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Party boat rocks with drugs as dozens are arrested. Feb 6, 2021 329
Alcohol and kids meals boost supermarket sales in lockdown January. Feb 3, 2021 458
The Grange Hill cast then and now from drugs lows to new career highs; Here's what happened to some of the star cast of the long-running TV series. By, Lucy Marshall & Barbara Hodgson Jan 31, 2021 1482
Police to go on patrol. Jan 20, 2021 247
FLIPPING HEC; Bellerin: As a young player I got much too interested in money, drinking and girls.. but 'big brother' Mikel turned my life around. EXCLUSIVE BY JOHN CROSS Chief Football Writer @johncrossmirror Jan 14, 2021 499
Kids still high on sugar; Children are eating and drinking too much sugar, despite improvements to their diets. ALICE FEILDEN Jan 13, 2021 760
Kids still high on sugar; Children are eating and drinking too much sugar, despite improvements to their diets. ALICE FEILDEN Jan 11, 2021 761
Kids still high on sugar; Children are eating and drinking too much sugar, despite improvements to their diets. ALICE FEILDEN Jan 9, 2021 760
Kids still high on sugar; Children are eating and drinking too much sugar, despite improvements to their diets. ALICE FEILDEN Jan 8, 2021 760
Kids still high on sugar; Children are eating and drinking too much sugar, despite improvements to their diets. ALICE FEILDEN Jan 8, 2021 761
Stevenson students, retailers, police team for Sticker Shock. Submitted by Lauren Hansen Jan 6, 2021 463
Abuse of drink and drugs within families on rise; pandemic believed to be one of reasons for increase. MIKE KELLY Reporter Dec 30, 2020 626
Concern as drug and drink abuse in families soars. MIKE KELLY Reporter Dec 26, 2020 841
Stevenson High School students, retailers, and local police departments collaborate on Sticker Shock event Dec. 18. Lauren Hansen Dec 22, 2020 521
Appeal as anti-social youths run amok. Dec 5, 2020 386
Paying high price for our lockdowns; COMMENT 2nd floor, 9A Beckett Way, Park West Industrial Park, Clondalkin, Dublin 12 Tel: 01 868 8600, Fax 01 868 8626, Dec 1, 2020 212
Punish parents whose kids were arrested in drinking parties - MP. Nov 25, 2020 328
21 teens arrested in Webuye drinking party. Nov 23, 2020 274
Be lazy, save lives, young Germans urged. Nov 18, 2020 489
Teenagers flouted Covid rules. Nov 16, 2020 177
Charity advice on how to discuss drugs and alcohol with children; KEEPING KIDS S FE JAMIE MURRAY - ABERDEEN CHILDLINE BASE SUPERVISOR. Nov 4, 2020 431
Mum takes charity to court over play area 'where yobs taught her kid F word'; Solicitor and mum-of-two Marie Sampson, from Brockenhurst, Hampshire, claims her five-year-old asked her what the F word meant and alleges she and her family have been plagued by anti-social behaviour. By, Chris Kitching Oct 21, 2020 918
Alcohol, opioid misuse tied to risky behaviors: Open communication and support from adults may be protective. Craven, Jeff Clinical report Oct 1, 2020 1748
Friends to help young tackle alcohol issues. ZOE PHILLIPS Sep 28, 2020 435
Alcolescents is sorely needed; OUR VOICE. Sep 28, 2020 152
Kids' alcohol abuse prompts action. Sep 18, 2020 515
Teen victims of rape, road accidents and addiction thrown lifeline by Thai Health Foundation. Sep 17, 2020 256
Alcohol consumption in youth. MARYAM SAJJAD - Turbat Sep 15, 2020 155
Teens start fire during party in field; IN BRIEF. Aug 17, 2020 384
Six stores caught selling alcohol to underage customers; operation targeted 28 off-licence outlets after wave of antisocial behaviour. PETER CRAIG @GTPETERCRAIG Aug 11, 2020 440
J-pop idol Tomohisa Yamashita spotted drinking with underage girls and suspected of spending the night with one of them. Reprint Aug 9, 2020 355
Association Between Alcohol and Drugs and Juvenile Delinquency: Implications for Alcohol and Drug Education. Sharma, Manoj; Su, Xiaoli Editorial Aug 1, 2020 1352
Jobless man kills self after poisoning three children. Jul 24, 2020 185
Our View: Underage drinking a far more complex issue than upping drinking age. CM: Our View Jul 9, 2020 526
Draft alcohol law: Striking a balance between health and revenue. Jul 6, 2020 1687
Mass brawls and glass assault lead to calls for people to show respect. PAUL GREAVES & JOEL COOPER @DEVONLIVENEWS Jul 2, 2020 811
On a mission. Submitted by Lauren Hansen Jun 30, 2020 686
