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A registry of visual artists compiled by the Sarasota County Arts council.

Karin Zukowski, 4607 Mink Rd., Sarasota 34235. 359-3406. Illustration (books, magazines, etc.), printmaking, collage. A European background and fascination with the Masters assist the artist in presenting popular topics, at times in a poetic manner. ILL, mural painter, art therapist.

Susan Zukowsky, 3232 Rustic Rd., Nokomis 34275. 485-9615. Collage, mixed media. Through the medium of collage, the artist can take images of our printed media out of context, rearrange, change, and return them to a different light. "The printed image is my palette and my vocabulary."

This listing is an attempt to identify and describe working artists in the Arlene Ackerman, 1240 Fox Creek Dr., Sarasota 34240. 378-1131. Painting, watercolor, drawing. Realistic interpretation of local scenery, beaches, and buildings. Also portraits of people, birds, and animals.

Dolorita Boettcher Alejandre, D.M. Boettcher, 2752 Clubhouse Dr., Sarasota 34232. 924-4349. Painting, printmaking, drawing. FAP, AT.

Ingrid Alta Villa, 5029 80th Ave. Plaza E., Sarasota 34243-4302. 351-0655. Painting, printmaking, mixed media. The artist's paintings and monotypes are reminiscent of lunar and architectural landscapes utilizing geometric shapes representing the universe reduced to its most elementary and essential aspects. FAP, PHO, ATc.

Betty Altman, 606 S. Casey Key Rod., Nokomis 34275. 488-1177. Painting, mixed media, collage. "Mixed media and collage in figurative or abstract painting is as important to me as strong color and form." Art direction.

Ian Alden Anderson, 1049 32nd St., Sarasota 34234. 355-0334. Sculpture, painting. Combines Ferro-Cement with mosaics, creating sculptures with Hindu/Buddhist motifs, laden with strong expressionistic overtones. AT, framing/display fabrication.

Jim Archibald, 3055 Goodwater St., Sarasota 34231. 922-3741. Painting. Work is principally transparent watercolor but moving into simplified patterns and the elimination of details.

Judy Axe, 1682 Hawthorne, Sarasota 34239. 953-5649. Mosaics, painting, mixed media. Mosaics in various materials...traditional and contemporary. Subjects: birds, fish, shells, flowers, etc. on commission, also murals in acrylic on various grounds. Mural painter, AT.

Claudia Bach, 7340 Westmoreland Dr., Sarasota 34243. 351-6116; fax: 756-0129. Painting, graphics, mixed media. Bach's work focuses on figuration of the human feminine form, with themes that encompass the roles and conditions of woman in our present society. Painting, printmaking, sculpture.

Jack Leland Bailey, 4211 Old Bradenton Rd., Sarasota 34234. 355-1600. Painting. The artist notes, "I've been called a 'genius' in four languages."

John W. Barends, 1817 S. Osprey Ave., Sarasota 34239. 955-4763. Painting, drawing, mixed media. "I would not paint a face, a rock nor brooks nor trees, mere semblances of things, but something more than these." Framing/display fabrication, mural painter.

Pamela Barron, 8440 Sanderling, Sarasota 34242. 346-0066. Painting, pastel. Barron's colorful, symbolic art explores herself and nature. It assimilates 20th-century naturalism and European surrealism into contemporary paintings. Mural painter.

Joy Bascher, Bascher's North Creek Art School, 2150 Cordes Way, Osprey 34229. 966-4825. Caricature, painting, illustration. Colorful caricatures are performed at parties, festivals, capturing the individual with a few pen lines in everyday or whimsical situations. ATac, PHO.

Catherine Beausoleil, 4476 Symeo Ave., North Port 34287. 1-813-426-0204. Enameling, jewelry, illustration (books, magazines, etc.). One-of-a-kind cloisonne jewelry and enameled wall sculptures are inspirations of Florida and flora and sealife. ILL (children's books), ATac.

Nicole Beck, 10224 46th Ave. W., Bradenton 34210. 798-9697. Installation, sculpture, assemblage. Installations are process experiments utilizing plants, fish, water, earth, and incorporate both woodworking and found object structures. Also producing small scale assemblages and sculpture. Art faculty at Ringling School of Art and Design, furniture conservation and restoration, gilding, woodworking.

Herman Bek-Gran, 740 Seminole Dr. E., Venice 34293. 497-1282. Painting, drawing. Known for his dramatic land and seascapes which are powerful expressions of his visions of nature. Art direction, design.

Phyllis Bek-Gran, 740 Seminole Dr. E., Venice 34293. 497-1282. Yarn on canvas. Her portraits reflect a feeling for her subjects reaching to the character and personality of the people she paints. AT, design.

Helen Bell, 4152 Tarpon Rd., Venice 34293. 493-5329. Sculpture, pastel. Unique sculpture individually created using clay (stoneware), high fired with oxides. Florida wildlife is mounted on driftwood. ATac.

Lisa Bennett, 401 S. Palm Ave. #11, Sarasota 34236. 952-0827. Painting, design, drawing. Concentrating on geometric and architectonic forms, work reflects signs and symbols of the manmade and natural world, strongly emphasizing patterns and color. Art historian, writing, art theorist.

Marge Bennett, 770 S. Palm Ave. #401, Sarasota 34236. 953-5459. Painting. Art reflects artist's life in its search for serenity and beauty. ATa.

Jean Bessey, J.B. Originals, 633 E. Venice Ave., Venice 34292. 485-8941. Mixed media. One-of-a-kind, Father Christmas and Friends, sculpted out of cernit (a clay) dressed in the finest.

Janice Ferm Bjork, 1100 Imperial Dr. #302, Sarasota 34236. 365-7080. Metal, painting, photography. All-original work is a combination of metal flower sculpture, hand-cut and hand-painted, usually in conjunction with a watercolor of the subject. Sold in design studios and museum stores for the commercial market.

Mary McCune Black, 3 S. Buena Vista Ave., Englewood 34223. 1-813-474-0321. Painting, mixed media, drawing, collage. Uses multimedia on paper, primarily watercolor and collage with or without subject matter, in a search for form and color.

Jean Blackburn, 700 Myakka Rd., Sarasota 34240. 322-2716. Printmaking, painting. These oils and intaglio impressions explore the merging of and struggle between natural forces and the human element. AT, FAP.

Charlotte Brenner, Charlotte Thompson-Brenner, 5075 Sandy Cove Ave., Sarasota 34242. 957-3999. Painting, drawing, mixed media. The large-scale paintings reveal tensions in contemporary life by using Post-Modern themes of fragmentation juxtaposed with humanist imagery. ATa.

Philip Brinkman, 1661 Fifth St., Englewood 34223. 1-813-475-5064. Murals.

Robert Bruce, 1673 Joyce St., Sarasota 34231. 966-7014. Painting, printmaking. Larger-than-life realistically executed paintings in oil on canvas of floral subjects with landscaping backgrounds in vibrant compositions. PHO, mural painter.

W.C. Burnett, 4032 Swift Rd., Sarasota 34231. 924-0909. Painting, sculpture. Figurative work dealing with subjective ideas, emotions, experience, social attitudes -- "Southern Gothic realism."

Emily Callari, 606 Home Park Rd., Venice 34292. 485-7892. Oil painting, pastels, painting. Her portrait commissions capture the spirit of the sitter, some of the inner feelings, together with a good likeness. ATa.

