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Viral thoughts: Why COVID-19 conspiracy theories persist. DAVID KLEPPER Associated Press Apr 7, 2021 1055
TV; "Are you going to try to get me on conspiracy theories? Because I love 'em," declares former England cricketer Andrew 'Freddie' Flintoff with a grin. "Moon landings, Big Foot, flat Earth, I love all this.". Apr 2, 2021 990
How conspiracy theories begin. On [...]. PETER RHODES Mar 18, 2021 483
FMQs: Nicola Sturgeon says David Davis part of 'old boys' club' with Alex Salmond; The First Minister has accused a Conservative MP of using parliamentary privilege to read out "his old pal Alex Salmond's conspiracy theories". Gina Davidson Mar 18, 2021 932
Hit & myth; Red Cross worker Saskia's videos tackling Covid vaccine conspiracy theories are an internet sensation, writes Heather Greenaway. Heather Greenaway Mar 17, 2021 505
The truth is out there; it just takes a little bit of thought... MY SHOUT Tom Evans THE COLUMNIST WHO WINS AWARDS FOR OTHER THINGS Mar 17, 2021 343
Nicola Sturgeon: 'I will not be side tracked by Alex Salmond's conspiracy theory'; Nicola Sturgeon has "strongly refuted" comments made by MP David Davis about the Scottish Government's handling of complaints made about former First Minister Alex Salmond. Jane Bradley Mar 17, 2021 413
Nurses are still fighting conspiracy theories. Associated Press Mar 14, 2021 1059
Hard and soft conspiracies. Mar 9, 2021 625
Benedict XVI talks about his resignation, Iraq and Biden. Mar 7, 2021 455
Swinney claims new evidence disproves 'conspiracy theory'. Mar 6, 2021 265
The Misinformation Pandemic: Journalists battle hoaxes and conspiracy theories in chaotic media environment. Tornoe, Rob Mar 1, 2021 2427
threats and abuse for mpS over covid; Social media impact flagged up. KIEREN WILLIAMS ECHO Reporter @LIVECHONEWS Feb 28, 2021 637
Pantami Dismisses 5G COVID-19 Conspiracy Theory. Feb 27, 2021 243
Alex Salmond inquiry: Conspiracy theories about a 'plot' are now being used by mainstream opponents of Nicola Sturgeon's government - Joyce McMillan; It's a long 21 years since Vladimir Putin first became president of the Russian Federation; and part of the secret of his success, in rapidly changing times, is thought to lie in the thinking and advice of his close confidant and former deputy prime minister, one Vladislav Surkov. Joyce McMillan Feb 26, 2021 1091
WHERE EGOS DARE; FIRST MINISTER STEPS UP ATTACKS ON PREDECESSOR Sturgeon slams Salmond's 'conspiracy theories' and Ruth Davidson's 'litany of nonsense' ahead of today's dramatic showdown at Holyrood. PAUL HUTCHEON Political Editor Feb 26, 2021 782
Prof opens up on abuse and street assault. NICK BRAMHILL Feb 26, 2021 242
QA&. Feb 26, 2021 321
QA&. MATT ROPER Feb 26, 2021 322
Q&A. Feb 26, 2021 321
Alex Salmond inquiry: Nicola Sturgeon claims former FM is peddling 'alternative reality'; Former First Minister Alex Salmond is "creating an alternative reality" by pushing a narrative of a "conspiracy theory" against him Nicola Sturgeon has claimed. Gina Davidson Feb 24, 2021 1012
It's time we told the virus to get its coat and leave. Peter Mortimer PLANET CORONA Feb 20, 2021 389
Media urged to counter baseless conspiracy theories about Covid-19 vaccine. Feb 19, 2021 362
Anthony Joshua, Tyson Fury, Amir Khan and boxing's biggest conspiracy theories; From Joshua being knocked down in sparring to Fury's 'loaded gloves' and Wilder's 'spiked' water, boxing is never short of controversy. By, Martin Domin Feb 13, 2021 1305
The Mabley Archive Conspiracy theories are nothing new. Jack Mabley FEB. 16, 1996 Glenview's own Feb 11, 2021 544
Why Covid conspiracy crackpots need to be countered; City Region Mayor Steve Rotheram says he believes some ideas, HOWEVER RIDICULOUS, HAVE BECOME A DANGER TO SOCIETY. LIAM THORP Political editor @LIAMTHORPECHO Feb 9, 2021 676
Cyber enemies using social media to 'tear society apart'; An army general has warned that Britain's enemies are trying to sow discord and spread conspiracy theories. By, Patrick Daly, PA & Julia Breens Feb 8, 2021 544
COVID vaccinations amid conspiracy theories. Raja Amin Afzal Feb 6, 2021 836
Conspiracy theories annoy United boss; Boss excited by Willock as Atsu gets squad place. LEE RYDER Chief Newcastle United writer Feb 6, 2021 643
Manager bats away conspiracy theories over Jones; MY CHOICE, INSISTS BRUCE. LEE RYDER Chief Newcastle writer @lee_ryder Feb 6, 2021 555
Deontay Wilder's sacked coach breaks silence over Tyson Fury conspiracy theories; Wilder sacked respected trainer Mark Breland after he threw in the towel during the heavyweight's seventh-round defeat by Tyson Fury last year. By, Martin Domin Feb 6, 2021 342
Greene: 'Morons' booted her from panels. Associated Press Feb 6, 2021 1049
Rep. Greene says 'morons' voted to boot her from committees. ALAN FRAM and BRIAN SLODYSKO Associated Press Feb 6, 2021 1040
Dem-led House, drawing a line, kicks Greene off committees. ALAN FRAM and BRIAN SLODYSKO Associated Press Feb 5, 2021 998
Steve Bruce hits out at Newcastle United "conspiracy theories"; Newcastle United play Southampton next looking to improve on a run of ten defeats in their last 13 games, with the club sliding closer to the Premier League relegation zone. By, Simon Bird Feb 5, 2021 516