'Youths just hang around drinking' - lockdown in beauty spot blighted by anti-social behaviour. CHRISTIE BANNON Reporter Jun 23, 2020 1613
Second Annual Regional Sticker Shock Asks Adults to Prevent Underage Drinking. Lauren Hansen Jun 23, 2020 709
Dozens of teenagers arrested after police raid their drugs-fuelled sex party. Jun 21, 2020 208
Third Annual Regional Sticker Shock Asks Adults to Help Prevent Underage Drinking. Don Bolger Jun 19, 2020 563
Bar linked to youth trouble has its licence withdrawn. Jun 8, 2020 348
Patrols increase on Metro after bad behaviour. Jun 6, 2020 463
Extra Metro patrols after troublemaking. HERBERT SODEN Reporter @HerbertSoden88 Jun 6, 2020 614
Fury at beach revellers who left trail of mess in their wake. HERBERT SODEN Reporter Jun 3, 2020 977
We do not want people to come down and cause anti-social behaviour, drink and leave their mess, it's not fair on us residents; LOCALS ON COAST TELL OF VISITORS' BAD BEHAVIOUR. HERBERT SODEN Local Democracy Reporter Jun 3, 2020 962
Police bid to block shop's booze sales; NEWS WIRE. May 20, 2020 201
'Baby hit in face in row over underage drinking'. TOM DARE Local Democracy Reporter May 19, 2020 467
No butts about it, Irish youths are healthiest; Smoking and drinking down among adolescents>>They are getting more exercise than most others. NEIL LESLIE May 19, 2020 440
'The World of the Married' actor accused of underage drinking and smoking. May 11, 2020 267
Local youth, police kick off underage drinking campaign. Submitted by Arlington Heights Police Department May 10, 2020 238
Dozens of under-age Brum drinkers end up in A&E departments; MORE GIRLS THAN BOYS ADMITTED TO HOSPITAL, NEW FIGURES SHOW. ANNIE GOUK News Reporter Apr 13, 2020 371
Hundreds of boozing kids end up in hospital. ANNIE GOUK Reach Data Unit Apr 2, 2020 398
Police plea to parents of teenagers. Mar 23, 2020 169
Hundreds of call-outs to underage drinking; Healthcare: Some helped by ambulance crews were under five. KAITLIN EASTON Mar 9, 2020 442
Hundreds of call-outs to under-age drinking; Healthcare: Some helped by ambulance crews were under five. KAITLIN EASTON Mar 9, 2020 442
Drinker missed kid's first Xmas. MIKE MCQUAID Mar 4, 2020 345
Among Adolescents, BDNF and Pro-BDNF Lasting Changes with Alcohol Use Are Stage Specific. Miguez, Maria Jose; Bueno, Diego; Espinoza, Luis; Chan, Wenyaw; Perez, Caroline Mar 1, 2020 5449
Home swig home; Irish teens have first taste of booze in the house, research finds. JEROME REILLY Feb 27, 2020 403
Woman, Child Die After Allegedly Drinking Sniper In Delta. Feb 18, 2020 179
Seven teenagers held for drinking liquorlation. Feb 8, 2020 212
Play to deliver message on underage drinking to students. Feb 3, 2020 222
Former alcoholic opens up about his recovery and going sober; Simon Chapple was once heavily dependent on alcohol which affected his health and outlook on life. Here, he opens up about how he managed to quit the booze and offers advice for others looking to go sober... Simon Chapple Jan 29, 2020 616
Former alcoholic opens up about his recovery and going sober; Simon Chapple was once heavily dependent on alcohol which affected his health and outlook on life. Here, he opens up about how he managed to quit the booze and offers advice for others looking to go sober... Jan 27, 2020 613
Underage drinking 'not affected' by pricing move; HEALTH. Jan 23, 2020 274
NHS Scotland study reveals no impact on teen drinking from minimum pricing. Jan 23, 2020 555
Tour warns young of dangers of booze; programme illustrates perils of under-age drinking. MIKE KELLY Reporter @@MIKEJKELLY1962 Jan 14, 2020 639
Rugby club tackles teen park trashers; Community: Warning over 'drinking and drug-taking idiots'. KIRSTEN ROBERTSON Jan 14, 2020 449
Play lays bare alcohol dangers. MIKE KELLY Reporter Jan 13, 2020 564
From what age can children drink alcohol while accompanied by their parents? Here's what the law says; Many mums and dads will give a small drink to their teenage children when they're out for a meal together - but what does the law say on the matter? Sonia Sharma Jan 11, 2020 665
This is when children can legally drink alcohol while accompanied by their parents; Some parents will give a small drink to their teenagers - but what does the law say on the matter? Joshua Knapman Jan 11, 2020 632
National roll-out of Wishaw project. ROSS THOMSON Jan 8, 2020 351
New warning on impacts of parental drinking. Jan 5, 2020 374
