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World must impose sanctions on India for its crimes against humanity: Gandapur. Aug 5, 2020 293
World must impose sanctions on India for its crimes against humanity: Gandapur. Aug 5, 2020 335
World must impose sanctions on India for its crimes against humanity: Gandapur. Aug 5, 2020 335
Crimes against humanity defendant Marinko A unjiA dies before final verdict. May 11, 2020 275
Sonko to take PS Kibicho to ICC for crimes against humanity. May 6, 2020 378
Modi to be banned from travelling any country of world for his crimes against humanity: Rehman Malik. Apr 30, 2020 379
Modi to be banned from travelling any country of world for his crimes against humanity: Rehman Malik. Apr 30, 2020 329
El Norte. Portuges, Paul Poem Mar 22, 2020 263
Int'l community must raise awareness about Indian crimes against humanity: PM. Feb 20, 2020 422
Killings and violence targeting ethnic group in DR Congo 'may amount to crimes against humanity'. Jan 13, 2020 599
Congo ethnic killings may amount to crimes against humanity - UN. Jan 10, 2020 129
Qureshi urges int'l community to take urgent steps to stop human rights violations and crimes against humanity in IoJ and K. Dec 11, 2019 131
Bolivia's interim govt to file case at ICC against Morales over 'crimes against humanity'. ANI Dec 1, 2019 356
Planned attack on Sudan's prodemocracy sit-in may constitute crimes against humanity: HRW. Nov 18, 2019 471
Iran Reminds US of American Crimes against Humanity. Nov 9, 2019 439
Germany Has Accused two Syrians of Crimes against Humanity. Oct 29, 2019 210
Indian forces committing crimes against humanity: AJK PM. Oct 19, 2019 351
Asad to draw attention of IPU fraternity towards heinous crimes against humanity in IOJ and K. Oct 14, 2019 643
Conference on IOK situation: UN asked to form commission to probe crimes against humanity - Press Release issued by Kashmir Media Service. Conference news Sep 19, 2019 3118
Conference on IOK situation: UN asked to form commission to probe crimes against humanity - Press Release issued by Kashmir Media Service. Conference news Sep 19, 2019 3118
Dipl: (Indian PM Modi is involved in crimes against humanity: British MP). Aug 22, 2019 112
Don't worry, will sort it out son: Gambhir tells Afridi on unprovoked aggression, crimes against humanity in PoK. Aug 6, 2019 290
MoE: Detention & interrogation of children crimes against humanity. Aug 6, 2019 246
RSF accused of crimes against humanity: Sudan's investigators. Jul 28, 2019 386
Ex-rebel Chadian leader jailed in Paris on crimes against humanity. Jun 22, 2019 183
India can no longer hide crimes against humanity in IOK: Masood. Jun 14, 2019 367
India can no longer hide crimes against humanity in IOK: Masood Khan. Jun 14, 2019 372
India can no longer hide crimes against humanity in bleeding vale of Indian occupied Kashmir: AJK President. Jun 14, 2019 379
AJK calls upon world to act over crimes against humanity in occupied Kashmir. Apr 25, 2019 381
Rahi on Sri Lanka bombings: Bloodshed and treachery against God's creations are crimes against humanity. Apr 22, 2019 158
Include terrorism and blockade as crimes against humanity in Rome Statute: Marri. Apr 15, 2019 347
NHRC chief proposes terrorism, blockades as crimes against humanity. Apr 14, 2019 647
The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising at Nuremberg. Finder, Gabriel N. Essay Apr 1, 2019 11076
Klatsky Endowed Lecture in Human Rights. Marchi-Uhel, Catherine Mar 22, 2019 4985
Talking Foreign Policy: Responding to Rogue States. Discussion Mar 22, 2019 9492
Reflections on the Cultural Revolution. Sun Wenbo Poem Mar 22, 2019 122
Gbagbo case puts ICC in a bind: The protracted case against the former leader of Cote d'Ivoire, Laurent Gbagbo, and his Youth Minister has exposed the frailties of the ICC, an institution meant to deal with international justice, as it now finds itself embroiled in complicated legalese. Davies, Desmond Mar 1, 2019 1496
