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NBI set to examine Dacera's telephone. Feb 19, 2021 247
Roque says he feels he is a crime victim, asks NBI for help. Jan 28, 2021 353
NBI to examine mobile phones of persons of interest in Dacera death case. Jan 18, 2021 222
NBI set to conduct forensic exam on mobile phone of missing lawyer. Dec 2, 2020 216
'Dangerous' Scottish predator convicted of sexual offences against children; A 43 year-old Abroath man responsible for sexually abusing a young girl and publishing indecent images of children online has been convicted today after pleading guilty. Hannah Brown Nov 24, 2020 380
Lisle man charged with possession of child porn videos. Susan Sarkauskas Nov 21, 2020 179
KU's to conduct training courses for LEAs, govt officers. Oct 13, 2020 532
KU to conduct training courses for LEAs, govt officers. Oct 13, 2020 557
Proper use of data important to solve any case, KU VC. Sep 25, 2020 365
KU Vice Chancellor emphasizes upon skill, HR development of police officers. Sep 25, 2020 351
The "Image-as-Forensic-Evidence" Economy in the Post-2011 Syrian Conflict: The Power and Constraints of Contemporary Practices of Video Activism. Anden-Papadopoulos, Kari Sep 1, 2020 9008
Man facing child porn charges:. Aug 21, 2020 368
Duo helping police fight organised crime with their new AI technology. HEATHER LARGE Aug 8, 2020 552
PFSA resolved 600,000 cases since inception: DG. Jul 16, 2020 368
St. Charles man charged with indecent solicitation. Daily Herald report Jul 14, 2020 157
CM orders provision of funds to Swat forensic lab. Jul 13, 2020 375
Fight cybercrime with cutting-edge digital tools. Adel Abdullah Humaid Jul 9, 2020 487
State Confirms Insurance Claim in Web 'Breach'. Massey, Kyle Jul 6, 2020 1175
Upcoming Events. Calendar Jul 1, 2020 503
International judges, prosecutors meet virtually to share best practices in prosecuting terrorism cases. Jun 26, 2020 413
Zimperium, ZecOps to Deliver Integrated Mobile Threat Defense Solution. May 8, 2020 258
Zimperium, ZecOps to Deliver Integrated Mobile Threat Defense Solution. May 8, 2020 245
Zimperium, ZecOps to Deliver Integrated Mobile Threat Defense Solution. May 8, 2020 258
Forensics team go digital in their fight against crime. HEATHER LARGE Apr 9, 2020 603
Forensics team go digital in their fight against crime. HEATHER LARGE Apr 9, 2020 603
Leading researchers, scholars participate in seminar on Digital Forensics. Feb 13, 2020 472
Additional Director FIA Cyber Crime Cell visits KU CDFST. Feb 11, 2020 338
Addl Director FIA Cyber Crime Cell visits KU CDFST. Feb 11, 2020 258
Aon Acquires Canadian Cyber Security Firm Cytelligence. Andrew G. Simpson Feb 4, 2020 522
376,631 Applied For ICPC's 220 Jobs. Feb 4, 2020 359
CYBER SUCESS IS VITAL TO THE UK'S FUTURE; Britain needs to retain its pipeline of great talent if we are to keep our cybersecurity crown, writes Matt Warman MP. Matt Warman MP Jan 30, 2020 762
Need to restore Hikvision DVR data? It's easy with DiskInternals DVR Recovery™. Jan 28, 2020 460
Saudi crown prince reportedly involved in alleged hacking of Amazon chief's phone. Jan 23, 2020 608
Upcoming Events. Calendar Jan 1, 2020 615
A Visualization Jump Lists tool for Digital Forensics of Windows. Weng, Shiuh-Ku; Tu, Jung-Yi Jan 1, 2020 4173
Mobile Forensic Process and Associated Key Challenges. Waghmare, Vijaya S.; Meshram, B. B. Jan 1, 2020 6050
Data, Passwords Easily Extracted From Locked iPhones On iOS 13.3. Nica Osorio Dec 22, 2019 502
Confusion over DCI's 'Sumuri' prestigious award. Dec 21, 2019 362
Network Forensic Market to 2023: Top 10 Companies, Trends, Growth Factors, Global Industry Overlook during Forecast Period. Company rankings Dec 19, 2019 1125
