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Workshop On Collecting Data About Crimes Against Journalists Held In Islamabad. May 14, 2022 455
Pension Savings: PenCom mandates workers to start physical data capture. May 12, 2022 396
PH 2022 election results analysis using Newcomb-Benford's Law. May 12, 2022 616
Minister of Economy and Planning: Participation in Census Is A National Duty and A Societal Responsibility. May 10, 2022 772
BirdLife trains field team at Stung Sen. May 9, 2022 424
KU begins data collection of staff town residents, vehicles. May 7, 2022 332
Innovative Smart Road Stud Sensor Network Development for Real-Time Traffic Monitoring. Tao, Zhimin; Quan, Wei; Wang, Hua May 5, 2022 5080
An Investigation of Mediator Roles and the Effects of Learning Organization Approach and Intellectual Capital on Organizational Ambidexterity and Organizations' Entrepreneurial Orientation: A Comparison of the Service and Production Sectors. Saglam, Mehmet; Iyigun, N. Oyku May 1, 2022 8658
Behavioural Aspects of Customers' Preference for Partcipation Banks: Evidence with Turkish Data. Ergun, Tolga; Dagli, Huseyin May 1, 2022 14124
Importance of freedom of expression stressed. May 1, 2022 361
A Deep Learning-Based Framework for Social Data Sensing and Fusion for Enterprise Management. Wang, Yu Apr 30, 2022 4701
A Secure and Stable Humanoid Healthcare Information Processing and Supervisory Method with IoT-Based Sensor Network. Singh, Pushpendra; Khan, Shadab; Singh, Yash Veer; Singh, Ram Sewak Apr 30, 2022 8285
Collection of data essential to improve lives for people with disabilities. Apr 25, 2022 535
Mapping Bus and Stream Travel Time Using Machine Learning Approaches. Nair, Gopikrishnan; Kumar, B. Anil; Vanajaskshi, Lelitha Apr 25, 2022 7256
Data collection opening a Pandora's Box in Africa. Apr 24, 2022 681
Missiles: Remember to Report All Missiles Fired. Apr 21, 2022 253
Research on Data Mining of Sports Wearable Intelligent Devices Based on Big Data Analysis. Zong, Xing; Zhang, Chenfei; Wu, Dengpan Apr 14, 2022 5331
Industry minister evaluates bulk cooking oil data collection system. Apr 14, 2022 330
Data Collecting and Energy Charging Oriented Mobile Path Design for Rechargeable Wireless Sensor Networks. Zhang, Meiyan; Cai, Wenyu Apr 8, 2022 6924
Talend Acquires Change Data Capture Specialist Gamma Soft. Apr 7, 2022 207
Talend Acquires Change Data Capture Specialist Gamma Soft. Apr 7, 2022 184
Research Methodology and its importance. Apr 5, 2022 1071
The Relationship of Internet Abusive Use with Academic Burnout and Academic Performance in Nursing Students. Jafari, Faranak; Janatolmakan, Maryam; Khubdast, Safura; Azizi, Seyyed Mohsen; Khatony, Alireza Report Apr 5, 2022 4393
ADC at the edge. Forger, Gary Apr 1, 2022 1523
Burnout of the US midwifery workforce and the role of practice environment. Thumm, E. Brie; Smith, Denise C.; Squires, Allison P.; Breedlove, Ginger; Meek, Paula M. Survey Apr 1, 2022 9663
Ultrasound and the IIoT: the Future of Condition Monitoring. Apr 1, 2022 1080
Educational institute to ensure formulation of effective policies: Shafqat. Apr 1, 2022 177
Determinants of the use of family planning methods among rural women in Plateau state, Nigeria. Shemu, Piritmwa L.; Ahmad, Norliza; Lim, Poh Ying; Suchi, Plangshak M. Report Apr 1, 2022 6089
Data, Data, Data. Kroeger, Roy Column Apr 1, 2022 1196
College Sports Decision-Making Algorithm Based on Machine Few-Shot Learning and Health Information Mining Technology. Zhang, Rui Mar 31, 2022 7013
Apple goes walkabout on streets of the city. Mar 29, 2022 278
Apple hits streets to boost maps. Mar 29, 2022 271
Integrating LA and EDM for Improving Students Success in Higher Education Using FCN Algorithm. Hooda, Monika; Rana, Chhavi; Dahiya, Omdev; Shet, Jayashree Premkumar; Singh, Bhupesh Kumar Mar 29, 2022 8200
EU, UNICEF Improve School Data Collection, Analysis, Usage In Northeast Nigeria. Mar 28, 2022 461
Voter list updating: Data collection begins May 20. Mar 27, 2022 152
An Optimized Artificial Intelligence System Using IoT Biosensors Networking for Healthcare Problems. Khan, Shadab; Singh, Yash Veer; Singh, Pushpendra; Singh, Ram Sewak Mar 24, 2022 7970
'Census data key for resource distribution'. Mar 21, 2022 645
Sports ministry, GIZ turbo boost NSDI initiative. Mar 17, 2022 296
Emotional Feeling Evaluation Model in Underwater Environment Based on Wearable Sensor. Han, Xiao; Yan, Hongwei; Liu, Baojian; Liu, Wen Report Mar 16, 2022 7961
A Sensor-Based IoT Data Collection and Marine Economy Collaborative Innovation Method. Liu, Tao; Wu, Fan Mar 15, 2022 5927
Mozambique joins ICT data collection initiative. Mar 15, 2022 429
Mozambique joins collaborative ICT data collection initiative developed by African Development Bank. Mar 14, 2022 456
US administration plans to expand COVID-19 data collection under CDC. Mar 14, 2022 307
US administration plans to expand COVID-19 data collection under CDC. Mar 14, 2022 308
Use of Seatbelts and Observable Factors among Public Transport Drivers in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Takele, Semegnew; Tefera, Yifokire; Abegaz, Teferi; Mulugeta, Hailemichael Mar 14, 2022 4533
