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11. Environment. Sep 1, 2021 10924
Nonlinear Propagation of Leaky TE-Polarized Electromagnetic Waves in a Metamaterial Goubau Line. Smolkin, Eugene; Smirnov, Yury Sep 1, 2021 3851
Overview of Department of Defense Use of the Electromagnetic Spectrum. Hoehn, John R.; Gallagher, Jill C.; Sayler, Kelley M. Aug 1, 2021 18517
Clinical and functional results of radiofrequency ablation and microwave ablation in patients with benign thyroid nodules. Javadov, Mirkhalig; Karatay, Emrah; Ugurlu, Mustafa U. Report Aug 1, 2021 5306
11. Environment. Aug 1, 2021 9921
Energy Harvesting System Using Rectenna Applied to Wireless Powered Remote Temperature Sensing. Zanon, Felipe; Resende, Ursula; Brandao, Guilherme; Soares, Icaro Aug 1, 2021 5868
Kymeta Gets Placement on USD 950M IDIQ Contract by DoD. Jul 23, 2021 198
Cell phone radiation. Jul 19, 2021 232
11. Environment. Jul 1, 2021 25973
Effects of Ionizing Radiation. Prem, Kumar Alan Jul 1, 2021 844
Abu Dhabi approves use of EDE scanners to detect Covid-19 infections. Arab News Jun 28, 2021 256
Study sheds new light on the origin of most brilliant auroras. CHRISTINE DYER Jun 8, 2021 341
Study sheds new light on the origin of most brilliant auroras. CHRISTINE DYER Jun 8, 2021 341
Scientists shed new light on Aurora Borealis. Jun 8, 2021 161
ON THIS DAY. Jun 2, 2021 302
ON THIS DAY. Jun 2, 2021 153
ON THIS DAY. Jun 2, 2021 222
ON THIS DA Y. Jun 2, 2021 314
On this day. Jun 2, 2021 267
On this day. Jun 2, 2021 298
ON THIS DAY. Jun 2, 2021 313
4 Areas for CONTROLLING EMC in PCB Design: EMC for PCB design is anything but black magic. Bruning, Ralf Jun 1, 2021 895
11. Environment. Jun 1, 2021 9561
Dark Matter and Vera Rubin. Lamb, Annette Jun 1, 2021 2783
Sea State Characterization Using Experimental One-Dimensional Radar Signatures and Fractal Techniques. Pouraimis, Georgios; Kotopoulis, Apostolos; Massinas, Basil; Frangos, Panayiotis Jun 1, 2021 4332
Electromagnetic Properties of a Babinet-Type Metasurface Composed of Coaxial-Sector Apertures. Gribovsky, Alexandr V.; Antonenko, Yuliia V.; Antonenko, Yevhenii O.; Katrich, Victor A. Jun 1, 2021 3112
Wave Propagation in Electric Periodic Structure in Space with Modulation in Time (2D + 1). Salazar-Arrieta, J.J.; Halevi, P. Jun 1, 2021 6395
LOOKING BACK JUNE 1-7. May 29, 2021 406
LOOKING BACK JUNE 1-7. May 29, 2021 406
Space Invaders of the North. May 1, 2021 954
11. Environment. May 1, 2021 9488
Improving Electromagnetic Compatibility Performance of Narrowband-IoT SiP Module. Sun, Haiyan; Zhou, Ting; Huang, Shoukun; Zhao, Jicong; Zhang, Zhilong; Miao, Xiaoyong May 1, 2021 3309
Islamabad Space Observatory capabilities and limitations. Apr 15, 2021 669
Evaluation of Radiation Awareness in Medical Faculty Students before and after Education. Kolak, Irem; Cakir, Erkan Report Apr 1, 2021 328
11. Environment. Apr 1, 2021 9155
Relativistically Correct Electromagnetic Energy Flow. Johns, Oliver Davis Apr 1, 2021 5102
Gain Enhancement Using Modified Circular Loop FSS Loaded with Slot Antenna for Sub-6 GHz 5G Application. Kumar, Anubhav; De, Asok; Jain, Rakesh K. Apr 1, 2021 2914
Modern Applications of the Bateman-Whittaker Theory. Besieris, Ioannis M.; Saari, Peeter; Shaarawi, Amr M. Apr 1, 2021 3937
A Prior Parameter Extraction Method for the Solution of Wide-Angle Electromagnetic Scattering Problems Based on Compressed Sensing. Wang, Daoping; Chen, Mingsheng; Cao, Xinyuan; Qi, Qi; Liu, Xiangxiang; Hu, Chundong Apr 1, 2021 3191
Quasi-Static Analysis of Scattering from a Metallic Sphere Coated by Radially Anisotropic Material. Iqbal, Muhammad Yousaf; Ali, Aijaz; Naqvi, Qaisar Abbas Mar 1, 2021 4130
Fast Estimate of Plane Wave Attenuation of Conductive Powders for Rapid Deployment of Customized Cement Based Microwave Absorbing Solutions. Sabarish, Narayanan B.; Jayakumar, Madaswamy Mar 1, 2021 3371
Matrix Splitting Technique for Solving Electromagnetic Scattering Problems over a Wide Angle by Compressive Sensing. Qi, Qi; Cao, Xinyuan; Chen, Mingsheng; Huang, Zhixiang; Wu, Xianliang Mar 1, 2021 2442
Design of Low Profile Multiband Reflective Polarization Converter for Both Linear and Circular Polarized Waves. Bikkuri, Surya Durga Padmaja; Alapati, Sudhakar Mar 1, 2021 3610