CyFIR introduces cyber investigation platform. Dec 10, 2019 143
CyFIR introduces cyber investigation platform. Dec 10, 2019 141
Digital Forensics Market Growing at CAGR of 15.9% / Key Players AccessData, OpenText, MSAB, Oxygen Forensics, Cellebrite. Dec 9, 2019 974
FIA declares woman in leaked video is not Fatima Sohail. Dec 7, 2019 118
FIA declares woman in leaked sex video is not Fatima Sohail. Dec 6, 2019 181
Defense Strategies Institute's Digital Forensics for National Security Symposium. Nov 10, 2019 436
New digital forensics unit boosts crackdown on crime in jails. Oct 28, 2019 510
Communication Privacy Management and Digital Evidence in an Intimate Partner Violence Case. Ramirez, Fanny A.; Lane, Jeffrey Oct 1, 2019 8749
Need to create a pool of competent investigators: CBI Director. Sep 4, 2019 457
A Comparative Study of the Performance of Open-Source and Proprietary Disk Forensic Tools in Recovery of Anti-Forensically Doctored Data. Mandecha, Sonu; Raychaudhuri, Kumarshankar; Christopher, M. George Sep 1, 2019 4075
A Digital Forensic Approach for Examination and Analysis of Frozen Hard Disk of Virtual Machine. Christopher, M. George; Raychaudhuri, Kumarshankar Sep 1, 2019 3716
Fancy a job with the police? These are the roles available right now in the North East; The roles include everything from working in digital forensics and supervising crime scene investigations to processing Fixed Penalty Notices and handling calls. Aug 26, 2019 1782
Digital Forensics Market Forecast Stresses on Growth during 2017 - 2027. Aug 26, 2019 759
Global Digital Forensics Market Analysis, Trends, and Forecasts (2019-2025). Aug 20, 2019 456
A Comparative Study of Analysis and Extraction of Digital Forensic Evidences from exhibits using Disk Forensic Tools. Raychaudhuri, Kumarshankar Jul 1, 2019 4252
Forensic Authentication of WhatsApp Messenger Using the Information Retrieval Approach. Anwar, Nuril; Supriyanto Jul 1, 2019 4223
Framework Analysis of IDFIF V2 in WhatsApp Investigation Process on Android Smartphones. Rahman, Rahadhian Dinnur; Riadi, Imam Jul 1, 2019 4985
Cloud Forensics Investigation in Cloud Storage Using IDFIF V2 Method. Ridho, Ahmad Muhammad; Anwar, Nuril Jul 1, 2019 4214
Existing Cyber Laws and Their Role in Legal Aspects of Cybercrime in Pakistan. Kamran, Asif; Arafeen, Qamar Ul; Shaikh, Asad Ali Jul 1, 2019 3935
Recent Advances in Cryptovirology: State-of-the-Art Crypto Mining and Crypto Ransomware Attacks. Zimba, Aaron; Wang, Zhaoshun; Chen, Hongsong; Mulenga, Mwenge Jun 1, 2019 7716
DXC Technology - DXC Technology Launches Next Generation Security Operations Center in Malaysia to Combat Growing Cybersecurity Threats in Asia - 16/4/2019. Apr 23, 2019 445
Belkasoft Evidence Center 9.5 Aims to Help in Corporate Investigations. Apr 18, 2019 923
35 anti-graft investigators, prosecutors undergo anti-cybercrime training. Apr 11, 2019 354
ANALYSIS AND EVALUATION DIGITAL FORENSIC INVESTIGATION FRAMEWORK USING ISO 27037:2012. Sudyana, Didik; Prayudi, Yudi; Sugiantoro, Bambang Jan 1, 2019 7131
Computer Forensics: A Linux Case Study Applied to Pedophilia Crime Investigation in Brazil. Almeida, Jeferson dos Santos; Nascimento, Leonardo de Santana; Jose, Diogenes Antonio Marques Case study Jan 1, 2019 5730
Network Forensics Analysis of Man in the Middle Attack Using Live Forensics Method. Saputra, Dedy; Riadi, Imam Jan 1, 2019 3583
Blur Invariant Features for Exposing Region Duplication Forgery Using ANMS and Local Phase Quantization. Uliyan, Diaa Mohammed; Abushariah, Mohammad A.M.; Altamimi, Ahmad M. Technical report Dec 1, 2018 7499
NAB forensic lab further improved quality: Chairman. Dec 1, 2018 250
