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OAP hospital admissions cut by 80% after 1 dose. BEN GLAZE Deputy Political Editor Mar 2, 2021 193
One vaccine dose slashes OAP hospital admissions. BEN GLAZE Deputy Political Editor Mar 2, 2021 194
'Substantial reduction' in hospital admissions f sions four weeks after first CORONAVIRUS vaccine. jab. Feb 23, 2021 423
One jag can reduce hospital admissions by 94%. VIVIENNE AITKEN Feb 23, 2021 286
'Substantial reduction' in hospital admissions linked to vaccine rollout; New research shows the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine reduced the risk of hospital admission by up to 94%. By, Cathy Owen Feb 22, 2021 348
Coronavirus in Scotland: First vaccine dose reduces hospital admission by up to 94 per cent, landmark study finds; A first dose of Covid-19 vaccine can reduce the risk of hospital admission by up to 94 per cent a landmark study has found. Elsa Maishman Feb 22, 2021 420
Oxford Covid vaccine found to cut hospital admissions by 94%, new data shows; The government chief medical officer Chris Whitty has said the results of this new data looks 'encouraging'. By, Kelly-Ann Mills Feb 22, 2021 494
PM ready to ease England's Covid lockdown 3 if this week's vaccine data lets him; Prime Minister expecting evidence on impact of UK's jabs programme on hospital admissions and deaths by the end of Friday. By, Daniel Smith Feb 18, 2021 837
Claims SNP spent days spinning hospital discharges to care homes report labelled 'nonsense'; Scottish Conservatives have claimed the Scottish Government spent almost a week "plotting how to spin" the results of a report into whether hospital discharges into care homes led to deaths from Covid-19. Conor Matchett Feb 12, 2021 617
Positive Coronavirus test results fall across county; Latest figures on testing, deaths and hospital admissions. DAVID HOUSTON @DavidHouston94 Feb 11, 2021 572
RATES OF SUNSHINE; country's cause for optimism First Minister says light at end of the tunnel is more visible as new cases, hospital admissions and the R number are all falling. VIVIENNE AITKEN Health Editor Feb 5, 2021 913
Self-harm hospital admissions for teenage girls triple in a decade; Teenage boys and girls now make up the most common age profile for self-harm admissions. By, Neil Shaw Feb 1, 2021 683
Patient Discharge Data at Heart of New System. Feb 1, 2021 232
Covid-related hospital admissions increase by 85% in January: MoPH. Jan 31, 2021 379
Covid hospital admissions still on the rise. ROBERT SUTCLIFFE @MRRSUTCLIFFE Jan 30, 2021 493
Nearly 1,000 people were admitted to hospital in Scarborough because of alcohol; Scarborough ranks within the top 30 local authorities in England for hospital admissions due to alcohol, new data has revealed. George Buksmann Jan 28, 2021 528
France reports highest increase in COVID-19 hospital admissions since November 2020. Jan 25, 2021 191
France reports highest increase in COVID-19 hospital admissions since November 2020. Jan 25, 2021 187
Scarborough borough's Covid infection rate the lowest for 6 weeks 'but we're not yet at the peak of hospital admissions' Scarborough's coronavirus infection rate has dropped to its lowest level since early December. Carl Gavaghan, Local Democracy Reporting Service Jan 22, 2021 321
Pubs and restaurants must stay closed until May, say experts; "Completely stopping all controls is disastrous, we get massive peaks of both daily deaths and hospital admissions,". By, Neil Shaw Jan 22, 2021 1006
Hospital admissions for dog bites tripled in England. Jan 21, 2021 218
Big fall in coronavirus hospital admissions since Christmas; 43 patients being treated at grimsby hospital. JAMIE WALLER @jamiewaller2 Jan 20, 2021 295
Northwest Community Hospital discharges its 2,000th COVID-19 patient. Brian Hill Jan 20, 2021 218
Two hospital admissions per minute. LIZZY BUCHAN Political Correspondent Jan 18, 2021 217
Hospitals could run out of critical care beds this week; Vaccination won't slow hospital admissions until 'well into February'. By, Neil Shaw Jan 18, 2021 549
Brazil Covid variant so severe patients are 'suffocating' as hospitals run out of oxygen; The worrying new variant of Covid, that prompted Boris Johnson to ban travel from South America, has devastated the Brazilian city of Manaus and led to a surge in hospital admissions. By, Jeremy Culley Jan 16, 2021 433
COVID19: Hospital admissions, vaccines key to lifting lockdown. fm Jan 13, 2021 419
Hospital admissions rate increased due to Insaf Health Card: Taimur. Jan 11, 2021 291
Supermarkets told to get tough on Covid rule breakers or see restrictions become law; Boris Johnson told senior ministers during a review the NHS is in a "perilous" position after hospital admissions soared to 30,000 for the first time, with supermarkets identified as a common exposure setting. By, Ryan Merrifield Jan 11, 2021 484
Hospital admissions under free health initiative surge in Malakand, Hazara. Jan 10, 2021 780
BLEAK MID WI ?NTER; COVID-19 CRISIS: NEW FEARS AS S HOSPITAL ADMISSIONS SURGE Corona cases continue to rise with 119 in intensive care is HSE chief warns country is now on 'very dangerous road". '. CILLIAN O'BRIEN Jan 10, 2021 618
COVID-test requirement for hospital admissions and attendees evokes frustration. Jan 9, 2021 687
Covid hospital admissions could hit 5,000 a day forcing NHS 'to turn patients away'; Oxford University's Professor James Naismith fears such a sustained number of admissions would be catastrophic for the NHS as the new mutant Covid strain continues to spread throughout the country. By, Ryan Merrifield Jan 6, 2021 461
New record in hospital admissions. MIKE KELLY Reporter Dec 30, 2020 505