Overview of Department of Defense Use of the Electromagnetic Spectrum. Hoehn, John R.; Gallagher, Jill C.; Sayler, Kelley M. Mar 1, 2021 17841
EMR Wake-Up Call: "As a society, the U.S.--as well as other nations--needs to raise public awareness of the consequences to human and planetary health from electromagnetic radiation.". Jensen, Beverly A. Mar 1, 2021 1905
Biochemical Analysis of the Differential Tissue Expression of Heat Shock Protein70 Following Exposure to Electromagnetic Waves. Nazwani, Nasser Al-; Siddiqi, Najam; Tamimi, Yahya; Sheikh, Zoya Report Mar 1, 2021 4874
11. Environment. Mar 1, 2021 26860
FCC Joins Spectrum Innovation Cooperation Accord. Feb 2, 2021 241
Unlocking flexible production: Matthew Dale finds out how vision is enabling smaller batch sizes to be processed on packaging lines. Dale, Matthew Feb 1, 2021 1582
DOD Concerns About the FCC-Approved Ligado Network. Sayler, Kelley M.; Hoehn, John R. Feb 1, 2021 1226
Overview of Department of Defense Use of the Electromagnetic Spectrum. Hoehn, John R.; Gallagher, Jill C.; Sayler, Kelley M. Report Feb 1, 2021 17305
11. Environment. Feb 1, 2021 10356
Ultraviolet Vortex Generation through All-Dielectric Nano-Antennas for Free Space Optical Communication. Asim, Arslan Feb 1, 2021 3117
Contrast in Specific Absorption Rate for a Typical Plant Model due to Discrepancy among Global and National Electromagnetic Standards. Kundu, Ardhendu; Gupta, Bhaskar; Mallick, Amirul I. Jan 1, 2021 6897
In Case You Missed It. Jan 1, 2021 755
11. Environment. Jan 1, 2021 11188
2021 USN-USMC Electromagnetic Spectrum Workforce Excellence Awards Due Feb 26. Cio, Don Jan 1, 2021 234
First of its Kind "Electromagnetic Spectrum Management Support Tools" Webpage Provides Comprehensive Product Listing in One Place. Cio, Don Jan 1, 2021 445
Obstructions Interfere with Electromagnetic Spectrum. Kidd, Thomas Jan 1, 2021 745
Designing Nanoinclusions for Quantum Sensing Based on Electromagnetic Scattering Formalism. Valagiannopoulos, Constantinos Jan 1, 2021 7256
Surface Electromagnetic Waves at Gradual Interfaces between Lossy Media. Smolyaninov, Igor I. Jan 1, 2021 4064
Electromagnetic Spectrum Survivability in Large-Scale Combat Operations. Hofstetter, Jeremy; Wojciechowski, Adam Dec 22, 2020 2525
Wide Band Low RCS Metasurface and Its Application on Patch Antenna. Muthukrishnan, Kavitha; Narasimhan, Venkateswaran Dec 1, 2020 3972
The Prevalence of Mobile Phone Use in the School Going Children in North Al Batinah Region of Oman: A Cross Sectional Study. Siddiqi, Najam; Kamal, Muhammad Humza; Moin, Faisal; Rafei, Mohammad Amir; Shehi, Fatma Al; Maqbali, Report Dec 1, 2020 4969
11. Environment. Dec 1, 2020 11073
Electromagnetic radar could detect new underground water sources. Nov 25, 2020 278
HBKU's QEERI first in the region to develop nano-rectenna devices. Nov 19, 2020 612
Qeeri first in Middle East to develop nano-rectenna devices. Nov 18, 2020 507
11. Environment. Nov 1, 2020 11039
Time to reflect: Gemma Church explains how mirrors are improving ultrafast laser performance. Church, Gemma Nov 1, 2020 997
Polyatomic Ion-Induced Electron Emission (IIEE) in Electrospray Thrusters. Magnusson, Jared M.; Collins, Adam L.; Wirz, Richard E. Report Nov 1, 2020 11230
These diet tests are hair-brained; So-called bio-resonance food advice is 'scientifically illiterate'. PENMAN INVESTIGATES...from the fishy to the fraudulent Oct 15, 2020 638
These diet tests are hair-brained; ...from the fishy to the fraudulent PENMAN INVESTIGATES @PenmanMirror GET IN TOUCH Got a lockdown or other dispute? Email me at So-called bio-resonance food advice is 'scientifically illiterate'. PENMAN Oct 15, 2020 633
These so-called bio-resonance tests for food intolerances are hair-brained; Daily Mirror expose shows bio-resonance tests are like sticking pins at random into a food chart. By, Andrew Penman Oct 15, 2020 767
Enhancing Japan's defence capabilities. Oct 5, 2020 569
Prostate cancer rampant among boda boda riders. Oct 5, 2020 710
Exploration Disaster Source of Mine Water by Electromagnetic Radiation. Su, Benyu; Li, Zhixiong; Li, Rongyao; Rao, Rongfu; Yu, Jingcun Oct 1, 2020 3257
11. Environment. Oct 1, 2020 10778
