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Voleo Trades on OTCQB And Announces Top Colleges Participating in Equity Trading Competition Sponsored by Nasdaq. Jan 16, 2020 1517
SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH'S MULTIMILLION-DOLLAR ECONOMIC PUNCH: The Economic Impact of University Research. Bridge, Brandon Sep 22, 2019 1106
Segregation Returning to American College Campuses. Jun 17, 2019 329
Spain : Indian Student Enrolment Figures Rise Across Dubai International Academic City Universities. Mar 4, 2019 898
The old college try. Perry, Jessica Feb 12, 2019 1421
'Two Brains' lined up for London conference: Former universities minister on scholarly communications event's 'strong programme'. Conference news Feb 1, 2019 689
Game Time al College. Brief article Jan 28, 2019 153
Twilight of the Humanities: The university turns its back on teaching students what it means to be human. Sewall, Gilbert T. Jan 1, 2019 3002
FACTS AND FEARS. Pielke, Roger; Marvel, Kate; Goodwin, Jean Jan 1, 2019 2347
Challenging US Research Universities and Funders to Increase Diversity in the Research Community: Building on successful approaches to increasing diversity in science and engineering education could help achieve ambitious goals in the number of doctorates awarded to minority students. Hrabowski, Freeman A., III; Henderson, Peter H. Jan 1, 2019 3476
Fitch Rates Wilson College, PA's 2018 Rev and Refunding Bonds 'BB'; Outlook Stable. Dec 13, 2018 1320
Fitch Rates Marist College, NY Ser 2018 Revs Bonds at 'A'; Outlook Stable. Nov 8, 2018 1479
Fitch Affirms Wagner College, NY's Revs at 'BBB-'; Outlook Stable. Oct 17, 2018 972
Fitch Rates University of Akron's Series 2018 Revs 'A+'; Outlook Stable. Oct 11, 2018 1436
Fitch Rates Nova Southeastern University's (FL) Ser 2018 Rev Bonds at 'BBB+'; Outlook Stable. Sep 26, 2018 973
Fitch Affirms Holy Family University, PA Revs at 'BBB-'; Outlook Stable. Sep 25, 2018 1135
Research Universities and the Future of Work: The handful of premier institutions cannot by themselves educate the next generation of highly skilled workers, but they can--as they did in the twentieth century--apply their formidable intellectual power to understanding and addressing critical national challenges. Stevens, Mitchell L. Sep 22, 2018 4161
Fitch Downgrades Stockton University (NJ) Revs to 'A-'; Outlook to Stable. Sep 13, 2018 1408
Fitch Affirms University of Chicago Medical Center (IL) Revenue Bonds at 'AA-'; Outlook Stable. Sep 12, 2018 1899
Fitch Affirms Methodist University's (NC) Revenue Bonds at 'BBB'; Outlook Stable. Aug 14, 2018 1265
University of Cyprus expects 3.9% economic growth in 2018. Jul 24, 2018 654
Fitch Rates Oklahoma State University's Ser 2018AB General Rev Bonds 'AA'; Outlook Negative. Jul 18, 2018 1283
Fitch Affirms University of Central Florida's Health Center Revs at 'AA-'; Outlook Stable. Jul 17, 2018 748
Fitch Affirms New Jersey City University Revs at 'A-'; Outlook Stable. Jul 14, 2018 1253
Fitch Affirms Montclair State University, NJ's Revs at 'AA-'; Outlook Stable. Jul 3, 2018 1497
Money Matters: Are colleges preparing students to financially survive in the dance world? Wingenroth, Lauren Jul 1, 2018 715
Fitch Assigns 'AA-' IDR to Oregon Health and Sciences University; Outlook Stable. Jun 26, 2018 2178
WILL THE REAL AUTHORITARIAN PLEASE STAND UP? Anton, Michael Essay Jun 22, 2018 4909
The not-so-neoliberal university. Freeman, James Jun 22, 2018 2882
Fitch Rates $300MM University of Connecticut GO Bonds 'A'; Outlook Stable. Jun 18, 2018 1228
Fitch Rates Indiana University Health's Series 2018A Bonds 'AA'; Outlook Stable. Jun 14, 2018 1788
Our university continues to tick all the right boxes; Latest world rankings put Paisley in top 150. Jun 11, 2018 390
University is named in the ranks of the world's best. Jun 7, 2018 362
Teesside named as one of world's best young universities; The establishment has been named in the Times Higher Education Young University Rankings for the first time. Jun 6, 2018 376