NAB forensic lab further improved quality of inquiries, investigations: Chairman. Dec 1, 2018 246
NAB forensic lab further improved quality of inquiries, investigations: Chairman. Dec 1, 2018 250
QDiscovery Acquires Evidox to Expand Presence on East Coast. Nov 29, 2018 143
QDiscovery Acquires Evidox to Expand Presence on East Coast. Nov 29, 2018 147
UAE-based cybersecurity firm launches digital forensics lab. Nov 13, 2018 286
VirnetX: Gabriel Secure communications suite uncompromised by security testing. Nov 13, 2018 110
DSS cyber sleuths blend art and science to solve criminal cases. French, Angela Oct 1, 2018 301
Development and Evaluation of Intelligent Network Forensic System LIFT Using Bayesian Network for Targeted Attack Detection and Prevention. Sasaki, Ryoichi; Yamaki, Hiroshi; Kakizaki, Yoshio; Shimazaki, Kazuki; Terada, Masato; Uehara, Tetsu Oct 1, 2018 4632
A UML-Based Approach for Analysing Potential Digital Forensic Evidence. Kebande, Victor R.; Karie, Nickson M. Oct 1, 2018 4040
Forensic Investigation on Whatsapp Web Using Framework Integrated Digital Forensic Investigation Framework Version 2. Actoriano, Bery; Riadi, Imam Oct 1, 2018 4842
Cryptocurrency and the Blockchain: A Discussion of Forensic Needs. Orr, Douglas A.; Lancaster, Drew M. Oct 1, 2018 9422
PKLI project: Forensic report blames Shehbaz for Rs3.2b loss. Sep 16, 2018 623
Digital Forensics Workflow as A Mapping Model for People, Evidence, and Process in Digital Investigation. Subektiningsih; Prayudi, Yudi; Riadi, Imam Report Sep 1, 2018 7878
WhatsApp Messenger Forensic Analysis Based on Android Using Text Mining Method. Marfianto, Anang; Riadi, Imam Report Sep 1, 2018 3894
Analysis of Forensic Video in Storage Data Using Tampering Method. Justicia, Amirul Putra; Riadi, Imam Report Sep 1, 2018 4462
Examination of Digital Evidence on Android-based LINE Messenger. Riadi, Imam; Sunardi; Fauzan, Ammar Case study Sep 1, 2018 2685
NBI now working to locate girl in viral 'Kiki Dance Challenge'. Aug 30, 2018 215
SC seeks reply from govt, PKLI. Jul 28, 2018 753
Camera Source Identification of Digital Images Based on Sample Selection. Wang, Zhihui; Wang, Hong; Li, Haojie Report Jul 1, 2018 5779
NPC to ask Jollibee to take preventive action vs data breach. May 7, 2018 580
Lightweight Digital Watermarking Method for Videos Forgeries Detection. Barhoom, Tawfiq; Arabid, Mohammed May 1, 2018 2428
Digital Forensics a Growing Industry in the United States. Apr 9, 2018 548
Global Digital Forensic Market to Grow at a CAGR of 11.5% (2016-2024). Apr 6, 2018 773
Digital Forensic Analysis of Hard Disk for Evidence Collection. Meshram, Bandu B.; Patil, Dinesh N. Report Apr 1, 2018 3445
Forensics Analysis of Skype, Viber and WhatsApp Messenger on Android Platform. Onovakpuri, Peter E. Report Apr 1, 2018 5007
The process of recovering image and web page artifacts from the GPU. Albabtain, Yazeed; Yang, Baijian Report Apr 1, 2018 4413
Acquisition of Browser Artifacts from Android Devices. Sariboz, Emrah; Varol, Cihan Report Apr 1, 2018 3543
Egypt to create software piracy forensic lab. Mar 14, 2018 287
Abu Dhabi event to help security professionals skill-up in ICS defence. Mar 11, 2018 498
NAB confiscates mobile phones, laptop of ex-DG LDA Ahad Cheema. Feb 25, 2018 391
No one is secure from cybercrime: Dr Ajmal. Feb 2, 2018 462
Compression history detection for MP3 audio. Yan, Diqun; Wang, Rangding; Zhou, Jinglei; Jin, Chao; Wang, Zhifeng Report Feb 1, 2018 4627
Knowledge Management as a Strategic Asset in Digital Forensic Investigations. Karie, Nickson M.; Kebande, Victor R. Author abstract Jan 1, 2018 5950