Massacre in Azerbaijan's Khojaly town one of bloodiest crimes against humanity - Turkey. Feb 26, 2019 334
Museum of Crimes against Humanity speaks of proportions of war in BiH (VIDEO). Feb 20, 2019 364
Indictment filed against DuA!an CimeA!a for crimes against humanity in BihaA. Nov 28, 2018 278
Zarif: US Accountable for Crimes against Humanity. Nov 9, 2018 486
Confronting crimes against humanity. Oct 26, 2018 104
Indictment confirmed in Zoran AdamoviA case for crimes against humanity. Oct 11, 2018 195
Crimes Against Humanity in the 21st Century: Law, Practice and Threats to International Peace and Security. Book review Sep 1, 2018 164
Serb Ex-soldier Rade GariA charged with crimes against humanity in Vlasenica. Aug 31, 2018 243
Drug war critics file complaint vs Duterte for 'crimes against humanity'. Aug 28, 2018 483
Kin of EJK victims file ICC complaint vs Duterte for crimes against humanity. Aug 28, 2018 666
Trading a Theatre for Military Headquarters: Locating the Khmer Rouge Tribunal. Gidley, Rebecca Report Aug 1, 2018 8808
Indictment filed against three persons for crimes against humanity in TesliA. Jul 19, 2018 244
Myanmar's security officials should face courts for crimes against humanity against Rohingya: Amnesty International. Jul 3, 2018 808
Iran Blasts UNSC for Lack of Action towards Crimes against Humanity. Jul 3, 2018 655
Size is not the issue: Maire Leadbeater examines New Zealand's defence ties with Indonesia and its failing of the victims of human rights abuses in East Timor and West Papua. Leadbeater, Maire Jul 1, 2018 3131
Stalinist Crimes and the Ethics of Memory. Kalashnikov, Antony Critical essay Jun 22, 2018 12023
Indictment confirmed in Slobodan KneA3/4eviA case for crimes against humanity. May 15, 2018 206
Justice in the Wake of Civil War: Sierra Leone and Rwanda. Ayittey, George B.N. Apr 1, 2018 1513
The Recognition of the Right to Cultural Identity under (and beyond) international Human Rights law. Ferri, Marcella Apr 1, 2018 20522
Soldiers accused. Brief article Mar 23, 2018 173
Qatari Amir condemns E. Ghouta attacks as crimes against humanity. Feb 24, 2018 120
Complaints for crimes against humanity filed before ICC vs. Duterte will be dismissed -- Aguirre. Feb 9, 2018 286
Shahrudi flees possible arrest in Germany. Jan 19, 2018 427
DELIVERING JUSTICE? THE ECCC'S VERDICT IN CASE 002/02. Ryan, Sophie Jan 1, 2018 5351
Jurists: Kim commits crimes against humanity. Dec 13, 2017 498
India must stop HR violations, crimes against humanity in IOK: Masood Khan. Dec 11, 2017 1036
India must stop crimes against humanity in IOK. Dec 11, 2017 511
Former military officials of Argentina convicted for crimes against humanity. Nov 30, 2017 163
Pakistan can no longer hide its crimes against humanity: Baloch activist. Nov 14, 2017 328
HRW: Myanmar Committing 'Crimes against Humanity' against Rohingya. Sep 26, 2017 721
Rights group accuses Myanmar of crimes against humanity. Sep 26, 2017 778
Argentines protests high Court's Leniency in state crimes against humanity. Gaudin, Andres Jun 16, 2017 1356
AU tribunal unmoved by Habre appeal. Collins, Thomas Jun 1, 2017 713
Ex-Chad dictator's conviction for crimes against humanity upheld by Dakar court. Apr 28, 2017 188
Duterte, 11 others accused of crimes against humanity before ICC. Apr 24, 2017 1217
Hariri: Russia must stop Assad from committing further crimes against humanity. Apr 6, 2017 128
Lagman says ICC may try Duterte for crimes against humanity. Mar 14, 2017 370
The forgotten story of a heroic UN officer's murder. Newman, Alex Jan 23, 2017 4948
What investigative resources does the International Criminal Court need to succeed? A gravity-based approach. Ford, Stuart Jan 1, 2017 30984
The ICC regime of victims' reparations: more uncertainties and inconsistencies brought to light by recent cases. Lambert, Elisabeth Jan 1, 2017 11283
