A talented international forward from Grangetown who represented Cardiff 120 times, Westacott was killed during the Third Battle of Ypres during his second stint on the Western Front. Oct 5, 2016 994
Historian's killer 'targeted stars including Kate Moss'. Oct 5, 2016 379
historian's anti-welsh tweet tirade. Oct 2, 2016 559
Satin & scandal. Escoyne, Courtney Brief article Oct 1, 2016 101
University historian marks Jarrow Crusade. Oct 1, 2016 507
A dialogue on traditional medicine: east meets west. Roth, Adam; Zhang, Hongxia Report Oct 1, 2016 5823
Lee Max Friedman Award-Lecture. Sarna, Jonathan D. Oct 1, 2016 2608
Aspects regarding the oppression of the religious cults during the communist regime in the files of the Romanian Securitate. Safta, Gabriela Essay Oct 1, 2016 5799
Ian Fleming's James Bond Based on Porfirio Rubirosa According to New Research by Forensic Historian Daniel J. Voelker. Sep 22, 2016 709
Short life of Welsh rugby international snuffed out by shellfire; In the latest in our series on Welsh rugby internationals who served in World War I, historian Gwyn Prescott looks at the life of Horace Wyndham Thomas. The Pentyrch-born scholar played for London Welsh and was a cricketer in India before he was fatefully caught up in a shellfire attack on a French battlefield. Sep 14, 2016 965
Historian to give talk on Mametz battle. Sep 7, 2016 189
Chinese historian reveals Arab-China ties dating back to 14th century. Sep 3, 2016 386
Steve's on top of the world! city's popular historian and tour guide celebrates achieving a lifelong ambition. Aug 31, 2016 698
For obvious reasons, historians rarely find themselves at the center of the events they examine. Aug 31, 2016 568
Johan Huizinga, The Waning of the Middle Ages, and the writing of history. Moran, Sean Farrell Report Aug 24, 2016 6824
World's largest cemetery grows bigger as Shi'ite militias bury their dead. Aug 23, 2016 289
Experts dismiss erroneous claims by Egyptian historian. Aug 19, 2016 409
Rugby player Dick Thomas 'died as he had always lived - a great hero' In the third of our series on Welsh rugby internationals who served in World War I, we feature Richard Thomas who fought in a unit filled with old teammates and opponents before paying the ultimate sacrifice. Rugby historian Gwyn Prescott tells his story... Aug 17, 2016 954
Recalling a giant of the rugby pitch and hero of the battlefield; In another of our series on Welsh rugby internationals who served in World War I, we turn to Richard Thomas, who fought in a unit filled with old team-mates and opponents before making the ultimate sacrifice. Rugby historian Gwyn Prescott tells his story. Aug 17, 2016 966
Terrible Eight were reduced to seven by Battle of the Somme; Last month, we featured an account of Welsh international-turned soldier John Lewis Williams who died of wounds suffered in the Battle of Mametz Wood. But, of course, Williams wasn't the only player to perish in World War I. Here, Cardiff-based historian Gwyn Prescott tells the tragic story of feared scrummager Dai Watts... Aug 10, 2016 1061
A fearsome scrummager, a life cut tragically short the Terrible Eight and on Somme battlefield; 100 years on, Cardiff-based historian Gwyn Prescott tells the tragic story of feared scrummager Dai Watts, one of several Welsh rugby players to die during the Battle of the Somme... Aug 10, 2016 1078
Historians finish report on Deady's racial sentiments. Aug 10, 2016 1059
Smithsonian plans to hire beer historian. Aug 2, 2016 145
Jeremy Corbyn is no Keir Hardie, argues LEADINGWELSH historian; Leading Welsh historian Kenneth O Morgan has given a damning verdict on Jeremy Corbyn, arguing Owen Smith and not the Labour Party leader carries the flame of Keir Hardie. Political Editor David Williamson reports. Aug 2, 2016 1155
I have read a lot about Keir Hardie. I've written a lot about Keir Hardie. And I know one thing. Jeremy Corbyn is no Keir Hardie; LABOUR HISTORIAN ON LEADERSHIP RACE. Jul 31, 2016 1057
injustice heaped upon the victims of pit tragedy; INVESTIGATES A historian believes the inquiry into one of the Midlands' worst mine disasters was a travesty. MIKE LOCKLEY reports. Jul 31, 2016 1296
Historian Nancy made Fellow of British Academy. Jul 26, 2016 353
The 'soft-left' son of leading Labour historian who aims to heal party at war. Jul 21, 2016 586
Historian 'stole Dambuster logbook from hero's widow'. Jul 19, 2016 156
WWII fighter propeller found on island beach; AMATEUR HISTORIAN HOPES TO RETURN CRASH WRECKAGE TO ORIGINAL BASE. Jul 12, 2016 389
Independence yay; Historians' delight as the Declaration of Arbroath is recognised by Unesco. Jul 6, 2016 278
Birth of liberty: historian and author Dan Jones says the genetics of the Magna Carta are embedded in the Declaration of Independence and other great founding documents. Wolf, Mark Book review Jul 1, 2016 1273
