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Road in village shut for three hours after gas leak reported. Sep 28, 2022 211
How sugar-coated pouches in body fluids can help detect cancer. Sep 22, 2022 329
In the online media of African countries, Russian narratives have been detected purposefully shifting responsibility for 'all troubles' to Ukraine - the food crisis, the Russian war against Ukraine, shelling of civilians in Ukraine, etc. Sep 17, 2022 1345
Analysis of Smart Lung Tumour Detector and Stage Classifier Using Deep Learning Techniques with Internet of Things. Joshi, Shubham; Pandit, Shraddha Viraj; Shukla, Piyush Kumar; Almalki, Atiah H.; Othman, Nashwan Adn Sep 13, 2022 7947
Advances in Surface Plasmon Resonance-Based Biosensor Technologies for Cancer Cell Detection. Karki, Bhishma; Uniyal, Arun; Pal, Amrindra; Srivastava, Vivek Sep 9, 2022 5203
Simultaneous Determination of B[sub.1], B[sub.2], B[sub.3], B[sub.6], B[sub.9,] and B[sub.12] Vitamins in Premix and Fortified Flour Using HPLC/DAD: Effect of Detection Wavelength. Albawarshi, Y.; Amr, A.; Al-Ismail, K.; Shahein, M.; Majdalawi, M.; Saleh, M.; Khamaiseh, A. Sep 5, 2022 5415
Radial Neural Network Processing Applied to Athlete's Personalized Psychological Regulation Detection System. Xu, Weihua; Li, Qiang; Wang, Yi Report Sep 5, 2022 5543
Auditory Speech Based Alerting System for Detecting Dummy Number Plate via Video Processing Data sets. Deshpande, Meena; Veena, M. B.; Ferede, Alachew Wubie Sep 2, 2022 6372
Potential of Impatiens balsamina Leaf Extract against Quorum Sensing in Pseudomonas aeruginosa PA01. Rajeswari, V.; Gunasekar, Bhuvaneshwari; Chinnasamy, Selvakkumar Sep 1, 2022 4992
Quantitative Detection of Gastrointestinal Tumor Markers Using a Machine Learning Algorithm and Multicolor Quantum Dot Biosensor. Saren, Gaowa; Zhu, Linlin; Han, Yue Sep 1, 2022 7281
Study on the Lightweighting Strategy of Target Detection Model with Deep Learning. Hu, Junli Aug 30, 2022 6411
Houses shake after enormous bang as metal detectorists find unexploded WW2 grenade; North Yorkshire Police were alerted by the public to a possible 'unexploded bomb' while they were using a metal detector on the outskirts of Harrogate, and subsequently carried out a controlled explosion. By, Abigail O'Leary Aug 29, 2022 270
Analysis of Therapeutic Effect of Elderly Patients with Severe Heart Failure Based on LSTM Neural Model. Chen, Shunhong; He, Shoudu Aug 28, 2022 5062
Apache Spark and Deep Learning Models for High-Performance Network Intrusion Detection Using CSE-CIC-IDS2018. Hagar, Abdulnaser A.; Gawali, Bharti W. Aug 26, 2022 5891
Research on Security Anomaly Detection for Big Data Platforms Based on Quantum Optimization Clustering. Deng, Lijuan; Wan, Long; Guo, Jian Report Aug 26, 2022 6668
China Focus: Energy particle detector helps Shenzhou-14 crew conduct EVAs. Aug 25, 2022 345
Evaluation of antioxidant, photoprotective and antinociceptive activities of Marcetia macrophylla extract: potential for formulation of sunscreens/ Avaliacao da atividade antioxidante, photoprotetora e antinociceptiva de Marcetia macrophylla: potencial formulacao fotoprotetora. Costa, S.C.C.; Damasceno, P.K.F.; Lima, R.G.G.; Botura, M.B.; Branco, C.R.C.; Silva, T.R.S.; Oliveir Aug 25, 2022 6878
Detection of Particle Concentration and Particle Size Based on Aerodynamic Particle Size Spectrometer. Zhang, Jingxiu; Zhang, Zhiwei; Hou, Longfei Aug 24, 2022 6854
Design of Chinese Grammar Recognition and Error Correction Model Based on the Deep Neural Network. Qiao, Yuhan; Liang, Lin Aug 24, 2022 4004
Assessment of Seasonal Radon Concentration in Dwellings and Soils in Selected Areas in Ga East, Greater Accra Region of Ghana. Kpordzro, R.; Gbadago, J. K.; Andam, A. B.; Adukpo, O. K.; Otoo, F.; Opoku-Ntim, I.; Abubakar, M. Aug 24, 2022 6525
Application of Internet of Things Technology in Mechanical Automation Control. Xie, Yonghui; Li, Haiqing; Jia, Qiushaung; Nie, Xiumin Aug 16, 2022 4128
Construal Attacks on Wireless Data Storage Applications and Unraveling Using Machine Learning Algorithm. Kshirsagar, Pravin R.; Manoharan, Hariprasath; Alterazi, Hassan A.; Alhebaishi, Nawaf; Rabie, Osama Aug 16, 2022 5424
Monod Bio Closes USD 25m Seed Financing to Advance Biosensor Technology Platform. Aug 15, 2022 439
Police seen searching underneath city centre street after stabbing; Officers used shovels and metal detectors to search underground. By, Charlotte Hadfield Aug 15, 2022 559
field of dreams; Metal detectors' find of Anglo-Saxon coins worth up to PS25,000. MARTIN FRICKER Aug 13, 2022 287
A Robust and Lightweight Detector for Ship Target with Complex Background in SAR Image. Wang, Hengtao; Zhang, Shang Aug 13, 2022 7122
Research on Local Counting and Object Detection of Multiscale Crowds in Video Based on Time-Frequency Analysis. Ren, Guoyin; Lu, Xiaoqi; Li, Yuhao Aug 12, 2022 12355
A Novel Benchmark Dataset for COVID-19 Detection during Third Wave in Pakistan. Jalil, Zunera; Abbasi, Ahmed; Javed, Abdul Rehman; Khan, Muhammad Badruddin; Abul Hasanat, Mozaherul Aug 12, 2022 7471
Security Segment Registers Highest CAGR in Global Forecast of X-ray Detector Market. Aug 12, 2022 173
Security Segment Registers Highest CAGR in Global Forecast of X-ray Detector Market. Aug 12, 2022 159
Smiths Detection Equips Rome Airport with Advanced Carry-On Baggage Screening Technology. Aug 10, 2022 185
France provides over 130 landmine detectors to Azerbaijan. Aug 5, 2022 365