ESCOM embarks on data collection exercise to aid network digitalization. Mar 12, 2022 157
Insecurity: Niger Begins Property Enumeration, Data Collection. Mar 10, 2022 161
Property: Niger State To Commence Data Collection. Mar 9, 2022 152
W Sumatra: BNPB, varsities collect data on quake-affected homes. Mar 3, 2022 357
Data security issues dominate second day of NMG digital summit. Mar 3, 2022 729
W Sumatra: BNPB, varsities collect data on quake-affected homes. Mar 3, 2022 352
A Novel Text Mining Approach for Mental Health Prediction Using Bi-LSTM and BERT Model. Zeberga, Kamil; Attique, Muhammad; Shah, Babar; Ali, Farman; Jembre, Yalew Zelalem; Chung, Tae-Sun Mar 3, 2022 11380
Design of Centralized Heating Monitoring System Based on Wireless Sensor Networks. Jiang, Xiangting; Lv, Yaojun; Yan, Haoran Mar 2, 2022 7610
Risky sexual behaviors and associated factors among high school students of Dawuro Zone, South West Ethiopia. Bedru, Demekech; Maduako, Kenneth Toby; Alemayehu, Mihiretu; Chernet, Asrat; Darota, Damene Report Mar 1, 2022 5258
Bringing on the next wave of spatially resolved transcriptomics. He, Jiang Mar 1, 2022 2023
Incidence Trends of Cancer in Morocco: The Tale of the Oncological Center of Marrakech (Morocco) over 8 Years. Belbaraka, Rhizlane; Benhima, Nada; Laatabi, Ahmed; El Fadli, Mohammed; Essâdi, Ismail Feb 28, 2022 6218
1st Sports Census: Start of data collection rescheduled for February 23. Feb 26, 2022 198
UP School of Statistics flags 'kalye surveys' released on social media. Feb 21, 2022 400
Blockchain-Based Internet of Things: Machine Learning Tea Sensing Trusted Traceability System. Wu, Yuting; Jin, Xiu; Yang, Honggang; Tu, Lijing; Ye, Yong; Li, Shaowen Feb 21, 2022 9228
Malir DC orders collection of data on illegal housing schemes. Feb 20, 2022 205
Better data collection bolsters human rights of marginalised people. Feb 16, 2022 655
Mozambique Joins AfDB Collaborative ICT Data Collection Initiative. Feb 15, 2022 424
TomiA: BiH has no data on perinatal mortality at the state level. Feb 13, 2022 265
Gov't Gives 13,000 Tablets to GHS For Data Collection. Feb 11, 2022 356
Waling municipality gathering data of immigrants. Feb 9, 2022 216
Data Collection Strategy Based on OSELM and Gray Wolf Optimization Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks. Bai, Yang; Cao, Li; Wang, Shuxin; Ding, Haihua; Yue, Yinggao Feb 8, 2022 10379
COVID-19 Vaccination Coverage and Vaccine Confidence by Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity--United States, August 29-October 30, 2021. McNaghten, A.D.; Brewer, Noel T.; Hung, Mei-Chuan; Lu, Peng-Jun; Daskalakis, Demetre; Abad, Neetu; K Feb 4, 2022 4787
KwaraLEARN Ramps Up Activities as Implementation Team Concludes Data Gathering Exercise. Feb 1, 2022 414
Family and Rehabilitation of Children with Cochlear Implant: A Qualitative Study. Moradi, Mina; Fallahi-Khoshknab, Masoud; Dalvandi, Asghar; Farhadi, Mohammad; Maddah, Sadat Seyed Ba Report Feb 1, 2022 5506
STREAMLINING THE AUDIT PROCESS. Brands, Kristine Feb 1, 2022 999
Unboxing Computational Social Media Research From a Datahermeneutical Perspective: How Do Scholars Address the Tension Between Automation and Interpretation? Junger, Jakob; Geise, Stephanie; Hanelt, Maria Feb 1, 2022 8731
Determining the buried concrete amount using GPR/GPS combination method. Ucar, Celalettin; Sanli, Fusun Balik Feb 1, 2022 5026
An Overview of Pavement Degradation Prediction Models. Shtayat, Amir; Moridpour, Sara; Best, Berthold; Rumi, Shahriar Jan 31, 2022 10894
Machine Monitoring Protocols Based on Quality of Service (QoS) to Improve Performance of Real-Time Industrial Applications. Abualsauod, Emad H. Report Jan 31, 2022 9185
LRA urged to improve data collection. Jan 30, 2022 294
Example Analysis of Digital Wireless Mapping Applied to Construction Engineering Measurement. Wang, Pengfei; Wang, Yanli; Wang, Maohui Jan 27, 2022 7346
Sabah to conduct data collection exercise to address issue of undocumented migrants, says deputy CM. Jan 24, 2022 281
EU Parliament gives initial OK to rules on tech data collection. Jan 21, 2022 265
Eco-Environmental Civilization Construction System in Remote Areas Based on Multiple Data Collection and the Internet of Things. Du, Xinyi; Ma, Haijun Jan 15, 2022 4987
Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice (KAP) toward Cervical Cancer Screening among Adama Science and Technology University Female Students, Ethiopia. Tadesse, Almaz; Tafa Segni, Mesfin; Demissie, Hailu Fekadu Jan 13, 2022 5497
Supply Chain Services Acquires Automatic Identification and Data Collection Hardware Provider Access POS. Jan 13, 2022 213
Supply Chain Services Acquires Automatic Identification and Data Collection Hardware Provider Access POS. Jan 13, 2022 241
Data Transmission Reliability Analysis of Wireless Sensor Networks for Social Network Optimization. Xu, Xia; Tang, Jin; Xiang, Hua Jan 6, 2022 7245
Accomplishments and Challenges Experienced by Beginning Agriculture Teachers in their First Three Years: A Collective Case Study. Disberger, Brandie; Washburn, Shannon G.; Hock, Gaea; Ulmer, Jonathan Jan 1, 2022 10074