Weta Cannon, 730 Freeling Dr., Sarasota 34242. 349-0890. Painting, mixed media, sculpture. Cannon wishes to instill in the clean surfaces some dark human commentary. Constructions, wood, mirrors, found objects. ATa, museum education.

Richard Capes, 2116 Florinda St., Sarasota 34231. 924-8250. Illustration, drawing, painting. The artist's unique mixed media paintings and drawings chronicle Florida today and yesterday. Historical structures come alive through his works. ILL, FAP, AT.

Thomas Carabasi, 2836 Yorktown St., Sarasota 34231. 922-2720. Photography, performance art, sound. His photographs represent the human figure and the landscape, exploring their relationship to mythology and contemporary culture. PHO, AT, music.

Pat Cashin, Patricia J. Cashin, 427 S. Palm Ave., Sarasota 34236. 955-1744. Painting. Her unique and colorful non-objective paintings cannot be characterized only in visual terms because what makes her art important lies much deeper. ATc.

Jeanne Norman Chase, 1602 Bay Rd., Sarasota 34239. 364-9132. Painting, drawing, mixed media. Figurative art. Figures in their environment, or used as themes; in music, the circus, etc. AT.

Vicky Chirnside, Damp Earth Basketry, 951 Southland Rd., Venice 34293. 493-5825. Sculpture, fiber art sculpture, nature. Using natural materials, artist merges textures, color, art and nature to form one-of-a-kind woven creations. ATac, demos, lectures, exhibition, prep and installation.

Cat Christensen, Catherine Christensen, 3350 Kenmore Dr., Sarasota 34231. 921-2880. Painting, ceramics, glass. Synthesis of realism with impressionism is strengthened by layering glazes to infuse each painting with changing reflections of light. ATa, T-shirt designs.

Jacqueline Clark, 102 14th St. E., Bradenton 34208. 748-8900. Painting. Floral and still life dominate her subject matter with a sampling of Florida shimmering landscapes. ATa.

Shirley Clement, 3851 Redrock Lane, Sarasota 34231. 953-5345. Painting. Primarily objective paintings in watercolor acrylic having a dynamism and emotional impact suggestive of the French moderns.

Ruth Hook Colby, 918 Cumberland Rd., Venice 34293. 493-0423. Painting. In painting, when color that conveys emotion is combined with abstract interpretation the essence of the subject is found.

Frank Colson, 1666 Hillview St., Sarasota 34239. 953-5892. Sculpture, ceramics, mixed media. Stylized neo-primitive sculptural forms in clay -- polished bronze faces in modular system, metamorphic representational animals and figures. Foundry, chairman public art committee, marketing and sales.

Victoria Bailey Cooley, 3200 Wilder Ave., Sarasota 34232. 378-1093. Painting. The artist creates watercolor and oil paintings with a Victorian flair and also enjoys mural painting. ATc.

Kassandra Copeland, 4515 26th St. W., #1508, Bradenton 34207. 753-7686. Painting, sculpture, mixed media. Artist conveys the raw elements of her beliefs and fears by exploring various social and cultural principles. Design.

Kevin Costello, 94A Avenida Vaneccia, Sarasota 34242. 349-1242; fax 362-9999. Sculpture, painting, drawing. Sculptures, paintings and drawings all reflect a continuing concern to combine Neo-Classical figuration into that of abstraction. Writing, art critic, art historian.

Marianna Cotten, 451 Woodland Dr., Sarasota 34234. 351-3236. Painting. Brightly colored whimsical primitives.

Howard L. Cowdrick, P.O. Box 3632, Sarasota 34230-3632. 355-7063. Painting, air brush. Most recent works deal with spatial relationships of unrelated objects. Objects interacting within a field or space. Design, ILL.

Barbara Culbertson, 4844 Brywill Circle, Sarasota 34234. 355-3604. Stoneware fountains.

Kay Curtis, 1104 Danny Dr., Sarasota 34243. 758-9263. Painting. Images show the relationship between animals, humans and other living things as harmonious elements of the natural world.

Patricia Davidson, 4231 Charing Cross Rd., Sarasota 34241. 377-7889. Painting, drawing, mixed media. After painting and experimenting with watercolor for 20 years, the artist has developed a quality similar to the impressionist. ATac, private workshops.

David Davis, P.O. Box 477, Osprey 34229. 966-5948. Sculpture, metal, woodworking. Formal aesthetic and excellence in craftsmanship are priorities in abstract sculpture of metal wood and marble, ranging from intimate to large, site-specific scale. Founder, the Sculpture Center.

Nat Dean, 1700 Alta Vista, Sarasota 34236. 951-1330. Painting, drawing, sculpture. Multimedia work explores the many layers of meaning we attach to experience and evidence using simple linear images of everyday objects and gesturing hands. Education on art business, career counseling, design, desktop publishing, paste up/layout.

Alice DeCaprio, 3963 Country View Dr., Sarasota 34233. 922-6748. Drawing, photography, painting. Lively authentic drawings of carousel and circus subjects; also large scale artist-enhanced photographs, French countryside and other unique subjects. AT.

Russell A. Dickson, Rusty Dickson, 102 Shannon Rd., Sarasota 34240. 371-4108. Painting, Indian flute, metal. This wildlife artist exhibits accuracy in detail, giving the animals lifelike personality in their natural setting.

Julee Lee Docking, 1677 Hyde Park St., Sarasota 34239. 955-0927. Painting, collage, mixed media. "I want to walk in my own landscapes, so I try to capture that elusive first ecstatic impression using mixed media on canvas or paper." Exhibition prep and installation, AT, marketing and sales.

Carol Doenecke, 3943 Riverview Blvd. W., Bradenton 34209. 746-7258. Pastel. The artist's pastel paintings are figurative and very colorful. Some influences include Buddhist themes and Northwest Coastal Indian imagery.

Jack Dowd, 1269 First St., Studio #7, Sarasota 34236. 952-1919. Sculpture. "Through the creation of life-size figures enhanced by authentic props, I portray the comedy and tragedy; truth and soul of humanity in America."

Joe Draye, 800 Central Ave., Sarasota 34236. 365-8507. Painting, drawing, illustration (books, magazines, etc.). Alco-illusionary effects strained through a psychotherapeutic landscape. ILL, FAP, scenic design.

Carol Drummond, 4224 74th Ave. E., Sarasota 34243. 355-3083. Art quilts, mixed media, painting. "I need to have uplifting images that will feed my soul and nurture a feeling of comfort in the viewer."

Stuart Edie, 800 Apalachicola, Venice 34285. 484-1196. Painting, sculpture, jewelry. During the past 28 years Edie has created a large body of non-commercial art stressing continual development of style. ATa.

Omar El-Shabu, 1800 Webber St., Sarasota 34239. 366-2977. Painting, textile design. Paintings are based on traditional African forms reflecting new currents which combine dance, music and calligraphic shapes in unusual color juxtapositions and create a geometrically sensuous vision. Design, textile design.

Jill Elkinton, 3212 School Ave., Sarasota 34239. 365-3069. Painting, drawing, illustration (books, magazines, etc.). Elkinton's watercolors include seascapes, boats, the tropical landscapes and architecture typical of Key West and the west coast of Florida. ILL, ATac.

Marcia Ente, 653 40th St., Sarasota 34234. 351-7426. Fiber art, ceramics. The artist's quilted wall pieces bridge the seemingly contrasting worlds of technology and traditional crafts. Crafts, jewelry, mural painter.