I'm a medal detector; Magnet fisherman, 13, seeks WW1 soldier's family. ADAM ASPINALL Aug 5, 2022 239
LDS is central to pipeline safety design. Aug 3, 2022 1227
Abnormal Concentration Detection Method of Chemical Pollutants Based on Multisensor Fusion. Song, Wei Aug 2, 2022 6569
TIDE RING OF JOY; Bereft woman tells of relief after charity worker's metal detector finds family heirloom lost during day at beach. RECORD REPORTER Aug 1, 2022 371
NOVATEK Enhances Methane Leak Detection System. Aug 1, 2022 171
Hungry traveller slapped with £1,500 fine for bringing McDonald's breakfast on plane; The contraband McDonald's package, which included two egg and beef sausage McMuffins, hot cakes and a ham croissant, was detected at Darwin airport, in Australia, by new detector dog Zinta last week. By, mirror Aug 1, 2022 331
Shields Up: Hypersonic Threat Spurs Investment in Space-Based Missile Tracking. Roaten, Meredith Aug 1, 2022 1833
Application of Internet of Things Technology in the Construction of Bored Pile Foundation in a High Altitude Environment. Liu, Jiayin; Wang, Yang; Guo, Yingjun; Chen, Zhipeng; Jiao, Daowei Jul 31, 2022 6711
Analysis on the Development and Influence of National Fitness Environment on Youth Basketball Coordination and Mental Health. Lu, Pengfei; Su, Yajuan Jul 31, 2022 7290
Attack and Protection Technology of Intelligent Terminals for New Energy Internet Transmission, Transformation, and Distribution. Wang, Shengda; Zhao, Mingming; Liu, Danni; Su, Weijia; Zhang, Song Jul 30, 2022 6336
Design of Health Detection System for Elderly Smart Watch Based on Biosignal Acquisition. Zhu, Zhu; Wang, Peixian; Wang, Fuguang Jul 30, 2022 7152
Emicool rolls out Distributed Temperature Sensing technology. Jason Saundalkar Jul 29, 2022 428
Emicool rolls out Distributed Temperature Sensing technology. Jason Saundalkar Jul 29, 2022 444
Emicool leads the way with DTS technology. Jul 28, 2022 545
Alstom is granted homologation for the use of the ELS-96 wheel detector system on railway lines in Poland. Jul 26, 2022 341
Krohne offers rapid spares service for pipeline emergencies. Jul 25, 2022 284
Real-Time Incident-Responsive Signal Control Strategy under Partially Connected Vehicle Environment. Chandan, Kancharla K. K.; Seco, Álvaro J. M.; Bastos Silva, Ana M. C. Jul 22, 2022 10088
Pioneer in measuring, detecting, and leveling: 30 years of measuring tools from Bosch. Jul 21, 2022 911
Design of Moving Target Detection System Using Lightweight Deep Learning Model and Its Impact on the Development of Sports Industry. Zhang, Hongling; Zheng, Yifei Jul 20, 2022 5196
DD-Net: A Dual Detector Network for Multilevel Object Detection in Remote-Sensing Images. Zhang, Dongdong; Wang, Chunping; Fu, Qiang Jul 20, 2022 6480
Double-UV Photoionizaion Detector with Graphene Oxide-Coated Electrodes. Zhou, Qi; Zhang, Xu; Ma, Xu; Zhang, Sixiang Jul 19, 2022 3179
Real-Time Image Defect Detection System of Cloth Digital Printing Machine. Sun, Ning; Cao, Botao Jul 19, 2022 4063
Atlantic CommTech Corp. awarded $11,194,296 contract. Jul 18, 2022 155
Online Intelligent Course Education Based on Grid Model Simplification. Jin, Ning; Yan, Zhengkun Jul 15, 2022 4676
Single-Pixel Compressive Digital Holographic Encryption System Based on Circular Harmonic Key and Parallel Phase Shifting Digital Holography. Lokesh Reddy, B.; Nelleri, Anith Jul 14, 2022 8477
Insecurity: AU Donates APCs, Bomb Detectors, Others To Nigeria Military. Jul 14, 2022 399
Insurgency: AU Donates APCs, Bomb Detectors, Others To Military. Jul 14, 2022 438
Preparation of Molecular Imprinted Polymer Based on Chitosan as the Selective Sorbent for Solid-Phase Microextraction of Phenobarbital. Rahimi, Marzieh; Bahar, Soleiman; Amininasab, S. Mojtaba Jul 13, 2022 5780
Monitoring of Sports Health Indicators Based on Wearable Nanobiosensors. Gong, Ruyao; Liu, Binghong Jul 13, 2022 6708
B/S-Based Construction of a Big Data Logistics Platform. Zhang, Li Jul 13, 2022 4604
MINELAB VANQUISH 540 METAL DETECTOR. Wheat, Brent T. Jul 12, 2022 161
Foresight Enters MOU for Joint Development of Autonomous Solutions in Shandong Province, China. Jul 12, 2022 738
The Cognitive Transformation of Japanese Language Education by Artificial Intelligence Technology in the Wireless Network Environment. Zhang, Su Jul 7, 2022 5489
Electrical Line Fault Detection and Line Cut-Off Equipment and Control. Fu, Yakun Jul 7, 2022 4151
Sargassum Detector' from University of Orla[c]ans wins 11th edition of the Atos IT Challenge. Jul 6, 2022 550
A Method for Predicting Coupling Laws of UWB EMP to Millimeter Wave Detector. Chen, Kaibai; Gao, Min Jul 6, 2022 4889
Breast Cancer Detection on Histopathological Images Using a Composite Dilated Backbone Network. Mohanakurup, Vinodkumar; Parambil Gangadharan, Syam Machinathu; Goel, Pallavi; Verma, Devvret; Alshe Jul 6, 2022 5088
Automatic Recognition and Detection System Based on Machine Vision. Wang, Lu; Cui, Lihong Jul 6, 2022 4334
Online Cyber-Attack Detection in the Industrial Control System: A Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach. Liu, Zhenze; Wang, Chunyang; Wang, Weiping Jul 6, 2022 5247
Visit of EU ambs. and military officials concludes with a donation of 150 metal detectors to BiH AF. Jul 5, 2022 343
A High-Precision Dynamic Six Degree-of-Freedom Pose Measurement of the Subreflectors of Large Antennas Based on a Position Sensitive Detector and Laser Array. Lin, Shangmin; Wang, Wei; Wang, Hu; Song, Yang; Pan, Yue; Qiao, Jiang; Xue, Yaoke Jul 5, 2022 4971