Covid pandemic has demonstrated the life-saving importance of science - Scotsman comment; In these days of conspiracy theorists, populist politicians who disdain "experts", and nonsense about "alternative truths", it is good to see the people who know what they are talking about demonstrating just how much we need them. Scotsman Comment Feb 4, 2021 357
Your Views. Feb 4, 2021 394
Deniers of virus a danger to others. MATT ROPER Feb 3, 2021 375
Inside the minds of Covid deniers breaking lockdown -and how to stop them; EXCLUSIVE: The emergence of dangerous conspiracy theories in the midst of a global pandemic is unsurprising, psychologists tell the Mirror, as people feel 'uncertain and powerless' and seek out simple answers 'rather than to try to deal with what is happening'. By, Matt Roper Feb 3, 2021 742
'Pathetic' Novichok hoaxer, 67, spared jail; 'Conspiracy theorist' avoids jail over castle Novichok bottles hoax. ROD MINCHIN Feb 2, 2021 769
How to talk to the online conspiracy theorist in your life; LUKE RIX-STANDING talks to a misinformation specialist who offers some advice on what to say and how to say it. LUKE RIX-STANDING Feb 2, 2021 489
COVID-19 conspiracy theories spreading 'like wildfire' among UK Muslims. Arab News Feb 1, 2021 351
Dear Friends and Readers. Bui, Phong H. Feb 1, 2021 1614
Fears over BAME vaccine scepticism as 'community champions' enlisted to boost take up; Interviews with members of Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities reveal that vaccine scepticism is often rooted in mistrust of the medical establishment and dangerous conspiracy theories. By, Martha Muir Jan 30, 2021 1668
Fears over integrity of elections this spring. DANIEL HOLLAND Local democracy reporter @danhollandnews Jan 29, 2021 525
Plans to hold local elections branded 'insane' fears that conspiracy theorists could use them as a platform to spread disinformation about the virus. DANIEL HOLLAND Local democracy reporter Jan 29, 2021 588
MPs: Far right spreading jab fears among BAME people; Extremists using fake news in sick bid to harm ethnic communities - claim. Ben Perrin Staff Reporter Jan 28, 2021 1200
Family will remember Covid victim as artist not a conspiracy theorist. NICK HUMPHREYS Gary Matthews with one of his large-scale portraits of Jan 28, 2021 839
Family will remember Covid victim as artist not a conspiracy theorist. NICK HUMPHREYS Jan 28, 2021 841
Don't drain the swamp. Jan 28, 2021 637
'Crazy and evil': Bill Gates surprised by pandemic conspiracies. Reuters News Service Jan 27, 2021 412
Brutalization of justice in politics. Jan 26, 2021 1253
Salmond 'spinning false conspiracies' first minister launches attack Sturgeon hits out at her former boss. ANDY PHILIP Political Correspondent Jan 25, 2021 404
Joe Biden must expunge Donald Trump's conspiracy theories, lies and racism from the US to be a truly great US President - Scotsman comment; In all the tumult since November's US election, the most significant words were arguably not spoken by Joe Biden, as good as his inauguration speech was with its message of unity and defence of truth, or Donald Trump, but by the latter's son at the now infamous rally held outside the White House shortly before an armed mob stormed the Capitol. Scotsman comment Jan 24, 2021 610
BNP humiliates nation by complaining to foreigners: Quader. Jan 24, 2021 456
The many conspiracy theories against Matawalle. Jan 24, 2021 997
Conspiracy theorists are bad for our health - Readers' Letters; After watching footage of patients hit by the coronavirus, and hearing nursing and medical staff expressing how exhausted they are from the relentless fight they're having to wage against this lethal virus, I feel nothing but contempt for those idiotic conspiracy theorists in the United States who are spreading their dangerous, contemptible lies about the virus, claiming that it's all a hoax. Letter to the editor Jan 22, 2021 1507
COVID-19 myths and conflicting beliefs. Jan 15, 2021 1172
Trump backers seek online refuges after tech backlash. DAVID KLEPPER and AMANDA SEITZ Associated Press Jan 15, 2021 860
Trump backers seek online refuges after big tech backlash. DAVID KLEPPER and AMANDA SEITZ Associated Press Jan 15, 2021 860
Conor McGregor backs Khabib Nurmagomedov conspiracy theory ahead of UFC return; Nurmagomedov beat Justin Gaethje last October but questions surrounding his weigh-in the day before the fight took place. By, Martin Domin Jan 14, 2021 319
Lower leagues were shut down to protect people from a deadly virus not to save Celts. SPORTS VIEW WEDNESDAY Gordon Parks Jan 13, 2021 542
world of fake news and convenient conspiracy theories. Jan 8, 2021 567
Strange world of fake news and convenient conspiracy theories. Jan 8, 2021 567
Cov hospital boss slams conspiracy theory over Covid as 'absolute rubbish'. BEN ECCLESTON News Reporter Jan 8, 2021 871
Wife of man fighting for life with coronavirus in powerful plea to Covid-deniers; The wife of a man in a coma battling coronavirus posted a moving video from a hospital car park to deniers, imploring them to reject conspiracy theories and stay at home. By, Martha Muir & John Cooper Jan 8, 2021 878
COVID19: Vaccine conspiracy theories, myths busted by science. fm Jan 7, 2021 311
Coronavirus in Scotland: Boris Johnson and NHS chief Simon Stevens brand covid conspiracy theories an 'insult' to frontline workers; During a briefing on vaccine rollout plans, Prime Minister Boris Johnson commented that people who make 'covid is a hoax' claims 'need to grow up' as over 30,000 people are being treated in hospitals across the UK for covid-19. Hannah Brown Jan 7, 2021 405