Mary Erickson, Mary Cantrell, 400 Baycrest Dr., Venice 34285. 485-2156. Painting, drawing, illustration (books, magazines, etc.). Erickson creates regional scenery and wildlife with stunning accuracy and detail, capturing nature's shifting moods with color and light. Marketing and sales, ILL, framing/display fabrication.

Joy M. Erickson, 3652 Allenwood St., Sarasota 34232. 955-0886. Painting, drawing, photography. Erickson's focus on the human and spiritual experience is expressed in unique figurative and bio-morphic abstract paintings. Desktop publishing, PHO, mural painter, paste up/layout.

Judith Essenson, 1900 Wisteria St., Sarasota 34239. 366-3772. Painting, textile design, painted clothing. The artist creates bold one-of-a-kind handpainted sportswear using her architectural lettering skills, wide brush strokes and classic collegiate coloring. Mural painter, ATc.

Michael Everson, 2114 Hibiscus, Sarasota 34239. 366-3088; 355-7688. Mixed media, painting, photography. Using a wide variety of media, often centering around oil paint and/or photographs, Everson continues experimenting with self-portrait images. PHO, photography of art work, videography, AT.

Kathleen June Mooring Fedel, Kay Fedel, 3728 Breezemont Dr., Sarasota 34232. 952-9239. Painting, collage, illustration (books, magazines, etc.). Artist, writer, teacher, Fedel celebrates life with symbols of the universal spirit in her fine art series of paintings and in her writings and workshops. Writing, art critic, ATac.

Bonnie Jackson Fehling, 3928 Brookside Dr., Sarasota 34231. 925-9204. Painting, illustration (books, magazines, etc.), printmaking. Using watercolor, pastel, airbrush and intaglio on museum board, the artist creates textural settings for her mostly figurative work.

Joel Fein, 826 41st St., Sarasota 34234. 359-9588. Stained glass, mother-of-pearl inlay, photography. Relocated NYC stained glass artist creates striking, beautiful windows, doors, decorative screens. AT, PHO, ILL, furniture building.

Thomas Fern, 142 Southhampton PI. S., Venice 34293. 493-3598. Portrait commissions. Thirty years of portrait commissions from a nationwide clientele. Photos and information on request.

Doug Finfrock, 7125 Antigua Place, Sarasota 34231. 923-8125. Painting, watercolor, acrylic. Realistic paintings of travels to New England, Maine, British Columbia, Southwest, England. Subjects are landscapes, boats, seascapes and architectural.

Joe Fiorello, Box 6223, St. Armands, Sarasota 34278-6223. 388-2213. Sculpture, metal, foundry. As a sculptor with a painting background Fiorello works in many media. He's best known for his outdoor spiritual works in welded steel with installations and commissions across the country. Curatorial, grant writing/fundraising, publicity, exhibition prep and installation, modelmaking.

Cheryl A. Fischer, Pottery By Fischer, 3424 Austin St., Sarasota 34292. 921-1762. Ceramics. The artist creates functional pottery, which incorporates a combination of earth toned colors, freely drawn calligraphic designs, and carved or cut out designs. ATac, desktop publishing, PHO.

Marian C. Fischer, 4213 Eastwood Dr., Sarasota 34232. 377-2632. Mixed media (art material), painting (ink, watercolor, encaustic), collage. Artist explores private world to create "mixed media golds" which have as many interpretations and responses as there are viewers. Art critic, AT.

Larry Forgard, 714 45th St., Sarasota 34234. 351-3628. Painting, communications, model maker. Work explores textures through acrylic paintings with a strong emphasis on mood. Graphic design communications is also practiced full-time. Modelmaking, AT, design, art direction.

Christine Frazer, 3227 Beneva Rd. #103, Sarasota 34232. 922-9226. Painting, drawing. Frazer is a representational artist whose pastel portraits and still-lifes combine abstract composition with a sensitive likeness of the subject. PHO.

Patricia Gawle, 680 41st St., Sarasota 34234. 359-1749. Painting, design, drawing. Though Gawle's paintings are architectural, her startling use of color creates a fantasy world where objects appear more alive than the living. Design, desktop publishing, FAP.

Frank Gegunde, 2057 Manasota Beach Rd., Englewood 34223. 1-813-475-6914. Woodworking. Gegunde carves both realistic and decorative aquatic life, sometimes leaving the wood in its natural state.

Mary Gegunde, 2057 Manasota Beach Rd., Englewood 34223. Ceramics, collage, weaving. Hand-built pottery using five different colored stoneware clays creating landscapes or whimsical fantasies.

Jean Germain, 1512 Pelican Cove Rd., Sarasota 34231. 966-5759. Photography. Germain experiments with the camera as a photographic media to create impressionistic images and special effects of nature, places, wildlife and people. PHO, instructor and lecturer.

Philip Gianni, 942 47th St., Sarasota 34234. 351-2560. Ceramics, computer graphics, environmental design. Gianni does corporate identity logos on the Macintosh and terra cotta clay caricature statues of people of all nationalities and illustrations of the same.

Rona Glasser, 4911 Greencroft Rd., Sarasota 34235. 377-9719. Mixed media (art materials), drawing, painting. Through the use of cut paper and mixed media, Glasser attempts to create the dimension of time -- past, present and future, simultaneously -- in order to express the continuation and repetition in human events. AT, lecturer.

Ellen Goldberg, 2311 Siesta Dr., Sarasota 34239. 951-2784. Mixed media (art materials), textile design, collage. Through a combination of hi-tech, fabricated and antique parts and found objects, the artist seeks to create assemblages and constructions presenting primitive, architectural and universal themes. ATac, publicity, research, exhibition prep and installation, exhibit design.

Barbara J. Granroth, 4015 Tampico Dr., Sarasota 34235. 355-6081. Painting. The artist creates small to medium realistic watercolors of common, simple objects in soft, transparent colors. ATc.

Orton Decourcey Graves, P.O. Box 1513, Bradenton 34206. 747-8490. Sculpture, fiber art. The artist creates wall sculptures that are influenced by African and other primitive arts using fiber and other mixed media. ATac.

Bruce Gregory, 2115 Lee Ln., Sarasota 34231. 924-5649. Donn Roll Gallery, 1415 Main St., Sarasota 34236. 955-1002. Painting, papermaking. Gregory starts with nature and distills the forms, which liberates color and contrast to express plastic content. Mural painter, AT, artist assistant.

Linda Griffin, Fanciful Furnishings, 3466 Beekman Pl., Sarasota 34235. 355-5312. Design, painting, fine painting on furniture and walls. The artist combines art and designs on furnishing and walls that are both pleasing and whimsical. Mural painter, ATa.

Marilyn Gross, 374 Macewen Dr., Osprey 34229. 966-4219. Painting, mixed media (art materials), jewelry. Contemporary paintings in a wide range of sizes, rich in texture, reflecting a kaleidoscope of color and mood.

Regina Gurland, 535 DeNarvaez Dr., Longboat Key 34228. 383-4827. Ceramics. Gurland creates single form abstract animal imagery and one-of-a-kind murals.

Louisa Haenlein, Micki Artistic Expressions, 2848 Davis Blvd., Sarasota 34237. 955-7013. Collage, mixed media, painting. Found objects assembled to create a visual message. A reflection of social trends. "I paint for me." Framing/display fabrication.

