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Evaluation of the Relationship between Mucosal Diseases and Faecal Calprotectin Levels in Children who Underwent Upper Gastrointestinal System Endoscopy. Baran, Masallah; Appak, Yeliz Cagan; Arslan, Fatma Demet; Kahraman, Dudu Solakoglu; Karakoyun, Miray Aug 1, 2020 3767
Scientists detect key enzyme behind body odor. Jul 28, 2020 195
Enhancing liquid-chilled storage and cryopreservation capacities of ram spermatozoa by supplementing the diluent with different additives. Rateb, Sherif A.; Khalifa, Marwa A.; Hamid, Ibrahim S. Abd El-; Shedeed, Hesham A. Jul 1, 2020 6142
Influence of microbial additive on microbial populations, ensiling characteristics, and spoilage loss of delayed sealing silage of Napier grass. Cai, Yimin; Du, Zhumei; Yamasaki, Seishi; Nguluve, Damiao; Tinga, Benedito; Macome, Felicidade; Oya, Jul 1, 2020 8167
Evaluation of early biomarkers of renal dysfunction in diabetic patients. Hazmi, Shrouq F. Al-; Gad, Hoda G.M.; Alamoudi, Aliaa A.; Eldakhakhny, Basmah M.; Binmahfooz, Sarah Jul 1, 2020 5937
Do elevated C[O.sub.2] and temperature affect organic nitrogen fractions and enzyme activities in soil under rice crop? Maity, Partha Pratim; Chakrabarti, B.; Purakayastha, T.J.; Bhatia, A.; Saha, Namita Das; Jatav, R.S. Report Jul 1, 2020 8686
Case Report: Homozygous C677T MTHFR Gene Mutation in Male with Hypogonadism. Salameh, Rami; Miah, Mumtaheena; Anastasopoulou, Catherine Jun 30, 2020 1201
Occurrence, Morphometric, and Molecular Investigation of Cattle and Buffalo Liver Adult Fluke in Peninsular Malaysia Main Abattoirs. Diyana, J. Nur Alia; Mahiza, M.I. Nur; Latiffah, H.; Fazila, S.H. Nur; Lokman, I.H.; Hazfalinda, H. Jun 30, 2020 3575
Placental Findings in Lysosomal Storage Disease Diagnosis: A Case Report of Galactosialidosis. Libbrecht, Sasha; Eyskens, Francois; Declercq, Sabine; Colpaert, Cecile Report Jun 30, 2020 1702
Exploration of Mechanistic Insights of Acemetacin in Melanogenesis Through Zebrafish Model, Enzyme Kinetics, Molecular Docking and Simulation Approaches. Hussain Raza, Mehar Ali Kazi, Mubashir Hassan, Qamar Abbas and Sung-Yum Seo Jun 30, 2020 4235
Tamuq seminar to focus on work of Nobel laureate. Jun 23, 2020 377
Nobel laureate to discuss 'evolution of chemistry of life' at Tamuq event. Jun 23, 2020 482
Codexis, Molecular Assemblies partner for DNA synthesis. Jun 23, 2020 231
Sanofi says enzyme replacement therapy shows 'meaningful improvement' in LOPD. Jun 16, 2020 488
Codexis, Alphazyme partner to offer 'novel' enzymes to diagnostic markets. Jun 1, 2020 279
BOOST Internal ANTIOXIDANT Defenses. Hunter, Leslie Jun 1, 2020 1822
Thoughts at Large: Controversies in Clinical Nutrition and Functional Medicine: Issue #16 RESEARCH SUPPOR TING CLINICAL USE OF SUPPLEMENTAL PANCREA TIC ENZYMES. Moss, Jeffrey Jun 1, 2020 2067
Three Genes Everyone Should Know About. Silverman, Robert G. Jun 1, 2020 893
Studies on Hepatoprotective Activity of Various Extracts of Macaranga peltata (Roxb.) on Paracetamol-Induced Hepatotoxicity Rats. Thrinitha, Bheemreddy; Murali, R.; Manichandrika, P. Jun 1, 2020 3565
Dynamic Thiol/ Disulfide Balance in Children with Acute Malnutrition. Demir, Mahmut; Erel, Ozcan Jun 1, 2020 3831
Phytochemical Screening and Establishment of the Antidiabetic Potential of Aqueous Leaf Extract of the Endangered Plant Decalepis nervosa in Rats with Alloxan-induced Diabetes/Alloksan ile Induklenen Sican Diyabet Modelinde Soyu Tukenmekte Olan Decalepis nervosa Bitkisinin Sulu Yaprak Ekstraktinin Antidiyabetik Potansiyelinin Arastirilmasi ve Fitokimyasal Taramasi. Das, Kuntal; Khan, M. Saifulla; Sounder, James; Mohan, Usha; Prasad, S. Venkatesh Jun 1, 2020 6536
Protective Effect of Udenafil Against Ischemia Reperfusion Injury Due to Testicular Torsion/Detorsion in Rat Model. Sertkaya, Zulfu; Koca, Orhan; Ozturk, Metin; Akyuz, Mehmet; Gumrukcu, Gulistan; Kutluhan, Musab Ali; Jun 1, 2020 3688
Serological Investigation of Occupational Exposure to Zoonotic Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever Infection. Aydin, Hakan; Uyanik, Muhammet Hamidullah; Karamese, Murat; Sozdutmaz, Ibrahim; Timurkan, Mehmet Ozk Jun 1, 2020 3382
Paraoxonase Activity and Phenotype Distribution in Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. Sarioglu, Nurhan; Bilen, Cigdem; Cevik, Celalettin; Gencer, Nahit Jun 1, 2020 4333
A challenging case of hereditary type 1 tyrosinaemia associated with persistent diarrhoea: Case report and literature review. Yassin, N.A.; Mogahed, E.A.; El-Karaksy, H. Jun 1, 2020 1858
A novel coenzyme-Q approach for the prevention of postsurgical adhesion. / Cerrahi sonrasi yapisiklik onlenmesinde koenzim-Q yaklasimi. Kusaslan, Ramazan; Ercan, Gulcin; Agcaoglu, Orhan; Altinay, Serdar; Binboga, Sinan; Altinel, Yuksel Jun 1, 2020 3728
Mulberry Fruit Prevents Diabetes and Diabetic Dementia by Regulation of Blood Glucose through Upregulation of Antioxidative Activities and CREB/BDNF Pathway in Alloxan-Induced Diabetic Mice. Min, A. Young; Yoo, Jae-Myung; Sok, Dai-Eun; Kim, Mee Ree May 31, 2020 6103
Cumulative Effect of Cardiovascular Risk Factors on Regulation of AMPK/SIRT1-PGC-1[alpha]-SIRT3 Pathway in the Human Erectile Tissue. Pereira, Andressa S.; Gouveia, Alexandra M.; Tomada, Nuno; Rodrigues, Adriana R.; Neves, Delminda May 31, 2020 6996
Metformin Ameliorates A[beta] Pathology by Insulin-Degrading Enzyme in a Transgenic Mouse Model of Alzheimer's Disease. Lu, Xin-Yi; Huang, Shun; Chen, Qu-Bo; Zhang, Dapeng; Li, Wanyan; Ao, Ran; Leung, Feona Chung-Yin; Zh May 31, 2020 5118
Implications of [NAD.sup.+] Metabolism in the Aging Retina and Retinal Degeneration. Jadeja, Ravirajsinh N.; Thounaojam, Menaka C.; Bartoli, Manuela; Martin, Pamela M. May 31, 2020 9608
The Role of Oxidative Stress in Cardiac Disease: From Physiological Response to Injury Factor. D'Oria, Rossella; Schipani, Rossella; Leonardini, Anna; Natalicchio, Annalisa; Perrini, Sebastio; Ci May 31, 2020 25590
Elucidation of the Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Sorafenib Induced Hepatotoxicity. AlAsmari, Abdullah F.; Ali, Nemat; AlAsmari, Fawaz; AlAnazi, Wael A.; Alqahtani, Faleh; Alharbi, Met May 31, 2020 5571
Abnormal Levels of Liver Enzymes and Hepatotoxicity in HIV-Positive, TB, and HIV/TB-Coinfected Patients on Treatment in Fako Division, Southwest Region of Cameroon. Enoh, Jude Eteneneng; Cho, Frederick Nchang; Manfo, Faustin Pascal; Ako, Simon Eyongabane; Akum, Eri Clinical report May 31, 2020 6742
Neuroprotective Effects of D-(-)-Quinic Acid on Aluminum Chloride-Induced Dementia in Rats. Liu, Lu; Liu, Yonggang; Zhao, Jing; Xing, Xiaoming; Zhang, Chao; Meng, Huihong May 31, 2020 7703
Meta-Analysis of ERCC1 Protein Expression and Platinum Chemosensitivity in Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer. Li, Guoping; Cheng, Dan May 31, 2020 5292
