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Somatic Missense Mutations of Histone Variant H3.3 in Central Nervous System Cancers. Sut, Burcu Biterge Dec 1, 2020 5054
The Effects of In Vitro Incubation of Asthenoteratozoospermic Semen after Density Gradient Centrifugation at Room Temperature and 37 [degrees]C on Sperm Parameters, Chromatin Quality and DNA Fragmentation in a Short Time Period. Zarchi, Motahareh Karimi; Maleki, Behnam; Ashkezari, Mahmood Dehghani; Zadeh, Leila Motamed; Agha-Ra Oct 1, 2020 3914
Conditioned Medium from Canine Amniotic Membrane-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells Improved Dog Sperm Post-Thaw Quality-Related Parameters. Mahiddine, Feriel Yasmine; Kim, Jin Wook; Qamar, Ahmad Yar; Ra, Jeong Chan; Kim, Soo Hyun; Jung, Eun Oct 1, 2020 10190
Effects of season and single layer centrifugation on bull sperm quality in Thailand. Nongbua, Thanapol; Utta, Apirak; Am-In, Nutthee; Suwimonteerabutr, Junpen; Johannisson, Anders; Morr Sep 1, 2020 6872
ChIP-seq Profiling Identifies Histone Deacetylase 2 Targeting Genes Involved in Immune and Inflammatory Regulation Induced by Calcitonin Gene-Related Peptide in Microglial Cells. Guo, Xingjing; Chen, Dan; An, Shuhong; Wang, Zhaojin Aug 31, 2020 5126
Identification and Analysis of Estrogen Receptor a Promoting Tamoxifen Resistance-Related lncRNAs. Zhang, Xiulei; Gao, Shanjun; Li, Zhen; Wang, Wei; Liu, Guangzhi May 31, 2020 4026
Epigenetic Mechanisms in the Neurodevelopmental Theory of Depression. Talarowska, Monika May 31, 2020 6523
A Systematic Analysis Revealed the Potential Gene Regulatory Processes of ATRA-Triggered Neuroblastoma Differentiation and Identified a Novel RA Response Sequence in the NTRK2 Gene. Guo, Liyuan; Lin, Wei; Zhang, Yidan; Wang, Jing Mar 31, 2020 10211
Evidence for Decreased Nucleolar PARP-1 as an Early Marker of Cognitive Impairment. Regier, Matthew; Liang, Jiancong; Choi, Alexander; Verma, Kavita; Libien, Jenny; Ivan Hernandez, A. Dec 31, 2019 5569
Pterostilbene Attenuates Fructose-Induced Myocardial Fibrosis by Inhibiting ROS-Driven Pitx2c/miR-15b Pathway. Kang, Lin-Lin; Zhang, Dong-Mei; Jiao, Rui-Qing; Pan, Shu-Man; Zhao, Xiao-Juan; Zheng, Yan-Jing; Chen Dec 31, 2019 10350
Oogenesis of Lithodes santolla: histological and histochemical characterization. Arcos-Ortega, Guadalupe F.; Serrano-Silvas, Santos Rene; Rodriguez-Jaramillo, Carmen; Acuna-Gomez, E Jul 1, 2019 6882
Pre-Diabetes Induces Ultrastructural Alterations in the Large Blood Vessel Aorta in Rats/La Prediabetes Induce Alteraciones Ultraestructurales en la Aorta de los Grandes Vasos Sanguineos en Ratas. Karib, Abbas O. El; Dallak, Mohammad; Ellatif, Mohamed Abd; Eid, Refaat A.; Haidara, Mohamed A.; Al- Jun 1, 2019 2879
Genome-Wide Mapping of Bivalent Histone Modifications in Hepatic Stem/Progenitor Cells. Kanayama, Kengo; Chiba, Tetsuhiro; Oshima, Motohiko; Kanzaki, Hiroaki; Koide, Shuhei; Saraya, Atsuno Apr 30, 2019 5539
Evaluation of Sperm Chromatin Integrity Using Aniline Blue and Toluidine Blue Staining in Infertile and Normozoospermic Men. Pourmasumi, Soheila; Khoradmehr, Arezoo; Rahiminia, Tahereh; Sabeti, Parvin; Talebi, Ali Reza; Ghase Apr 1, 2019 4770
Effects of Anethum groueolens L. on In Vitro Matured Mouse Oocytes and Granulosa Cells. Monsefi, Malihezaman; Khalifeh, Bahareh; Nibeghbal, Samaneh Report Oct 1, 2018 4860
Evaluating the Potential of Three Sperm Surface Antigens as Egg-adhesion Biomarkers for Human Sperm Selection. Heidari, Mahnaz; Darbandi, Sara; Darbani, Mahsa; Amirjanati, Naser; Bozorgmehr, Mahmood; Zeraati, Ho Report Oct 1, 2018 5471
Nesprin-2 Interacts with Condensin Component SMC2. Xing, Xin; Mross, Carmen; Hao, Linlin; Munck, Martina; Herzog, Alexandra; Mohr, Clara; Unnikannan, C Report Jan 1, 2018 9251
The Impact of Epigenetic Signatures on Amniotic Fluid Stem Cell Fate. Di Tizio, Daniela; Di Serafino, Alessandra; Upadhyaya, Prabin; Sorino, Luca; Stuppia, Liborio; Anton Jan 1, 2018 6967
