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Bitcoin tumbles 10 per cent in wake of deepening China crackdown. Reuters News Service Jun 21, 2021 301
Bosch collaborates with Qingling Motors to establish JV in China. May 3, 2021 159
Curving Performance of Straddle-Type Monorail Vehicle with Single-Axle Bogies Based on Spatial Multi-Body Dynamic Analysis. Zhou, Junchao; Du, Zixue; Yang, Zhen; Xu, Zhouzhou Report Mar 1, 2021 3336
Stochastic Optimization of Multipath TCP for Energy Minimization and Network Stability over Heterogeneous Wireless Network. Arain, Zulfiqar A.; Qiu, Xuesong; Zhong, Lujie; Wang, Mu; Chen, Xingyan; Xiong, Yongping; Nahida, Ki Report Jan 1, 2021 6893
Effect of a Heating System Using a Ground Source Geothermal Heat Pump on Production Performance, Energy-Saving and Housing Environment of Pigs. Mun, Hong Seok; Dilawar, Muhammad Ammar; Jeong, Myeong Gil; Rathnayake, Dhanushka; Won, Jun Sung; Pa Nov 1, 2020 7601
Global efforts required to realise low carbon society: energy expert. Oct 4, 2020 549
Volkswagen To Pump EUR15 Billion Into China's Electric Cars. Sep 28, 2020 263
Dimensional Synthesis for Multi-Linkage Robots Based on a Niched Pareto Genetic Algorithm. Wu, Hu; Li, Xinning; Yang, Xianhai Report Sep 1, 2020 6876
Perspective of CIGS-BIPV's Product Competitiveness in China. Kong, Hui; Yu, Zhufeng; Zhang, Jun; Han, Yijie; Wu, Lin; Wang, Hongsheng; Wang, Jian Aug 31, 2020 7117
Research on HOV Lane Priority Dynamic Control under Connected Vehicle Environment. Zhou, Guiliang; Mao, Lina; Hu, Pengsen; Sun, Feng; Bao, Xu Aug 31, 2020 6376
Distributed Finite-Time Bipartite Consensus for Multiagent System with Event-Triggered Control. Xie, Haibo; Liu, Zhengjiang; Yan, Chengyong; Zhou, Shibo Report Aug 31, 2020 4629
Impact of UAV Delivery on Sustainability and Costs under Traffic Restrictions. Li, Yuyu; Yang, Wei; Huang, Bo Report Aug 31, 2020 11586
Importance-Performance Analysis of Prefabricated Building Sustainability: A Case Study of Guangzhou. Xie, Linlin; Chen, Yajiao; Xia, Bo; Hua, Chunxiang Case study Aug 31, 2020 13230
PCOI: Packet Classification-Based Optical Interconnect for Data Centre Networks. Jadoon, Rab Nawaz; Fayyaz, Mohsin; Zhou, WuYang; Khan, Muhammad Amir; Mujtaba, Ghulam Report Jul 31, 2020 6387
Information Investment and Sharing in a Two-Echelon Supply Chain under Government Subsidy and Consumer Preference for Energy-Saving Products. Li, Jinxi; Yi, Yuyin; Yang, Haishen Report Jul 31, 2020 9716
Designing Buy-Online-and-Pick-Up-in-Store (BOPS) Contract of Dual-Channel Low-Carbon Supply Chain considering Consumers' Low-Carbon Preference. Zhang, Yang; Li, Jingyi; Xu, Bing Report Jul 31, 2020 11653
An Innovative Design of Decoupled Regenerative Braking System for Electric City Bus Based on Chinese Typical Urban Driving Cycle. Xiong, Yanfeng; Yu, Qiang; Yan, Shengyu; Liu, Xiaodong Report Jul 31, 2020 7630
Production and Pricing Strategies of Energy-Saving Products in the Presence of Duopolistic Manufacturers. Xia, Xuefeng; Lou, Zhenkai; Dai, Xiaozhen Report Jul 31, 2020 4484
Energy Response Analysis of Continuous Beam Bridges with Friction Pendulum Bearing by Multihazard Source Excitations. Bing, Li; Wang, Bin; Shaohua, Wang; Xiao, Wu Jul 31, 2020 6651
Research on Dynamic and Complexity of Energy-Saving Investment about Multichannel and Multienergy Supply Chain. Wu, Fang Jul 31, 2020 3812
Material Removal Mechanism of Green Machining on Powder Metallurgy Parts during Orthogonal Cutting. Yang, Dayong; Lu, Longsheng; Wan, Zhenping Jul 31, 2020 4751