Empirical Survey on Advances of Network Forensics in the Emerging Networks. Jayakrishnan, A.R.; Vasanthi, V. Report Jan 1, 2018 4963
A Virtual Environment Forensic Tool. Chaus, Danish K.; Pathak, Aayush; Boramani, Akshay J.; Rajguru, Shagufta; Kalantri, Rakhi Report Jan 1, 2018 2348
MALWARE ANALYSIS OF BACKDOOR CREATOR : FATRAT. Kunwar, Rakesh singh; Sharma, Priyanka; Kumar, K.V. Ravi Report Jan 1, 2018 1364
Investigating File and Operating Systems, Wireless Networks, and Storage, 2nd Edition. Book review Dec 1, 2017 101
Faro Acquires Digital Forensic Animation Specialist Dustin Forensics. Nov 17, 2017 192
Faro Acquires Digital Forensic Animation Specialist Dustin Forensics. Nov 17, 2017 197
System Forensics, Investigation, and Response, 3rd Edition. Book review Nov 1, 2017 149
Meet the 'geek squad' charged with stopping the most tech savvy criminals in their tracks; HOW MOBILE PHONES ARE HELPING POLICE IN THE FIGHT AGAINST CRIME. Oct 23, 2017 799
The new frontline in the war against crime is now being fought out in cyber space; police in the forefront of fight against new breed of criminal. Oct 21, 2017 1021
CrowdReviews Partnered with ACM Events Announces: Successfully Launching Digital Forensics & Analysis Summit GCC Supported by the Ministry of Interior. Oct 21, 2017 459
Growing online threat leading to police overhaul; SOPHIE DOUGHTY on how police are combating a new type of criminal. Oct 20, 2017 939
Forensic Investigation Technique on Android's Blackberry Messenger using NIST Framework. Riadi, Imam; Sunardi; Firdonsyah, Arizona Report Oct 1, 2017 3332
Manual Analysis Phase for (PIFPM): Platform Independent Forensics Process Model for Smartphones. Thomas Dancer, F. Chevonne Report Sep 1, 2017 4324
NAB's effective anti-corruption strategy acknowledged globally: Chairman. Aug 24, 2017 789
Drone Forensics Now Offered by ReStoring Data. Aug 10, 2017 616
Cryptolog: A new approach to provide log security for digital forensics. Baykara, Muhammet; Das, Resul; Tuna, Gurkan Report Jul 1, 2017 5282
New forensic science books. Recommended readings Jul 1, 2017 476
Private Investigator in Greensboro / Victory Investigations Now Offering Digital Forensics to Clients. Jul 1, 2017 781
Digital Forensics 2.0: Rethinking the Digital Footprint. Jun 7, 2017 604
Digital Forensics 2.0: Rethinking the Digital Footprint. Jun 7, 2017 566
An ontology-based transformation model for the digital forensics domain. Grigaliunas, Sarunas; Toldinas, Jevgenijus; Venckauskas, Algimantas Report Jun 1, 2017 3369
12,458 individuals trained to control cyber crimes: FIA. May 29, 2017 316
12,458 individuals trained to control cyber crimes: FIA. May 29, 2017 316
12,458 individuals trained to control cyber crimes : FIA. May 25, 2017 316
FIA trains over 12,000 individuals control cyber crimes. May 25, 2017 316
179 cyber crime cases decided, of 894 total registered in four years: FIA. May 20, 2017 310
CIA has tools for framing Russia, China, others for hacks. May 8, 2017 330
Dubai to host forensic science conference. Conference news Apr 1, 2017 244
Onto-Engineering: A Conceptual framework for Integrating Requirement Engineering Process with scientifically tuned Digital Forensics Ontologies. Maake, Lindiwe M.; Kebande, Victor R.; Karie, Nickson M. Report Apr 1, 2017 5879
Cloud computing security and forensics issues and awareness of cloud storage users in Malaysia. Keat, Yee Say; Rad, Babak Bashari; Ahmadi, Mohammad Report Jan 1, 2017 7964
Revealing Traces of Image Resampling and Resampling Antiforensics. Peng, Anjie; Wu, Yadong; Kang, Xiangui Report Jan 1, 2017 7041