London Covid: Coronavirus hospital admissions set to surpass April peak as Nightingale hospital 'stands empty'; With the number of daily admissions exceeding 500 over the last two days it is expected that London is hours away from registering a new peak. By, Ian Molyneaux Dec 29, 2020 508
Hospital discharges Toon Bodyslam. Dec 28, 2020 157
ASTHMA SURGING; Hospital admissions for sufferers like tragic Ella hits a record high. EXCLUSIVE BY AMY-CLARE MARTIN Dec 21, 2020 304
ASTHMA SURGING; Hospital admissions for sufferers like tragic Ella are at a record high. EXCLUSIVE BY AMY-CLARE MARTIN Dec 21, 2020 301
asthma surging; Hospital admissions for sufferers like tragic Ella hits a record high. EXCLUSIVE BY AMY-CLARE MARTIN Dec 21, 2020 308
England on a "knife-edge" amid growing concerns over new Covid-19 variant; The Covid-19 situation in England is on a "knife-edge", former health secretary Jeremy Hunt has warned, as infections rise and hospital admissions increase. Elsa Maishman Dec 19, 2020 463
Scientists 'launch investigation' into whether mutant Covid is linked to hospital surge; Scientists are said to be monitoring surges in hospital admissions in Kent where the NHS has halted non-urgent appointments, as a mutant Covid-19 strain emerges. By, Talia Shadwell Dec 19, 2020 500
Revealed: Areas with the most hospital admissions. Dec 16, 2020 274
Hospital admissions drop as Covid-19 death toll rises. Dec 14, 2020 461
Percentage of Emergency Department (ED) Visits Made by Adults with Influenza and Pneumonia That Resulted in Hospital Admission, by Age Group--United States, 2017-2018. Santo, Loredana; Ashman, Jill J.; Schappert, Susan M. Dec 11, 2020 170
COVID-19 hospital admission in Bacolod at its lowest since Sept. Dec 7, 2020 245
Predicting preventable hospital readmissions with causal machine learning. Marafino, Ben J.; Schuler, Alejandro; Liu, Vincent X.; Escobar, Gabriel J.; Baiocchi, Mike Dec 1, 2020 6958
Help to ease bed blocking delights NHS. ZOE PHILLIPS Nov 30, 2020 358
Hospital admissions for virus patients declining. PETER MADELEY Nov 28, 2020 485
Mental health services 'need more funding' due to lockdown influx; Mental health services are not receiving a "fair share" of government funding, a psychiatry body said as figures showed inpatient admissions are at their highest rate in over two decades. Angus Howarth Nov 27, 2020 378
Scottish coronavirus levels starting to fall, says Nicola Sturgeon; Coronavirus case levels and hospital admissions are starting to fall in Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon has said. Scott Macnab Nov 24, 2020 669
Infected prisoner dies on admission to hospital. Nov 23, 2020 156
Work to bring down alcohol-related hospital admissions 'not good enough', warns charity, after 36,000 in a year; There has been no significant decrease in the rate of people being admitted to hospital because of alcohol, a leading charity has warned. Elsa Maishman Nov 18, 2020 455
Hospital discharges being delayed claim. ALEX MOORE Local Democracy Reporter Nov 17, 2020 285
No tests on care home patients; FIGURES SHOW HOSPITAL DISCHARGED MORE THAN 200 WITHOUT HAVING COVID TEST. CHRIS MCKEON Local Democracy Reporter chris.mckeon@liverpoolcom @cjmckeon Nov 13, 2020 450
COVID19: Hospital admissions to rise before measures pay off. fm Nov 12, 2020 399
Covid-19 hospital admissions in northern England pass first-wave peak; Region currently accounts for 52% of Covid hospital patients in England. By, Daniel Smith Nov 11, 2020 295
Sharp rise in drug-related hospital admission cases. TRACY-ANN CARMICHAEL Nov 10, 2020 516
COVID19: Cyprus cases drop to 111, hospital admissions rise. fm Nov 9, 2020 281
COVID19: Cyprus cases steady at 166, hospital admissions rise. fm Nov 4, 2020 470
Belgium reports record number of COVID-19 hospital admissions. Oct 30, 2020 273
Belgium reports record number of COVID-19 hospital admissions. Oct 30, 2020 269
COVID19: Sharp increase in hospital admissions. fm Oct 29, 2020 516
GMB's Dr Hilary warns new national lockdown is 'only a matter of time' as hospital rates rise; Hospital admissions for Covid-19 patients are on the up nationally and in the North East and Yorkshire NHS region. By, Simon Meechan Oct 29, 2020 528
Coronavirus in Scotland: NHS staff and families more at risk of hospital admission; NHS staff and their families are more at risk of hospital admission due to Covid-19, a study has found. Elsa Maishman Oct 29, 2020 629
Hospital discharges into care home 'reckless' and akin to 'Russian roulette'; The Scottish government's handling of care homes during the Covid-19 pandemic has been labelled "reckless" following the publication of a report that showed thousands of patients were discharged into care homes without a coronavirus test. Conor Matchett Oct 28, 2020 468
Nicola Sturgeon: 'I expected result of delayed Covid-19 care home report to be different'; Nicola Sturgeon said she expected the results of the delayed report into hospital discharges into care homes to show more of an impact and again claimed she could not remember when she first came to know about positive Covid-19 patients being discharged into hospital. Conor Matchett Oct 28, 2020 627
Analysis: Hospital discharges may have increased risk of care home outbreaks by up to 50%; There is "no statistical evidence" that hospital discharges in the months March to May were associated with Covid-19 outbreaks in care homes, a report from Public Health Scotland has found. Elsa Maishman Oct 28, 2020 646
Hospital admissions soar for drink & drugs BY MARK MCGIVERN; Youngsters mixing booze and benzos as inpatient numbers leap and death rates rocket. MARK MCGIVERN Chief Reporter Oct 28, 2020 302