Deep Learning Target Detection System for Sewage Treatment. Su, Bingqin; Lin, Yuting; Wang, Jian; Quan, Xiaohui; Chang, Zhankun; Rui, Chuangxue Jul 5, 2022 6708
A Three-Stage Anomaly Detection Framework for Traffic Videos. Chen, Junzhou; Wang, Jiancheng; Pu, Jiajun; Zhang, Ronghui Jul 5, 2022 6918
Short-Term Traffic Prediction of the Urban Road Network based on the Intelligent Transportation System. Jiang, Shuai Report Jul 4, 2022 4347
PS20,000 penalty over unsafe flats; landlord defied order banning him from renting out property. THOMAS GEORGE @MENNEWSDESK Jul 1, 2022 441
Performance Improvement for Single-Photon LiDAR with Dead Time Selection. Feng, Lei; Wang, Fenglin; An, Meng; Zhang, Qiang Jul 1, 2022 5213
A Wood Quality Defect Detection System Based on Deep Learning and Multicriterion Framework. Sun, Pingan Jul 1, 2022 5188
Count on it: We round up some of the latest products and solutions in the single photon counting space. Jul 1, 2022 1379
Hamamatsu detectors--make every photon count. Jul 1, 2022 155
Analysis of the Fifth Generation NOMA System Using LSTM Algorithm. Bhatt, Abhishek; Shankar, Ravi; Niedbala, Gniewko; Rupani, Ajay Jul 1, 2022 6252
Nanomaterials: A Potential Hope for Life Sciences from Bench to Bedside. Shinde, Mahesh Uttamrao; Patwekar, Mohsina; Patwekar, Faheem; Bajaber, Majed A.; Medikeri, Anuradha; Jun 30, 2022 9161
SPRKK technology addresses potential dangers of nuclear power: BRIN. Jun 30, 2022 363
SPRKK technology addresses potential dangers of nuclear power: BRIN. Jun 30, 2022 366
Surface Defect Detection with Modified Real-Time Detector YOLOv3. Wang, Zhihui; Zhu, Houying; Jia, Xianqing; Bao, Yongtang; Wang, Changmiao Jun 30, 2022 5255
Design and Protection Strategy of Distributed Intrusion Detection System in Big Data Environment. Chen, Rong Jun 29, 2022 4497
Abnormal Data Monitoring and Analysis Based on Data Mining and Neural Network. Chen, Yanyan Jun 24, 2022 4245
Hybrid Approach for Shelf Monitoring and Planogram Compliance (Hyb-SMPC) in Retails Using Deep Learning and Computer Vision. Saqlain, Mehwish; Rubab, Saddaf; Khan, Malik M.; Ali, Nouman; Ali, Shahzeb Jun 15, 2022 8618
Machine Vision-Based Ping Pong Ball Rotation Trajectory Tracking Algorithm. Wang, Yilei; Wang, Ling Jun 13, 2022 8270
Design and Implementation of Human Motion Monitoring System on Account of Intelligent Computing of Internet of Things. Liu, Yufei; Zhao, Lin Jun 13, 2022 7310
Automatic Lane Line Detection System Based on Artificial Intelligence. Ji, Gaoqing; Zheng, Yunchang Jun 9, 2022 4900
PNP procures P764M worth of guns, cars... and explosive detector dogs. Jun 7, 2022 350
Teessiders say 'times have changed' and it's 'about time' metal detectors are used to stop stabbings; The majority of Teessider readers agree with the decision to search customers for knifes following a string of incidents. By, Jessica Sharkey Jun 7, 2022 594
Red-faced Army stops 'testing' bogus GT200 bomb detectors. Jun 7, 2022 312
NSTDA explains its THB7.57m test fee for bogus GT-200 bomb detectors. Jun 5, 2022 360
Budget Bill debate triggers heated exchange over fake bomb detectors. Jun 3, 2022 430
Moog Expands Portfolio with Addition of Robin Radar Detection Systems. Jun 2, 2022 247
Moog Expands Portfolio with Addition of Robin Radar Detection Systems. Jun 2, 2022 235
NiMet To Install Lightening Detection System In Abuja, Lagos Airports. Jun 1, 2022 332
Molecular Diagnostic Methods for the Detection of Leptospirosis. Gayathri, Rethinavelu; Archana, Vishwakarma; Ramya, Mohandass Jun 1, 2022 7147
Convolutional Autoencoder-Based Deep Learning Approach for Aerosol Emission Detection Using LiDAR Dataset. Hameed, Mazhar; Yang, Fengbao; Bazai, Sibghat Ullah; Ghafoor, Muhammad Imran; Alshehri, Ali; Khan, I Jun 1, 2022 7052
Improved CenterNet for Accurate and Fast Fitting Object Detection. He, Huimin; Na, Qionglan; Su, Dan; Zhao, Kai; Lou, Jing; Yang, Yixi May 31, 2022 7855
Metal detectors historic finds declared treasure. ROB HARRIES Reporter May 31, 2022 693
People could soon speak to animals thanks to state-of-the-art 'Dr Doolittle' devices; Dr Yossi Yovel and his team from Tel Aviv University, Israel, used ultrasonic frequency detectors to "translate" the communicative noises of bats -and experts hope this can go still further. By, Lottie Tiplady-Bishop May 30, 2022 261
Traffic Sign Detection Based on SSD Combined with Receptive Field Module and Path Aggregation Network. Wu, Jianjun; Liao, Shaowen Report May 30, 2022 8137
The Analysis of a Proposed Experiment to Measure the Speed of Gravity in Short Distances. Frajuca, Carlos; da Silva Bortoli, Fabio; Magalhaes, Nadja Simao May 25, 2022 5013
Recent Advances and Perspectives on the Sources and Detection of Antibiotics in Aquatic Environments. Zeng, Yanbo; Chang, Fengqin; Liu, Qi; Duan, Lizeng; Li, Donglin; Zhang, Hucai May 25, 2022 11487
Teledyne FLIR keeps airspace in critical areas free of drones. May 25, 2022 557
Treasure-hunting pensioners find 14th Century gold coins worth £50k; Couple Phil and Joan Castle stumbled upon the 'purse hoard' with their metal detectors in a ploughed field. By, James Podesta & Daniel Smith May 25, 2022 659
Treasure-hunting pensioners find 14th Century gold coins worth £50k; Couple Phil and Joan Castle stumbled upon the 'purse hoard' with their metal detectors in a ploughed field. By, James Podesta & Daniel Smith May 25, 2022 659
