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project-/problem-based learning in STEM: impacts on student learning. Euefueno, William D. Report May 1, 2019 3322
Helping students make sense of STEM. Lyons, Terry Sep 1, 2018 5168
Alignment between Mathematics Curriculum and Textbook of Grade VIII in Punjab. Hashmi, Aroona; Hussain, Tariq; Shoaib, Almas Case study Apr 30, 2018 6872
Effectiveness of Problem Solving Method in Teaching Mathematics at Elementary Level. Behlol, Malik Ghulam; Akbar, Rafaqat Ali; Sehrish, Hifsa Case study Apr 30, 2018 5371
MAKING A DIFFERENCE ONE GAME AT A TIME. Bittner, Gina L.; McCauley, Laura Mar 22, 2018 1454
Enabling mathematics: Curriculum design to support transfer. Taylor, Janet A.; Brickhill, Michael J. Essay Jan 1, 2018 4199
Comparisons of Mathematics Intervention Effects in Resource and Inclusive Classrooms. Bottge, Brian A.; Cohen, Allan S.; Choi, Hye-Jeong Report Jan 1, 2018 8006
Interests and Recruitment in Science: Factors Influencing Recruitment and Retention in STEM Education at University Level in Pakistan. Awan, Riffat-un-Nisa; Sarwar, Muhammad; Mehdi, Munim; Noureen, Ghazala; Anwar, Nadeem Report Dec 31, 2017 7573
Changes in Students' Beliefs: A Case of Mathematics. Iqbal, Muhammad Zafar; Mirza, Munawar Sultana; Shams, Jahan Ara Case study Dec 31, 2017 3932
Relationship between Mathematics Teachers Self Efficacy and Students Academic Achievement at Secondary Level. Gulistan, Muhammad; Hussain, Muhammad Athar; Mushtaq, Muhammad Report Dec 31, 2017 4106
Irving Fisher's unpublished 1890 essay 'Mathematical contributions to Philosophy: Attacking Kant's theory of Geom. axioms'. Truuvert, Toomas Critical essay Dec 1, 2017 3382
Ecocritcally (Re)Considering STEM: Integrated Ecological Inquiry in Teacher Education. Lupinacci, John; Happel-Parkins, Alison Essay Sep 22, 2017 5226
Social Risk Takers: Understanding Bilingualism in Mathematical Discussions. Dominguez, Higinio Report Jun 22, 2017 4934
Bilingual Pre-Service Teachers Grapple with the Academic and Social Role of Language in Mathematics Discussions. Zavala, Maria del Rosario Report Jun 22, 2017 7273
Using architecture as a context to enhance students' understanding of symmetry. Hourigan, Mairead; Leavy, Aisling Jun 22, 2017 2960
Transforming functions by rescaling axes. Ferguson, Robert Report Jan 1, 2017 2809
Structure sense: a precursor to competency in undergraduate mathematics. Vincent, Jill; Pierce, Robyn; Bardini, Caroline Report Jan 1, 2017 3860
Addition chains: a resolve lesson. Turner, Paul; Thornton, Steve Report Jan 1, 2017 2485
The Philosophical Quarterly: Vol. 66, No. 264, July 2016. Sep 1, 2016 1297
Gender inequality amid educational expansion in India: an analysis of gender differences in the attainment of reading and mathematics skills. White, Gregory; Ruther, Matt; Kahn, Joan R.; Dong, Dian Report Jul 1, 2016 11663
Misconceptions of Students in Learning Mathematics at Primary Level. Mohyuddin, Rana Ghulam; Khalil, Usman Report Jun 30, 2016 10204
Using a framework for three levels of sense making in a mathematics classroom. Moss, Diana L.; Lamberg, Teruni Column Jun 22, 2016 3761
Relevance. Turner, Paul Column Dec 22, 2015 1132
Thirty-seven. de Mestre, Neville Report Dec 22, 2015 712
Putting thinking into middle and upper secondary mathematics. Jelinek, Mark Dec 22, 2015 3211
Editorial. Day, Lorraine Editorial Dec 22, 2015 544
Promoting and assessing mathematical generalising: the difficulties faced by young children when generalising are highlighted and ideas about how teachers can select and design tasks that promote generalisation are provided. Hill, Tiffany; Lannin, John; van Garderen, Delinda Report Dec 22, 2015 3357
