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Alabama boycott builds as states retaliate against abortion law. May 17, 2019 449
Alabama passes bill to ban abortion; no exception made for rape. May 16, 2019 206
Al Jazeera shows staggering hypocrisy in attacking Alabama abortion law. May 16, 2019 475
Missouri Senate Passes 'Missouri Stands With The Unborn' Bill. May 16, 2019 253
Abortion campaign actress rallies women to hit lawmakers where it hurts. May 16, 2019 189
Abortion campaign actress rallies women to hit lawmakers where it hurts. May 16, 2019 183
Alabama passes bill to ban abortion; no exception made for rape. May 16, 2019 206
25 white men who banned abortion; Bible Belt Republicans pass bill to prevent terminations after 6 weeks. May 16, 2019 294
Alabama governor signs strictest US abortion ban into law. May 16, 2019 783
Alabama passes bill to ban abortion; no exception made for rape. May 16, 2019 206
Abortion campaign actress rallies women to hit lawmakers where it hurts. May 16, 2019 189
Alabama passes bill to ban abortion; no exception made for rape. May 16, 2019 206
Lady Gaga condemns Alabama Abortion Bill, calls it a 'travesty'. May 16, 2019 328
Abortion campaign actress rallies women to hit lawmakers where it hurts. May 16, 2019 189
Alabama passes bill to ban abortion; no exception made for rape. May 16, 2019 206
Abortion campaign actress rallies women to hit lawmakers where it hurts. May 16, 2019 183
Alabama passes bill to ban abortion; no exception made for rape. May 16, 2019 206
Alabama passes bill to ban abortion; no exception made for rape. May 16, 2019 206
Abortion campaign actress rallies women to hit lawmakers where it hurts. May 16, 2019 190
Abortion campaign actress rallies women to hit lawmakers where it hurts. May 16, 2019 186
Alabama passes bill to ban abortion; no exception made for rape. May 16, 2019 206
Alabama senate passes near-total ban on abortion; The only exception would be when the woman's health is at serious risk. May 15, 2019 660
Alabama senate bans nearly all abortions - including rape cases; The Alabama Senate voted to only allow abortions if they are necessary to safeguard the health of the mother. May 15, 2019 176
Jameela Jamil reveals she had abortion and hails it 'best decision I ever made'; The Good Place actress hit out at Georgia's new law which prohibits women from having an abortion as soon as a foetal heartbeat can be detected. May 15, 2019 602
Countries That Have Strict Anti-Abortion Laws. May 15, 2019 758
Democrats criticise Alabama abortion measure, Gillibrand says it's 'war on women'. May 15, 2019 409
Alabama passes ban on almost all abortion. May 15, 2019 136
United States : Rubio, Blackburn Ask GAO for Transparency of Federal Dollars Supporting Abortion Industry. May 15, 2019 149
Abortion stigma pushes women to back-alley methods. May 15, 2019 277
Alabama Passes Abortion Bill, No Exception For Rape. May 15, 2019 486
Alabama Senate bans nearly all abortions, including rape cases. May 15, 2019 599
U.S. state of Alabama passes bill banning abortion. May 15, 2019 123
Alabama senate passes toughest abortion ban bill in US. May 15, 2019 473
Alabama passes bill to outlaw abortion. May 15, 2019 126
Alabama governor mulling strictest US abortion law. May 15, 2019 418
Physician procedure volume associated with outcomes after surgical abortion. May 13, 2019 381
'Sex strike' call over Georgia abortion law fuels Hollywood boycott debate. May 13, 2019 712
United States : Hartzler, Olson, Blackburn Ask GAO For Transparency Of Federal Dollars Supporting Abortion Industry. May 13, 2019 466
United States : Reps. Burgess and Roby Urge Continued FDA Oversight of Mail-Order Abortion Drugs. May 13, 2019 353
Actress Alyssa Milano Calls For 'Sex Strike' Against Georgia Abortion Law. May 12, 2019 403
