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Frontier Perspectives cumulative index of feature articles and news & views Volume 1(1) to Volume 15(2) (1990-2006).

Volume 15(2) 2006

Feature Articles

Herkovits, Jorge Evoecotoxicology: The Science Concerned with the Register in Living Organisms of the Interactions with Chemical and Physical Agents During the Evolutionary Process

Hunt, Charles W. Triple Geospheres: Oxidic Carapace: Hydridic Mantle:

Ultimetal Core

News & Views

Bauer, Johann A. Pathological Findings and Clinical Outcomes Study of 101 Fibromyalgia Patients Treated by Quadrant Pain Intervention

Fiscaletti, Davide and Sorli, Amrit. Toward and New Interpretation of Subatomic Particles and Their Motion Inside A-Temporal Physical Space

Woodley, Michael A. Ecosystems as Superorganisms: The Neglected Evolutionary Implications

Volume 15(1) 2006

Feature Articles

Popp, Fritz A. A Novel Technique to Assess the Status of the Body's Regulatory System

News & Views

Mukhopadhyay, A.K. Some Reflection on "Quo Vadis Quantum Mechanics?"

Extending Science Further! Let Us See Where?

Marshall, Ian N. Elementary Electric Dipoles

Janks, John S. Utility and Limits of Dowsing Rods to Chart the Subsurface

Patascher, Steven The Rehabilitation Potential of the Diabetic

Volume 14(2) 2005

Feature Articles

Aghbalyan, Y.G. Minerals and Radiation

Gernert, Dieter. Conditions for Entanglement

Sudakov, K.V. and Oumrioukhin, E.A. System Quanta of Universe

News & Views

Aristarkhov, Vladimir M. Geo-electromagnetic Field and Consciousness Quantum

Fiscaletti, Davide and Sorli, Amrit Toward an A-Temporal Interpretation of Quantum Potential

Mukhopadhyay, A.K. How Deep is Rene Descartes' Cut? How am I Related to the Paperweight on my Table?

Volume 14(1) 2005

Feature Articles Grandpierre, Attila. Order, Structure, Physical Organization and Biological Organization Kompanichenko, Vladimir. Origin of

Planetary Systems to due Dichotomous Division of the Ejected Superheat Mass

News & Views

Gernert, Dieter. Implicit, Incoherent and Inconsistent Knowledge

Naess, Havlor. Evolution of Culture in the Light of the Second Law of Thermodynamics

Sorli, Amrit and Sorli, Ilaria K. From Space-Time to A-Temporal Physical Space

Volume 13(2) 2004

Feature Articles

Wolff, Milo and Haselhurst, Geoff. Einstein and the Electron

Grandpierre, Attila. Entropy and Information of Human Organisms and the Nature of Life

Maccone, Claudio. A Mathematical "Cubic Law of Recovery:" Part I Applications to History of Astronomy, SETI and Modern Europe

News & Views

Bustuoabad, Oscar D. and Correa, Julio E. Injury and Death in the Embryo Development Process: Hypothesis of Biological Self-Organization

Sradj, Nadim. Thermodynamical Aspects of Age-Related Macular Degenerations

Sorli, Amrit and Sorli, Kusum. Evolution as a Universal Process

Schwerin, David A. Globally-Conscious Capitalism: A Conscious Perspective on Economic Management and Responsibility

Volume 13(1) 2004

Feature Articles

Oschman , James L. and Oschman , Nora H.. Electromagnetic Communication and Olfaction in Insects: Commemorating the Research of Phillip S. Callahan, Ph.D.

Nanushyan, E. R., Skripnikov, A. Y., and Murashov, V. V. The Problem of Giant Cells in Biology

Kompanichenko, Vladimir. Systemic Approach to the Origin of Life

News & Views

Korotaev, S. M., Serdyuk, V.O., Gorohov, J. V., Pulinets, S. A., and Machinin, V.A. Forecasting Effects of Macroscopic Nonlocality

Goiun, Roger Y. Rational vs. Conscious Experience in Time and Space Matters

Volume 12(2) 2003

Feature Articles

Upadhyay, Rajendra Prakash. A Strategy for Structural Exploration of Homeopathic Medicine

Saniga, Metod. Conics(q+1)- Arcs, Pencil Concept of Time and Psychopathology

News & Views

Shamov, Vladimir. On the Way to Relativistic and Quantum Theory of Environment?