South Africa. Dodds, Klaus Dec 1, 2016 863
Burma: CSW calls for independent inquiry into crimes against humanity. Nov 26, 2016 555
ICC: Environmental Destruction Is A Crime Against Humanity. Brief article Sep 23, 2016 231
De Lima: Killings may lead to charges of crimes against humanity. Aug 15, 2016 609
Ten point action plan: Caribbean community reparations commission. Aug 1, 2016 1703
UN: Myanmar's Rohingya Victims of 'Crimes against Humanity'. Jun 20, 2016 344
Why Africans cannot trust the ICC: after Radovan Karadzic receives a lesser sentence than Charles Taylor, the injustice of international justice is laid bare, as the Western puppet-masters pull the strings. Ankomah, Baffour Essay May 1, 2016 1174
Yemeni Representative to the United Nations: Coup Militias Commit Crimes against Humanity. Mar 3, 2016 105
Ukraine and the International Criminal Court: implications of the ad hoc jurisdiction acceptance and beyond. Marchuk, Iryna Mar 1, 2016 21839
The International Criminal Court and the paradox of authority. Vinjamuri, Leslie Jan 1, 2016 6529
Divided we fall: how the International Criminal Court can promote compliance with international law by working with regional courts. Sainati, Tatiana E. Jan 1, 2016 5447
Divided we fall: how the International Criminal Court can promote compliance with international law by working with regional courts. Sainati, Tatiana E. Jan 1, 2016 18604
Ecuador Begins First Crimes Against Humanity Trial. Nov 9, 2015 338
Spanish Judge to try ETA members for crimes against humanity. Oct 28, 2015 303
France investigates alleged crimes against humanity by Assad regime. Sep 30, 2015 135
The meaning of "gross violation" of human rights: a focus on international tribunals' decisions over the DRC conflicts. Liwanga, Roger-Claude Sep 22, 2015 7508
International Conference to eliminate the recruitment of children by Daash calls for the U N to condemn Daash crimes against humanity. Jun 15, 2015 108
UN probe says Eritrea may have committed crimes against humanity. Jun 8, 2015 371
Nalbandian: terrorist crimes in Syria are "crimes against humanity". May 27, 2015 229
International crisis: female genital mutilation. Wood, Cynthia J. Mar 18, 2015 4958
Explaining inhumanity: the use of crime-definition experts at international criminal courts. Davidson, Caroline Mar 1, 2015 7400
Explaining inhumanity: the use of crime-definition experts at international criminal courts. Davidson, Caroline Mar 1, 2015 24620
UN confronts North Korea over crimes against humanity. Nov 17, 2014 197
A powerless companion: human rights in the age of neoliberalism. Moyn, Samuel Sep 22, 2014 11669
UN Human Rights Officer: "ISIL crimes against humanity do not enjoy impunity". Aug 26, 2014 524
Responses to HRW Ban After Report Claims 'Crimes Against Humanity'. Aug 18, 2014 1053
Arab League denounces IS "crimes against humanity" against Yazidis. Aug 12, 2014 174
Arab League Denounces IS "Crimes against Humanity" against Ezadis. Aug 11, 2014 159
Rafsanjani: Zionists, Terrorists Committing Most Horrible Crimes against Humanity. Aug 7, 2014 205
Responsibility to protect: an explanation. Basaran, Halil Rahman Jun 22, 2014 16572
S. Sudan: UN says both sides committed "crimes against humanity". May 9, 2014 612
Peruvian courts throw out case on sterilisation abuse a second time. Brief article May 1, 2014 186
'Crimes against humanity': the U.N. accuses North Korea's young leader of committing atrocities against his own people. Smith, Patricia Apr 21, 2014 1536
Demanding international justice. Nashashibi, Sharif Apr 1, 2014 2077
UN Rights Body Hits Assad Regime & Big Powers. Mar 10, 2014 246
Rights Group: Burma's Rohingya Policies May be 'Crimes Against Humanity. Feb 25, 2014 672
Watchdog: Myanmar Regime Responsible for Crimes against Humanity. Feb 25, 2014 127
China rejects UN's 'unfair criticism' of North Korea's crimes against humanity. Feb 19, 2014 135
Comment. Lancaster, Pat Feb 1, 2014 472