Notch-Hes1 Signaling Regulates [IL-17A.sup.+][gamma][[delta].sup.+]T Cell Expression and IL-17A Secretion of Mouse Psoriasis-Like Skin Inflammation. Wang, Yanqin; Li, Xinxin; Xing, Xiaoyun; Xue, Haibo; Qi, Ruiqun; Ji, Hong; Ma, Lei May 31, 2020 5833
The Role of Matrix Metalloproteinases (MMP-2 and MMP-9) in Ageing and Longevity: Focus on Sicilian Long-Living Individuals (LLIs). Cancemi, Patrizia; Aiello, Anna; Accardi, Giulia; Caldarella, Rosalia; Candore, Giuseppina; Caruso, May 31, 2020 6417
Agave Leaves as a Substrate for the Production of Cellulases by Penicillium sp. and the Obtainment of Reducing Sugars. Silva-Mendoza, Julio; Gomez-Trevino, Alberto; Lopez-Chuken, Ulrico; Blanco- Gumez, Edgar Allan; Chav May 31, 2020 4570
Sirtuin 1: A Dilemma in Transplantation. Assadiasl, Sara; Mooney, Nuala; Mohebbi, Bahareh; Fatahi, Yousef; Soleimanifar, Narjes May 31, 2020 8725
Anti-Inflammatory and Antioxidant Activities of the Methanolic Extract of Cyrtocarpa procera Bark Reduces the Severity of Ulcerative Colitis in a Chemically Induced Colitis Model. Rodriguez-Canales, Mario; Martinez-Galero, Elizdath; Nava-Torres, Alma D.; Sanchez-Torres, Luvia E.; May 31, 2020 7058
Association of Brain-Gut Peptides with Inflammatory Cytokines in Moyamoya Disease. Han, Wenxiu; Jin, Feng; Zhang, Hailiang; Yang, Mengqi; Cui, Changmeng; Wang, Changshui; Jiang, Pei May 31, 2020 4814
The Association between Adiponectin Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms and Side Effects of Isotretinoin in Acne Patients. Garba, Munir; Khabour, Omar F.; Alzoubi, Karem H.; Abu-Siniyeh, Ahmed; Al-Qarqaz, Firas May 31, 2020 5464
Styrene Oxide Caused Cell Cycle Arrest and Abolished Myogenic Differentiation of C2C12 Myoblasts. Surinlert, Piyaporn; Kongthong, Nitchamon; Watthanard, Mariam; Sae-lao, Thannicha; Sookbangnop, Piya May 31, 2020 4526
IRON. Ms Mehwish Idrees May 31, 2020 2196
Elevated Plasma Level of 8-Hydroxy-2'-deoxyguanosine Is Associated with Primary Open-Angle Glaucoma. Kondkar, Altaf A.; Azad, Taif A.; Sultan, Tahira; Osman, Essam A.; Almobarak, Faisal A.; Obeidan, Sa May 31, 2020 5263
Therapeutic Plasma Exchange in G6PD Deficient Patient Complicated with Intravascular Hemolysis: A Case Report. Turak, Esra Ermis; Ibrahim, Rehab Helmy Mohamed; Ozturk, Fahir; Demir, Koray; Karamustafaoglu, Mehme Report May 21, 2020 1418
Dyadic on course to disrupt the status quo in manufacturing biologic vaccines and drugs. May 21, 2020 1357
New Gut health brand FR!SKA debuts supplement line. May 18, 2020 737
Avrobio announces new Fabry disease, cystinosis program data at ASGCT. May 13, 2020 710
Men's blood contains greater concentrations of enzyme that helps COVID-19 infect cells. May 12, 2020 397
Men's blood contains greater concentrations of enzyme that helps COVID-19 infect cells. May 12, 2020 451
Men have high levels of enzyme key to COVID-19 infection, study finds. Reuters News Service May 11, 2020 460
Men have high levels of enzyme key to COVID-19 infection, study finds. May 11, 2020 450
Men more vulnerable to COVID-19 than women: Dutch study. Daily News Egypt Clinical report May 10, 2020 309
Zinc and Hypertension Drugs. Klotter, Jule Clinical report May 1, 2020 294
Riordan Clinical Study of Continuous Intravenous Vitamin C in Cancer Treatment. Mikirova, Nina Clinical report May 1, 2020 1726
In Vivo Confocal Microscopy and Anterior Segment Optical Coherence Tomography Findings in Two Cases with Mucopolysaccharidoses. Karakucuk, Yalcin; Bozkurt, Banu; Sahin, Merve; Okudan, Suleyman May 1, 2020 2286
Age-and Organ-Specific Differences in Mitochondrial Bioenergetics in Brown Norway Rats. Pandya, Jignesh D.; Valdez, Matthew; Royland, Joyce E.; MacPhail, Robert C.; Sullivan, Patrick G.; K Apr 30, 2020 8210
Division of Myocardial Enzyme Reference Intervals in Population Aged 1 to <18 Years Old Based on Fisher's Optimal Segmentation Method. Guo, Wenjia; Zhou, Qi; Jia, Yanan; Xu, Jiancheng Apr 30, 2020 4718
Silencing of PRDX2 Inhibits the Proliferation and Invasion of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Cells. Jing, Xu; Du, Lutao; Niu, Aijun; Wang, Yunshan; Wang, Yuli; Wang, Chuanxin Apr 30, 2020 4931
Knockdown of Matrix Metallopeptidase 9 Inhibits Metastasis of Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma Cells in a Zebrafish Xenograft Model. Wen, Jinlin; Yin, Panpan; Li, Linwei; Kang, Guihua; Ning, Guozhu; Cao, Yu; Gao, Feng; Su, Ying; Wu, Apr 30, 2020 5230
Uridine Metabolism and Its Role in Glucose, Lipid, and Amino Acid Homeostasis. Zhang, Yumei; Guo, Songge; Xie, Chunyan; Fang, Jun Apr 30, 2020 5539
Role of the eNOS Uncoupling and the Nitric Oxide Metabolic Pathway in the Pathogenesis of Autoimmune Rheumatic Diseases. Luczak, Anna; Madej, Marta; Kasprzyk, Agata; Doroszko, Adrian Apr 30, 2020 12563
Targeting Inflammatory-Mitochondrial Response in Major Depression: Current Evidence and Further Challenges. Visentin, Ana Paula Vargas; Colombo, Rafael; Scotton, Ellen; Fracasso, Debora Soligo; da Rosa, Adria Report Apr 30, 2020 16162
Carbon Monoxide Being Hydrogen Sulfide and Nitric Oxide Molecular Sibling, as Endogenous and Exogenous Modulator of Oxidative Stress and Antioxidative Mechanisms in the Digestive System. Korbut, Edyta; Brzozowski, Tomasz; Magierowski, Marcin Apr 30, 2020 11649
Intraocular Pharmacokinetics and Safety of Subretinal Injection Compared with Intravitreal Application of Conbercept in Vitrectomized Rabbit Eyes. Yao, Teng-Teng; Jin, Xiao-Liang; Yang, Yuan; Wang, Yi-Xiao; Zhou, Ya-Li; He, Fang-Lin; Wang, Zhao-Ya Apr 30, 2020 5495
Finishing-Aslam-Khan-Dyeing, Printing and Finishing - Enzyme in textile processing. Apr 30, 2020 1525
Peripartum Severe Acute Pancreatitis with Rare Complications: Case Report and Review of Literature. Ali, Syed Muhammad; Shaikh, Nissar Ahmed; Aftab, Zia; Latif, Ejaz; Sameer, Muhammad; Khan, Muhammad Apr 30, 2020 1864
The Impact of Oxygen at Various Stages of Vinification on the Chemical Composition and the Antioxidant and Sensory Properties of White and Red Wines. Tarko, Tomasz; Duda-Chodak, Aleksandra; Sroka, Pawel; Siuta, Malgorzata Apr 30, 2020 9391
Serum Level of the Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme in Patients with Idiopathic Acute Optic Neuritis: A Case-Control Study. Ghanbari, Heshmatollah; Dehghani, Alireza; Feizi, Awat; Amirkhani, Arman; Pourazizi, Mohsen Case study Apr 30, 2020 3318
Glycogenic Hepatopathy: A Rare Hepatic Complication of Poorly Controlled Type 1 DM. Alenazy, Leila A.; Javed, Muhammad; Elsiesy, Hussien; Raddaoui, Emad; Hamoudi, Waleed K. Al- Apr 30, 2020 2455
The Effects of 1-Methylcyclopropene in the Regulation of Antioxidative System and Softening of Mango Fruit during Storage. Li, Li; Li, Changbao; Sun, Jian; Sheng, Jinfeng; Zhou, Zhugui; Xin, Ming; Yi, Ping; He, Xuemei; Zhen Apr 30, 2020 6387
Therapeutic Effects of the Combination of Alpha-Lipoic Acid (ALA) and Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) on Cisplatin-Induced Nephrotoxicity. Khalifa, Eman Aly; Ahmed, Ahmed Nabil; Hashem, Khalid Shaaban; Allah, Ahmad Gad Apr 30, 2020 7444