Belgium reports record daily COVID-19 hospital admissions since March 2020. Oct 28, 2020 172
Covid-19 hospital admissions skyrocket. Oct 26, 2020 262
Further 21 deaths as hospital admissions continue to surge. LIAM THORP Political editor @LIAMTHORPECHO Oct 21, 2020 547
COVID19: Cases 'stabilise' at 43, Cyprus worried by patient admissions. fm Oct 19, 2020 669
SAGE says two-week 'circuit breaker' coronavirus lockdown could 'save 7,000 lives'; Papers compiled by the scientific advisers predict that a short lockdown nationally could also halve coronavirus hospital admissions between now and the end of the year. By, Harriet Line & Jeremy Culley Oct 14, 2020 656
Nightingales on standby as hospital admissions at higher level than March; north west particularly hit as infection rates begins to grow across the country. HELEN CARTER Oct 13, 2020 1001
Flu jabs may help protect people against coronavirus too giving hope to elderly; Scientists in Italy and Brazil have found flu vaccines vastly reduced coronavirus hospital admissions and deaths in those infected -with governments urged to up their flu jab programmes. By, Ryan Merrifield Oct 13, 2020 490
Nicola Sturgeon: Scotland now at 'perilous point' in Covid second wave; Scotland is now at a "perilous point" as the second wave of Coronavirus continues to sweep the country and hospital admissions escalate, Nicola Sturgeon has said. Scott Macnab Oct 13, 2020 647
'Wales close to Covid tipping point' Covid-19 hospital admissions rising. PAUL TURNER and ROBERT HARRIES Oct 12, 2020 996
Coronavirus UK: Everything we know about second wave as new data released; Experts including Professor Jonathan Van-Tam, England's deputy chief medical officer, have warned that hospital admissions and deaths will rise, infection rates in the South are climbing and Nightingale hospitals are on standby. By, Chris Kitching Oct 12, 2020 2450
Coronavirus divide laid bare with hospital admissions in North at 33% of peak; Covid-19 hospital admissions are still increasing in the North -despite local lockdowns -while figures in the South are much lower and appear to be levelling off. By, Chris Kitching Oct 7, 2020 553
Risk factors for hospital admission among COVID-19 patients with diabetes: A study from Saudi Arabia. Hayek, Ayman A. Al; Robert, Asirvatham A.; Matar, Abdullah Bin; Algarni, Ali; Alkubedan, Haneen; Alh Report Oct 1, 2020 5092
Discharge against medical advice among neurological patients: Characteristics and outcomes. Raja, Aishwarya; Trivedi, Parth D.; Dhamoon, Mandip S. Report Oct 1, 2020 6439
High HIV prevalence in an early cohort of hospital admissions with COVID-19 in Cape Town, South Africa. Parker, A.; Koegelenberg, C.F.N.; Moolla, M.S.; Louw, E.H.; Mowlana, A.; Nortje, A.; Ahmed, R.; Brit Report Oct 1, 2020 4437
How much exactly the number of patients being treated for coronavirus in London hospitals is rising; Hospital admissions are now the best gauge of how serious the virus is in the capital. By, Martin Elvery Sep 30, 2020 620
Scientists' dire warning over hospital admissions. Sep 22, 2020 377
Four more areas to enter lockdown; Curbs on 430,000 more people in south Wales after Covid cases surge ? Worst-case scenario could see 2,000 hospital admissions a week by Xmas ? Top doctor fears staff shortages will be major problem in second wave. CLAIRE HAYHURST, CATHY OWEN MARK SMITH and ANDREW FORGRAVE Sep 22, 2020 288
UK coronavirus hospital death toll rises by 12 amid 'tipping point' warning; Earlier today Health Secretary Matt Hancock said the UK is at a "tipping point" in the battle against the deadly virus, with the rate of new infections and hospital admissions rising. By, Dave Burke Sep 20, 2020 508
Tough new coronavirus restrictions considered as Boris Johnson says second wave has arrived in the UK; Cases of the virus and hospital admissions for Covid-19 are doubling every seven to eight days in the UK, according to the new data from the Office for National Statistics. By, Gavin Cordon & Victoria Jones Sep 19, 2020 675
Coronavirus R-rate rises to 1.4 in UK with number of cases doubling every 7 days; Public Health England's medical director, Yvonne Doyle, said there has been a sharp rise in hospital admissions among older people, which she says could be a "warning of far worse things to come". By, Chris Kitching & Dave Burke Sep 18, 2020 835
Bolton coronavirus hospital admissions rising sharply as bosses issue desperate plea; The Royal Bolton hospital has seen an increase of admissions for Covid-19 in recent days -and it's understood this is particularly among white men in their 40s and 50s. By, Jennifer Williams Sep 16, 2020 805
Public health oppose restaurant's booze bid; Venue in area of city blighted by alcohol-related hospital admissions. GURDIP THANDI Local Democracy Reporter Sep 15, 2020 305
Hospital admissions for seven major illnesses dip by 173,000 due to coronavirus pandemic; Admissions for cancer, as well as heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, dementia, mental health and eating disorders all plummeted during the lockdown with devastating results. By, Ryan Merrifield Sep 14, 2020 559
Robredo questions data on COVID-19 hospital admissions. Sep 13, 2020 404
Covid-19 antibodies may decline one month after hospital discharge; "Antibody level declines in most people by the time of their follow-up appointment a month later". By, Neil Shaw Sep 11, 2020 438
Hospital Admission Patterns in Adult Patients with Community-Acquired Pneumonia Who Received Ceftriaxone and a Macrolide by Disease Severity across United States Hospitals. Lodise, Thomas P.; Le, Hoa Van; LaPensee, Kenneth Report Sep 1, 2020 3674
