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Big deals in short.

Big Deals in Short

Company                Amount               Event

Lockheed Martin        $1.3 billion         Supply 52 F-16s
AgustaWestland         Undisclosed          Future Lynx assessment
STN Atlas              160 million [euro]   Upgrade MCM minehunter
Smiths Aerospace       $8 million           Order for 16 C-130 AMP
                                              trial kits
BGT                    DM 120 million       Integrate Iris-T on
                                              Eurofighter 2000
Eads/Casa              Undisclosed          Supply two CN-235 with
                                              option for another three
DRS Hadland            $5 million           Provide ultra high-speed
                                              digital imaging systems
Meridian               Not applicable       Receives approval for new
                                              nerve agent antidote
Gripen International   Not applicable       Submitted a response to
                                              Request for Information
Lockheed Martin        Not applicable       C-27J Spartan received
                                              military type
Allied Research        $130 million         Deliver Mecar's new family
                                              of 90 mm ammunition
Ontic Engineering      Undisclosed          Valve assembly
                                              license agreement
Slingsby Aviation      Undisclosed          Supply three T67M260
                                              Firefly aircraft
Rafale International   Undisclosed          Delivers industrial offer
Lockheed Martin        $200 million         C-27J Spartan selected for
                                              medium range transporter
Allied Research        $15 million          Deliver various types of
                                              90 mm and 105 mm rounds
Lockheed Martin        $2.68 billion        Build 13 additional F-22
                                              Raptor fighters
BAE Systems            Undisclosed          Leases satcom support for
                                              field forces

Company                            From Whom

Lockheed Martin                       Israel
AgustaWestland                       Britain
STN Atlas                           Belgium/
Smiths Aerospace                      Boeing
BGT                            Germany/Italy
Eads/Casa                             France
DRS Hadland                  US/Japan/Europe
Meridian                              US FDA
Gripen International               Australia
Lockheed Martin                        Italy
Allied Research                      US Army
Ontic Engineering           Parker Aerospace
Siingsby Aviation          Bahrain Air Force
Rafale International   Netherlands Air Force
Lockheed Martin                       Greece
Allied Research                South America
Lockheed Martin                 US Air Force
BAE Systems                          Britain
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Publication:Armada International
Date:Apr 1, 2002
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