The U.S.-China Data Fight Is Only Getting Started. Hoffman, Samantha Reprint Jan 1, 2022 1548
ADC at the edge: Automatic data capture just got a new ally--the edge. The technology allows everything from scanners to voice systems to process data on the edge of where it is collected. The result is real-time decisions that deal with reality-not some plan that no longer applies. Forger, Gary Jan 1, 2022 1437
Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice towards Malaria among People Attending Mekaneeyesus Primary Hospital, South Gondar, Northwestern Ethiopia: A Cross-Sectional Study. Flatie, Belaynesh Tazebew; Munshea, Abaineh Report Dec 23, 2021 9512
Actor-Critic Traction Control Based on Reinforcement Learning with Open-Loop Training. Drechsler, M. Funk; Fiorentin, T. A.; Göllinger, H. Dec 7, 2021 6561
Research on Production Management and Optimization of Multisensor Intelligent Clothing in 5G Era. Chen, Xiang; Gao, YouTang; Tian, Bao Dec 6, 2021 7619
Solid Minerals Airborne Data Collection Begins In 19 States, FCT. Dec 2, 2021 377
Internet of Things Sensing Networks, Smart Manufacturing Big Data, and Digitized Mass Production in Sustainable Industry 4.0. Hopkins, Emily; Siekelova, Anna Dec 1, 2021 4686
Cyber-Physical Process Monitoring Systems, Artificial Intelligence-based Decision-Making Algorithms, and Sustainable Industrial Big Data in Smart Networked Factories. Higgins, Michael; Horak, Jakub Dec 1, 2021 4517
ED Review (11/26/21): U.S. Department of Education sent this bulletin at 11/24/2021 01:31 PM EST. Nov 26, 2021 1870
Why NACCIMA Commences Collection Of Data On Nigerian Insolvent Industries. Nov 26, 2021 582
Expert Urges Governments To Invest, Address Challenges In Data Collection. Nov 22, 2021 388
Amelioration de la qualite du service public en Cote d'Ivoire : 30 000 preoccupations recueillies et traitees par l'OSEP. Brief article Nov 20, 2021 217
Truyo and Egnyte unveil COVID-19 related health data collection and privacy compliance solution. Nov 18, 2021 191
Truyo and Egnyte unveil COVID-19 related health data collection and privacy compliance solution. Nov 18, 2021 194
Ding report studies data collection, social media fears in Saudi and UAE. Arab News Nov 11, 2021 566
Online Registry of COVID-19-Associated Mucormycosis Cases, India, 2021. Arora, Shitij; Hemmige, Vagish S.; Mandke, Charuta; Chansoria, Mayank; Rawat, Sumit Kumar; Dravid, A Report Nov 1, 2021 1518
TOP 20 AUTOMATIC IDENTIFICATION AND DATA CAPTURE SUPPLIERS: With supply chains in disarray and the labor shortage persisting, companies across the board are turning to automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) solutions to help them work smarter, better and faster. McCrea, Bridget Nov 1, 2021 2057
Online Monitoring of Ship Block Construction Equipment Based on the Internet of Things and Public Cloud: Take the Intelligent Tire Frame as an Example. Cai, Qiuyan; Jing, Xuwen; Chen, Yu; Liu, Jinfeng; Kang, Chao; Li, Bingqiang Report Nov 1, 2021 7503
A Relational Theory of Data Governance. Viljoen, Salome Nov 1, 2021 36276
Survey Methodology and Response Rates among Alabama Inpatient Staff Registered Nurses. Anusiewicz, Colleen; Fifolt, Matthew; Montgomery, Aoyjai; Patrician, Patricia Report Nov 1, 2021 5371
MS website 'mistake' says NHS survey data to be shared with Tory party; DISCLAIMER'S WRONG, SAYS SPOKESMAN OVER PUBLICLY-FUNDED INFO-GATHERING. RICHARD EVANS Local Democracy Reporter Oct 29, 2021 416
Asad appreciates efforts for data collection in health through CRVS. Oct 12, 2021 546
Asad appreciates efforts for data collection in health through CRVS. Oct 12, 2021 545
Perceptions of dental students towards online education during the COVID-19 pandemic. Gungor, Ayca Sarialioglu; Uslu, Yesim Sesen; Donmez, Nazmiye Survey Oct 9, 2021 7378
Balancing Art & Science in Extrusion: New capabilities and data collection technologies are replacing some of the art of extrusion with actual, reproducible science. Crawford, Mark Oct 1, 2021 2834
MONOPOLIZING SPORTS DATA. Edelman, Marc; Holden, John T. Oct 1, 2021 25386
Consumers' Perception of The Cost of Credit Default in The Vehicle Finance Industry in South Africa. Soga, Nomaphelo; Onojaefe, Darlington P.; Obokoh, Lawrence; Ukpere, Wilfred I. Oct 1, 2021 4407
Urban Big Data Analytics and Sustainable Governance Networks in Integrated Smart City Planning and Management. Nica, Elvira Report Oct 1, 2021 4352
Are the Current Balance Screening Tests in Dance Medicine Specific Enough for Tracking the Efectiveness of Balance-Related Injury Rehabilitation in Dancers? A Scoping Review. Ani, Kenneth U.; Ibikunle, Peter O.; Nwosu, Chinweuba C.; Ani, Nnaemeka C. Report Oct 1, 2021 8527
The Relationship Between Self-leadership Skills and Work-Related Quality of Life Among Occupational Therapists/ Ergoterapistlerde Oz Liderlik Becerileri ile Is Yasam Kalitesi Arasindaki Iliski. Abaoglu, Hatice Oct 1, 2021 3764
A Data Collection Strategy for Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Energy Efficiency and Collaborative Optimization. Cao, Li; Yue, Yinggao; Zhang, Yong Sep 29, 2021 9676