Jail for drug dealer who hid mobile phone smuggled from Strangeways 'up his backside'; Using a hand-held metal detector prison officers found Harri Pullen had something within his 'lower-back or rectal area'. By, Bronwen Weatherby, PA & Damon Wilkinson May 24, 2022 588
Deep Learning Algorithm-Based Target Detection and Fine Localization of Technical Features in Basketball. Li, WenHao; Wu, Yangyang; Lian, BiZhen; Zhang, MingXin May 23, 2022 4001
Building Crack Detection Based on Digital Image Processing Technology and Multiscale Feature Analysis Automatic Detection Algorithm. Liu, Chenguang May 23, 2022 6240
Face Detection Method based on Lightweight Network and Weak Semantic Segmentation Attention Mechanism. Wu, Xiaoyan May 23, 2022 6340
An Ensemble-Based Multiclass Classifier for Intrusion Detection Using Internet of Things. Rani, Deepti; Gill, Nasib Singh; Gulia, Preeti; Chatterjee, Jyotir Moy May 20, 2022 10956
Precolumn Derivatization High-Performance Liquid Chromatography for Determination of Perfluorocarboxylic Acids in Catalytic Degradation Solutions. Yang, Liping; Sun, Binbin; Cui, Haochen; Zhu, Lingyan; Shan, Guoqiang May 19, 2022 4277
iCAD announces new research supporting ProFound AI for DBT. May 18, 2022 200
TotalEnergies launches drone-based methane emission detection system. May 17, 2022 442
Breast cancer 'metal detector' could be used in the NHS; The screening system involves injecting a magnetic liquid tracer into the tissue surrounding a cancerous tumour. By, Ella Pickover, PA Health Correspondent & Will Maule May 17, 2022 607
LETR: An End-to-End Detector of Reconstruction Area in Blades Adaptive Machining with Transformer. Yin, Zikai; Liang, Yongshou; Ren, Junxue; An, Jungang; He, Famei May 14, 2022 9097
An English Teaching Pronunciation Detection and Recognition Algorithm Based on Cluster Analysis and Improved SSD. Peng, Dongxiao May 11, 2022 5658
Historic Northumberland seal goes up for auction after metal detector find; The landowner's seal dates back to the 13th century and could fetch more than £2,000 at auction. By, Tony Henderson May 10, 2022 592
Deep Neural Network-Based Intrusion Detection System through PCA. Alotaibi, Shoayee Dlaim; Yadav, Kusum; Aledaily, Arwa N.; Alkwai, Lulwah M; Yousef Dafhalla, Alaa Ka Report May 9, 2022 5486
A Novel Intelligent-Based Intrusion Detection System Approach Using Deep Multilayer Classification. Ugendhar, A.; Illuri, Babu; Vulapula, Sridhar Reddy; Radha, Marepalli; K, Sukanya; Alenezi, Fayadh; Report May 6, 2022 6270
Quantitative Analysis of Internet of Things Technology on the National Economic Accounting: A Prediction Model Based on the FCM-BP Neural Network Algorithm. Song, Jian-Tao May 5, 2022 6147
Innovative Smart Road Stud Sensor Network Development for Real-Time Traffic Monitoring. Tao, Zhimin; Quan, Wei; Wang, Hua May 5, 2022 5080
Fast and Accurate Hand Visual Detection by Using a Spatial-Channel Attention SSD for Hand-Based Space Robot Teleoperation. Gao, Qing; Zhang, Xin; Pang, Wenrao May 4, 2022 6174
Detecting? We dig it.. UNEARTHING SECRETS OF OU OUR BURIED HISTORY Treasure seekers share their finds in new TV show. EXCLUSIVE BY CHRISTINE SMITH May 4, 2022 1233
Detecting? We dig it.. UNEARTHING SECRETS OF OUR BURIED History Treasure seekers share their finds in new TV show. EXCLUSIVE BY CHRISTINE SMITH May 4, 2022 1233
Schoolboy, 12, finds Bronze Age gold ribbon worth £1,000 with metal detector; Patrick Hooper took up the hobby of searching for treasure with his metal detector three years ago. He regularly visits remote country fields with his dad, hoping to make some great discoveries. By, Christine Smith May 3, 2022 1188
Queue Length Estimation for Signalized Intersections under Partially Connected Vehicle Environment. Wei, Lu; Li, Jin-hong; Xu, Li-wen; Gao, Lei; Yang, Jian May 2, 2022 6815
Shapps: Tech making smart M-ways safer; more radars to detect broken down vehicles. May 2, 2022 366
The Economics of Artificial Intelligence: Focusing on the Metrics. Kasireddy, Meera; Lee, Ryan K. May 1, 2022 1706
An Improved Cumulative Sum-Based Fault Detector for Power Network Protection. Pattanaik, Priya R.; Panigrahi, Basanta K.; Pati, Subhendu May 1, 2022 5178
Multiple Classification of Cyber Attacks Using Machine Learning. Guven, Ebu Yusuf; Gulgun, Sueda; Manav, Ceyda; Bakir, Behice; Aydin, Zeynep Gurkas May 1, 2022 5719
Cascaded-Hop For DeepFake Videos Detection. Zhang, Dengyong; Wu, Pengjie; Li, Feng; Zhu, Wenjie; Sheng, Victor S. Report May 1, 2022 7078
Nanomaterials Based Monitoring of Food- and Water-Borne Pathogens. Reddy, Bandi Lokesh; Jatav, Hanuman Singh; Rajput, Vishnu D.; Minkina, Tatiana; Ranjan, Anuj; Harikr Apr 30, 2022 9269
Dog squad; [euro]50m of illegal goods sniffed out 23 crime-buster pooches in Ireland. EXCLUSIVE BY SEAN MURPHY Apr 30, 2022 551
Deep Neural Networks for Automatic Flower Species Localization and Recognition. Abbas, Touqeer; Razzaq, Abdul; Zia, Muhammad Azam; Mumtaz, Imran; Saleem, Muhammad Asim; Akbar, Wasi Apr 29, 2022 4621
Deep Learning for Ocular Disease Recognition: An Inner-Class Balance. Khan, Md Shakib; Tafshir, Nafisa; Alam, Kazi Nabiul; Dhruba, Abdur Rab; Khan, Mohammad Monirujjaman; Apr 28, 2022 6705
Scene-Specialized Multitarget Detector with an SMC-PHD Filter and a YOLO Network. Liu, Qianli; Li, Yibing; Dong, Qianhui; Ye, Fang Apr 28, 2022 9120
Network Intrusion Detection Method Combining CNN and BiLSTM in Cloud Computing Environment. Gao, Jing Apr 28, 2022 6790