Effects of thwarted interpersonal needs and alcohol consumption on physical pain tolerance. Kwon, Young-Sil; Kim, Seung-Cheol; Lee, Yu-Ra; Hyun, Myoung-Ho Jan 1, 2020 5886
Randolph County youth more at risk for alcohol and drugs: studies Risk. JIM BEERS Contributing writer Dec 25, 2019 705
Don't ask for it...or you could end up in prison; Warning as cops launch blitz on underage drinking. DAVID CAMPBELL Dec 20, 2019 389
Health adviser advocates 8pm curfew for children; YOUTH. KAITLIN EASTON Dec 9, 2019 272
Brewer is reprimanded for teddy bear logo that 'could attract children'. laura clements Reporter Dec 6, 2019 993
Chester city council Chester to crack down on underage drinking Council. Don Berry Contributing writer Dec 4, 2019 599
Residents' lives blighted by antisocial behaviour; Land: Teenagers 'hurl abuse' and litter area with needles and used condoms. SUSY MACAULAY Dec 4, 2019 474
Using Latent Profile Analysis to Assess College Students' Attitudes about Underage Drinking and Prescription Stimulant Misuse. Kennedy, Susan; Allen, Michaela; Kennedy, Gary J. Dec 1, 2019 4171
Number of pubs and bars folding balloons in 2019. ARCHIE MITCHELL Nov 11, 2019 349
Pressure faced by adolescents. DAWOOD MEHMOOD - Wah Cant Nov 9, 2019 220
Teenager who attacked date gets five years in jail; 'Horrific, violent attack was completely unprovoked'. Nov 6, 2019 408
JAIL THREAT IN BOOZE AD BAN; Harsh new penalties to stop under-age targeting. FERGHAL BLANEY Political Correspondent Nov 4, 2019 395
'I poured booze over my cereal' Teacher Melissa confronts her alcoholism as host of new BBC addiction podcast. MILO BOYD & OLIVIA WILLIAMS ECHO Reporter olivia.williams@liverpoolcom @livs_wills Nov 3, 2019 420
Kiraitu's tough rules to curb underage drinking. Oct 22, 2019 314
Putting a cork in myth little bit of alcohol does children no harm; Around 15,000 or 10% of North East kids aged 11 to 15 are regular drinkers and their number one source of alcohol is the family home. Today, a major conference in Newcastle is being held to discuss the issue which will be attended by 130 experts, including North East alcohol charity Balance. Here, its director COLIN SHEVILLS explains what is at stake. COLIN SHEVILLS Conference news Oct 15, 2019 1012
UNICEF engages stakeholders on adolescent welfare. Oct 15, 2019 569
Pupils learn about dangers of booze. Oct 11, 2019 144
Norwich's Klose opens up about teen drinking. Oct 11, 2019 282
Progress report on drug abuse treatments. Gina Agapiou Oct 7, 2019 379
Men should quit booze to prevent baby heart fault. MARTIN BAGOT Health Editor Oct 3, 2019 220
Dads-to-be need to give up booze for six months to have a baby, scientists say; Dr Jiabi Qin, from the Central South University in China, says drinking before a baby is conceived could raise the risks of heart problems in unborn children by up to 44%. By, Joshua Taylor Oct 3, 2019 222
A whistle-blower of a different kind Resist being a 'cool' parent where drugs and alcohol are concerned. Oct 3, 2019 410
Anonymous tip service aims to help curb underage drinking. Doug T. Graham Sep 30, 2019 388
New anonymous tip service aims to help curb underage drinking, drug use in Lake. Doug T. Graham Sep 30, 2019 403
Drink and drug fears at teen gatherings in village. Sep 29, 2019 281
Police issue warning as 100 teens gather in island village. Sep 28, 2019 281
Off-licence is granted extension amid fears of underage drinking. Sep 17, 2019 518
Kids Of 'Highly Educated' Parents At High Risk Of Binge Drinking. Sep 17, 2019 415
Government should enforce laws on alcohol. Sep 13, 2019 463
61 percent started drinking before 18 years - survey - Daily Monitor. Sep 11, 2019 544
BSG Targets Over 14,000 Students, 60 Schools With SMASHED Campaign. Sep 9, 2019 402
Yorkshire children take drugs, smoke and drink more; county's rise defies national figures which show downturn. Aug 27, 2019 234
Alcohol seized from underage drinkers. Aug 26, 2019 252
Vast amount of alcohol seized from underage drinkers on GCSE results night; There were special operations in multiple locations in Wales. Aug 24, 2019 336
Booze and drugs snubbed by teens; children also increasingly saying 'no' to cigarettes, figures reveal. Aug 22, 2019 553
Police probe into teenager's drinking death continues. Aug 21, 2019 295
Youths warned over drinking; E&S BRIEFING. Aug 17, 2019 144
Police warn parents over youths drinking. Aug 17, 2019 210
