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Fanny Eaton: why a Google Doodle is celebrating the Jamaican-born Pre-Raphaelite artist's model who was exhibited at the Royal Academy; Fanny Eaton provided inspiration for painters and artists seeking inspiration in representing BAME individuals in their works. Alex Nelson Nov 18, 2020 606
Aesthetic Taste Now: A Look Beyond Art and the History of Philosophy. Spicher, Michael R. Essay Sep 22, 2020 4940
BRICKBATS FOR SHOCKING LEGO SHOW OF FORCE; Parents protest at exhibition's models of terrorist guns using children's toy. JACK EVANS News Reporter Jan 26, 2020 736
Students showcase talent at science and art exhibition. Dec 2, 2019 306
ART IS I, SCIENCE IS WE. Beverly, Imani; Briones, Bryan; Mickens, Ronald E. Report Mar 22, 2019 1317
Lost and found: Exhibitions reuniting historic collections can be a visual feast, but do they have an intellectual purpose--and can they give us the wrong idea about the past? Stammers, Tom Mar 1, 2019 2504
Kimberly Rose Caron: The Caron Gallery. Sep 28, 2018 209
The awes and woes of modernity: Gozzano gazzettiere and the Great Exhibition of Turin 1911. Coletta, Cristina Della Critical essay May 1, 2018 7456
Creative Intuition After Beauty: Jacques Maritain's Philosophy of Art in the Contemporary Context. Potter, Brett David Essay Mar 22, 2018 9712
A Conglomeration of Stilts: An Artistic Investigation of Hybridity. Wilkinson, Michelle; Forsdick, Natalie Essay Dec 1, 2017 1499
The Dual Matrix of Life: On Genetic Science, Art and the Truth Games of the "Third Culture". Mazumdar, Pravu Essay Dec 1, 2017 15227
Perspectives on Video Games as Art. Bourgonjon, Jeroen; Vandermeersche, Geert; Rutten, Kris Essay Dec 1, 2017 7081
Brexit, art loans and contracts left in limbo. Bennett, Geoffrey Report Jul 1, 2017 4508
Hands-On Math and Art Exhibition Promoting Science Attitudes and Educational Plans. Thuneberg, Helena; Salmi, Hannu; Fenyvesi, Kristof Report Jan 1, 2017 9623
Toy sculptures modeled from paintings highlight 'Onib in 3D'. Nov 6, 2016 449
The embodied act: how becoming a (bad) artist can revitalize the arts. Mitchell, Mark T. Essay Jun 22, 2016 2870
Is cinema art? Hibbs, Thomas S. Critical essay Jan 1, 2015 6484
'The liveliest medium': television's aesthetic relationships with other arts. Jacobs, Jason; Peacock, Steven Editorial Sep 22, 2014 2179
Television amongst friends: medium, art, media. Cardwell, Sarah Essay Sep 22, 2014 7374
Against the Invisibility of Old Age: Cindy Sherman, Suzy Lake, and Martha Wilson. Meagher, Michelle Essay Mar 22, 2014 11185
Stomaching the salon: the sense of taste in Le Tintamarre's "Boulangerie du Louvre" and Baudelaire's Salon de 1846. Lewis, Philippa R.G. Critical essay Sep 22, 2013 6538
What is art--and why even ask? Ratcliff, Carter Sep 1, 2013 13068
What's in your palette? Stobie, Pete Essay Jul 1, 2013 1246
High and low art, inadequacy of words, and self-referentiality in Pasolini's "Che cosa sono le nuvole?". Bini, Daniela Critical essay Jun 18, 2013 9155
Art criticism that made a difference. Carrier, David May 1, 2013 732
Vernon Lee, Oscar Wilde, and the dialogue of "new aesthetics". Horrocks, Jamie Critical essay Mar 22, 2013 13236
The Actress: art and reality. Lippe, Richard Critical essay Jan 1, 2013 3868
Discussing art in the second redaction of Resurrection. Matveeva, Inga Critical essay Jan 1, 2013 3760
Is it art? Making art accessible during Miami Art Week. Smith, Eric Dec 22, 2012 551
Philosophy of art; aesthetic theory and practice. Book review Dec 1, 2012 176