Louise Hamel, 2715 Valencia Dr., Sarasota 34239. 366-7474. Painting, computer graphics, jewelry. Painting on wood, primarily wooden chairs with a mystical, spiritual quality. Design, ILL, art direction.

Lee Hanford, 2523 89th St. NW, Bradenton 34209. 798-3493. Painting, oil.

Virginia Hanson, 5248 Wedgewood Ln., Sarasota 34235. 378-0546. Mixed media. A painter of architectural subjects, inspired by design forms of angles of buildings, Hanson uses perspective, shapes, and shadows. ATa, art therapist.

Barbara L. Harrison, P.O. Box 2125, Anna Maria 34216. 778-6179. Metal sculpture. All art plays with the way in which the senses deal with the world.

Teresa Harshman, 3353 Higel Ave., Sarasota 34242. 349-7157. Painting, mixed media, drawing. Medium and large-size acrylics, abstraction of the human figure; exploration of space and edge.

Joe Hartnett, 5311 Mesa Way, Sarasota 34233. 371-8053. Painting, sculpture, mixed media. Clay and cement create the size and detail for his indoor or outdoor sculpture. Each figure, grouping or abstract form has its unique presence.

Sandy Hartnett, 5311 Mesa Way, Sarasota 34233. 371-8053. Fiber art, mixed media, sculpture. Hartnett's love for color and design help mold the soft-textured abstract sculpture, letting the viewer get caught in her web.

Dan Haywood, Thomas Danial Haywood, 6037 Ravenwood Dr., Sarasota 34243. 355-4708. Photography. Haywood's photography presents a unique combination of talents: his creative vision for composition and technical ability with lighting and exposure. PHO (special lighting effects), photographer of art work, nature/wildlife, portrait and pets, sports photography.

Philip Held, 325 Island Circle, Sarasota 34242. 349-5739. Photography, painting. Held's photographs are images of time and place, rooted in Florida. Further words are meaningless. PHO, darkroom technician.

Constance Heller, 1465 Gulf of Mexico Dr., Longboat Key 34228. 383-3547. Collage, mixed media, painting. An exquisite sense of color, keen use of form and diverse materials are the key elements of Heller's unique style. Design.

Eleanor Heller, 3727 Collins St., Sarasota 34232. 365-4220. Painting, mixed media, collage. Heller's abstract imagery is intuitive, organic, mythic, strongly colored and textural, symbolically reflecting memories, readings and experiences as a woman.

Richard C. Henderson, 1908 Oleander St., Sarasota 34239. 955-0712. Painting, drawing, printmaking. The artist creates realist/impressionist portraits, still lifes, and landscape paintings, as well as interpretive, contemporary paintings and monotype prints. ATa, portraiture.

Andrea Hillebrand, 2623 Bee Ridge Rd., Sarasota 34239. 922-9428. Photography. Polaroid image transfers -- merging photographs, "transferred" to watercolor paper, with handtinted colors, to conjure ethereal images, evoking past times. PHO of children, handtinted photos.

Robert O. Hodgell, P.O. Box 20463, Bradenton 34203. 751-5482. Sculpture, ceramics, printmaking. Slab-built ceramic sculpture (figurative, often satirical); linoleum block prints (often religious, satirical); watercolors (landscapes, figure). AT, ILL.

Jill Hoffman, 1952 Morrill St., Sarasota 34236. 957-1077. Painting, video, mixed media (art materials). Contemporary works on paper, cut, textured and minimalist in structure. Their aesthetic is enhanced by flowers, feathers, and color. Original works and private commissions on request. PHO, videography, photographer of art work.

Virginia Hoffman, P.O. Box 2712, Sarasota 34230. 365-7450. Glass, metal, mixed media. Hoffman's artistic concerns are based on a continual search of inventiveness, answers and solutions. Sculpture, furniture, architectural, FAP.

Hans Holstrom, 4249 Marlowe Dr., Sarasota 34241. 377-4804. Sculpture, mixed media, cast acrylic. The artist's colorful mixed media sculpture has been called "frozen music." Modelmaking, design, commissions.

Richard Hora, 4318 Woodmans Chart, Sarasota 34235. 377-9783. Foil (tooled), painting, collage. "The work, I hope, is personal, turning up as boxes and shaped pieces encompassing satire, stylized realism or abstraction." Design, art direction, photographer of art work, AT.

Vicky Chelf Renoux Hudon, 2715 Valencia Dr., Sarasota 34239. 365-2383; fax: 953-6083. Painting, sculpture, drawing. Artist's work is figurative and usually satirical and uses bright colors. It has been called whimsically demented. Writing, ILL, scenic artist.

Betty Hudson, 6470 Mourning Dove Dr., Bradenton 34210. 955-5782. Painting, mixed media (art materials). Improvisational abstract painter of large canvas works. Subjects: people, flora, landscapes.

Laszlo J. Hunyadi, 5868 Welcome Rd., Bradenton 34207. 755-1007. Ceramics, design, jewelry. Small drawings, watercolors, and tempera painting, ceramic mural designing, building designing, interior and furniture designing, architectural model making. Design, exhibition prep, art critic, art historian, modelmaking.

Martin Isaacs, Statue Place, 4429 S. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota 34231. 924-8198. Sculpture, metal, mixed media. Metals and found materials are blended into sculptures and collages that are primarily whimsical. Marketing and sales.

Pamela Jablonski-LaCroix/Pamela C. Jablonski, 4458 McIntosh Park Dr., #1302, Sarasota 34232. 371-8736. Drawing, painting, mixed media. Conte' pencil drawings, oil paintings and mixed media pieces that address the lighter side of contemporary political issues. Archival storage, marketing and sales, exhibition prep and installation, AT, photographer of art work.

Cathie L. Janssen, 1221 N. Palm Ave., #301, Sarasota 34236. 954-3824. Leather, textile design, photography. The artist/designer creates, patterns and produces meticulously crafted leather jackets incorporating antique and contemporary embellishments according to individual requests or exhibition concepts. Costume design, PHO, darkroom technician.

Frank Jennings, 1018 N. Lime Ave., Sarasota 34237. 955-6121. Painting, drawing, design (general). Transparent watercolor of subject on abstract underpainting, resulting in designed realism. Design, commercial printing, paste up/layout, desktop publishing, ILL.

Marian L. Jennings, 1018 N. Lime Ave., Sarasota 34237. 955-6121. Painting. "The florals seem fragrant, the fruits seem edible" -- never dirty color nor distorted images. AT.

Paul Jeremias, 8472 Baybreeze Ln., Sarasota 34243. 351-4277. Photography. Large full-color photographs reveal both the mysteries of theater and the theatricality of photography. AT, PHO, commercial.

Lemoyne F. Johnson, Johnson Photography, 2010 59th St. W., #5800, Bradenton 34209. 792-2033. Photography. Nature photography, especially wildlife -- special interest in eagles. Also travel scenic programs with music soundtrack. PHO, stained glass photography.

Steven E. Katzman, 2170 B McClellan Pkwy., Sarasota 34239. 955-5043. PHO, photography instructor, photography seminars.

Linda Kauffmann, 530 Givens St., Sarasota 34242. 346-1868. Painting, design (general). Kauffmann's watercolor paintings emphasize the play of light and the movement of the medium to create alive color. AT, design.