Strategies for Teacher Education Programs to Support Indigenous Teacher Employment and Retention in Schools. Tessaro, Danielle; Landertinger, Laura; Restoule, Jean-Paul Sep 22, 2021 7287
Flood: HYPPADEC trains enumerators on data gathering. Sep 22, 2021 226
Behind the Curve: Schrems II and the Need for Increased U.S. Data Protections in a Global Economy. Carlson, Micah Sep 22, 2021 8565
AWDROP To Begin Data Collection Of Drilled Boreholes Across Nigeria. Sep 21, 2021 342
Stop excessive collection of data, online lenders told. Sep 16, 2021 360
Libertyville police plan to try license plate readers at five locations Readers: They're not used for traffic enforcement or data collection, chiefs say. Mick Zawislak Sep 8, 2021 584
High cost of data collection ,reduced funding affecting statistical bodies, survey notes. Sep 6, 2021 564
Factors Affecting Sleep Quality in High School Students and its Relationship with Nomophobia/Lise Ogrencilerinde Uyku Kalitesi, Etkileyen Faktorler ve Nomofobi ile Iliskisi. Teker, Ayse Gulsen; Yaksi, Nese Report Sep 1, 2021 4094
Anxiety Levels and Sleep Quality of Individuals During the COVID-19 Outbreak/COVID-19 Salgini Surecinde Bireylerin Anksiyete Duzeyleri ve Uyku Kaliteleri. Eren, Hulya Kok Report Sep 1, 2021 5596
Maternal Perceptions About Breast-milk Production Predicted the Daily Frequency of Breastfeeding in Infants of Age Up-to Six Months in Gondar Town, Northwest Ethiopia. Dadi, Abel Fekadu; Nigussie, Zelalem Mehari; Desyibelew, Hanna Demelash Report Sep 1, 2021 4375
Factors associated with treatment defaulting among adult leprosy patients in Sri Lanka: a case-control study. Liyanage, Nadeeja Roshini; Arnold, Mahendra; Wijesinghe, Millawage Supun Dilara Report Sep 1, 2021 6587
Cyber-Physical Process Monitoring Systems, Real-Time Big Data Analytics, and Industrial Artificial Intelligence in Sustainable Smart Manufacturing. Cohen, Sarah; Macek, Jaroslav Sep 1, 2021 4185
Adaptive Success Rate-based Sensor Relocation for IoT Applications. Kim, Moonseong; Lee, Woochan Report Sep 1, 2021 6814
Improving EFL Learners' Vocabulary Mastery: An Action Research Approach. Tekir, Serpil Sep 1, 2021 7598
The Knowledge of Pain Management among Nursing Students. Aslan, Filiz; Dikmen, Burcu Totur Sep 1, 2021 5447
Police starts data collection of Afghansin city. Aug 27, 2021 173
Tools Of Brand Management (4). Aug 25, 2021 1020
Tools Of Brand Management (3). Aug 18, 2021 1354
Emergency Site Assessment: Northern Ethiopia Crisis 7 - Data Collection: 1 - 26 June 2021 | Publication Date: 13 August 2021. Aug 13, 2021 178
Palace defends PNP data gathering. Aug 12, 2021 346
'Bastardized' PNP? Lacson alarmed by Eleazar's admission of data gathering by groups. Aug 10, 2021 350
Buni Assures Of Data Collection Support For People Living With Disabilities. Aug 7, 2021 253
Hitachi ABB Power Grids introduces next level of TXpert. Aug 4, 2021 347
Mapping Employment Projections and O'NET data: a methodological overview. Hopson, Amy Aug 1, 2021 8455
Cryptocurrency Transfers and Data Collection. Keightley, Mark P.; Scott, Andrew P. Aug 1, 2021 1676
Evaluation of the Quality of Life, and Prevalence of Chronic Orofacial Pain, in Patients with Diabetes in Kermanshah, Iran, in 2019. Rezaei, Fatemeh; Babaei, Shadi; Jamshidy, Ladan Clinical report Jul 19, 2021 4092
Raxis Buys Electronic Security Badge Data Capture Specialist Boscloner. Jul 13, 2021 274
Raxis Buys Electronic Security Badge Data Capture Specialist Boscloner. Jul 13, 2021 298
Development Dichotomies: Data Poverty is Real Poverty. Jul 10, 2021 1300
Training conducted on Management of Field-based Experiment and Data Collection. Jul 7, 2021 306
FG begins data collection for school feeding scheme beneficiaries in Ogun, Kaduna. Jul 6, 2021 429
Automation Monitoring With Sensors For Detecting Covid Using Backpropagation Algorithm. Kshirsagar, Pravin R.; Manoharan, Hariprasath; Tirth, Vineet; Naved, Mohd; Siddiqui, Ahmad Tasnim; S Report Jul 1, 2021 7832
Rural Implementation of Girls' Programming Network (GPN). Clayton, Stephanie; Hawkins, Cherie; Brandsema, Jillian Jul 1, 2021 3761
Regional Network Education Information Collection Platform for Smart Classrooms based on Big Data Technology. Li, Yuyao; Sharma, Ashutosh Jul 1, 2021 5617
Impact of Entrepreneurship Education on Entrepreneurial Perspective in Oman. Syed, Raihan Taqui; Magd, Hesham; Singh, Dharmendra Jul 1, 2021 4261
Women Entrepreneurship in Oman-Possibilities and Challenges. Magd, Hesham; Thirumalaisamy, Ravi Jul 1, 2021 6879
Stats SA suspends in-person data collection. Jun 30, 2021 205
Theory and Method of Data Collection for Mixed Traffic Flow Based on Image Processing Technology. Ge, Dong-Yuan; Yao, Xi-Fan; Xiang, Wen-Jiang; Liu, En-Chen; Xu, Zhi-Bin Report Jun 22, 2021 5381
'Second most polluted city in Europe? Hardly!' council says air claim is based on flawed data collection. DANIEL HOLLAND Local Democracy Reporter Jun 19, 2021 533
Data gathering concern. Jun 14, 2021 494
Crop reporting service told to seek technology help for precision in crop data collection. Jun 12, 2021 204