Britain's underage DRINKING HOTSPOTS. Aug 7, 2019 351
Britain's underage DRINKING HOTSPOTS. Aug 6, 2019 341
Britain's underage DRINKING HOTSPOTS. Aug 6, 2019 351
Britain's underage; DRINKING HOTSPOTS. Aug 6, 2019 351
Britain's underage DRINKING HOTSPOTS. Aug 6, 2019 351
Britain's underage DRINKING HOTSPOTS. Aug 6, 2019 355
Alcohol Use among Latinx Early Adolescents: Exploring the Role of the Family. Boyas, Javier F.; Marsiglia, Flavio F. Clinical report Aug 1, 2019 6944
Search for an adopted son remembered. Manchester, Anne Report Aug 1, 2019 908
Fake cold drink claims 3 lives in wedding ceremony. Jul 25, 2019 105
Fake cold drink claims 3 lives in wedding ceremony. Jul 25, 2019 175
Defiant companies lose equipment as government moves to enforce sachet alcohol ban. Jul 24, 2019 431
Police target young drinkers; Holiday crackdown on antisocial behaviour. Jul 21, 2019 340
Worrying trend as mothers abandon children to engage in drinking sprees. Jul 19, 2019 600
Underage drinking 'hot spots' in Chester-le-Street targeted by police during summer holidays; Patrols will be increased in Chester-le-Street town centre and the Riverside Park during the summer holidays. Jul 19, 2019 415
Cemetery opening hours relaxed. Jul 17, 2019 331
Yob threatened 'another Columbine'. Jul 17, 2019 679
OUTRAGE AFTER TEENAGE VANDALS DANCE ON GRAVES; Priest slams cemetery boozing. Jul 15, 2019 214
We're in grip of a crisis and our kids are victims. Jul 14, 2019 600
TEACHER STRUCK OFF FOR BOOZY SLEEPOVER WITH PUPIL; Staff member also texted student about sex acts SEE PAGE 2 Teacher banned for 'sex act' texts. Jul 13, 2019 441
Head teacher joins officers on patrol; POLICE. Jul 10, 2019 251
Broken glass left at children's park; WARNING TO PARENTS. Jul 9, 2019 464
Teacher on patrol with town cops. Jul 9, 2019 318
Kirin Holdings (TYO: 2503)--Kirin Upgrades Age Verification System on its Website to Restrict Access to Alcohol Branding Content by Minors--17/6/2019. Jul 9, 2019 403
Kirin Holdings (TYO: 2503)--Kirin Upgrades Age Verification System on its Website to Restrict Access to Alcohol Branding Content by Minors--17/6/2019. Jul 2, 2019 403
Trait and ability emotional intelligence as predictors of alcohol consumption in adolescents. Gonzalez-Yubero, Sara; Martin, Raquel Palomera; Lazaro-Visa, Susana Jul 1, 2019 5792
Maternal alcohol use and children's emotional and cognitive outcomes in rural South Africa. Rochat, T.J.; Houle, B.; Stein, A.; Mitchell, J.; Bland, R.M. Jul 1, 2019 8152
How Iceland transformed its teenagers from boozers to model citizens; Could we do the same here? Jun 30, 2019 399
your tweets. Jun 29, 2019 107
Crackdown on drugs, begging and dog waste. Jun 17, 2019 165
EVALUATION OF STANDARD QUESTIONNAIRE TO ASSESS CHRONIC ALCOHOLISM. Kandaswamy, Chelladurai; Rengaramanujam, Panimathi Jun 17, 2019 2576
Crackdown on Swansea underage drinkers. Jun 3, 2019 160
Mundelein launches alcohol prevention campaign. Jun 1, 2019 587
Scotland joins EU initiative to tackle underage and binge drinking. May 31, 2019 899
Beer Market - Global Opportunity Analysis, Growth, Demand and Industry Forecast 2019-2025. May 22, 2019 837
Mundelein launches alcohol prevention campaign. May 10, 2019 768
Mundelein Launches Alcohol Prevention Campaign. May 4, 2019 738
Study reveals pet hobbies for teens during holidays. Apr 23, 2019 694
Keeping the kids safe on prom night Alcohol. Apr 10, 2019 401
Underage drinking, a father's story April 15 at Forest View. Apr 10, 2019 486
Alcohol and tobacco experimentation among adolescents of the Midwest Region/Brazil. Freitas, Elisangela Antonio de Oliveira; Martins, Maria Silvia Amicucci Soares; Espinosa, Mariano Ma Apr 1, 2019 6284
Mother Left 5 Children In Car While Drinking In Bar. Mar 29, 2019 344
Tax On Soda Crucial To Children's Health. Mar 27, 2019 769
Region's drinkers kid themselves on health risks. Mar 25, 2019 538
KIDS DRINKING IN DISUSED CONVENT; Schools told to warn pupils against 'dangerous trespassing' on the site. Mar 24, 2019 442
First-time teen drinker in town assault on wife. Mar 21, 2019 460
400 QUEUED TO ENTER DISCO BEFORE CRUSH; ST PAT'S HORROR: PSNI IN APPEAL FOR INFORMATION; Top cop urges witnesses to come forward; Police 'not interested in underage drinking'. Mar 20, 2019 927
400 QUEUED TO ENTER DISCO BEFORE CRUSH; ST PAT'S HORROR: PSNI IN APPEAL FOR INFORMATION; Top cop urges witnesses to come forward; Police 'not interested in underage drinking'. Mar 20, 2019 936
