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These new arrivals are top picks for leisure reading. Timothy Zahn's The Cobra Trilogy (1416520678, $14.00) is military sci fi at its best: a new kind of soldier is created to fight aliens not in space but on the ground: the Cobras' weaponry is surgically implanted yet invisible until needed. And Jonny Moreau learns the hard way that not all Cobras are on Earth's side the complete Cobra trilogy under one cover is hard to beat. David Drake, Eric Flint and Jim Baen are a powerful combination of literary forces together in The World Turned Upside Down (116520686, $15.00), in which publisher Baen joins with two top authors to gather the stories which made them sci fi fans in their youth. Sources used range from Analog to Weird Tales from the early 30s on and pack in some of the finest names in the field: a must for any 'best of the best' reader of the genre. Timothy Zahn's Blackcollar: Judas Solution (1416520651, $25.00) tells of the legendary 'blackcollar' warriors, the only hope of the planet. Military aggression, a sector's tactical center prize, and the Ryqril's threat make for a fast-paced military space action story. Arlene Golds' From Dream To Dream (141652066X, $25.00) tells of dreams turning to reality. Drew finds herself lost in a nightmare of dangerous monsters a nightmare pushing into her real waking world and learns her dreams have the power to change reality. From Dream To Dream is a fine, original story that comes packed with adventure and action: a top pick.
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Title Annotation:The Cobra Trilogy; The World Turned Upside Down; From Dream to Dream
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Date:Sep 1, 2006
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