Cerebral Arterial Stenosis Detection Based on a Retained Two-Stage Detection Algorithm. Liu, Hanqing; Li, Xiaojun; Wei, Jin; Kang, Xiaodong Apr 26, 2022 5541
Performance of Machine Learning and Image Processing in Plant Leaf Disease Detection. Zamani, Abu Sarwar; Anand, L.; Rane, Kantilal Pitambar; Prabhu, P.; Buttar, Ahmed Mateen; Pallathadk Apr 26, 2022 4406
Machine Learning Methods to Detect Voltage Glitch Attacks on IoT/IIoT Infrastructures. Jiang, Wei Apr 26, 2022 5068
Optimal Defect Detection and Sensing System of Railway Tunnel Radar considering Multisensor System Combined with Active Interference Suppression Algorithm. Lei, Yang; Zou, Yong; Jiang, Bo; Tian, Tian Apr 25, 2022 6992
Quantitative Risk Assessment of a Large-Scale Central Spherical Detector System by an Improved Fuzzy Fault Tree Analysis. Tan, Runze; Li, Xiaobin; Yue, Jingxia; Du, Zhipeng Report Apr 22, 2022 10972
SD Biosensor to buy Italian firm for 61.9 bln won. Apr 22, 2022 175
BOC launches trace detection system vs terrorism, illegal drugs. Apr 21, 2022 227
Fascinating metal detecting finds to go under the hammer. DAVID PHILLIPS of Eddisons CJM Auctioneers Apr 16, 2022 605
Deepfake Video Detection Based on EfficientNet-V2 Network. Deng, Liwei; Suo, Hongfei; Li, Dongjie Apr 15, 2022 7486
Real-Time Detection of Body Nutrition in Sports Training Based on Cloud Computing and Somatosensory Network. Gong, Ruyao; Ge, Nan; Li, Jijie Apr 15, 2022 6066
Lamotrigine Extraction and Quantification by UPLC-DAD in Plasma from Patients with Bipolar Disorder. Palacios-Magaña, Claudia V.; Romero-Tejeda, Elba M.; Fajardo-Robledo, Nicté S.; González-Ortiz, Luis Apr 13, 2022 3493
Deblurring Method of Face Recognition AI Technology Based on Deep Learning. Li, Weilong; Li, Jie; Zhou, Junhui Apr 8, 2022 5972
Biomimetic Nanoscale Materials for Skin Cancer Therapy and Detection. Abu Owida, Hamza Apr 7, 2022 9381
US, ONSA Train Police To Curb Insecurity. Apr 7, 2022 287
Kromek detects a bright future as PS1.7m deal done. GRAEME WHITFIELD Journal editor Apr 5, 2022 388
Indigent Students Develop App to Curtail Threat to Moving Train. Apr 5, 2022 507
Firm's detection tech used to keep NATO chiefs safe. COREENA FORD Business writer Apr 2, 2022 376
CO Detectors: Inexpensive Safety: Carbon monoxide is aviations insidious killer. The good news is that there are good portable detectors. CO Experts and Aithre are top picks. Durden, Rick Apr 1, 2022 3998
Exhaust Systems 101: Not So Silent Killers: CO detectors are worthy accessories, but keeping ahead of even minor exhaust failures should come first. Use FAA AC 91-59A as a starting point. Anglisano, Larry Apr 1, 2022 702
Defect detection system. Apr 1, 2022 164
Internet of Medical Things-based Clinical Decision Support Systems, Smart Healthcare Wearable Devices, and Machine Learning Algorithms in COVID-19 Prevention, Screening, Detection, Diagnosis, and Treatment. Blazek, Roman; Hrosova, Lenka; Collier, Janet Report Apr 1, 2022 4201
Improving and optimising spectrometer designs. Apr 1, 2022 788
Aromatherapeutic essential oils and their pharmaceutical combinations: Tools for inhibition of quorum sensing activity and biofilm formation of human pathogens. Ozfenerci, Mujgan; Bali, Elif Burcu; Erdonmez, Demet; Caliskan, Ufuk Koca Apr 1, 2022 7988
Determination of Nicotine in Cigarette Tobacco Smuggled to Brazil by Modified QuEChERS Methodology. Domingues, Cinthia Eloise; Kordiak, Januario; Pedroso, Carlos R.; de Oliveira Stremel, Tatiana R.; Z Apr 1, 2022 4287
Chemical Composition and Photoprotective Potential of Infusion Extract from Casearia sylvestris var. lingua (Cambess.) Eichler Leaves. Cardoso, Claudia Andrea Lima; de Castro, Thiago Luis Aguayo; Goneli, Andre Luis Duarte; Verdan, Mari Report Apr 1, 2022 4024
Evolv Technology Gets US Department of Homeland Security SAFETY Act Designation. Mar 31, 2022 235
Evolv awarded DHS Safety Act Designation for Evolv Express. Mar 31, 2022 230
Evolv Technology Gets US Department of Homeland Security SAFETY Act Designation. Mar 31, 2022 248
Quantification of Myoinositol in Serum by Electrochemical Detection with an Unmodified Screen-Printed Carbon Electrode. Jin, Xinrui; Zhao, Yuanqing; Gu, Xiujuan; Zhong, Min; Kong, Xin; Li, Guangrong; Tian, Gang Mar 29, 2022 4705
Twitter down: Thousands of users report issues with website and mobile app; Issues on Twitter began at around 1pm on Monday in the UK with more than 4,500 reports of problems, according to the service status website Down Detector. By, Martyn Landi & Laura Sharman & Laura Sharman Mar 28, 2022 335
DOST, UP Manila eye development of AI-driven cancer detection tool. Mar 27, 2022 277
Yolov4 High-Speed Train Wheelset Tread Defect Detection System Based on Multiscale Feature Fusion. Zhang, Changfan; Hu, Xinliang; He, Jing; Hou, Na Mar 27, 2022 6893
Feature Selection Model Based on Gorilla Troops Optimizer for Intrusion Detection Systems. Ahmed, Ibrahim; Dahou, Abdelghani; Chelloug, Samia Allaoua; Al-qaness, Mohammed A. A.; Elaziz, Moham Mar 25, 2022 7523
Automatic Control Model of Power Information System Access Based on Artificial Intelligence Technology. Jiang, De Yong; Zhang, Hong; Kumar, Harish; Naveed, Quadri Noorulhasan; Takhi, Chandan; Jagota, Vish Report Mar 25, 2022 4594
Railtrack Vandalism: School Develops Technology To Curtail Threats To Moving Trains. Mar 24, 2022 493
Mohawk Recon: Vietnam from Treetop Level with the 1st Cavalry, 1968-1969. Cirafici, John Mar 22, 2022 547