Fitch Affirms Nova Southeastern University's (FL) Rev Bonds at 'BBB+'; Outlook Stable. Jun 5, 2018 797
Investigation the barriers and factors influencing the scientific productions of graduate students in Hamadan University of Medical Sciences. Masuomi, Liyla; Mofrad, Hossein Vakili; Haseli, Davoud Report Jun 1, 2018 2990
Singapore : ?NTU Singapore and Peking University offer Double Masters Programme to groom finance talent. May 24, 2018 518
Fitch Affirms Wayland Baptist University's (TX) Revs at 'A-'; Outlook Negative. May 23, 2018 940
Fitch Affirms Florida International University's Dorm and Parking Revs at 'A+'; Outlook Stable. May 7, 2018 1318
University forecasts strong economic outlook. May 3, 2018 326
Opening Up Research. West, Jessamyn May 1, 2018 1316
Fitch Affirms University of South Florida's Series 2016A Parking Revs at 'AA-'; Outlook Stable. Apr 27, 2018 976
Fitch Rates University of Chicago (IL) Revs at 'AA+'; Outlook Stable. Apr 26, 2018 1836
Fitch Rates University of Central Florida's Housing Revenue Bonds at 'A+'; Outlook Stable. Apr 21, 2018 843
Fitch Affirms University of St. Thomas, TX Revs at 'BBB-'; Outlook Negative. Apr 17, 2018 1267
Fitch Affirms Wartburg College Rating at 'BB-'; Outlook Negative. Mar 15, 2018 1149
Fitch Affirms Lipscomb University, TN's Revs at 'BBB'; Outlook Stable. Mar 2, 2018 1268
Stepping up the ladder to meet user needs: innovative library services and practices in a Nigerian university of technology. Emezie, Nkeiru A. Mar 1, 2018 5876
3rd Int'l Conference on Business, Economics and Information Technology was held at University of Sindh. Conference news Feb 17, 2018 1253
UNIVERSITY VIEW. Feb 8, 2018 735
University of Cyprus expects economy to grow 3.6%. Jan 30, 2018 489
The state of post-secondary education in the U.S.: Set of disturbing trends put colleges in a difficult financial position. Sklar, Daniel W. Jan 19, 2018 874
Fitch Rates $138.9MM Virginia College Building Authority Ed Facilities Rev Bonds 'AA+'. Jan 11, 2018 964
Fitch Rates University of Oklahoma's Revs 'AA-'; Outlook Stable. Jan 2, 2018 1640
University of Cyprus revises 2017 growth forecast upwards to 3.6%. Nov 3, 2017 422
College leadership trends changing slowly. Brief article Jul 27, 2017 102
Mind and Body: Wellness Center Trends in U.S. Higher Education. Benson-Tilsen, Gilah; Cheskis-Gold, Rena Report Jul 1, 2017 8100
University of Cyprus expects economy to expand 3.1% in 2017. May 3, 2017 535
The affordability factor. Ridner, Adrian May 1, 2017 1541
The list. Statistical data Apr 24, 2017 3860
Useless college majors. Kinderman, Robin Apr 3, 2017 2488
U-Turns, Pivots, and Gradual Arrivals: Navigating Midlife and Mid-Career in Academe's Changing Landscape. O'Neill, Peggy Personal account Mar 22, 2017 2506
Interview with Barry Eichengreen, Professor of Economics and Political Science at the University of California, Berkeley. Interview Feb 28, 2017 3570
Research on problems existed in political education & ideological education in colleges and universities and countermeasures based on computer network. Zhao, Ming; Xie, Jiaqi; Zhao, Lingyun Oct 15, 2016 3708
Scholarly publications of librarians in universities in Nigeria: 2000-2012--a bibliometric analysis. Tsafe, Aliyu Gadanga; Chiya, Usman; Aminu, Basaka Abubakar Report Aug 1, 2016 5377
Golden tickets or empty promises? Early athletic scholarships. Volponi, Paul Aug 1, 2016 3464
University of Cyprus revises growth forecast upwards to 2.9%. Jul 25, 2016 633
An analysis of closed colleges and universities. Stowe, Kristin; Komasara, David Jul 1, 2016 5012
Developing an indigenous, entry-level master's degree program in a country with an emerging OT profession. Garcia, Lesley A.; Kugel, Julie D.; Javaherian-Dysinger, Heather; Huecker, Esther Report Jun 22, 2016 7029
Fitch Affirms Anderson University (IN) Revenue Bonds at 'BB+'; Outlook Revised to Negative. May 24, 2016 1014