Egypt regime accused of crimes against humanity. Jan 6, 2014 142
No excuse: the failure of the ICC's article 31 "duress" definition. Risacher, Benjamin J. Jan 1, 2014 12605
The global transgender population and the International Criminal Court. Kritz, Brian Jan 1, 2014 18117
UN warns South Sudan over alleged crimes against humanity. Dec 24, 2013 1238
Applauding Uruguay's quest for justice: dictatorship, amnesty, and repeal of Uruguay Law No. 15.848. Soltman, Daniel Dec 22, 2013 10525
Karen Nazaryan: Armenia continues its efforts to condemn crimes against humanity. Dec 13, 2013 126
Church urges aid in Africa. Brief article Nov 8, 2013 224
The International Criminal Court's gravity jurisprudence at ten. deGuzman, Margaret M. Sep 22, 2013 4972
The fog of war: prosecuting illegal uses of force as crimes against humanity. Ventura, Manuel J.; Gillett, Matthew Sep 22, 2013 7804
Seeking justice in Ugandan courts: amnesty and the case of Thomas Kwoyelo. McNamara, Kirsty Sep 22, 2013 10234
Bolivian prez to sue U.S. for 'crimes against humanity'. Sep 22, 2013 106
Bolivian President to Sue US Gov't for Crimes against Humanity. Sep 20, 2013 380
Syria's Bashar al-Assad 'Committed Many Crimes Against Humanity'. Sep 13, 2013 297
MERCOSUR unveils new trove of files on South American dictatorships. Gaudin, Andres Sep 13, 2013 1481
Little progress in reparations for victims of Peru's political violence. Jana, Elsa Chanduvi Sep 13, 2013 1475
Kenyan vice-president pleads not guilty to crimes against humanity. Sep 11, 2013 499
Kenyan vice-president to go on trial for crimes against humanity. Sep 10, 2013 632
Syria Opposition Demands Urgent UN Probe Into Alleged Chemical Attacks. Evans, Dominic; Oweis, Khaled Yacoub Aug 22, 2013 1629
Crimes against humanity. Aug 15, 2013 166
The African Union beyond Africa: explaining the limited impact of Africa's continental organization on global governance. Welz, Martin Essay Jul 1, 2013 8394
The ICC: out of steam, and losing credibility fast! Kabukuru, Wanjohi Jul 1, 2013 2497
Friction and security at the Khmer Rouge tribunal. Kent, Alexandra Essay Jul 1, 2013 9814
LIBYA - June 2 - Libya To Appeal ICC Decision To Prosecute Kadhafi Son. Brief article Jun 8, 2013 235
Guatemalan court annuls conviction of former dictator. Jun 7, 2013 344
Operacion condor trial in Argentina has far-reaching implications. Gaudin, Andres Apr 12, 2013 1539
EGYPT - Apr 3 - Egypt: Court Blocks Extradition Of Ex-Qaddafi Aide To Libya. Brief article Apr 6, 2013 158
The return of president Kenyatta. Kabukuru, Wanhoji Apr 1, 2013 2742
Uhuru and the Catholic connection: Kenya's new president was born a Catholic, grew up a Catholic, and was helped by the Catholic Church behind the scenes to win the 4 March presidential election, reports Wanjohi Kabukuru. Kabukuru, Wanjohi Essay Apr 1, 2013 925
Who is persecuting Laurent Gbagbo? Proceeding with the former Ivorian president, Laurent Gbagbo's trial could undermine the International Criminal Court's legitimacy in Africa, write Tim Zwart and Alexander Knoops. Zwart, Tim; Knoops, Alexander Essay Apr 1, 2013 1205
What does Uhuru mean? What message are the people of Kenya sending to the world, especially the West, with the election of Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto even though they face ICC charges? Wambu, Onyekachi Essay Apr 1, 2013 607
Uruguay's Supreme Court overturns law allowing prosecution of human rights violators. Gaudin, Andres Mar 22, 2013 1569
Kenyan President Kenyatta Urges ICC to Re-Consider Crimes against Humanity Charges. Mar 11, 2013 471
'Crimes against humanity' accused deputy PM Kenyatta wins Kenyan presidential polls. Mar 9, 2013 208
EGYPT - Mar 3 - Egypt's Mubarak To Face New Trial Next Month. Mar 9, 2013 877
LIBYA - Feb 28 - Libya PM Denies Gaddafi Premier In "Critical Condition". Mar 2, 2013 426
Hate speech and persecution: a contextual approach. Gordon, Gregory S. Mar 1, 2013 11517