College drinking intervention strategies need a refresh: Study. Mar 16, 2019 440
Alcohol drive link to teen drinking; NEWS IN BRIEF. Mar 15, 2019 163
Alcohol marketing linked to teenage drinking. Mar 15, 2019 176
Irish teen girls 3rd highest in world for binge drinking; Children's obesity rate also doubles. Mar 13, 2019 216
Drinking in teens increases anxiety later on: Study. Mar 12, 2019 454
Battle to prevent underage drinking. Mar 11, 2019 296
Our underage drinking woes. Mar 9, 2019 302
Shame of our drink figures. Mar 4, 2019 286
Butsa Easter derby tackles alcohol abuse. Mar 4, 2019 334
55 underage drinkers at carnival party. Mar 3, 2019 133
GEORDIE SLUR; North East worst area for teenage binge drinking; EXCLUSIVE. Mar 3, 2019 437
The top 10 worst places for underage drinking have been revealed - and five are in the North East; North East alcohol awareness charity Balance fears that shows like Geordie Shore aren't helping the situation. Mar 3, 2019 365
Individual and contextual factors related to binge drinking among adolescents in Spain: a multilevel approach: Factores individuales y contextuales relacionados con el binge drinking en adolescentes espaholes: un enfoque multinivel. Teixido-Compano, Ester; Sordo, Luis; Bosque-Prous, Marina; Puigcorbe, Susanna; Barrio, Gregorio; Bru Mar 1, 2019 7279
Predictive factors of alcohol consumption in adolescents: data from 1-year follow-up prospective study/Factores predictores del consumo de alcohol en adolescentes: datos de un estudio prospectivo de 1 ano de seguimiento. Bousono, Matilde; Al-Halabi, Susana; Buron, Patricia; Garrido, Marlen; Diaz-Mesa, Eva Ma; Galvan, Go Mar 1, 2019 7729
Alleged leader of school attack makes tearful apology, says alcohol to blame. Feb 27, 2019 770
Malia Obama Could Suffer Brain Damage For Underage Drinking, UCSD Study Reveals. Feb 21, 2019 481
The teen yobs making West Kirby a "war zone" - and what is being done about it; Police action, calls for more lighting and how residents have taken matters into their own hands. Feb 11, 2019 1333
Heavy drinking in teens may lead to increased risk for psychological problems. Feb 8, 2019 569
'I am lovable and capable'. Feb 8, 2019 1059
Issues of minors discussed in 2 districts of Bishkek. Feb 1, 2019 185
Problems associated with binge drinking among students in Brazil's state capitals/Problemas associados ao binge drinking entre estudantes das capitais brasileiras. Gomes, Karla; Amato, Tatiana de Castro; Bedendo, Andre; dos Santos, Elaine Lucas; Noto, Ana Regina Feb 1, 2019 7531
Drugs, underage drinkers found in Bangkok club raid. Feb 1, 2019 224
Students in region get lowdown on misuse of alcohol. Jan 29, 2019 633
Students get lowdown on alcohol misuse; programme highlights dangers of underage drinking. Jan 29, 2019 626
Unlearning the Lessons of Hillbilly Elegy. Greenberg, Stanley B. Jan 1, 2019 5134
Tips for talking to your kids about alcohol over the holidays. Dec 12, 2018 502
Family rebuilding lives after father's murder. Dec 10, 2018 1101
Family's fight to rebuild their lives after dad's murder. Dec 10, 2018 901
Heartbroken mum gives birth six days after boyfriend murdered in knife attack; Natalie Preece, 32, from Wales, was left to bring up three children alone after her partner Michealee Emmett, 29, was murdered by teenage boy. Dec 8, 2018 1195
I gave birth to our little girl six days after her dad was murdered by a teenage killer; Natalie Preece has had to rebuild her life and those of her children, now she has found love again. Dec 7, 2018 1112
Prosecutors: Woman sexually abused teens. Dec 6, 2018 228
Prosecutors: Woman held underage drinking parties, sexually abused two teens. Dec 6, 2018 228
Large gang of youths wreaking havoc in Macclesfield Town Centre drinking alcohol, assaulting people and racially abuse policeman; Over the past few weeks groups of up to 35 youths have been gathering at the underpass at Waters Green and other locations around the town. Dec 1, 2018 443
Large gang of youths wreaking havoc in Macclesfield Town Centre drinking alcohol, assaulting people and racially abuse policeman; Over the past few weeks groups of up to 35 youths have been gathering at the underpass at Waters Green and other locations around the town. Dec 1, 2018 443