A Study on Pagoda Image Search Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology for Restoration of Cultural Properties. Lee, ByongKwon; Kim, Soo Kyun; Kim, Seokhun Report Jun 1, 2021 3448
Mobile Sink Path Planning in Heterogeneous IoT Sensors: a Salp Swarm Algorithm Scheme. Hamidouche, Ranida; Aliouat, Zibouda; Ari, Ado Adamou Abba; Gueroui, Abdelhak Report Jun 1, 2021 4595
Opportunities for Qualitative Analysis of Social Media Platforms in Dietetic Research and Practice. Lynch, Meghan; Knezevic, Irena; Rya, Kennedy Laborde Report Jun 1, 2021 4405
How Were Experiences of Stoma for Nursing Students?/Hemsirelik Ogrencilerinin Stoma Deneyimleri Nasildi? Vural, Fatma; Edeer, Aylin Durmaz; Yasak, Kubra; Kaplan, Ali; Ozbayir, Turkan; Cakir, Selda Karaveli Report Jun 1, 2021 4379
Agric and Livestock Survey go digital 26-05-21. May 26, 2021 244
Omniq receives $1.5M order for IoT 'contactless' data collection solution. May 26, 2021 173
Improving the collection of data on cases of discrimination based on gender. May 24, 2021 198
Group asks Neda to boost PSA's data gathering capability on fish supply. May 18, 2021 412
Poor industry data gathering results in higher food importation. May 17, 2021 1209
Clean Air Metals kicks off environmental baseline data collection at its Thunder Bay North Project in Ontario. May 12, 2021 517
We must prioritise collection of data to end violence against women, girls. May 5, 2021 698
ICC invites tenders for data collection services. May 5, 2021 199
NBS, NPA sign MoU on data collection, analytics at ports. May 4, 2021 455
Wage Inequality of Women in Professional Tennis of the Leading International Tournaments: Gender Equality vs Market Discrimination? Cepeda, Isabel Essay May 1, 2021 7236
Finance minister evaluates PBS data collection, analytical techniques. Apr 20, 2021 303
Federal minister holds introductory meeting, evaluates techniques of data collection by PBS. Apr 20, 2021 177
Finance Minister evaluates PBS' data collection, analytical techniques. Apr 20, 2021 315
Finance Minister evaluates PBS' data collection, analytical techniques. Apr 20, 2021 314
Finance Minister evaluates PBS' data collection, analytical techniques. Apr 20, 2021 315
Minister evaluates PBS' data collection, analytical techniques. Apr 19, 2021 313
CM for data collection, registration of fish feed mills. Apr 16, 2021 293
Australia finds Google misled users over data collection. Apr 16, 2021 213
Google broke Australian law over location data collection. Apr 16, 2021 487
National Census: Collection Of Data Including Financial Access. Apr 8, 2021 201
IIoT journey starts with remote telemetry. Apr 4, 2021 921
Smart Glasses as a Surgical Pathology Grossing Tool. Kulak, Ozlem; Drobysheva, Anastasia; Wick, Neda; Arvisais-Anhalt, Simone; Germans, Sharon Koorse; Ti Report Apr 1, 2021 2852
Beyond the Buzz: A Practical Implementation of Industry 4.0 in Foundries: A practical case study of how Dotson Iron Castings and Neenah Foundry implemented real-time data collection to visualize and optimize their processes in order to increase their overall equipment efficiency and reduce operating costs. Wenson, Jim; Nelson, Eric; Balliet, Lizeth Medina Case study Apr 1, 2021 2241
PWD data. Apr 1, 2021 330
Data capture takes on processes, people and assets. Forger, Gary Apr 1, 2021 1653
Development of the Defense Registry for Emergency Airway Management (DREAM). Mendez, Jessica; Escandon, Mireya; Tapia, Ashley D.; Davis, William T.; April, Michael D.; Maddry, J Apr 1, 2021 2612
Implementing a proactive maintenance plan: David Stevens outlines the benefits of adopting a digital condition monitoring programme, and the important role that 'smart sensors' play in improving reliability while delivering cost-efficiency. Stevens, David Apr 1, 2021 991
COVID-19 Vaccination: Selected U.S. Data Sources. Cornell, Ada S.; Napili, Angela Apr 1, 2021 1005
THE GDPR AT THE ORGANIZATIONAL LEVEL: A COMPARATIVE STUDY OF EIGHT EUROPEAN COUNTRIES. Zanker, Marek; Bures, Vladimir; Cierniak-Emerych, Anna; Nehez, Martin Apr 1, 2021 9304
National Survey of Prosecutors. Apr 1, 2021 393
Can Dental Anxiety During Impacted Third Molar Surgery Be Measured Biometrically? Clinical Study with the Galvanic Skin Response Technique/Gomulu Ucuncu Molar Ameliyati Sirasinda Dental Anksiyete Biyometrik Olarak Olculebilir mi? Galvanik Deri Yaniti Teknigi ile Klinik Calisma. Simsek, Hasan Onur; Aytekin, Behiç Alp Report Mar 23, 2021 5672
Examination of the Knowledge Levels, Attitudes and Anxiety Sources Regarding Coronavirus Disease-2019 Infection in Dentistry Students in Clinical Practice/Klinik Uygulama Yapan Dis Hekimligi Fakultesi Ogrencilerinin Koronavirus Hastaligi-2019 ile Ilgili Bilgi Duzeylerinin, Tutumlarinin ve Kaygi Kaynaklarinin Incelenmesi. Alkis, Humeyra Tercanli; Yesiltepe, Selin; Kurtuldu, Elif Report Mar 23, 2021 4969
Starting from the Same Spot: Exploring Mindfulness Meditation and Student Transitions in the Introductory Health Promotion Classroom. MacQuarrie, Madison; Blinn, Nicole; MacLellan, Samantha; Flynn, Megan; Meisner, Jessie; Owen, Phoebe Mar 22, 2021 6610