Proteomic Profile of Mouse Brain Aging Contributions to Mitochondrial Dysfunction, DNA Oxidative Damage, Loss of Neurotrophic Factor, and Synaptic and Ribosomal Proteins. Li, Yingchao; Yu, Haitao; Chen, Chongyang; Li, Shupeng; Zhang, Zaijun; Xu, Hua; Zhu, Feiqi; Liu, Jia Jun 30, 2020 9570
Optimal Torque Split Strategy of Dual-Motor Electric Vehicle Using Adaptive Nonlinear Particle Swarm Optimization. Zheng, Qingxing; Tian, Shaopeng; Zhang, Qian Jun 30, 2020 9245
Decision Optimization of Low-Carbon Dual-Channel Supply Chain of Auto Parts Based on Smart City Architecture. Li, Zheng; Hu, Bin; Huang, Bangtong; Lang, Lingling; Guo, Hangxin; Zhao, Yuanjun Jun 30, 2020 7004
Integrated Scheduling for Steelmaking Continuous Casting-Hot Rolling Processes considering Hot Chain Logistics. Wang, Sen; Shi, Yarong; Liu, Shixin May 31, 2020 8071
A Novel Design of a Neural Network-Based Fractional PID Controller for Mobile Robots Using Hybridized Fruit Fly and Particle Swarm Optimization. Ibraheem, Ghusn Abdul Redha; Azar, Ahmad Taher; Ibraheem, Ibraheem Kasim; Humaidi, Amjad J. May 31, 2020 9795
Low-power Scheduling Framework for Heterogeneous Architecture under Performance Constraint. Li, Junke; Guo, Bing; Shen, Yan; Li, Deguang May 1, 2020 7668
ENERGY-SAVING BUILDING PROGRAM EVALUATION WITH AN INTEGRATED METHOD UNDER LINGUISTIC ENVIRONMENT. Huang, Min; Zhang, Xinli; Ren, Ruxue; Liao, Huchang; Zavadskas, Edmundas Kazimieras; Antucheviciene, Technical report May 1, 2020 9606
Optimization Design of Actuator Parameters in Multistage Reciprocating Compressor Stepless Capacity Control System Based on NSGA-II. Jiang, Zhinong; Zhou, Chao; Wang, Yao; Zhang, Jinjie; Liu, Wenhua; Sun, Xu Apr 30, 2020 6328
Brain Medical Image Fusion Based on Dual-Branch CNNs in NSST Domain. Ding, Zhaisheng; Zhou, Dongming; Nie, Rencan; Hou, Ruichao; Liu, Yanyu Apr 30, 2020 7507
Foam Concrete: A State-of-the-Art and State-of-the-Practice Review. Fu, Yanbin; Wang, Xiuling; Wang, Lixin; Li, Yunpeng Apr 30, 2020 21116
Experimental Study on Performance Influencing Factors and Reasonable Mixture Ratio of Desert Sand Ceramsite Lightweight Aggregate Concrete. Zhang, Songlin; Yuan, Kang; Zhang, Jiaming; Guo, Junlin Mar 31, 2020 6202
Research on Noise Reduction Scheme of Heat Pump Unit in a Square. Zhang, Xueyong; Hu, Yuanyuan; Geng, Shengyuan; Hu, Qianyong; Wang, Huanbao Mar 31, 2020 3385
Influence of 3D Printed Topological Structure on Lightweight Mullite Load Bearing Board in Thermal Environment. Man, Yiran; Luo, Xudong; Xie, Zhipeng; Qu, Dianli Mar 31, 2020 3817
Study on Fuzzy Control for Air-To-Water Heat Pumps Connected to a Residential Floor Heating System. Jiang, Duhui; Hongshe, Cui Mar 31, 2020 5095
Material Selection of Green Design Processes for Car Body via considering Environment Property. Pu, Yongfeng; Ma, Fangwu; Han, Lu; Wang, Guowang Mar 31, 2020 5445
Load-Balancing Rendezvous Approach for Mobility-Enabled Adaptive Energy-Efficient Data Collection in WSNs. Zhang, Jian; Tang, Jian; Wang, Zhonghui; Wang, Feng; Yu, Gang Mar 1, 2020 9124
Impact of Financial Development and Its Spatial Spillover Effect on Green Total Factor Productivity: Evidence from 30 Provinces in China. Zhong, Junhao; Li, Tinghui Mar 1, 2020 8550
Multitechnique Concise Robust Control for the Insulation Containment Space Pressure Control of LNG Carrier. Su, Zuojing; Zhang, Xianku; Han, Xu Mar 1, 2020 4678
Latency-Aware Power Management in Software-Defined Radios. Malm, Nicolas; Ruttik, Kalle; Tirkkonen, Olav Mar 1, 2020 11808