Working-class people are asking, 'what about us?' Leading Welsh cultural historian Peter Stead argues that the Brexit referendum should be seen as a protest by'ordinary people'across the nation at the'elites' who run the country. David Williamson reports. Jun 27, 2016 782
Tributes as ex-lifeboat man dies suddenly. Jun 27, 2016 398
141 days in hell. And a life for every one of them; 100 YEARS ON HISTORIAN REVEALS HEARTBREAKING STORIES OF HEROES WHO DIED AT THE SOMME. Jun 26, 2016 1581
Making sense of history: Henri-Irenee Marrou's theological scope. Diaz, Barbara Essay Jun 22, 2016 8096
Liverpool Then -ANDNOW... Liverpool Then -ANDNOW... historian DAN LONGMAN takes another look back at some of liverpool's landmarks then and now. Jun 11, 2016 684
My 2 cents: elegance is defined as something that is unnoticeable, but as an amateur social historian, I tend to notice the unnoticeable--especially the trivial aspects of the TV distribution business. Serafini, Dom Jun 1, 2016 656
Wifredo Lam, the Shango priestess, and the Femme Cheval. Sato, Paula Critical essay Jun 1, 2016 6179
revealed: the viking streak in rovers dna; Historian examines Norse link that makes Tranmere unique. May 22, 2016 711
Historians to help in Deady dispute. May 7, 2016 1452
HIGHLAND historian [...]. Apr 29, 2016 131
Historian 'duped police to die with euthanasia drug'. Apr 22, 2016 177
Historian 'duped police to die with euthanasia drug'. Apr 22, 2016 176
Historians bid to save milestone. Apr 14, 2016 162
Politicians, economists, historians speak about the visit as pushing Arab ties from partnership to integration. Apr 10, 2016 243
United States : Lagarde appoints historians to Chronicle Defining Moments in Funds history. Apr 8, 2016 312
Presidential Medal Of Freedom Recipient And Last Crow War Chief Dr. Joseph Medicine Crow Dies At Age 102. Apr 4, 2016 871
Family Historian Adds Automatic Record Matching and "Hints" for Findmypast Databases. Apr 3, 2016 618
Improving operations with data analytics: a new generation of analytics software simplifies extraction of insights and value from data historians. Risse, Michael Apr 1, 2016 1751
Jon Meacham historian, editor, author: "great political leaders--Thomas Jefferson, FDR, Eisenhower, Reagan--were always in tune with the cultural currents of the time.". Storey, Tim Interview Apr 1, 2016 1557
Upgrade Of The Centralized Technical Management Of The Agency Dreux (28,500) Water Of Paris With Integration Historian A Type Of Database. Mar 23, 2016 257
Harper Johnson, Pictorial Historian, Author Dies at Age 100. Obituary Mar 22, 2016 421
Who's afraid of Arthur Bryant? A once-beloved historian, three decades on. Stove, R.J. Critical essay Mar 22, 2016 3607
Packing disability into the historian's toolbox: on the merits of labour histories of disability. Galer, Dustin Book review Mar 22, 2016 2208
My nine Favourite things; The hunky historian and Sport Relief 2016 supporter, 37, tells us what entertains him... Mar 19, 2016 272
Tribute to historian who helped put town's story on map. Mar 17, 2016 574
Missing bust discovered in cupboard under the stairs; A marble bust, by eminent Welsh sculptor Joseph Edwards, of 19th-century scholar and historian Thomas Stephens has been rediscovered in a cupboard under the stairs. Rachael Misstear . reports... Mar 16, 2016 720
Booker prize winner Anita dies aged 87. Mar 16, 2016 109
Memorial to historian Vera unveiled at cemetery. Mar 10, 2016 313
Academic activist: Dr. Rodolfo F. Acuna, the 2016 recipient of the John Hope Franklin Award, continues his legacy of protest and being a champion of Chicano studies. Watson, Jamal Eric Interview Mar 10, 2016 1395
Historian makes appeal. Mar 7, 2016 200
Priority disputes in the history of psychology with special attention to the Franz-Kalischer dispute about who first combined animal training with brain extirpation to investigate brain functions. Thomas, Roger K. Mar 1, 2016 6943
Reflections on In The Name of the Goddess. Sinha, Gayatri Critical essay Mar 1, 2016 2089
No common ground left: Freedomways, Black Communists vs. Black nationalism/Pan-Africanism. Vassell, Olive; Burroughs, Todd Steven Essay Mar 1, 2016 6429
The haunting images that the lost country houses thprovide a glimpse of that once GRACEDWALES h; Tom Houghton talks to architectural historian Dr Mark Baker, who is seeking the public's help to compile an online database cataloguing those country estates in Wales that have been either demolished or significantly reduced in size over the years. Feb 22, 2016 782
Historian needs to move to the north. Feb 11, 2016 156
Eisteddfod honour for historian. Feb 9, 2016 159
Was it really so grim INTHENORTH? 'It's grim up North'.Why do people say that? DAVE MORTON talks to media historian Chris Phipps about JB Priestley's controversial 1934 book, An English Journey. Feb 9, 2016 623