Sradj, Nadim. Lymph-Remedies in Ophthalmology

Dubrov, Alexander. Unknown Factors in Chronobiology

Korotkov, Konstantin. Where do We Go?

Volume 12(1) 2003

Feature Articles

Agababov, R.M., Abashina, T.N., Suzina, N.E., Vainshtein, M.B., Schwartsburd, P.M. Pathological Pregnancy, Placental Calcification, and Nannobacterial Infection: Is there any Relationship between these Events?

Durr, Hans-Peter. Sheldrake's Ideas from the Perspective of Modern Physics

Kompanichenko, Vladimir. Distinctive Properties of Biological Systems: The All-Round Comparison with Other Natural Systems

Buccheri, Rosolino, Saniga, Metod. Endo-Physical Paradigm and Mathematics of Subjective Time

News & Views

Zhang, Chang-Lin. Dissapative Structure of Electromagnetic Field in Living Systems Volume 11(2) 2002

Feature Articles

Shealy, C. Norman, Silver, Burton, Murrell, Mike. Intracellular Magnesium Deficiency in Chronic Disease

Bundzen, P., Korotkov, K., Nazarov, I., and Rogozkin, V. Psychophysical and Genetic Determination of Quantum-Field Level of the Organism Functioning

Zhang, Chang-Lin. Skin Resistance vs. Body Conductivity (On the Background of Electronic Measurement on Skin)

News & Views

Carrell, Mike. Energy Perspectives 2002

Chavis, Howard J. Medical Orgone Therapy

Pressman, Maurie D. The Evolution and Arrival of Spiritual Psychotherpy

Upadhyay, Rajendra Prakash. Homeopathic Message for the Material Scientist

Volume 11(1) 2002

Feature Articles

Shealy, C. Norman, Borgmeyer, V., Jones, Christoper H.M. Correction of Low Body Temperature with Iodine Supplementation

Matsuno, Koichiro. Dynamics without Boundary Conditions--Material Dynamics from the Internalist Perspective

Popp, Fritz. Biophotons--Background, Experimental Results, Theoretical Approach and Applications

Gupta, V.K. Matter Contrives to be Alive

News & Views

Mukhopadhyay, A.K. Science for Consciousness. Five Reasons for Failure and Five Ways to Make it a Success

Temkin, Alexander Ya. Whether Homo Sapiens Thinking Can be Carried Out by Biomolecular Information Processors in the Brain?

Volume 10(2) 2001

Feature Articles

Ackerman, John M. The Biophysics of the Vascular Autonomic Signal and Healing

Saunders, James C, Sonalkar, Sarita, R., and King, Edward, A. The Analysis of Sound by the Ear

Wagner, O.E. Structure in the Vacuum Wolff, Milo. Spin, the Origin of the Natural Laws, and the Binary Universe

News & Views

Dubrov, Alexander P. Russian Advances in the Study of the Effects of Environmental Factors and Electromagnetic Medicine

Schaerer, Alec. Why Matter Matters Massively

Sutherland, Christine. Neuro-Somatic Treatment for Depression: A Preliminary Report on a Group Treatment Program

Volume 10(1) 2001

Feature Articles

Tiller, William A., Dibble Jr., Walter E., and Kohane, Michael J. Exploring Robust Interactions Between Human Intention and Inanimate/Animate Systems, Part II: Theoretical

Tzoref, Judah. New Aspects of Vacuum Kinematics

News & Views

Lieber, Michael M. Force and Genomic Change

Saito, Yoshihiko and Yasue, Kunio. Pedagogic Demonstration of the Spontaneously Broken Symmetry by Magnetic Compasses