Integrated Optimization on Energy Saving and Quality of Service of Urban Rail Transit System. Li, Wenxin; Peng, Qiyuan; Wen, Chao; Li, Shengdong; Yan, Xu; Xu, Xinyue Jan 1, 2020 12157
Optimal High-Speed Railway Timetable by Stop Schedule Adjustment for Energy-Saving. Chen, Dingjun; Li, Sihan; Li, Junjie; Ni, Shaoquan; Liu, Xiaolong Dec 31, 2019 5652
Exploring Critical Success Factors for Green Housing Projects: An Empirical Survey of Urban Areas in China. Sang, Peidong; Yao, Haona Dec 31, 2019 9541
Energy-Saving Design of Building Envelope Based on Multiparameter Optimization. Gan, Weinan; Cao, Yunzhong; Jiang, Wen; Li, Liangqiang; Li, Xiaolin Dec 31, 2019 6592
Joint Optimization of Energy Conservation and Migration Cost for Complex Systems in Edge Computing. Xu, Xiaolong; Xue, Yuan; Cui, Mengmeng; Yuan, Yuan; Qi, Lianyong Dec 31, 2019 9706
44 Stocks Moving In Monday's Mid-Day Session. Lisa Levin Dec 2, 2019 1120
Dynamic Response Analysis of the Coal Gangue-like Elastic Rock Sphere Impact on the Massless Tail Beam Based on Contact-Structure Theory and FEM. Yang, Yang; Wan, Lirong; Xin, Zhengyuan Nov 30, 2019 13215
Thermal Analyses and Responses of Bridge Deck Hydronic Snow Melting System. Feng, Junjie; Yin, Guansheng Nov 30, 2019 7255
Comparison of Environmental Impacts of Two Alternative Stabilization Techniques on Expansive Soil Slopes. Zhang, Rui; Long, Mingxu; Zheng, Jianlong Nov 30, 2019 8730
Global High Power LED Market: Growth, Trends & Forecasts (2019-2024). Nov 14, 2019 1343
Guangzhou Goaland Energy Conservation Tech received D on Foreign Investors Rating for Q3 2019. Nov 11, 2019 307
Synergy Group Appoints Mr. Sun Ning as the Chairman of the Group's Operations in the PRC. Oct 31, 2019 439
Energy Conservation and Harvesting in Wireless Sensor Networks. Stojcev, Mile; Stamenkovic, Zoran; Dimitrijevic, Bojan Sep 30, 2019 789
MHI Thermal Systems Establishes JV to Provide Technical Consulting Services to Energy Conservation Investment Projects in China. Sep 5, 2019 545
Distribution Law and Prediction Model of Dust Concentration under Airflow Adjustment in Fully Mechanized Heading Face. Gong, Xiaoyan; Jia, Congcong; Sun, Kang; Cui, Jian; Lei, Kefan; Xue, Yuxuan; Xue, He Aug 31, 2019 8197
Analysis and Forecasting of the Energy Consumption in Wastewater Treatment Plant. Li, ZhenHua; Zou, ZhiHong; Wang, LiPing Aug 31, 2019 4921
Simulation Analysis and Scheme Optimization of Energy Consumption in Public Buildings. Liu, Yang; Zou, Shiqing; Chen, Hongyu; Wu, Xianguo; Chen, Wenman Report Aug 31, 2019 9171
CrowdReviews Partnered with Reed Exhibitions to Announce: Aluminium China & Lightweight Asia 2019 Continue to Spotlight the Advancements in the Automotive Industries. Jul 5, 2019 398
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (HKSE: 1398) - Announcement on the Completion of Self-Assessment of the Implementation of Green Credit in 2018 -- 25/6/2019. Jul 1, 2019 415
Optimization Method for Twin-Tunnel Complementary Ventilation Design and Its Energy Saving Effect. Chai, Lunlei; Wang, Xing; Han, Xingbo; Xia, Yongxu; Wang, Yongdong; Lei, Ping Jun 30, 2019 7834
MHIEC Receives Japan Society of Industrial Machinery Manufacturers' "Chairman's Award" for Innovative High-viscosity Sludge Dryers. Jun 20, 2019 736
Online Monitoring Technique of Power Condition for Inverter-Fed Motor Driven Hydraulic System. Gu, Lichen; Shi, Yuan May 31, 2019 8418
Forecasting C[O.sub.2] Emissions in China's Construction Industry Based on the Weighted Adaboost-ENN Model and Scenario Analysis. Zhou, Jianguo; Xu, Xiaolei; Li, Wei; Guang, Fengtao; Yu, Xuechao; Jin, BaoLing Apr 30, 2019 9942