Obesity in early pregnancy linked to higher risk of abortion: Study. Clinical report May 9, 2019 198
TD's abortion flyers blasted for 'shameful scare tactics'. May 5, 2019 170
Preacher's anti-abortion push in limbo as billboard firm quits. May 4, 2019 631
Care system let girl down from the age of 11, abuse case jury told; woman tells court that man made her pregnant and forced her into abortion. May 2, 2019 347
Alabama Dem John Rogers On Abortion : 'You Kill Them Now Or You Kill Them Later'. May 2, 2019 311
Africa should review legal restrictions on abortion to save lives. May 1, 2019 130
Abortion laws do more than 'tweak' health care. Apr 30, 2019 394
Abortion laws do more than 'tweak' health care. Apr 30, 2019 305
Prevalence of antenatal depression among women receiving antenatal care during last trimester of pregnancy in a tertiary care private institute of Lahore. Apr 30, 2019 2891
Kansas high court bolsters abortion rights, blocks ban. Apr 27, 2019 996
Proposal suppresses protesters' rights. Apr 27, 2019 1106
Proposal would suppress protesters' rights. Apr 27, 2019 129
Federal court blocks Trump abortion rule. Apr 26, 2019 679
How hypocrisy around abortion is killing women. Apr 25, 2019 856
UK 'must respond' to rights breaches in NI abortion law; Commons call over terminations. Apr 25, 2019 360
Government must set timetable to address Northern Ireland's abortion laws MPs demand; The Women and Equalities Committee alled for the Government to set out its timetable to address the breaches identified by a UN committee monitoring women's rights. Apr 25, 2019 696
United States : Shaheen Statement on Federal Court Ruling to Block Trumps Domestic Gag Rule. Apr 25, 2019 441
Devolve research on unsafe abortion to find solutions. Apr 24, 2019 319
One-sided report on Planned Parenthood lawsuit. Apr 24, 2019 902
Consider alternatives to having abortion. Apr 24, 2019 443
There are good alternatives to abortion. Apr 24, 2019 160
Under 1861 law in UK abortion is still illegal; DR MIRIAM STOPPARD; Helping to keep you fit and healthy. Apr 23, 2019 432
Under law from 1861 abortion is still illegal; DR MIRIAM STOPPARD; Helping to keep you fit and healthy. Apr 23, 2019 427
Utah Bans Abortions After 18 Weeks Gestation. Apr 22, 2019 296
Uber Passenger On Way To Abortion Ditched By Driver Midway. Apr 22, 2019 568
Georgia passes abortion law. Apr 19, 2019 153
Woman is abandoned by Uber driver after discovering she was going to abortion clinic; The 20-year-old student was told she'd "regret it" and was left in the middle of nowhere. Apr 19, 2019 702
An end to abortion. Apr 19, 2019 483
Baltimore seeks injunction against federal family planning rule. Apr 16, 2019 463
Tell legislators you don't support abortion bills. The, Letter To Apr 15, 2019 223
My 'grandad' started raping me when I was seven -- when I fell pregnant at 12 he gave me an abortion with a coat hanger; 'I'd never felt pain like it. I felt like I was going to die.'. Apr 13, 2019 871
Girl, 12, given abortion with coat hanger by rapist 'grandad' who got her pregnant; Brave Charlotte Wade, now 22, has waived her right to anonymity and is sharing her story after suffering years of abuse at the hands of her step-grandfather Raymond Hodges. Apr 13, 2019 1069
South Korea declares anti-abortion law as unconstitutional. Apr 12, 2019 342
United States : As Senate Republicans Once Again Spread Lies About Abortion, Senator Murray Makes Clear Democrats Will Keep Standing Up For Women And Families. Apr 11, 2019 188
United States : Risch Cosponsors Legislation to Prohibit Medical Providers from Performing Dismemberment Abortions. Apr 11, 2019 490
United States : Rounds, Lankford Introduce Legislation to Prohibit Medical Providers from Performing Dismemberment Abortions. Apr 11, 2019 490