Conspiracy theorist pharmacist arrested 'after tampering with 500 doses of Covid jab'; Steven Brandburg, 46, who worked at a medical centre in Wisconsin, told detectives he believed the Moderna jab "altered DNA" -a claim that has been rubbished by scientists. By, Dave Burke Jan 5, 2021 323
DOGMATIC DELUSIONS: Can Neuroscience and Social Psychology Help Us Understand How America Has Lost Its Mind? Reimers, Mark Essay Jan 1, 2021 2337
US Presidential Transition: Samson Agonistes Trump. Dec 31, 2020 1488
Stop Dismissing All Vaccine Skeptics As Anti-Science Conspiracy Theorists. Dec 28, 2020 764
'Nashville bomber' in 5G paranoia probe as neighbors saw him 'tinker with antenna'; FBI agents are said to be quizzing neighbours on whether the suspect in the Christmas Day Nashville AT&T bombing had a fixation on 5G conspiracy theories. By, Talia Shadwell & Reuters Dec 27, 2020 798
Conspiracy theories 'an insult to victims and health workers'. REBECCA BLACK Dec 23, 2020 382
Conspiracy theories. Dec 22, 2020 313
Matt Ritchie right, Ola Aina Magpies are inviting plenty of criticism... ...BUT CONSPIRACY THEORIES DO NOT HELP MATTERS. LEE RYDER Chief Newcastle writer @lee_ryder Dec 21, 2020 836
Conspiracy Theory Trails Abduction, Rescue Of Kankara Boys. Dec 20, 2020 2749
Social media slammed as care home workers say they WON'T be vaccinated; BOSSES 'PULLING THEIR HAIR OUT' THANKS TO ANTI-VAX CONSPIRACY THEORIES. CHARLOTTE COX @MENnewsdesk Dec 18, 2020 908
If you want a conspiracy, our past the place to look; PAT FLANAGAN IF YOU HAVE A COMMENT TEXT PAT ON 0872953395 FOLLOW HIM ON TWITTER @patflanagan1 email PAT FLANAGAN Dec 18, 2020 716
Conspiracy theories, fatigue damaging virus fight. Kyriacos Kiliaris Dec 15, 2020 990
More than one third of Slovaks believe conspiracy theories about the coronavirus. Dec 14, 2020 157
Battling to stop anti-vax theories. Dec 14, 2020 377
Biden's foot injury feeds conspiracy backers. Dec 13, 2020 819
Social media users 'more likely to believe conspiracy theories'. Dec 13, 2020 161
City radio station 'failed to challenge' conspiracies. Dec 10, 2020 359
'Why the conspiracy theories are real fake news' DAVID Oliver is an experienced NHS consultant physician and medical writer from Manchester. Here, the researcher - who is an expert in older people's care - confronts a claim much-repeated online that a conspiracy surrounds the way Covid deaths are counted... Dec 8, 2020 907
Parents spoke out against conspiracies. Dec 7, 2020 266
As UK prepares to roll out Covid-19 vaccines, scepticism remains. Reuters News Service Dec 7, 2020 625
Your Views. Dec 5, 2020 1202
Virus doubters deface statue of naval hero; police seek vandals who spread consipiracy theories. IAN JOHNSON Reporter Dec 4, 2020 363
Facebook bans false claims about Covid-19 vaccines. Dec 3, 2020 503
'Anti-vaxxers' flourish online. MATTHEW YOUNG Dec 1, 2020 386
Myth Busters: Following a year of lies and conspiracy theories, media literacy has to come first. DeRienzo, Matt Dec 1, 2020 802
Dangerous nonsense; A HOST OF PROBLEMS FOR STURGEON OVER CHOICE OF FRONTWOMAN Face of SNP conference slated for sharing Covid conspiracy theories and questioning the safety of potential vaccines. PAUL HUTCHEON Political Editor Conference news Nov 30, 2020 840
Where's Buhari? Is That A Body Double In Aso Rock? Nov 28, 2020 1335
Paul isn't dead The health of the republic demands that we figure out why we believe conspiracy theories. Nov 25, 2020 428
Don't Allow 5th Columnists Undermine Our Security, Sanwo-Olu Urges Citizens. Nov 24, 2020 614
Opinion: Janet Christie -Can Generation Covid take the needle? "Would you take the Covid vaccine?" I ask Eldest and Youngest as I walk along between them on the old railway path, topping up the vitamin D. Leaves drift down off the trees, the sun is burning off the haar and mellow fruitfulness is in season. Janet Christie Nov 21, 2020 411
Honoring My Mother / Pushing The Narrative. Nov 20, 2020 475
NHS nurse suspended after spreading 'scamdemic' theories comparing vaccine to 'genocide'; Tracey McCallum, who works for NHS24 at Crosshouse Hospital in Ayrshire, has supported conspiracy theories such as claiming face masks are helping spread coronavirus. By, Sally Hind Nov 17, 2020 904
COVID-19 conspiracy theories erode belief in safety measures. Nov 17, 2020 259
VACCINE IS GENOCIDE .. AND NHS IS CORRUPT; conspiracy nurse suspended Colleagues report Covid conspiracy fanatic for claims that face masks spread virus, vaccine is genocide and unproven Trump drug is safe. SALLY HIND Nov 17, 2020 885
'Disgusted' nurse angered by 'embarrassing' coronavirus conspiracy theories; The nurse said people were underestimating the "killer virus" and she felt disgusted people in her home were still making fun of coronavirus instead of taking the pandemic seriously. By, Kelly-Ann Mills Nov 16, 2020 474
Conspiracies could jeopardize Covid-19 vaccine, warn experts. Nov 13, 2020 467
No, voting machines did not steal the US election from Donald Trump; In a series of late-night tweets, the US President demanded he be declared the winner of several states he lost, citing debunked conspiracy theories about Dominion voting machines. By, Mikey Smith Nov 13, 2020 407