Fitch Affirms Florida Atlantic University's Housing System Revs at 'A+'; Outlook Stable. May 16, 2016 1039
Fitch Downgrades New Jersey City University (NJ) Revs to 'A-'; Outlook Stable. May 10, 2016 1471
Fitch Affirms University System of Florida Capital Improvement Revs at 'AA'; Outlook Stable. May 2, 2016 742
Fitch Affirms Miami University (OH) Revs at 'AA'; Outlook Stable. Apr 29, 2016 1019
Fitch Rates Montclair State University, NJ Revs 'AA-'; Outlook Stable. Apr 21, 2016 1495
University of Cyprus cuts 2016 economic forecast to 2.4%. Apr 19, 2016 689
Fitch Rates University of Colorado's Series 2016A&B-1 Revenue Bonds; Outlook Stable. Apr 7, 2016 1131
Fitch Rates University of Connecticut's GO Bonds 'AA-'; Outlook Stable. Mar 30, 2016 1073
On the stereoscopic multi-dimension network platform of ideological and political work in university. Ning, Zhou; Jing, Zhang Mar 30, 2016 4579
Fitch Rates Lipscomb University, TN Revs at 'BBB'; Outlook Stable. Feb 23, 2016 1536
Fitch Affirms University of St. Thomas, TX Revs at 'BBB-'; Outlook to Negative. Feb 16, 2016 1077
'Next Big Thing': universities embrace game design. Cook, Marty Feb 15, 2016 1311
Intensified masters programmes launched. Feb 1, 2016 594
Shaping the future. Tobias, Carol Column Feb 1, 2016 900
Cypriot economy to grow 2.7% in 2016, University of Cyprus says. Jan 26, 2016 484
Suffocating safety. Bresler, Robert J. Jan 1, 2016 965
Chapter 3: CAEP and the decline of curriculum and teaching in an age of techne: I have seen the enemy and he is us. Schwarz, Gretchen Essay Jan 1, 2016 5342
Start with children and build a HEALTHYWALES for the future; Earlier this week the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH) claimed child health is 'slipping down the priority list' in Wales. Wales' top children's doctor, Dr Mair Parry, outlines why all politicians in Wales must prioritise children's health going into the 2016 election and beyond... Nov 13, 2015 874
Rearticulating Black faculty diversity efforts in the age of 'postracialism' and Obama. Wilder, JeffriAnne; Osborne-Lampkin, La'Tara; Jackson, E. Newton, Jr. Essay Sep 22, 2015 7816
A crisis in student loans? How changes in the characteristics of borrowers and in the institutions they attended contributed to rising loan defaults. Looney, Adam; Yannelis, Constantine Report Sep 22, 2015 11233
Does raising children kill your financial plan? Beyond the cost of college, there are so many other expenses associated with having kids. Cohen, Dan Column Jul 10, 2015 509
Campus space-shapers. Turner, Marcia Layton Jul 1, 2015 1446
'It's time to show we are grown up as a nation and can control our destiny' Robert Llewellyn Jones talks to Geraint Evans, chairman of Cardiff and Vale College, about business support, skills and political leadership THE BIG INTERVIEW. Jun 24, 2015 1758
Dereliction of duty. Klingenstein, Thomas D. Jun 22, 2015 3562
Forgetting freedom. Wood, Peter W. Jun 22, 2015 2113
What's in a name? Hayward, Steven F. Jun 22, 2015 900
The obstacles which facing the development of physical education curriculum in the Arab Republic of Egypt-Delphi method. Dahshoury, Marwa El Report Jun 15, 2015 3444
Recruitment of international students to the united states: implications for institutions of higher education. Goralski, Margaret A.; Tootoonchi, Ahmad Report Mar 22, 2015 6557
Outside edge. Barker, John; Wainwright, Emma Mar 1, 2015 733
The luck of the new graduate nurse. Thuynsma, Alexis Editorial Feb 1, 2015 936
Postgraduate study prospect for pharmacy bachelor's degree holder in Malaysia. Teoh, Siew Li Letter to the editor Jan 1, 2015 1702
The landscape of competency-based education: enrollments, demographics, and affordability. Kelchen, Robert Report Jan 1, 2015 12177
Harnessing big data across the research ecosystem. Moftah, Basil Jan 1, 2015 1072
Universities and educational institutions. Jan 1, 2015 2972