Wnuk, Marian J. and Bernard, Casimir D. The Electromagnetic Nature of Life The Contribution of W. Sedlak to the Understanding of the Essence of Life

Volume 9(2) 2000

Feature Articles

Tiller, William A., Dibble Jr., Walter E., and Kohane, Michael J. Exploring Robust Interactions Between Human Intention and Inanimate/Animate Systems, Part 1: Experimental

Marino, Andrew A. In the Eye of the Beholder: The Role of Style of Thought in the Determination of Health Risks for Electromagnetic Fields

Ross, Stephanie Maxine. The Potential ZRole of Soy Photoestrogens in Women's Health

News & Views

Offutt, George. What is the Basis of Human Hearing?

Volume 9(1) 2000

Feature Articles

Jacobson, J., Yamanashi, W., Saxena, A., Brown, B., Parekh, P., Shin, D., and Saxena, B. Effect of Magnetic Fields on Damaged Mice Sciatic Nerves

Knox, Sarah S. Physics, Biology, and Acupuncture: Exploring the Interface Koren, Tedd. Chiropractic: An Introduction

J. Levitan and M. Lewkowicz. Can Chaos Provide a Framework for Consciousness?

Tzoref, Judah. Inherent Duality of the Natural Process

News & Views

Cartmell, John W . Nutritional Considerations in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Costa de Beauregard, O. Rationality of the Paranormal, An Essay on Seeming Contradictions

Lake, James. The Future of Psychiatry: Emerging Paradigms and Integrative Approaches in Psychiatric Diagnosis and Treatment

Volume 8(2) 1999

Feature Articles

Beichler, Jim. Single Field Unification and Consciousness

Evans, Myron, et. al. Ultra High Frequency Fermion Resonance Induced by Circularly Polarized Radiation: The Resonance Inverse Faraday Effect

Rauscher, E.A. and Bise, W.L. Response of Physiological Parameters to Low Frequency and Low Intensity Pulsed Magnetic Fields

Rayner, Alan. Evolutionary Waterways: The Contextual Dynamics of Biological Diversity

Wagner, O.E. Gravity as a Wave Phenomenon

News & Views

Kokus, Martin. Towards a New Paradigm

Peat, F. David. Active, Information, Meaning, and Form

Reid, B.L., Bourke, C., Meyer, R. Contributions of Space Energy in the Search for Controls Systems in Biology

Vecchi, Italo. On High Dilution Experiments

Volume 8(1) 1999

Feature Articles

Root Wolpe, Paul. From Quackery to "Integrated Care": Power, Politics, and Alternative Medicine

Sachs, Mendel. Fundamental Conflicts in Modern Physics and Cosmology

Stirniman, Robert. The Wallace Inventions, Spin Aligned Nuclei, the Gravitomagnetic Field, and the Tampere 'Gravity-Shielding' Experiment: Is there a Connection?

Tsao, James, Gordon, Thomas F., Dileo, Cheryl, Lerman, Caryn, and Murasko, Donna. The Effects of Music and Biological Imagery on Immune Response

Hong-Zhen, He, Da-Lin, Li, Wen-Bin, Xi, and Chang-Lin, Zhang. A "Stress Meter" Assessment of the Degree of Relaxation in Oigong vs. Non-Qigong Meditation

News & Views

Carrell, Mike. New Energy Update--1999

Elitzur, Avshalom C. Can Skepticism Itself be Dogmatic?

Volume 7(2) 1998

Evans, M. W. Electrodynamics as a Non-Abelian Gauge Field Theory

Popp, Fritz-Albert. Biophotons and Their Regulatory Role in Cells

Schwartz, Gary E.R., and Russek, Linda, G.S. The Origin of Holism and Memory in Nature: The Systemic Memory Hypothesis

Tzoref, Judah. Vacuum Kinematics: A Hypothesis

Abraham, Guy E. Effect of Colloidal Metallic Gold on Cognitive Functions: A Pilot Study

Eldridge, Don. DNA Dreaming

Gorgun, Suyeyman Seckiner. Studies on the Interaction between Electromagnetic Fields and Living Matter Neoplastic Cellular Culture

McKenzie, Clancy. A Unification Theory of Mental Illness

Volume 7(1) 1998

Smith, Cyril W. Is a Living System a Macroscopic Quantum System?