Hate speech and persecution: a contextual approach. Gordon, Gregory S. Mar 1, 2013 20265
Former ford executives charged with crimes against humanity in Argentina. Gaudin, Andres Mar 1, 2013 1436
Crimes against humanity trial overshadows Kenya elections. Feb 24, 2013 823
UN Alleges Crimes against Humanity in Syria. Feb 18, 2013 122
Sabah al-Saadi: accuses Medhat al-Mahmoud and Tariq Harb of crimes against humanity. Feb 13, 2013 130
Iranian regime 'guilty of crimes against humanity'. Feb 8, 2013 576
Terrorism and material support of terrorism do not constitute Alien Tort Statute claims under the law of nations. Keefe, Ryan A. Jan 1, 2013 6961
ICC acquits Congolese ex-militia boss of crimes against humanity. Dec 18, 2012 245
Justice Sow: 'Charles Taylor should have walked free. Interview Dec 1, 2012 5183
Governance and human rights issues. Katzman, Kenneth Report Nov 1, 2012 3393
State sponsored famine: conceptualizing politically induced famine as a crime against humanity. Jappah, Jlateh Vincent; Smith, Danielle Taana Essay Nov 1, 2012 7757
Assad deeds 'crimes against humanity'. Sep 18, 2012 267
Shocking supreme court decision causes indignation in Peru. Jana, Elsa Chanduvi Aug 17, 2012 1823
Zimbabwe human rights under the microscope: in May, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay, visited Zimbabwe to see things for herself. She pronounced herself "happy" with land reform, but was 'concerned' with political polarisation in the country. And then she said the unsayable: "sanctions have had a harmful impact on Zimbabweans." Tichaona Zindoga reports from Harare. Zindoga, Tichaona Jul 1, 2012 1063
UN Says Syria Committing Crimes Against Humanity. Jun 18, 2012 508
Syria Responsible for Crimes Against Humanity, Amnesty Says amid More Violence in Homs and Daraa. Jun 14, 2012 584
Amnesty Sees Fresh Evidence of Ongoing Crimes Against Humanity in Syria. Jun 14, 2012 1365
Syria accused of crimes against humanity. Jun 14, 2012 973
Syria: Fresh Evidence of Armed Forces' Ongoing Crimes Against Humanity. Jun 13, 2012 1064
LIBYA - May 31 - Libya Says It Is Ready To Try Gaddafi Loyalists. Brief article Jun 11, 2012 294
'Don't be a dictator in the wrong continent at the wrong time': as Charles Taylor's trial ends, does the real test for international justice now begin? Asks Colin Waugh, author of the new book, Charles Taylor and Liberia. Waugh, Colin Jun 1, 2012 1268
Houla massacre crimes against humanity: UN. Jun 1, 2012 642
Reconsidering the theoretical accuracy and prosecutorial effectiveness of international tribunals' ad hoc approaches to conceptualizing crimes of sexual violence as war crimes, crimes against humanity, and acts of genocide. Carson, Kimberly E. May 1, 2012 4537
Reconsidering the theoretical accuracy and prosecutorial effectiveness of international tribunals' ad hoc approaches to conceptualizing crimes of sexual violence as war crimes, crimes against humanity, and acts of genocide. Carson, Kimberly E. May 1, 2012 19274
International Law Loopholes: A Get-Out-of-Jail Card for Guilty States? Brief article Apr 4, 2012 226
ICC gets first conviction after 10 years in existence. Mbakwe, Tom Apr 1, 2012 2559
The ICC indictees - all African: currently, 120 countries are States Parties to the Rome Statute. Of these, 33 are from Africa, 18 from the Asia-Pacific, 18 from Eastern Europe, 26 from Latin America and the Caribbean, and 25 from Western Europe and North America. But surprise, surprise, all the ICC indictees so far have been Africans! Below is the roll-call. Apr 1, 2012 1942
LIBYA - Mar 23 - Libya Vows To Try Former Spy Chief Ahead Of June Polls. Mar 24, 2012 534
ARAB AFFAIRS - Mar 13 - Arab League: Syria Committing Crimes Against Humanity. Mar 17, 2012 913
Arab League: Syria commits crimes against humanity. Mar 13, 2012 510
France & The UK Push For Assad To Be Tried By The ICC. Mar 5, 2012 323