Bandwidth versus Bandwidth. Kidd, Thomas Oct 1, 2020 630
Call For Nominations: 2021 USN-USMC Electromagnetic Spectrum Workforce Excellence Awards. Oct 1, 2020 251
915th CWB supports first Soldier Touch Point for the Army's new Cyber Situational Understanding tool. Cox, Jacob Oct 1, 2020 1226
Detection of Depth of the Tumor in Microwave Imaging Using Ground Penetrating Radar Algorithm. Selvaraj, Vanaja; Sheela, Joselin J.; Krishnan, Rahul; Kandasamy, Lalitha; Devarajulu, Sasirekha Oct 1, 2020 4416
Can Nano-Materials Push Off the Vacuum? McCulloch, M.E. Oct 1, 2020 1119
11. Environment. Sep 1, 2020 26406
Slotted Spherical Antenna with a Multi-Element Diaphragm in the Waveguide. Berdnik, Sergey L.; Katrich, Victor A.; Kijko, Victor I.; Nesterenko, Mikhail V.; Penkin, Yuriy M. Sep 1, 2020 3421
Parameter Design of Invisible Anti-Cloak Based on Nonlinear Transformation. Han, Zhi Hua; Zhang, Yong Liang Sep 1, 2020 3008
Application Analysis of Similarity Principle in the Design of the Underwater Receiving Antenna. Wang, Shiyu; Li, Lihua; Zhang, Yalun; Wang, Yongbin Sep 1, 2020 3104
Soliton Solutions and Collisions for the Multicomponent Gross-Pitaevskii Equation in Spinor Bose-Einstein Condensates. Wang, Ming; He, Guo-Liang Report Aug 31, 2020 5073
Computational Simulation and Modeling of Freak Waves Based on Longuet-Higgins Model and Its Electromagnetic Scattering Calculation. Wu, Gengkun; Liu, Chuanxi; Liang, Yongquan Aug 31, 2020 7448
Light: An Alternative Method for Physical Control of Postharvest Rotting Caused by Fungi of Citrus Fruit. Kahramanoglu, Ibrahim; Nisar, Muhammad Farrukh; Chen, Chuying; Usanmaz, Serhat; Chen, Jinyin; Wan, C Aug 31, 2020 10535
Seasonal and Regional Variability of Long-Wave Effective Radiation in China and Associated Modulating Factors. Ma, Qianrong; Zhang, Jie; Gu, Yu; Ma, Yujun; Cao, Yu Aug 31, 2020 7428
Gas Triggered Ion Source in Ionization Process. Aug 14, 2020 698
Geisel Software, UNLV receive STTR research grant from NASA. Aug 7, 2020 222
Geisel Software, UNLV receive STTR research grant from NASA. Aug 7, 2020 210
Light at the end of the tunnel. Aug 4, 2020 1664
SAIC awarded $950M ceiling IDIQ contract by U.S. Air Force. Aug 4, 2020 167
Dental Amalgam Influence on the Amount of Absorbed Energy from Mobile Phone. Cvetkovic, Nenad N.; Dimitrijevic, Marko A.; Jovanovic, Dejan B.; Zivaljevic, Dragana U.; Krasic, Dr Aug 1, 2020 5310
11. Environment. Aug 1, 2020 10425
Overview of Hyperspectral Image Classification. Lv, Wenjing; Wang, Xiaofei Jul 31, 2020 9037
Prediction Model of In-Band Blocking Interference under the Electromagnetic Radiation of Dual-Frequency Continuous Wave. Zhao, Kai; Wei, Guanghui; Wang, Yaping; Pan, Xiaodong Jul 31, 2020 4975
Integrated Role of Nonpharmacological Interventions for Rehabilitation of Individuals with Musculoskeletal Disorders. Bernardo-Filho, Mario; Sanudo, Borja; Seixas, Aderito; Sa-Caputo, Danubia; Taiar, Redha Editorial Jul 31, 2020 956
Call For Nominations: 2021 USN-USMC Electromagnetic Spectrum Workforce Excellence Awards. Jul 1, 2020 246
Early insights into electronic and cyber warfare at the battalion level. Carbone, Jose A.; Bastone, John J. Jul 1, 2020 1091
Demonstration, Experimentation, and Prototype: Enhancing the Analysis of Alternatives. Dotson, Colonel Mark; McAfee, Colonel Jennifer Jul 1, 2020 1564
High Quality Factor Microwave Multichannel Filter Based on Multi-Defectives Resonators Inserted in Periodic Star Waveguides Structure. Ben-Ali, Youssef; El kadmiri, Ilyas; Tahri, Zakaria; Bria, Driss Jul 1, 2020 7457
EnWave Corp inks equipment purchase agreement with major snack maker Calbee. Jun 30, 2020 364
A Chebyshev Spectral Method for Normal Mode and Parabolic Equation Models in Underwater Acoustics. Tu, Houwang; Wang, Yongxian; Liu, Wei; Ma, Xian; Xiao, Wenbin; Lan, Qiang Jun 30, 2020 6371
EnWave completes installation of 60 kW Radiant Energy Vacuum unit for The Green Organic Dutchman. Jun 20, 2020 571
NA Proactive news snapshot: EnWave Corporation, Ideanomics, Acasti Pharma, Japan Gold UPDATE ... Jun 20, 2020 1679
Villagers Destroy 5G Masts over COVID-19 Fears in Bolivia. Jun 17, 2020 291
Materion to acquire Optics Balzers. Jun 8, 2020 222
ON THIS DAY. Jun 2, 2020 318
On this day. Jun 2, 2020 298