Statistical literacy in action: should all graphs start at zero? Watson, Jane Report Dec 22, 2015 2378
International Mathematical Modeling Challenge ([IM.sup.2]C). Report Jul 1, 2015 793
Galileo and the humanities. Crease, Robert P. Critical essay May 1, 2015 3790
Heuristic reasoning in the psychology of mathematics education. Pera, Aurel Report Jan 1, 2015 2161
What can other areas teach us about numeracy? Ferme, Elizabeth Essay Dec 22, 2014 3424
Calculus-based mathematics: an Australian endangered species? Maltas, Dimitrios; Prescott, Anne Report Jul 1, 2014 4269
Enacting Common Core Instruction: How Intermediate Unit 13 Leveraged Its Position as an Educational Service Agency to Implement and Scale the LDC Initiative. Report Jan 1, 2014 632
Perceptual Learning in Early Mathematics: Interacting with Problem Structure Improves Mapping, Solving and Fluency. Thai, Khanh-Phuong; Son, Ji Y.; Hoffman, Jessica; Devers, Christopher; Kellman, Philip J. Report Jan 1, 2014 631
Testing the Efficacy of a Tier 2 Kindergarten Mathematics Intervention: Findings of Year 1. Doabler, Christian; Clarke, Ben; Smolkowski, Keith; Fien, Hank; Baker, Scott Report Jan 1, 2014 401
On solving systems of equations by successive reduction using 2x2 matrices. Carley, Holly Report Jan 1, 2014 2245
Giving more realistic definitions of trigonometric ratios II. Bhattacharjee, Pramode Ranjan Report Jan 1, 2014 1270
Teacher-researchers and the discovery and dissemination of professional practice. Farrell, Peter Dec 22, 2013 2061
Has the whole world lost its head? Marsh, Gerald E. Nov 1, 2013 3248
A postcard from a primary mathematics classroom in Chongqing, China. Norton, Stephen; Zhang, Qinqiong Jun 22, 2013 2680
Equivalence and relational thinking: opportunities for professional learning. Vale, Colleen Jun 22, 2013 2416
A snapshot of the use of ICT in primary mathematics classrooms in Western Australia. Day, Lorraine Mar 22, 2013 2889
The Science-Technology-Engineering-Mathematics (STEM) Initiative at Stephen F Austin State University. Gruebel, Robert W.; Childs, Kimberly Mar 22, 2013 4584
Aristotle's critique of Platonist mathematical objects: two test cases from Metaphysics M 2. Katz, Emily Critical essay Jan 1, 2013 10222
Developmental and Individual Differences in Understanding of Fractions. Siegler, Robert S.; Pyke, Aryn A. Report Jan 1, 2013 339
Culturally Responsive Mathematics Pedagogy: A Bridge Too Far? Sparrow, Len; Hurst, Chris Abstract Dec 2, 2012 267
Getting over Epistemology and Treating Theory as a Recyclable Source of "Things". Kusznirczuk, John Abstract Dec 2, 2012 206
Time for Learning: An Exploratory Analysis of NAEP Data. Ginsburg, Alan; Chudowsky, Naomi Abstract Dec 1, 2012 660
Not Just Math and English: Courses That Pose Obstacles to Community College Completion. CCRC Working Paper No. 52. Zeidenberg, Matthew; Jenkins, Davis; Scott, Marc A. Report Nov 1, 2012 285
Evaluation of Mathematical Self-Explanations with LSA in a Counterintuitive Problem of Probabilities. Guiu, Jordi Maja Abstract Oct 19, 2012 216
Some Aspects of Mathematical Model of Collaborative Learning. Nakamura, Yasuyuki; Yasutake, Koichi; Yamakawa, Osamu Abstract Oct 19, 2012 211
Mathematics Framework for the 2013 National Assessment of Educational Progress. Abstract Oct 1, 2012 436
Examining Feedback in an Instructional Video Game Using Process Data and Error Analysis. CRESST Report 817. Buschang, Rebecca E.; Kerr, Deirdre S.; Chung, Gregory K. W. K. Abstract Jul 1, 2012 216
Mathematics and revolutionary theory: reading Castoriadis after Badiou. Tasic, Vladimir Critical essay Jul 1, 2012 9556
Pedagogical content knowledge for preschool mathematics: construct validity of a new teacher interview. McCray, Jennifer S.; Chen, Jie-Qi Report Jul 1, 2012 7989