Actualizing Moral Education in Japan's Tertiary Sector: Reitaku University's response to Today's Challenges. Nakayama, Osamu Essay Jan 1, 2015 7078
Fifty years of undergraduate research in Europe. Campbell, Bill; Schneider-Rebozo, Lissa Dec 22, 2014 4433
Nurses necessary: nurse practitioners have become crucial to underserved communities, as higher ed programs attempt to fill the void. Elfman, Lois Nov 6, 2014 1306
University challenge to help firms grow. Oct 15, 2014 593
Evaluating the impact of research produced by a mission-directed emergent university. Ivey, Paul W.; Oliver, Gossett; Henry, Martin Sep 22, 2014 5827
Development of a system of strategic research administration at Kyoto University. Sugihara, Tadashi; Sonobe, Taro; Mutoh, Seitaro Abstract Sep 22, 2014 2979
It's a whole new ballgame. Jacobs, Lynn F.; Hyman, Jeremy S. Sep 1, 2014 2721
Langston University Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on Research and Capacity Building for Minority Entities. Aug 8, 2014 324
Pak UNI jacking up international rankings: HEC. Brief article Jul 27, 2014 105
Students paying bigger share of public college costs: state, local funding reductions shift more costs to students and families. Lu, Adrienne Jun 9, 2014 1156
The new visible hand: understanding today's R&D management. Boardman, Craig Viewpoint essay Mar 22, 2014 2476
Bella Beauty College Reveals Five Traits of a Successful Cosmetologist. Mar 14, 2014 759
New college degree in hand: now what? Gabor, Monica Mar 1, 2014 692
Research trends in select Science faculties of University of Jammu. Akhtar Khan, Nadim; Jan, Sumaira; Amin, Iram Report Jan 1, 2014 5225
Major change. Brief article Jan 1, 2014 137
Decision tree classification model for popularity forecast of Chinese colleges. Zeng, Xiangxiang; Yuan, Sisi; Li, You; Zou, Quan Report Jan 1, 2014 3424
Chinese students' decisions for studying in U.S colleges: an exploratory investigation. Dec 22, 2013 5096
Academic R&D: sequestration impacting U.S. universities summary. Dec 1, 2013 631
Island of learning: Mauritius aims to become an active player in higher education by providing opportunities for foreign students, targeting mainly African and Asian youth waiting to get into universities. With the number of private tertiary institutions and foreign students increasing, the island is a creating a new economic pillar, expected to contribute about 10% to its GDP by 2025, writes Nasseem Ackbarally from Port Louis. Ackbarally, Nasseem Dec 1, 2013 715
By 2030 over 50% of colleges will collapse: Part 2. Frey, Thomas Column Nov 1, 2013 1376
The globalization of Iranian universities in the internet & virtual spaces. Mohamadkhani, Kamran; Sadeghi, Majid; Mohammadkhani, Samaneh Report Nov 1, 2013 5605
University challenge to help fast-growing firms; By Paul Braidford, St Chad's College and Professor Ian Stone, Durham University Business School. Oct 9, 2013 744
Universities see seats go empty. Brief article Sep 13, 2013 265
Race and politics: the Trayvon Martin case takes its place in scholarship on the history of racism. Hawkins, B. Denise Sep 12, 2013 1220
Physicians increasingly enter MBA programs. Brief article Aug 14, 2013 144
Employing college and university credit ratings as indicators of institutional planning effectiveness: credit ratings can be an integral component of the planning process, particularly as an implicit indicator of institutional planning effectiveness. Serna, Gabriel Ramon Report Jul 1, 2013 6387
Teaching literary Darwinism. Carroll, Joseph Critical essay Jun 22, 2013 10112
Sound mind sound student body: challenges and strategies for managing the growing mental health crisis on college and university campuses. Domonell, Kristen Apr 1, 2013 1877
One-Stop Web Portal Developed by theRightU Helps Students Enter University. Mar 28, 2013 870
College of the future: singularity university reimagines education. Bailey, Ronald Column Mar 16, 2013 1223