With no hospital admitting him, Bacolod City councilor's staff member dies from cardiac arrest. Aug 24, 2020 227
UK study finds Ibrupofen does not increase risk of Covid-19 death; A new study conducted during the height of UK hospital admissions from Covid-19 has found that the regular use of painkillers including ibuprofen, naproxen and diclofenac did not increase the risk of death from the disease. Kevan Christie Aug 12, 2020 856
Elderly first in new MoH hospital admission guidelines. Aug 5, 2020 449
Covid-19 hospital discharge plans put under spotlight by watchdog. LISA O'BRIEN Aug 5, 2020 251
Healthcare groups cut patient discharge times. DOMINIC ROBERTSON CHIEF REPORTER Aug 4, 2020 450
Man, 30, who was having stroke 'refused hospital admission' because of coronavirus; Jarreth Kitchen, from Hull, said he was told to book a doctor's appointment rather than be admitted to Hull Royal Infirmary when he lost movement in the left side of his body. By, Anna Riley Aug 2, 2020 670
Failure to follow medication changes made at hospital discharge is associated with adverse events in 30 days. Weir, Daniala L.; Motulsky, Aude; Abrahamowicz, Michal; Lee, Todd C.; Morgan, Steven; Buckeridge, Da Report Aug 1, 2020 8312
An exploration of community partnerships, safety-net hospitals, and readmission rates. Cheon, Ohbet; Baek, Juha; Kash, Bita A.; Jones, Stephen L. Report Aug 1, 2020 7430
Likelihood of hospital readmission in Medicare Advantage and Fee-For-Service within same hospital. H.Jung, Daniel; DuGoff, Eva; Smith, Maureen; Palta, Mari; Gilmore-Bykovskyi, Andrea; Mullahy, John Report Aug 1, 2020 5888
Two hospitals discharge last recovered COVID-19 patients. Jul 29, 2020 490
Teams work to keep bed blocking low. Jul 25, 2020 263
'Covid-19 incidence declining due to fewer testing, hospital admissions'. Ashfaq Yusufzai Jul 18, 2020 722
Mesaieed Hospital discharges last batch of COVID-19 patients. Jul 16, 2020 737
Dubai Trade Centre field hospital discharges last COVID-19 patient. Tawfiq Nasrallah, Staff Writer Jul 7, 2020 351
Minister meets recovered patients as Ras Laffan Hospital discharges its last Covid-19 patients. Jul 1, 2020 780
Coronavirus: Last patient at Famagusta reference hospital discharged. Annette Chrysostomou Jun 22, 2020 204
Did hospital discharges lead to care home outbreaks? COVID-19 INVESTIGATION INTO POSSIBLE LINKS LAUNCHED. Daniel Holland Local democracy reporter Jun 14, 2020 603
Covid-19: Jinja Hospital discharges 13 patients. Jun 13, 2020 658
Masaka hospital discharges seven Covid-19 patients as recoveries rise to 90. Jun 7, 2020 341
Hospital admissions at highest level since April; mayor has 'concern' about figures which are being monitored closely. JENNIFER WILLIAMS @JENWILLIAMSMEN Jun 5, 2020 470
Virus sparks bed-blocking rise in wards; MSP blasts NHS chiefs on sharp increase. TRACY-ANN CARMICHAEL May 26, 2020 483
Row over hospital discharge. Douglas Barrie May 24, 2020 232
Hospital admissions halt due to outbreak; CORONAVIRUS ? Call for designated Covid-19 zone for Moray patients. DAVID MACKAY May 23, 2020 422
Obese hospital admissions on the rise. May 22, 2020 523
Cov has one of highest rates of obesity-related hospital admissions. ANNIE GOUK & RACHEL STRETTON May 19, 2020 665
Masaka, Arua hospitals discharge 5 covid-19 patients. May 19, 2020 354
Coronavirus hospital admissions in England halve to 9,000 a day, says NHS boss; Just over 9,000 patients a day are now being treated for Covid-19 in hospitals in England, compared to 19,000 a few weeks ago, NHS chief executive Simon Stevens has revealed. By, Anna MacSwan May 16, 2020 621
More than 10,000 obesity hospital admissions a year in North Yorkshire; More than 10,000 hospital admissions in North Yorkshire each year are a result of obesity, figures show. May 16, 2020 345
NHS staff hailed as 'bed blocking' falls by 60%; Delayed discharges in Scotland's hospitals have fallen by more than 60% in two months. Scotsman Reporter May 5, 2020 566
Easing lockdown now priority as Covid-19 hospital admissions in Wales start to fall. adam hale, laura clements & mark smith May 5, 2020 1745
Uganda's virus recoveries rise to 55 as Entebbe Hospital discharges three people. May 4, 2020 338
Complex [PM.sub.2.5] Pollution and Hospital Admission for Respiratory Diseases over Big Data in Cloud Environment. Zhou, Yi; Li, Lianshui Apr 30, 2020 5389
Wuhan hospitals discharge last Covid-19 patient. Apr 27, 2020 331
Wuhan hospitals discharge last Covid-19 patient. Apr 27, 2020 339
Voice of the Mirror: Public deserve truth from Government on Covid-19 reality; As hospital admissions plateau there is light at the end of the tunnel, but stand-in PM Dominic Raab needs to treat the British people like grown-ups, who can be trusted with the truth. By, Voice of the Mirror Apr 18, 2020 559
Mayo Hospital discharges 21 recovered COVID-19 patients. Apr 16, 2020 189
COVID19: Fewer hospital admissions gives health system respite. fm Apr 15, 2020 415
Coronavirus: London hospital admissions stabilise on 'sombre' day for UK. James Warrington Apr 12, 2020 721
NHS and George Clarke issue DIY warning over Easter bank holiday weekend; The Easter bank holiday usually sees an increase in hospital admissions to treat injuries sustained in DIY accidents. By, Simon Meechan Apr 12, 2020 476
New York's patient admissions 'levelling' NEW York state, the US epicentre of the. Apr 8, 2020 338
Signs hospital admissions 'starting to slow' as distancing takes effect. PIPPA ARMSTRONG Mar 31, 2020 264
Signs hospital admissions 'starting to slow' as distancing takes effect. PIPPA ARMSTRONG Mar 31, 2020 264