Data for MEGA: Enumerators complete exercise in 3 local councils, ramp up data collection in others. Mar 13, 2021 304
Data for MEGA: Enumerators complete exercise in 3 local councils, ramp up data collection in others. Mar 13, 2021 301
Lawmakers revisit data collection, privacy Current regulations led to $650 million Facebook settlement. GRACE BARBIC Capitol News Illinois Mar 12, 2021 1220
Emirates Mars Mission Hope Probe ready for science data gathering. Mar 9, 2021 590
Hope Probe is ready for science data gathering. Staff Reporter Mar 9, 2021 585
Kalro gets digital crop breeding equipment worth Sh9.2m. Mar 9, 2021 491
Plug the leaks. Mar 8, 2021 615
BFP says Pag-IBIG data gathering woes caused retirement collection benefit mess. Mar 3, 2021 340
Involvement of farmer-associations crucial to data capture success. Mar 2, 2021 376
Ranger RIGS is trans-forming ops at oil and gas well sites. Mar 2, 2021 1187
Cobalt Iron Gets Patent for Automatic, Dynamic Data Collection. Mar 2, 2021 272
Cobalt Iron Gets Patent for Automatic, Dynamic Data Collection. Mar 2, 2021 259
Cobalt Iron Gets Patent for Automatic, Dynamic Data Collection. Mar 2, 2021 272
Experts Express Optimism On Edo, Seek Support For Obaseki's Data Collection Exercise. Mar 1, 2021 202
Relationship Among Obesity Awareness, Emotional Eating, and Obesity in Middle School Children. Gerceker, Gulcin Ozalp; Bektas, Murat Report Mar 1, 2021 4374
The Effect of Stress Perceived by Adults Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic on Their Sleep Quality/Yetiskinlerin COVID-19 Pandemisi Nedeni ile Algiladiklari Stresin Uyku Kalitesine Etkisi. Baskan, Sebahat Atalikoglu; Gunes, Demet Mar 1, 2021 7347
Trends in Untreated Tuberculosis in Large Municipalities, Brazil, 2008-2017. Chitwood, Melanie H.; Pelissari, Daniele M.; Silva, Gabriela Drummond Marques da; Bartholomay, Patri Report Mar 1, 2021 2066
Peak plantar pressure analysis using customized tactile sensory feedback system--A short report. Paul, M. Sathish; Siva, B. Report Mar 1, 2021 1782
Experts see better Edo, urge residents to support Obaseki's data collection exercise for sustainable devt. Mar 1, 2021 282
Experts see better Edo, urge residents to support Obaseki's data collection exercise for sustainable devt. Mar 1, 2021 280
Intelligent Robust Base-Station Research in Harsh Outdoor Wilderness Environments for Wildsense. Ahn, Junho; Mysore, Akshay; Zybko, Kati; Krumm, Caroline; Lee, Dohyeon; Kim, Dahyeon; Han, Richard; Report Mar 1, 2021 9874
Development and Feasibility of a Configurable Assessment Messaging Platform for Interventions (CAMPI). Bass, Michael; Rosen, Kristen D.; Gerend, Mary A.; Wakschlag, Lauren S.; Madkins, Krystal; Crosby, S Report Mar 1, 2021 5210
Using Standard Celeration Makes COVID-19 Data More Meaningful. Corso, Kent A.; Kielbasa, Kristopher; Calkin, Abigail B. Report Mar 1, 2021 5027
Reaction on Social Media to Online News Headlines Following the Release of Canada's Food Guide. Woodruff, Sarah J.; Coyne, Paige; Fulcher, Jory; Reagan, Rebecca; Rowdon, Larissa; Santarossa, Sara; Report Mar 1, 2021 3748
Preimpact Fall Detection for Elderly Based on Fractional Domain. Liu, Ning; Zhang, Dedi; Su, Zhong; Wang, Tianrun Report Feb 26, 2021 9455
Athlete?s Physical Fitness Prediction Model Algorithm and Index Optimization Analysis under the Environment of AI. Zhao, Liqiu; Zhao, Yuexi; Wang, Xiaodong Report Feb 25, 2021 6573
'Edo's data collection drive will boost health insurance coverage'. Feb 23, 2021 292
Ethnobotanical Study of Plants Used for Human Ailments in Yilmana Densa and Quarit Districts of West Gojjam Zone, Amhara Region, Ethiopia. Alemneh, Derebe Report Feb 19, 2021 11583
School Data Survey. Feb 19, 2021 216
Las Pinas City gov't begins data gathering of vaccine recipients. Feb 16, 2021 231
PrecisionHawk Allies With American Tower to Set Industry Standard for Cell Tower Inspections. Feb 11, 2021 293
PrecisionHawk Allies With American Tower to Set Industry Standard for Cell Tower Inspections. Feb 11, 2021 293
PrecisionHawk Allies With American Tower to Set Industry Standard for Cell Tower Inspections. Feb 11, 2021 276
Edo Govt Trains 1,200 Personnel For Data Collection. Feb 8, 2021 312
Philippines, Russia eye cooperation on tax data capture. Feb 3, 2021 399
How States Can Improve Their COVID-19 Vaccination Distribution Plans. Zuchowski, Simone; Stacki, Sarah Feb 1, 2021 1114
NIN: Data Collection, A Step Towards Achieving Digital Economy a Pantami. Jan 28, 2021 440
Conservative Party: Tories 'illegally' profiled ethnicity and religion of 10 million voters, says information commissioner; The Conservative Party had "no legal basis" to collect data from millions of UK voters, according to the head of the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO). Conor Marlborough Jan 26, 2021 472
Data collection key to cereal sector; Harnessing the huge amount of data currently produced by commercial farms and building these into variety assessments could add to the robustness of appraisals in the widely used recommended lists, a cereal expert has claimed. Jan 21, 2021 222