ON THIS DAY. Jun 2, 2020 292
ON THIS DAY. Jun 2, 2020 261
On this day. Jun 2, 2020 263
DAY ON THIS. Jun 2, 2020 160
day on this. Jun 2, 2020 160
11. Environment. Jun 1, 2020 10381
Research Status and Prospects of Orbital Angular Momentum Technology in Wireless Communication. Zheng, Feng; Chen, Yijian; Ji, Siwei; Duan, Gaoming Report Jun 1, 2020 10350
Analytical Solution of the Zero-Thickness Perfectly-Conducting Circular Disk in the Presence of an Axisymmetric Magnetic Dipole: A Second-Kind Fredholm Integral-Equation Approach. Verolino, Luigi; Lovat, Giampiero; Assante, Dario; Andreotti, Amedeo; Araneo, Rodolfo; Burghignoli, Report Jun 1, 2020 4816
Bi-Anisotropic Particles and Chiral Inclusions for Highly-Efficient Electromagnetic Energy Harvesting. Younesiraad, Hemn; Bemani, Mohammad Jun 1, 2020 3922
Design of a Directional Antenna Based on a Resonance Based Reflector and Its Applications on Bio-Electromagnetics. Li, Xiao-Feng; Hua, Yan-Ru; Wen, Bao-Jian; Peng, Lin; Jiang, Xing Jun 1, 2020 2529
GPR Data Regression and Clustering by the Fuzzy Support Vector Machine and Regression. Hosseinzadeh, Shahram; Shaghaghi, Mehdi Jun 1, 2020 5420
The FCC-Approved Ligado Network and Potential Technical Issues for DOD Use of GPS. Hoehn, John R.; McCall, Stephen M.; Sayler, Kelley M. Jun 1, 2020 883
The Application of Radiofrequency Waves in Supportive Treatment of Temporomandibular Disorders. Pihut, M.; Gornicki, M.; Orczykowska, M.; Zarzecka, E.; Ryniewicz, W.; Gala, A. May 31, 2020 4598
EnWave successfully completes first remote installation of Radiant Energy Vacuum machine in Iceland. May 28, 2020 342
Wave of 5G mast attacks in the West Midlands. JOSH LAYTON News Reporter May 28, 2020 546
5G really is perfectly safe. May 6, 2020 423
No Proof Radiations From Telecoms Equipment Dangerous To Health -Experts. May 5, 2020 335
Lockheed Martin awarded project agreement to advance Cyber/Electronic Warfare System to next development stage. May 5, 2020 313
Lockheed Martin awarded project agreement to advance Cyber/Electronic Warfare System to next development stage. May 5, 2020 331
11. Environment. May 1, 2020 10545
Single-Layer Fishbone-Shaped Frequency Selective Surface with Stable Performance. Cui, Mantang; Lu, Yangyi; Yuan, Hong; Shi, Suyang May 1, 2020 2420
Vector Magnetic Near-Field Measurement in Unit Cell of Metamaterial. Qi, Yingyi; Gao, Zehua; Lan, Chuwen; Wu, Maopeng; Zhao, Qian May 1, 2020 3784
The PSK Channel Capacity Estimation under Dynamic Plasma Sheath Channel. Yang, Min; Zhang, Haojie; Li, Xiaoping; Sun, Qianqian; Tang, Jiancheng Apr 30, 2020 4586
Green's Function and Positive Solutions of a Third-Order Equation with Periodic Boundary Conditions. Kosmatov, Nickolai Apr 30, 2020 2651
The Electric Field Calculation for Mobile Communication Coverage in Buildings and Indoor Areas by Using the Method of Auxiliary Sources. Tabatadze, Vasil; Karacuha, Kamil; Veliyev, Eldar; Karacuha, Ertugrul; Zaridze, Revaz Apr 30, 2020 4112
UV-C light system eliminates Covid-19 from aircraft cabins. Apr 27, 2020 339
UV-C light system eliminates Covid-19 from aircraft cabins. Apr 27, 2020 339
News for breakfast TV geniuses - a virus and electromagnetic waves are not same; The Flying Pigs. Apr 18, 2020 878
5G: The Conspiracy Theories And The Facts. Apr 10, 2020 1134
Scientists build tiny double particle accelerator that recycles energy. Apr 3, 2020 186
Electromagnetic Interference in a Home Office Environment. Kidd, Thomas Apr 1, 2020 928
Save the Date: DON IT Conference, East Coast 2020, Rescheduled for Nov. 4-6. Conference news Apr 1, 2020 163
The Diffraction by Two Half-Planes and Wedge with the Fractional Boundary Condition. Tabatadze, Vasil; Karacuha, Kamil; Veliyev, Eldar; Karacuha, Ertugrul Apr 1, 2020 3397
Tuning Electromagnetically Induced Transparency of Superconducting Metamaterial Analyzed with Equivalent Circuit Approach. Zhang, Yonggang; Li, Chun; Tu, Xuecou Apr 1, 2020 3412
Tuneable Frequency Selective Surface. Anand, Yukti; Mittal, Ashok Apr 1, 2020 3046
On the Possibility of Using Non-Ionizing Electromagnetic Radiation (Millimeter Waves) in Oncology. Kalantaryan, Vitaly P.; Martirosyan, Radik; Babayan, Yura; Khazaryan, Ruzanna Apr 1, 2020 3823