Anti-abortion bills spread across U.S. Apr 11, 2019 700
Ohio governor poised to sign 'heartbeat ban' Ban on abortions after 1st heartbeat sent to Ohio governor. Apr 11, 2019 467
S. Korea court overturns abortion ban in landmark ruling. Apr 11, 2019 603
Planned Parenthood files suit to overturn AZ abortion laws. Apr 11, 2019 795
Your Views. Apr 10, 2019 315
Illinois citizens should be aware of pending legislation which would make our st. The, Letter To Apr 10, 2019 302
UNPLANNED Could Roe v. Wade Be Overturned Soon? With abhorrence at abortion laws allowing the killing of an infant moments before he is born, new anti-abortion movies, and new Supreme Court justices, Roe v. Wade may fall. Anderson, Troy Interview Apr 8, 2019 4773
The Power of UNPLANNED: The movie Unplanned, about a former abortion clinic director who became pro-life, is a must-see for both pro-abortion people and pro-life ones. Anderson, Troy Interview Apr 8, 2019 1418
How I Got Into Abortion Work, and Then Got Out. Wilkinson, Julie Apr 8, 2019 869
'Critically important' legislation be opposed, Cardinal Cupich says. Apr 3, 2019 659
'Critically important' legislation: be opposed, Cardinal Cupich says Opposed. Apr 3, 2019 660
'Critically important' legislation should be opposed, Cardinal Cupich says Legislation: Cupich says this compelling issue needs to be heard. Apr 3, 2019 660
United States : Olson Acts To Protect Babies Born Alive During An Abortion. Apr 3, 2019 232
United States : Democrats Deny Conaways Request to Protect Abortion Survivors. Apr 3, 2019 243
'Critically important' legislation be opposed, Cardinal Cupich says Fight. Apr 2, 2019 664
Admitting privileges and hospital-based care after presenting for abortion: A retrospective case series. Upadhyay, Ushma D.; Cartwright, Alice F.; Goyal, Vinita; Belusa, Elise; Roberts, Sarah Cm. Apr 1, 2019 7380
ANA Condemns Title X Funding Cuts Proposed by the Trump Administration. Apr 1, 2019 397
A Critical Introduction to the Ethics of Abortion: Understanding the Moral Arguments. Book review Apr 1, 2019 150
Georgia lawmakers pass bill banning abortions after 6 weeks of pregnancy. Apr 1, 2019 435
Laws erode respect for human life. Apr 1, 2019 1483
Laws erode respect for human life. Apr 1, 2019 177
APHA: Abortion rule proposal flawed. Barna, Mark Apr 1, 2019 167
Joe Biden's history of unwanted touching threatens to put off women voters. Mar 31, 2019 1069
Planned Parenthood claims federal family planning funding is tainted by Trump-Pence gag rule. Perry, Jessica Mar 29, 2019 380
Thousands fill Capitol to protest abortion bills. Mar 27, 2019 468
Thousands fill Capitol to protest abortion bills 'Everything is upside down,' says state Rep. Terri Bryant of Murphysboro Protest. Mar 27, 2019 468
Pompeo reduces funding to OAS following its advocacy for abortion. Mar 27, 2019 250
US announces new rules on foreign aid for abortions. Mar 27, 2019 136
Stigma puts women at risk of unsafe abortion. Mar 26, 2019 198
Abortion history. Mar 24, 2019 456
Relevant history in abortion politics. Mar 24, 2019 161
The heartbreaking story of a 12-year-old who was hooked on cocaine and had an abortion at 13; Lowri Hawkins, now 19, has transformed her life and is helping other victims of sexual offences. Mar 24, 2019 1354
Girl aged TWELVE hooked on cocaine and vodka and had abortion at 13; Lowri Hawkins' daily routine consisted of waking up, taking two lines of cocaine, having a shower and then having another two lines. Mar 24, 2019 1373
Parental Notification of abortion Act Bill to repeal 1995 legislation passes state Senate committee. Mar 22, 2019 976
As Doctors Enlist to Provide Access to Ireland's First Legal Abortion Services, Health Minister Proposes Buffer Zones. Mar 22, 2019 197