A Modelling and Control Approach for a Type of Mixed Logical Dynamical System Using in Chilled Water System of Refrigeration System. Zhang, Yan; Chu, Xiaoli; Liu, Yang; Liu, Yongqiang Apr 30, 2019 7168
Cosine-Trapezoidal Soft-Starting Control Strategy for a Belt Conveyor. Ji, Jianhua; Miao, Changyun; Li, Xianguo Apr 30, 2019 3827
LED Drivers Market with Current Trends Analysis, 2018-2028. Nov 26, 2018 605
Fong's Water Recycling System. Brief article Oct 31, 2018 188
Energy-saving Products and Green Tech at Eco Expo Asia. Oct 9, 2018 1187
CrowdReviews Partnered with Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group to Announce: The 3rd Asia (Guangzhou) Battery Sourcing Fair (GBF ASIA 2018). Jul 25, 2018 417
Philippines co-chairs regional platform for energy service companies. Jun 18, 2018 473
BP Network Control for Resource Allocation and QoS Ensurance in UAV Cloud. Gao, Ang; Hu, Yansu; Li, Lixin; Li, Xu Jan 1, 2018 7537
A Sparse Optimization Approach for Energy-Efficient Timetabling in Metro Railway Systems. Luo, Ziyan; Li, Xiaoyu; Xiu, Naihua Jan 1, 2018 9201
Random Forests-Based Operational Status Perception Model in Extra-Long Highway Tunnels with Longitudinal Ventilation: A Case Study in China. Qian, Chao; Chen, Jianxun; Luo, Yanbin; Li, Shuguang Case study Jan 1, 2018 6344
Compressed Sensing Based Joint Rate Allocation and Routing Design in Wireless Sensor Networks. Hao, Jie; Wang, Ran; Zhang, Baoxian; Zhuang, Yi; Chen, Bing Jan 1, 2018 6203
Performance and Power Consumption Analysis of IEEE802.11ah for Smart Grid. Zheng, Zhe; Cui, Wenpeng; Qiao, Lei; Guo, Jinghong Jan 1, 2018 4792
Energy-Efficient Cloudlet Management for Privacy Preservation in Wireless Metropolitan Area Networks. Xu, Xiaolong; Huang, Rui; Dou, Ruihan; Li, Yuancheng; Zhang, Jie; Huang, Tao; Yu, Wenbin Jan 1, 2018 9246
Experimental Study on Productivity Performance of Household Combined Thermal Power and Biogas System in Northwest China. Kang, Jian; Li, Jinping; Zhen, Xiaofei; Osman, Yassir Idris Abdalla; Feng, Rong; Si, Zetian Jan 1, 2018 6152
A New Mathematical Model For Heat Radius of Cyclic Superheated Steam Stimulation with Horizontal Wellbore. He, Congge; Xu, Anzhu; Fan, Zifei; Zhao, Lun; Bo, Bing Jan 1, 2018 5314
Multicriteria Optimization Design for End Effector Mounting Bracket of a High Speed and Heavy Load Palletizing Robot. He, Ying; Mei, Jiangping; Zang, Jiawei; Xie, Shenglong; Zhang, Fan Jan 1, 2018 9190
Driving Torque Model and Accuracy Test of Multilink High-Speed Punch. Li, Fuxing; Liu, Hao; Li, Menglei; Guo, Jun; Lu, Xinjian; Zhou, Jianhui; Xiao, Maohua; Wei, Weihua Jan 1, 2018 4381
A Hybrid Dynamical Modelling and Control Approach for Energy Saving of Central Air Conditioning. Zhang, Yan; Liu, Yongqiang; Liu, Yang Jan 1, 2018 7060
Subthreshold Periodic Signal Detection by Bounded Noise-Induced Resonance in the FitzHugh-Nagumo Neuron. Yao, Yuangen; Yang, Lijian; Wang, Canjun; Liu, Quan; Gui, Rong; Xiong, Juan; Yi, Ming Jan 1, 2018 6417
Alltronics 2017 Interim Net Profit Surges by 95.5% to HK$57.1 Million. Aug 29, 2017 1219
NF Energy enters into new agreement with China social welfare foundation water fund. Aug 18, 2017 164
Over 100 experts attend ICT summit in Dubai. Jun 26, 2017 312
SeniorLED Announces Power Saving Grow Lights for Canadian Market. May 19, 2017 483
First Orange Line Metro train rolls out. May 16, 2017 173
China produces subway trains for Pakistan. May 16, 2017 175
First Orange Line Metro train rolls out. May 16, 2017 173
NF Energy Saving secures USD600,000 in sales contracts in China. Aug 19, 2016 154