Association between Vaginal Infections and the Types and Viral Loads of Human Papillomavirus: A Clinical Study Based on 4,449 Cases of Gynecologic Outpatients. Wang, Wei; Zhang, Xian-hui; Li, Mei; Hao, Chong-hua; Liang, Hong-ping Clinical report Apr 30, 2020 4385
Molecular Docking Studies on Gingerol Analogues toward Mushroom Tyrosinase. Sabrina.Benouis, Fouad.Ferkous, Khairedine.Kraim, Ahmed.Allali and Youcef. Saihi Apr 30, 2020 3715
Atypical Manifestation of DRESS Syndrome. Hakim, Christopher; Melitas, Constantine; Nguyen, Eric; Ngo, Kha Report Apr 30, 2020 1713
Novel Dimethylacetamide-Containing Formulation Improves Infraorbital Anaesthesia Efficacy in Rats with Periodontitis. Blinova, Ekaterina V.; Shikh, Evgeniia V.; Semeleva, Elena V.; Yurochkina, Aleksandra M.; Novikov, A Apr 30, 2020 3838
Efficacy and Safety of Tracnil[TM] Administration in Patients with Dermatological Manifestations of PCOS: An Open-Label Single-Arm Study. Ramanan, Ezhil Arasan; Ravi, Sailatha; Anbu, K.R. Radha; Michael, Margaret Report Apr 30, 2020 5367
Association of Serum PSP/REG I[alpha] with Renal Function in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. Zhu, Huimin; Zhu, Xiangyun; Lin, Hao; Liu, Dechen; Dai, Yu; Su, Xianghui; Li, Ling Apr 30, 2020 4848
Involvement of Cathepsins in Innate and Adaptive Immune Responses in Periodontitis. Yan, Xu; Wu, Zhou; Wang, Biyao; Yu, Tianhao; Hu, Yue; Wang, Sijian; Deng, Chunfu; Zhao, Baohong; Nak Apr 30, 2020 7843
Interaction of Cyclooxygenase-2 with Helicobacter pylori Induces Gastric Chronic Nonresolving Inflammation and the Formation of Syndrome of Internal Block of Static Blood in Helicobacter pylori-Related Gastric Diseases. Dai, Yun-Kai; Zhang, Yun-Zhan; Li, Dan-Yan; Chen, Xu; Gong, Lin; Luo, Qi; Lan, Shao-Yang; Chen, Bin; Apr 30, 2020 5508
Ultrastructural Changes in Hepatocytes and Chemopreventive Effects of Short-Term Administration of Curcuma longa L. against Oxidative Stress-Induced Toxicity: Improvement Mechanisms of Liver Detoxification. Hasan, Mohammed A. Apr 30, 2020 4020
Corrigendum to "The Effect of a Hydrolyzed Polysaccharide Dietary Supplement on Biomarkers in Adults with Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease". Lewis, John E.; Atlas, Steven E.; Higuera, Oscar L.; Fiallo, Andrea; Rasul, Ammar; Farooqi, Ashar; K Correction notice Apr 30, 2020 8656
Meridian Bioscience says COVID-19 sample prep simplified with new enzyme mix. Apr 27, 2020 193
Hepato-renal Toxicity of Patulin and its Modulation by Ginger (Zingiber officinale) in Rats. Bakry, Kadry A. El-; Deef, Lamiaa E.M.; Habbak, Lotfy Z.; Naeli, Samia S. El- Report Apr 18, 2020 3422
Purification and Characterization of a Thermostable Pyruvate Ferredoxin Oxidoreductase/Pyruvate Decarboxylase from Thermococcus kodakaraensis. Nisa, Kanwal; Ashraf, Sadaf; Siddiqui, Masood Ahmed; Taj, Naila; Habib-Ur-Rehman; Bano, Arifa; Rashi Report Apr 10, 2020 4733
Lead Induced Oxidative Stress in Cirrhina mrigala. Latif, Fariha; Javed, Muhammad; Khan, Hammad Ahmad; Rehman, Khalil-Ur- Report Apr 7, 2020 5331
Are thermogenic proteins and adipokine chemerin afected by monoclonal antibody therapy in asthma? Bulut, Tangul; Yalcin, Arzu Didem; Celik, Betul; Genc, Gizem Esra; Gocmen, Ayse Yesim; Gumuslu, Saad Apr 3, 2020 3572
Why Arginine Failed as a Cardiovascular Drug. Faloon, William Apr 1, 2020 2775
Improve DIGESTION of Plant-Based Foods. Downey, Michael Apr 1, 2020 2203
MiR-26a promotes apoptosis of porcine granulosa cells by targeting the 3[beta]-hydroxysteroid-[DELTA]24-reductase gene. Zhang, Xiaodong; Tao, Qiangqiang; Shang, Jinnan; Xu, Yiliang; Zhang, Liang; Ma, Yingchun; Zhu, Weihu Apr 1, 2020 4408
The Effect of Royal Jelly and Exercise on Liver Enzymes in Addicts. Sargazi, Maryam; Taghian, Farzane Report Apr 1, 2020 5165
Diagnostic utility of total PSA, free PSA, percentage PSA, histology biopsy and expression pattern of MALAT-1 in prostate cancer patients in Southern Nigeria. Idomeh, Festus Aigbokheo; Osadolor, Humphery Benedo; Elekofehinti, Olalekan Olusola Apr 1, 2020 2670
A Case of Nodular Cystic Acne Treated with Systemic Dapsone/Sistemik Dapson ile Tedavi Edilen Bir Noduler Kistik Akne Olgusu. Daye, Munise; Temiz, Selami Aykut Apr 1, 2020 1363
Angiokeratomas and treatment with enzyme replacement therapy in a patient with Fabry disease. Sabovic, Eva Klara Merzel; Tansek, Mojca Zerjav; Groselj, Urh; Dragos, Vlasta Apr 1, 2020 2529
Therapeutic effects of syringaldehyde on spinal cord ischemia in rabbits. Malcok, Umit A.; Aras, Adem B.; Sehitoglu, Muserref H.; Akman, Tarik; Yuksel, Yasemin Apr 1, 2020 6548
HYAL1 Is Downregulated in Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis and Inhibits HFL-1 Fibroblast Proliferation When Upregulated. Leng, Dong; Huang, Xiaoxi; Yi, Jiawen; Zhao, Hongying; Zhang, Yuhui Mar 31, 2020 8219
Sinapic Acid Ameliorates Oxidative Stress, Inflammation, and Apoptosis in Acute Doxorubicin-Induced Cardiotoxicity via the NF-[kappa]B-Mediated Pathway. Jardan, Yousef A. Bin; Ansari, Mushtaq Ahmad; Raish, Mohammad; Alkharfy, Khalid M.; Ahad, Abdul; Al- Mar 31, 2020 6258
Association of SCN1A, SCN2A, and UGT2B7 Polymorphisms with Responsiveness to Valproic Acid in the Treatment of Epilepsy. Lu, Yuan; Su, Quanping; Li, Ming; Dayimu, Alimu; Dai, Xiaoyu; Wang, Zhiheng; Che, Fengyuan; Xue, Fuz Mar 31, 2020 5673
Electroacupuncture Ameliorates Cerebral I/R-Induced Inflammation through DOR-BDNF/TrkB Pathway. Geng, Yue; Chen, Yeting; Sun, Wei; Gu, Yingmin; Zhang, Yongjie; Li, Mei; Xie, Jiajun; Tian, Xuesong Mar 31, 2020 9368
Kai-Xin-San, a Chinese Herbal Decoction, Accelerates the Degradation of [beta]-Amyloid by Enhancing the Expression of Neprilysin in Rats. Wang, Na; Jia, Yongming; Zhang, Bo; Li, Yan; Murtaza, Ghulam; Huang, Shuming; Liu, Xuewei Mar 31, 2020 4464
Acupotomy Alleviates Energy Crisis at Rat Myofascial Trigger Points. Zhang, Yi; Du, Ning-Yu; Chen, Chen; Wang, Tong; Wang, Li-Juan; Shi, Xiao-Lu; Li, Shu-Ming; Guo, Chan Mar 31, 2020 7947
Jiawei Xianglian Decoction (JWXLD), a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Alleviates CPT-11-Induced Diarrhea in Mice. Lu, Jinhua; Lin, Zechen; Huang, Siyu; Shen, Yiwei; Jiang, Jing; Lin, Shengyou Mar 31, 2020 5115
Improving Storability of "Nanfeng" Mandarins by Treating with Postharvest Hot Water Dipping. Kahramanoglu, Ibrahim; Chen, Chuying; Chen, Yao; Chen, Jinyin; Gan, Zengyu; Wa, Chunpeng Mar 31, 2020 7697
Chemical Composition and Biological Activities of Extracts from Pomelo Peel By-Products under Enzyme and Ultrasound-Assisted Extractions. Van Hung, Pham; Nhi, Nguyen Hai Yen; Ting, Ling Yu; Phi, Nguyen Thi Lan Mar 31, 2020 5269
Effect of Natural Fermentation of Sorghum on Resistant Starch Molecular Structure and Fermentation Property. Ge, YunFei; Wang, WeiHao; Shen, Meng; Kang, ZiYue; Wang, Juan; Quan, ZhiGang; Xiao, JinLing; Zhao, S Mar 31, 2020 8790