Application of Hybrid ARIMA and Artificial Neural Network Modelling for Electromagnetic Propagation: An Alternative to the Least Squares Method and ITU Recommendation P.1546-5 for Amazon Urbanized Cities. Lopes, Ramz L. Fraiha; Fraiha, Simone G.C.; Gomes, Herminio S.; Lima, Vinicius D.; Cavalcante, Gerva Mar 31, 2020 5547
The Conformal Finite-Difference Time-Domain Simulation of GPR Wave Propagation in Complex Geoelectric Structures. Yang, Man; Fang, Hongyuan; Chen, Dazhong; Du, Xueming; Wang, Fuming Mar 31, 2020 7111
Effects of Boron Nitride Coatings at High Temperatures and Electromagnetic Wave Absorption Properties of Carbon Fiber-Based Magnetic Materials. Sun, Qilong; Ye, Wei; Cheng, Jiahao; Long, Xiaoyun Mar 1, 2020 6505
Propagation of Electromagnetic Wave into an Illuminated Polysilicon PV Cell. Barandja, Vinci de Dieu Bokoyo; Zouma, Bernard; Mackpayen, Auguste Oscar; Zoungrana, Martial; Zerbo, Mar 1, 2020 4459
Mobile Phone Electromagnetic Fields Affecting the Hepatocytes in the White Leghorn Chicken Embryo: An Ultrastructural Study. Siddiqi, Najam; Shalaby, Asem; Kindi, Mohamed Abdullah Al; Ghafri, Fatima Al Report Mar 1, 2020 3313
Polarization Study of Poly(vinylidene fluoride) Films under Cyclic Electric Fields. Qin, Shuang; Zhang, Xu; Yu, Zheng; Zhao, Feng Report Mar 1, 2020 6990
Performance Analysis of Near-Field Magnetic Induction Communication in Extreme Environments. Guo, Hongzhi Mar 1, 2020 3133
A Low Profile Quadruple-Band Polarization Insensitive Metamaterial Absorber. Wu, Ting; Ma, Yan-Ming; Chen, Juan; Wang, Li-Li Mar 1, 2020 3339
11. Environment. Feb 1, 2020 23739
Influence of electromagnetic fields. Saood Abbas - Rawalpindi Jan 17, 2020 192
Electromagnetic waves. USAM LATIF - Rawalpindi Jan 17, 2020 261
Japan-US alliance crucial for stability in Indo-Pacific: Japanese Gen at Rasina on Quad Grouping. ANI Jan 16, 2020 557
Electric field. Jan 12, 2020 296
American Aires Announces New 5G Product Line up for 2020 Release. Jan 7, 2020 945
11. Environment. Jan 1, 2020 11861
Non-Invasive Detection of Compartment Syndrome Using Radio Frequency Wave. Yazdandoost, Kamya Y.; Laakso, Ilkka Jan 1, 2020 3334
Anomalous Extinction Efficiency of Two Dimensional Particles in the Visible. Alyones, Sharhabeel; Bruce, Charles W.; Granado, Michael Jan 1, 2020 3260
Synthesis and Application of Fe-Doped Ti[O.sub.2]-Halloysite Nanotubes Composite and Their Potential Application in Water Treatment. Nyankson, Emmanuel; Agyei-Tuffour, Benjamin; Adjasoo, Jonas; Ebenezer, Annan; Dodoo-Arhin, David; Ya Dec 31, 2019 8999
Mathematical Model of a Three-Phase Induction Machine in a Natural abc Reference Frame Utilizing the Method of Numerical Integration of Average Voltages at the Integration Step and Its Application to the Analysis of Electromechanical Systems. Kuznyetsov, Oleksiy Dec 31, 2019 7113
Bursting and Synchronization of Coupled Neurons under Electromagnetic Radiation. Hu, Xiaoyu; Liu, Chongxin Dec 31, 2019 5011
Researchers Uncover Carbon Cocoons Forming Outside Growing Galaxies. Inigo Monzon Dec 17, 2019 428
Optical Disc Drive Market: Growing Demand and Growth Opportunity / Pioneer, Panasonic, ASUSTeK, AOpen. Dec 11, 2019 1221
Nawaz Sharif recommended medical treatment in US. Dec 10, 2019 161
Nawaz Sharif recommended medical treatment in U.S. Dec 10, 2019 169
American Aires Appoints Mr. Drew Green as Chairman and Grants Options. Dec 10, 2019 1322
Black Holes, Neutron Stars, Magnetism. Dec 2, 2019 697
The Phones Emitting the Most Radiation. Martin Armstrong Dec 1, 2019 348
11. Environment. Dec 1, 2019 30664
Radiation from Reflector Antenna of Finite Thickness and Conductivity in Resonant Scattering Band. Sukharevsky, Oleg; Nechitaylo, Sergey; Orlenko, Valery; Vasylets, Vitaly; Fryz, Serhy Dec 1, 2019 4296
Shift Operator-TLM Method for Modeling Gyroelectric Media. El Adraoui, Soufiane; Mounirh, Khalid; Yaich, Mohamed I.; Khalladi, Mohsine Dec 1, 2019 2769
Stationary Time Statistical Property of Ionospheric Clutter in High-Frequency Surface-Wave Radar. Shang, Shang; He, Kangning; Wang, Zhaobin; Yang, Xuguang Nov 30, 2019 3086
Advances in Imaging and Electron Physics, Vol 213 - 2020. Nov 29, 2019 253
Video Explains Destructive Effects Of Massive Solar Storm On Earth. Inigo Monzon Nov 14, 2019 411
