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From 93rd to the 35th Signal Brigade re-flags in historic ceremony.

The 93rd Signal Brigade officially deactivated in a ceremony on Barton Parade Field April 23, allowing it to immediately re-flag as the 35th Signal Brigade.

COL David E. Dodd, commander of the 93rd Signal Brigade, and also the 35th following the ceremony, furled and unfurled brigade colors along with Brigade CSM Rudolph Johns, BG Carroll F. Pollett, Network Enterprise Technology Command commander, who was on hand to give the order.

"Today is a historic day for two of the Signal Corps' most decorated brigades," said Dodd. "This ceremony represents a chapter in the rich history of the 35th Signal Brigade."

Prior to the reflagging ceremony, the 35th Signal Brigade had provided corps support to the 18th Airborne Corps at Fort Bragg, N.C.

When the plan for total Army transformation called for the brigade's deactivation on April 12, their history and lineage was too strong to relegate to the Center of Military History, and was symbolically brought to Fort Gordon in the 35th Signal Brigade (Airborne) final airborne operation on April 13.

"We are re-shaping our signal forces in support of the Army's transformation to a modular force with increased capabilities to defeat our enemy," said Dodd. This restructure streamlines our signal forces and allows used to reduce the number of signal brigades."

"We're always ready to follow any orders the Army gives us, and I do believe the Army will come out stronger because of it," said Johns. "Still, no one likes to loose a part of their history, and the 93rd Signal Brigade had a fine history."

The 93rd Signal Brigade colors will retire to the Center of Military History until such time as they are needed in Army history yet-to-be-written.

"History proves that we fight an ever changing, adaptive enemy," said Dodd. "One day, these colors and this great unit will come out of retirement and once again fight to defend America."

All battalions of the brigade were represented on the parade field, including the Army Signal Activity from Miami, Fla., and the 50th Signal Battalion, which will remain based in Fort Bragg though it falls under the command of the 35th.

Also on hand were many former officers of the 93rd Signal Brigade and prominent citizens of Augusta, Ga., to view and take part in the ceremony.

"Our success, and quite possibly our survival, as a nation is contingent on the support of the American people and on their will to preserve," said Dodd. "My prayer, and my hope, is that one day every American will resolve themselves to support the men and women of the Armed Forces just as the citizens of Augusta, Ga., have supported the Soldiers and families of the flagged 35th Signal Brigade."

The mission of the 35th Signal Brigade remains the same as the mission of the 93rd, which is to provide outstanding signal support for military operations throughout the world.

"Your organizational name, your unit patch, the color of your headgear and your equipment all change as we transform," said Dodd. "However, you remain the centerpiece of the Army. You honor us all here today, and we thank you for your mission success, your hard work, and your personal sacrifices."

"The Soldiers out on this parade field, who exemplify selfless service and dedication to duty, bring their combat experience with them after the reflagging," said Pollett. "Seeing you now, I have little doubt you will continue to be technically strong, Signal strong and Army Strong."

SGT Selmek is a staff writer for the 93rd Signal Brigade Public Affairs Office, Fort Gordon, Ga.
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Date:Mar 22, 2007
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