Conspiracy theories putting people at risk in crisis. Jane Haynes Political Correspondent Nov 12, 2020 562
Election misinformation to watch out for. Nov 12, 2020 1371
5 types of misinformation to watch out for while ballots are being counted -- and. Starbird, By Kate; West, Jevin;, Renee DiResta Reprinted From Reprint Nov 12, 2020 1502
Police probe video of conspiracy theorists; protesters targeted pupils and teachers at city school. LIAM THORP Political editor @LIAMTHORPECHO Nov 11, 2020 585
Pfizer Covid vaccine: Trust in science, not conspiracy theorists and disinformation from hostile states - Scotsman comment; Whether the day that brought news of a Covid-19 vaccine able to prevent 90 per cent of people from Covid-19 was truly "a great day for science and humanity" - as described by the chair of Pfizer, Dr Albert Bourla - remains to be seen. Scotsman comment Nov 10, 2020 466
US election: Donald Trump will soon be history but dangerous conspiracy theorists are heading to Congress - Henry McLeish; A tumultuous period in US politics is nearly over as President Donald Trump embarks on his "last stand against the truth". Henry McLeish Nov 9, 2020 1145
Conspiracy theorist joins in armed demo amid 'stolen election' claim. Nov 7, 2020 248
Donald Trump 'will barricade himself in Oval Office if Joe Biden wins election'; The President of the United states has repeatedly attempted to undermine the democratic process and his campaign surrogates are repeating conspiracy theories about being 'cheated'. By, Tom Davidson Nov 7, 2020 570
Read deluded Donald Trump's full conspiracy theory speech filled with lies; In an astonishing speech from the White House, Donald Trump spelled out a long string of lies, conspiracy theories and promised to go to the courts as he refused to refused to accept not everyone had voted for him. By, Dave Burke Nov 6, 2020 2350
President aims to silence 5G conspiracy theories. fm Nov 6, 2020 442
US election 2020: Fives types of misinformation to watch out for while ballots are being counted -- and after; People seeking to delegitimize election results are weaving real-world events into claims of broader malfeasance. Nov 6, 2020 1444
Trump conspiracy theories and US election vote claims that have been debunked; With Joe Biden on the verge of victory, Donald Trump, his sons and his supporters are spewing lies and spreading conspiracy theories at every opportunity in a desperate bid to undermine the legitimacy of the US election. By, Chris Kitching Nov 6, 2020 712
Nicola Sturgeon had sense of 'foreboding and discomfort' prior to Donald Trump's 'denial of basic democratic norms'; First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has called on politicians to do more to ensure the integrity of elections is retained ahead of the 2021 Holyrood note-0 vote after Donald Trump employed conspiracy theories in an attempt to undermine the integrity of US polling. Conor Matchett Nov 6, 2020 1053
Can democracy cope amid the rise of dangerous conspiracy theories and toxic culture wars? - Joyce McMillan; In America, they call them "counters"; the old British-English word "tellers" seems to have vanished from America's election vocabulary, at least in the knife-edge states that still remain undeclared as I write, following this week's US election. Joyce McMillan Nov 6, 2020 1031
Key state is now battleground for false conspiracy theories on fraud. Nov 5, 2020 340
Key state is now battleground for false conspiracy theories on fraud. Nov 5, 2020 340
Key state is now battleground for false conspiracy theories on fraud. Nov 5, 2020 340
Anastasiades touts 5G campaign to debunk conspiracy theories. Nick Theodoulou Nov 5, 2020 246
#EndSARS: But why Lekki? Nov 5, 2020 1420
The Pandemic Is Real, not so the Reporting: "The barrage of information during this public health crisis--regarded by the World Health Organization as an infodemic--spans beyond the rogue one-off websites with fake news stories, manipulated media, and videos propagating conspiracy claims.". Salahi, Lara Nov 1, 2020 1503
Word on the web Doctor warns of conspiracy theories about pandemic. Oct 31, 2020 165
SWANN SLAMS COVID DENIERS; Minister's anger at 'deluded' pandemic conspiracy theorists CORONAVIRUS CRISIS Coronavirus deniers are "deluded". REBECCA BLACK Oct 28, 2020 448
Does Melania Trump have a body double? Fake Melania conspiracy theory about first lady explained - and why it has resurfaced; The bizarre theory that Melania Trump has a body double has gained traction with conspiracy theorists. Finlay Greig Oct 26, 2020 573
Khabib Nurmagomedov weigh-in conspiracy theory emerges ahead of Justin Gaethje fight; Nurmagomedov looked relieved as he scaled 155lb for the defence of his lightweight title on Fight Island against Gaethje tonight. By, Martin Domin Oct 24, 2020 498
'Disappointing' protest over lockdown did NOT break the law, say police; CONSPIRACY THEORISTS' GET-TOGETHER ALLOWED UNDER RULES. ALAN WESTON ECHO Reporter @alanweston Oct 20, 2020 458
Protest over Covid-19 'hoax' conspiracy theorist addresses gathering in city centre. JONATHAN HUMPHRIES ECHO reporter @JHUMPHRIESECHO Oct 19, 2020 504
Conspiracy theory QAnon gains traction in Britain and the US. Oct 18, 2020 968