Overly scripted: exploring the impact of a scripted literacy curriculum on a preschool teacher's instructional practices in mathematics. Parks, Amy Noelle; Bridges-Rhoads, Sarah Report Jul 1, 2012 9285
Searching for Variables and Models to Investigate Mediators of Learning from Multiple Representations. Rau, Martina A.; Scheines, Richard Abstract Jun 19, 2012 319
Methods to Find the Number of Latent Skills. Beheshti, Behzad; Desmarais, Michel C.; Naceur, Rhouma Abstract Jun 19, 2012 311
The Rise of the Super Experiment. Stamper, John C.; Lomas, Derek; Ching, Dixie; Ritter, Steve; Koedinger, Kenneth R.; Steinhart, Jonat Abstract Jun 19, 2012 278
The common core state standards and text complexity: what librarians need to know ... and do. Hiebert, Elfrieda H. Essay Jun 1, 2012 5654
High School Predictors of College Readiness: Determinants of High School Graduates' Enrollment and Successful Completion of First-Year Mathematics and English College Courses in Virginia. Jonas, Deborah; Dougherty, Chrys; Herrera, Angelica Ware; LaTurner, Jason; Garland, Marshall; Ware, Report May 1, 2012 532
Using Cluster Analysis to Extend Usability Testing to Instructional Content. CRESST Report 816. Kerr, Deirdre S.; Chung, Gregory K. W. K. Report May 1, 2012 257
Problem contexts for thinking about equality: an additional resource. Barlow, Angela T.; Harmon, Shannon E. Mar 1, 2012 2634
An examination of 40 years of mathematics education among Norwegian braille-reading students. Klingenberg, Oliv G.; Fosse, Per; Augestad, Liv Berit Brief article Feb 1, 2012 6012
Multiply Your Child's Success: Math and Science Can Make Dreams Come True. A Parent's Guide. Report Jan 1, 2012 219
First-grade methods of single-digit addition with two or more addends. Guerrero, Shannon M.; Palomaa, Kimberly Report Jan 1, 2012 8015
Mathematics Remediation for Indigenous Students with Learning Difficulties: Does It Work? Yong, Poon Cheng; Jiar, Yeo Kee; Zanzali, Noor Azlan Ahmad Report Jan 1, 2012 286
Mathematics as thinking: a response to "Democracy and School Math". Allen, Kasi Essay Sep 22, 2011 6116
Girih tiles. Prochazka, Helen Report Sep 20, 2011 210
Math Fact Strategies Research Project. Boso, Annie Abstract Jul 16, 2011 259
Analysing the mathematical experience: Posing the 'what is mathematics?' question. Padula, Janice Jul 1, 2011 5359
Standardized Acceptance Factor Average (SAFA): conceptual framework. Safa, Mohammad Samaun Jul 1, 2011 2831
Time-Indexed Effect Size Metric for K-12 Reading and Math Education Evaluation. Lee, Jaekyung; Finn, Jeremy; Liu, Xiaoyan Abstract Apr 8, 2011 254
One Teacher's Dilemma in Mediating Translation from Written to Symbolic Form in a Multilingual Algebra Classroom. Essien, Anthony A. Report Jan 1, 2011 170
Revisions to the PARCC Model Content Frameworks for Mathematics and ELA/Literacy Based on Public Feedback. Abstract Jan 1, 2011 209
The Nation's Report Card: Reading and Mathematics 2011. National Assessment of Educational Progress at Grades 4 and 8. Findings in Brief. NCES 2012-459. Jan 1, 2011 243
Is the US Plan to Improve Its Current Situation in Science, Mathematics, and Technology Achievable? Hossain, Md. Mokter; Robinson, Michael Report Jan 1, 2011 264
Summary of Funded Race to the Top Applications: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Activities in Eleven States and the District of Columbia. Mattson, Beverly Author abstract Jan 1, 2011 210
Variables that affect math teacher candidates' intentions to integrate Computer-Assisted Mathematics Education (CAME). Erdogan, Ahmet Report Dec 22, 2010 3877