Sex-Related Differences in Heavy Episodic Drinking among Young Adults Living in Porto, Bologna and Tarragona: Patterns, Protective Behaviors and Negative Consequences. Balasch, Marcel; Faucha, Mireia; Antelo, Victoria Sanchez; Pires, Cristiana Vale; Carvalho, Helena Report Dec 1, 2018 7143
Cops step up park patrols. Nov 27, 2018 127
Novelty spirits latest bid to bring back drinking; There is no doubt about the current trend: youths and young adults are clearly drinking less alcoholJohn Mooney ". Nov 23, 2018 697
South Africa loses R6 billion plus in revenue to illicit alcohol trade. Nov 21, 2018 719
Hard-hitting play warns pupils over alcohol abuse. Nov 21, 2018 211
Teens warned about long-term damage from underage boozing; Doc says parents key to staying safe. Nov 20, 2018 219
Drugs and the Teen Brain. Nov 19, 2018 729
Last orders for underage drinkers. Nov 19, 2018 352
ID scanners to target underage drinking installed at night spots; Management claim they're the first two venues in Middlesbrough to install the equipment, in the run up to a busy festive period. Nov 18, 2018 472
Residents living in fear as gangs of 'feral youths' run riot in Valleys town. Nov 10, 2018 1612
Let's make it home sweet home; WORKING TOGETHER Shortroods community safety project is launched. Nov 2, 2018 449
Man 'decapitated friend's eight-month-old baby after heavy drinking session'; The child's father discovered his daughter's beaten body after returning home and finding her 'lying in the pool of blood with her head severed'. Oct 30, 2018 371
[Zandari 2018] Daegu skatepunk band 'keeps drinking'. Oct 27, 2018 524
Alcoholic abuse. Oct 16, 2018 226
Rod Stewart reveals his ingenious money-saving tip for kids' discarded fizzy drinks; Do ya think he's thrifty? Minted rocker admits he tricks his young children into drinking the leftovers of discarded fizzy drinks by pouring them back in to bottles. Oct 13, 2018 260
State announces annual alcohol awareness poster contest. Oct 5, 2018 354
Cannabis 'more harmful than alcohol' for teen brains. Oct 5, 2018 442
As a teen, Kavanaugh was never a legal drinker in Maryland. Sep 29, 2018 549
School alcohol and drug survey. Sep 19, 2018 141
Enforcement is key to prevent underage drinking. Sep 18, 2018 414
Green Man festival 2018 review: 11 Things we loved at Britain's most beautiful bash; British festivals. They are wet, muddy, foul-smelling hygiene-free zones full of plastered teenagers drinking bad cider, right? Wrong. Meet the festival that shows it doesn't have to be that way. Sep 3, 2018 1091
OAPs' terror as thugs rampage; Residents & PSNI attacked with bricks. Sep 2, 2018 205
Alcohol marketing and adolescent alcohol consumption: Results from the International Alcohol Control study (South Africa). Morojele, N.K.; Lombard, C.; Burnhams, N.Harker; Williams, P.Petersen; Nel, E.; Parry, C.D.H. Report Sep 1, 2018 6638
Perceived barriers to implementing screening and brief intervention for alcohol consumption by adolescents in hospital emergency department in Spain/Barreras percibidas contra la implementacion en los servicios de urgencias hospitalarios en Espana de un protocolo de cribado de consumo de alcohol e intervencion breve en adolescentes. Falcon, Maria; Navarro-Zaragoza, Javier; Garcia-Rodriguez, Rosa Maria; Nova-Lopez, Daniel; Gonzalez- Sep 1, 2018 5143
The Effectiveness of a Brief Intervention for Reducing Adolescent Alcohol Consumption/Efectividad de una intervencion breve para reducir el consumo de alcohol en adolescents/Efetividade de uma Intervencao breve para reduzir o consumo de alcool em adolescents. Conde, Karina; Brandariz, Romina Antonela; Lichtenberger, Aldana; Cremonte, Mariana Sep 1, 2018 4646
Alcohol use during breastfeeding tied to cognitive harms. Nogrady, Bianca Clinical report Sep 1, 2018 446
Teenager died after drinking hallucinogenic brew in ritual. Aug 30, 2018 453
Smoking and drinking can damage arteries 'early'. Aug 29, 2018 172
Smoking damages arteries 'early in life'. Aug 29, 2018 150
Smoking, drinking can cause early arteries damage,new study shows. Aug 29, 2018 681
Residents ambivalent on alcohol use. Aug 22, 2018 538
Residents urged to report drinkers. Aug 17, 2018 263
Mum who crashed with kids in car after drinking wine at children's festival banned from driving; Laura Roberts' lawyer says she "bitterly regrets" the decision to drive home from the Geronimo festival with her children. Aug 15, 2018 854
Is it OKAY to drink on Emirates UAE Flights? A Strange Detention in Dubai Airport. Aug 14, 2018 458