Jordan Henderson's 'bendy lines' conspiracy theory after VAR disallowed goal; The Liverpool captain thought he had won the Merseyside derby for his team with an added-time strike -but the goal was chalked off for an offside infringement in the build-up. By, Freddie Keighley Oct 17, 2020 356
Thousands of anti-lockdown protesters crowd into London as Tier 2 restrictions hit; The demonstrators -led by former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn's brother Piers -carried placards with conspiracy theories blaming the virus on the new 5G network, while others claimed the virus itself was a hoax. By, Neil Murphy Oct 17, 2020 550
Let's do the maths on all those Covid-19 conspiracy theories. Oct 16, 2020 555
Donald Trump won't disavow conspiracy theory QAnon saying they're 'against paedophilia'; The conspiracy theory claims there is a satanic paedophile cult at the heart of the Democratic Party and Donald Trump has been sent to save the world from it. By, Mikey Smith Oct 16, 2020 911
Conspiracy theories, pointed jabs & rising has been a week to forget on and off the pitch for Ireland management; NATIONS LEAGUE FINLAND v REPUBLIC OF IRELAND MATCH IN HELSINKI SECONDARY TO RECRIMINATIONS OVER FALSE POSITIVE TEST AND 'WHAT COULD HAVE BEENS'. PAUL O'HEHIR Oct 14, 2020 882
Conspiracy theories, pointed jabs & rising has been a week to forget on and off the pitch for Ireland management; MATCH IN HELSINKI SECONDARY TO RECRIMINATIONS OVER FALSE POSITIVE TEST AND 'WHAT COULD HAVE BEENS'. PAUL O'HEHIR Oct 14, 2020 902
Why any vaccine may not be enough to stop coronavirus; UK scientists conducted a study involving five countries. By, Neil Shaw Oct 14, 2020 475
Doubting advice is not a conspiracy theory; LETTER S Get in touch - tell us what you think Email: Post: Unfortunately our office is shut so we are unable to accept posted letters. Letter to the editor Oct 13, 2020 306
Facebook bans posts that deny or distort Holocaust. MATT O'BRIEN AP Technology Writer Oct 13, 2020 526
Conspiracy theories on coronavirus are idiotic; LETTER S Get in touch - tell us what you think Email: Post: Unfortunately our office is shut so we are unable to accept posted letters. Letter to the editor Oct 10, 2020 296
This article is more than eight months old[...]. PETER RHODES Oct 8, 2020 486
This article is more than [...]. PETER RHODES Oct 8, 2020 486
Technology: unholy abomination. Oct 8, 2020 915
Facebook to remove pages 'representing' QAnon conspiracy theory. BARBARA ORTUTAY AP Technology Writer Oct 7, 2020 269
OP-ED: The countdown to annihilation. Oct 3, 2020 1037
Misinformation spikes as Trump confirms COVID-19 diagnosis. AMANDA SEITZ and BEATRICE DUPUY Associated Press Oct 3, 2020 1007
Fake news and conspiracy theories can be defeated by government transparency and the sharing of knowledge - Catherine Stihler; Amid the coronavirus crisis, some nations - including Brazil and, surprisingly, Scotland - sought to impose restrictions on the right to information, writes Catherine Stihler. Catherine Stihler Oct 1, 2020 1114
Conspiracy, Religion, and the Public Sphere: The Discourses of Far-Right Counterpublics in the U.S. and South Korea. Reijven, Menno H.; Ross, Matthew; Dori-Hacohen, Gonen Oct 1, 2020 9072
Russiagate, WikiLeaks, and the Political Economy of Posttruth News. Marmura, Stephen M.E. Oct 1, 2020 9116
Conspiracy theories. Benabio, Jeffrey Oct 1, 2020 739
You won't find the truth in conspiracy theories. Sep 29, 2020 331
Polio vaccine in the crossfire of misinformation. Sep 19, 2020 657
Police clash with anti-lockdown conspiracy theorists in London's Trafalgar Square; Angry demonstrators ignored coronavirus restrictions in London today as they climbed Nelson's Column calling Covid-19 a hoax. By, Ted Hennessey & Laura Sharman Column Sep 19, 2020 743
With one week left before Sabah votes, tight race brings out mudslinging, infighting and conspiracy theories. Sep 19, 2020 862
More than 30 arrested in London anti-lockdown protests; Rally organisers sold T-shirts bearing 5G conspiracy theories and advocating the legalisation of cannabis, with banners calling for Government scientific advisers to be sacked and declaring Covid-19 a "hoax". Ted Hennessey Sep 19, 2020 317
We're not conspiracy theorists, says child freedom group leader. NICK LAVIGUEUR @grecian9 Sep 18, 2020 489
Conspiracy flyer blasted by Swann. JESS BLACK Sep 16, 2020 151
White supremacist murderers' conspiracy theories have entered mainstream European politics - Professor Nasar Meer; The 'manifesto' published by Anders Behring Breivik, who killed 83 people, including 14-year-old children in Oslo and on the island of Utoya, has echoes in the politics of right-wing parties, writes Professor Nasar Meer. Nasar Meer Sep 15, 2020 1102
BBC decision is poor judgment rather than political bias - Dani Garavelli; If, as conspiracy theorists believe (and I do not), the BBC's decision to stop broadcasting Nicola Sturgeon's daily Covid-19 briefings live on TV was a politically-driven attempt to undermine the First Minister, then it scored a spectacular own goal. Dani Garavelli Sep 13, 2020 1151
Covid-19 patient warns conspiracy theorists of grim reality of virus in new video. SIAN BURKITT Reporter Sep 12, 2020 1002
Was 9/11 'victim' blown out of tower BEFORE collapse? Conspiracy theorists claim video 'proves bombs were planted' in attack. Sep 12, 2020 217