Using Scratch: an integrated problem-solving approach to mathematical thinking: Nigel Calder describes how Scratch can be used to design games to develop mathematical concepts. Calder, Nigel Dec 14, 2010 2593
Planning, teaching and assessing mathematics learning for real! Leonie Youdale describes her experiences with teaching a small group of children the number sequence 11-20. Youdale, Leonie Dec 9, 2010 1760
Editorial. Beswick, Kim; Muir, Tracey Editorial Dec 9, 2010 666
A Case Study on Mathematics Anxiety for Mathematics of Finance Course. Abidin, Rabiatul Alawiyah Zainal; Alwi, Fatimah; Jaafar, Noor Faiza M. Abstract Nov 1, 2010 348
Mathematical stability in our personal lives. Hershkowitz, Daniel Essay Jan 1, 2010 3083
Technical Adequacy of the easyCBM Primary-Level Mathematics Measures (Grades K-2), 2009-2010 Version. Technical Report #1006. Anderson, Daniel; Lai, Cheng-Fei; Nese, Joseph F. T.; Park, Bitnara Jasmine; Saez, Leilani; Jamgochi Abstract Jan 1, 2010 146
The Achievement Consequences of the No Child Left Behind Act. Working Paper. Dee, Thomas S.; Jacob, Brian A. Report Aug 12, 2009 257
A class of completely monotonic functions related to the remainder of Binet's formula with applications. Guo, Senlin; Qi, Feng May 1, 2009 1452
A Model Comparison for Count Data with a Positively Skewed Distribution with an Application to the Number of University Mathematics Courses Completed. Liou, Pey-Yan Author abstract Apr 16, 2009 190
Editorial. Falle, Judith Editorial Mar 22, 2009 532
Looking forward, looking back: mathematics education at the senior secondary and tertiary interface. Stillman, Gloria; Brown, Jill Editorial Jan 1, 2009 841
A Choice of a New Funding Formula. Hancock, Kenneth Author abstract Oct 1, 2008 230
The asymptotic formula of [ZIGMA]/n[less than or equal to] x I(n) (1). Wang, Lingling Report Jan 1, 2008 696
Properties of t - k residual sequence of natural sequence. Zhang, Xiong; Du, Juan; Zhang, Cunxia Report Jan 1, 2008 731
Convolution formulae for the generalized Fibonacci polynomials and the generalized Lucas polynomials (1). Liang, Fangchi; Jing, Aiwen Jan 1, 2008 1307
American Mathematics Competitions. Brief article Jun 22, 2007 223
Time after time: Lauren McGuire addresses the issues surrounding the concept of time faced by many primary students. McGuire, Lauren Jun 22, 2007 1421
Assessment and Item Specifications for the NAEP 2009 Mathematics Assessment. National Assessment of Educational Progress. Mathematics NAEP, 2009. Report Jun 1, 2007 325
Why? Why? Why? Future teachers discover mathematical depth. Myers, Perla May 1, 2007 2779
Four practices that math classrooms could do without. Fiori, Nick May 1, 2007 845
Motivation and self-regulation in mathematics. Ozturk, Baris; Bulut, Safure; Koc, Yusuf Mar 22, 2007 3282
Free mathematics software resources; which word caught your eye? Reeves, Howard Mar 22, 2007 1788
Creating mathematics performance assessments that address multiple student levels. Bahr, Damon L. Mar 22, 2007 2990
National Mathematics Advisory Panel Preliminary Report. Report Jan 1, 2007 380
3 outlooks. Pascopella, Angela Brief article Jun 1, 2006 123
8th grade algebra: finding a formula for success: if your district is considering this trend, here's some advice on mathematics' good news/bad news situation. Fratt, Lisa Jun 1, 2006 1319
A contract for excellence in scientific education: may I have your signature please? Tate, William F.; Malancharuvil-Berkes, Elizabeth May 1, 2006 4385
Preservice Elementary Teachers Create Mathematical Mystery Object Boxes to Review and Teach Numeration, Algebra, Geometry, and Measurement. Rule, Audrey C., Ed.; Grueniger, Erika, Ed.; Hingre, Denise, Ed.; McKenna, Kyle, Ed.; Williams, Rebe Author abstract Apr 26, 2006 292
