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Allied Fibers.

Allied Fibers

For more than three decades, the Allied Industrial Fibers Division of Allied-Signal Inc. has been a worldwide leader in the innovation and development of industrial fiber technology. Backed by a strong commitment to R&D, Allied Fibers has achieved a significant market position in industrial fibers, through the development of new products that meet customers' changing needs.

Today, tire cord is the largest single market for Allied Fibers' industrial yarns. The division's type 6 Caprolan Nylon is widely used in bias-ply truck tires. Its polyester fibers are integral in helping passenger radial tires retain their strength at high speeds and absorb impact shocks.

One of the major contributions that Allied Fibers has made to fiber technology is its development of high modulus, low shrinkage DSP [TM] tire cords, dimensionally stable polyester engineered to improve tire uniformity, reduce sidewall indentations and minimize tires' rolling resistance. DSP fibers, commercialized in the mid-1980s, now accounts for a substantial share of the Allied Fibers' total polyester tire yarn production.

The advent of DSP has contributed to the success of mono-ply tires. Allied Fibers projects that by 1994, use of DSP fibers should increase to more than 80% of the tire market. To meet this need, Allied Fibers has been expanding capacity for this product every year and will continue to do so in accordance with industry demands.

In 1991, Allied Fibers introduced the most advanced generation of DSP fibers - - commercially known as 1x30 and 1x40 - - with greater modulus than previously available DSP fibers. These fibers enable tire manufacturers to attain greater uniformity, better handling and minimal sidewall indentation in their products. In addition, the new DSP products will contribute greatly to the growth of polyester fibers in European tire market, where it is rapidly replacing rayon.

TQP: Total Quality Policy

Allied Fibers' Technical Center, located in Petersburg, VA, is the focal point of the division's testing and R&D efforts. This state-of-the-art facility - - the embodiment of the company's Total Quality Policy program - - is devoted to the testing and development of fibers for use in tire-cord and other industrial applications such as in-rubber applications, broad and narrow wovens and cordage.

The technology developed at the Technical Center is largely responsible for the efficient operations at Allied Fibers' three major production facilities: an ultra-modern polyester fibers facility at Moncure, NC and high-technology nylon plant at Hopewell, VA and Columbia, SC.

The Moncure plant is renowned as probably the most efficient facility for producing high-quality, high-strength industrial polyester in the world. It is a model of maintenance management, and was recently named one of the top seven maintenance operations in the country by an independent study.

Serving the European Tire Marketplace

In 1990, Allied Fibers announced its plans to construct a new polyester plant in Longlaville, France -- modeled after its Moncure plant. This plant will answer to the burgeoning demands for polyester tire yarns by European tiremakers, who have recognized its superiority to rayon for tire reinforcement.

Today, the market for tires is growing even more rapidly in Europe than it is in the United States. Vehicles in service, miles driven and tire production in Western Europe are growing at twice the rate of the U.S. market. And, as the demand for "performance" tires continues to increase, Allied Fibers believes that DSP yarns are setting new standards for passenger tire reinforcement. These polyester fibers are the most cost- and performance-effective replacement for the standard rayon fibers now in use in Western Europe.

In the last 35 years, while major progress has been made in tire performance, costs have increased only modestly. The longer wear, smoother ride and lighter weight of the current generation of passenger tires offer more value than the tires in previous generations. And, as a major contributor of technology and innovation to this industry, Allied Fibers will continue its dedication to providing cost/performance-effective products to the tire industry well in the 1990s and beyond.

PHOTO : Moncure Plant - The new Allied Signal European Industry Fibers plant now under construction in Longlaville, France is modeled after this highly efficient polyester plant in Moncure, NC.

PHOTO : Polyester - The worldwide demand for industrial polyester and the advanced DSP [TM] fibers continues to increase rapidly, especially for use in tire reinforcement applications in Europe. These DSP fibers for tire reinforcement from Allied-Signal Inc. offer improved performance and cost-effective benefits for passenger radial and light truck tires.
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