Review Statistics Act to facilitate data-driven policymaking at the county. Jan 8, 2021 745
Illinois reports fewer COVID-19 deaths, cases as holiday slows data collection. Daily Herald report Jan 3, 2021 215
Time to tighten up on INVENTORY MANAGEMENT: The pandemic stressed supply chains, including how much inventory to plan for and hold at the network level, as well as how to best manage it within the four walls of DCs. Using fresher, short-term demand data, by adjusting slotting, or simply by gaining greater accuracy though solid data capture and verification processes in WMS, should help keep inventory under better control. Michel, Roberto Jan 1, 2021 2698
Data capture takes on processes, people and assets: Best known for its ability to identify and track inventory, data capture technologies of all types are being swept into a far more powerful information web. The idea is to use the technology to improve processes through improved deployment of people and assets. Forger, Gary Jan 1, 2021 1571
Factors that Motivate High School Agriculture Teachers to Teach. Ismail, Normala; Miller, Greg Jan 1, 2021 6368
Comparison of Mother-Infant Relationship in Turkish Primiparous Women in Accordance with Vajinal Birth and Cesarean Section/Turk Primipar Kadinlarda Anne-Bebek Iliskisinin Vajinal Dogum ve Sezaryene Gore Karsilastirilmasi. Celebi, Elif Zahide; Okumus, Filiz Report Jan 1, 2021 5884
Enactment of the National Landslide Preparedness Act (P.L. 116-323). Normand, Anna E. Jan 1, 2021 993
COVID-19: Government Resources for Real-Time Economic Indicators. Jennings, Julie; Weinstock, Lida R. Jan 1, 2021 1007
Athlete?s Physical Fitness Prediction Model Algorithm and Index Optimization Analysis under the Environment of AI. Zhao, Liqiu; Zhao, Yuexi; Wang, Xiaodong Report Jan 1, 2021 6575
Establishment of Hematological Reference Values among Healthy Adults in Bamenda, North West Region of Cameroon. Omarine Nlinwe, Nfor; Larissa Kumenyuy, Yunika; Precious Funwi, Che Jan 1, 2021 4520
Low-Cost, Low-Energy, Wireless Hydrological Monitoring Platform: Design, Deployment, and Evaluation. Abdelal, Qasem; Al-Hmoud, Ahmad Jan 1, 2021 8130
Iodine Deficiency Disorder and Knowledge about Benefit and Food Source of Iodine among Adolescent Girls in the North Shewa Zone of Amhara Region. Zeru, Abayneh Birlie; Muluneh, Mikyas Arega; H Giorgis, Kassa Ketsela; Menalu, Mulat Mossie; Tizazu, Jan 1, 2021 5757
Artistic Digital Display and Analysis of Interactive Media Wireless Sensor Clusters. Gao, Yulong Jan 1, 2021 7441
Low-Latency and High-Concurrency 5G Wireless Sensor Network Assists Innovation in Ideological and Political Education in Colleges and Universities. Guo, Yuge Jan 1, 2021 7368
Embedded Microprocessor Wireless Communication Data Collection Aids in Early Warning of Default Risk for Internet Finance Bank Customers. Li, Hui Jan 1, 2021 6951
Construction and Application of Media Corpus Based on Big Data. Yin, Bochun; Fu, Lei Jan 1, 2021 4529
Wireless Sensor Network Topology Theory for Data Collection and Analysis of Sports Training Human Body. Fu, Beibei Jan 1, 2021 9184
EEG-Based Personality Prediction Using Fast Fourier Transform and DeepLSTM Model. Bhardwaj, Harshit; Tomar, Pradeep; Sakalle, Aditi; Ibrahim, Wubshet Jan 1, 2021 5623
Research on Recognition Method of Basketball Goals Based on Image Analysis of Computer Vision. Zhang, Weini Jan 1, 2021 7760
Method of Analyzing and Managing Volleyball Action by Using Action Sensor of Mobile Device. Sun, Xu; Zhao, Kai; Jiang, Wei; Jin, Xinlong Jan 1, 2021 8511
Optimization Strategy of IoT Sensor Configuration Based on Genetic Algorithm-Neural Network. Yang, Yuanyuan Jan 1, 2021 7532
A Novel Big Data Collection System for Ship Energy Efficiency Monitoring and Analysis Based on BeiDou System. Zeng, Xiangming; Chen, Mingzhi Jan 1, 2021 6625
Automatic Data Collecting and Application of the Touch Probing System on the CNC Machine Tool. Tang, Zhi; Jiang, Xinyu; Zi, Wenliang; Shen, Xin; Zhang, Die Report Jan 1, 2021 8319
An Analysis of Data Collection Tools Used When Completing Functional Vision Assessments. Kaiser, Justin T.; Herzberg, Tina S. Jan 1, 2021 4994
Hardware Enabled Acceleration of Near-Field Coded Aperture Radar Physical Model for Millimetre-Wave Computational Imaging. Sharma, Rahul; Yurduseven, Okan; Deka, Bhabesh; Fusco, Vincent Report Jan 1, 2021 9161
Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Biopharmaceuticals for Treating Rheumatoid Arthritis: Infliximab, Adalimumab, and Etanercept. Gholami, Ahmad; Azizpoor, Jassem; Aflaki, Elham; Rezaee, Mehdi; Keshavarz, Khosro Report Jan 1, 2021 7366
A Way to Automatically Generate Lane Level Traffic Data from Video in the Intersections. Yang, Zhongguo; Ali, Sikandar; Ding, Weilong; Abbasi, Irshad Ahmed; Khan, Muhammad Faizan Jan 1, 2021 4158
US regulator orders nine tech giants to provide details of how they collect data. Dec 16, 2020 360
Mycosis Fungoides in Puerto Rico: A 15-year Follow-up Retrospective Study. Arias-Berrios, Gabriel E.; Falto-Aizpurua, Leyre; Figueroa-Guzman, Luz Dec 1, 2020 3343