Cardinal Dolan Refuses to Excommunicate Governor Cuomo for Supporting NY Abortion Law. Mar 22, 2019 119
Virginia Delegate Reaffirms Support for Abortion Rights Law Despite Death Threats. Mar 22, 2019 120
Kenyan Activist's Death Attributed to Complications from Unsafe Abortion. Mar 22, 2019 227
California AG Requires Catholic Healthcare Megamerger to Continue Abortion and Contraception Access. Mar 22, 2019 162
Abortion Advocates Mobilize in Argentina. Mar 22, 2019 202
Abortion Coverage in the ACA Marketplace Plans: The Impact of Proposed Rules for Consumers, Insurers and Regulators. Mar 22, 2019 148
State Abortion Policy Landscape: From Hostile to Supportive. Mar 22, 2019 275
Education, Place of Residence and Utilization of Legal Abortion Services in Mexico City, 2013-2015. Mar 22, 2019 218
Medical Management of Abortion. Mar 22, 2019 114
Abortion foes rally in Capitol. Mar 21, 2019 515
Woman dies during 'abortion'. Mar 16, 2019 133
United States : Senators Hirono, Duckworth Introduce Legislation to Repeal Hyde Amendment. Mar 16, 2019 676
United States : Led by Senators Murray and Duckworth, Senate Democrats Introduce Legislation to Ensure Equal Access to Reproductive Health Care. Mar 16, 2019 397
Senate approves abortion referendum bill. Mar 14, 2019 231
Model's death during abortion two suspects' remand extended. Mar 14, 2019 350
'Unwanted pregnancies causing 0.5m births in KP annually'. Mar 13, 2019 598
Pro-life members speak to police after 'confrontation' passer-by 'sent campaign group's leaflets flying' outside abortion clinic. Mar 12, 2019 347
Johnson's ex had abortion. Mar 11, 2019 271
Tshireletso requests govt to legalise abortion. Mar 10, 2019 504
Wrongs of abortion finally are showing. Mar 9, 2019 249
Abortion law shake-up call at city protest. Mar 9, 2019 119
Australia : Lovells compulsive lies on abortion are misleading and must stop. Mar 7, 2019 197
United States : Gov. Lujan Grisham receives 10,000 petitions in favor of legislation decriminalizing abortion. Mar 6, 2019 194
A backstreet abortion was a horrifying, painful procedure fatalities were high; REAL-LIFE STORY THAT INSPIRED CALL THE MIDWIFE. Mar 6, 2019 1205
Pro-life group says Higgins visit an 'insult'. Mar 6, 2019 118
Pro-life group says Higgins visit an 'insult'. Mar 6, 2019 117
A backstreet abortion was a horrifying, painful procedure fatalities were high; REAL-LIFE STORY THAT INSPIRED Call the Midwife. Mar 6, 2019 1205
California files suit to block Trump administration's abortion gag rule' in family planning program. Mar 5, 2019 788
Views on abortion not inspiring. Mar 4, 2019 139
Abortion law overhaul. Mar 3, 2019 1433
McGowan: No regrets about my abortion. Mar 3, 2019 181
Rose: I'm not ashamed of my abortion. Mar 3, 2019 123
New York abortion law fits left's agenda. Mar 2, 2019 306
Stars back NI abortion reform demo. Mar 2, 2019 173
Woman admits she's 'proud' she had an abortion - and would do it again; A woman has revealed why she's proud she had an abortion and wishes more women and girls could feel this way. Mar 2, 2019 828
WEAPON OF CHOICE: What happened when one woman tried to make safe and cheap abortion pills available through the mail. Conaboy, Chelsea Mar 1, 2019 1390
C-section for young rape victim in Argentina sparks outcry. Mar 1, 2019 494
What to Expect When You Stop Expecting: Demystifying Miscarriage and Medication Abortion. Christopherson, Sarah Medical condition overview Mar 1, 2019 802
Infanticide, Eugenics, Euthanasia, and the Lord's Work: There is "outrageous" and there is "sickening"--what is happening on the abortion front is both. Singleton, Marilyn M. Mar 1, 2019 859
LIFE AND DEATH IN THE WOMB. Feleder, Florencia; Gowing, Katie; Mendez, Kaidy; Taylor, Vannessa; Weis, Megan Mar 1, 2019 1927
A Line in the Sand on Life. Rosenberger, Peter Mar 1, 2019 764