Association of Epoxide Hydrolase 2 Gene Arg287Gln with the Risk for Primary Hypertension in Chinese. Ma, Liang; Zhao, Hailing; Yu, Meijie; Wen, Yumin; Zhao, Tingting; Yan, Meihua; Liu, Qian; Jiang, Yon Mar 31, 2020 4309
Bredemolic Acid Ameliorates Selected Liver Function Biomarkers in a Diet-Induced Prediabetic Rat Model. Akinnuga, Akinjide Moses; Siboto, Angezwa; Khumalo, Bongiwe; Sibiya, Ntethelelo Hopewell; Ngubane, P Mar 31, 2020 5836
Microwave-Assisted Synthesis of Cross-Linked Co-poly(itaconic anhydride-methyl methacrylate): The Effects of the Molar Ratio and Cross-Linking Agent on the Thermal Stability. Aldalbahi, Ali; Rahaman, Mostafizur; Faham, Ayman El- Mar 31, 2020 4887
Effects of Epstein-Barr Virus Infection on CD19+ B Lymphocytes in Patients with Immunorelated Pancytopenia. Zhao, Yang; Wang, Yihao; Liu, Hui; Ding, Kai; Liu, Chunyan; Yu, Hong; Shao, Zonghong; Fu, Rong Mar 31, 2020 5194
Triticum vulgare Extract Modulates Protein-Kinase B and Matrix Metalloproteinases 9 Protein Expression in BV-2 Cells: Bioactivity on Inflammatory Pathway Associated with Molecular Mechanism Wound Healing. Funel, Niccola; Dini, Valentina; Janowska, Agata; Loggini, Barbara; Minale, Massimiliano; Grieco, Fa Mar 31, 2020 5738
Leptin Regulated ILC2 Cell through the PI3K/AKT Pathway in Allergic Rhinitis. Zeng, Qingxiang; Luo, Xi; Tang, Yiquan; Liu, Wenlong; Luo, Renzhong Mar 31, 2020 3643
Posterior Reversible Encephalopathy Syndrome in a Patient with Hemorrhagic Fever with Renal Syndrome. Muco, Ermira; Hasa, Amela; Rroji, Arben; Kushi, Arta; Puca, Edmond; Kraja, Dhimiter Mar 31, 2020 2119
Estimation of Serum Levels of VEGF & SVEGFR-1 (sFLT-1) in Preeclampsia. Chielie, Khrieketouzo Atou; Dhingra, Renu; Bhatla, Neerja Mar 23, 2020 4127
A Study to Detect Liver Enzyme Dysfunction among Patients on First Line Anti-Tubercular Drugs from RNTCP during the Course of Anti-TB Treatment. Rupam, Kumar T.A.; Khan, Samim; Sen, Pronoy; Banerjee, Sourindranath Report Mar 2, 2020 4081
Study of the diagnostic value of interleukin-6 and interleukin-8 in children with acute gastroenteritis. Zaki, Maysaa El Sayed; Alsayed, Mona Abdel Latif; Shrief, Raghdaa Mar 1, 2020 3595
Changes in the Epidemiology of Cutaneous Leishmaniasis in Northeastern Iran/Kuzeydogu Iran'da Kutanoz Leishmaniasisin Epidemiyolojisindeki Degisimler. Farash, Bibi Razieh Hosseini; Shamsian, Seyed Ali Akbar; Mohajery, Masoud; Fata, Abdolmajid; Sadabad Mar 1, 2020 4904
Hepatic Failure following Metronidazole in Children with Cockayne Syndrome. Ataee, Pedram; Karimi, Avat; Eftekhari, Kambiz Mar 1, 2020 1685
Persistent Increase in Serum Alkaline Phosphatase in a Patient with Monoclonal Gammopathy of Undefined Significance. Ramasamy, I. Mar 1, 2020 2917
The Fire from Within: Multiorgan Failure with Bimodal Rhabdomyolysis from Exertional Heat Stroke. Ubaldo, Onion Gerald V.; Quiwa, Khia; Rollan, Rohana Elise; Tripon, Edhel; Sebastian, Elizabeth Mar 1, 2020 4678
Cerebellar Ataxia Followed by Stiff Person Syndrome in a Patient with Anti-GAD Antibodies. Seneviratne, Sinali O.; Buzzard, Katherine A.; Cruse, Belinda; Monif, Mastura Report Mar 1, 2020 2899
Pediatric Dental Management of an Uncommon Case of Mucopolysaccharidosis Type IV A (Morquio A Syndrome): A Case Report of a Three-Year Follow-Up. Gomez-Gonzalez, Andrea; Rosales-Berber, Miguel Angel; De Avila-Rojas, Paola; Pozos-Guillen, Amaury; Mar 1, 2020 2942
Comparative Study of Clostridium difficile Clinical Detection Methods in Patients with Diarrhoea. Xiao, Yanyan; Liu, Yong; Qin, Xiaosong Report Mar 1, 2020 4129
In Vitro ELISA and Cell-Based Assays Confirm the Low Immunogenicity of VNAR Therapeutic Constructs in a Mouse Model of Human RA: An Encouraging Milestone to Further Clinical Drug Development. Ubah, Obinna C.; Porter, Andrew J.; Barelle, Caroline J. Mar 1, 2020 8638
Foodborne Pathogen Assessment in Raw Milk Cheeses. Costanzo, Nicola; Ceniti, Carlotta; Santoro, Adriano; Clausi, Maria Teresa; Casalinuovo, Francesco Mar 1, 2020 4008
Comparative Study of Protective Effect of Cimetidine and Verapamil on Paracetamol-Induced Hepatotoxicity in Mice. Danish, Lubna; Siddiq, Riffat; Jahan, Sarwat; Taneez, Mehwish; Khan, Manzoor; Sandhu, Marva Mar 1, 2020 5139
Development and Evaluation of an Immuno-Capture Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay to Quantify the Mycoplasma capricolum subsp. capripneumoniae (Mccp) Protein in Contagious Caprine Pleuropneumonia (CCPP) Vaccine. Baziki, Jean de Dieu; Charles, Bodjo S.; Nwankpa, Nick; Maina, Naomi; Chitsungo, Ethel; Boukary, Cis Mar 1, 2020 6519
Botanical Origin and Nutritional Values of Bee Bread of Stingless Bee (Heterotrigona itama) from Malaysia. Mohammad, Salma Malihah; Mahmud-Ab-Rashid, Nor-Khaizura; Zawawi, Norhasnida Mar 1, 2020 10501
The Role of C1-Esterase Inhibitors in the Management of Vasogenic Edema in Glioblastoma. Naro, Gillian R.; Noverati, Nicholas; Craig, Timothy Mar 1, 2020 2174
TET1 is a Tumor Suppressor That Inhibits Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma Cell Migration and Invasion. Yu, Shuang; Yin, Yali; Hong, Shubin; Cao, Siting; Huang, Yanrui; Chen, Shuwei; Liu, Yujie; Guan, Hon Mar 1, 2020 5358
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Physiological Significance of Ion Transporters and Channels in the Stomach and Pathophysiological Relevance in Gastric Cancer. Yuan, Dumin; Ma, Zhiyuan; Tuo, Biguang; Li, Taolang; Liu, Xuemei Mar 1, 2020 8231
UHPLC-ESI-Orbitrap-MS Analysis of Biologically Active Extracts from Gynura procumbens (Lour.) Merr. and Cleome gynandra L. Leaves. Chandradevan, Machap; Simoh, Sanimah; Mediani, Ahmed; Ismail, Nor Hadiani; Ismail, Intan Safinar; Ab Mar 1, 2020 10038
Tannase-Converted Green Tea Extract with High (-)-Epicatechin Inhibits Skeletal Muscle Mass in Aged Mice. Hong, Ki-Bae; Lee, Hee-Seok; Kim, Dong Hyeon; Moon, Joo Myung; Park, Yooheon Mar 1, 2020 5281
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Different pathogenic mechanisms of early-onset preeclampsia, late-onset preeclampsia, and hemolysis, elevated liver enzymes, low platelet syndrome/Erken baslangicli preeklampsi, gec baslangicli preeklampsi ve hemoliz, yuksek karaciger enzimleri ve dusuk trombosit sayim sendromunun farkli patojenik mekanizmalari. Sisti, Giovanni Letter to the editor Mar 1, 2020 539
A Simple and Rapid LC-MS/MS Method for Quantification of Total Daidzein, Genistein, and Equol in Human Urine. Saha, Shikha; Kroon, Paul A. Mar 1, 2020 6269
Carious Lesion Severity Induces Higher Antioxidant System Activity and Consequently Reduces Oxidative Damage in Children's Saliva. Araujo, Heitor Ceolin; Nakamune, Ana Claudia Melo Stevanato; Garcia, Wilson Galhego; Pessan, Juliano Mar 1, 2020 6867
Exosome-Mediated Transfer of ACE2 (Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme 2) from Endothelial Progenitor Cells Promotes Survival and Function of Endothelial Cell. Wang, Jinju; Chen, Shuzhen; Bihl, Ji Mar 1, 2020 5878