Sixth graders' oral retellings of compare word problems. Monroe, Eula Ewing Mar 22, 2006 6578
School Context, Student Attitudes and Behavior, and Academic Achievement: An Exploratory Analysis. Akey, Theresa M. Report Jan 1, 2006 305
A Perspective on Gender Disparity in Mathematics Education. Fredua-Kwarteng, Eric Abstract Nov 1, 2005 186
A study of composition formulas for the unified fractional integral operators *. Sharma, Arti Nov 1, 2005 2691
The effects of the Collaborative Representation Supporting Tool on problem-solving processes and outcomes in web-based collaborative Problem-Based Learning (PBL) environments. Kim, Dong-Sik Sep 22, 2005 6799
Math--that four-letter word! Freiberg, Melissa Sep 22, 2005 3067
Development of Mathematical Norms in an Eighth-Grade Japanese Classroom. Sekiguchi, Yasuhiro Abstract Jul 10, 2005 173
An Investigation of a Preservice Teacher's Use of Representations in Solving Algebraic Problems Involving Exponential Relationships. Presmeg, Norma; Nenduradu, Rajeev Abstract Jul 10, 2005 174
NAEP 2004 Trends in Academic Progress: Three Decades of Student Performance in Reading and Mathematics. Findings in Brief. NCES 2005-463. Abstract Jul 1, 2005 230
Teachers' and pre-service teachers' gendered beliefs: students and computers. Forgasz, Helen Jun 22, 2005 2677
Teaching mathematics in the middle years: is middle schooling necessary? Perso, Thelma Mar 22, 2005 4115
Analyses of Eighth Grade Math Texts and Achievement (Evaluation Report). What Works Clearinghouse Detailed Study Report. Abstract Mar 4, 2005 151
WASHINGTON COMMENTARY: Endless Ping-Pong Over Math Education. Lewis, Anne C. Feb 1, 2005 1162
Mathematical naturalism and the powers of symbolisms. Code, Murray Report Jan 1, 2005 9810
W.Va. Council urges reduction in learning gap. Brief Article Oct 11, 2004 242
Making the complexities of teaching visible for prospective teachers. Chval, Kathryn B. Sep 1, 2004 3558
Teaching Children Mathematics: forward to school. Lewis, Cathie Aug 1, 2004 958
Designing math trails for the elementary school. Richardson, Kim Margaret Cover Story Aug 1, 2004 2334
Addressing parents' concerns about mathematics reform. Hendrickson, Scott; Siebert, Daniel; Smith, Stephanie Z.; Kunzler, Heidi; Christensen, Sharon Aug 1, 2004 2947
Correspondences, Functions and Assignation Rules. Downs, M.; Mamona-Downs, J. Abstract Jul 1, 2004 164
From Formal to Semi-Informal Algorithms: The Passage of a Classroom into a New Mathematical Reality. Boufi, Ada; Skaftourou, Frosso Abstract Jul 1, 2004 201
Towards the Emergence of Constructing Mathematical Meanings. Bikner-Ahsbahs, Angelika Abstract Jul 1, 2004 135
Characteristics of Mathematical Problem Solving Tutoring in an Informal Setting. Zodik, Iris; Zaslavsky, Orit Abstract Jul 1, 2004 174
Abstraction in Mathematics and Mathematics Learning. Mitchelmore, Michael; White, Paul Abstract Jul 1, 2004 184
Development of Understanding and Self-Confidence in Mathematics; Grades 5-8. Hannula, Markku S.; Maijala, Hanna; Pehkonen, Erkki Abstract Jul 1, 2004 166
Enhancing Mathematical Literacy with the Use of Metacognitive Guidance in Forum Discussion. Kramarski, Bracha; Mizrachi, Nava Abstract Jul 1, 2004 196
Mathematical thinking and geometric exploration in Africa and elsewhere. Gerdes, Paulus May 1, 2004 5009
The role of technology in students' conceptual constructions in a sample case of problem solving. Trigo, Manuel Santos Mar 22, 2004 5022
The effect of a problem centered approach to mathematics on low-achieving sixth graders. Ridlon, Candice L. Mar 22, 2004 11676
Preservice teachers' number sense. Menon, Ramakrishnan Mar 22, 2004 4003