Feature Extraction Algorithm of Basketball Trajectory Based on the Background Difference Method. Xu, Feng; Li, Guohua Report Mar 19, 2022 6519
Computational Intelligence Approaches in Developing Cyberattack Detection System. Alzahrani, Mohammed Saeed; Alsaade, Fawaz Waselallah Mar 18, 2022 8056
A Machine Vision Anomaly Detection System to Industry 4.0 Based on Variational Fuzzy Autoencoder. Jiang, Wei Mar 16, 2022 5503
Motion Fatigue State Detection Based on Neural Networks. Li, Hu; Wang, Yabo; Nan, Yao Mar 15, 2022 4585
Grant contract signed for grassroots projects. Mar 13, 2022 228
Olympian Bozek honored by hometown of Buffalo Grove Inside: CO detectors handed out in Bartlett. Mar 11, 2022 514
Roman Abramovich's superyacht has missile defence system and anti-paparazzi lasers; Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich's yacht, Eclipse, has modern tech to protect guests, from bullet-proof windows toa missile-detection system and even a mini escape submarine. By, Kyle O'Sullivan Mar 11, 2022 1058
Suburban partnership. Mar 10, 2022 642
Steel Plate Defect Recognition of Deep Neural Network Recognition Based on Space-Time Constraints. Zhang, Chi; Wang, Zhiguang; Liu, Baiting; Xiaolei, Wang Mar 10, 2022 5577
Short-Text Classification Detector: A Bert-Based Mental Approach. Hu, Yongjun; Ding, Jia; Dou, Zixin; Chang, Huiyou Mar 10, 2022 6865
There's gold in them thar Fens; Norfolk is No1 for metal detector treasures. STIAN ALEXANDER Mar 6, 2022 321
A Metaheuristic Autoencoder Deep Learning Model for Intrusion Detector System. Pandey, Jay Kumar; Kumar, Sumit; Lamin, Madonna; Gupta, Suneet; Dubey, Rajesh Kumar; Sammy, F. Report Mar 4, 2022 6675
Distance Field-Based Convolutional Neural Network for Edge Detection. Hu, Dadan; Yang, Hongbo; Hou, Xia Mar 3, 2022 5982
Intelligent Crack Detection and Quantification in the Concrete Bridge: A Deep Learning-Assisted Image Processing Approach. Yu, Licun; He, Shuanhai; Liu, Xiaosong; Jiang, Shuqing; Xiang, Shuiying Mar 3, 2022 7533
Intelligent Transport Surveillance Memory Enhanced Method for Detection of Abnormal Behavior in Video. Zhang, Deng-Hui Mar 2, 2022 5612
Australia gifts explosive trace detectors for BIA. Mar 2, 2022 177
Captures of oriental fruit files and melon files (Diptera: Tephritdae) in traps baited with torula yeast borax solution or 2- or 3-component synthetc food cones in Hawaii. Shelly, Todd; Fezza, Thomas; Kurashima, Rick Report Mar 1, 2022 6258
Tramp metal detectors Moisture measurement. Mar 1, 2022 153
Silicon (Si) avalanche photodiodes. Mar 1, 2022 162
'I spent half of my 45-year career in very large companies and corporations, which I think was too long': Carlos Lee, EPIC's director general, talks to Rick Mannello, CEO of Boston Electronics, which specialises in UV and IR detectors and signal processing electronics for photodetection. Lee, Carlos Interview Mar 1, 2022 971
5G Massive MIMO Signal Detection Algorithm Based on Deep Learning. Yan, Lichao; Wang, Yi; Zheng, Ning Feb 27, 2022 5577
Towards the Development of a Cloud Computing Intrusion Detection Framework Using an Ensemble Hybrid Feature Selection Approach. Ogwara, Noah Oghenefego; Petrova, Krassie; Yang, Mee Loong Feb 27, 2022 12155
Liberty Defense to test AI security detection system at Toronto Pearson International Airport. Feb 25, 2022 237
Liberty Defense to test AI security detection system at Toronto Pearson International Airport. Feb 25, 2022 222
DEWA adopts smart ball leak detection system to reduce water losses. Gavin Davids Feb 24, 2022 301
DEWA adopts smart ball leak detection system to reduce water losses. Gavin Davids Feb 24, 2022 321
CAFC-Net: A Critical and Align Feature Constructing Network for Oriented Ship Detection in Aerial Images. Zhang, Dongdong; Wang, Chunping; Fu, Qiang Feb 24, 2022 6006
Feature Fusion for Weld Defect Classification with Small Dataset. Hou, Wenhui; Rao, Lulu; Zhu, Andong; Zhang, Dashan Feb 23, 2022 4546
Ultrasensitive and Selective Electrochemical Detection of Dopamine Based on CuO/PVA Nanocomposite-Modified GC Electrode. Azharudeen, A. Mohamed; Roy, Arpita; Karthiga, R.; Prabhu, S. Arun; Prakash, M. G.; Badhusha, A. Moh Feb 22, 2022 4491
Calculated Event Rates for Axion Detection via Atomic and Nuclear Processes. Vergados, John D.; Divari, Paraskevi C.; Ejiri, Hiroyasu Feb 22, 2022 16406
Customs received US mobile control systems. Feb 17, 2022 518
Fire service faces supply crisis over alarm shortage. ELLIE FORBES Feb 17, 2022 165
PSYCH WARFARE; CYBER ASSAULT COULD D SIGNAL THE START OF CONFLICT Ukrainians demand radiation & chemical detectors as invasion threat looms large. CHRIS HUGHES and BEN GLAZE Feb 16, 2022 891
Detection technology that looks to future. COREENA FORD Business writer Feb 14, 2022 508
Research on Object Detection of PCB Assembly Scene Based on Effective Receptive Field Anchor Allocation. Li, Jing; Li, Weiye; Chen, Yingqian; Gu, Jinan Feb 14, 2022 12283
Research on Moving Target Detection and Tracking Technology in Sports Video Based on SIFT Algorithm. Mei, Zhu; Wang, Yue Feb 11, 2022 7507
Taiwan's Taichung to add radiation detectors following proposed removal of Fukushima food ban. Feb 10, 2022 221
Chinese scientists develop AI-assisted tool to detect early-stage lung cancer. Feb 9, 2022 228
Modeling Particle Transport in Astrophysical Outflows and Simulations of Associated Emissions from Hadronic Microquasar Jets. Papadopoulos, D. A.; Kosmas, O. T.; Ganatsios, S. Feb 8, 2022 14015
Only 10pc Bangladeshi cancer patients covered by government facilities. Feb 5, 2022 665