"I have no choice": Influences on Contraceptive Use and Abortion among Women in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Swanson, Jennifer M.; Hennink, Monique M.; Rochat, Roger W. Report Mar 1, 2019 5457
Federal Congressional update: Threats to free speech and upcoming House Action on the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Act. Popik, Jennifer Mar 1, 2019 894
Hold Democrats accountable for supporting abortion without limits until birth and beyond. Cross, Karen Mar 1, 2019 655
Why Democrats find it impossible to oppose infanticide. Editorial Mar 1, 2019 908
Which Road, America? Tobias, Carol Mar 1, 2019 817
A Mid-March Update on State Legislation. Duran, Ingrid Mar 1, 2019 1022
By 106-36, Vermont House adopts radically pro-abortion measure, including protection for partial-birth abortions. Andrusko, Dave Mar 1, 2019 434
Sen. Inhofe and Rep. Scalise: Where the 'Born Alive' abortion bill goes from here. Inhofe, James Mar 1, 2019 546
The pro-abortionist's abiding fear of and loathing for Pregnancy Care Centers. Andrusko, Dave Mar 1, 2019 466
The only difference between a baby who is born prematurely and a baby fighting for life after a botched abortion is location: the NICU. Gallagher, Maria V. Mar 1, 2019 430
Amicus brief filed with Supreme Court defending Alabama's ban on dismemberment abortions. Andrusko, Dave Mar 1, 2019 761
Kentucky House passes bill to ban abortions on babies with Down syndrome. Freiburger, Calvin Mar 1, 2019 357
Pro-life House leaders hold press conference condemning Senate Dems for killing the Born-Alive Legislation. Cross, Karen Mar 1, 2019 599
Trump Administration Restores Title X Regulations to Separate Family Planning from Abortion: Change restores previous regulations prohibiting grantees from co-locating with abortion clinics or from referring clients for abortion. Mar 1, 2019 385
Fact-checking the fact-checkers: Trump on late-term abortion. Mar 1, 2019 906
VICTORY in a major battle for LIFE IN MARYLAND! Mar 1, 2019 369
New poll finds overwhelming opposition to post-20 week abortions, huge increase in pro-life self-identification. Andrusko, Dave Mar 1, 2019 592
"No uterus, no opinion," the mantra to silence men about abortion: When it is women 's genuine well-being at stake and the right to life of all humanity, everyone needs to have an opinion. Robinson, Michael Mar 1, 2019 1086
Woman completely changes her mind after video shows the horrors of abortion. Gallagher, Maria V. Mar 1, 2019 522
Title X Regulations to Separate Family Planning from Abortion. Andrusko, Dave Mar 1, 2019 437
Az. House Judiciary Committee rejects bill to authorize infanticide: Sponsor says her "intent" was misunderstood. Andrusko, Dave Mar 1, 2019 587
Born with only 2% of his brain, Noah Wall confounds doctors as his brain continues to grow to near normal capacity. Andrusko, Dave Mar 1, 2019 661
Here's exactly how Minnesota Senator Tina Smith justified her vote for infanticide. Stark, Paul Mar 1, 2019 1486
Nurse recalls baby born alive after abortion: 'He was small but perfect'. Terzo, Sarah Mar 1, 2019 749
The Least of These. Smith, Wesley J. Mar 1, 2019 920
Idaho Gov. signs state ban on partial-birth abortion. Andrusko, Dave Brief article Mar 1, 2019 228
Passing of the producer of "The Silent Scream" reminds us how powerfully this video altered the abortion debate. Andrusko, Dave Obituary Mar 1, 2019 1377
Democrats are now the party of infanticide, and no one can deny it. Van Maren, Jonathon Mar 1, 2019 958
Perceptions about abortion among college going late adolescent girls of Ranchi Women's College, Ranchi, Jharkhand--A pilot study. Yasmin, Erum; Kashyap, Vivek Survey Mar 1, 2019 2686
Norway : Proposes all foetal reductions to abortion boards. Feb 28, 2019 388
Man Allegedly Vowed To Commit 'Jihad' Against Abortion Clinic. Feb 28, 2019 474