The politics of art. Rose, Barbara Nov 1, 2012 2996
"From that day forth I cast in carefull mynd, / to seeke her out with labor, and long tyne": Spenser, Augustine, and the places of living language. Iammarino, Denna Sep 22, 2012 10446
"But Tiepolo is My Painter": Twain on Art in A Tramp Abroad. Beauchamp, Gorman Critical essay Sep 22, 2012 8515
But is it art? Critical essay Sep 22, 2012 436
PAF holds art exhibition of aviation paintings, aircraft models. Sep 9, 2012 270
Art's way out; exit pedagogy and the cultural condition. Book review Aug 1, 2012 130
Nature's Toolbox: Biodiversity, Art, and Invention. Jun 22, 2012 474
Hiding from significance: documented disinterestedness in Winnebago Man. Khan, Amir Critical essay Jun 22, 2012 5399
What's so feminist about the Feministische Kunst Internationaal? Critical directions in 1970s feminist art. Wentrack, Kathleen Essay May 1, 2012 14239
Doin' It in Public: feminism and art at the Woman's Building. Klein, Jennie Essay May 1, 2012 3309
Ramon del Valle-Inclan and the plastic arts. Zas, Margarita Santos Report Apr 1, 2012 8424
Maryland's Montgomery College Takoma Park/Silver Spring Campus Department of Visual Arts and Design currently features its annual faculty and staff exhibition, "Evidence of Growth," at the King Street Gallery located in the Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation Arts Center in Silver Spring, Md. Jan 23, 2012 171
The Meanings of Forgery. Essay Jan 1, 2012 5758
Ecce homo: Isabelle Graw on art and subjecthood. Graw, Isabelle Essay Nov 1, 2011 2927
Google art project. Bradnock, Marianne Sep 22, 2011 867
Sifting ancient fact from modern fiction; Alison Jones discovers the true genius of the Ancient Egyptians at an exhibition aiming to quash some of the more extreme Hollywood theories. Feb 10, 2011 1546
Between "critique" and propaganda: the critical self-understanding of art in the historical avant-garde. The case of Dada. Maftei, Stefan-Sebastian Essay Dec 22, 2010 11281
Providing for aesthetic experience. Holt, Jason Essay Sep 22, 2010 7604
Why has aesthetic formalism fallen on hard times? Fenner, David E.W. Report Sep 22, 2010 5655
An Odd Thought Concerning a new sort of exhibition. Leibniz, Gottfried Wilhelm Jun 22, 2010 1390
Now you don't: the work of metaphor. Patell, Shireen R.K. Essay Sep 22, 2009 2661
The new geography. Discussion Apr 1, 2009 4622
Lonergan on the transcendent orientation of art. Rosenberg, Randall S. Critical essay Mar 22, 2009 4672
A century of futurism: introduction. Luisetti, Federico; Somigli, Luca Essay Jan 1, 2009 3832
Art and agency. Griffin, Tim Editorial Oct 1, 2008 909
Lines and shapes, the building blocks of art. Sep 1, 2008 116
Ezra pound and the ideology of art: Ezra pound and the visual culture of modernism. Dickey, Frances Critical essay Jun 22, 2008 2773
Celebrity art: art created by or depicting celebrities leaves a star-studded path that collectors are following. Fondo, Lisa Oct 1, 2007 1667
Why art critics don't matter anymore: aesthetic terms are everywhere because everyone uses language aesthetically all the time; it is part of the texture of our lives. Alexander Nehamas (1). Carrier, David May 1, 2007 2547
Something different: Lucy McKenzie curates. McKenzie, Lucy Nov 1, 2006 489
"Still Points of the Turning World": Site Santa Fe. Madoff, Steven Henry Nov 1, 2006 1037
"A wonderfull tryumfe, for the wynnyng of a pryse": guilds, ritual, theater, and the urban network in the Southern Low Countries, ca. 1450-1650*. Van Bruaene, Anne-Laure Jun 22, 2006 13318
The New York fairs. Panero, James May 1, 2006 1823