Deborah Keller-McCartney, P.O. Box 777, Anna Maria 34216. 778-7314. Ceramics. Fine handcrafted pottery for the person who appreciates art that is uniquely special. Quality functional ware that is lead-free and dishwasher-safe. Paste up/layout, design.

Faith Bradburn Keller, 2573 Arapaho St., Sarasota 34231. 923-2069. Painting,

computer graphics, illustration (books). Displays a full range of artistic capabilities, from beautiful watercolor animal and botanical paintings to large murals to stunning graphics. Mural painter, desktop publishing, ILL, scenic design, exhibit design.

Peter E. Kent, 7235 Saddle Creek Cir., Sarasota 34241. 925-1740. Photography, communications, computer graphics. Color photography, dramatic scenics, worldwide and local stock. Communication, business, technology background, publishing consultant. PHO, marketing and sales, desktop publishing, business, computers.

Anita Elizabeth Kertzer, 582 Juan Anasco Dr., Longboat Key 34228. 383-2550. Painting, sculpture, mixed media. "I seek beyond superficial likenesses to portray an inner spirit with the creation of the portrait flowing from my heart, head and hand." AT, demos, juror.

Susan J. Klein, 1725 Mova St., Sarasota 34231. 966-3542. Painting, drawing, photography. In Klein's lush, acrylic Florida landscapes the invisible emotional response attains a strong individual, unique and fresh visual presence.

Bunny Kline, 3156 Lake Park Ln., Sarasota 34231. 922-6119. Painting, papermaking, collage. With non-objective form, and color both intense and subtle, this painter celebrates natural forces, the spirit and the source.

Karen E. Klosky, Sparrow Knights (published poem, stage name), 2001 Gulf Dr., Bradenton 34217. 778-2038. Collage, performance art, photography. Line and color are main interests. Basically a "gut painter," Klosky transmutes deep emotions onto the canvas. Exhibition prep and installation, framing/display, fabrication, art critic, publicity.

Kate Korp, 1208 N. Casey Key Rd., Osprey 34229. 966-2567. Painting, printmaking, photography. The artist's understanding of light, shadow, color, and texture combined with close observation of her subject results in images that are dramatic and abstract. AT, exhibition prep and installation, framing/display fabrication, writing, design.

Dennis Kowal, D.J. Kowal Studios, 508 S. Osprey Ave., Sarasota 34236. 366-1066. Sculpture, drawings. Kowal's monumental archetypical sculptures, in high-tech materials, reflect intuitive energy and light. Their human scale is sensual and classical -- affirmations of persistence in the face of life. Art consultant, PHO.

Nat Krate, 586 Lyons Ln., Longboat Key 34228. 383-4461. Painting, pastel, drawing. Contemporary realist whose large works deal primarily with the effects of psychological and social forces which impact upon the individual. ATa.

Joan Kresek, 2546 Rose St., Sarasota 34239. 951-1530. Painting, mixed media, sculpture (bas relief only). Artist creates custom atmospheres, using paint and occasionally sculptural materials, on walls, ceilings, floors, and furniture. Mural painter, ATc.

Frances Krewson, 8402 Fay Ave., North Port 34287. 1-813-426-2115. Collage, mixed media, painting, papermaking, printmaking. Krewson's expressive collages, using organic materials such as rocks, wood, metal and paper, blend smoothly into designs of pure imagination. Collage, scenic artist, PHO, AT.

Edith Kroll, 2245 Bispham Rd., Sarasota 34231. 923-8503. Sculpture, painting, photography. Her primary focus lately has been creating bas reliefs, especially excelling at portraiture and figure interpretations. Modelmaking, mural painter, PHO.

Ronell LaLonde, Art Enterprises International, 3023 Bradenton Rd., Sarasota 34234. Sculpture, mixed media, foundry. The artist creates mixed media sculptures in bronze, marble, wood, steel and acrylic as an interplay of form and materials. Foundry, modelmaking, marketing and sales.

Linda Landry, 5378 Sara Point Dr., Sarasota 34232. 378-9261. Painting, pastel portraits, drawing. A location painter of portraits and landscapes depicting the partnership between atmospheric conditions and environmental perspectives in impressionistic style, as well as historical renderings. ATc, mural painter.

Kurt Larisch, 350 Golden Gate Pt., Sarasota 34236. 951-7766. Hang-Up Gallery, 45 S. Palm Ave., Sarasota 34236. 953-5757. Painting, graphics. Paintings that symbolize concern for a society which exalts technology over the human spirit, using geometric forms, cool, vivid color, creating dramatically surreal spatial relationships. Design, PHO, sculpture.

Linda Larisch, 312 Myrtle Dr., Nokomis 34275. 488-7212. Painting, illustration, quilts/wall hangings. Artist transfers her quilt imagery onto canvas with acrylics, making patterns part of the landscape and appearing in other unexpected places. AT, scenic artist, ILL.

Suzanne K. Larsen, Suzanne Larsen Designs, 4901 Commonwealth Dr., Sarasota 34242. 349-2785. Fiber art, crafts, painting. Nationally known in the wearable art and surface design field, the artist paints multi-media one-of-a-kind creations. Design, ILL, cartooning, painted-dyed textiles, AT.

Matthew Lasinski, 368 Lantana, Sarasota 34243. 355-4246. Painting. Realistic or dreamlike, the oil paintings are specific in their content and execution. Lyrical harbor scenes and still lifes predominate.

Marlene Lawrence, 541 Bowsprit Ln., Longboat Key 34228. 383-1315. Painting, mixed media, drawing. The artistic large-scale mixed media, expressionistic paintings can be abstract or suggest the Florida landscape, frequently on commission. FAP.

Marietta Lee, 1040 23rd St., Sarasota 34234. 955-9664. Painting, photography, ceramics. Lee makes oil paintings to communicate about relationships, feelings, values, current events and our environment. Painting, writes stories.

Francine Liftig, 5125 Sandy Beach Ave., Sarasota 34242. 349-3289. Painting. The artist depicts her fascination with people and their actions and interactions.

Winifred C. Long, Wini Long, 2938 Park Lake Dr., Bradenton 34209. 795-0627. Painting, print-making. Long's watercolors capture the feeling of old interesting buildings, large florals, dancing seas and everyday people.

Karen Lund-Miller, 3538 Winton Ave., Sarasota 34234. 355-2591. Painting, drawing, illustration. Artist's paintings portray people, animals, architecture and nature in harmonious co-existence. Design, desktop publishing, ILL.

Larry Macek, 92 Whipporwill Ct., Ellenton 34222. 1-813-723-1983. Shell art, photography. "Sea shells -- an art work in itself but when pieced together by Larry Macek the small wonders form an even grander masterpiece." ILL, cartooning, PHO.

Don Maitz, 5824 Bee Ridge Rd., Suite #106, Sarasota 34233. Painting, illustration (books, magazines, etc.), drawing. Best-known for science fiction, fiction book covers and Capt. Morgan image for Seagram & Sons. Published professional artist for past 17 years, guest instructor Ringling School of Art and Design.

Merrillee Malwitz, Malwitz Studio, Carriage House, 1269 1/2 First St., Sarasota 34236. 362-8820. Multi-disciplinary, painting, sculpture, photography, drawing. Aim is to orchestrate and intregrate projects that display vibrant and meaningful concepts within a team atmosphere, utilizing an extensive and varied background. Botanical illustrator, art events coordinator.