Similarity Digest Search: A Survey and Comparative Analysis of Strategies to Perform Known File Filtering Using Approximate Matching. Moia, Vitor Hugo Galhardo; Henriques, Marco Aurelio Amaral Report Jan 1, 2017 14414
PMCAP: A Threat Model of Process Memory Data on the Windows Operating System. Pan, Jiaye; Zhuang, Yi Report Jan 1, 2017 10541
Cyber security: Inside Pakistan's first digital forensic research lab. Ammar Sheikh Nov 28, 2016 940
A formal model of events reconstruction for cloud forensics. Wang, Jian; Tang, Zhenmin; Shao, Wenjuan; Jin, Xianli Nov 15, 2016 4624
Digital forensic analysis of Ubuntu File System. Patil, Dinesh N.; Meshram, Bandu B. Report Oct 1, 2016 5192
Broken integrity detection of video files in video event data recorders. Lee, Choongin; Lee, Jehyun; Pyo, Youngbin; Lee, Heejo Report Aug 1, 2016 5471
Michael Martinez Recognized as a Professional of the Year by Strathmore's Who's Who Worldwide Publication. Jul 29, 2016 306
SBBox: A tamper-resistant digital archiving system. Alam, Monjur; Lee, Zhe Cheng; Nicopoulos, Chrysostomos; Lee, Kyu Hyung; Kim, Jongman; Lee, Junghee Report Jul 1, 2016 5554
Cellebrite Optimizes Forensic Triage Via Rapid and Controlled Extraction. Jun 8, 2016 501
PT/C/LWG Acquires Digital Forensic Services Firm. May 6, 2016 162
PT/C/LWG Acquires Digital Forensic Services Firm. May 6, 2016 171
Digital forensics to grow to $4.8 billion by 2020. May 1, 2016 335
Metrics-based risk assessment and management of digital forensics. Sahinoglu, Mehmet; Stockton, Stephen; Barclay, Robert M.; Morton, Scott Apr 1, 2016 5744
RegForensicTool: Evidence collection and analysis of Windows Registry. Report Apr 1, 2016 3938
Enhancing performance of intrusion detection system against KDD99 dataset using evidence theory. Shah, Vrushank; Aggarwal, A.K. Report Apr 1, 2016 4176
Building ontologies for Digital Forensic Terminologies. Karie, Nickson M.; Kebande, Victor R. Report Apr 1, 2016 3792
Restoring Data Has Run an Advanced Data Recovery and Computer Forensics Seminar for One of Japan's Leading Data Recovery Companies. Mar 31, 2016 348
ReStoring Data Was Chosen by Vancouver to Win the Consumer Choice Award in the Category of Data Recovery and Computer Forensics. Feb 29, 2016 352
ITA Launches National Digital Forensic Laboratory. Feb 15, 2016 372
Haitham presides over National Digital Forensic Lab opening. Feb 15, 2016 673
Classifier combination based source identification for cell phone images. Wang, Bo; Tan, Yue; Zhao, Meijuan; Guo, Yanqing; Kong, Xiangwei Report Dec 1, 2015 6724
Brandon Leatha, Director, iDiscovery Solutions to Speak at KC's Emerging Issues: Reconsidering Intellectual Property in Cloud Computing in 2016 Live Webcast. Oct 8, 2015 694
PacketSled 5-of-5 in SC Magazine's digital forensics, online fraud group test. Oct 2, 2015 163
PacketSled 5-of-5 in SC Magazine's digital forensics, online fraud group test. Oct 2, 2015 148
PacketSled 5-of-5 in SC Magazine's digital forensics, online fraud group test. Oct 2, 2015 163
A framework for integrating multimodal biometrics with digital forensics. Kebande, Victor R.; Karie, Nickson M. Report Oct 1, 2015 4241
Student Cybersecurity Games to teach high school students digital forensics. Sep 17, 2015 325
Student Cybersecurity Games to teach high school students digital forensics. Sep 17, 2015 311
Student Cybersecurity Games to teach high school students digital forensics. Sep 17, 2015 325
Detection for operation chain: histogram equalization and dither-like operation. Chen, Zhipeng; Zhao, Yao; Ni, Rongrong Report Sep 1, 2015 8947
Digital Forensics and Electronic Discovery Expert Jim Vaughn Joins Silicon Forensics as Managing Director. Aug 26, 2015 586
Altep Digital Forensics Taps Andy Reid for Senior Consulting Manager of Forensics, West Coast and Cross-Border Role. Jul 8, 2015 418