A complementarity conundrum: international criminal enforcement in the Mexican drug war. Thomas, Spencer Mar 1, 2012 18567
LIBYA - Feb 22 - Libya Court Orders Civil Trial For Gadhafi 'Loyalists'. Brief article Feb 25, 2012 310
UN accuses Syria of perpetrating crimes against humanity. Feb 24, 2012 208
Former Guatemalan dictator to stand trial: national court prosecutes Rios Montt on charges of genocide. Ryan, Zoe Feb 17, 2012 1217
International - U.N. head sees possible crimes against humanity in Syria. Feb 16, 2012 222
LIBYA - Feb 5 - Libya Puts 41 Qadhafi Loyalists On Trial. Feb 11, 2012 527
Syria must end "crimes against humanity" - French FM. Jan 24, 2012 268
An African now heads the ICC - what next? Gambia's former attorney general and minister for justice, Fatou Bensouda, has become the new chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC). Will that improve the image of the court in the eyes of Africans, and what will the relationship between the court and the continent now be? Mercy Eze reports. Eze, Mercy Jan 1, 2012 1055
The Iraqi special tribunal for crimes against humanity; the Dujail case. Brief article Dec 1, 2011 137
LIBYA - Nov 20 - Libya Wants To Try Seif Al-Islam, Senussi Captured. Nov 26, 2011 497
LIBYA - Oct 30 - 'Substantial Evidence' Against Qaddafi Son: ICC. Nov 5, 2011 539
EGYPT - Oct 2 - Mubarak Didn't Order Firing: Tantawi. Oct 8, 2011 341
Failure to state a claim. Case overview Oct 1, 2011 1155
From paralysis in Rwanda to boldness in Libya: has the international community taken "responsibility to protect" from abstract principle to concrete norm under international law? Meyer, Jason Dominguez Sep 22, 2011 7358
Syrian forces kill eight near Homs, activists say--France's Juppe cites Syria's "crimes against humanity"--un report on Syria: 3850 refugees registered in Lebanon--Clinton urges Russia to support "strong statement" on Syria at un security council. Sep 20, 2011 1559
EGYPT - Sept 11 - Tantawi Fails To Testify At Mubarak Trial. Brief article Sep 17, 2011 340
Most Kenyans Expect Justice for Post-Election Violence; Majority support The Hague as the trial venue instead of Kenya. Weigel, Christine Survey Sep 7, 2011 603
Israel intensifies military operations in the West Bank--PA condemns 'crimes against humanity'. Aug 23, 2011 211
Obama: Assad must "step aside", but U.S. "will not impose transition on Syria"--stringent new U.S. sanctions on Syrian Gov't; EU follows suit--Syria opposition to announce "national council" from Istanbul--UN has evidence of 50 cases of Syrian crimes against humanity. Aug 19, 2011 1210
Crimes against humanity and international criminal law. Brief article Aug 1, 2011 125
UN alarmed by possible crimes against humanity in Syria. Jul 23, 2011 258
Cambodia's Metamorphosis during the Khmer Rouge Tribunal. Jul 19, 2011 1157
Countering the lord's resistance army in central Africa. Sage, Andre Le Report Jul 14, 2011 10508
Amnesty accuses Syrian forces of 'crimes against humanity' in crushing protests. Jul 6, 2011 281
protesters killed in Hama--Washington urges Syria to withdraw troops from Hama--UK, France speak out about violence by regime--Erdogan, Obama said coordinating on Syria--Syrian troops kill up to 14 in Hama--Syrian red crescent urges all Syrian citizens in turkey to return home--amnesty: Syria may have committed crimes against humanity in Tel Kelakh. Jul 6, 2011 1479
Alien Tort Statute. Jul 1, 2011 1139
WANtED FOR CRIMES AGAINSt HUMANItY; Warrant is issued for Gaddafi arrest. Jun 28, 2011 367
Libya: The ICC confirms that Gaddafi faces arrest warrant over crimes against humanity. Jun 27, 2011 1027
Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood supports Syrian people's struggle--regime crimes constitute crimes against humanity. Jun 25, 2011 303
Assad forms committee to set the basis for dialogue with opposition--opposition meeting in turkey demand regime change--Syrian rights group says 14 killed--HRW says killings may qualify as crimes against humanity. Jun 2, 2011 1038