SD Biosensor Launches Voluntary Recall of Non-EUA Authorized 'Standard Q COVID-19 Ag Home Test' in the United States. Feb 1, 2022 385
Quantitative Determination of Related Substances in Formoterol Fumarate and Tiotropium in Tiomate Transcaps[R] Dry Powder Inhaler/Tiomate Transcaps[R] Kuru Toz Inhalerde Formoterol Fumarat ve Tiotropiumdaki Ilgili Maddelerin Kantitatif Tayini. Gondhale, Priyanka Satish; Cheriyan, Binoy Varghese Report Feb 1, 2022 6539
A Methodical Review on the Applications and Potentialities of Using Nanobiosensors for Disease Diagnosis. Ukhurebor, Kingsley Eghonghon; Onyancha, Robert Birundu; Aigbe, Uyiosa Osagie; UK-Eghonghon, Gladys; Report Jan 29, 2022 11253
Biosensor-Assisted Method for Abdominal Syndrome Classification Using Machine Learning Algorithm. Gandhi, Charu; Ahmad, Sayed Sayeed; Mehbodniya, Abolfazl; Webber, Julian L.; Hemalatha, S.; Elwahsh, Jan 28, 2022 9516
1.4m cocaine seized inside watermelons; Detector dog Laddie sniffs out drugs in back of lorry. ANITA MCSORLEY Jan 24, 2022 277
A Neural Network-Based Method for Fast Capture and Tracking of Laser Links between Nonorbiting Platforms. Li, Bo; Yu, Siyuan; Ma, Jing; Tan, Liying Jan 21, 2022 7502
Optimization of College English Classroom Teaching Efficiency by Deep Learning SDD Algorithm. Zhang, Wei; Xu, Qian Jan 21, 2022 5619
Cloud-Based Lung Tumor Detection and Stage Classification Using Deep Learning Techniques. Kasinathan, Gopi; Jayakumar, Selvakumar Report Jan 10, 2022 8736
Detection of Aerobics Action Based on Convolutional Neural Network. Zhang, Siyu Jan 5, 2022 4573
Live fibre detector revealed. Jan 1, 2022 194
A Mini Review on Technological Advancement of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Measures in Disease Control Used in Aquaculture. Chan, Yen Yew; See, Siou Ning Aileen; Bhassu, Subha Jan 1, 2022 2682
An Overview on Recent Advances in Biosensor Technology and its Future Application. Fatima, Anab; Younas, Ishrat; Ali, Mohammad Waqar Report Jan 1, 2022 4680
A Deep Transfer NOx Emission Inversion Model of Diesel Vehicles with Multisource External Influence. Xu, Zhenyi; Wang, Ruibin; Kang, Yu; Zhang, Yujun; Xia, Xiushan; Wang, Renjun Dec 30, 2021 7718
Covid-19: Three Omicron variant cases detected in N. Sembilan. Dec 29, 2021 227
Compulsory for Haj pilgrims to wear digital detectors upon return, says health minister. Dec 25, 2021 279
The Visibility of Multisensor Fusion Technology in Public Art Design. Zhang, Yan; Zhang, Qi Dec 20, 2021 6308
New malicious files grow daily by 5.7pc to 380,000 in 2021. Dec 19, 2021 604
Carnegie Mellon student placed in top 5 at Challenge & Innovation Forum. Dec 17, 2021 292
A Multiperson Pose Estimation Method Using Depthwise Separable Convolutions and Feature Pyramid Network. Du, Qidong Dec 15, 2021 4259
A Fast Postprocessing Algorithm for the Overlapping Problem in Wafer Map Detection. Li, Yang; Wang, Jianguo Dec 13, 2021 5957
Passive Fetal Movement Recognition Approaches Using Hyperparameter Tuned LightGBM Model and Bayesian Optimization. Liang, Sensong; Peng, Jiansheng; Xu, Yong; Ye, Hemin Dec 9, 2021 10375
Optimization of an Intelligent Sorting and Recycling System for Solid Waste Based on Image Recognition Technology. Chen, Haitao Dec 3, 2021 8210
The Improved Constraint Methods for Foot-Mounted Pedestrian Three-Dimensional Inertial Navigation. Wu, Xiaomeng; Zhao, Liying; Guo, Shuli; Zhang, Lintong Dec 3, 2021 7329
Woman, 86, is finally reunited with wedding ring lost 50 years ago in the 1960s; Peggy MacSween, who lost the ring in the late 1960s, thought she would never see it again until a fellow islander tracked it down with his metal detector. By, Tom Ambrose Dec 3, 2021 299
Asus kitchen device detects if produce properly cleaned. Dec 1, 2021 222
Metal detector conveyors. Dec 1, 2021 153
Dual Attention Based Image Pyramid Network for Object Detection. Dong, Xiang; Li, Feng; Bai, Huihui; Zhao, Yao Report Dec 1, 2021 7190
Advanced Energy Detector with Correlated Multiple Antennas. Kim, Sungtae; Lim, Sungmook Report Dec 1, 2021 4851
Israel: Minister Calls For Metal Detectors At Al-Aqsa Gates Following Jerusalem Shooting. Nov 22, 2021 478
We showed we're back in business; Forrest is a medal detector. Nov 21, 2021 772
Convolutive Complex-Valued Independent Component Analysis for Nonlinear Radar Signal Processing and Maritime Weak Target Detection. Ghahramani, Hamzeh; Parhizgar, Naser; Abbasi Arand, Bijan; Barari, Morteza Nov 11, 2021 9843
Computer Vision-Based Detection for Delayed Fracture of Bolts in Steel Bridges. Zhou, Jing; Huo, Linsheng Nov 9, 2021 6698
EN ROUTE: A food delivery service in China is using Bluetooth to track orders more accurately. Ren, Yuan Nov 1, 2021 681
Machine Learning Enhanced Entropy-Based Network Anomaly Detection. Timcenko, Valentina; Gajin, Slavko Report Nov 1, 2021 8567
Cardiac CT angiography after percutaneous left atrial appendage closure: early versus delayed scanning after contrast administration. Gilhofer, Thomas S.; Abdellatif, Waleed; Nicolaou, Savvas; Jalal, Sabeena; Powell, Jennifer; Inohara Report Nov 1, 2021 5664
Hundreds unable to log on to Facebook due to disruption for some social media users; Facebook says its service is 'up and running' but Down Detector has reported hundreds of issues this morning following an outage earlier in October. By, Simon Meechan Oct 28, 2021 294