Overconfidence: Personal behaviors regarding privacy that allows the leakage of information in private browsing mode. Ruiz, Rodrigo de S.; Amatte, Fernando Pompeo; Park, Kil Jin Brandini; Winter, Rogerio Report Jul 1, 2015 6023
Phone from van of suspects in UP frat attacks subjected to digital forensics. Jun 23, 2015 459
Guidance Software EnCase named best computer forensics solution. Jun 9, 2015 263
Guidance Software EnCase named best computer forensics solution. Jun 9, 2015 251
Guidance Software EnCase named best computer forensics solution. Jun 9, 2015 263
A tamper-proof log architecture for cloud forensics. Geetha, V.; Udaya, Ponni N.M.; Devagi, T.C.; Nandhini, Priya M. Report Jun 1, 2015 3323
An assessment of corporate security policy violations using live forensics analysis. Yeboah-Boateng, Ezer Osei; Boadi, Eric Bonnah Report Jan 1, 2015 5537
Advances of mobile forensic procedures in Firefox OS. Yusoff, Mohd Najwadi; Mahmod, Ramlan; Dehghantanha, Ali; Abdullah, Mohd Taufik Report Oct 1, 2014 8798
A survey on digital forensics trends. Damshenas, Mohsen; Dehghantanha, Ali; Mahmoud, Ramlan Report Oct 1, 2014 13542
e-fraud forensics investigation techniques with Formal Concept Analysis. Waziri, Victor Onomza; Umar, Abdullahi; Olalere, Morufu Report Oct 1, 2014 3495
Warren Kruse, VP of Digital Forensics with Altep Inc. to Speak at IAFCI Conference. Conference news Aug 24, 2014 376
Using smart phone location services to help solve investigations. Jul 28, 2014 1033
Digital Forensics in the Mobile, BYOD, and Cloud Era. Jul 23, 2014 1700
Performance measurement for mobile forensic data acquisition in Firefox OS. Yusoff, Mohd Najwadi; Mahmod, Ramlan; Abdullah, Mohd Taufik; Dehghantanha, Ali Report Jul 1, 2014 5680
Deciding if your computer forensics expert is a good fit. Jun 23, 2014 987
Convergence of forensics, ediscovery, security, & law. Jorgensen, Serge Jun 22, 2014 9523
Making it easy or hard: Computer forensics expert testimony. Jun 9, 2014 1008
Making it easy or hard: Computer forensics expert testimony. Jun 9, 2014 968
Digital Forensic Examiner Course to be Held This July. May 28, 2014 391
Laying out the role of the computer forensics neutral expert. May 27, 2014 855
EYES ON THE SPIES; Covert surveillance, hidden cameras and digital forensics are all in a day's work for Wales' private investigators. Wales on Sunday's Ciaran Jones takes the case to find out more. May 18, 2014 1649
Cyber Security and Digital Forensics Boot Camp for Educators - August 2014. May 14, 2014 353
So, what exactly does your consulting computer forensics expert do? May 12, 2014 1001
Digital Forensics in Cloud Computing. Patrascu, Alecsandru; Patriciu, Victor-Valeriu May 1, 2014 6893
The tools your computer forensics expert brings to your case. Apr 28, 2014 960
It's elementary. Apr 20, 2014 1539
LawTech Europe Congress Announces E-Discovery Expert Jason R. Baron as a Keynote Speaker for its 2014 Event in Prague. Apr 18, 2014 641
When to call a computer forensics expert in civil litigation. Apr 14, 2014 976
Improvising the input process of traceability model for digital forensic investigation. Ahmeid Mohamed, Iman; Bt Abdul Manaf, Azizah Report Apr 1, 2014 3167
Cloud can complicate discovery. Mar 1, 2014 322
What every engineer should know about cyber security and digital forensics. Brief article Feb 1, 2014 111
Digital forensics processing and procedures; meeting the requirements of ISO 17020, ISO 17025, ISO 27001 and best practice requirements. Book review Feb 1, 2014 156
A comprehensive review on adaptability of network forensics frameworks for mobile cloud computing. Khan, Suleman; Shiraz, Muhammad; Wahab, Ainuddin Wahid Abdul; Gani, Abdullah; Han, Qi; Rahman, Zulka Report Jan 1, 2014 22442