DUO HAVE DESIGNS ON N THE VERY TOP; GETTING a break in fashion is pretty tough - but two Coventry University fashion students have struck lucky, reports CATHERINE VONLEDEBUR. Mar 2, 2013 1142
China-New Zealand: an endless work in progress Brian Lynch reports on the second China-New Zealand symposium, held in Beijing last December to commemorate the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries. Lynch, Brian Mar 1, 2013 2826
Schools of thought: two new academic centers at The American College are keeping the school's credentials programs cutting-edge. Gorski, Dennis Mar 1, 2013 1254
Great Scott's Wembley goals attract a new breed of Swans' fans; UNIVERSITY APPLICATIONS RISE. Feb 9, 2013 669
Liberal arts colleges are disappearing. Brief article Jan 1, 2013 125
Demystifying the GMAT: What We Know about IR 6 Months after Launch. Rudner, Lawrence M. Report Jan 1, 2013 283
Jobs come slower for new grads. Gardner, Phil Jan 1, 2013 2728
Osborne's problems are his own making business; business TheProf With Professor David Bailey of Coventry University Business School. Dec 17, 2012 527
Diversification of university income--polish practice and international solutions. Rozmus, Andrzej; Cyran, Karolina Dec 1, 2012 4835
Content analysis of journal literature published from UK and USA. Walia, Paramjeet Kaur; Kaur, Manpreet Report Dec 1, 2012 6765
Impact of the internet on research effort of academics at Abia State University, Uturu, (ABSU). Onwubiko Report Dec 1, 2012 7576
Global view. Brief article Aug 2, 2012 131
Scientific publications of Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Tirunelveli, Tamilnadu: scientometric analysis. Thirumagal, A. Report Aug 1, 2012 3282
Knowledge and skill requirements for entry-level IT workers: a longitudinal study. Aasheim, Cheryl; Shropshire, Jordan; Li, Lixin; Kadlec, Christopher Report Jun 22, 2012 8680
East-West cooperative: influx of Chinese students in America helps a global workforce. Oguntoyinbo, Lekan Jun 7, 2012 1393
Demand and supply of skilled labour and overeducation in Europe: a country-level analysis. Croce, Giuseppe; Ghignoni, Emanuela Report Jun 1, 2012 10187
Etica en investigacion biomedica y psicosocial--experiencia de capacitacion en el centro interdisciplinario de Estudios en Bioetica (CIEB) de la universidad de Chile. Lolas, Fernando; Rodriguez, Eduardo Jun 1, 2012 21232
The role of the innovation capitalist in open innovation: a case study and key lessons learned: innovation capitalists can help companies manage the challenges of sourcing innovation externally. Nambisan, Satish; Bacon, John; Throckmorton, James May 1, 2012 6721
Scientists and designers collaborate to develop next generation products. May 1, 2012 314
Franklin Pierce University's trustees have voted to hold tuition steady for the second time in three years. Brief article Mar 23, 2012 130
Vietnamese students' transitions in study abroad programs. Nguyen, My Linh Thi Report Mar 22, 2012 6517
Six elements of diversity: teacher candidate perceptions after engaging native American students. Moeller, Mary; Anderson, Carla; Grosz, Linnea Jan 1, 2012 5720
Job outlook for 2012 a steadier light at the end of the tunnel. Gardner, Phil Jan 1, 2012 3544
The role of mid-ranged universities in knowledge transfer in Central and Eastern Europe--sustainable university strategies in the era of post-mass education. Gal, Zoltan Jan 1, 2012 8951
Growth strategy is not good enough; business TheProf With Professor David Bailey of Coventry University Business School. Oct 31, 2011 463
Economy defies doom-mongers; Economist Peter Stoney, of the University of Liverpool, on Merseyside's recovery prospects. Jul 13, 2011 1438
Empowering research in architecture by community involvement and wider international cooperation/ Architekturos tyrimu suaktyvinimas skatinant visuomenes dalyvavimo ir tyreju tarptautinio bendradarbiavimo veiksnius. Stauskis, Gintaras; Bratuskins, Ugis May 1, 2011 3816
What is the future of the public university? Sherman, Hugh D. Mar 22, 2011 2140