Islands Society Recognizes Sea Islands Historian as a "Local Female Leader". Feb 7, 2016 597
'Bohemian Jack' shot dead by firing squad for 'a simple act of peace-making' 'Shot at Dawn' tribute for First World War New Zealand soldier after lobbying from historians. Jan 28, 2016 1244
Historian casts doubt over sale of Frankfurt racecourse. Jan 22, 2016 277
TV historian fights for legacy of Lloyd George. Jan 19, 2016 621
Noted journalist, author and historian Aroon Tikekar dies. Jan 19, 2016 394
Bohemian Jack shot dead by firing squad for 'a simple act of 'peace-making' 'Shot at Dawn' tribute for First World War New Zealand soldier after lobbying from historians. Jan 17, 2016 1266
A US historian is being mocked for suggesting the Canadian PM is a Muslim because of a single photo. Jan 12, 2016 274
Patty Limerick named Colorado's State Historian. Jan 11, 2016 529
MYSTERY OF FAB FOUR'S VERY FIRST GIG IN BRUM; Pop historians in plea for information about 1962 Ritz show by The Beatles. Jan 10, 2016 630
American Historian David Barton's "Foundations of Freedom" Premieres January 8th -- Only on TBN. Jan 8, 2016 704
GRAND DESIGNS; Huddersfield historian wants to know more about Edgerton's special properties. Jan 6, 2016 570
US Historian: Ankara Has Decided to Wage an Open War Against Kurds. Jan 4, 2016 486
Fight to the finish: historian Tim Cook's final installment of the Second World War. Hooper, Tyler Jan 1, 2016 991
From the archives: Lucy S. Dawidowicz and the Restitution of Jewish Cultural Property. Sinkoff, Nancy Jan 1, 2016 13455
The mind of Russell Kirk: how the horrors of war led to the birth of American conservatism. McCarthy, Daniel Cover story Jan 1, 2016 2212
Benoit Lacroix (1915-2016). Laperriere, Guy Obituary Jan 1, 2016 924
"The pit has often laid down the law for the boxes": Terence Hawkes, Alexis de Tocqueville, and Shakespearean Class Struggle. Hartley, John Essay Jan 1, 2016 5114
Does it matter how one opposes memory bans? A commentary on Liberte pour L'histoire. Kahn, Robert A. Jan 1, 2016 16380
Welsh academic sifts through history of baking in new show; University historian Dr Alex Langlands is to present a BBC2 timeslip in the new year, where four bakers will recreate the lives and work of their Victorian predecessors, and experience and examine the social and economic changes of the time. Dec 23, 2015 583
Bernard C. Nalty: (1931-2015). Watson, George M. In memoriam Dec 22, 2015 720
Daniel R. Mortensen: (1938-2015). Watson, George M. In memoriam Dec 22, 2015 686
Historians and Inuit: learning from the Qikiqtani Truth Commission, 2007-2010. Goldring, Philip Essay Dec 22, 2015 12828
2nd Arab Musical Historians Forum Concludes. Dec 17, 2015 188
Family Historian Offer for Family Tree Maker Users. Dec 11, 2015 316
Smithsonian Opens Wegmans Wonderplace for Young Historians. Dec 9, 2015 865
Celebrating five dance luminaries: National Ballet of Canada's Karen Kain, Noche Flamenca's Soledad Barrio, dance historian David Vaughan, Urban Bush Women's Jawole Willa Jo Zollar and American Ballet Theatre's Marcelo Gomes. Dec 1, 2015 1878
Horror after man, 85, dies in house fire. Nov 24, 2015 122
Do pre-winter checks before the rot sets in; Broadcaster, historian and archaeologist Neil Oliver is leading the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings' annual National Maintenance Week campaign this week. He offers some advice on readying period properties for the winter. Nov 19, 2015 459
The paper has interviewed historian Nikola Zezov with the aim of shedding light to the goals of the Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization (VMRO) established as a reaction to the outcome of the Berlin Congress of 1878. Nov 18, 2015 107
Stalin's prosecutor: RIP Robert Conquest, the historian who held the Soviets accountable. Garvin, Glenn Obituary Nov 1, 2015 1095
They shoot historians, don't they? Nassar Rabbat on ISIS and Palmyra. Rabbat, Nassar Nov 1, 2015 1797
... what impartial European historians said. Ankomah, Baffour Quotation Nov 1, 2015 1576
Historian to give lecture. Oct 29, 2015 148
Birmingham /historian Jahan Mahmood The MUSLIM HEROES OF WORLD WAR ONE 400 000 , Few people today are aware of the scale of sacrifice made by the 1914-1918 conflict's forgotten army. MIKE LOCKLEY finds out. Oct 25, 2015 1311
ICC deputy chairman receives historian. Oct 22, 2015 130
Jewish historians rubbish Netanyahu's Holocaust claims. Oct 21, 2015 472
TE Lawrence; Historians have described him as 'the greatest Englishman who ever lived', but guess what? He was born in Wales. Erin Lloyd Jones, from Cadw, reflects on the early life of TE Lawrence, best known as 'Lawrence of Arabia'. Oct 17, 2015 933
In search of the supernatural; Halloween is nearly upon us - get ready for the scare fest with a delve into Stockton's supernatural side courtesy of historian, author and Gazette columnist Bob Woodhouse. Haunted Stockton. Oct 16, 2015 496