Shocking attack is latest example of gangs of youths intimidating residents in Feltham flats; Families say they feel frightened and intimidated by youths hanging out in the stairwells, drinking, smoking drugs and sometimes getting violent. Aug 11, 2018 841
Teen was drinking before fatal crash. Aug 9, 2018 540
Man jailed for sex with vulnerable girl aged 13; 20-YEAR-OLD KNEW TEENAGER HAD BEEN DRINKING VODKA BEFOREHAND. Aug 3, 2018 403
Alcoholism Sourcebook: Basic Consumer Health Information About Alcohol Use, Abuse, and Addiction..., 5th Edition (online access included). Book review Aug 1, 2018 222
Examining Parent and Peer Influences of Alcohol Use: A Comparison of First-Year Community College and Baccalaureate Students. Cleveland, Michael J.; Turrisi, Rob; Reavy, Racheal; Ackerman, Sarah; Buxton, Orfeu M. Aug 1, 2018 8751
Alcohol use during breastfeeding linked to cognitive harms in children. Nogrady, Bianca Clinical report Aug 1, 2018 467
Man jailed for sex with vulnerable girl aged 13; 20-year-old knew teenager had been drinking vodka beforehand. Jul 27, 2018 403
170 people cited for underage drinking at Country Thunder. Jul 25, 2018 102
How harmful is binge drinking during adolescence. Jul 20, 2018 499
'I don't know where I am': Tragic girl's last screams to friend before being electrocuted on train track; Taiyah Peebles, 16, who was found dead on tracks at Herne Bay railway station in Kent, made a frantic call after becoming separated from her friends - but then the phone cut off. Jul 19, 2018 893
'Energy drink intake above Euro average'. Jul 11, 2018 136
'UK children's energy-drink intake above Euro average'. Jul 11, 2018 387
'Kids playing Russian roulette with drugs..' Medic's warning after boy, 15, who took ecstasy is found unconscious. Jul 11, 2018 340
Teacher suspended after drinking spirit at school. Jul 5, 2018 547
Teacher denies drinking alcohol while in charge of children. Jul 4, 2018 277
Boozing and its biological implications on young adults. Jun 30, 2018 235
Former snooker club could become flats; The club closed in 2014 amid complaints of violence, underage drinking and noise. Jun 21, 2018 418
Cops target youths in community crackdown; Underage drinking and littering biggest concerns. Jun 18, 2018 494
DuPage program to combat teen drinking used in other suburbs. Jun 16, 2018 172
Elgin teens post warnings against underage drinking in liquor stores. Jun 16, 2018 189
Boozing can harm teen bone health. Jun 15, 2018 279
'Sticker Shock' campaign to combat underage drinking. Jun 14, 2018 509
'Sticker Shock' campaign to combat underage drinking. Jun 14, 2018 297
Cocuk Yogun Bakim Unitesinde Yatan Hastalarda Intestinal Parazitlerin Dagilimi/Distribution of Intestinal Parasites in Patients Hospitalized in Child Intensive Care Unit. Akis, Fatma Birdal; Beyhan, Yunus Emre Jun 1, 2018 3152
Police reveal chaos that was taking place in the crowd during the London Marathon; As runners jogged past a crowd of 800 young people were drinking and inhaling laughing gas, with police having to be called in to restore order. May 31, 2018 556
Efforts to stop Mole Valley kids drinking are effective despite recent statistics, says youth worker; Statistics from Public Health England showed the amount of children in the district admitted to hospital due to alcohol was double the national average. May 31, 2018 595
Mundelein comes together to prevent teen drinking. May 30, 2018 612
Two Ol Joro Orok Secondary School students face underage drinking charges. May 27, 2018 277
Think about the drink problem. May 25, 2018 200
Helping young people tackle drug and alcohol issues; The Universtity of Sunderland is working with a city outreach programme to help vulnerable young people with alcohol and drug problems, thanks to a PS60,000 funding boost. May 24, 2018 963
Mundelein Community Comes Together to Prevent Teen Drinking. May 22, 2018 607
Highest rate of hospitalisations due to alcohol. May 16, 2018 589
Highest number of drinking teens end up in hospital. May 16, 2018 534
Children in Mole Valley among most likely in UK to be hospitalised due to alcohol; Statistics from Public Health England have revealed the extent of underage drinking in the county. May 15, 2018 759
How we are dying for a DRINK. May 15, 2018 536
Children from South Tyneside most likely to be hospitalised due to alcohol; Underage drinkers in the region are more likely to be hospitalised than those from anywhere else in England. May 15, 2018 626