CSE New Listing - American Aires Inc. Commences Trading on the Canadian Securities Exchange - Video News Alert on Nov 8, 2019 558
Electromagnetic Energy Storage Market Is Booming Worldwide From 2019 To 2023 / Radiant Insights, Inc. Nov 1, 2019 835
11. Environment. Nov 1, 2019 11494
Green's Dyadic, Spectral Function, Local Density of States, and Fluctuation Dissipation Theorem. Chew, Weng C.; Sha, Wei E.I.; Dai, Qi.I. Nov 1, 2019 10580
RFID Double-Loop Tags with Novel Meandering Lines Design for Health Monitoring Application. Bouhassoune, Ibtissame; Saadane, Rachid; Minaoui, Khalid Oct 31, 2019 4760
CACI Gets USD 88M Task Order to Provide Engineering and Technical Support to US Army. Oct 25, 2019 114
Health Concerns Prompt Thousands of Swiss to Protest 5G Networks. Oct 21, 2019 324
Comcast--Fundamentals of wireless signals and cellular networks for developers--10/10/2019. Oct 14, 2019 1613
Saudi-developed tech showcased at GITEX. Arab News Oct 9, 2019 133
Raytheon - Raytheon developing final phase of Electronic Warfare Planning and Management Tool - 3/10/2019. Oct 7, 2019 225
What's happened to all of our birds? couple ask: is new 5g phone tech to blame? ANDREW ROBINSON @Andrew_Examiner Oct 3, 2019 513
Research on Ground of Penetrating Radar in the Coal Mine Detecting: A Case Study of Application in Huaibei Coal Mine. Ma, Yongsheng; Shen, Jinsong; Su, Benyu; Ma, Yanyan; Sun, Qilong Case study Oct 1, 2019 4192
Call For Nominations: 2020 USN-USMC Electromagnetic Spectrum Workforce Excellence Awards. Cio, Don Oct 1, 2019 241
11. Environment. Oct 1, 2019 11357
Surface Wave-Based Radio Communication through Conductive Enclosures. Smolyaninov, Igor I.; Balzano, Quirino; Young, Dendy Oct 1, 2019 2872
An Excerpt from ATP 2-01.3, Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield. Excerpt Oct 1, 2019 1188
Dherynia to examine placement of mobile antennae. Jean Christou Sep 24, 2019 448
Smart Meters Market To Witness Growth Due To Its Advantages Such As Reduced Meter Reading Cost And Removal of Inefficiencies In Billing Till 2028 / Million Insights. Sep 24, 2019 799
Cellion: An Electromagnetic Wave-free Thermal Mat, Patented in 41 Countries The "most advanced" thermal mat born through joint research with KAIST. Sep 23, 2019 609
Mobile Phone Based ECL Sensor for Dopamine Detection. Sep 22, 2019 193
Air Force focuses on coordination in electronic warfare. Sep 20, 2019 166
AM/FM Radio Market: Global Key Players, rends, Share, Industry Size, Growth, Opportunities, Forecast To 2025. Sep 17, 2019 604
The Phones Emitting the Most Radiation. Sep 1, 2019 352
The Electromagnetic Spectrum: Current and Future Applications in Oncology. Allison, R.R. Sep 1, 2019 344
11. Environment. Sep 1, 2019 11662
Discontinuous Galerkin VSIE Method for Electromagnetic Scattering from Composite Metallic and Dielectric Structures. Yu-hu, Yu Z.; Cai, Qiang-Ming; Zhang, Runren; Cao, Xin; Zhao, Yan-Wen; Gao, Bin; Fan, Jun Sep 1, 2019 5505
Analytical Modeling and Simulation of an Electromagnetic Energy Harvester for Pulsating Fluid Flow in Pipeline. Bakhtiar, Sadia; Khan, Farid Ullah Aug 31, 2019 5750
Learn details of the Advances in Hyperspectral Cameras Market Forecast and Segments, 2018 to 2026. Aug 14, 2019 1129
Passive RFID Tags Market Size, Statistics, Application, Business Developments, Key Players and Forec. Aug 13, 2019 1136
New terahertz detector could observe galaxies in unprecedented detail. Aug 1, 2019 516
Electronic Warfare Spending on the Rise. Harper, Jon Aug 1, 2019 701
11. Environment. Aug 1, 2019 10966
Market Intelligence Report Laser Diode Market 2018 to 2028. Aug 1, 2019 1212
Scientists of Uzbekistan make cane with ultrasound sensor for blind people. Jul 31, 2019 168
Analysis of GPR Wave Propagation Using CUDA-Implemented Conformal Symplectic Partitioned Runge-Kutta Method. Fang, Hongyuan; Lei, Jianwei; Yang, Man; Li, Ziwei Jul 31, 2019 5952
Modeling and Simulation of Energy-Regenerative Active Suspension Based on BP Neural Network PID Control. Liu, Jiang; Li, Xinjun; Zhang, Xilong; Chen, Xiufeng Jul 31, 2019 4953
Global Extremely High Frequency (EHF) Technology Market Report 2019-2025 by Technology, Future Trends, Top Key Players and more... Report Jul 30, 2019 426