Nedko Solakov: Kunsthaus Zurich. Reust, Hans Rudolf Jan 1, 2006 547
Artexpo set to inspire the art world. Casgar, Susanne Editorial Jan 1, 2006 784
Chelsea mourning. Excerpt Jan 1, 2006 581
The art of art. Galef, David Jan 1, 2006 4653
Artexpo New York 2006 to debut new concept: the Pavilion will serve retail galleries and established art collectors at the world's largest fine art fair. Brief Article Dec 1, 2005 170
9th International Istanbul Biennial: various venues. Demos, T.J. Nov 1, 2005 1781
InSite_05: various venues, San Diego and Tijuana. Tumlir, Jan Nov 1, 2005 2078
Opportunities are aplenty at Artexpo Atlanta: from networking opportunities to unexpected business activities, Atlanta in September was the place to be. Jancsurak, Joe Nov 1, 2005 1236
It's a whole new ballgame for sports art: collectors are beginning to see sports art as a wise investment. Pandolfi, Keith Sep 1, 2005 1711
Canaletto before England: an exhibition at Palazzo Guistiniani in Rome focuses on Canaletto's career before his departure for London in 1746. It is visually rewarding, writes Francis Russell, and reunites some paintings that have long been separated. Russell, Francis Jun 1, 2005 898
Exhibition explores images of quacks and quackery. Feb 1, 2005 312
Treasure houses of Germany: the display in Munich of works of art from aristocratic collections has been condemned in the German press as a 'selling exhibition', but it should be considered a wake-up call to the country's cultural guardians, as Philippa Glanville explains. Glanville, Philippa Feb 1, 2005 962
Case Solved: Parts of "Lost" Inness Painting United. Dietsch, Deborah K. Feb 1, 2005 1032
Art as propaganda: didacticism and lived experience. Aljenfawi, Khaled Jan 1, 2005 8108
Gwangju Biennale 2004: Various Venues. Breuvart, Valerie Jan 1, 2005 579
Design [not equal to] Art. Deitz, Paula Jan 1, 2005 585
Alix Lambert: Alix Lambert, a multimedia artist based in New York and Los Angeles, was recently seen performing at New York's P.S. 122 with the theater company the Civilians in Nobody's Lunch. Nov 1, 2004 910
Chris Ofili. De Salvo, Donna Brief Article Oct 1, 2004 241
Banks Violette. Tumlir, Jan Brief Article Oct 1, 2004 205
Jason Rhoades. Birnbaum, Daniel Brief Article Oct 1, 2004 215
Andrea Bowers. Siegel, Katy Interview Oct 1, 2004 111
Rob Pruitt. Gingeras, Alison M. Interview Oct 1, 2004 149
Teamwork works. Casgar, Susanne Oct 1, 2004 419
The art of Nancy Bryant. Franklin, Deeanna Oct 1, 2004 1263
History in the making. Tobin, Hugh Aug 1, 2004 557
Art for All[TM] at Artexpo Atlanta. Aug 1, 2004 739
Art for art's sake: alternative art and unusual themed exhibits contribute to success of 25-year-old, artist-run gallery. Jancsurak, Joe Jul 1, 2004 1160
The faces of honor, the face of shame. McKelvey, Tara Jun 1, 2004 496
Strange fruit. Panero, James Jan 1, 2004 1754
What's in a fake? Jan 1, 2004 588
In the kitchen of art. Grassi, Marco Dec 1, 2003 2859
The dream made real. Meyers, Jeffrey Dec 1, 2003 2226
The "Blue Rider" imbroglio. Kramer, Hilton Dec 1, 2003 3008
Whither the psychodramas? Panero, James Oct 1, 2003 2528
Paths to reading and writing through the visual arts. Richardson Maurine V.; Sacks, Mary Kathleen; Ayers, Mary N. Sep 22, 2003 1397
Constructing contemporary artistic identities in Toronto neighbourhoods. Bain, Alison L. Sep 22, 2003 8979
An agent's journey into art. Young, Paul Sep 1, 2003 593
A St Francis by Botticelli in the National Gallery. Korman, Sally Jul 1, 2003 7707