The shocking amount of North East people drinking themselves into an early grave; Figures reveal that many people are either unaware of drink guidelines or under-estimate their level of alcohol intake. May 14, 2018 673
Taveta court puts 56 minors on probation over drinking alcohol. May 9, 2018 132
Daily Sports Drink Consumption Down in U.S. Teenagers; However, majority of teens report drinking sports drink weekly. May 7, 2018 224
Evidence on the nature and extent of alcohol promotion and the consequences for young people's alcohol consumption. Rossen, Isabel; Pettigrew, Simone; Jongenelis, Michelle; Stafford, Julia; Wakefield, Melanie; Chikri May 1, 2018 147
'We've had enough': Cullercoats community takes a stand against antisocial behaviour; Residents gathered on Cullercoats beach a week after it became a target for theft, vandalism and underage drinking. Apr 28, 2018 483
Underage drinking on Teesside - how big of a problem is it? Within three years, over 30 youths were treated by the North East Ambulance Service; Within three years, over 30 youths were treated by the North East Ambulance Service. Apr 22, 2018 508
Number of Drinks Predicts Teens' Other Risky Behaviors; Other risky behaviors include drug/tobacco use, risky sexual and driving behaviors, fights, suicide. Apr 16, 2018 209
More Blue Whale-linked deaths reported in Egypt. Apr 14, 2018 681
Three Blue Whale-linked deaths in Egypt in three days. Apr 14, 2018 681
Former addict shows state how rehab, not raids, brew change. Apr 12, 2018 1415
Matter of health: Talking to your children about alcohol. Apr 11, 2018 433
Parents surveyed about underage drinking. Franki, Richard Apr 1, 2018 189
Prospective Associations Between Negative Life Events and Adolescent Alcohol Use. Cheney, Marshall K.; Vesely, Sara K.; Aspy, Cheryl B.; Oman, Roy F.; Tolma, Eleni L. Apr 1, 2018 5893
Religiosity as a possible protective factor against "binge drinking" among 12-year-old students: a population-based study. Guimaraes, Mariana Oliveira; Paiva, Paula Cristina Pelli; Paiva, Haroldo Neves; Lamounier, Joel Alve Apr 1, 2018 5852
Female alcoholism and teenage drug abuse rising in Kyrgyzstan. Mar 30, 2018 105
Renz Center supports Alcohol Awareness Month. Mar 28, 2018 537
FACEBOOK AGE DISPLAY AND ALCOHOL USE AMONG COLLEGE STUDENTS. Wilner, Molly; Kerr, Bradley; Moreno, Megan Report Mar 22, 2018 4116
Adolescent Binge Drinking: Developmental Context and Opportunities for Prevention. Chung, Tammy; Creswell, Kasey G.; Bachrach, Rachel; Clark, Duncan B.; Martin, Christopher S. Report Mar 22, 2018 8885
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Binge Drinking's Effects on the Developing Brain-Animal Models. Hiller-Sturmhofel, Susanne; Spear, Linda Patia Report Mar 22, 2018 8045
Effects of Binge Drinking on the Developing Brain: Studies in Humans. Jones, Scott A.; Lueras, Jordan M.; Nagel, Bonnie J. Report Mar 22, 2018 8012
NIH's Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development (ABCD) Study. Report Mar 22, 2018 528
Snapshot: Music Therapy for Adolescents and Young Adults with Substance Use Disorder. Clements-Cortes, Amy Mar 22, 2018 1996
Officer Shares Photo Of Smiling, Handcuffed Spring Breakers. Mar 20, 2018 353
DEPRESSION AND ALCOHOL USE IN UNDERGRADUATE MEDICAL STUDENTS IN A PRIVATE MEDICAL COLLEGE. Haorongbam, Meesha; T., Sathyanarayana M.; S., Dhanashree Akshatha H. Report Mar 19, 2018 4994
Youths caught with 15 LITRES of Frosty Jack's cider in park on a Friday night; Police seized 15l of cider in a St Helens park last night. Mar 17, 2018 170
Vile rant at partner leads to supervision. Mar 14, 2018 456
Under-age drink campaign is a hit; You're Asking For It Council pilot scheme set to roll out. Mar 14, 2018 466
Campaign is set to expand; Asking For It Youth street-drinking dropped by half. Mar 7, 2018 484
Rape avoidance 101: Government advice on curbing sexual assault elicits scorn. Mar 2, 2018 1966
Alcohol intake among adolescent students and association with social capital and socioeconomic status/Consumo de bebida alcoolica por estudantes adolescentes e sua associacao com capital social e condicao socioeconomica. Jorge, Kelly Oliva; Paiva, Paula Cristina Pelli; e. Ferreira, Efigenia Ferreira; do Vale, Miriam Pim Mar 1, 2018 6181
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