Acute Hospital Admission for Stroke Is Characterised by Inactivity. Sheedy, R.; Kramer, S.F.; Johnson, L.; Shields, N.; Churilov, L.; Cadilhac, D.A.; Bernhardt, J. Mar 31, 2020 5313
Respiratory Function and Grip Strength in the Acute Phase of Stroke Are Associated with Stroke Severity and Disability at Hospital Discharge. Sartor, Lorena Cristina Alvarez; Luvizutto, Gustavo Jose; de Souza, Juli Thomaz; Molle, Evelin Rober Mar 1, 2020 6288
Reducing Nursing Staff's Stress through an Update to an Inpatient Admission Process. Andrzejewski, Katelyn Report Mar 1, 2020 2180
Alcohol-related hospital admissions have risen by 20 per cent in region. RICHARD GUTTRIDGE Feb 20, 2020 283
Hundreds are self-harming; Figures show rise in hospital admissions. DAVID BANNER Feb 20, 2020 341
'Accelerator' sites aim to help elderly live at home; NHS scheme designed to cut hospital admissions. DAVID GODSALL Feb 19, 2020 633
Drink-related hospital admissions up 50pc; Rising alcohol dependency 'a ticking time bomb' warn health experts. LISA O'BRIEN Feb 11, 2020 335
Alcohol-related hospital admissions are at a record high in Cheshire West and Chester; Halton has also seen a record number of hospitalisations. Debora Aru Feb 9, 2020 772
Alcohol-related hospital admissions are at a record high in Cheshire West and Chester; Halton has also seen a record number of hospitalisations. Debora Aru Feb 9, 2020 772
Health chief's concern over hospital discharge delays. KATHRYN ANDERSON Jan 31, 2020 308
Hike in 'bed blocking' is leaving patients stranded in hospital 'for hundreds of days'; They are facing heavy delays to be transferred or discharged. Alex Seabrook Jan 29, 2020 427
'Care home plans could help cut bed-blocking'. Jan 28, 2020 291
STRANDED; PATIENTS STUCK IN HOSPITAL; . Delayed hospital discharges rise by almost 50 per cent . MSP Neil blasts 'inefficient' system; MSP hits out as patients are stuck in hospital. STEPH BRAWN Jan 21, 2020 501
Simple way to ease NHS bed blocking; LETTERS. Jan 21, 2020 196
Shahid Khaqan shifted to Adiala Jail following hospital discharge. Jan 14, 2020 145
Shahid Khaqan Abbasi shifted to Adiala Jail following hospital discharge. Jan 13, 2020 268
Hospital bed blocking cases up as patients face discharge waits. DAYNA FARRINGTON Jan 10, 2020 255
Rate of Electronic Scooter Injuries Increased From 2014 to 2018; Significant increase found in age-adjusted e-scooter injury incidence, age-adjusted hospital admission. Jan 8, 2020 254
National Hospital Discharges First Successfully Operated Conjoined Twins. Jan 7, 2020 1146
Characteristics of Patients Experiencing Rehospitalization or Death After Hospital Discharge in a Nationwide Outbreak of E-cigarette, or Vaping, Product Use-Associated Lung Injury--United States, 2019. Mikosz, Christina A.; Danielson, Melissa; Anderson, Kayla N.; Pollack, Lori A.; Currie, Dustin W.; N Jan 3, 2020 5294
Update: Interim Guidance for Health Care Professionals Evaluating and Caring for Patients with Suspected E-cigarette, or Vaping, Product Use-Associated Lung Injury and for Reducing the Risk for Rehospitalization and Death Following Hospital Discharge--United States, December 2019. Evans, Mary E.; Twentyman, Evelyn; Click, Eleanor S.; MD; Goodman, Alyson B.; Weissman, David N.; Ki Jan 3, 2020 3597
Causation and Risk Factors for 30-Day Readmission of Patients Post-Liver Transplant: A Descriptive Study. Dols, Jean Dowling; Mendoza, Anna; Pomerleau, Theresa; Purcell, Cynthia V.; Gonzalez, Marcela; Gordo Report Jan 1, 2020 4802
The Perfect Storm: Stakeholder Perspectives on Factors Contributing to Hospital Admissions for Patients Undergoing Maintenance Hemodialysis. Clark-Cutaia, Maya N.; Jarrin, Olga F.; Thomas-Hawkins, Charlotte; Hirschman, Karen B. Report Jan 1, 2020 6777
National Right to Life and Louisiana Right to Life File Amicus Brief in Support of Louisiana's Requirement that Abortion Doctors Have Hospital Admitting Privileges. Jan 1, 2020 594
Discharge against Medical Advice (DAMA) from an Emergency Department of a Tertiary Care Hospital in Saudi Arabia. Metwally, Ashraf El-; Alwallan, Nesreen Suliman; Alnajjar, Ali Amin; Zahid, Nida; Alahmary, Khalid; Dec 31, 2019 4049
Five-Year Mortality Up in Older Adults With Unplanned Admission; Among seniors, just over half of all deaths occurred in those with first unplanned hospital admission. Dec 16, 2019 261
Booze-related hospital admissions on the rise; Campaigners want action to tackle an issue 'hidden from sight'. KIRSTEN ROBERTSON Dec 3, 2019 690
Booze-related hospital admissions on the rise; ? Campaigners want action to tackle an issue 'hidden from sight'. KIRSTEN ROBERTSON Dec 3, 2019 685
Risk for Hospital Admission Up With Short-Term PM2.5 Exposure; Admissions for new causes, previously identified causes linked to short-term exposure to air pollution. Dec 2, 2019 260
Record number of drug-related mental health hospital admissions; Drugs involved included cocaine, heroin and cannabis but also prescribed medication. Naomi Corrigan Dec 2, 2019 296
Mental health toll soars for drug-users; hospital admissions have nearly doubled in 10 years. CLAIRE MILLER @MENNEWSDESK Nov 30, 2019 279
Action taken on bed blocking. LISA O'BRIEN Nov 28, 2019 309
Bed-blocking crisis due to care shortage; Patients stranded in hospitals because alternatives cannot be found to move them. RICHARD GUTTRIDGE Nov 25, 2019 292
Bed-blocking crisis due to care shortage; Patients stranded in hospitals because alternatives cannot be found to move them on. RICHARD GUTTRIDGE Nov 25, 2019 292
Allergy hospital admissions soar; Parents of Pret allergy victim shocked at 'deeply alarming' rate. SIMON STONE Nov 15, 2019 308