Infusing due process and the principle of legality into contempt proceedings before the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia and the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda. Stamper, Gwendolyn Jun 1, 2011 14387
Killings committed by Syrian forces against civilians amount to crimes against humanity - HRW. Jun 1, 2011 405
WANTED:FOR CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY; Family 'persecuting' own citizens. May 17, 2011 397
ICC Seeking Warrant for Al Qathafi and Two Other Family Members 'For Crimes Against Humanity'. May 16, 2011 935
ICC to prosecute on the killing of demonstrators in Libya. May 4, 2011 332
The Eichmann Trial At Fifty. Editors, The Editorial Apr 11, 2011 396
Film Study. Lipstadt, Deborah E. Apr 11, 2011 696
CSW Urges EU To Support Inquiry Into Crimes Against Humanity In Burma. Apr 8, 2011 499
Kenyan leaders appear at ICC over 2007 killings. Apr 7, 2011 672
Intl. Prosecutor Vows Gaddafi Regime Charges; Crimes Against Humanity Certain. Mar 24, 2011 351
Security Council Resolution 1973 on Libya: a moment of legal & moral clarity. Williams, Paul R.; Popken, Colleen Mar 22, 2011 11834
Renew Rapporteurs ' Mandate, investigate Crimes Against Humanity in Burma and North Korea. Mar 12, 2011 678
International criminal court cases in Africa: status and policy issues. Arieff, Alexis; Margesson, Rhoda; Browne, Marjorie Ann; Weed, Matthew C. Report Mar 1, 2011 17617
Our vaginas are tired! Cantin-Lafrance, Eve Mar 1, 2011 651
ICC to decide whether to open investigation into crimes against humanity in. Feb 28, 2011 272
Paris wants U.N. team to investigate possible crimes against humanity. Feb 25, 2011 475
France accuses Gaddafi regime of "crimes against humanity". Feb 24, 2011 268
UNHCR says attacks on Libyan civilians may be "crimes against humanity". Feb 23, 2011 312
Libya attacks may be crimes against humanity - U.N. Feb 22, 2011 119
Legal prosecution for Israelis who committed crimes against humanity -. Jan 23, 2011 174
CSW Renews Call For UN Inquiry Into Crimes Against Humanity In Burma. Jan 20, 2011 442
Bosnian police arrest person accused of crimes against humanity in Srebrenica. Jan 18, 2011 108
Going soft on the weak: some historians romanticise the powerless to the point where they can do no wrong. This offers a moral threat to both the profession and the wider society, which must be challenged. Stanley, Tim Jan 1, 2011 676
Complementarity in action: the role of civil society and the ICC in rule of law strengthening in Kenya. Bjork, Christine; Goebertus, Juanita Jan 1, 2011 11306
The concept of genocide in international law. Ristea, Ion Report Jan 1, 2011 2035
Crimes against humanity: the case for a specialized convention. Bassiouni, M. Cherif Dec 22, 2010 9817
The responsibility to protect: growing pains or early promise? Luck, Edward C. Report Dec 22, 2010 7441
GCC calls US to probe possible crimes against humanity in Iraq. Oct 25, 2010 208
Failure to investigate crimes against humanity in Burma will embolden the Generals," says UN Rapporteur. Oct 20, 2010 450
Uganda: current conditions and the crisis in north Uganda. Dagne, Ted Oct 1, 2010 11547
Rwanda: background and current developments. Dagne, Ted Report Oct 1, 2010 4363
The responsibility to protect--five years on. Bellamy, Alex J. Jun 22, 2010 12116
What is forced marriage? Towards a definition of forced marriage as a crime against humanity. Toy-Cronin, Bridgette A. Jun 22, 2010 20389
Hamas says Israeli actions are crimes against humanity. May 31, 2010 487
Turkish Official Deplores MKO's Crimes against Humanity. May 5, 2010 554
International criminal court cases in Africa: status and policy issues. Arieff, Alexis; Margesson, Rhoda; Browne, Marjorie Ann Report Apr 1, 2010 17468
Untangling John Demjanjuk. Kaufman, Mark Ira Report Mar 22, 2010 3387