Historian's wife in tribute as university funeral announced. Oct 15, 2015 401
Community's gratitude for late historian; Letters. Letter to the editor Oct 15, 2015 196
Hitler TV coup for historian. Oct 10, 2015 193
Imagine ... if John had lived; Today would have been John Lennon's 75th birthday. We asked respected BBC Radio Merseyside presenter, author and music historian Spencer Leigh, left, to predict what the ex-Beatle might have got up to, had he lived. Oct 9, 2015 671
Tributes to the man who gave our shared history that human touch; Historian, acadamic and columnist dies aged 61. Oct 8, 2015 542
Tributes paid to historian who worked on hit drama. Oct 5, 2015 291
Christopher Columbus History is a Monumental Fraud, According to New Evidence by Historian. Oct 5, 2015 620
City historian loses cancer fight. Oct 3, 2015 244
Photographic history of Joyland Amusement Park a gay Kansas historian releases book. Parker, Kristi Oct 1, 2015 115
Processing the political image of a king: an overview of the interwar and communist discourse about Carol II of Romania. Ilie, Mihaela Camelia Biography Oct 1, 2015 5095
Painting the air force story: service comes to life when Reserve historian puts brush to canvas. Joyner, Bo Oct 1, 2015 1595
Neary's paintings featured in collection with Wyeth, Rockwell, other greats. Joyner, Bo Oct 1, 2015 630
IAML historian. Flury, Roger Brief article Oct 1, 2015 290
'AN INSPIRATION' Memorial to historian Lesley. Sep 26, 2015 409
Is narrative "the description of fictional mental functioning"? Heliodorus Against Palmer; Zunshine &. Co. Essay Sep 22, 2015 17281
Parallels with Jacobite failure; HISTORIAN'S VIEW. Sep 18, 2015 585
'ghost signs' of North East Raise your eyes to see; 'Ghost signs' are a window into our past. Photographer and historian, Steve Elwood, shares some of his images of an often hidden North East. Sep 11, 2015 610
Scots should be proud of our mongrel nation; Immigrants make this land a better place to live; HISTORIAN ON RAINBOW SCOTLAND. Sep 6, 2015 782
Historian Carl Chinn at book launch; NOSTALGIA LETTERS&. Sep 6, 2015 136
Voices from the front line are heard once more... at pub; A top military historian will be calling at a pub on a First World War memorial poppy walk. TONY HENDERSON explains why. Sep 4, 2015 1372
LEGEND OF CAMELSCOT; Knightmare for English as true nationality of King Arthur is revealed by historian. Sep 4, 2015 193
Be fairy careful; Telly historian warns US drugs company not to ruin ancient fort with factory. Sep 3, 2015 435
Historian Frances on trail of church funds. Sep 1, 2015 310
'The historian's art historian': Tom Stammers on Francis Haskell. Sep 1, 2015 723
Catholic and public school classroom commonalities: a historical perspective/Points communs entre les classes des ecoles catholiques et des ecoles publiques: une perspective historique/ Semejanzas en las aulas de las escuelas catolicas y publicas: una perspectiva historica. Ognibene, Richard Essay Sep 1, 2015 13117
They share many similar principles but Jeremy Corbyn is no Michael Foot. He is far more limited; HISTORIAN ON FAVOURITE'SPROSPECTS WHEN LEADING LABOUR FROM THE LEFTFront-runner lacks experience. Aug 23, 2015 1265
Breaking the silence: a post-Charlie Hebdo France must confront tough questions about some unwelcome truths about religion and the state. De Tarle, Antoine Aug 14, 2015 822
Rev Prof Owen Chadwick; Wartime curate in Birkby and prominent historian. Jul 28, 2015 204
Keep Ma'am ... & carry on; CONFIDANTE REVEALS FURY OF ROYALS AT HITLER PICS; It's business as usual for Her Majesty - but historians expect more big leaks; Monarch's cousin dismisses 'Nazi footage' as nonsense and a fuss over nothing; EXCLUSIVE. Jul 20, 2015 1238
Keep Ma'am ...& carry on; CONFIDANTE REVEALS FURYOF ROYALS AT HITLER PICS; It's business as usual for Her Majesty - but historians expect more big leaks; Monarch's cousin dismisses 'Nazi footage' as nonsense and a fuss over nothing; EXCLUSIVE. Jul 20, 2015 1238
Keep Ma'am ...& carry on; CONFIDANTE REVEALS FURY OF ROYALS AT HITLER PICS; It's business as usual for Her Majesty - but historians expect more big leaks; Monarch's cousin dismisses 'Nazi footage' as nonsense and a fuss over nothing. Jul 20, 2015 1238
Historian to reveal tales of North industrialists. Jul 10, 2015 145
UNSEEN FILM ARCHIVES REVEALED ... A step back in time from historians. Jul 9, 2015 590
Last orders; Local writer and historian CHARLIE STEEL concludes his fortnightly series on the rise and fall of the great British pub. Jul 6, 2015 1559
THE WOLF PACK IN SHEEP'S CLOTHING; SECRECY HOW HIGHLANDERS KEPT SUBMARINE SECRETS They called them the grey wolves - Nazi U-boats that prowled the shipping lanes of World War II. And 33 of the vessels surrendered in one sea loch, as historian David Hird found out. Jul 4, 2015 784