'Coronavirus nearly killed me at just 31 but now people tell me it's a myth'; Lewis Barton is gobsmacked by conspiracy theorists who think Covid-19 that put him in hospital is fake -telling one "do you think I went into the Gwent for a lie down or something?". By, Sian Burkitt Sep 12, 2020 978
Conspiracy theories are ignoring reality. Sep 11, 2020 280
As hospitals fill, Kosovo battles plague of virus deniers. Sep 11, 2020 766
Local authority leader condemns councillor behind Covid-19 conspiracy movement; A local authority leader has condemned the actions of a councillor who organised an anti-mask demonstration in protest at Covid-19 lockdown restrictions, warning that he is endangering people's lives. Martyn Mclaughlin Sep 9, 2020 613
Covid-19 conspiracy theories pose a danger to public health that cannot be dismissed lightly - Martyn McLaughlin; A Scottish group protesting against wearing masks and the use of vaccines is couching its hardline conspiracy theories with moderate messages and familiar slogans. That should concern all of us, writes Martyn McLaughlin. Martyn Mclaughlin Sep 8, 2020 1166
Alex Salmond affair: How MSPs are working to find out if the conspiracy theories are true or not - Murdo Fraser; An MSPs committee is determined to establish the truth about the handling of harassment complaints against the former First Minister Alex Salmond, writes Murdo Fraser. Murdo Fraser Sep 8, 2020 880
SUNDAY SOCIAL; ECHO readers have their say on the big issues of the week online ... Sep 6, 2020 315
Conspiracy theorists in capital march. Stephen Stewart Sep 6, 2020 214
THEORY OR WEARY? 10 things to make a note of this week. Sep 6, 2020 1652
Coronavirus: Hundreds of anti-maskers march to protest lockdown and Covid-19 vaccines; Saving Scotland protest group members arrived in their hundreds at Holyrood to voice their opposition to face covering rules, lockdowns and the search for a vaccine. By, Tom Eden & Stephen Stewart Sep 5, 2020 385
News My dad should be marking his golden wedding anniversary ... don't dare tell me virus is fake; GRIEVING SON BLASTS CONSPIRACY THEORIES SURROUNDING DISEASE THAT KILLED HIS FATHER. LIAM THORP ECHO Reporter @LIAMTHORPECHO Sep 3, 2020 538
Coronavirus conspiracy theorist storms out of cashless Starbucks with panini; A high number of shops across the UK have moved to cashless payments to help curb the spread of the virus, and protect their staff and customers from potential transmission. By, Alasdair Clark & Sam Elliott Sep 2, 2020 318
Man who thought coronavirus was hoax begs for forgiveness after wife gets it and dies; Brian Lee Hitchens said he hoped pastor wife Erin would forgive him after the pair did not follow social distancing guidelines or get help after falling ill -believing the dangerous conspiracy theories on Facebook. By, Joseph Wilkes Aug 29, 2020 767
Huge blast leaves giant 165ft deep crater in Arctic tundra amid record heat; The massive crater was accidentally discovered on the Yamal peninsula in Russia's Arctic region as a TV crew flew overhead, and previous discoveries have sparked conspiracy theories about everything from UFOs to missile tests. By, Will Stewart & Chris Kitching Aug 29, 2020 569
QAnon Conspiracy Theory Gains Followers and Raises Concerns. Aug 27, 2020 335
Trump's convention gives platform to some with fringe views. JILL COLVIN Associated Press Aug 27, 2020 970
Government publishes 5G guide to combat myths and unfounded conspiracy theories; "Quack" theories claim the super-fast mobile network is responsible for any number of health issues, including Coronavirus. By, Patrick Daly & Mikey Smith Aug 27, 2020 667
5G guide launched by government in effort to dispel 'quack' conspiracy theories; Misinformation campaign has resulted in some communication masts being vandalised. By, Daniel Smith Aug 27, 2020 591
Why the QAnon conspiracy theory is worrying. Aug 23, 2020 710
Gros promoted in FIFA but conspiracy theories emerge in Pakistan. Aug 21, 2020 555
No conspiracy theory hatched by opponents will meet success: CM Buzdar. Aug 20, 2020 233
Pak Ambassador envisions a modern Gwadar Port, disproves 'debt trap' conspiracy theory. Aug 15, 2020 1046
Moin envisions a modern Gwadar Port Disproves debt trap conspiracy theory. Aug 15, 2020 747
Pak Ambassador envisions a modern Gwadar Port, disproves 'debt trap' conspiracy theory. Aug 15, 2020 1047
Man posts mind-blowing TikTok from highest point in Canada to disprove Flat Earth theory; Mark Harrison, a videographer based in Canada, regularly posts videos on his TikTok using a 360-degree camera mounted on a pole. By, Shivali Best Aug 14, 2020 326
NHS staff slam city protest by 'virus-deniers' 'we've seen the proof - people are dying and it turns my stomach'. MAX CLEMENTS & ELLEN KIRWIN ECHO Reporter @maxclements97 Aug 10, 2020 319
I'm A Celeb conspiracy theorists believe 'show has always been filmed in Wales'; EXCLUSIVE: The shocking revelation was made by former MP Lembit Opik, who also shared his own hopes for the UK-based series. By, Janine Yaqoob & Peter Robertson Aug 9, 2020 238
Biochemists to Bolsonaro: virus protests across the world. Aug 8, 2020 717
Egypt tells Elon Musk: no, the pyramids were not built by aliens. Arab News Aug 2, 2020 364
Jose Mourinho's 'bald man' conspiracy theory that fuelled Pep Guardiola feud; Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola once worked together and were on "friendly" terms when they were both at Barcelona -that certainly is not the case now. By, Jane Lavender Aug 1, 2020 758