Pub introduces airport-style security after surge in women having drinks spiked; The Angel Inn, in Aberystwyth, have introduced non-contact searching at the door, using handheld metal detectors to find needles as well as torches to look through bags and wallets. By, Conor Gogarty & Alahna Kindred Oct 27, 2021 751
Corrigendum to ?Embedded YOLO: A Real-Time Object Detector for Small Intelligent Trajectory Cars?. Feng, WenYu; Liu, Jiali; Zhu, YuanFan; Zheng, JunTai; Wang, Han Correction notice Oct 23, 2021 157
A Fuzzy Interpolation Cross-Correlation Method for Time-Delay Estimation of Partial Discharge UHF Pulse Signals. Guo, Bowen; Li, Songyuan; Tang, Qinghua; Li, Lin; Li, Pengfei Oct 23, 2021 5603
SoS announces four contestants as Season 13 finalists. Oct 17, 2021 530
'Stars of Science' reveals Season 13 finalists. Oct 16, 2021 663
Embraer to install state-of-the-art emergency detectors in its E2 series. Oct 15, 2021 504
DWCA-YOLOv5: An Improve Single Shot Detector for Safety Helmet Detection. Jin, Zhang; Qu, Peiqi; Sun, Cheng; Luo, Meng; Gui, Yan; Zhang, Jianming; Liu, Hong Oct 7, 2021 6188
T.I.P.'s non-invasive bacteria detector on wounds scores podium finish in 2021 James Dyson Awards. Oct 6, 2021 271
Metal detectors needed if nightclub can re-open. Oct 5, 2021 182
Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram still down? Thousands say they can't access apps; On Monday, the main social media platforms stopped working for millions of users around the world. Today, several users are continuing to report issues, according to Down Detector. By, Chiara Fiorillo Oct 5, 2021 354
Influence of Image Enhancement Techniques on Effectiveness of Unconstrained Face Detection and Identification. Vukovic, Igor; Cisar, Petar; Kuk, Kristijan; Bandjur, Milos; Popovic, Brankica Oct 1, 2021 7704
Construction and application of color fundus image segmentation algorithm based on Multi-Scale local combined global enhancement. Yanjie Hao, Hongbo Xie and Rong Qiu Sep 30, 2021 2654
Perma-Pipe International Holdings wins USD5.0m project contract in Egypt. Sep 29, 2021 157
DOST, UP to develop detection system for pest, disease resistance in PH coffee varieties. Sep 29, 2021 259
ANP Technologies Receives FDA EUA Authorization for its NIDS COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test Kit. Sep 28, 2021 300
Missing leakage sensing system haunts Kenya Pipeline Company. Sep 25, 2021 472
Tech firm clinches PS1.6m US contract. Sep 24, 2021 260
INFICON launches technology to check EV battery cells for dangerous leaks. Sep 22, 2021 166
Automatic Parking System Based on Improved Neural Network Algorithm and Intelligent Image Analysis. Guo, Yucheng; Shi, Hongtao Sep 18, 2021 5839
NSD-SSD: A Novel Real-Time Ship Detector Based on Convolutional Neural Network in Surveillance Video. Sun, Jiuwu; Xu, Zhijing; Liang, Shanshan Sep 14, 2021 8487
Y2X Life licenses SARS-CoV-2 detection technology from Washington University under option agreement. Sep 14, 2021 193
Y2X Life licenses SARS-CoV-2 detection technology from Washington University under option agreement. Sep 14, 2021 194
Miami International Airport tests COVID-19 detector dogs. Sep 14, 2021 187
Miami International Airport tests COVID-19 detector dogs. Sep 14, 2021 196
Y2X Life Sciences Completes Option Agreement for SARS-CoV-2 Detection Technology from Washington University in St. Louis. Sep 13, 2021 298
First COVID-19 Detection Dogs Deployed at any US Airport Arrive at Miami International. Sep 10, 2021 516
Michael's a medal detector. michael scully Sep 10, 2021 333
Miami International Airport tests COVID-19 detector dogs. Sep 10, 2021 215
Embedded YOLO: A Real-Time Object Detector for Small Intelligent Trajectory Cars. Feng, WenYu; Zhu, YuanFan; Zheng, JunTai; Wang, Han Report Sep 2, 2021 4877
Plug-In Detector Warns of COVID-19, Flu, Other Viruses. Sep 1, 2021 283
A COMPARATIVE STUDY ON INDOOR RADON LEVELS BETWEEN THE LUNG CANCER AND CANCER FREE GROUPS IN IZMIR PROVINCE, TURKEY. Ozbay, Turkan; Karadeniz, Ozlem; Cilengiroglu, Ozgul Vupa; Durak, Hatice; Eser, Sultan Sep 1, 2021 3803
Malware Detection with Directed Cyclic Graph and Weight Merging. Li, Shanxi; Zhou, Qingguo; Wei, Wei Report Sep 1, 2021 5839
Enhancing Detection Performances of Nonhomogeneous Weibull Clutter by Knowledge Based Systems Exploitation. Rouabah, Abdellatif; Hamadouche, M'Hamed; Teguig, Djamel; Zeraoula, Hamza Report Sep 1, 2021 7294
IoT Cloud-Based Framework for Face Spoofing Detection with Deep Multicolor Feature Learning Model. Einy, Sajad; Oz, Cemil; Navaei, Yahya Dorostkar Aug 31, 2021 10210
Evaluation of Large-Scale Rapid Antigen Testing of Incoming Passengers at a Dynamic Point of Care Setting Carried Out by Dental Students for Covid-19 Screening--A Field Report. Langalia, Akshay K.; Patel, Dolly P.; Kumbhar, Aravind D.; Maheshwari, Hetal J.; Vyas, Shubhangi K.; Aug 16, 2021 3362
Couple's horror at losing wedding ring soon turns to joy; HERO WITH METAL DETECTOR COMES TO RESCUE. ANNIE OWEN Aug 16, 2021 486
More than just a drive. Aug 15, 2021 373
Apple says photos in iCloud will be checked by child abuse detection system. Reuters News Service Aug 10, 2021 443
Walker's fury after being reported to the police by HS2's perimeter security; COUPLE WERE ON A PUBLIC FOOTPATH WHEN THE INCIDENT TOOK PLACE. DANNY THOMPSON Aug 9, 2021 616
Metal detectors banned in park. NINO WILLIAMS Reporter Aug 7, 2021 377
Minefield for medal detectors; GARY MURPHY Ireland's best golf pundit. GARY MURPHY Aug 4, 2021 254

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