Maxine Masterfield, 3968 Lakeside Rd., Sarasota 34232. 346-0181. Painting, mixed media. Paintings reflect the surface beauty found in nature. AT, writing.

Nancy Goodheart Matthews, 2601 Riverview Blvd. W., Bradenton 34205. 748-1690. Ceramics, mixed media, painting. Whimsical, dreamlike imagery blending bas-relief fantasy in ceramic carvings with the detail of ancient mosaic. Mural painter, art therapist.

Gene McCall, 3090 Bay Oaks Cr., Englewood 34223. Sculpture, woodworking, painting. Figurative sculpture and furniture in bronze or wood. Paintings evolving as a new physical language of the soul and mind. Antique restoration, furniture design, gold leafing.

Ron McCarty, P.O. Box 13101, Sarasota 34278. 355-1162. Painting, drawing, illustration. The artist's dense composition with sharp-focus detail results in a poetic combination of the real and the mysterious. Curatorial, ILL, grant writing/fundraising.

Jerry McClish, 1011 51st St. Ave. E., Bradenton 34203. 758-0802. Painting, film, illustration (books, magazines, etc.). Paintings are in simple loose watercolor with no tricks. Subject matter ranges from landscape, marine to Victorian houses. Mural painter, ATc, writing.

Cheryl B. McGrath, The Decorative Painting Studio, Inc., 4364 Ragfield Dr., Sarasota 34243. 351-8306. Painting, decorative painting, murals. Creates unique handpainted finishes for walls, furnishing, fabrics and accessories.

Victor S. McGuire, Animal Ink, P.O. Box 6311, Venice 34292-0911. 484-3396. Pen and ink, watercolor, illustration. The artist immortalizes wildlife in exquisite detail with pen and ink, sometimes incorporating watercolor accents. Also builds native wood frames. Framing.

Shawn McLoughlin, 3360 Higel, Sarasota 34242. 349-5364. Painting, illustration. Working from candid and formal photographic references, artist specializes in watercolor and oil. ILL, mural painter, videography.

Monty McMullan, 109 24th St. N.W., Bradenton 34205. 747-9585. Painting, wearable art. Her paintings bring the balance and beauty of nature to the viewer. Publicity, exhibition prep and installation, mural painter.

Roger McMullan, 107 29th St. W., Bradenton 34205. 746-2273. Painting, drawing. Through his paintings he attempts to capture the vitality and intensity of his feelings about the subject. Jurying.

Sandra Melcher, 2107 41st St. W., Bradenton 34205. 747-7919. Mixed media, printmaking, computer graphics. Melcher's high-tech and etching-imaged collages are symbolic/mystical creations. The large wall sculptures are site-specific commissions. ATa, mural painter, desktop publishing, prose poetry.

Carolyn Merenda, 3767 Schwalbe Dr., Sarasota 34235. 366-2866. Illustration, painting, fashion illustration. Works in watercolor creating wash drawings in grays and blacks and also in color for newspaper or magazine reproduction. Also landscapes and florals for art exhibits. AT, fashion illustration.

John Merkel, Carlini: Master of Light, 503 Ohio Pl., Sarasota 34237. 957-0585. Kinetics, glass, plastics. The artist marries art and technology that engage dynamics of illumination and kinetics which evoke a playful emotion. Framing/display fabrication, exhibition prep and installation, scenic design, modelmaking, videography.

Eleanor Merritt, 3692 Walden Pond Dr., Sarasota 34240. 377-6627. Mixed media, drawing, painting. Merritt's images always revolve around the female form; sometimes there are hidden messages behind the obvious image; sometimes it's just the pleasure of composition with line, movement, and form. Docent tours, AT (retired).

Susan Meyer, 4539 Webber St., Sarasota 34232. 378-9407; fax 378-9407. Painting, ceramics, communications. Expressionistic still-life nude oil paintings, wheel-thrown functional stoneware and porcelain. Computer-generated graphic design, illustration/animation.

Charles W. Meyrick, 8255 Shadow Pine Way, Sarasota 34238. 925-2123. Sculpture. Primary works are portraits in clay with bronze patina finishes or may be cast in bronze. Other sculpture includes figures and animals in various media.

Dorothy Miller, 7475 Blaine Way, Sarasota 34231. 924-5640. Painting, mixed media, collage. Miller's colorful portraits and landscapes draw on family and community life past and present.

Jeffrey Miller, 3538 Winton Ave., Sarasota 34234. 355-2591. Painting, murals, printmaking. His "pure" approach to painting produces sensitive and esthetic works of art consisting of landscapes, architecture, and portraits. AT, scenic design, scenic artist.

Morris Mitchell, Moe Mitchell, 6417 Carmella Way, Sarasota 34243. 758-2384. Painting, printmaking, drawing. The multi-media and monoprints are personal intuitive symbology endeavoring to provoke a sociological conscience in present-day social and environmental challenges. AT, FAP.

Theodore Morris, 1211 34th St., Sarasota 34234. 351-1490. Painting. Using the latest archaeological evidence, Morris is trying to bring back to life Florida's lost tribes. Paste up/layout, design.

Lyn Mugavero, Lynart, Ltd., 4318 Windemere Pl., Sarasota 34231. 925-3626 or 378-4242. Painting, crafts, design. Nature/wildlife subjects, with an occasional touch of fantasy, are the essence of artist's watercolor paintings and fabric mache figures. Design, desktop publishing, ILL.

Max Muller, 6902 Stetson St. Cir., Sarasota 34243. 351-6642. Painting, watercolor. Popular artist Max Muller brings a dynamic approach to watercolor, creating mood, excitement, and emotion in his work. Through the calculated use of color values and subject matter he handles the medium with strong, crisp lines demonstrating confidence and ability. AT, director of Sarasota Visual Art Center.

Karle Murdock, 423 E. Cornelius Cir., Sarasota 34232. 371-1556. Sculpture, painting, computer graphics/illustration. Artist's unusually broad range of work is marked by attention to esthetic quality and detailed craftsmanship. Design, ILL, cartooning, costume design, scenic artist.

Frederic Murphy, 4030 Brookside Dr., Sarasota 34231. 954-9945. Painting, drawing, printmaking. One of a select group of American artists trained in the classic style and techniques of the Old Masters, he is noted for his highly accomplished still lifes and portraits. ATa, framing/display fabrication, FAP.

Ken Nadle, 7507 S. Tamiami Tr., #69, Sarasota 34231. 362-3254. Photography, video. Nadle's photographs use juxtaposition to explore the paradoxical nature of reality. Stretcher maker.

Mary B. Ostlund, 408 Jackson Dr., Sarasota 34236. 388-1657. Drawing, painting, mixed media (art materials). This artist draws and paints figure, portrait, landscape, and still life in pencil, colored pencil, pastel and oil. ATa.

Richard Oxley, Dick Oxley, 3575 Sarasota Golf Blvd., Sarasota 34240. 371-1871. Painting, collage, sculpture. Paintings are unique cut-outs of printed and painted material dealing with a "celebration of life." Horses, birds, suns, moons, and assemblages of life. ATa, FAP, mural painter.

Jo Ann Page, 1321 Mango Ave., Venice 34292. 485-6730. 1-800-697-6730. Basketry, fiber art, textile design. Creating and constructing unique, traditional and contemporary baskets that make the craft an art. Marketing and sales, AT, design.