Rein, Glen. Biological Effects of Quantum Fields and Their Role in the Natural Healing Process

F. Fuller Royal and Gregory Olson. Illness as a Delusion: Understanding the Meaning of Symptoms

Schwartsburd, P.M. An Integrated View On The Genesis of Irreversible Anemia and Endotoxemia Acceleration By Tumor Preservation

Kolenda, Nancy. The Center as it Enters a New Decade

Volume 6 (2) 1997

Bajpai, R. P. and S. Kumar, and V. A. Sivadasan. Frequency Stable Damped Oscillator Model of Biophoton Emission

Buys, Ir J. and W. Beekman. Wheat Germination Experiment on Morphic Resonance

Dardik, Irving I. The Origin of Disease and Health

Heart Waves The Single Solution to Heart Rate Variability and Ischemic Preconditioning

Ohno, Yoshitaka. The Effects of Magnetized Mineral Water on Memory Loss Delay in Alzheimer's Disease-Wolff, Milo. Exploring the Universe and the Origins of Its Laws

Volume 6 (1) 1997

Hussein, Jamal N. and Nadja Almukhtar, Shetha Al-Dargazelli and Louay J. Fatoohi. The Role of Ambiguous Terminology of Consciousness in Misunderstanding Healing Phenomena

Jacobson, Jerry I. Jacobson Resonance: the Quantum-mechanical Basis for a Novel Radiological Approach to Treating Cancer and AIDS

Pribram, Karl H. Quantum Information Processing in Brain Systems and The Spiritual Nature of Mankind

Volume 5 (2) 1996

Naeser, Margaret A. Acupuncture and Laser Acupuncture in the Treatment of Paralysis in Stroke Patients, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Alopecia Areata

Skolimowski, Henryk. The Participatory Universe and Its New Methodology

Whitmont, Edward C. The Role of Mind in Health, Disease and the Practice of Homeopathy

Volume 5 (1) 1996

Jacobs, Jennifer. Homeopathic Medicine: Fact or Fantasy? Results of Double-Blind Clinical Trials in Nicaragua

Marinelli, R., Furst, B., van der Zee, H., McGinn, A. and Marinelli, W. The Heart is not a Pump: A Refutation of the Pressure Propulsion Premise of Heart Function

Reid, Bevan. Aspects of Intangible Energy Function in Biosystems

Volume 4 (2) 1995

Rubin, Harry. Alternatives to Molecular Mechanistic Thinking in Biology and Cancer Research

Tiller, William A. Subtle Energies in Energy Medicine

Berman, Brian M. New Developments in Pain Management

Wolf, Stewart. The Organizing Power of Experience

Sermonti, Giuseppe. The Inadequacy of the Molecular Approach in Biology

Lieber, Michael M. The Role of Cohesive Fields in Generating Bud/Plantlet Developments from Plant Neoplasms

Volume 4(1) 1994

Strohman, Richard C. Toward an Epigenetic Biology and Medicine

Mallove, Eugene F. Cold Fusion: Life After Death

Fox, Harold. The Commercialization of Cold Nuclear Fusion

Schmidt, Helmut. Thoughts and Experiments on Mind-Matter Interactions

Grinberg-Zylberbaum, Jacobo. The Syntergic Theory

Rosen, Steven M. The Frontiers and Foundations of Science: A Neo-Intuitive Approach

Berezin, Alexander A. Isotopes, Information, and Quantum Self

Volume 3(2) 1993

Edelman, Gerald M. Morphology and Mind: Is it Possible to Construct a Perception Machine?

