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Differences in Bone Strength Indices between Trained Male and Female Athletes Competing in the Same Sport: A pQCT Study. Bruininks, Brett D.; Mead, Tim P.; Smock, Amanda J.; Vancil, Maggie; Mellick, Paul F. Report Aug 1, 2020 8310
Periodized Training in Mice: Comparisons between Constant and Undulating Load Models. Carvalho, Carlos Dellavechia de; Kalva-Filho, Carlos Augusto; Milioni, Fabio; Loures, Joao Paulo; Se Report Aug 1, 2020 3634
Burrows' front-runner makes plenty of appeal; 3.20 Pontefract Sky Bet Pomfret Stakes1m, Listed RTVCard and Spotlight, page 52 Race analysis by Tom Collins. Tom Collins Jul 23, 2020 500
Exploring Factors Affecting the Yellow-Light Running Behavior of Electric Bike Riders at Urban Intersections in China. Cai, Jing; Zhao, Jianyou; Liu, Jing; Shen, Ke; Li, Xun; Ye, Yuntao Jun 30, 2020 8362
A Discrete-Space Train Movement Model for a High-Speed Train under Temporary Speed Restriction. Long, Sihui; Meng, Lingyun; Wang, Yihui; Miao, Jianrui; Li, Xuan Jun 30, 2020 5344
Effects of A High Intensity Interval Session on Mucosal Immune Function and Salivary Hormones in Male and Female Endurance Athletes. Monje, Camila; Rada, Isabel; Castro-Sepulveda, Mauricio; Penailillo, Luis; Deldicque, Louise; Zbinde Jun 1, 2020 6355
Identification of Urinary Biomarkers for Exercise-Induced Immunosuppression by iTRAQ Proteomics. Xu, Guoqin; Lin, Wentao; McAinch, Andrew J.; Yan, Xu; Weng, Xiquan Mar 1, 2020 8665
'Excessive breast movement' can cost women an extra mile when running, study finds; A new study by Brooks Running and the University of Portsmouth has found that 'excessive breast movement' can cost women an extra mile when running. By, Shivali Best Feb 7, 2020 345
Marathon Helps Reverse Heart Aging, Extend Life. Darwin Malicdem Jan 7, 2020 390
Novice runners 'turn back clock on health' Research: Exercise reverses effects of ageing on blood vessels. JEMMA CREW Jan 7, 2020 301
Polarized and Pyramidal Training Intensity Distribution: Relationship with a Half-Ironman Distance Triathlon Competition. Selles-Perez, Sergio; Fernandez-Saez, Jose; Cejuela, Roberto Dec 1, 2019 7182
Psychogeography of a Marathon Runner: An Exploratory EEG Approach. Bailey, Andrew W.; Hungenberg, Eric Dec 1, 2019 9310
In-Match Physical Performance Fluctuations in International Rugby Sevens Competition. Peeters, Alexis; Carling, Christopher; Piscione, Julien; Lacome, Mathieu Sep 1, 2019 6235
PERFIL DE CORREDORES E A RELACAO ENTRE VARIAVEIS DE TREINAMENTO COM O [VO.sub.2MAX] EM DIFERENTES NIVEIS DE DESEMPENHO/Runners profile and relationship between trainning variables and V[O.sub.2max] in different performance levels. Neves, Leticia Nascimento Santos; Gomes, Alexandra Rodrigues; Neto, Victor Hugo Gasparini; Carletti, May 1, 2019 5050
As we age, we need not slow down so much. Apr 3, 2019 876
The Proportion of Lower Limb Running Injuries by Gender, Anatomical Location and Specific Pathology: A Systematic Review. Francis, Peter; Whatman, Chris; Sheerin, Kelly; Hume, Patria; Johnson, Mark I. Report Mar 1, 2019 8398
ASSOCIACAO DA COMPOSICAO CORPORAL E CAPACIDADE CARDIORRESPIRATORIA EM CORREDORES DE RUA. Waclawovsky, Gustavo; da Silva, Leticia Ruas; Marenco, Ana; Vidaletti, Diego; Ferrari, Rodrigo; Lehn Dec 15, 2018 5520
Training Quantification and Periodization during Live High Train High at 2100 M in Elite Runners: An Observational Cohort Case Study. Sharma, Avish P.; Saunders, Philo U.; Garvican-Lewis, Laura A.; Periard, Julien D.; Clark, Brad; Gor Report Dec 1, 2018 7994
Effects of Exercise-Induced Fatigue on Lower Extremity Joint Mechanics, Stiffness, and Energy Absorption during Landings. Zhang, Xini; Xia, Rui; Dai, Boyi; Sun, Xiaole; Fu, Weijie Report Dec 1, 2018 8478
We slow as we age, but may not need to slow too much. Oct 8, 2018 1062
Evaluation of the impact on track of different locomotive running gear architectures. Bosso, Nicola; Gugliotta, Antonio; Zampieri, Nicolo Jun 1, 2018 7228
Effect of 8 Weeks Soccer Training on Health and Physical Performance in Untrained Women. Ortiz, Jaelson G.; da Silva, Juliano F.; Carminatti, Lorival J.; Guglielmo, Luiz G.A.; Diefenthaeler Report Mar 1, 2018 6046