Zhong Fa Zhan Successfully Commences New Energy Business; Lays Solid Foundation for Business Transformation. Jun 24, 2016 859
"Electric Vehicle Industry in China, 2011-2020" is now available at Fast Market Research. Jun 10, 2016 498
NF Energy Saving Corporation enters into new supply sales contracts with five companies in China. Apr 13, 2016 160
Zhejiang Compressed Fluid Transmission Engineering Co Ltd. Apr 1, 2016 102
Modern Land Announces 2015 Annual Results. Financial report Mar 22, 2016 1525
Leading economist upholds service industry for growth. Nov 22, 2015 301
JLL, UGE and Blue Sky Plan to Bring Solar to Rooftops Across China. Sep 24, 2015 774
Chinese, U.S. companies launch fund to promote energy efficient buildings. Sep 17, 2015 231
Alltronics Enters Cooperative Agreement with China Unicom To Jointly Operate Wi-Fi Service and Provide Sales Agency Service for 4G Service Plans. Aug 24, 2015 516
Modern Land Enters into a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with iKANG Healthcare. Jun 12, 2015 870
NF Energy enters into sales agreement in Xinjiang Autonomous Region. Jun 8, 2015 196
New Market Report: Electronics and Appliance Specialist Retailers in China. Report Mar 20, 2015 451
NF Energy, Harbin sign sales agreement. Mar 5, 2015 106
NF Energy, Harbin sign sales agreement. Mar 5, 2015 104
China allows local refineries to import crude oil. Feb 16, 2015 161
NF Energy Saving's chair Li Gang named as VP of LOCAPIE. Feb 13, 2015 139
Navistar's JV announces production at new engine facility in China. Sep 26, 2014 239
China to cooperate with APEC on energy. Sep 2, 2014 240
GreenTech OutPost Will be Introducing Innovative Energy Savings and LED Products on August 11-13, 2014 at Imigrantes Exhibition Center, Sao Paulo Brazil. Aug 1, 2014 517
German Technology with higher energy efficiency and profits. May 31, 2014 538
HK Building & Loan Announces Placing of Shares at HK$0.8 per Share; Raises Net Proceeds of HK$299 Million. May 28, 2014 1265
China Bans Use of Microsoft's Windows 8 on Government Computers. May 21, 2014 278
No Windows 8 on our govt computers: China. May 20, 2014 272
BB shorts. May 17, 2014 354
China unveils 'flying ray-styled' eco-conscious Shenzhen airport's new terminal. Nov 29, 2013 209
China to increase financial support to shale gas industry. Oct 30, 2013 262
Technovator 1H2013 Profit up 27.5% to US$7.3 Million. Financial report Aug 19, 2013 1741
CORRECTED: M'bishi Electric forms JV to develop refrigerators in China. Jul 29, 2013 101
CORRECTED: M'bishi Electric forms JV to develop refrigerators in China. Jul 29, 2013 101
MiscTek Announced a Web Platform for the LED Light Business. Jul 4, 2013 461
Energy Conservation and Water Management to Drive Water Treatment Chemicals Market in China Says TechSci Research. Jun 30, 2013 419
Technovator 2012 Profit Up 29% to US$15 Million. Financial report Mar 21, 2013 1286
China to promote green buildings. Feb 13, 2013 379
China Metal Recycling Introduces the Central State-owned Enterprise as its Major Shareholder. Jan 28, 2013 766
Advances in energy conservation of china steel industry. Sun, Wenqiang; Cai, Jiuju; Ye, Zhu Report Jan 1, 2013 6433
Delta Electronics cashes in on energy-saving solutions for China's industrial facilities. Chuang, Steve Financial report Dec 20, 2012 316
COMAC of China, Boeing Open Energy Conservation Technology Center. Company overview Oct 31, 2012 973
EEDARS: an energy-efficient dual-sink algorithm with role switching mechanism for event-driven wireless sensor networks. Eslaminejad, Mohammadreza; Razak, Shukor Abd; Ismail, Abdul Samad Haji Report Oct 1, 2012 7914