Ring defends anti-abortion group talks. Feb 27, 2019 106
Derry Girls join abortion reform demo. Feb 27, 2019 302
Health ministry approves post abortion care guidelines. Feb 26, 2019 457
Stars support NI abortion reform demo. Feb 26, 2019 184
SPRINGFIELD -- Illinois' Catholic leaders said Thursday, Feb. 21, proposed legisl. Feb 26, 2019 288
Opposition. Feb 26, 2019 288
Honesty with regard to late-term abortions. Feb 25, 2019 200
Coronation Street spoilers for next week - hostage horror and abortion secret; In an action packed week of Coronation Street, a funeral becomes the perfect opportunity for a killer to escape justice and exact revenge. Feb 23, 2019 734
Trump sets up abortion obstacles, barring referrals. Feb 23, 2019 309
Democrats are party of abortion. Feb 23, 2019 311
Derry Girls pair storm London; Stars to demand abortion law change. Feb 22, 2019 256
Anti-abortion: Catholic Church declines to hold requiem Mass for Caroline Mwatha. Feb 22, 2019 572
Court blocks abortion law. Brief article Feb 22, 2019 175
JP II: Model for abortion debate? Editorial Feb 22, 2019 1185
Analysis: Mississippi abortion bills invite more litigation. Pettus, Emily Wagster Feb 22, 2019 625
Risky abortions. Feb 20, 2019 364
Abortion as birth control. Feb 20, 2019 345
Metropolis Republican proposes bill that would restrict access to late-term abortion. Feb 20, 2019 480
Demand for safe zones at abortion hospitals; Call comes after US group 'plans to intercept women using the service'. Feb 19, 2019 303
BBC criticised for 'lack of information' after abortion episode screened. Feb 18, 2019 222
Abortion is a scourge. Feb 16, 2019 246
Metropolis Republican proposes bill that would restrict access to late-term abortion. Feb 15, 2019 481
[AUDIO] Activist Caroline Mwatha died from botched abortion - Autopsy. Feb 14, 2019 322
Police link Caroline Mwathe's death to 'botched abortion'. Feb 12, 2019 441
CITY ABORTION PROTEST SLAMMED AS 'DISGUSTING' Demonstration used 'graphic' pictures of foetuses which could be seen by children. Feb 10, 2019 314
Be honest about late-term abortions. Feb 10, 2019 201
Supreme Court blocks Louisiana abortion law. Feb 8, 2019 170
Abortion bill introduced. Brief article Feb 8, 2019 127
Relaxed abortion rules portend the dehumanization of us all. Feb 5, 2019 685
Relaxed abortion rules portend the dehumanization of us all. Feb 5, 2019 787
US top court delays litmus test on abortion. Feb 2, 2019 735
Abortion law bid is brought to High Court. Feb 1, 2019 104
State reps to discuss gun control, abortion laws at town hall meeting Monday. Feb 1, 2019 175
Lowest Levels in Decades. Feb 1, 2019 688
Was the Supreme Court's "Whole Woman's Health v. Hellerstedt" decision based on sound research? Andrusko, Dave Feb 1, 2019 945
An "unfathomable" Senate debate: whether to treat babies born alive after a "failed" abortion. Feb 1, 2019 505
Management for abdominal pregnancy at Dhaka: A case report. Shaheed, Saika; Haque, Munima; Haider, Rebeca Report Feb 1, 2019 3403
Pro-life members of Congress act in response to state efforts to radically expand abortion. Popik, Jennifer Feb 1, 2019 1206
Elections really do have Consequences: Beware abortion laws like New York's may be coming to your state. Cross, Karen Feb 1, 2019 639
What pro-lifers took away from President Trump's very pro-life State of the Union Address. Editorial Feb 1, 2019 1052
Democrats reach new depths in commitment to abortion on demand and infanticide. Editorial Feb 1, 2019 681
The Abortion Goal is Clear: abortion throughout pregnancy ... and beyond. Tobias, Carol Feb 1, 2019 822
Why we refuse to be New York. Ohden, Melissa Feb 1, 2019 1006
Authorities cannot charge man who murdered pregnant girlfriend for her baby's death, thanks to Andrew Cuomo's new abortion law. Andrusko, Dave Feb 1, 2019 796