Global Terahertz Radiation Systems Technologies and Markets Report 2019. Report Jul 29, 2019 917
Astronomers Discover Jupiter-Size Black Hole Eating Through Milky Way Galaxy. Jul 25, 2019 426
Emsculpt Review: Body toning machine promises six pack without exercise; Is it possible to sculpt your tum or bum with no exercise or effort? Notebook's beauty director Lynne Hyland trials the Emsculpt body toning machine - the new craze in body shaping. Jul 21, 2019 807
BAE Systems - DARPA funding brings machine learning to BAE Systems' Signals Intelligence capabilities - 8/7/2019. Jul 15, 2019 355
Russia launches powerful X-Ray telescope. Jul 14, 2019 168
The Incomprehensible Electromagnetic Battle Space. Kidd, Thomas Jul 1, 2019 653
Scattering from a Distribution of Rough Plates. Bright, Max; Ishimaru, Akira; Kuga, Yasuo Report Jul 1, 2019 3395
An Inverse Electromagnetic Scattering Problem for an Ellipsoid. Athanasiadou, Evangelia S.; Zoi, Stefania; Arkoudis, Ioannis Jul 1, 2019 3197
Uma abordagem alternativa para o ensino da transmissao e recepcao de ondas eletromagneticas/Alternative approach to teaching electromagenetic waves transmission and reception. Rossini, Rodrigo Teixeira Jul 1, 2019 3308
Three-Level DC-DC Controlled-Source Circuit of Marine Electromagnetic Detection Transmitter. Tao, Haijun; Zhang, Guopeng; Zheng, Zheng Jun 30, 2019 6783
Hyperspectral Cameras Market Growth Focusing on Upcoming Trends and Innovations during the Period Up. Jun 26, 2019 824
Samsung Galaxy Fold 5G clears FCC certification ahead of imminent launch. Brief article Jun 26, 2019 330
Hyperspectral Cameras Market Forecast Based on Future Trend Analysis & Competition Tracking through. Jun 25, 2019 839
Action needed on environmental impact on children's health, says minister. Jun 24, 2019 354
Taiwan military to spend NT$80 billion on anti-radiation drone fleet. Jun 19, 2019 299
China's New Radar Can Detect Stealth Aircraft From Hundreds Of Miles Away. Jun 13, 2019 234
We need to identify the real problem. Jun 10, 2019 477
Infrared Suppression Systems Market key Insights Based On Product Type, End-use and Regional Demand. Jun 4, 2019 1023
Infrared Suppression Systems Market key Insights Based On Product Type, End-use and Regional Demand. Jun 4, 2019 1009
ON THIS DAY. Jun 2, 2019 148
12. Environment. Jun 1, 2019 29671
A Reconfigurable Chaotic Cavity with Fluorescent Lamps for Microwave Computational Imaging. Yoya, Ariel C.T.; Fuchs, Benjamin; Leconte, Cecile; Davy, Matthieu Jun 1, 2019 6192
A General ADE-FDTD with Crank-Nicolson Scheme for the Simulation of Dispersive Structures. Long, Shi-Yu; Chen, Wei-Jun; Liang, Qi-Wen; Zhao, Min Jun 1, 2019 2240
Application of Compressive Sensing to Asymptotic Waveform Evaluation for Fast Frequency-Sweep Analysis of Electromagnetic Scattering Problems. Kong, Meng; Chen, Ming-Sheng; Cao, Xin-Yuan; Wu, Xian-Liang May 31, 2019 3441
Modeling the Energy Harvested by an RF Energy Harvesting System Using Gamma Processes. Castro, Inma T.; Landesa, Luis; Serna, Alberto May 31, 2019 8801
Municipal council calls for probe into safety of telecom masts. May 16, 2019 364
JF Lehman finalizes sale of API Technologies. May 16, 2019 164
JF Lehman finalizes sale of API Technologies. May 16, 2019 162
Infrared Suppression Systems Market Regional Growth Trends Focusing on Manufacturers Recorded during. May 6, 2019 1023
EMI Shielding Market key Insights Based On Product Type, End-use and Regional Demand Till 2028. May 6, 2019 972
Infrared Suppression Systems Market Regional Growth Trends Focusing on Manufacturers Recorded during. May 6, 2019 983
Infrared Suppression Systems Market Key Facts and Forecast Predictions Presented Until 2028. May 2, 2019 917
EMI Shielding Market Inclination Highpoints Contribution of Prosperous Economies to Push Growth Betw. May 2, 2019 972
Infrared Suppression Systems Market Key Facts and Forecast Predictions Presented Until 2028. May 1, 2019 957
Scintillation Effects in the Magnetized Plasma. Jandieri, George; Ishimaru, Akira; Pistora, Jaromir; Lesnak, Michal May 1, 2019 2841
A Quantum MIMO Architecture for Antenna Wireless Digital Communications. Mikki, Said May 1, 2019 6513
On the Classical Electrodynamics in Dispersive Time-Dependent Linear Isotropic Media. Nijimbere, Victor May 1, 2019 3735