Maternal Separation Induces Long-Term Alterations in the Cardiac Oxytocin Receptor and Cystathionine [gamma]-Lyase Expression in Mice. Wigger, Daniela C.; Groger, Nicole; Lesse, Alexandra; Krause, Sabrina; Merz, Tamara; Gundel, Harald; Mar 1, 2020 5935
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AVE0991, a Nonpeptide Angiotensin 1-7 Receptor Agonist, Improves Glucose Metabolism in the Skeletal Muscle of Obese Zucker Rats: Possible Involvement of Prooxidant/Antioxidant Mechanisms. Dobrocsyova, Viktoria; Slamkova, Miroslava; Krskova, Katarina; Balazova, Lucia; Suski, Maciej; Olsza Mar 1, 2020 6103
A Newly Synthesized Rhamnoside Derivative Alleviates Alzheimer's Amyloid-[beta]-Induced Oxidative Stress, Mitochondrial Dysfunction, and Cell Senescence through Upregulating SIRT3. Li, Yi; Lu, Jing; Cao, Xin; Zhao, Hongwei; Gao, Longfei; Xia, Peng; Pei, Gang Mar 1, 2020 9151
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CD26-Related Serum Biomarkers: sCD26 Protein, DPP4 Activity, and Anti-CD26 Isotype Levels in a Colorectal Cancer-Screening Context. De Chiara, Loretta; de la Cadena, Maria Paez; Rodriguez-Berrocal, Javier; Alvarez-Pardinas, Ma. Carm Mar 1, 2020 6446
PCK1 Deficiency Shortens the Replicative Lifespan of Saccharomyces cerevisiae through Upregulation of PFK1. Yuan, Yuan; Lin, Jia-Ying; Cui, Hong-Jing; Zhao, Wei; Zheng, Hui-Ling; Jiang, Zhi-Wen; Xiong, Xing-D Mar 1, 2020 5253
Hydrogen-Rich Saline Inhibits Lipopolysaccharide-Induced Acute Lung Injury and Endothelial Dysfunction by Regulating Autophagy through mTOR/TFEB Signaling Pathway. Fu, Zhiling; Zhang, Ze; Wu, Xiuying; Zhang, Jin Mar 1, 2020 5796
Fusarium concolor X4 Pretreatment Suppresses Light-Induced Yellowing of High-Yield Pulp. Zhang, Daolei; Li, Xuezhi; Zhao, Jian Mar 1, 2020 5593
Effect of Peri-Implant Disease on Adropin Levels: A Cross-Sectional Pilot Study. Gundogar, Hasan; Ozsoy, Buket; Uzunkaya, Meral; Senyurt, Suleyman Ziya; Erciyas, Kamile Report Mar 1, 2020 3525
Lactonase Activity, Status, and Genetic Variations of Paraoxonase 1 in Women with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus. Zhou, Mi; Liu, Xing-Hui; Liu, Qing-Qing; Chen, Meng; Bai, Huai; Guan, Lin-Bo; Fan, Ping Mar 1, 2020 8172
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Hypophosphatasia: A Novel Mutation Associated with an Atypical Newborn Presentation. Esmel-Vilomara, Roger; Hernandez, Susana; Campos-Martorel, Ariadna; Gonzalez-Roca, Eva; Yeste, Diego Mar 1, 2020 2536
Promoting Precipitation Technique using Bio-Chemical Grouting for Soil Liquefaction Prevention. Putra, H.; Yasuhara, H.; Kinoshita, N.; Fauzan, M. Mar 1, 2020 3147
Inhibition of Glucosyltransferase Activity and Glucan Production as an Antibiofilm Mechanism of Lemongrass Essential Oil against Escherichia coli O157:H7. Ortega-Ramirez, Luis A.; Gutierrez-Pacheco, M. Melissa; Vargas-Arispuro, Irasema; Gonzalez-Aguila, G Report Mar 1, 2020 5816
Insights into Acinetobacter baumannii: A Review of Microbiological, Virulence, and Resistance Traits in a Threatening Nosocomial Pathogen. Moubareck, Carole Ayoub; Halat, Dalal Hammoudi Report Mar 1, 2020 16396
Juvenile dermatomyositis in a 14-year old Nigerian girl. Aliu, Rasaki; Aliyu, Lawan Ibrahim; Obiagwu, Patience Ngozi; Olatoke, Lukman; Ebisike, Joseph Kelech Mar 1, 2020 1857
Cloning and Expression Analysis of Two Kdm Lysine Demethylases in the Testes of Mature Yaks and Their Sterile Hybrids. Shen, Zhenhua; Huang, Lin; Jin, Suyu; Zheng, Yucai Report Mar 1, 2020 5957
Serum levels of matrix metalloproteinase-2, -9, and vitamin D in patients with multiple sclerosis with or without herpesvirus-6 seropositivity. Amini, Razieh; Karampoor, Sajad; Zahednasab, Hamid; Keyvani, Hossein; Gheiasian, Masoud; Jalilian, F Mar 1, 2020 3972
Impact of Multienzymes Dose Supplemented Continuously or Intermittently in Drinking Water on Growth Performance, Nutrient Digestibility, and Blood Constituents of Broiler Chickens. Attia, Youssef; kelawy, Mahmoud El-; Harthi, Mohammed Al-; Shafey, Ali El- Report Mar 1, 2020 7733
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Oxidative Stress and Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress Are Involved in the Protective Effect of Alpha Lipoic Acid Against Heat Damage in Chicken Testes. Xiong, Yongjie; Yin, Qirun; Li, Jing; He, Shaojun Report Mar 1, 2020 6123
Cognitive Abilities of Dogs with Mucopolysaccharidosis I: Learning and Memory. Provoost, Lena; Siracusa, Carlo; Stefanovski, Darko; Che, Yan; Li, Mingyao; Casal, Margret Report Mar 1, 2020 16728
Effect of Zinc Source and Exogenous Enzymes Supplementation on Zinc Status in Dogs Fed High Phytate Diets. Pereira, Ana Margarida; Guedes, Margarida; Matos, Elisabete; Pinto, Edgar; Almeida, Agostinho A.; Se Report Mar 1, 2020 11968
ACTH Stimulation Induced Self-Mutilation Behavior in the Golden Conure (Guaruba guarouba). Sinhorini, Juliana Anaya; Pizzutto, Cristiane Schilbach; Palme, Rupert Report Mar 1, 2020 3430
Lipid Deposition and Metabolism in Local and Modern Pig Breeds: A Review. Poklukar, Klavdija; Candek-Potokar, Marjeta; Lukac, Nina Batorek; Tomazin, Urska; Skrlep, Martin Mar 1, 2020 12375
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Evaluation of Genotoxic and Lipid Peroxidative Potential of Ceftriaxone. Dayana, Kunjumon; Manasa, Megaravalli R. Report Mar 1, 2020 3575
Wishful thinking from Huda; As she launches her long-awaited skincare line, beauty mogul Huda Kattan shares her ultimate skin-boosting tips with. KATIE WRIGHT Feb 20, 2020 891
Wishful thinking from Huda; As she launches her long-awaited skincare line, beauty mogul Huda Kattan shares her ultimate skin-boosting tips with KATIE WRIGHT. KATIE WRIGHT Feb 20, 2020 892
Wishful thinking from Huda; As she launches her long-awaited skincare line, beauty mogul Huda Kattan shares her ultimate skin-boosting tips with KATIE WRIGHT. KATIE WRIGHT Feb 20, 2020 888
Wishful thinking from Huda; As she launches her long-awaited skincare line, beauty mogul Huda Kattan shares her ultimate skin-boosting tips with KATIE WRIGHT. KATIE WRIGHT Feb 20, 2020 887
Wishful thinking from Huda; As she launches her long-awaited skincare line, beauty mogul Huda Kattan shares her ultimate skin-boosting tips with KATIE WRIGHT. KATIE WRIGHT Feb 18, 2020 893
Short Communication - Glycogen storage diseases-time to flip the outdated diagnostic approach centered on liver biopsy with the molecular testing. Sibtain Ahmed and Bushra Afroze Feb 14, 2020 1836
Synspira Therapeutics signs contract with Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Feb 13, 2020 166
Synspira Therapeutics signs contract with Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Feb 13, 2020 162