Benveniste, Jacques. Transfer of Biological Activity by Electromagnetic Fields

Del Giudice, Emilio. Coherence in Condensed and Living Matter

Adey, W. Ross. Whispering Between Cells: Electromagnetic Fields and Regulatory Mechanisms in Tissue

Endler, P. Christian; Pongratz, Waltraud; Smith, Cyril W. Effects of Highly Diluted Succussed Thyroxine on Amphibia Development

Josephson, Brian D. Report on a Symposium on Reductionism in Science and Culture

de la Torre, Cristina S. The Choice Control Groups in Invasive Clinical Trials such as Acupuncture

Benor, Daniel J. Healers and Changing Medical Paradigm

Volume 3 (1) 1992

Walleczek, Jan. The Immune System and ELF Electromagnetic Fields

Root-Bernstein, Robert S. Rethinking AIDS

Josephson, Brian D. and Rubik, Beverly A. The Challenge of Consciousness Research

Fontana, David. Consciousness Studies from a Social Science Perspective

Beal, James B. Electromagnetic Fields: How Dangerous?

Rubik, Beverly. Three Frontier Areas of Science that Challenge the Paradigm

Volume 2 (2) 1991

Peat, F. David. Unfolding the Subtle: Matter and Consciousness

Blackman, Carl. Do Electromagnetic Fields Pose Health Problems?

Nordenstrom, Bjorn. Bioelectrical Circuits in the Body

Puthoff, Harold E. Quantum Fluctuations of Empty Space: A New Rosetta Stone of Physics

Del Giudice, Emilio. Orthodox and Heretical Orthodoxie

Elitzur, Avshalom C. Consciousness and the Passage of Time: Two Persistent Wonders or One?

Manley, Paul. Cranial Osteopathy and the Infantile Craniopathies

Del Giudice, Emilio. Sonoluminescence Sheds New Light on Condensed Matter Physics

Dubrov, Alexander. Recent Developments in Frontier Sciences in the USSR

Volume 2 (1) 1991

Sternglass, Ernest. The Biological Effects of Low Level Ionizing Radiation

Rubik, Beverly. Frontiers of Homeopathic Research

Metzger, Joel; Rubik, Beverly. Report on Robert O. Becker's lecture entitled, "Bioelectromagnetics: A Scientific Revolution"

Herkovits, Jorge; Perez-Coll, Cristina. Biological Effects of Homeopathically Potentized Microdoses

Burns, Jean. Does Consciousness Perform a Function Independently of the Brain?

Wagner, O. Edson. Do Plants Interact With Gravity?

Lieber, Michael. Adaptive Mutations and Biological Evolution

Ji, Sungchul. An Aristotelian Revolution in Molecular Biology

Volume 1 (2) 1990

Becker, Robert O. A Technique for Producing Regenerative Healings in Humans

Rubik, Beverly. The Interrelationship Between Mind and Matter

Rubik, Beverly. Bioinformation and Sensitivity to Geophysical Fields

Rubik, Beverly. Report on David Bohm's theory entitled, "Toward a New Theory of the Relationship of Mind and Matter"

Solovey, Simona. Report on Marcello Truzzi's lecture entitled, "Reflections on the Reception of Unconventional Claims in Science"

Del Giudice, Emilio. Superradiance: A New Approach to Coherent Dynamical Behaviors of Condensed Matter

Andrews, C. Sperry. Promoting Health and Well-Being Through a Sense of Connectedness

Volume 1 (1) 1990

Kolenda, Nancy. The History of the Center for Frontier Sciences

Rubik, Beverly.

* The Bermuda Conference on Quantum Theory, Biology, Medicine, Philosophy, and Cognition

* Fields and Living Systems Meeting

* Report on Willis Harman's lecture entitled, "The Role of Consciousness in Causality"

* Report on Robert Jahn and Brenda Dunne's lecture entitled, "Mental Interactions with Random Physical Processes"
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Frontier Perspectives cumulative index of feature articles and news & views volume 1(1) to volume 15(1) (1990-2006).

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