Congresswoman Lesko Introduces the Save Our Children Act to Ban Dismemberment Abortion. Popik, Jennifer Feb 1, 2019 421
Equality and abortion are mutually exclusive. Stark, Paul Feb 1, 2019 749
Pro-lifers on the move in states to pass protective laws and thwart pro-abortion proposals. Duran, Ingrid Feb 1, 2019 486
Supreme Court puts Louisiana admitting privileges law on hold: On a 5-4 vote Court grants procedural stay Justices Kavanaugh and Gorsuch Would Have Allowed the Law to Go Into Effect. Feb 1, 2019 442
Why we share our stories of surviving abortions. Ohden, Melissa Feb 1, 2019 638
NRLC's 6th annual "State of Abortion in America, 2019": Part Two. Andrusko, Dave Feb 1, 2019 1125
On Abortion, Extremism Has Become Mainstream in the Democratic Party: Gone are the days when Democrats sought to make abortion "safe, legal, and rare.". Rubio, Marco Feb 1, 2019 755
Pro-life Virginians Make Their Voices Heard in Richmond at "Commonwealth Rally for Life". Feb 1, 2019 608
NRLC tells Congress it "strongly opposed to adding the 1972 ERA language to the U.S. Constitution": Could invalidate any limits whatever on abortion. Feb 1, 2019 1420
The two Cuomos and the Democrat Party's descent into abortion madness. Andrusko, Dave Feb 1, 2019 967
Marking a Pro-Life Legislative Milestone in Pennsylvania: 1989 "Abortion Control Act.". Gallagher, Maria V. Feb 1, 2019 449
Va. Delegate Tran, Va. Gov. Northam, and the reality of fetal pain. Andrusko, Dave Feb 1, 2019 840
Is Abortion Really the Best We Can do for Women? Valko, Nancy Feb 1, 2019 1130
Abortion worker tells how they broke waiting period laws. Terzo, Sarah Brief article Feb 1, 2019 283
Illinois governor signs executive order solidifying taxpayer-funded abortions. Sielicki, Bridget Feb 1, 2019 426
British abortion boss: Extreme New York bill "is what many of us have been campaigning for in the UK": Ann Furedi shocked the panellists on Loose Women when she defended late-term and gender selective abortion BPAS boss Ann Furedi praised late-term abortion. Feb 1, 2019 728
Big Abortion and the Infantilization of Women. Franklin, Katie Feb 1, 2019 771
Robert Davi mourns the celebration of abortion. Bhriain, Niamh Ui Feb 1, 2019 872
So why have pro-abortion Democrats gone off the deep end now? Andrusko, Dave Feb 1, 2019 1074
Court hears of abortion trip 'trauma'. Jan 31, 2019 109
Annual NA held by Greenstar, PAPAC to address post abortion care issues. Jan 30, 2019 380
Woman takes abortion law battle to the High Court. Jan 29, 2019 222
Does concern for safety extend to abortions? Jan 28, 2019 130
Abortion Atrocity. Jan 24, 2019 1720
Irish abortion law changed. Brief article Jan 11, 2019 172
It's the 46th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade ... and the 1st. Pearson, Cynthia Jan 1, 2019 779
REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS AT RISK: With or Without Roe: In much of the country, access to abortion has already been blocked by state governments, especially for women in poverty And if Roe goes, access will be scarcer still. Thomhave, Kalena Jan 1, 2019 4285
As we roll into 2019, NRLC and its 50 state affiliates welcome the new legislative session. Duran, Ingrid Jan 1, 2019 1309
A look ahead at the 116th Congress. Popik, Jennifer Jan 1, 2019 1241
Why the January commemorative issue of National Right to Life News is must reading. Editorial Jan 1, 2019 616
"With new tools at our finger tips, the technology we have, there is absolutely nothing that cannot be accomplished". Editorial Jan 1, 2019 932
2019: challenges and opportunities. Tobias, Carol Jan 1, 2019 877
Nearly 61 million. A staggering number. Tobias, Carol Jan 1, 2019 643
Reported Annual Abortions. Statistical table Jan 1, 2019 294
Lowest Levels in Decades. Brief article Jan 1, 2019 323