Blood and leviathan: a Stanford historian thinks war is the engine that drives civilization. Is he right? Davies, Stephen Book review Jul 1, 2015 3036
Evolution and conceptual change in the history of chemistry: Kuhn and Duhem's considerations/Evolucao e mudanca conceitual na historia da quimica: consideracoes de Kuhn e Duhem. Oliveira, Amelia de Jesus Ensayo Jul 1, 2015 8736
70 years since Nuremberg, the search for Nazis continues: an interview with Efraim Zuroff. Rosenbaum, Basia Interview Jun 22, 2015 2436
Clash of the titans on a blood-soaked Belgian battlefield; Northumberland-based military historian JOHN SADLER is just back from the battlefield at Waterloo, scene of a decisive battle 200 years ago. Here, he reflects on a day that changed history. Jun 20, 2015 685
Tough life of Coventry Ladies' first captain; NOSTALGIA To coincide with the Women's World Cup, Coventry City historian LIONEL BIRD tells the fascinating and inspirational story of the first captain of Coventry City Ladies Football Club. Ellen Warren overcame a difficult childhood to become a top player who caught the eye of the famous Dick, Kerr's Ladies team. Jun 16, 2015 658
STARKEY RAVING MAD; Historian condemned for astonishing rant comparing Scottish Nationalists to the Nazis .. and even likening the Saltire to the swastika. Jun 15, 2015 313
Historian reaps rich reward for her research. Jun 10, 2015 445
How did Thomas Foulkes finally face his Waterloo? Historian's appeal for infomation on battle veteran. Jun 1, 2015 429
Return to the source: the painters of the Hudson River School are now firmly recognised as pioneers of American art--and not only by art historians, but by a new generation of artists inspired by the dramatic landscape of the Hudson Valley. Barringer, Tim Jun 1, 2015 2566
Historians might pay a price for this freedom. May 17, 2015 535
Making ale and hearty history; The local writer and historian Charlie Steel continues his fascinating fortnightly series on the history of the English pub. May 11, 2015 1563
Lewis Carroll did visit Llandudno and I have proof; ... historian claims answer to the puzzle over famous author's presence in seaside town is in this photograph. May 11, 2015 422
NIHCR holds Historians Moot Today. May 7, 2015 200
Historian in Pennine Way walk for love of 'her' river. May 6, 2015 521
Schneider Electric Historian Solution Selected as Information Management System for AEP Radiation Monitoring System Upgrade. Apr 30, 2015 663
BBC veteran blasted over industry slur; HISTORIAN CARL CHALLENGES BEEB MAN OVER 'UNFAIR' BRUM CRITICISM. Apr 27, 2015 362
Historian speaks at directors' dinner. Apr 23, 2015 200
Outspoken historian is in city for theatre talk. Apr 18, 2015 351
Stark-ly honest; Fresh from courting more controversy, historian David Starkey comes to town to give an anniversary talk on the Magna Carta. Apr 17, 2015 325
Comedic Silent Film Pioneer Remembered By Pro-Tek Restoration Expert and Film Historian. Apr 16, 2015 796
Event to remember historian. Apr 14, 2015 163
Event to honour distinguished historian. Apr 14, 2015 126
Official - beer is good for you; The local writer and historian CHARLIE STEEL continues his fortnightly series of articles on the history of the pub. Here he continues his look at the origins of that most enjoyable of substances - beer. Apr 13, 2015 1280
Celebration of a local heroine; Historians mark 250th anniversary of the birth of Amy or Lady Hamilton. Apr 10, 2015 342
Presidential system in Turkey would collapse, says historian Ortayly. Apr 6, 2015 298
Texas pseudo-historian Barton's claims of big court win questioned. Apr 1, 2015 447
Ale and bread for breakfast; Historian Charlie Steel continues his fortnightly series on beer and brewing. This week he looks at the origins of beer. Mar 30, 2015 1536
Deconstructing a family tragedy; Historian probes 1940 fire that killed the Nordstrom sisters. Foskett, Steven H., Jr. Mar 27, 2015 728
Surveyors, Architects, Conservation Architects, Historians, Supervisory Consultants, Landscape Architects, Painters. Mar 23, 2015 111
Margaret O hOgartaigh. Murphy, Maureen O'Rourke Obituary Mar 22, 2015 689
Historical correctness and historical fiction: a response/Historiese korrektheid en historiese fiksie: 'n respons. Burger, Willie Mar 22, 2015 9557
American music historian Charters dies. Tanner, Jari Mar 20, 2015 349
Monthly sessions for amateur historians. Mar 17, 2015 195
Crying into our beer; In part two of a regular fortnightly feature, historian Charlie Steel argues there is a real danger that if the present trend of pub closures continues, the UK may be in danger of losing the traditional English pub altogether. Mar 16, 2015 1156
Influential New York architect Michael Graves dies. Mar 15, 2015 329
Turbulent times at BBC revealed by a historian. Mar 7, 2015 344