Detecting hidden encrypted volume files via statistical analysis. Piccinelli, Mario; Gubian, Paolo Report Jan 1, 2014 6093
Placing the suspect behind the keyboard; using digital forensics and investigative techniques to identify cybercrime suspects. Book review Dec 1, 2013 188
Champlain College Named National Center of Excellence for Digital Forensics. Oct 26, 2013 634
Contego installs new forensic unit. Sep 15, 2013 193
AccessData, Contego team up on digital forensics. Sep 12, 2013 369
Warren Kruse, VP of Data Forensics with Altep Inc. to Speak at the Masters Conference. Conference news Jul 20, 2013 357
Contego Solutions Partners with Nuix to Bolster Its Digital Forensics Capabilities. Jul 3, 2013 296
Computer Forensics. Book review Jul 1, 2013 111
Computer Forensics. Book review Jul 1, 2013 111
Paraben Sells Enterprise Forensics Division to CyFIR, Inc.. Jun 14, 2013 444
Computer forensic experts tie Manning to WikiLeaks 'break in'. Jun 11, 2013 334
Timothy LaTulippe Joins Altep, Inc.. May 2, 2013 385
Digital forensics: a new challenge for accounting professionals. Brozovsky, John; Luo, Jie May 1, 2013 2746
Digital forensic trends and future. Dezfoli, Farhood Norouzizadeh; Dehghantanha, Ali; Mahmoud, Ramlan; Sani, Nor Fazlida Binti Mohd; Dar Report Apr 1, 2013 13570
A survey about impacts of cloud computing on digital forensics. Daryabar, Farid; Dehghantanha, Ali; Udzir, Nur Izura; Sani, Nor Fazlida binti Mohd; Shamsuddin, Sola Report Apr 1, 2013 8615
Malware forensics field guide for Windows systems; digital forensics field guides. Book review Feb 1, 2013 108
What the founders did not see coming: the fourth amendment, digital evidence, and the plain view doctrine. O'Leary, Kaitlyn R. Feb 1, 2013 19427
Region duplication forgery detection technique based on surf and HAC. Mishra, Parul; Mishra, Nishchol; Sharma, Sanjeev; Patel, Ravindra Report Jan 1, 2013 4576
Computer forensics between the Italian legislation and pragmatic questions. Fenu, Gianni; Solinas, Fabrizio Report Jan 1, 2013 8050
A privacy-preserving approach for collecting evidence in forensic investigation. Hou, Shuhui; Yiu, Siu-Ming; Uehara, Tetsutaro; Sasaki, Ryoichi Report Jan 1, 2013 5516
Automating the generation of fake documents to detect network intruders. Whitham, Ben Report Jan 1, 2013 8174
Digital Forensics for Handheld Devices. Dec 26, 2012 1024
Elijah Ltd. Named Orange County Bar Association's Exclusive E-Discovery and Computer Forensic Services Company. Oct 23, 2012 292
Modelling based approach for reconstructing evidence of VoIP malicious attacks. Ibrahim, Mohammed; Abdullah, Mohd Taufik; Dehghantanha, Ali Report Oct 1, 2012 7838
An analysis of base station location accuracy within mobile-cellular networks. Smit, Liam; Stander, Adrie; Ophoff, Jacques Report Oct 1, 2012 4903
A survey on privacy issues in digital forensics. Aminnezhad, Asou; Dehghantanha, Ali; Abdullah, Mohd Taufik Report Oct 1, 2012 7199
Jonathan Fowler, EnCE, ACE, Director of Forensics, First Advantage Litigation Consulting to Speak at Knowledge Congress' Event. Aug 26, 2012 688
Data Recovery & Computer Forensics for Puerto Rico. Aug 21, 2012 412
Small businesses, big risk: fraud controls lacking at organizations with fewer than 100 employees. Tysiac, Ken Aug 1, 2012 2381
Paul Taylor, CCE, Senior Director of Forensics, First Advantage Litigation Consulting to Speak at KC's International eDiscovery Event. Jul 24, 2012 573
Zayed University and AccessData partner to promote cyber security. Jun 24, 2012 643