PCL Construction has teamed with concrete testing and real-time data collection specialist Giatec Scientific, Ontario, to extend technologies and Internet of Things-connected construction sites. Dec 1, 2020 190
Kenzen Addresses Worker Privacy in Safety Data Collection. Dec 1, 2020 541
Promoting Data Availability Principles and Best Practices. Friedman, Michael Dec 1, 2020 648
Construct validity and reliability of the Concussion Knowledge Assessment Tool (CKAT). Savic, Mitchell; Kazemi, Mohsen; Lee, Alexander; Starmer, David; Hogg-Johnson, Sheilah Report Dec 1, 2020 5827
The effect of family support and family conflict on treatment compliance in type 2 diabetes. Hancerlioglu, S.; Toygar, I.; Ciray, N.; Polat, G.; Ozbey, Y.; Yildirim, Simsir I.; Cetinkalp, S. Dec 1, 2020 3428
Psychometric evaluation of the Turkish version of two traditional and complementary medicine scales for nurses. Toygar, I.; Hancerlioglu, S. Dec 1, 2020 3564
A controlled trial of dissemination and implementation of a cardiovascular risk reduction strategy in small primary care practices. Cykert, Samuel; Keyserling, Thomas C.; Pignone, Michael; DeWalt, Darren; Weiner, Bryan J.; Trogdon, Report Dec 1, 2020 7597
Comparison of Breastfeeding Success and Breastfeeding Self-Efficacy Perception in Singleton and Twin Births/Emzirme Basarisi ve Emzirme Oz-Yeterlilik Algisinin Tekil ve Ikiz Dogumlarda Karsilastirilmasi. Gultekin, Busra; Karakoc, Ayse Dec 1, 2020 4684
The Research of the Social Workers' Mobbing Perceptions (Psychological Violence at Work) and Burnout: The Example of Istanbul/Sosyal Hizmet Uzmanlarinin Mobbing (Is Yerinde Psikolojik Siddet) Algisi ve Tukenmislik ile Iiskisinin Arastirilmasi: Istanbul Ili Ornegi. Uzun, Kivanc; Artan, Taner Dec 1, 2020 6860
Students' disinclination towards using campus library. Arman, Mujtaba Saeed Dec 1, 2020 2966
Making Wearable Technology Available for Mental Healthcare through an Online Platform with Stress Detection Algorithms: The Carewear Project. Debard, Glen; De Witte, Nele; Sels, Romy; Mertens, Marc; Van Daele, Tom; Bonroy, Bert Nov 25, 2020 9985
Health deptt to introduce new inter-linked data collection system for Corona cases. Nov 8, 2020 283
New inter-linked data collection system for corona cases soon. Nov 8, 2020 294
BSP starts database project for SMEs. Nov 5, 2020 499
Lightweight Data Security Protection Method for AMI in Power Internet of Things. Jiang, Wenqian; Yang, Zhou; Zhou, Zhenglei; Chen, Jueyu Nov 2, 2020 6178
Tracking COVID-19: U.S. Public Health Surveillance and Data. Sekar, Kavya; Napili, Angela Report Nov 1, 2020 23268
TOP 20: AUTOMATIC IDENTIFICATION AND DATA CAPTURE SUPPLIERS 2020: As warehouse and DC operators find new ways to manage the impacts of the global pandemic, automatic identification and data capture solutions continue to play an important role in their digital transformation journeys. McCrea, Bridget Nov 1, 2020 2423
AUTOMATIC IDENTIFICATION AND DATA CAPTURE SUPPLIERS 2020: As warehouse and DC operators find new ways to manage the impacts of the global pandemic, automatic identification and data capture solutions continue to play an important role in their digital transformation journeys. McCrea, Bridget Nov 1, 2020 1892
Designing of Cleaning System for Garbage and Sewage of Smart City with Cloud Based Predictive Analytics. Sengupta, Nandita; Chinnasamy, Ramya Nov 1, 2020 5451
Realizing an IoT-Based Home Area Network Model Using ZigBee in the Global Environment. Asonye, Ekele A.; Musa, Sarhan M.; Akujuobi, Cajetan M.; Sadiku, Matthew N.O.; Foreman, Justin Nov 1, 2020 5601
Partners eye new plateau in scanner-derived structural data capture. Nov 1, 2020 206
Fishermen have embraced the need to survey herring stock - Dr Steven Mackinson; One of the greatest recent changes of significance to how our fisheries are managed is the way that our fishermen have embraced the importance of marine science and become actively involved in the collection of data. Dr Steven Mackinson Oct 29, 2020 546
Goiter and Its Associated Factors among Adolescent High School Girls at Tach Armachiho District, Northwest Ethiopia: An Institution-Based Cross-Sectional Study. Mesfin, Belaynew; Misganaw, Bisrat; Hunegnaw, Melkamu Tamir; Muhammad, Esmael Ali Clinical report Oct 23, 2020 4397
A Dynamic Hierarchical Clustering Data Gathering Algorithm Based on Multiple Criteria Decision Making for 3D Underwater Sensor Networks. Song, Xiaoying; Sun, Wei; Zhang, Qilong Oct 22, 2020 10218
Minister: Putrajaya amending Statistics Act 1965, giving DOSM bigger role in data collection, analysis. Oct 20, 2020 479
Civil Rights Data Collection. Oct 16, 2020 328
Cops told to help secure National ID Registration. Oct 12, 2020 534
Tianxia120: A Multimodal Medical Data Collection Bioinformatic System for Proactive Health Management in Internet of Medical Things. Jiao, Zihan; Xiao, Yindong; Jin, Yanmei; Chen, Xinyu Oct 6, 2020 4724
Have Courage, Be Kind: The Drivers of Corporate Water Commitment. Ali, Inaliah Mohd; Husin, Norhayati Mat; Alrazi, Bakhtiar Oct 1, 2020 4601
Facebook files lawsuit against two companies engaged in data scraping. Oct 1, 2020 200

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