Germination of Crotalaria and Lupinus (Fabaceae) seeds submitted to different pre-germination treatments and their effect on enzymatic activity during early germination/Germinacao de sementes de Crotalaria e Lupinus (Fabaceae) submetidas a diferentes tratamentos pre-germinativos e o efeito da atividade enzimatica na fase inicial da germinacao. Garduza-Acosta, B.; Lagunes-Espinoza, L.C.; Garcia-de-los-Santos, C.C. Bautista-Munoz G.; Zaldivar-C Feb 1, 2020 4540
Anaesthetic Approach for Patient with Hereditary Angioedema. Mclo, Maize Cordciro; Boas, Walkiria Wingcstcr Vilas; Faria, Marcos Daniel; Lima, Alync Andradc; Sou Feb 1, 2020 1499
Optimal Background Color for Head-Starting Northern River Terrapins (Batagur baska Gray, 1831). Jualaong, Suthep; Thongprajukaew, Karun; Ninwat, Santi; Petchrit, Natchapong; Khwanmaung, Suwandee; Report Feb 1, 2020 7968
Nitric Oxide Synthase Is Involved in Follicular Development via the PI3K/AKT/FoxO3a Pathway in Neonatal and Immature Rats. Li, Junrong; Zhang, Wei; Zhu, Shanli; Shi, Fangxiong Report Feb 1, 2020 6505
Dietary Supplementation with Phytase and Protease Improves Growth Performance, Serum Metabolism Status, and Intestinal Digestive Enzyme Activities in Meat Ducks. Jiang, Junjie; Wu, Hao; Zhu, Dan; Yang, Jiameng; Huang, Jianying; Gao, Shuo; Lv, Gang Report Feb 1, 2020 6914
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A Composite Bioinoculant Based on the Combined Application of Beneficial Bacteria and Fungi. Allaga, Henrietta; Boka, Bettina; Poor, Peter; Nagy, Viktor David; Szucs, Attila; Stankovics, Istvan Feb 1, 2020 9191
Influence of Fruit Ripening on the Total and Individual Capsaicinoids and Capsiate Content in Naga Jolokia Peppers (Capsicum chinense Jacq.). Vazquez-Espinosa, Mercedes; Olguin-Rojas, Jose Arturo; Fayos, Oreto; Gonzalez-de-Peredo, Ana V.; Esp Feb 1, 2020 7412
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Effect of Drought Stress at Reproductive Stages on Growth and Nitrogen Metabolism in Soybean. Du, Yanli; Zhao, Qiang; Chen, Liru; Yao, Xingdong; Xie, Futi Feb 1, 2020 10868
Gram-Negative Bacterial Lysins. Ghose, Chandrabali; Euler, Chad W. Report Feb 1, 2020 7720
Development and Validation of In Vitro Discriminatory Dissolution Testing Method for Fast Dispersible Tablets of BCS Class II Drug/BCS Sinif II Ilacinin Hizli Dagilabilir Tabletleri icin In Vitro Ayirt Edici Cozunme Test Yonteminin Gelistirilmesi ve Validasyonu. Bhatt, Shailendra; Roy, Dabashis; Kumar, Manish; Saharan, Renu; Malik, Anuj; Saini, Vipin Feb 1, 2020 3904
Cancer Enzyme "Sits" on Cell Surfaces. Feb 1, 2020 301
A new concept in juice extraction and enzyme inactivation. Jan 31, 2020 354
Scientists find leukaemia's Achilles heel in vitamin B6. Jan 29, 2020 592
Dyadic CEO touts how firm's technology may speed coronavirus vaccine creation on Fox Business. Jan 29, 2020 786
Feed Enzymes Market Projected to Reach $2.0 Billion by 2025 / Top Key Players are BASF SE, DowDu Pont, Koninklijke DSM N.V, Bluestar Adisseo, Kemin Industries. Jan 14, 2020 1034
Catalysts & Enzymes Market: Know Reasons Why Opportunity Knocks Again. Jan 10, 2020 860
Global Feed Enzymes Market Size is Projected to Grow from USD 1.2 Billion in 2019 to USD 2.0 Billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 9.1%. Jan 10, 2020 1099
Disruptive Innovations in Enzymes, 2019 - Enzyme Technologies Facilitating Responsible Transition Towards Circular Economy. Jan 8, 2020 612
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Catalytic properties of wheat phytase that favorably degrades long-chain inorganic polyphosphate. An, Jeongmin; Cho, Jaiesoon Jan 1, 2020 2983
Pregnancy Outcome after Exposure to Migalastat for Fabry Disease: A Clinical Report. Haninger-Vacariu, Natalja; Hadi, Sarah El-; Pauler, Udo; Foretnik, Marina; Kain, Renate; Prohaszka, Clinical report Jan 1, 2020 3337
The Immunosuppressant Fingolimod (FTY720) for the Treatment of Mechanical Force-Induced Abnormal Scars. Aoki, Masayo; Kondo, Akatsuki; Matsunaga, Noriko; Honda, Azusa; Okubo, Yuri; Takabe, Kazuaki; Ogawa, Jan 1, 2020 6420
Apolipoprotein A-V Is a Novel Diagnostic and Prognostic Predictor in Pediatric Patients with Sepsis: A Prospective Pilot Study in PICU. Wang, Chunxia; Cui, Yun; Miao, Huijie; Xiong, Xi; Dou, Jiaying; Shao, Lujing; Tang, Xiaomeng; Zhang, Clinical report Jan 1, 2020 5006
Quartz Dust Exposure Affects NLRP3 Inflammasome Activation and Plasma Levels of IL-18 and IL-1Ra in Iron Foundry Workers. Hedbrant, Alexander; Andersson, Lena; Bryngelsson, Ing-Liss; Eklund, Daniel; Westberg, Hakan; Sarnda Jan 1, 2020 6138
Phoenix dactylifera Protects against Doxorubicin-Induced Cardiotoxicity and Nephrotoxicity. Wang, Yuewen; Chao, Xu; Ahmad, Fiaz ud Din; Shi, Hailong; Mehboob, Hania; Hassan, Waseem Jan 1, 2020 4511
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Miso Soup Consumption Enhances the Bioavailability of the Reduced Form of Supplemental Coenzyme [Q.sub.10]. Takahashi, Michiyo; Nagata, Mayumi; Kaneko, Takehiko; Suzuki, Toshikazu Jan 1, 2020 5957
Erigeron annuus Protects PC12 Neuronal Cells from Oxidative Stress Induced by ROS-Mediated Apoptosis. Lee, Ji Yeon; Park, Jeong-Yong; Kim, Dong Hwi; Kim, Hyung Don; Ji, Yun- Jeong; Seo, Kyung Hye Jan 1, 2020 7283
Neuroprotective Activity of Methanolic Extract of Lysimachia christinae against Glutamate Toxicity in HT22 Cell and Its Protective Mechanisms. Ryu, Gahee; Ma, Choong Je Jan 1, 2020 4738
Vitamin C versus Cancer: Ascorbic Acid Radical and Impairment of Mitochondrial Respiration? Bakalova, Rumiana; Zhelev, Zhivko; Miller, Thomas; Aoki, Ichio; Higashi, Tatsuya Jan 1, 2020 9219
The Multifarious Link between Cytochrome P450s and Cancer. Alzahrani, Abdullah M.; Rajendran, Peramaiyan Jan 1, 2020 14729
Resumption of Autophagy by Ubisol-[Q.sub.10] in Presenilin-1 Mutated Fibroblasts and Transgenic AD Mice: Implications for Inhibition of Senescence and Neuroprotection. Vegh, Caleb; Pupulin, Simon; Wear, Darcy; Culmone, Lauren; Huggard, Rachel; Ma, Dennis; Pandey, Siya Jan 1, 2020 6661
Age- and Sex-Specific Reference Intervals for Myocardial Enzyme Activity in Healthy Chinese Han Population Aged 1~<18 years. Guo, Wenjia; Zhou, Qi; Jia, Yanan; Xu, Jiancheng Jan 1, 2020 7548
The Coumarin Derivative 5'-Hydroxy Auraptene Suppresses Osteoclast Differentiation via Inhibiting MAPK and c-Fos/NFATc1 Pathways. Abdallah, Basem M.; Ali, Enas M.; Elsawy, Hany; Badr, Gehan M.; Abdel-Moneim, Ashraf M.; Alzahrani, Jan 1, 2020 4987
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Evaluation of Abnormal Liver Enzymes. Jinnah, Keivan Jan 1, 2020 4065
Treatment of Sweet Pepper with Stress Tolerance-Inducing Compounds Alleviates Salinity Stress Oxidative Damage by Mediating the Physio-Biochemical Activities and Antioxidant Systems. Abdelaal, Khaled A.; EL-Maghraby, Lamiaa M.; Elansary, Hosam; Hafez, Yaser M.; Ibrahim, Eid I.; El-B Jan 1, 2020 6882
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Effects of Cowpea-Amaranth Intercropping and Fertiliser Application on Soil Phosphatase Activities, Available Soil Phosphorus, and Crop Growth Response. Mndzebele, Buhlebelive; Ncube, Bhekumthetho; Fessehazion, Melake; Mabhaudhi, Tafadzwanashe; Amoo, St Jan 1, 2020 10002