Expert analysis on Sino-US trade and currency issues in the United States: policy impacts and future directions. Clarke, Ryan Report Mar 1, 2011 7461
Seven habits of highly effective for-profit colleges: what traditional colleges can learn from for-profits. Noaman, Abu Viewpoint essay Feb 1, 2011 918
Preparing the nurse scientist for academia and industry. Lewallen, Lynne P.; Kohlenberg, Eileen Report Jan 1, 2011 2885
For sale: classroom building: how leaders of one institution decided it was time to part with a building owned since 1959. Dell'Omo, Gregory G. Column Jan 1, 2011 742
Job outlook for the class of 2011: college labor market: more opportunities but still competitive. Gardner, Phil Jan 1, 2011 2235
Aiming higher. Brief article Sep 1, 2010 188
Cross border business cycle impacts on the El Paso housing market. Kincal, Gokce; Fullerton, Thomas M., Jr.; Holcomb, James H.; Barraza de Anda, Martha Patricia Report Jul 1, 2010 9972
The Path Forward: The Future of Graduate Education in the United States. Wendler, Cathy; Bridgeman, Brent; Cline, Fred; Millett, Catherine; Rock, JoAnn; Bell, Nathan; McAlli Report Apr 29, 2010 233
Seeing red: report reveals increasing debt further threatens the financial security of U.S. colleges and universities in the aftermath of the recession. Galuszka, Peter Apr 15, 2010 866
International Studies Abroad (ISA) Expands Program Offerings to Middle East. Apr 7, 2010 432
City leaders visit Philadelphia to shape local plans for boosting college completion rates. Karpman, Michael Conference news Apr 5, 2010 745
Peer Review in Academic Promotion and Publishing: Its Meaning, Locus, and Future. Harley, Diane; Acord, Sophia Krzys; Earl-Novell, Sarah Report Apr 1, 2010 510
A bumpy ride still to come for election winners; Professor David Bailey, of the Coventry University Business School, considers the preelection Budget and some brave growth forecasts. Mar 25, 2010 800
Global, mobile, virtual, and social: the college campus of tomorrow. John, Dew Mar 1, 2010 2021
Future shock. Brief article Feb 12, 2010 165
SNHU launches community development program. Brief article Dec 4, 2009 251
Evaluating an alternative to finance higher education: human capital contracts in Colombia. Lozano R., Felipe Report Dec 1, 2009 17829
Teachers CU part of College's 2010 outlook tour. Samaad, Michelle A. Oct 21, 2009 204
University of Cape Town: Astronomy Department--2008 annual report. Aug 1, 2009 8194
The sustainability transition: meeting basic human needs without degrading the planet's vital systems will require an ambitious, interdisciplinary, and solution-oriented research program. Matson, Pamela Viewpoint essay Jun 22, 2009 2517
Treating depression is vital to preserving brain health: Duke University researchers, led by Dr. David Steffens, have shown that depression is the result of physical changes in the brain. It's not an inevitable part of aging: DukeMedicine HealthNews Frontiers takes a periodic look at leading trends and technologies emerging from research centers at Duke Medicine. Steffens, David Jun 1, 2009 1183
The biomass alternative. Goral, Tim Jun 1, 2009 326
Bottled water bans: taking "dry" campuses too far. Huang, Charles; Logomasini, Angela Jun 1, 2009 614
Growing acceptance for three-year programs. Parker-Burgard, Don Apr 1, 2009 434
Fashion students from Dubai to embark on 10-day fashion tour to France. Mar 19, 2009 469
What do we do Wednesday? On beginning the class as university-specific work: a preliminary study. Eglin, Peter Report Feb 1, 2009 8746
The University's Role in the Dissemination of Research and Scholarship--A Call to Action. Hahn, Karla; Lowry, Charles; Lynch, Clifford; Shulenberger, David; Vaughn, John Report Feb 1, 2009 168
Higher Education in TAFE: An Issues Paper. Moodie, Gavin; Wheelahan, Leesa; Billett, Stephen; Kelly, Ann Report Jan 1, 2009 221