Control and Numerical Simulation of Natural Convection Benchmark Type in a Cavity Heated by Laser Beam Technique Emitted from a Single Slit Diffraction. Benachour, Elhadj; Draoui, Belkacem; Imine, Bachir; Asnoune, Khadidja; Hasnat, Mohammed May 1, 2019 3716
Multilayer Full Polarization Conversion Transpolarizing Structures. Khosronejad, Misagh; Gentili, Gian Guido; Macchiarella, Giuseppe Apr 30, 2019 1929
A Fast Algorithm for Electromagnetic Scattering from One-Dimensional Rough Surface. Wang, Jing Jing; Wang, An Qi; Huang, Zhi Xiang; Jiang, Tie Zhen Apr 30, 2019 3686
'Smartphone selfies are bad for your skin' BEAUTY CLINIC OWNER: I CAN TELL WHICH HAND HOLDS PHONE BY LOOKING AT FACE. Apr 25, 2019 316
The truth about everyday fears. Apr 18, 2019 726
Temperature Transmitter Withstands External Influences. Apr 1, 2019 126
India launches satellite to detect enemy radar, 28 foreign payloads. Apr 1, 2019 181
Metaphysical Experiments: Physics and the Invention of the Universe. Brief article Apr 1, 2019 133
12. Environment. Apr 1, 2019 11331
Generations of Broadband. Kidd, Thomas Apr 1, 2019 449
A Gegenbauer Polynomial Solution for the Electromagnetic Scattering by a Subwavelength Circular Aperture in an Infinite Conducting Screen. Christou, Marios A.; Polycarpou, Anastasis C. Apr 1, 2019 4853
Low Specific Absorption Rate Antenna Using Electromagnetic Band Gap Structure for Long Term Evolution Band 3 Application. Munde, Mahesh; Nandgaonkar, Anil; Deosarkar, Shankar Apr 1, 2019 3163
Computing with Large Time Steps for Electromagnetic Wave Propagation in Multilayered Homogeneous Media. Makwana, Nikitabahen N.; Chatterjee, Avijit Apr 1, 2019 4495
Flexible UWB AMC Antenna for Early Stage Skin Cancer Identification. Mersani, Ameni; Osman, Lotfi; Ribero, Jean-Marc Apr 1, 2019 3455
Creation of a Magnetic Driven Gate for THz Rays. Zyatkov, Denis; Balashov, Vladimir; Yurchenko, Vasiliy; Fakhrutdinova, Elena; Svetlichnyi, Valery; K Apr 1, 2019 2805
Spectral Domain Fast Multipole Method for Solving Integral Equations of Electromagnetic Wave Scattering. Ahmad, Mohammad; Kasilingam, Dayalan Apr 1, 2019 4496
Compact UWB Bandpass Filter with Two Notched Bands Using SISLR and DMS Structure. Mousavi, Omid; Eskandari, Ahmad Reza; Kashani, Mohammad M.R.; Shameli, Mohammad Ali Apr 1, 2019 2804
Spreading Properties of a Lorentz-Gauss Vortex Beam Propagating in Biological Tissues. Liu, Dajun; Yin, Hongming; Wang, Guiqiu; Dong, Aiyi; Wang, Yaochuan Apr 1, 2019 2376
Kraft Lignin Conversion into Energy Carriers under the Action of Electromagnetic Radiation. Zharova, P.; Arapova, O.V.; Konstantinov, G.I.; Chistyakov, A.V.; Tsodikov, M.V. Mar 31, 2019 6700
Metamaterials That Can Solve Equations. Mar 24, 2019 1088
A BRIEF REVIEW OF MODERN USES OF SCATTERING TECHNIQUES. Wade, Daniel M.; Drake, Dereth J. Report Mar 22, 2019 5142
A BRIEF REVIEW OF MODERN USES OF SCATTERING TECHNIQUES. Wade, Daniel M.; Drake, Dereth J. Report Mar 22, 2019 5151
On Localized Antenna Energy in Electromagnetic Radiation. Mikki, Said; Sarkar, Debdeep; Antar, Yahia Mar 1, 2019 5151
Electromagnetic Wave Scattering from an Infinite Periodic Array of Hollow Conducting Circular Cylinders of Finite Length. An, Hongchang; Matsushima, Akira Mar 1, 2019 4905
New TLM Formulation for Modeling Epstein Plasma. Ekdiha, Yasser; Mounirh, Khalid; Khalladi, Mohsine; El Adraoui, Soufiane Mar 1, 2019 2353
MOISTTECH. Mar 1, 2019 220
Hyperspectral Cameras Market - Trends & Leading Players by 2026. Mar 1, 2019 760
Researchers convert Wi-Fi signals to electricity with 2D materials. Mar 1, 2019 187
12. Environment. Mar 1, 2019 30195
How to Reduce the Impact of Harmful Blue Light on Your Eyes. Mar 1, 2019 744
More on cell phone radiation. Mar 1, 2019 764
Humans with 'SUPERVISION' could be on the horizon after breakthrough study; The breakthrough has potential applications for humans - including civilian encryption, security and military operations. Mar 1, 2019 969
Hyperspectral Cameras Market -- Key Development by 2026. Feb 28, 2019 828
API Technologies Closes Sale of Electronics Manufacturing Services Business to Kitron. Feb 20, 2019 231

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