Comparison of Biochemical, Anatomical, Morphological, and Physiological Responses to Salinity Stress in Wheat and Barley Genotypes Deferring in Salinity Tolerance. Zeeshan, Muhammad; Lu, Meiqin; Sehar, Shafaque; Holford, Paul; Wu, Feibo Report Jan 1, 2020 6864
Soil Pollution by Petroleum-Derived Substances and its Bioremediation: The Effect on Aphis fabae Scop. Infestation and Antioxidant Response in Viciafaba L. Rusin, Milena; Gospodarek, Janina; Nadgorska-Socha, Aleksandra Report Jan 1, 2020 9482
The Influence of Bio-Stimulants and Foliar Fertilizers on Yield, Plant Features, and the Level of Soil Biochemical Activity in White Lupine (Lupinus albus L.) Cultivation. Niewiadomska, Alicja; Sulewska, Hanna; Wolna-Maruwka, Agnieszka; Ratajczak, Karolina; Waraczewska, Z Jan 1, 2020 10404
Hydrogen Sulfide Affects the Root Development of Strawberry During Plug Transplant Production. Hu, Jiangtao; Li, Yali; Liu, Ya; Kang, Dong Il; Wei, Hao; Jeong, Byoung Ryong Jan 1, 2020 5523
HDAC4 Regulates the Proliferation, Differentiation and Apoptosis of Chicken Skeletal Muscle Satellite Cells. Zhao, Jing; Shen, Xiaoxu; Cao, Xinao; He, Haorong; Han, Shunshun; Chen, Yuqi; Cui, Can; Wei, Yuanhan Report Jan 1, 2020 4687
Effect of Phytase Derived from the E. coli AppA Gene on Weaned Piglet Performance, Apparent Total Tract Digestibility and Bone Mineralization. Wisniewska, Zuzanna; Nollet, Lode; Lanckriet, Anouk; Vanderbeke, Erik; Petkov, Spas; Outchkourov, Ni Report Jan 1, 2020 6049
Analysis of Intragroup Preferences of Patients of Far Eastern Federal District in Purchase of Antihypertensive Preparations. Sergeevna, Soboleva Mariia; Efimovna, Loskutova Ekaterina; Vladimirivich, Voronirovich Igor Report Jan 1, 2020 3652
Lipid Catabolism in Starved Yak Is Inhibited by Intravenous Infusion of [beta]-Hydroxybutyrate. Zou, Huawei; Hu, Rui; Dong, Xianwen; Shah, Ali Mujtaba; Wang, Zhisheng; Ma, Jian; Peng, Quanhui; Xue Report Jan 1, 2020 9953
Circadian Rhythm of Salivary Immunoglobulin A and Associations with Cortisol as A Stress Biomarker in Captive Asian Elephants (Elephas maximus). Plangsangmas, Tithipong; Brown, Janine L.; Thitaram, Chatchote; Silva-Fletcher, Ayona; Edwards, Kati Report Jan 1, 2020 7427
Effects of Transport Conditions on Behavioural and Physiological Responses of Horses. Padalino, Barbara; Raidal, Sharanne L. Report Jan 1, 2020 10446
Enzymatic Synthesis of KDN-Containing Sialylated Lactuloses and their Bacteriostatic Activities on Staphylococcus aureus. Jie Zeng, Ruiyao Zhang, Saddam Muthana, Haiyan Gao, Mengdi Song, Tian Jia, Jikai Jiang, Meng Cao, Ke Dec 31, 2019 6563
Purification and Biochemical Properties of Acid Phosphatase Enzyme from Seedlings of Rumex dentatus (Curly dock). Umber Zaman, Rubina Naz, Asma Saeed, Jaweria Gul, Muhammad Zeeshan Bhatti and Ahmad Saeed Dec 31, 2019 5053
INTERFERON GAMMA RELEASE ASSAY AMONG TUBERCULOSIS CULTURE POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE CASES TO DETERMINE CUT OFF VALUE. Nauman Akbar, Aamer Ikram, Gohar Zaman, Luqman Satti, Muhammad Yasir Rafiq and Muhammad Rizwan Dec 31, 2019 2583
Short Communication - Effect of UV Irradiation of Aspergillus niger on the Production of Xylanase in the Presence of Wheat Bran as Carbon Source. Muhammad Suleman, Abu ul Hassan Faiz, Muhammad Shahbaz and Ayesha Riaz Dec 31, 2019 1998
Oil-spill-eating enzyme technology now available in South Africa. Dec 18, 2019 488
Diabetes Monitors Market Outlook / Global Size, Share, Upcoming Trends, Emerging Market, Significantly High Growth Rate, Application, Geography Analysis From 2019 to 2023. Dec 10, 2019 986
Changes in Liver Enzymes during Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy under Low and Standard Pressure Pneumoperitoneum. Brahma, Kumar Sona; Gogoi, Mituban; Das, Nabajyoti; Bhuyan, Sorbeswar Clinical report Dec 9, 2019 2968
Study of, Key Role of Bedside, Easy and Cost-Effective, Overnight Rifampicin Test, in Diagnosing Childhood Gilbert Syndrome. Mishra, Kripa Nath; Nirala, Sanjay Kumar; Kumar, Anil Report Dec 9, 2019 2497
Carbios announces EUR1.4m from ADEME following successful CE-PET Research Project. Dec 3, 2019 241
Global Glycomics/Glycobiology Market Size, Share & Trends Analysis Report 2019-2026: Focus on Applications (Drug Discovery & Development, Diagnostics), Products (Instruments, Enzymes). Report Dec 2, 2019 1337
In Vitro Evaluation of the Chemical Composition and Various Biological Activities of Ficus carica Leaf Extracts/Ficus carica Yaprak Ekstrelerinin Kimyasal Bilesiminin ve Cesitli Biyolojik Aktivitelerinin in Vitro Degerlendirilmesi. Ergul, Mustafa; Ergul, Merve; Eruygur, Nuraniye; Atas, Mehmet; Ucar, Esra Dec 1, 2019 6600
Accuracy of Tri-ponderal Mass Index and Body Mass Index in Estimating Insulin Resistance, Hyperlipidemia, Impaired Liver Enzymes or Thyroid Hormone Function and Vitamin D Levels in Children and Adolescents. Akcan, Nese; Bundak, Ruveyde Report Dec 1, 2019 5899
The relationship of serum vitamin D receptor levels with disease activity and clinical parameters in patients with ankylosing spondylitis. Kultur, Turgut; Oztas, Dilek; Keskin, Dilek; Keskin, Goksal; Inal, Ali; Kara, Halil Clinical report Dec 1, 2019 3186
Apolipoprotein M Serum Levels Correlate with IgA Vasculitis and IgA Vasculitis Nephritis. Wu, Jiali; He, Lagu; Bai, Le; Tan, Li; Hu, Min Dec 1, 2019 4628
Intestinal Alkaline Phosphatase Deficiency Is Associated with Ischemic Heart Disease. Malo, Jagannath; Alam, Md. Jahangir; Shahnaz, Munjareen; Kaliannan, Kanakaraju; Chandra, Gopal; Aziz Dec 1, 2019 8719
Alpha-Lipoic Acid Protects Cardiomyocytes against Heat Stroke-Induced Apoptosis and Inflammatory Responses Associated with the Induction of Hsp70 and Activation of Autophagy. Shen, Hsin-Hsueh; Tseng, Yu-Shiuan; Kuo, Ni-Chun; Kung, Ching-Wen; Amin, Sherif; Lam, Kwok-Keung; Le Dec 1, 2019 5820
Increased Soluble Epoxide Hydrolase in Human Gestational Tissues from Pregnancies Complicated by Acute Chorioamnionitis. Hung, Tai-Ho; Chen, Szu-Fu; Wu, Chun-Hu; Kao, Chuan-Chi; Wu, Chung-Pu Dec 1, 2019 7747
Assessment of Serological Markers of Genital Chlamydia trachomatis Infection Among the Gynaecology Patients attending Babcock University Teaching Hospital, Ilishan-Remo, Ogun State, Nigeria. Ajani, Tinuade A.; Elikwu, Charles J.; Nwadike, Victor; Babatunde, Tayo; Anaedobe, Chinenye G.; Shon Report Dec 1, 2019 4386
Evidence for Decreased Nucleolar PARP-1 as an Early Marker of Cognitive Impairment. Regier, Matthew; Liang, Jiancong; Choi, Alexander; Verma, Kavita; Libien, Jenny; Ivan Hernandez, A. Dec 1, 2019 5569
An Overview of the Intrinsic Role of Citrullination in Autoimmune Disorders. Alghamdi, Mohammed; Alasmari, Doaa; Assiri, Amjad; Mattar, Ehab; Aljaddawi, Abdullah A.; Alattas, Sa Dec 1, 2019 33114