A New Cooperative Anomaly Detection Method for Stacker Running Track of Automated Storage and Retrieval System in Industrial Environment. Huang, Darong; Lin, Mengting; Ke, Lanyan; Deng, Zhenping Report Jan 1, 2018 7180
Effects of the Splitter Blade on the Performance of a Pump-Turbine in Pump Mode. Li, Guidong; Wang, Yang; Cao, Puyu; Zhang, Jinfeng; Mao, Jieyun Jan 1, 2018 5114
Effects of a 4-week high-intensity interval training on pacing during 5-km running trial. Silva, R.; Damasceno, M.; Cruz, R.; Silva-Cavalcante, M.D.; Lima-Silva, A.E.; Bishop, D.J.; Bertuzzi Report Dec 1, 2017 4984
The Role of Nationality on the Pacing of Ironman Triathletes. Nikolaidis, Pantelis T; Kach, Ilja; Rosemann, Thomas; Knechtle, Beat Dec 1, 2017 4284
An autopsy based study of pattern of injuries in persons with history of fall from train and jumping in front of running train. Valsala, K.; Sreelekshmi, J.; Sreedevi, C.S. Report Sep 11, 2017 2479
Effectiveness of movement therapy interventions and training modifications for preventing running injuries: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials. Report Sep 1, 2017 5858
Markers of the Aerobic Energy-Delivery System as Measures of Post-Match Fatigue and Recovery in Soccer: A Repeated Measures Design. Dillern, Thomas Report Sep 1, 2017 5455
Running with risk. O'Rourke, Morgan Jun 1, 2017 624
Running and metabolic demands of elite rugby union assessed using traditional, metabolic power, and heart rate monitoring methods. Dubois, Romain; Paillard, Thierry; Lyons, Mark; McGrath, David; Maurelli, Olivier; Prioux, Jacques Report Mar 1, 2017 8403
Effects of neuromuscular training on the rear-foot angle kinematics in elite women field hockey players with chronic ankle instability. Kim, Eunkuk; Choi, Hokyung; Cha, Jung-Hoon; Park, Jong-Chul; Kim, Taegyu Report Mar 1, 2017 8232
Joint Torque and Mechanical Power of Lower Extremity and Its Relevance to Hamstring Strain during Sprint Running. Zhong, Yunjian; Fu, Weijie; Wei, Shutao; Li, Qing; Liu, Yu Jan 1, 2017 5146
Effects of Marathon Running on Aerobic Fitness and Performance in Recreational Runners One Week after a Race. Takayama, Fuminori; Aoyagi, Atsushi; Shimazu, Wataru; Nabekura, Yoshiharu Report Jan 1, 2017 4816
A comparison of stride length and lower extremity kinematics during barefoot and shod running in well trained distance runners. Francis, Peter; Ledingham, James; Clarke, Sarah; Collins, D.J.; Jakeman, Philip Report Sep 1, 2016 4793
Comparison of level and graded treadmill tests to evaluate endurance mountain runners. Balducci, Pascal; Clemencon, Michel; More, Baptiste; Quiniou, Geraud; Saboul, Damien; Hautier, Chris Report Jun 1, 2016 6468
Alterations of vertical jump mechanics after a half-marathon mountain running race. Rousanoglou, Elissavet N.; Noutsos, Konstantinos; Pappas, Achilleas; Bogdanis, Gregory; Vagenas, Geo Report Jun 1, 2016 7226
The impact of event prestige on intent to continue sport participation. Kim, Seungmo; Liu, Jing Dong; Love, Adam Report May 26, 2016 7808
Evaluation of the relationship between distance running and renal stone formation. Mar 22, 2016 125
Effects of cycling versus running training on sprint and endurance capacity in inline speed skating. Stangier, Carolin; Abel, Thomas; Mierau, Julia; Hollmann, Wildor; Struder, Heiko K. Report Mar 1, 2016 7519
The effects of caffeine supplements on exercise-induced oxidative damages. Zeraatpishe, Akbar; Malekirad, Ali Akbar; Nik-Kherad, Javad; Jafari, Afshar; Babadi, Saeed Yousefi; Dec 1, 2015 3564
An acute lateral ankle sprain significantly decreases physical activity across the lifespan. Hubbard-Turner, Tricia; Wikstrom, Erik A.; Guderian, Sophie; Turner, Michael J. Report Sep 1, 2015 4596
The effect of training in minimalist running shoes on running economy. Ridge, Sarah T.; Standifird, Tyler; Rivera, Jessica; Johnson, A. Wayne; Mitchell, Ulrike; Hunter, Ia Sep 1, 2015 4207
The effect of peer influence on exercise intensity and enjoyment during outdoor running in collegiate distance runners. Carnes, Andrew J.; Barkley, Jacob E. Report Sep 1, 2015 5075
Effects of post-exercise honey drink ingestion on blood glucose and subsequent running performance in the heat. Ahmad, Nur Syamsina; Ooi, Foong Kiew; Ismail, Mohammed Saat; Mohamed, Mahaneem Clinical report Sep 1, 2015 5236
