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DoDots Named 'Investors' Choice' Winner at Technologic Partners' Internet Outlook Conference in Burlingame, California.

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Internet Outlook 2000

SUNNYVALE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 20, 2000

DoDots, Inc., a digital infrastructure company, has been named one of those "most likely to succeed" at Internet Outlook 2000, a conference where key industry executives and investors rate company prospects for success. Among those attending were venture capitalists, money managers, investment bankers, and industry executives from leading e-commerce companies like, Screaming Media, Lycos, Travelocity, Modem Media, and Vignette.

"As a recipient of the Investors' Choice award, DoDots was recognized above and beyond other presenting companies to receive one of 10 Investors' Choice awards. We believe DoDots exemplifies the key characteristics needed to succeed in this competitive market environment and are looking forward to seeing its positive growth in the coming year," said Richard A. Shaffer, founder of Technologic Partners. Votes by the audience were supplemented by recommendations from a panel of distinguished technology investors and observers including Stewart Alsop, general partner at New Enterprise Associates; Alex Baluta, principal at Robertson Stephens; and Steve Jurvetson, managing director at Draper Fisher Jurvetson.

"We are honored to have been selected by the Internet Outlook audience and the esteemed technology investor panel to receive the Investors' Choice Award," said George Kembel, CEO of DoDots. "This validation of our business is strongly supported by the results our technology is delivering to customers who are extending their businesses online."

Issues discussed at the conference included what it will take to get the next wave of consumers online, whether privacy issues could stymie effective marketing tactics, and whether technology can make a difference for the customer experience.

DoDots provides companies with technology that enables content, applications and services to be branded, packaged and instantly distributed in Dots. Dots are small packages of Internet content and applications delivered to customers' desktops and mobile devices. Anything on the Internet can be delivered in Dots, including streaming media, commerce, transactions, games, and music. Dots support all standard content technologies, such as HTML, DHTML, Flash, Shockwave, and JavaScript.

Using DoDots technology, users collect Dots from customer Web sites, including ZDNet, CNET, iFUSE, DealTime, (Kmart online), Excite/, MapBlast, StartSampling, SherpaOnline, and KnowledgeTrack (visit for a complete list of customers). Collected Dots can then be turned on or off, re-sized, moved around, and grouped together on the desktop with the click of a mouse. Dots deliver content quickly and easily, providing the user with immediate access to the content they want.

About Technologic Partners

Founded in 1984, Technologic Partners provides information to technology investors and executives through newsletters, research studies, and industry conferences. The company is based in New York City, with offices also in San Francisco. Technologic Partners has been following venture investing for 15 years, and maintains a proprietary database of thousands of venture-backed companies. Technologic has been producing investment-oriented technology conferences since 1985.

About DoDots Technology

Dot technology enables companies to fully brand, package, and instantly distribute their content to consumers on the desktop and on mobile devices. The process of creating Dots is quick and easy. Dots can behave just like applications, so companies can use them to distribute new features and highlight new content. Dot technology is built on established Internet standards and utilizes existing communication protocols to ensure reliability, scalability, and a way to easily leverage existing web site content.

About DoDots, Inc.

Based in Sunnyvale, Calif., DoDots, Inc. was founded in early 1999 by George Kembel, Tony Medrano, and John Kembel. The company is privately held, with funding from SOFTBANK Venture Capital, Chase Capital Partners, Staenberg Venture Partners, and Merrill Lynch. Visit for more information.
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