The Condition of Education 2009: Indicator 11--Graduate and First-Professional Enrollment. NCES 2009-081. Planty, Michael; Hussar, William; Snyder, Thomas; Kena, Grace; KewalRamani, Angelina; Kemp, Jana; Bi Author abstract Jan 1, 2009 236
European Universities and Their International Perspectives. Farquhar, Robin H. Report Dec 1, 2008 306
When a bear market chews up college savings accounts: some plans have lost 20% or more of their value this year. Thomas, Trevor Nov 17, 2008 632
A window into Chinese thinking. Erickson, Andrew S. Reprint Sep 22, 2008 9128
Strategies for nurturing science's next generation. Cech, Thomas R. Jul 5, 2008 764
The self-reported impact of graduate program completion on the careers and plans of graduates. Fahy, Patrick J.; Spencer, Bob; Halinski, Tara Report Mar 22, 2008 9249
Training of distance education tutors at Wawasan Open University: one semester later. Ng, Wai-Kong; Kong, Sow-Lai Report Mar 22, 2008 5532
A talk with Richard Descoings, head of Sciences Po in Paris: Europe is losing out in global competition among universities. Riche, Pascal Jan 1, 2008 3277
Multiple supervisors from multiple disciplines: lessons from the past as multidisciplinary supervision becomes the way of the future. Nisselle, Amy E.; Duncan, Rony E. Report Jan 1, 2008 7232
Honors in 2025: becoming what you emulate. Cobane, Craig T. Essay Jan 1, 2008 1627
Spatial competition and the price of college. McMillen, Daniel P.; Singell, Larry D.; Waddell, Glen R. Author abstract Oct 1, 2007 11890
Top 100 graduate degree producers: interpreting the data. Borden, Victor M.H.; Brown, Pamela C. Cover story Jul 12, 2007 1979
Building bridges. Smith, Bruce M. Editorial Apr 1, 2007 616
A technological breakthrough in Eritrea: some expectations. Rena, Ravinder Feb 1, 2007 2094
Government, universities and the HSRC: a perspective on the past and present (1). Chisholm, Linda; Morrow, Sean Essay Jan 1, 2007 8657
Financing college diversity: is it a case Of 'robbing Peter to pay Paul'? Michael, Steve O. Dec 14, 2006 792
10 questions for John Green: director, Ray C. Bliss Institute of Applied Politics. Interview Dec 1, 2006 664
10 questions for Christopher Arterton: dean, Graduate School of Political Management. Interview Dec 1, 2006 708
TIAA-CREF conference examines higher ed access: Administrators search for funding alternatives as government aid dwindles. Watson, Jamal Conference news Nov 30, 2006 593
An Ethnic Studies evolutions: a new generation of Mexican and Mexican-American students is turning the tide of Chicana/o studies programs in unexpected new directions. Boulard, Garry Nov 30, 2006 1727
The Humboldt illusion: the German university, once considered the model for the world, has been stirred from years of slumber. But as long as it remains solely a creature of the state, it will not escape its middling status. Ash, Mitchell G. Sep 22, 2006 2335
The Washington's monthly's: annual college guide. Sep 1, 2006 2970
Implementing panacea for admission crisis into Nigerian Universities: an innovation diffusion plan. Imhanlahimi, E.O.; Maduewesi, B.U. Sep 1, 2006 3253
States prepare students and families for college. Dounay, Jennifer Sep 1, 2006 1455
For graduation rates, time to carve a new yardstick. McGuire, Patricia Jul 27, 2006 781
Risky bu$ine$$: hedge funds are lightly regulated and high risk, but they have grown over the years as a percentage of all endowment investments by colleges and universities. Galuszka, Peter Jun 15, 2006 1648
FUTURE OF EUROPEAN UNIVERSITIES. Brief article Jun 14, 2006 148
Bridging cultural divides: colleges and universities across the country are seeing an overwhelming interest among students in learning about the Middle East and Arabic languages. Is this a passing fad, or is it here to stay? Galuszka, Peter Cover story May 18, 2006 1589
Do you want your college or other food service operator to serve more vegetarian options? Pickarski, Ron May 1, 2006 1115
Study: races have different wishes for twilight years. Apr 6, 2006 445