Kuwait has long been supporting education in Arab countries - historian. Mar 4, 2015 277
Deviance, aspiration, and the stories we tell: reconciling mass atrocity and the criminal law. Mohamed, Saira Mar 1, 2015 10277
Two cheers for Howard Zinn: the radical historian was as much populist as leftist. Stove, R.J. Feb 28, 2015 2300
Language centre scheme in memory of historian; BRIEFLY. Obituary Feb 26, 2015 127
Late historian's documentary shortlisted. Feb 24, 2015 227
LateWelsh historian up for international award. Feb 24, 2015 347
Cultural and folk icon dies aged 95. Feb 23, 2015 402
'Outstanding' Welsh historian dies at 76. Obituary Feb 17, 2015 559
Tributes to influential Welsh historian. Feb 17, 2015 194
'We ought to be glad coal mining came to an end' Historian's contentious views on the industry. Feb 14, 2015 507
Long-lost valentines lead historian to family. Oleson, Ellie Feb 13, 2015 1097
Miners' strike has been 'falsely mythologised' Much of the 30-year anniversary coverage about the 1984-85 miners'strike has focused on the way mining communities coped with what they saw as the threat to their industry. Chief Reporter Martin Shipton tells how historian Hywel Williams will give an alternative view on S4C next week. Feb 10, 2015 810
Providing of Historian Services. Feb 7, 2015 105
US art historian's spotlight on Qatar's architecture. Feb 3, 2015 485
Provision of SCADA System and Option Data Historian. Jan 29, 2015 247
Satirical cartoons illustrate the trends in city politics; Historian and author Roger Ward looks at the importance of cartoonists in Victorian Birmingham. Jan 29, 2015 777
no no seven; Roman bridge historians are Bond's new arch enemy. Jan 25, 2015 295
Providing of Historian Services. Jan 22, 2015 105
Libel: Warren Harding was our worst president: President Warren Harding is often condemned by historians as a corrupt, incompetent president--odd for a man who was respected and praised for honesty while alive. Byas, Steve Jan 19, 2015 4773
We may never know his name for certain but we know exactly where he was shot at dawn; Historian We've found the tragic Scots soldier killed at just 19; A LONELY TREE IN A MISTY FIELD AND THE SPOT WHERE OUR YOUNGEST TOMMY WAS EXECUTED. Jan 18, 2015 1023
Serving Canada's interests: historian Gwynne Dyer talks about Canada in the Great Power Game. Brush, Megan Jan 1, 2015 1144
The over determined universe: the paradox of freedom in Herodotus's history. Osborn, Ronald E. Essay Jan 1, 2015 6158
Communist and non-communist historiography about the seventeenth century: discourse, chronology, labels. Ilie, Liviu Marius Essay Jan 1, 2015 4962
Towards a kinetic architectural history: James Ackerman and the Moving Viewer, 1942-1961. Houston, Kerr Jan 1, 2015 8019
Teesside has made a huge impression on this historian. Dec 31, 2014 261
'Selma' disappoints LBJ historian. Weber, Paul J. Dec 29, 2014 311
Max Rosenberg, 1923-2014. In memoriam Dec 22, 2014 108
Family Historian 6 Adds Internet Data Matching and Much More.... Dec 10, 2014 515
According to the historians, the lion is not an ethnic symbol of the Albanians. Dec 9, 2014 256
Historian Claims Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa Was A Chinese Slave. Dec 5, 2014 412
'Inspirational' lecturer dies at age of 71; Historian taught at Warwick University for almost 40 years. Obituary Dec 3, 2014 260
Tridentine motivations of Pope John XXIII before and during Vatican II. Wicks, Jared Essay Dec 1, 2014 7579
Phronesis Vol. 59, No. 4, 2014. Author abstract Dec 1, 2014 406
Acquisition of the year: the art historian Michael Sullivan, who died last year, amassed one of the greatest western collections of modern Chinese art during his lifetime. Its bequest to the Ashmolean Museum transforms Oxford into a major centre for the study of Asian art. Hall, Michael Dec 1, 2014 588
Historians Question PM John Key's 'Shallow' Knowledge Of New Zealand History. Nov 25, 2014 353
Historians slam suggestion to divide heritage'. Nov 22, 2014 499
Historian's quest to ensure that the fallen are never forgotten. Nov 19, 2014 598
Duo go dancing back in time; Move over Fred and Ginger, there's a new duo dancing across our screens. Strictly's Len Goodman and historian Lucy Worsley tell JEANANNE CRAIG why they're hoping for a perfect 10 with their new dance documentary. Nov 15, 2014 1057
Duo go dancing back in time; Move over Fred and Ginger, there's a new duo dancing across our screens. Strictly's Len Goodman and historian Lucy Worsley tell JEANANNE CRAIG why they're hoping for a perfect 10 with their new dance documentary. Nov 15, 2014 1066
Duo go dancing back in time; Move over Fred and Ginger, there's a new duo dancing across our screens. Strictly's Len Goodman and historian Lucy Worsley tell JEANANNE CRAIG why they're hoping for a perfect 10 with their new dance documentary. Nov 15, 2014 1090