Coivd19 and the overrated Nation. Jul 31, 2020 877
Bill Gates Denies Conspiracy Theory That He Created Coronavirus. Jul 25, 2020 573
Conspiracy theories and unreliable data, I believe. Jul 24, 2020 315
Bill Gates denies conspiracy theories he created virus outbreak. Jul 24, 2020 389
BREAKING Boris Johnson brands anti-vaxxers 'nuts' as he rolls out mass flu vaccination; The Prime Minister had a blunt message for opponents of vaccines who rely on conspiracy theories -and warned people must get a flu jab to lessen the strain on the NHS. By, Dan Bloom Jul 24, 2020 295
BuCor: We're not wicked, can prove deaths of virus-hit inmates. Jul 24, 2020 1045
Propaganda, fake news and disinformation on the internet could destroy us - Susan Dalgety; The internet is a wonder of the modern world, but it is being used to spread dangerous conspiracy theories and undermine democracy, writes Susan Dalgety. Susan Dalgety Jul 24, 2020 1317
'Napaka-imposible': BuCor debunks 'conspiracy theories' on deaths of high-profile inmates. Jul 23, 2020 308
Palace intrigues. Syed Saadat Jul 22, 2020 884
Romanian doctors fight surge in virus cases and conspiracy theories. Jul 21, 2020 751
Google bans ads on coronavirus conspiracy theory content. Jul 18, 2020 250
Google bans ads on coronavirus conspiracy theory content. Jul 18, 2020 209
China lab rejects COVID-19 conspiracy claims, but virus origins still a mystery. Jul 14, 2020 648
Phone masts damaged in conspiracy theory strike. Jul 14, 2020 340
5,700 hit as phone masts are vandalised. KATHRYN RIDDELL Reporter Jul 14, 2020 386
OP-ED: Are extremists exploiting the pandemic? Jul 13, 2020 683
Bukar Usman's My Literary Journey: Book that foretold Nigeria's security crisis. Jul 11, 2020 1582
Extremists said to use crisis to breed hate with conspiracy theories; SOCIETY. FLORA THOMPSON Jul 9, 2020 265
TODAY: WEDNESDAY, JULY 8, 2020. Jul 8, 2020 220
TODAY: WEDNESDAY, JULY 8, 2020; ES S. Jul 8, 2020 219
COVID19: Police move against social media conspiracy theorists. fm Jul 2, 2020 287
Richard Hofstadter: Anti-Intellectualism in American Life, The Paranoid Style in American Politics, Uncollected Essays 1956-1965. Dunbar, Mark Jul 1, 2020 1937
ESCAPE ARTIST: Trump's China blaming and conspiracy theories have undermined the real debate about the labs that handle the world's deadliest viruses. Jacobsen, Rowan Jul 1, 2020 4996
The QAnon Conspiracy Theory: A Security Threat in the Making? Amarasingam, Amarnath; Argentino, Marc-Andre Jul 1, 2020 7448
On the Edge of the Abyss: From Denial to Praxis. Neilson, David Jul 1, 2020 2900
So.. the coronavirus was invented by Bill Gates, The Beatles didn't exist, Barack Obama can control the weather, the Moon is a hologram, Saddam Hussein had a stargate and today is four days at once. Fact. John Niven Jun 28, 2020 907
Discourse: Bukar Usman's My Literary Journey: Book that foretold Nigeria's security crisis. Jun 28, 2020 1586
'Incredible' strange flying object filmed in skies near beach; Mysterious flying object or mirage? 'Cigar-shaped' shiny object seen hovering near Bristol Channel ships. By, Tiffany Lo & Jasper King & Raina Wilson Jun 27, 2020 315
MP kicked off shadow cabinet for sharing conspiracy theory. Jun 26, 2020 508
Is this a biological war? Jun 25, 2020 1250
Don't tell yourself you're safe; there's just less risk now. Jonathan Arnott Jun 25, 2020 721
Labour frontbencher Rebecca Long-Bailey sacked in anti-semitism row; Labour shadow Education Secretary Rebecca Long-Bailey has been sacked by party leader Sir Keir Starmer after she she was accused of promoting an anti-semitic conspiracy theory. Paris Gourtsoyannis Jun 25, 2020 511
Scarlett Moffatt shows off epic garden transformation of Durham home including her own bar; I'm A Celebrity winner Scarlett and family have being busy during lockdown with an overhaul of her garden. By, Simon Duke Jun 24, 2020 380
NYPD pushed 'conspiracy theories' about tainted Shake Shack shakes, NY Post says. Jun 22, 2020 198
Report says ET did not go home...he was never really here in first place. Laura smith Report Jun 21, 2020 537
Bukar Usman's My Literary Journey: Exposing Political Conspiracy Theories. Jun 20, 2020 1583
Trust science, ignore the conspiracy theorists. Yoo Jung Kim Jun 19, 2020 768
Trump Boosts Georgia Candidate who Peddles anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theories and Posed with a Neo-Nazi. Jun 15, 2020 293
Conspiracy theorists set fire to 5G towers claiming link to coronavirus. Jun 10, 2020 976
What is Pizzagate? Fake news scandal involving Hillary Clinton and Wikileaks explained - and why it's trending amid Epstein inquiry; A new Sky documentary that investigates some of the most mind-boggling conspiracy theories of recent years has been shining a new light on some of the most baffling fake news stories to come out of the US. Alex Nelson Jun 9, 2020 674
Mask on, mask off. Zarrar Khuhro Jun 8, 2020 954
Charity worker first to be jailed over arson attack on 5G phone mast during lockdown; Michael Whitty had a "genuinely held view about the potential dangers linked to 5G masts" after searching online about conspiracy theories linked to coronavirus. By, Eleanor Barlow & Kelly-Ann Mills Jun 8, 2020 468
Booby-traps on 5G posters; conspiracy. Jun 5, 2020 195