Energy-efficient low-delay TDMA scheduling algorithm for industrial wireless mesh networks. Zuo, Yun; Ling, Zhihao; Liu, Luming Oct 1, 2012 9187
Boeing and China team up for biofuels. Sep 1, 2012 330
China to invest USD 376 billion in energy-saving projects. Aug 22, 2012 168
-COMAC of China, Boeing open energy conservation technology centre. Aug 17, 2012 282
-COMAC of China, Boeing open energy conservation technology centre. Aug 17, 2012 293
Jotun opens a state-of-the-art powder coatings factory in China. Aug 1, 2012 340
China Innovation Completes the Duel-usage in Four-New Industry. Apr 17, 2012 558
CTRL's Turnkey Program for China Power Generation Enters New Phase. Mar 8, 2012 405
China targets 21 pct cut in energy use. Feb 27, 2012 240
Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Industries Have Extensive Potential. Dec 6, 2011 1374
An Analysis of the Development of Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Measures in China. Dec 5, 2011 1460
China's White Paper indicates climate change policies' progress in 11th Five Year Plan. Nov 22, 2011 185
Sixth Eco Expo Asia Opens with Mainland Focus. Oct 26, 2011 708
China to spend 313 billion dollars on 'green economy, low carbon development' over next 5 years. Sep 25, 2011 207
China Trends Further Completes The CEM Industry Chain by M&A. Aug 31, 2011 821
Toyota Develops Tropospheric Ozone-concentration Simulator. May 24, 2011 1055
China aspires to reduce energy consumption per unit of GDP by 2015. Mar 6, 2011 313
China's Leedarson Blazes Trail in LED Lighting with LNP* Konduit* Compound from SABIC Innovative Plastics. Mar 5, 2011 629
China Trends promotes CEM with four platforms. Dec 7, 2010 777
Chinese company to introduce LED, solar lights. Nov 13, 2010 280
Chinese company to introduce LED, solar lights. Nov 11, 2010 280
China Trends Announces Financial Results for 3Q 2010. Financial report Nov 4, 2010 767
Pakistan's energy scenario. Oct 31, 2010 1575
China Trends is Well Equipped for the 12th Five Year Plan. Oct 29, 2010 627
Extending CEM Business to Green Habitation, China Trends Plans to Promote the Development of Low-Carbon Tourism. Oct 11, 2010 627
China Trends Expands LED energy-saving Market with Partners. Sep 20, 2010 643
A superpower without any power. Sep 15, 2010 490
China Trends Announces its Financial Results for H1 2010. Financial report Aug 11, 2010 1899
China Innovation's Investment Targets the Opportunities of Increasing Demand for Lithium Battery Positive Material. Aug 9, 2010 681
China : Hongqiao Railway Station Boasts of 20000 Solar Panels Producing 6.3 Million. Jul 26, 2010 247
China Innovation Joins with China Trends to Develop Strategic Cooperation with TCL on Energy-saving Products. Jun 8, 2010 495
China Innovation Optimizes Usage of Three New Industries. Apr 1, 2010 583
China's First Solar City Brings Prospects for China Innovation. Feb 25, 2010 659
UN highlights China's role to fight against climate change. Jul 29, 2009 353
China moves to combat climate change. Jun 11, 2009 498
Nortel introduces Smart Power Management Software. Apr 6, 2009 216
Nortel introduces Smart Power Management Software. Apr 6, 2009 218
Understanding China III: responsibility: Chinese leaders recognize the need to address issues like energy conservation, reduced emissions and economic inequities. Kuhn, Robert Lawrence Nov 1, 2008 1354
California's energy innovations help build a unique link with China. Osterkorn, Marianne Mar 10, 2008 1364

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