Ypres is not a tourism destination and the Last Post is not meant to be applauded; North East historian JOHN SADLER is concerned about the way we are marking the ceremonies of remembrance. Nov 13, 2014 688
Dancing down memory lane; Strictly's Len Goodman and historian Lucy Worsley go cheek-to-cheek as they step back in time to trace the origins of dance for TV documentary. Nov 11, 2014 494
Historians And Preservation Groups Announce Landmark National Campaign To Save Revolutionary War Battlefields. Nov 11, 2014 702
Bury me deep down below: masculine sentimentality on the turn-of-the-century Australian frontier. Bellanta, Melissa Report Nov 1, 2014 7421
READERS' LIVESGail-Nina Anderson; Gail-Nina Anderson is a Newcastle-based cultural historian who lectures on a wide range of subjects, from high art to the paranormal. Her five favourite reads embrace Gothic horror and high comedy. Oct 28, 2014 601
Real men DO cry... so long as they are Gazza or Murray Gazza or Murray; But Warwick historian says it's still a massive But Warwick historian says it's still a massive no-no for politicians, cricketers and golfers no-no for politicians, cricketers and golfers. Oct 24, 2014 297
Real truth lacks razor-sharp edge of Peaky Blinders; Hit TV series Peaky Blinders has placed Birmingham in the national spotlight - but how close to the truth is it? In part one of a two-part series, ZOE CHAMBERLAIN gets some surprising answers from historian and Mail columnist Carl Chinn. Oct 16, 2014 1028
Australia : Quay acknowledgement for Perth historian. Oct 13, 2014 325
Historians to give series of free talks about war. Oct 11, 2014 230
Bid to honour Gallipoli dead; BRITAIN TODAY. Oct 6, 2014 105
Historian to donate notes on famous Lincoln photo. Oct 5, 2014 147
Historian presents artwork depicting Reserve Airmen to chief of staff. Oct 1, 2014 382
British brutality in East Africa. Williams, Stephen Interview Oct 1, 2014 2820
"No other but a Negro can represent the Negro": how black newspapers 'founded' Black America and Black Britain. Vassell, Olive; Burrough, Todd Steven Oct 1, 2014 4658
How the two sides dug deeper and deeper in search of military gain; North East historian JOHN SADLER on the 100th anniversary of a significant moment early in the First World War - and one which led to a dirty and dangerous new aspect of the conflict. Sep 29, 2014 749
The murder most foul that left its stamp on history; The Midland-born Victorian social reformer Sir Rowland Hill - - inventor of the penny postage stamp - - played a little known part in a macabre episode in Birmingham's history, writes keen historian Peter Douglas Osborn. Sep 25, 2014 934
The spirit of the community lives on; Community spirit is alive and kicking in Saltburn, says resident and historian TONY LYNN. Sep 24, 2014 537
Germany : ICONICS Announces New Cloud-based Hyper Historian. Sep 24, 2014 339
Historians corner. Johnson, Peter W. Sep 22, 2014 750
A scholar of Canada: a tribute to Robert H. Babcock. See, Scott W. In memoriam Sep 22, 2014 2609
A scholarly tribute to Bettina Bradbury, feminist historian of the family: a roundtable discussion. Fahrni, Magda Sep 22, 2014 779
Pigs, cows, boarders, and ...: brothels, taverns, and the household economy in nineteenth-century Montreal. Poutanen, Mary Anne Sep 22, 2014 3252
A Scholarly tribute to Bettina Bradbury, feminist historian of the family. Millward, Liz Essay Sep 22, 2014 2201
Working [on imperial] families: Bettina Bradbury's imperial re(turn). Henderson, Jarett Essay Sep 22, 2014 3054
Wales through a lens; It's Welsh History Month again in the Western Mail and at WalesOnline, in association with Cadw. Over the course of four weeks, we'll be running articles by a host of leading Welsh historians and academics discussing the history of Wales in 100 pictures. Our first piece comes from Huw Bowen, Professor of Modern History at Swansea University. Sep 20, 2014 844
Lloyd George's timing was perfection in itself; Today marks a littleknown anniversary of World War I. The moment when, writes historian Gethin Matthews, David Lloyd George gave a landmark speech in defence of Britain's actions in the build-up to the war, and a plea to his countrymen to do their bit. Sep 19, 2014 604
Historian will present 'Herstory' in Civil War quilts. Sep 19, 2014 220
Has the sea finally given up the secret of the ill-fated Erebus? The Franklin Expedition and its crew disappeared after leaving Greenhithe in Kent in 1845. Rachael Misstear explains how historians in West Wales are now hoping the discovery of one of its ships will be that of HMS Erebus, built and launched in the area two decades before. Sep 16, 2014 688
Historian David wins second prize. Sep 10, 2014 502
Method and metaphysics: a legal historian's canon. Bateman, C.G. Sep 1, 2014 11182
Method and metaphysics: a legal historian's canon. Bateman, C.G. Sep 1, 2014 18998