Radioprotective Effect of Caffeic Acid Phenethyl Ester on the Brain Tissue in Rats Who Underwent Total-Head Irradiation. Khayyo, Nesrin; Taysi, Muhammed Enes; Demir, Elif; Ulusal, Hasan; Cinar, Kadir; Tarakcioglu, Mehmet; Dec 1, 2019 6106
The subcronic effects of acetamipride on the global DNA methylation levels in Sprague-Dawley rat brain and liver. Arican, Yagmur Emre; Karaman, Ecem Fatma; Ozden, Sibel Dec 1, 2019 4282
From "Every Day" Hormonal to Oxidative Stress Biomarkers in Blood and Follicular Fluid, to Embryo Quality and Pregnancy Success? Olszak-Wasik, Katarzyna; Bednarska-Czerwinska, Anna; Olejek, Anita; Tukiendorf, Andrzej Dec 1, 2019 7048
Maternal Smoking Highly Affects the Function, Membrane Integrity, and Rheological Properties in Fetal Red Blood Cells. Dugmonits, Krisztina N.; Chakraborty, Payal; Hollandi, Reka; Zahoran, Szabolcs; Pankotai-Bodo, Gabri Dec 1, 2019 6254
Systemic Lupus Erythematosus: Pathogenesis at the Functional Limit of Redox Homeostasis. Pravda, Jay Dec 1, 2019 9382
Can Lipoic Acid Attenuate Cardiovascular Disturbances Induced by Ethanol and Disulfiram Administration Separately or Jointly in Rats? Bilska-Wilkosz, Anna; Kotanska, Magdalena; Gorny, Magdalena; Filipek, Barbara; Iciek, Malgorzata Dec 1, 2019 6345
Fine Particulate Matter Leads to Unfolded Protein Response and Shortened Lifespan by Inducing Oxidative Stress in C. elegans. Zhao, Yunli; Jin, Ling; Chi, Yuxin; Yang, Jing; Zhen, Quan; Wu, Huazhang Dec 1, 2019 6258
Autophagy Deficiency Leads to Impaired Antioxidant Defense via p62-FOXO1/3 Axis. Zhao, Lin; Li, Hao; Wang, Yan; Zheng, Adi; Cao, Liu; Liu, Jiankang Dec 1, 2019 10187
Emerging Roles of 5-Lipoxygenase Phosphorylation in Inflammation and Cell Death. Sun, Qian-Yi; Zhou, Hong-Hao; Mao, Xiao-Yuan Dec 1, 2019 7037
Salivary Antioxidant Barrier, Redox Status, and Oxidative Damage to Proteins and Lipids in Healthy Children, Adults, and the Elderly. Maciejczyk, Mateusz; Zalewska, Anna; Ladny, Jerzy Robert Dec 1, 2019 9731
HB-EGF Ameliorates Oxidative Stress-Mediated Uterine Decidualization Damage. Yu, Hai-Fan; Duan, Cui-Cui; Yang, Zhan-Qing; Wang, Yu-Si; Yue, Zhan-Peng; Guo, Bin Dec 1, 2019 6465
The Bioprotective Effects of Polyphenols on Metabolic Syndrome against Oxidative Stress: Evidences and Perspectives. Liu, Kui; Luo, Miao; Wei, Shuang Dec 1, 2019 12579
Imbalance of Homocysteine and [H.sub.2]S: Significance, Mechanisms, and Therapeutic Promise in Vascular Injury. Yang, Qin; He, Guo-Wei Dec 1, 2019 8928
ALCAT1 Overexpression Affects Supercomplex Formation and Increases ROS in Respiring Mitochondria. Rieger, Bettina; Krajcova, Adela; Duwe, Patrick; Busch, Karin B. Dec 1, 2019 6702
Curculigoside Protects against Excess-Iron-Induced Bone Loss by Attenuating Akt-FoxO1-Dependent Oxidative Damage to Mice and Osteoblastic MC3T3-E1 Cells. Zhang, Quanlong; Zhao, Lu; Shen, Yi; He, Yuqiong; Cheng, Gang; Yin, Ming; Zhang, Qiaoyan; Qin, Lupin Dec 1, 2019 9173
Peroxiredoxin 6 Is a Key Antioxidant Enzyme in Modulating the Link between Glycemic and Lipogenic Metabolism. Arriga, Roberto; Pacifici, Francesca; Capuani, Barbara; Coppola, Andrea; Orlandi, Augusto; Scioli, M Dec 1, 2019 8659
Melatonin Prevents Osteoarthritis-Induced Cartilage Degradation via Targeting MicroRNA-140. Zhang, Yijian; Lin, Jun; Zhou, Xinfeng; Chen, Xi; Chen, Angela Carley; Pi, Bin; Pan, Guoqing; Pei, M Dec 1, 2019 7373
Plasma and Renal Cortex Meropenem Concentrations in Patients Undergoing Percutaneous Renal Biopsy. Sepulveda, Rodrigo A.; Downey, Patricio; Soto, Dagoberto; Wong, Kwok-Yin; Leung, Yun-Chung; So, Lok- Dec 1, 2019 4846
Tenascin-C Is Increased in Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Is Associated with response to Infliximab Therapy. Ning, Longui; Li, Sha; Gao, Jianguo; Ding, Liang; Wang, Chenhui; Chen, Wenguo; Shan, Guodong; Zhang, Dec 1, 2019 5261
Ginsenoside Rg3 Attenuates Angiotensin II-Mediated Renal Injury in Rats and Mice by Upregulating Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme 2 in the Renal Tissue. Liu, Hui; Jiang, Yichuan; Li, Min; Yu, Xiaofeng; Sui, Dayun; Fu, Li Dec 1, 2019 4677
DNA Markers to Discriminate Cannabis sativa L. 'Cheungsam' with Low Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) Content from Other South Korea Cultivars Based on the Nucleotide Sequences of Tetrahydrocannabinolic Acid Synthase and Putative 3-Ketoacyl-CoA Synthase Genes. Doh, Eui Jeong; Lee, Guemsan; Yun, Yeong-Jin; Kang, Lin-Woo; Kim, Eun Soo; Lee, Mi Young; Oh, Seung- Dec 1, 2019 5900
Do Acute Exercise-Induced Activations of the Kynurenine Pathway Induce Regulatory T-Cells on the Long-Term?--A Theoretical Frame Work Supported by Pilot Data. Koliamitra, Christina; Javelle, Florian; Joisten, Niklas; Shimabukuro-Vornhagen, Alexander; Bloch, W Dec 1, 2019 3042
Benefits of CoQ10 for Insulin Sensitivity. Dec 1, 2019 153
Serum Pyridinoline is Associated With Radiographic Joint Erosions in Rheumatoid Arthritis. Hashimah, Abu Mansor Matardiah Nor; Sakthiswary, Rajalingham; Shaharir, Syahrul Sazliyana; Wahab, As Dec 1, 2019 4557
The Importance of G-protein Coupled Estrogen Receptor in Patients With Fibromyalgia. Koca, Tuba; Kocyigit, Burhan; Seyithanoglu, Muhammet; Berk, Ejder Dec 1, 2019 3708
Multiple Approaches to Teaching and Learning Molecular Shapes. Lim, Kieran F. Dec 1, 2019 1617
Dipeptidyl Peptidase IV: A Target for Improving Metabolic Syndrome Components in Obese Children and Adolescents. Alameey, Inas R. El-; Ahmed, Hanaa H.; Abushady, Mones M. Report Dec 1, 2019 7295
Assessment of Hepatoprotective Activity of Rajata Bhasma in C[Cl.sub.4] Induced Hepatotoxicity Rats. Rai, Anand Prakash; Tripathi, Shalini; Tiwari, Om Prakash Report Dec 1, 2019 2702
Evaluation and Molecular Docking of Benzimidazole and its Derivatives as a Potent Antibacterial Agent. Chandrasekar, Kamatchi; Kumar, Bhawani; Saravanan, Arunkumar; Victor, Ayush; Sivaraj, Saranya; Harid Report Dec 1, 2019 3587
The Influence of Iron Supplementation on Tooth Eruption of the Newborn/Yenidoganlarda Demir Desteginin Dis Erupsiyonu Uzerindeki Etkileri. Maden, Eda Arat; Eker, Ibrahim; Gursel, Orhan; Altun, Ceyhan Dec 1, 2019 2165
Levels of TAFI, TFPI and ADAMTS-13 in inflammatory bowel disease. Yuzbasioglu, Bilgehan; Ustaoglu, Muge; Yuzbasioglu, Sule; Akbulut, Ulas Emre; Ozdil, Kamil Dec 1, 2019 3541
Long-Term Green Manure Rotations Improve Soil Biochemical Properties, Yield Sustainability and Nutrient Balances in Acidic Paddy Soil under a Rice-Based Cropping System. Qaswar, Muhammad; Huang, Jing; Ahmed, Waqas; Li, Dongchu; Liu, Shujun; Ali, Sehrish; Liu, Kailou; Xu Dec 1, 2019 8033
Exogenous Melatonin Delays Methyl Jasmonate-Triggered Senescence in Tomato Leaves. Wang, Meiling; Zhang, Tong; Ding, Fei Dec 1, 2019 6669
Cardiac Murmur in a Boy with Normal Paternal Prenatal Carrier Screening for Pompe Disease. Jay, Allison M.; Anne, Premchand; Stockton, David Dec 1, 2019 1896

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