Allergy hospital admissions soar; Parents of Pret allergy victim shocked at 'deeply alarming' rate. SIMON STONE Nov 15, 2019 308
Risk for Suicide Increased After Hospital Discharge for Self-Harm; Authors say there is need for early follow-up care and attention to risk reduction strategies. Nov 7, 2019 318
'Bed blocking' is on the rise at Wigan's hospitals. Nov 1, 2019 608
The Expanding Burden of Acute Kidney Injury in California: Impact of the Epidemic of Diabetes on Kidney Injury Hospital Admissions. Medel-Herrero, Alvaro; Udaltsova, Irina; Mitchell, Diane; Schenker, Marc; Moyce, Sally Nov 1, 2019 6333
Hospitals pledge action on bed blocking. Oct 21, 2019 394
Health bosses tackling bed blocking. Report by Lisa O'Brien Oct 21, 2019 333
Care home plans 'may alleviate bed-blocking'. JAMIE HALL Oct 12, 2019 374
Many ICU Admissions May Be Preventable, Large Study Suggests. Oct 7, 2019 322
Sen. Bernie Sanders Leaves Hospital; Doctors Confirm He Had Heart Attack. Oct 5, 2019 542
MSPs hit out over bed blocking deaths; 250 patients die awaiting discharge. Oct 2, 2019 730
Hospital admissions for malnutrition 'staggering'. Sep 26, 2019 356
Heavy cost of bed blocking. Sep 20, 2019 524
Contract aims to stop bed-blocking. Sep 18, 2019 372
Bed-blocking at highest in Western Isles; HEALTHCARE. Sep 18, 2019 195
Donepezil Ups Risk for Hospital Admission for Rhabdomyolysis; Donepezil linked to increased risk for admission with rhabdomyolysis versus rivastigmine, galantamine. Sep 16, 2019 219
Effects of Prescription Drug Insurance on Hospitalization and Mortality: Evidence From Medicare Part D. Kaestner, Robert; Schiman, Cuping; Alexander, G. Caleb Report Sep 1, 2019 16907
Intensifying BP Meds at Hospital Discharge May Harm Elderly; Risk for readmissions and adverse effects higher, no long-term benefit for BP control or cardiac risk. Aug 22, 2019 271
Samar hospital admission triples due to dengue. Aug 9, 2019 407
Hospital admissions for older people's services increase by 10% every year across Scotland. Aug 8, 2019 674
Bed-blocking falls at New Cross Hospital; HEALTH. Jul 23, 2019 106
Hospitals reducing bed-blocking cases. Jul 23, 2019 471
Hospital admissions for deadly sepsis have doubled in three years; Head of the UK Sepsis Trust warns parents to be just as vigilant for sepsis as meningitis. Jul 22, 2019 935
Bed blocking cases drop with council among most improved. Jul 8, 2019 243
Figures reveal bed blocking. Jul 8, 2019 146
Hundreds die waiting for hospital discharge; ? Figures reveal extent of bed blocking in Grampian. Jul 8, 2019 610
18,000 hospital bed days lost to discharge delays; TD hits out over shocking HSE statistics; Home help targets 'must be met in 2019'. Jul 8, 2019 301
More people injured by KNIFE attacks than ever before; NHS figures show number of hospital admissions for stab wounds on the rise in Merseyside. Jul 7, 2019 438
The hospital rocked by death, protests and staff suspensions: A closer look at the West Lane crisis; What we know so far after the death of a teenager, a dad's fight, and patient admissions suspended. Jul 7, 2019 1253
Bed-blocking costs PS10.5m for month. Jul 3, 2019 222
Discharge delays drop. Jul 3, 2019 151
After Nath discharged, facilities at hospital discharged too: Chouhan takes jibe at CM. Jun 24, 2019 225
Big drop in drink-linked hospital admissions. Jun 23, 2019 189
How to make the most of a discharge planning meeting. Dreher, By Teri Jun 10, 2019 565
Care after illness or hospital discharge (reablement); DR MIRIAM STOPPARD; Helping to keep you fit and healthy; 2 MINUTES ON. Jun 7, 2019 164
Care after illness or hospital discharge (reablement); DR MIRIAM STOPPARD; Helping to keep you fit and healthy; 2 MINUTES ON. Jun 7, 2019 161
Board's 'concerted effort' to reduce bed-blocking across region; STATISTICS. Jun 6, 2019 216
U'khand hospital discharges rape survivor without proper treatment, makes her share vehicle with accused. Jun 4, 2019 349
Effects of a structured heart failure program on quality of life and frequency of hospital admission in Saudi Arabia. Alghalayini, Kamal W.; Zaben, Faten N. Al-; Sehlo, Mohammad G.; Koenig, Harold G. Jun 1, 2019 5858
New app may help prevent bed-blocking. May 23, 2019 439
Record number of obesity related hospital admissions. May 22, 2019 594
Foot Ulcer Constitutes 25% Diabetes-Related Hospital Admissions In Nigeria -Study. May 16, 2019 610
Obesity adds to county hospital admissions. May 11, 2019 195
Number of hospital admissions related to obesity jumps by 15 per cent. May 9, 2019 230
Hospital discharge scheme extended. May 8, 2019 367
Shocking rise in hospital admissions due to knife crime. Mar 21, 2019 321
The shocking rise in hospital admissions due to knife crime; Incidents of knife crime are on the rise. Mar 19, 2019 398
New Data Analysis: Improved Dialysis Care Nationwide Leads to Healthier Patients, Reduced Hospital Admissions, & More Savings for Medicare. Mar 18, 2019 682
Evaluation of factors and patterns influencing the 30-day readmission rate at a tertiary-level hospital in a resource constrained setting in Cape Town, South Africa. Dreyer, R.; Viljoen, A.J. Report Mar 1, 2019 4488
Chronic lung disease and a history of tuberculosis (post-tuberculosis lung disease): Clinical features and in-hospital outcomes in a resource-limited setting with a high HIV burden. Mkoko, P.; Naidoo, S.; Mbanga, L.C.; Nomvete, F.; Muloiwa, R.; Dlamini, S. Report Mar 1, 2019 4294
Determination of Potential Drug-Drug Interactions Using Various Software Programs in a Community Pharmacy Setting/Serbest Eczanede Farkli Yazilim Programlarinin Kullanilarak Olasi ilac-ilac Etkilesimlerinin Saptanmasi. Sancar, Mesut; Kask, Aksa; Okuyan, Betul; Batuhan, Sevda; Zzettn, Fikret Vehbi Report Mar 1, 2019 4016
