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Articles from Contemporary Review (June 22, 2006)

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Title Author Type Words
A disappointing Life of Lord Olivier. Berry, Ralph Book review 727
A literary critic on modern terrorism. Kershaw, Roger Book review 826
A new history of Christian worship. Wedd, George Book review 917
A Silver Legend: The Story of the Maria Theresa Thaler. Book review 233
After the Victorians. Book review 183
An Alliance Across the Alps: Britain and Italy's Waldensians. Book review 208
Art notes: Shakespeare at new haven. Bruce, Donald Brief article 267
Arthur Miller: A Playwright's Life and Works. Book review 132
Blair and his legacy. Wedd, George 4170
Bloggers on Blair. Book review 289
Christopher Marlowe: Poet & Spy. Book review 198
Churchill: the warrior as historian. Hopkins, Michael F. Book review 949
Cross River Traffic: A History of London's Bridges. Book review 158
Days from a Different World: A Memoir of Childhood. Book review 183
Debs at War: How Wartime Changed Their Lives 1939-1945. Book review 231
East Against West: The First Encounter. The Life of Themistocles. Book review 218
Engineering the Ancient World. Book review 213
Europe after Rome: A New Cultural History 500-1000. Book review 199
Field of Fire: Diary of a Gunner Officer. Book review 199
George IV: A Life in Caricature. Book review 233
Globalisation and Poverty: Channels and Policy Responses. Book review 220
Gunpowder Plots. Book review 217
Israeli religious youth is moving away from Oliver Stone fundamentalism. Oz, Libi 2621
Japan's strategic thinking. Shuja, Sharif 9196
John Betjeman--a centenary view. Manwaring, Randle 1340
Katyn and the Soviet Massacre of 1940: Truth, Justice and Memory. Book review 241
Khartoum: The Ultimate Imperial Adventure. Book review 187
Miss Angel: The Art and World of Angelica Kauffman. Book review 218
Mitrokhin and the KGB--volume two. Hylarides, Peter Book review 674
Montgomery and the push to the Rhine. Redmond, Robert S. Book review 674
Mussolini's Italy: Life under the Dictatorship 1915-1945. Book review 205
Nation & Novel: The English Novel from its Origins to the Present Day. Book review 303
Nicholas Nickleby. Book review 226
North-East Passage to Muscovy: Stephen Borough and the first Tudor Explorations. Book review 207
Our Island Story: A History of Britain for Boys and Girls from the Romans to Queen Victoria. Book review 178
Oxford's Authors in Context. Wade, Stephen Book review 1212
Peter Ackroyd's Englishness: a continental view. Neagu, Adriana 9087
Plantagenet England 1225-1360. Book review 236
Saving the Daylight: Why We Put the Clocks Forward. Book review 175
Stalin's Folly: The Secret History of the German Invasion of Russia, June 1941. Book review 235
Studio A: The Bob Dylan Reader. Book review 156
Talking for Britain: A Journey through the Nation's Dialects. Book review 233
The Blitz revisited. Whittington-Egan, Richard Book review 678
The Brontes. Book review 159
The Cambridge Companion to Twentieth-Century Opera. Book review 225
The Diary of John Evelyn. Book review 183
The Discovery of Egypt: Vivant Denon's Travels with Napoleon's Army. Book review 197
The Dreyfus Affair: A Chronological History. Book review 230
The Excellent Doctor Blackwell: The Life of the First Woman Physician. Book review 221
The Faber Book of 20th-century German Poems. Book review 177
The Geneva Convention: The Hidden Origins of the Red Cross. Brief article 212
The historic significance of Putin's revanchism. Rasizade, Alec 9304
The Origins of Sectarianism in Early Modern Ireland. Book review 244
The Oxford Companion to Ships and the Sea. Book review 209
The Secret Garden. Book review 188
The Seven Sages of Rome (Midland Version). Edited from Cambridge, University Library, MS Dd.1.17. Book review 196
The Text of the New Testament: Its Transmission, Corruption, and Restoration. Book review 228
The Third Reich in Power 1933-1939. Book review 222
The trial of Saddam Hussein: limits and prospects. Kampmark, Binoy 3974
The world of paperbacks. 1995
Those Who Trespass Against Us: One Woman's War Against the Nazis. Book review 221
Tiepolo and Ruisdael at London galleries. Bruce, Donald 3897
Vera Atkins--SOE's mystery lady. Bradbury, Edward Book review 748
Victorian London: The Life of a City 1840-1870. Book review 245
Victorian Print Media: A Reader. Book review 232
War Girls: The First Aid Nursing Yeomanry in the First World War. Book review 171
Whose Bible is it: A History of the Scriptures through the Ages. Book review 196
William Boyd--the novelist as essayist. Thomas, Tony Book review 714
William Hogarth: a musicologist's progress. Bruce, Donald Book review 426
Wisdom's garden: lessons for Northern Ireland. Arthur, Chris 2411

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