The impact of 2018 elections on the 116th Congress. Cross, Karen Jan 1, 2019 2134
Roe v. Wade's disastrous impact on medical ethics. Valko, Nancy Jan 1, 2019 1187
Why all Americans should want Roe v. Wade overturned--regardless of their views on abortion: A reversal of the Supreme Court's abortion ruling would be pro-Constitution and pro-democracy. Stark, Paul Jan 1, 2019 1181
Roe v. Wade: Through a Daughter's Eyes. Gallagher, Maria V. Jan 1, 2019 534
Nearly two years later, Kansas Supreme Court has not ruled whether there is a "right" to abortion in the state Constitution. Andrusko, Dave Jan 1, 2019 615
New PPFA president adamant: Abortion is Job 1. Andrusko, Dave Jan 1, 2019 693
How Do You Answer Your Teenage Daughter When She Tells You She's Pregnant? Kemper, Bryan Reprint Jan 1, 2019 661
3 Important Truths Revealed by the Latest Planned Parenthood Scandal. Franklin, Katie Jan 1, 2019 1263
Ohio Gov. Kasich signs law banning the dismemberment of living unborn children. Andrusko, Dave Jan 1, 2019 391
Why states will continue to pass protective legislation. Andrusko, Dave Jan 1, 2019 721
Complications: Abortion's Impact on Women. Ring-Cassidy, Elizabeth Book review Jan 1, 2019 751
A 21st Century Guide to Roe v. Wade. Gallagher, Maria V. Jan 1, 2019 678
On the eve of the 46th anniversary of Roe, the New York Times goes nuclear. Andrusko, Dave Jan 1, 2019 542
The welcome end of an era: daughter of famed abortionist is no longer performing abortions at office in South Minneapolis. Andrusko, Dave Jan 1, 2019 455
Great News: Pennsylvania Abortions Hit Record Low in 2017. Jan 1, 2019 501
The fateful 19 months that culminated in Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton. Andrusko, Dave Jan 1, 2019 1093
Challenges ahead in the state of New York. Fadden, Christina Jan 1, 2019 694
Cuomo and Clinton ratchet up pro-abortion rhetoric in New York. Andrusko, Dave Jan 1, 2019 641
Justice White's dissent in Roe: "I find nothing in the language or history of the Constitution to support the Court's judgment." "An exercise of raw judicial power". Jan 1, 2019 453
Abortion by pill was "excruciating" says post-abortion woman. Terzo, Sarah Brief article Jan 1, 2019 134
Abortion activists freak out as pro-life pregnancy centers apply for federal funds. Freiburger, Calvin Jan 1, 2019 491
China Forcibly Aborts Woman's Third Child. Forced Abortion Continues Under Two-Child Policy: Government Report. Jan 1, 2019 418
The power of an ultrasound to change a mind and to save a life should never be underestimated. Gallagher, Maria V. Jan 1, 2019 493
Abortion and the Breast Cancer Epidemic in India. Lanfranchi, Angela Jan 1, 2019 429
WATCH: Abortion activist tells kids: Abortion is 'part of God's plan,' like visiting dentist. VanMaren, Jonathon Jan 1, 2019 1031
"One after the other, they would get on the table, and kill their babies," former clinic worker says. Terzo, Sarah Jan 1, 2019 800
Dad responds to man who said his son should have been aborted: "A million times no". Jan 1, 2019 834
Choosing life and the human family. Pickup, Mark Davis Jan 1, 2019 644
PLANNED PARENTHOOD: Abortion. Money. Politics. Scandal. Stark, Paul Jan 1, 2019 536
"My three Christmas miracles": Triplets safely home after parents reject suggestion they abort one or more. Andrusko, Dave Jan 1, 2019 434
Empowering women through self-managed abortion. Jackson, Anwar; Espey, Eve Jan 1, 2019 1196
Triploidy and Routine Combined First Trimester Pregnancy Screening. Eftekhariyazdi, Mitra; Khaligh, Ali; Suizi, Behnaz; Nasab, Maryam Naghibi; Zare-Abdollahi, Davood Report Jan 1, 2019 1713
The role of complete blood inflammation markers in the prediction of spontaneous abortion. Report Dec 31, 2018 3243

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