Fuzzy logic and hospital admission due to respiratory diseases using estimated values by mathematical model/Logica fuzzy e internacoes por doencas respiratorias usando dados estimados por modelo matematico. Vieira, Luciana Cristina Pompeo Ferreira da Silva; Rizol, Paloma Maria da Silva Rocha; Nascimento, L Mar 1, 2019 3700
Bed-blocking comes with PS15m price tag; Tory MSP hits out at'deeply worrying'new figures. Feb 27, 2019 241
How firefighters are helping to ease bed blocking at Nuneaton's hospital; They don't just fight fires. Feb 3, 2019 631
Factors related to hospital readmissions in people with spinal cord injury in South Africa. Mashola, M.K.; Olorunju, S.A.S.; Mothabeng, J. Report Feb 1, 2019 3819
Four-year review of admissions to a South African regional hospital general surgery department. Pape, J.; Swart, O.; Duvenage, R. Report Feb 1, 2019 4088
Evaluation of Hospital-wide Readmission Risk Calculator to Predict 30-Day Readmission in Neurocritical Care Patients. Peacock, Sarah; Siegel, Jason; Harmer, Emily; Alejos, David; Freeman, W. David Report Feb 1, 2019 2438
Evaluation of Hospital-wide Readmission Risk Calculator to Predict 30-Day Readmission in Neurocritical Care Patients. von Gaudecker, Jane R. Report Feb 1, 2019 628
Effects of exposure to fine particulate matter in elderly hospitalizations due to respiratory diseases in the South of the Brazilian Amazon. Machin, A.B.; Nascimento, L.F.; Mantovani, K.; Machin, E.B. Report Feb 1, 2019 4801
A clinical profile of inpatient admissions to the psychogeriatric unit at Stikland Hospital. Aartsma, Durk P.; Groenewald, Engelina; Koen, Liezl; Potocnik, Felix; Niehaus, Dana J. Jan 1, 2019 4119
INVESTIGATING INDIVIDUAL FACTORS RELATED TO READMISSION OF PATIENTS WITH TYPE 2 DIABETES--A CROSS-SECTIONAL STUDY. Dashtpour, Valiallah; Hesaraki, Mehran; Abavisani, Mahnaz; Sari, Mahdieh Report Dec 31, 2018 4652
SHOVELING SNOW: A areat workout, but not everyone! Brief article Dec 22, 2018 237
Dog trained to save owner who can collapse into coma without any warning; Michelle, 30, has Addison's disease - a disorder of the adrenal gland that means life became an endless round of hospital admissions - but help is on hand thanks to her dog Clive. Dec 15, 2018 363
Coventry's shocking number of drug-related mental health hospital admissions; Charities have said the high numbers show people are now more candid with doctors. Dec 10, 2018 517
Bed blocking nightmare; health Health board under fire from MSP. Dec 5, 2018 363
The "disgraceful" number of Cov kids who don't go to the dentist; Tooth decay remains the leading cause of hospital admissions for children. Dec 2, 2018 453
Planned and Unplanned Hospital Admissions and Their Relationship with Social Factors: Findings from a National, Prospective Study of People Aged 76 Years or Older. Dahlberg, Lena; Agahi, Neda; Schdn, Par; Lennartsson, Carin Report Dec 1, 2018 8014
The Impact of the Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program across Insurance Types in California. Zingmond, David S.; Liang, Li-Jung; Parikh, Punam; Escarce, Jose J. Report Dec 1, 2018 3964
Differential Impact of Hospital and Community Factors on Medicare Readmission Penalties. Aswani, Monica S.; Kilgore, Meredith L.; Becker, David J.; Redden, David T.; Sen, Bisakha; Blackburn Report Dec 1, 2018 8555
Optimal Timing of Physician Visits after Hospital Discharge to Reduce Readmission. Riverin, Bruno D.; Strumpf, Erin C.; Naimi, Ashley I.; Li, Patricia Report Dec 1, 2018 8041
Effects of Medicare Medical Reviews on Ambiguous Short-Stay Hospital Admissions. Silver, Benjamin C.; Rahman, Momotazur; Wright, Brad; Besdine, Richard; Gozalo, Pedro; Mor, Vincent Dec 1, 2018 7985
Hospital--Skilled Nursing Facility Collaboration: A Mixed-Methods Approach to Understanding the Effect of Linkage Strategies. Rahman, Momotazur; Gadbois, Emily A.; Tyler, Denise A.; Mor, Vincent Dec 1, 2018 7124
The Determinants of the Technical Efficiency of Acute Inpatient Care in Canada. Wang, Li; Grignon, Michel; Perry, Sheril; Chen, Xi-Kuan; Ytsma, Alison; Allin, Sara; Gapanenko, Kate Report Dec 1, 2018 6930
Do Skilled Nursing Facilities Selected to Participate in Preferred Provider Networks Have Higher Quality and Lower Costs? Huckfeldt, Peter J.; Weissblum, Lianna; Escarce, Jose J.; Karaca-Mandic, Pinar; Sood, Neeraj Dec 1, 2018 6924
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Hospitals bed blocking crisis; 429 operations cancelled due to delayed discharge. Nov 7, 2018 239
Cash needed now to stop bed-blocking. Nov 1, 2018 355
An evaluation of the quality of discharge summaries from the general paediatric wards at Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital, Johannesburg, South Africa. Singh, S.; Solomon, F.; Madhi, S.A.; Dangor, Z.; Lala, S.G. Report Nov 1, 2018 3535
130,000 hospital beds lost by discharge delay. Oct 29, 2018 170
Fewer smokers successfully kicking the habit as cash to help them give up is cut; Health experts have called for Government assistance after the number of smoking quitters plummeted and hospital admissions due to smoking has surged by 30,000. Oct 27, 2018 284
DG Khan woman dies while waiting for hospital admission slip. Oct 10, 2018 262
Factors Associated with Hospital Admission after Outpatient Surgery in the Veterans Health Administration. Mull, Hillary J.; Rosen, Amy K.; O'brien, William J.; Mcintosh, Nathalie; Legler, Aaron; Hawn, Mary Oct 1, 2018 9272
No Clear Benefit for Rivaroxaban After Hospital Discharge; Incidence of major bleeding low with rivaroxaban, but clot risk not lower. Sep 19, 2018 282