Supporting your career pathway. Mulling, Benjamin R. Column Jul 1, 2015 474
Investigating the effects of knee flexion during the eccentric heel-drop exercise. Weinert-Aplin, Robert A.; Bull, Anthony M.J.; McGregor, Alison H. Report Jun 1, 2015 5864
Voluntary exercise prior to traumatic brain injury alters miRNA expression in the injured mouse cerebral cortex. Miao, W.; Bao, T.H.; Han, J.H.; Yin, M.; Yan, Y.; Wang, W.W.; Zhu, Y.H. Report May 1, 2015 4369
Relationship between short-distance run and variables of pulmonary function tests. Bhatt, Madhu; Wankhede, Tanaji; Thapa, Bikalp; Kushwaha, Arvind Singh; Malhotra, Vineet Kumar; Hira, Mar 1, 2015 2000
Runner identity and sponsorship: evaluating the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon. Lough, Nancy L.; Pharr, Jennifer R.; Owen, Jason O. Report Dec 1, 2014 10719
Recovery of powerful kick biomechanics after intense running fatigue in male and female soccer players. Katis, Athanasios; Amiridis, Ioannis; Kellis, Eleftherios; Lees, Adrian Dec 1, 2014 4389
High training volumes are associated with a low number of self-reported sick days in elite endurance athletes. Martensson, Sandra; Nordebo, Kristina; Malm, Christer Report Dec 1, 2014 3647
Relationship of anthropometric and training characteristics with race performance in endurance and ultra-endurance athletes. Knechtle, Beat Jun 1, 2014 11227
A comparison of anthropometric and training characteristics between female and male half-marathoners and the relationship to race time. Friedrich, Miriam; Rust, Christoph A.; Rosemann, Thomas; Knechtle, Patrizia; Barandun, Ursula; Leper Mar 1, 2014 6702
Lactate analysis in two sessions of prescribed long-distance running thought heart rate deflection point/Analise do lactato em duas sessoes de corrida prescritas atraves do ponto de deflexao da frequencia cardiaca. Brunetta, Henver Simionato; Navarro, Antonio Coppi; Frighetto, Monica Nov 1, 2013 3327
Seen and heard while running this fall. Brief article Sep 1, 2013 287
Does muscle mass affect running times in male long-distance master runners? Knechtle, Beat; Rust, Christoph Alexander; Knechtle, Patrizia; Rosemann, Thomas Dec 1, 2012 5946
A racing model; Health. Mar 25, 2012 652
Is the critical running speed related to the intermittent maximal lactate steady state? de Lucas, Ricardo D.; Dittrich, Naiandra; Junior, Rubens B.; de Souza, Kristopher M.; Guglielmo, Lui Report Mar 1, 2012 5104
Assessment of dietary intake, anthropometric profile and nutritional knowledge of street racers from Porto Alegre/Avaliacao da ingestao alimentar, perfil antropometrico e conhecimento nutricional de corredores de rua de Porto Alegre. Tormen, Charline Carla Demoliner; Dias, Raquel da Luz; de Souza, Carolina Guerini Jan 1, 2012 3567
Energy expenditure during a race orienteering/Dispendio energetico durante uma corrida de orientacao. Regio, Evandro da Rosa; Liberali, Rafaela Nov 1, 2011 3790
The acute effects of varying strength exercises bouts on 5km running. de Souza, Eduardo Oliveira; Rosa, Luis Fernando Caineli; Pires, Flavio; Wilson, Jacob; Franchini, Em Report Sep 1, 2011 4340
Humans could outrun Neandertals: homo sapiens' heels more suited to long-distance trotting. Bower, Bruce Brief article Mar 12, 2011 250
Influence of the resistance training in the economy of race in endurance corridors/Influencia do treinamento de forca na economia de corrida em corredores de endurance. Pereira, Ricardo Henrique Filipin Alves; Lima, Waldecir Paula Mar 1, 2010 11800
Behavior of lactate and cardiac frequency, with the supplementation of 40 grams of carbohydrate in pedestrian's/Comportamento do lactato e frequencia cardiaca com a suplementacao de 40 gramas de carboidrato em pedestrianista. Marchezan, Josiane; Figueiredo, Nara Borges Batista; Souza, Diego Inacio; Navarro, Antonio Coppi Nov 1, 2009 3233
The effects of sodium bicarbonate in the lactate concentration and in the performance of middle distance runners and long distance/Os efeitos do bicarbonato de sodio na concentracao de lactato e na performance de corredores de meio-fundo e fundo. de Aquino, David Costa; Navarro, Antonio Coppi; Navarro, Francisco Jul 1, 2009 5408

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