Global Digital Forensics Provides Expert eDiscovery Guidance as the Courts Establish New Guidelines for Legal Counsel. Jun 20, 2012 831
Overlooking IT Forensics as a Crucial Component of an Organization's IT Structure Can Prove Costly - Expose Deficiencies with a Global Digital Forensics IT Assessment. May 31, 2012 1082
Web, Mobile and Cloud Application Vulnerabilities can Pose a Serious Risk - Application Security Testing from Global Digital Forensics can Significantly Reduce the Threat. May 18, 2012 960
AccessData to raise digital forensics awareness. May 14, 2012 269
According to, Job Prospects for Computer Forensic Science Technicians Expected to Grow by Almost 20% by the End of the Decade. May 11, 2012 348
Global Digital Forensics Offers Penetration Testing to Help Organizations Minimize the Threat and Damage Potential of Cyber Intrusions and Data Breaches. May 4, 2012 871
Global Digital Forensics Named "Significant Player" in Leading Digital Forensics Industry Report on the Expanding Field. Report Mar 28, 2012 806
Warren Kruse, VP of Data Forensics with Altep Inc. to Lecture at MIS Infosec World. Mar 19, 2012 233
Babar publishes research on digital forensic science. Mar 15, 2012 110
Digital Forensics Magazine Issue 10 Out Now. Feb 3, 2012 294
An Anne Arundel Community College (Md.) cyber forensics team won first place in the community college division and was among the top 10 teams on the leaders' board of the U.S. Department of Defense Cyber Crime Center Digital Forensics Challenge. Jan 23, 2012 181
Control variables of remote joint analysis realization on the M2M case. Lim, Sungryel; Choi, Boyun; Lee, Hongchul Report Jan 1, 2012 6600
With New "Joint Electronic Discovery Submission" Pilot Program Now in Effect in SDNY, Global Digital Forensics Keeps Clients Prepared. Dec 28, 2011 729
Police Detective and Computer Forensics Expert Jim Carden Launches Digital Blue Solutions. Nov 18, 2011 880
Global Digital Forensics Enhancing eDiscovery Solutions to Keep Legal Cases on Track When Digital Evidence Goes International. Nov 11, 2011 815
With eDiscovery Costing US Companies Over $3 Billion a Year, Global Digital Forensics is on the Front Lines to Help Reduce Costs. Sep 16, 2011 833
James Tendick Joins Renaissance Associates to Lead New Washington, DC Office. Sep 15, 2011 693
Global Digital Forensics Helps Minimize the Financial Impact of Data Breaches Which Cost US Companies Billions Every Year. Sep 8, 2011 812
Global Digital Forensics Helps Tackle Social Media to Maximize eDiscovery Benefits. Aug 27, 2011 806
Global Digital Forensics Can Help Thwart Internal Cyber Threats. Aug 22, 2011 719
Global Digital Forensics Offers Proactive Solutions to Secure US Cyber Assets. Aug 10, 2011 834
Info Retained by Smart Phones Raises New Issues for Consumers - and Opportunities for Computer Forensics. Jun 2, 2011 599
Digital Forensics Magazine Seeking Bloggers. May 17, 2011 284
The Lorenzi Group creates order from computer chaos. Fitzgerald, Robert Apr 22, 2011 391
Forty-second selected bibliography on computers, technology and the law: (January 2010 through December 2010). Bibliography Mar 22, 2011 17850
Cyberforensics: bridging the law/technology divide. Nieman, Annamart Jun 1, 2009 14786
CSI: hard drive: hate groups, terrorist activity, pimping. A day in the life of local law enforcement? No, just a routine sweep of school computers. Digital forensic technology is uncovering the bad, sometimes criminal behavior students and faculty are guilty of. Sturgeon, Julie Jan 1, 2008 2771
Rifling for evidence. Thilmany, Jean Brief Article Oct 1, 2004 288
Top 10 risks during electronic evidence discovery in litigation. Oct 1, 2003 708

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