Why bed-blocking in our hospitals must be tackled. Sep 6, 2018 923
Influence of Air Pollution on Hospital Admissions in Adult Asthma in Northeast China. Liu, Ying; Wang, Hao-Dong; Yu, Zhen-Xiang; Hua, Shu-Cheng; Zhou, Li-Ting; Peng, Li-Ping Report Sep 1, 2018 3291
Losing Something of Value: An Exploration of Risk in Discharge Planning With Older People. Murphy, Tracy; Butler, Mary; Kidd, Jacquie Sep 1, 2018 5756
Incidence of surgical site infection after craniotomy: comparison between three months and twelve months of epidemiological surveillance. Torres, Silvana; Perdiz, Luciana Baria; Medeiros, Eduardo Alexandrino Report Sep 1, 2018 3533
Patterns of Inpatient Admissions during Hajj: Clinical conditions, length of stay and patient outcomes at an advanced care centre in Makkah, Saudi Arabia. Report Aug 31, 2018 3861
iCares scheme cuts hospital admissions by 2,500 a year. Aug 14, 2018 493
Jury rules for doctor in man's death after hospital discharge. Aug 13, 2018 659
A&Es fail to hit targets for year; PATIENTS BEARING BRUNT Pressure on Health Secretary as figures show waiting time misses and bed-blocking scandal. Aug 8, 2018 383
Multilevel Comparisons of Hospital Discharge among Older Adults with a Fall-Related Hospitalization. Towne, Samuel D., Jr.; Fair, Kayla; Smith, Matthew Lee; Dowdy, Diane M.; Ahn, SangNam; Nwaiwu, Obiom Report Aug 1, 2018 6469
50,000 unnecessary hospital admissions. Jul 27, 2018 512
Booze hospital admissions on the rise across Renfrewshire. Jul 13, 2018 238
Bed blocking 'costs PS550 per minute'. Jul 9, 2018 122
Bed blocking 'costs PS550 per minute'. Jul 9, 2018 125
Bed blocking is costing taxpayers more than [pounds sterling]500 a minute because of a lack of social care; Councils are struggling to provide social care for millions of elderly Brits because their budgets have been slashed by billions of pounds by the Tories. Jul 9, 2018 511
Breastfeeding of preterm newborn infants following hospital discharge: follow-up during the first year of life. Meio, Maria Dalva Barbosa Baker; Villela, Leticia Duarte; Gomes, Saint Clair dos Santos, Jr.; Tovar, Jul 1, 2018 5619
Poison Control Center Data Detail Peds Exposure to Buprenorphine; Children aged <6 have greater odds of hospital admission than teens with single-substance exposure. Jun 25, 2018 249
Report Pa. hospital admissions for opioid overdoses fall. Fields, Hannah Jun 21, 2018 486
Elderly diabetic died of episode after hospital discharge; INQUEST TOLD BLOOD SUGAR TEST NOT CHECKED BEFORE RELEASE - AND MEDICATION CONTRIBUTED TO DEATH. Jun 14, 2018 553
Thousands of Alzheimer's OAPs taken to A&E after being failed by social care system "not fit for purpose"; A damning report by the Alzheimer's Society has uncovered a 70% increase in avoidable hospital admissions due to falls and infections over five years. May 17, 2018 365
Discharge delays in hospitals cost PS17m. May 16, 2018 244
Farquhar returns home after hospital discharge, expected to pitch again. May 8, 2018 160
White Sox pitcher Farquhar returns home after hospital discharge -BYLN- By Scot Gregor May 8, 2018 165
NE alcohol-related hospital admissions highest in country. May 3, 2018 549
Care-T: Reducing Readmissions on a Cardiology Unit. Hall, Laura C.; Meaux, Julie B.; Reed, Clinta C. Report May 1, 2018 2278
Effectiveness of Interprofessional Care Teams on Reducing Hospital Readmissions in Patients with Heart Failure: A Systematic Review. Shah, Bhavi; Forsythe, Lydia; Murray, Christina Report May 1, 2018 4652
Pharmacist-Nurse Collaboration: Decreasing 30-Day Readmissions for Heart Failure. Almkuist, Kimberly D. Report May 1, 2018 2456
Hospital admissions due to obesity have risen nearly a fifth in just a year; Number of NHS patients complaining of obesity-related ailments has risen by almost a fifth in just one year, with two thirds of the patients being women and one in four kids from deprived areas diagnosed as obese. Apr 5, 2018 274
Palace Confirms Prince Philip's Admission To Hospital For Hip Surgery. Apr 4, 2018 448
The Reduction in ED and Hospital Admissions in Medical Home Practices Is Specific to Primary Care--Sensitive Chronic Conditions. Green, Lee A.; Chang, Hsiu-Ching; Markovitz, Amanda R.; Paustian, Michael L. Apr 1, 2018 5992
PS360m: Cost of bed blocking in just three years; Labour slam Health Secretary over delayed discharge failure. Mar 31, 2018 395
Use of E-Cigarettes May Hurt Efforts to Quit Smoking; Findings based on a study of patients trying to quit smoking following hospital discharge. Clinical report Mar 28, 2018 228
Committee concerned at rise in prescribing of medicines across Wales; Figures reveal as many as half of all hospital admissions could be medication related. Mar 22, 2018 471
Incidence and Characteristics of TDOs in Psychiatric Admissions to UVA Hospital in 2015. Miller, Anja Mar 22, 2018 1739
London hospital discharges Kulsoom Nawaz after 10 hours. Mar 19, 2018 200
1,000 OAPs per day hurt in falls; Rise in hospital admissions amid PSp PS60m Tory cuts; EXCLUSIVE. Mar 17, 2018 228
1,000 OAPs per day hurt in falls; Rise in hospital admissions amid PS60m Tory cuts. Mar 17, 2018 230
Open all access for First World War veterans' families; RESPITE Erskine Hospital admissions join the digital age. Mar 12, 2018 540
Increase in Hospital Admissions for Severe Influenza A/B among Travelers on Cruise Ships to Alaska, 2015. Payne, Michael; Skowronski, Danuta; Sabaiduc, Suzana; Merrick, Linda; Lowe, Christopher Report Mar 1, 2018 1948
Variant Case of Sturge-Weber Syndrome/Varyant Bir Sturge-Weber Olgusu. Eliacik, Sinan Letter to the editor Mar 1, 2018 762

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