Coronavirus: How to avoid becoming a conspiracy theorist - leader comment; We should be sceptical and cautious as we try to work out what is true - whether about the origins of the coronavirus or a compromising image of a politician - but not become so cynical that we stop believing anyone and anything. Scotsman Leader Comment Jun 5, 2020 624
What tech needs these days are fewer conspiracy theories. Jihad Tayara, Special to Gulf News Jun 1, 2020 837
Dangerous Conspiracy Theories. May 31, 2020 327
Wave of 5G mast attacks in the West Midlands. JOSH LAYTON News Reporter May 28, 2020 546
NASA SpaceX launch was cancelled 'because it was fake', conspiracy theorists claim; While NASA and SpaceX made the difficult decision to cancel the launch due to poor weather conditions, conspiracy theorists claim the cancellation was actually a bid to cover up a 'fake launch'. By, Shivali Best May 28, 2020 414
NASS, kill that monstrous, satanic bill. May 27, 2020 1969
Why Lionel Shriver's attacks on greater diversity in publishing are wrong - Laura Waddell; Lionel Shriver is playing to an audience of conspiracy theorists and those frustrated that they are average, rather than talented, writers, argues Laura Waddell. Laura Waddell May 27, 2020 1211
The end of the New World Order. Ross Douthat, New York Times May 25, 2020 951
PROXIMITY (PG). May 24, 2020 257
CONSPIRACY theories seem to be [...]. David Gardner May 24, 2020 196
From the sublime. David Gardner May 24, 2020 832
PROXIMITY (PG) ... ..Aliens[...]. May 24, 2020 257
PROXIMITY (PG) ... ..Aliens[...]. May 24, 2020 257
PROXIMITY (PG) ... ..ALIENS, conspiracy [...]. May 24, 2020 257
PROXIMITY (PG) ... .. May 22, 2020 256
PROXIMITY. May 22, 2020 258
PROXIMITY (PG) ... .. May 22, 2020 255
PROXIMITY[...]. May 22, 2020 258
PROXIMITY (PG) ... .. May 22, 2020 255
PROXIMITY (PG) ... .. ALIENS, [...]; FILM REVIEWS. May 22, 2020 257
PROXIMITY (PG) ... .. May 22, 2020 256
PROXIMITY (PG). May 22, 2020 255
PROXIMITY (PG) ... .. ALIENS, [...]. May 22, 2020 257
PROXIMITY (PG) ...[...]. May 22, 2020 257
PROXIMITY (PG) ... .. May 22, 2020 255
Bad English: A conspiracy theory. May 19, 2020 1059
Controversial Nigeria pastor Oyakhilome in soup as UK regulator sanctions his Christian channel over 5G conspiracy theory claims. May 19, 2020 332
Wild conspiracy theories are hurting fight against Covid-19. May 15, 2020 863
An alien tale that's strangely familiar... MOVIES with CHRIS HUNNEYSETT @ChrisHunneysett. CHRIS HUNNEYSETT May 15, 2020 890
An alien tale that's strangely familiar; MOVIES. with CHRIS HUNNEYSETT May 15, 2020 891
An alien tale that's strangely familiar... 44 DAILY MIRROR FRIDAY 15.05.2020 DMUULS MOVIES with CHRIS HUNNEYSETT @ChrisHunneysett STAR RATINGS????? Brilliant ???? Good ??? Average ?? Poor ? Dreadful. CHRIS HUNNEYSETT May 15, 2020 710
High-tech elections vulnerable to cyberattacks. May 14, 2020 875
Is this ignoring evidence, facts - and the truth? May 14, 2020 492
Is social media facilitating conspiracy theories about COVID-19? May 14, 2020 1334
The 5G Coronavirus Conspiracy Theory Takes a Dark Turn. May 11, 2020 1245
Arrests, conspiracy theories at Australia anti-lockdown protest. May 10, 2020 382
Police break up anti-lockdown protesters in London; The group of around 40 protesters were reported to be spreading 5G conspiracy theories. Conor Marlborough May 9, 2020 327
Is Magufuli onto something or caught up in shadow-chasing conspiracy theories? May 7, 2020 837
5G really is perfectly safe. May 6, 2020 423
Conspiracy theorists can be dangerous. Here's how to talk to them - Dr John J Marshall; Pointing out logical flaws and making fun of conspiracy theories - such as those about Covid-19 and 5G networks - can be effective, writes Dr John J Marshall. John J Marshall May 6, 2020 1256
A time when the truth is stranger than fiction. MIKEMILLIGAN It's a funny old world @choochsdad May 5, 2020 656
Corona and 5G conspiracy theories. Dr Parvez Iftikhar May 4, 2020 1389
'Dangerous' Icke account deleted; YouTube acts amid fears over impact of conspiracy theories. DAVID BANNER May 4, 2020 280
Covid-19 and conspiracy theories. Kamran Yousa May 3, 2020 671
The conspiratorial style in pandemic politics. Hugo Drochon May 3, 2020 987
Trump claims on Covid-19 origins 'conspiracy theory'. TOM PILGRIM Press Association Reporter May 2, 2020 686
Trump claims dismissed as 'conspiracy theory'. May 2, 2020 518
Lord Sugar under fire for sharing virus conspiracy theories. TOM HORTON May 2, 2020 272
Facebook closes down Icke's 'conspiracy' page. PIPPA ARMSTRONG May 2, 2020 405
Coronavirus requires truth, not conspiracy theories. Khalaf Ahmad Al-Habtoor May 1, 2020 1218
The rise and fall of a fan of radio phone-in shows. Moreen Simpson Column Moreen Simpson SHE'S THE BIGGEST GOSSIP IN TOWN May 1, 2020 590
LET'S PLAY CONSPIRACY! Nickerson, Michael May 1, 2020 725
Truth is not out there.. DARREN MCGARVEY LOKI THE SCOTTISH RAPPER twitter@lokiscottishrap Apr 30, 2020 157
Elvis is alive, we live on a flat Earth and aliens are among us. Apr 30, 2020 884
Why we can't resist a conspiracy theory; It is human nature to look for someone or something to blame, even if our common sense suggests we are simply wrong. MARK ANDREWS Apr 30, 2020 1054
Why we can't resist a conspiracy theory; It is human nature to look for someone or something to blame, even if our common sense suggests we are simply wrong. MARK ANDREWS Apr 30, 2020 1054

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