The Transcription Factor ATF4 Promotes Expression of Cell Stress Genes and Cardiomyocyte Death in a Cellular Model of Atrial Fibrillation. Freund, Johanna K.; Frommeyer, Gerrit; Wotzel, Fabian; Huge, Andreas; Hoffmeier, Andreas; Martens, S Jan 1, 2018 7547
Distribucion de Espermatozoides con Cromatina Danada en Subpoblaciones Morfometricamente Distintas en Semen Criopreservado de Toros Brahman. Nava-Trujillo, Hector; Quintero-Moreno, Armando Ensayo Nov 1, 2017 4438
In vitro effects of lead on gene expression in neural stem cells and associations between up-regulated genes and cognitive scores in children. Wagner, Peter J.; Park, Hae-Ryung; Wang, Zhaoxi; Kirchner, Rory; Wei, Yongyue; Su, Li; Stanfield, Ki Apr 1, 2017 9326
Chk1 Promotes DNA Damage Response Bypass following Oxidative Stress in a Model of Hydrogen Peroxide-Associated Ulcerative Colitis through JNK Inactivation and Chromatin Binding. Reissig, Kathrin; Silver, Andrew; Hartig, Roland; Schinlauer, Antje; Walluscheck, Diana; Guenther, T Jan 1, 2017 9895
Combined effects of high-dose bisphenol A and oxidizing agent (KBr[O.sub.3]) on cellular microenvironment, gene expression, and chromatin structure of Ku70-deficient mouse embryonic fibroblasts. Gassman, Natalie R.; Coskun, Erdem; Jaruga, Pawel; Dizdaroglu, Miral; Wilson, Samuel H. Aug 1, 2016 12289
Ultrastructural and Immunohistochemical Effects of Aqueous Leave Extract of Xylopia aethiopica on the Stomach in Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetic Rats/Efectos Ultraestructurales e Inmunohistoquimicos del Extracto Acuoso de la Hoja Xylopia aethiopica en el Estomago de Ratas Diabeticas Inducidas por Estreptozotocina. Ofusori, D.A.; Komolafe, O.A.; Adewole, O.S.; Arayombo, B.E.; Margolis, D.; Naicker, T. Mar 1, 2016 4385
The usefulness of selected physicochemical indices, cell membrane integrity and sperm chromatin structure in assessments of boar semen sensitivity. Wysokinska, A.; Kondracki, S.; Iwanina, M. Report Nov 18, 2015 6254
ChIP-seq analysis of histone H3K9 trimethylation in peripheral blood mononuclear cells of membranous nephropathy patients. Sui, W.G.; He, H.Y.; Yan, Q.; Chen, J.J.; Zhang, R.H.; Dai, Y. Report Jan 1, 2014 4567
Comparing the roles of sperm chromatin integrity and apoptosis in intrauterine insemination outcomes of couples with mild male and female factor infertility. Ali Khalili, Mohammad; Nazari, Saeedeh; Dehghani-Firouzabadi, Razieh; Talebi, Alireza; Baghazadeh-Na Report Jan 1, 2014 3383
The adjacent vertex distinguishing I-total chromatic number of ladder graph. Suiyi, Yang; Wansheng, He; Shengzhang, Ren Report Sep 1, 2013 1007
Porcine LMNA is a positional candidate gene associated with growth and fat deposition. Choi, Bong Hwan; Lee, Jung Sim; Lee, Seung Hwan; Kim, Seung Chang; Kim, Sang Wook; Kim, Kwan Suk; Le Report Dec 1, 2012 5371
Anti-tumor potential of ethanol extract of curcuma phaeocaulis valeton against breast cancer cells. Chen, Xiuping; Pei, Lixia; Zhong, Zhangfeng; Guo, Jiajie; Zhang, Qingwen; Wang, Yitao Report Nov 15, 2011 4256
Real-time PCR assay. Mar 1, 2011 211
Effect of the addition of [beta]-hydroxybutyrate to chemically defined maturation medium on the nuclear maturation, sperm penetration and embryonic development of porcine oocytes in vitro. Endo, R.; Ishii, A.; Nakanishi, A.; Nabenishi, H.; Ashizawa, K.; Tsuzuki, Y. Report Nov 1, 2010 4393
Ardipusilloside I purified from Ardisia pusilla competitively binds VEGFR and induces apoptosis in NCI-H460 cells. Zhang, Yanmin; Qu, Youle; Zhang, Jie; Wang, Xiaojuan Report Jun 1, 2010 4684
Mesabolivar brasiliensis (Moenkhaus 1898) and Mesabolivar cyaneotaeniatus (Keyserling 1891) (Araneomorphae, Pholcidae): close relationship reinforced by cytogenetic analyses. Ramalho, Manuela Oliveira; Araujo, Douglas; Schneider, Marielle Cristina; Brescovit, Antonio Domingo Report May 1, 2008 2239

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