Gary James Parmelee, 106 Sandhurst Dr., Venice 34293. 493-1888. Papier tole art. The artist creates unique three-dimensional art using a multitude of lithographs, giving it depth and making it almost lifelike.

Nike Parton, 840 Edgemere Ln., Sarasota 34242. 349-7419. Painting, oil pastel, printmaking. Strong, brilliant color, spontaneously on location. Expressing nature's beautiful oneness, that people may see and save environment. Sculpture, AT.

Mary M. Pearce, 5400 Ocean Blvd., #141, Sarasota 34242. 349-3789. Watercolor, painting. Starts with nature, to express its rhythm and color, to communicate God's beauty. Goes with the flow of transparent watercolor. Costume design, AT.

Frieda Pearle, 4906 Hidden Oaks Trail, Sarasota 34232. 371-2282. Watercolor, acrylic and pastel. Paintings in watercolor, acrylic and pastel, of the natural environment in Sarasota, landscapes, still life and portraits. Docent.

Pegi Clark Pearson, 4906 Bayshore Rd., Sarasota 34234. 351-9399. Painted furniture, printmaking, painting. Happy furniture: old pieces transformed into colorful and functional works of whimsey and fantasy. Writing, paste up/layout.

David L. Peirick, 1216 Westway Dr., Sarasota 34236. 388-4106. Sculpture, painting. Sculpture of wood, stone, acrylic.

Sophia Pelkey, 1540 Glen Oaks Dr. E., Bldg B #233, Sarasota 34232. 364-8960. Painting, drawing, mixed media. The artist's abstract expressionist landscapes are rooted in nature and spiritually, indicated in color.

Helena Poto, 4324 Cactus Ave., Sarasota 34231. 923-6520. Painting, drawing, photography. Contemporary iconography seeking to express the spiritual life of reality, both in subjective and objective form.

Hannah Price, 1301 20th St. W., Bradenton 34205. 748-6557. Mixed media (art materials), mixed media (constructions), painting. Price's constructions combine found objects, painting, photography, and writing which focus on speciesism and related socio-political concerns.

Florence Putterman, 220 Morningside Dr., Sarasota 34236. 388-1660. Painting, printmaking, sculpture. Putterman's large acrylic paintings textured with sand and shells involve complex melodramas, amusing situations and environmental concerns. ATa, career counseling.

Richard Ramsdell, 2570 Loma Linda St., Sarasota 34239. Mixed media, photography. The artist creates large scale, photo-based pieces from found images which address contemporary social issues.

Vicky Randall, 727 Hand Ave., Sarasota 34232. 377-5792 or 362-8889. Sculpture. Randall uses abstractions of steel, sound, light, figural gestures and stacked elements in her "Clockworks" to display the integral sense of time. AT.

Leonard Rattini, 1639 Starling Dr., Sarasota 34231. 923-4066. Painting. Rattini paints in both oil and watercolor media in many subject matters. Framing/display fabrication.

Elizabeth Reed, 1766 Loma Linda St., Sarasota 34239. 365-7759. Photography, film, video. Phloridagraphs are an ongoing documentation of Reed's native state. These studies reveal her purest approach to the people, buildings and landscapes around her. Photographer of art work, PHO, Publicity.

Casey Remington, Box 580, Osprey 34229. 349-4032. Cartoonist, film cartooning, cinematography.

Anthony Hopkins Rice, 2319 Roselawn Cir., Sarasota 34231-4623. 923-7976. Painting, printmaking, sculpture. Lectures, slide presentations, workshops, AT.

Cecy Richardson, 420 Poinciana Dr., Sarasota 34243. 351-7895. Mixed media (art materials), environmental design, painting. In painting, Richardson uses both natural and man-made stencils to try to evoke the mood, feeling, light, and play of life above and below the ocean surface. Docent/tours, mural painter.

Colette Rivolta, 4605 Morningside, Sarasota 34235. 378-5612. Mixed media. Realist landscapes, still life, flower watercolors.

Mary C. Robinson, 2042 Pinehurst St., Sarasota 34231. 924-0808. Painting, drawing, sculpture. In portraiture artist's challenge is to capture an individual's inner self and spirit in their outward appearance. ILL.

Gale Fulton Ross, 1805 Ivanhoe St., Sarasota 34231. 925-7483. Schaeffer/Zapson, 450 Seventh Ave., Suite 2710, New York NY 10123. (212) 279-3467. Mixed media, painting, drawing. Using the face and the figure as metaphors, artist is developing a life's work expressing her feelings of oppression and the history of African-Americans. Curatorial, career counseling, exhibition prep, art critic.

William R. Rossey, 642 Waterside Way, Sarasota 34242. 346-0670. Environmental design, sculpture, waterworks. Creates sculptured environments embodying the client's humanity in conjunction with nature, to give a personal and communitarian source of joy. Scenic design, art critic, art historian, paste up/layout, ILL.

Dita G. Rowen, 4500 Gulf of Mexico Dr., G306, Sarasota 34228. 383-1651. Collage, fiber art, mixed media (art materials). Relies on fabrics and other materials rather than paper to achieve more colorful three-dimensional collages with in-depth perspective. ATa.

Chalyce Ruehlen, 400 Flamingo Dr., Venice 34285. 484-9276. Grand Piano Art Gallery, 101 W. Venice Ave., Venice 34285. 484-9276. Painting, drawing, mixed media. Chalyce explores exciting color relationships to create a spiritual unity where the seen and the unseen worlds merge. ILL, art historian, acting and singing.

Claudia Ryan, 2808 60th Ave. W., Unit 1204, Bradenton 34207. 756-8805. Painting, printmaking, mixed media. Large format monotypes and paintings. Images are of airplanes and other infernal machines and objects interpreted expressionistically and symbolically. ILL.

Ann Sablosky, 988 Blvd. of the Arts, #1116, Sarasota 34236. 953-2127. Ceramist. Artist creates strong abstract sculptures concentrating on contemporary design.

Virginia Salerni, 1554 Palmwood Dr., Sarasota 34232. 371-3702. Painting, printmaking, collage. The artist creates impressions from her surroundings in ink or watercolor developed with overlays of polymer, pastels or collage.

Ellie F. Samuelson, 359 Bobby Jones Rd., Sarasota 34232. Drawing, painting. The artist's complex, meticulously accomplished portrait works are metaphors for the transitory and fragile nature of human existence and relationships. AT, art instructor at Ringling School of Art and Design.

Arthur J. Sarlin, FWS, Art Sarlin, FWS, 5034 Circle Oak Dr., Sarasota 34233. 924-2161. Painting, illustration, photo retouching. Sarlin's fine art, mostly water media, ranges from representational to fantasy, illustrations from product-technical to general and photo retouching. ILL, cartooning, photographic conservation. AT.

Betty Savenor, 4305 Highland Oaks Cir., Sarasota 34235. Painting, printmaking. Savenor captures the beauty and drama of nature and its abundant manifestations with an emotional identification beyond the pure visual. Juror, secretary of New England Watercolor Society 11 years.

Renata Sawyer, 5481 Ashton Lake Dr., Sarasota 34231. 923-5481. Nature printing, papermaking, collage. The artist applies pigment to natural objects, mostly plants, and transfers their images to paper, fabric, or other surfaces. ATa, FAP, PHO.

Ethel Scarlett, 7500 Park Pt. Dr., House 27, Englewood 34224. Painting, watercolor, mixed media. Scarlett has an interest in ceramics, having had a small studio in Scarsdale, New York and Wilton, Connecticut.