A Study of Gender-Based and Ethnic-Based Differential Item Functioning (DIF) in the Spring 2003 Idaho Standards Achievement Tests Applying the Simultaneous Bias Test (SIBTEST) and the Mantel-Haenszel Chi Square Test: Idaho Standards Achievement Tests; Reading, Language Usage, and Mathematics, Grades 4, 8, and 10. Stoneberg, Bert D. Abstract Mar 1, 2004 348
The importance of the statement in addition and subtraction word problems. Velazquez, Fidela Jan 1, 2004 8481
Beginning secondary mathematics teachers: a snapshot across one state. Wohlhuter, Kay A. Jan 1, 2004 4389
The role of playing games in developing algebraic reasoning, spatial sense, and problem-solving. Sakshaug, Lynae Jan 1, 2004 3290
Girls' experiences in learning school mathematics. Lim, Jae Hoon Jan 1, 2004 7695
Is a rectangle a square? Developing mathematical vocabulary and conceptual understanding. Renne, Christine G. Jan 1, 2004 3185
"I did it my way": providing opportunities for students to create, explain, and analyze computation procedures. Scharton, Susan Jan 1, 2004 3030
Questioning Assumptions: A Critical Pedagogical Perspective on Mathematics Teaching and Learning in Rural Places. Working Paper No. 18. Hackenberg, Amy J.; Mewborn, Denise S. Report Jan 1, 2004 168
MathTrek. Dec 20, 2003 335
Motivation and performance in college students enrolled in self-paced versus lecture-format remedial mathematics courses. Eppler, Marion Dec 1, 2003 4882
Junior Architects: designing your Dream Clubhouse using measurement and geometry. Suh, Jennifer M.; Moyer, Patricia S.; Sterling, Donna R. Nov 1, 2003 3552
Building a vision of algebra for preservice teachers. Stump, Sheryl; Bishop, Joyce; Britton, Barbara Nov 1, 2003 3254
Beyond Discourse: A Multimodal Perspective of Learning Mathematics in a Multilingual Context. Morales, Hector; Khisty, Lena Licon; Chval, Kathryn Report Jul 1, 2003 187
If it looks like a sphere...Exploring the newly proposed solution to a famous problem about three-dimensional shapes. Klarreich, Erica Jun 14, 2003 2410
Mathematics and the legal imagination: a response to Paul Edelman. Meyerson, Michael I. Jun 22, 2002 1796
Dear Verity: Why Are All the Dictionaries Wrong? Dempsey, Deirdre; Marshall, John (Supreme Court Justice) Feb 1, 2001 2742
A numerical measure of commutativity for projections. Herman, L.; Piziak, R. Feb 1, 2001 1623
Centroids in unitary spaces. Amir-Moez, Ali R.; Rassias, Themistocles M. Feb 1, 2000 850
Beyond helping with homework: parents and children doing mathematics at home. Kliman, Marlene Nov 1, 1999 3715
How huge is a hundred? Auriemma, Susan Hampton Nov 1, 1999 3216
Gauss and the regular heptodecagon. Amir-Moez, Ali R. Aug 1, 1998 946
Promoting a problem-posing classroom. English, Lyn D. Nov 1, 1997 4760
Dryden and Draghi in harmony in the 1687 'Song for St Cecilia's Day.' (John Dryden's poem set to music by Giovanni Battista Draghi) Bray, Roger Aug 1, 1997 9177
Literature and algebraic reasoning. Lubinski, Cheryl A.; Otto, Albert D. Feb 1, 1997 3361
Patterns as tools for algebraic reasoning. Herbert, Kristen; Brown, Rebecca H. Feb 1, 1997 2523
Laughing stock. Bhabha, Homi K. Oct 1, 1996 2464
Playing the percentages: sex in Connecticut. MacNeal, Edward Sep 22, 1996 2523
Assessment and Geraldine's blanket. Jaberg, Patricia Bibliography Apr 1, 1995 1928
Threading mathematics into social studies. Smith, Jacqueline Mar 1, 1995 2549
A note on normal spaces. Dorsett, Charles Feb 1, 1994 1085
Comparative performance analysis of Jancey's K-Mean clustering algorithm with respect to various initial configurations. Rhodes, S. Denise; King, Ronald S. Aug 1, 1992 4045
A Stone Approximation Theorem for TM-partition spaces. Wu, Hueytzen J. May 1, 1990 3274

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