Poverty of the church--poverty of culture: a contribution of Giuseppe Dossetti to Vatican II. Melloni, Alberto Essay Aug 31, 2014 8956
Sporting fan Dave, 70, dies at Headingley; Tributes after Giants historian's fatal collapse. Obituary Aug 30, 2014 543
Noted historian Bipan Chandra dies at 86. Aug 30, 2014 329
Is this where Brian Epstein really discovered The Beatles? Historian claims city hall gig paved way for band's success. Aug 26, 2014 521
Hidden war tales of Wales; Rugby commentator Eddie Butler turns historian to uncover what life was like in Porthmadog and Swansea during WWI. Aug 26, 2014 1818
The blundering bombers; The Great War brought few moments of comedy, but a botched Zeppelin raid on the North East coast had newspapers poking fun at a crew which dropped bombs on a field. IaN RobsoN talks to the historian who says they got lost on the way to their real target. Aug 25, 2014 1339
A tale of two cities; We know him as the velvet-voiced frontman of BBC rugby commentary but in the coming weeks we'll see Eddie Butler in a whole new light - as war historian and novelist. He tells Dave Owens about this exciting new chapter in his life. Aug 23, 2014 2180
War games historians find long-lost medal; Research into WW1 female football teams. Aug 22, 2014 436
Nobels paid a price for their family names to appear in history books; An infuential historian from Warwickshire was antiquary to the stars in the 1600s. Chris Upton reports. Aug 21, 2014 989
President GE-l presents order of merit to historian Feroz Ahmad. Aug 19, 2014 128
Heroes and villains in city historian's past. Aug 15, 2014 335
Non-existent historian who never won THEVC. Aug 11, 2014 614
Better guns, better transport, better food - and a high chance of death; Historian JOHN SADLER on how, as the First World War passes from living memory, there is a duty and compulsion to keep alive the voices of those who took part. Aug 8, 2014 650
We have to save our city from falling into ruin; Liverpool has the most listed buildings outside London, but many stand unloved and empty. Historian Stephen Guy tells Tom Belger why it matters. Aug 6, 2014 1169
Historian Jill Lepore introduces readers to Ben Franklin's sister. Frantz, Ann Connery Aug 3, 2014 1156
Deconstructing pseudo-scientific anthropology: Antenor Firmin and the reconceptualization of African humanity. Williams, Gershom Aug 1, 2014 10208
Tributes paid to eminent historian. Jul 31, 2014 161
Fed Reserve Historian Blames Housing Incentives as Wrong & Harmful: Full Disclosure Network(R) Internet - TV Series. Jul 30, 2014 556
War that didn't end all wars; 100 years after the start of World War One, amateur historian Christopher Dobson looks at the way the North East responded to the conflict - and the toll it took. Jul 28, 2014 1685
Pleading for a "new world order": prolific author and member of America's elite Robert Kagan pled for America to continue on the path of a U.S.-empowered "new world order"--as we have done for 70 years. Scaliger, Charles Critical essay Jul 28, 2014 2603
Federal Reserve Historian Meltzer Reveals Fed's Bank Examiners Never Rejected Bad Loans: Full Disclosure Network(R) Internet - TV Series. Jul 16, 2014 541
James MacGregor Burns, historian, dies; 95. Jul 16, 2014 282
Historians set to say it with flowers. Jul 15, 2014 134
Historian fights veterans' grave marker thefts; Seeks ban to stop sales. Oleson, Ellie Jul 13, 2014 820
Renowned historian gives insight on demand of federalism in South Sudan. Jul 9, 2014 1044
Bannockburn and a long legacy of savagery and myth; Historian JOHN SADLER marks the 700th anniversary of the battle of Bannockburn - and looks at how it helped to shape the complex relationship between England and Scotland. Jul 4, 2014 684
Custody of the current archive, storage and historian of the institution. Jul 3, 2014 163
Two cheers for partisan history: Herbert Butterfield was wrong about Whig scholarship. Gottfried, Paul Jul 1, 2014 1201
Carl Bridenbaugh, American colonial history and academic antisemitism: the paths to the 'Great Mutation'. Palmer, William Critical essay Jul 1, 2014 9433
Historian: France Trying to Get Rid of MKO. Jun 29, 2014 285
A wandering spirit and a passion for photography; HISTORY To mark 100 years since the death of Birmingham photographer and intrepid explorer Sir Benjamin Stone, author and Newman University historian Stephen Roberts looks back at his legacy. Jun 26, 2014 905
Step back in time and enjoy a pint in the pubs of yesteryear; Local writer and historian Charlie Steel has shone new light on the fascinating world of the many old pubs in North Shields. Dave Morton reports. Jun 24, 2014 911
WW1 TALK BY HISTORIAN; WIRRAL Briefing. Jun 24, 2014 123
Charles Beard & the English historians. Drake, Richard Jun 22, 2014 3639

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