Is the failure to respond appropriately to a natural disaster a crime against humanity? The responsibility to protect and individual criminal responsibility in the aftermath of Cyclone Nargis. Ford, Stuart Mar 22, 2010 30075
Myanmar right violations may be crimes against humanity: U.N. Mar 22, 2010 260
Jail the bankers: the great mystery of why more U.S. bankers aren't being prosecuted. Hale, David D. Jan 1, 2010 1111
Double jeopardy: carbon offsets and human rights abuses. Checker, Melissa Essay Jan 1, 2010 2037
Kaing Guek Eav alias Duch, Judgment, ECCC, Case No. 001/18-07-2007/ECCC/TC (26 July 2010). Dubler, Robert Jan 1, 2010 2605
Hormisdas Nsengimana. Brief article Dec 11, 2009 91
Beyond 'engagement': it's time for Obama to act on Sudan. Prendergast, John; Fick, Maggie Dec 1, 2009 777
Iran's Death Penalty Is A New Tactic. Nov 30, 2009 1325
Murder, headlines and statistics. Statistical data Nov 1, 2009 665
Beyond retroactivity to realizing justice: a theory on the principle of legality in international criminal law sentencing. Dana, Shahram Sep 22, 2009 33608
On resisting state crime: conceptual and contextual issues. Friedrichs, David O. Essay Sep 22, 2009 10430
Controlling crimes of empire. Iadicola, Peter Essay Sep 22, 2009 5934
Ending impunity in Africa: the Charles Taylor trial at the special court for Sierra Leone. Turack, Daniel C. Sep 22, 2009 4791
A wake-up call from youtube: a horrifying video forced Pantea Sotoodeh to focus on what's going on in Iran, her parents' native country. Sotoodeh, Pantea Sep 21, 2009 498
Refusing to forget North Korea: students mobilize against the humanitarian crisis. Choi, Jeannie Sep 1, 2009 626
ICC justice the debate continues. Aug 1, 2009 5079
Activists seek to sue against Kim Jong II to ICC. Brief article Jul 24, 2009 249
Justice in Africa: ... the great debate continues. Jul 1, 2009 352
The case for the ICC. Mazangue, Lucile Jul 1, 2009 2820
Darfur, the ICC and American politics. Bechtold, Peter K. Jun 22, 2009 8287
Sudan president attends summit in Zimbabwe. Brief article Jun 7, 2009 165
Hostile outsider or influential insider? The United States and the International Criminal Court. Risch, Stuart W. May 1, 2009 29974
Sudan: the crisis in Darfur and status of the North-South peace agreement. Dagne, Ted Report May 1, 2009 16116
Reaping the whirlwind: "I do not admit that a great wrong has been done to the Red Indians of America or the black people of Australia by the fact that a stronger race, a higher grade race, has come in and taken its place" -Winston Churchill to the Palestine Royal Commission, 1937. Ankomah, Baffour Viewpoint essay May 1, 2009 1716
Selective justice. May 1, 2009 3651
The case against Bashir. May 1, 2009 1960
'It is a political trial,' says Taylor's lawyer. Boateng, Osei May 1, 2009 1225
Speaker vows "crushing" Iranian response to any Israeli attack. Apr 21, 2009 342
Sudanese President makes brief Saudi visit. Brief article Apr 1, 2009 185
EGYPT - Mar 25 - Egypt Backs Sudanese President. Mar 28, 2009 551
SUDAN - Mar 23 - Scholars Tell Bashir To Avoid Qatar Trip. Brief article Mar 28, 2009 272
Ending impunity for the crime of aggression. Ferencz, Benjamin B. Mar 22, 2009 4509
Transcript: jurisdictional and trigger mechanisms. Ellis, Mark S. Mar 22, 2009 1978
Rally condemns terrorist 'crimes against humanity'. Mar 12, 2009 478
Iraq: Tariq Aziz sentenced to 15 years in prison. Brief article Mar 11, 2009 205
IRAQ - Mar 2 - Iraqi Court Acquits Former Top Aide To Saddam Hussein. Mar 7, 2009 388
Spanish court to investigate Israeli officials for alleged 'crimes against humanity'. Jan 29, 2009 155
Spain to amend 'crimes against humanity' law. Jan 29, 2009 325
Spain to amend crimes against humanity law. Jan 29, 2009 325
Once a model, health care in Zimbabwe has collapsed. Linskey, Regina Jan 23, 2009 375
Letter: Mailbag - Crimes against humanity. Letter to the editor Jan 20, 2009 630

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