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Articles from Academic Exchange Quarterly (June 22, 2004)

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Title Author Type Words
Academics and professional military education. Klinger, Janeen 3596
Action research on student portfolios. Chappell, Jerry O. 2986
Active learning in macroeconomic principles. Mathew, P.I. 3374
Addressing the needs of lone-parent pupils. MacBlain, Martin S. 2965
An instrument to measure mathematics attitudes. Marsh, George E., II 3483
Beyond research: improving how we improve reading. Gable, Karla 2982
Building math confidence for a high-tech world. Berman, Barbara T. 4835
Christian Hercules--a new research method. Julia, Nagy 2781
Civic education and use of force. Haldi, Stacy 2941
Classroom controversy: Christianity and gay rights. Levesque, Paul J. 2964
Click and bricks--transforming education. Schulin, Kathleen M. 2990
Contextual images in mathematics problem solving. Zambo, Debby 3169
Deixis and EFL reading comprehension. Khabiri, Mona 5387
Developing the ability of proactive reflection. Eriksen, Matthew 2954
Does a military academy promote student learning? Turner, Tim 2954
Down-to-earth religious education. Kremer, Mary E. 2984
Early ethics education at USNA. Donovan, Aine 2609
Editorial. McFadden, Anna C. 948
Enrollment patterns of community college students. Hagedorn, Linda Serra 4234
Exploring errors in college mathematics courses. Clement, Lisa 2901
How do you develop character? Scott, Roger 2262
Improving adolescent girls' math self-perceptions. Marzolf, Katie 3063
Introducing Islam through Qur'anic recitation. Gottschall, Marilyn 2959
Literature facilitates content-based instruction. August, Gail 6005
Mathematical discovery: a covariance analysis. Carifio, James 2947
Mathematics and computer-aided learning. Senteni, Alain 2862
Meeting the needs of students and parents. Bosse, Michael J. 4565
Modified monopoly: experiencing social class inequality. Ender, Morten G. 2995
Moral values for public education. Elliott, Daniel C. 2901
Peer teaching for life-long learning skills. Miley, Frances 2935
Philosophy and ethics education for cadets. Brough, Michael W. 2808
Secondary students' attitudes toward mathematics. Ye, Renmin 3046
Standards: Mexican-American students' attitudes. Telese, James A. 2816
Strategy activation in learning English words. Alvari, Abdolreza 3006
Student attitudes toward integrated mathematics. Hill, Denise 2995
Studying religion in a divided society. Richardson, Norman 2915
Syllabi for today's college classes. Lockhart, Marilyn 2662
Teachers learning mathematics to modify pedagogy. Ohana, Chris 2785
Teaching analytical frameworks. Semali, Ladislaus M. 3084
Teaching cadets creative writing on line. Robinson, Bonnie J. 3602
Teaching law at West Point. Welton, Mark 3001
Teaching military ethics to ROTC cadets. Bertha, Carlos 2482
Teaching mindfully: encountering student spiritualities. Ackley, Heather 686
Teaching writing in a military college setting. Williams, Linda Stallworth 2967
The calculator's role in mathematics attitude. Ellington, Aimee J. 3006
The cosmos corner. Davis, Laurie 9179
The relationship of math anxiety and gender. Marsh, George E., II 2866
The war college experience. Fought, Stephen O. 6065
The West Point BattleBots project and competition. Hanlon, Peter 2744
Two cultures in military education. Farrell, Alan 3221
Urban community college transfers to a university. Starobin, Soko S. 5964
Using bibliotherapy to overcome math anxiety. Furner, Joseph M. 2933

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