Blue tops design horizon: moody, serene blue is the year's hottest color in fashion, interior design and art. (Special Report). Lyons, Jessica Apr 1, 2003 1084
Tender reverence. (meditation). Beckett, Wendy Brief Article Feb 1, 2003 204
Students artists: create symbolic messages with their artistry. Marcelin, Michael Oct 1, 2002 583
Still divided. (Germany Adrift). Hooper, John Sep 22, 2002 1785
Landscape art regains ground in uncertain times: offering the comfort of the familiar, landscapes are proving to be a timeless choice for publishers, galleries and collectors. Kasperek, Rita Sep 1, 2002 1126
Empty gestures. (Outrage). Best, Alastair Feb 1, 2002 447
Thought-police brutality: out artist Alex Donis discusses his sexy new paintings--which the city of Los Angeles says are too controversial to display. (Art). Mathis, Derrick Brief Article Jan 22, 2002 787
Geometric versus Meat-ineffable (1994). Brakhage, Stan Dec 22, 2001 1609
Through the looking glass: David Hockney explains how a question about some Ingres drawings led to a whole new theory of Western art. (Point Of Departure). Hockney, David Nov 1, 2001 1421
Isolation. Beckett, Wendy Brief Article Nov 1, 2001 180
The motif of the woman in the doorway and related imagery in traditional Chinese funerary art. Goldin, Paul R. Oct 1, 2001 6407
Up to Speed on the Screen. YACOWAR, MAURICE Sep 22, 2001 2465
Verso. Brief Article Sep 1, 2001 329
Play It Again, Vaclav - The Wisdom in Havel's Plays. CHAMBERLAIN, LESLEY Biography Aug 1, 2001 2682
Art for Money's Sake. Young, Michael Jun 1, 2001 970
Detail from La Primavera. Brief Article May 1, 2001 351
Year of the Spirit. Fuchs, Elinor Feb 1, 2001 2498
Mystery of color, light. McLAUGHLIN, LAURENCE Brief Article Nov 10, 2000 716
Turner's Slave Ship. Pilla, Dorothy Amore Sep 1, 2000 1303
IKE AND LYNDON. Bowden, Charles Mar 1, 2000 9786
Words as Things. DE GRAZIA, MARGRETA Jan 1, 2000 1848
The impenetrable looking glass: Plato on the different possibilities of the visual and literary arts. Gould, Carol S. Critical essay Jan 1, 2000 4973
Nishida and Santayana on Goethe an essay in comparative aesthetics. Wilkinson, Robert Critical essay Jan 1, 2000 9480
Portraits and masks in the art of Lorenzo de' Medici, Botticelli, and Politian's 'Stanze per la Giostra.'. Dempsey, Charles Mar 22, 1999 11428
The minuet: painter-musicians in triple time. Rowland-Jones, Anthony Aug 1, 1998 7690
'Zine not heard. Hultkrans, Andrew Oct 1, 1997 1493
Critical reflections. Groys, Boris Oct 1, 1997 3697
Art for the right reasons. Honan, William H. Editorial Sep 1, 1997 957
"Our Father, God; Our Brother, Christ; or are we bastard kin?": images of Christ in African American painting. Pinder, Kymberly N. Jun 22, 1997 5559
The birth of natural classicism. Turner, Frederick Dec 22, 1996 3483
Under the influence: a survey. Istel, John Jan 1, 1996 4716
The stupa in Indian art: symbols and the symbolic. Duran, Jane Jan 1, 1996 3764
Art, the community's medicine. Lewis, Peter Jul 1, 1995 5622
The rainbow theory of art. Oreskovic, Kreso Apr 1, 1995 2715
Appraisal: science or art? Smalley, Steven P. Apr 1, 1995 4007
How modern artists help you find the Way of the Cross. Riggs, Brian Mar 1, 1995 2170
'Mockingbird' rises like a phoenix. Jones, Chris Feb 1, 1995 1480
Art after the end of art. Danto, Arthur Coleman Cover Story Apr 1, 1993 4840
Form and gender. Summers, David Mar 22, 1993 11927
Hunkering down with Mabou Mines. Downey, Roger Dec 1, 1992 1035
Art in pubic places. Jueneman, Frederic B. Column Sep 1, 1992 824
Art education: a world view. Hurwitz, Al May 1, 1989 743

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