Katrina-damaged colleges: determined to overcome. Chollette, Shawn; Bannister, Nikki Feb 1, 2006 1496
Demographic dilemma: educators and policymakers are worried that despite a growing population, Hispanic college attendance and graduation rates haven't changed in 20 years. Boulard, Garry Jan 26, 2006 2278
The mission of the university: medieval to postmodern transformations. Scott, John C. Jan 1, 2006 15217
How to develop and promote an undergraduate research day. Cundall, Michael K., Jr. Jan 1, 2006 3755
College graduation rates moving to top of agenda for education leaders, policy-makers. Dec 15, 2005 578
The unnecessary tension between learning communities and intellectual growth. Browne, M. Neil; Minnick, Kevin J. Dec 1, 2005 4196
More states swapping their high school assessment tests for SAT and ACT. Ullman, Ellen Brief Article Dec 1, 2005 137
Transforming a university from a teaching organization to a learning organization. Friedman, Hershey H.; Friedman, Linda W.; Pollack, Simcha Sep 22, 2005 3410
The Canadianization movement in context. Cormier, Jeffrey J. Jun 22, 2005 8133
Charting the changes: our colleges aren't what they once were. Siverns, Ted Jun 1, 2005 560
Math, science and tech careers a closer reach. Brief Article Jun 1, 2005 109
Who is accountable to whom? Attempts to graft the governance structures of for-profit organisations onto universities threaten the very form of the university. Thornton, Margaret Jun 1, 2005 1730
Satisfaction, academic rigor and interaction: perceptions of online instruction. Wyatt, Gary Mar 22, 2005 3699
State of College Admission. Hawkins, David A.; Lautz, Jessica Abstract Mar 1, 2005 365
The Future of Washington's Branch Campuses. HECB Report on Branch Campus Development Plans-HB 2707. Abstract Jan 1, 2005 241
An analysis of present and possible futures of public and private Mexican universities: perceptions and projections of current administrators. Gonzalez y Gonzalez, Elsa M.; Lincoln, Yvonna S. Dec 22, 2004 14211
Connecticut enrollment grows for seventh straight year. Dec 6, 2004 446
The results-driven legacy of HBCUs. Graves, Earl G., Sr. Oct 1, 2004 577
"The interdependence of the peoples and nations of the earth": beyond the political-correctness debates. Brill de Ramirez, Susan Berry Sep 22, 2004 516
Writing centers fifty years later. Lerner, Neal Sep 1, 2004 2908
Certifiable success: trends in associate-degree and one- and two-year certificate conferrals. Borden, Victor M.H.; Brown, Pamela C. Jun 21, 2004 1110
$155m CUNY expansion now underway in Brooklyn. Brief Article Jun 16, 2004 517
Surge in Japan's academic start-ups. Feller, Gordon Brief Article Mar 1, 2004 230
Poll: most Americans say affirmative action should end in 25 years. Sep 1, 2003 358
Universities vie for patents. Aug 15, 2003 525
Paradoxes and Dilemmas in Managing E-Learning in Higher Education. Research & Occasional Paper Series. CSHE.7.03. Guri-Rosenblit, Sarah Report Jul 1, 2003 321
The education equation: what Australia needs to do to grow its education exports. (Education). Jun 1, 2003 1418
The Corporation of Learning: Nonprofit Higher Education Takes Lessons from Business. Research & Occasional Paper Series. CSHE.5.03. Kirp, David L. Author abstract May 1, 2003 127
As if gender mattered: feminism and change in higher education. (Discussion: Comment). Anderson, Haithe May 1, 2003 6584
Digital diplomas: welcome to the world of virtual classrooms, where learning is mandatory, but presence is optional. Youn, Jacy L. Mar 1, 2003 1779
Traits of a self-respecting university in facing challenges in the new century. Khoon, Koh Aik; Yatim, Baharudin; Talib, Ibrahim Abu Mar 1, 2003 1900
The Webcentric University. Dunn, Samuel L. Jul 1, 2001 1759
Alternative Visions For the Future University. Jennings, Lane Jan 1, 2001 1050
A review of time-shortened courses across disciplines. Daniel, Eileen L. Jun 1, 2000 5036
The fate of the university. Cooper, Simon Jan 1, 2000 2674
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