Charlotte Schultz, 12090 Malvern Ct., Largo 34644, 1-813-596-4913. Painting, drawing. Paintings which use the house as an image of itself, and an image of an intimate psychic state.

Barbara Severns, Barbara Wensel Severns, 6781 Timberland Ln., Sarasota 34241. 924-2583. Painting, drawing, printmaking, calligraphy, illustration (books, magazines, etc.) From Severns' strong graphic renderings to her sensitive traditional portraits, she captures a "zest for living" to share with the viewer. Private instruction, juror, art programs for organizations, demonstrations, publicity.

Dorothy J. Shea, Dorothy J. Taha or Taha-Shea, 1110 S. Venice Blvd., Venice 34293. 497-2302. Printmaking, mixed media, computer graphics. Early work mostly realistic with variety of subject and media; more recently mixes media, as well as using combinations of technique, realism and abstraction. FAP, desktop publishing, ATa.

Leona Sherwood, 615 Buttonwood Dr., POB 492, Longboat Key 34228. 383-3047. Painting, mixed media, collage. Memory and imagination explore the world around us in these diverse media, semi-abstract paintings -- each piece a creative experience. ATa, art demonstrations.

Verona Warkentin Simmons, P.O. Box 760, Sarasota 34230. 365-4975. Painting, design, drawing. Fine arts background in drawing and painting result in a creative approach to all graphic design. Design, commercial printing, paste up/layout, illustration, art direction.

Kathy Simonds, 6100 Gulf of Mexico Dr., Sarasota 34228. 383-1657. Jewelry.

Paul Singdahlsen, 1700 Alta Vista, Sarasota 34234. 951-1330. Drawing, painting, printmaking. Singdahlsen's painting, drawings and prints speak of the end of nature through a vocabulary which attempts to explore the place of the spiritual in a world where humans themselves are minor deities. Exhibition prep and installation, exhibit design/lighting, framing/display fabrication.

Leeanne Singeltary, 109 35th St. N.W., Bradenton 34205. 746-5841. Sculpture, mixed media, ceramics. Singeltary's sculpture attempts to portray the universal experiences of metamorphosis and/or moments within transformation. ATc.

Ruth Skaller, 3435 Fox Run Rd., Sarasota 34231. 923-7525. Painting. Skaller is striving for abstract realism in watercolor and acrylics.

Wayne Slabough, Photo One, 3553 Starboard Ave., North Port 34287. 1-813-426-0866. Photography. Slabough strives for elegant images and combines clean design with a technical approach to add clarity and impact to your photograph.

Peter Paul Sliwinski, 47 S. Palm Ave. #210, Sarasota 34236. 365-5200. Mixed media, crafts, printmaking. Design, ILL, cartooning.

Frances Smith, 2770 Bonita Dr., Venice 34292. 485-3973. Painting, murals, stained glass design. Art for children and adults, especially murals and animal portraits, original custom designs on fabric, walls, paper, glass, are her specialties. Design, mural painter, ATa, ILL, cartooning.

Genevieve E. Smith, Ginette Smith. 361 Scott Ave., Sarasota 34243. 355-5409. Chinese brush painting. Smith is exact in her interpretation of true Chinese styles of painting landscape, flowers, etc. ATac.

Janis Smith, 5724 7th Ave. Dr. W., Bradenton 34209. 795-8804. Design, mixed media, paintings. The artist creates multimedia works and installations usually dealing with social, political and environmental issues in an offbeat presentation. FAP, design, paste up/layout, PHO, scenic design.

Jessica Smith, Jesi, 2420 Janie Poe Dr., Sarasota 34234. 387-1600 (work), ext. 1616. Painting. "Her vividly colored acrylic canvases exhibit a naturalistic tropical ambiance combined with a touch of surreal ambiguity."

Lori S. Smith, 1836 Laurel St., Apt 1, Sarasota 34236. 792-7635. Fabric-draping.

Matthew Samuel Smith, 922 N. Sarabay Rd #29, Osprey 34229. 966-4349. Film, performance art, sound. Smith's independent films are very original, surreal and entertaining -- stylized and visionary. He produces movies from his heart and his mind. Cinematography, makeup/special effects, videography, film critic, marketing.

Jerry Soble, 2343 Harbour Oaks, Longboat Key 34228. 383-8921. Sculpture. Sculptures range from bronze realistic mimes to polished stainless steel to kinetic aluminum-stained glass monumental to alabaster metaphors. ATa.

Eileen Sordahl, Fresh Art, 4735 Remington Dr., Sarasota 34234. 359-0477. Glass, sculpture, drawing. Sordahl's deep carving, etching, and painting of structural and ornamental glass creates a fresh celebration of light and space.

Susanna Spann, 1729 Eighth Ave. W., Bradenton 34205. 747-8496. Painting, watercolor. Spann's vibrant watercolors depict the beauty of florals with the brilliance of crystal objects.

Wilfred Stedman, 4043 Shell Rd., Sarasota 34242. Sculpture. Stedman's bronze sculptures use the human figure as art form, relating classic figurative realism to modern interpretation. ATa, Ringling School of Art and Design and Scottsdale Artist School.

Sharon J. Stewart, 4246 Hearthstone Dr., Sarasota 34236. 966-2154. Collage, mixed media (art materials). Her dramatic three-dimensional mixed media works are a fascinating combination of color, texture, and shapes with Oriental accents.

Elsie Straight, 435 Edwards Dr., Sarasota 34243. 351-1437. Sculpture, painting, photography. Stones reveal the imagery locked inside them. Straight brings them to life, controlled by nature's own designs and colors. Writing, research, design, cataloguing, PHO.

Drew Strouble, 539 Avenida del Norte, Siesta Key 34242. 349-2562. Painting, illustration (medical/scientific), illustration. Through trompe l'oeil oil on plexiglas still life and highly realistic watercolor imagery of the domestic cat, the artist evokes a magical fascination with the mystery of the commonplace. Art direction, ATac, juror, FAP.

Mary O. Supplee, 6750 Gulf of Mexico Dr., Longboat Key 34228. 383-7860. Photography. Supplee most often takes photos of nature and animal life. She also takes black and white photos and tints them. Videography, photography.

Patricia Morrisey Sussman, 4349 Carol Ann Rd., Sarasota 34233. 371-7886. Painting, portraits. A portrait specialist, Ms. Sussman creates a striking likeness, one that is alive, projecting the special glance and gesture that define the person. Publicity.

Debbie Talamas, Talamas Art Studio, Inc., 5824 Bee Ridge Rd., Suite 140, Sarasota 34233. 378-9848. Decorative artist.

Elizabeth Edie Terrell, 800 Apalachicola Rd., Venice 34285. 484-1196. Painting. While stressing design she makes full use of her imagination and instincts.

Joseph Richard Thiel, 6538 Roxbury Dr., Sarasota 34231. 922-5701. Illustration (books, magazines, etc.), drawing. Figurative and graphic editorial illustrations in black and white and full-color on political, social, or economic subjects. AT, Ringling School, cartooning.

William H. Thompson, 3279 Beneva Rd., Apt. 103, Sarasota 34232. 925-1443. Design, drawing (pen and ink), painting. Small line drawings and watercolors for industrial designs and brochures. Creating ideas to finished art. Paste up/layout, ILL, cartooning.

Lee W. Tiffany, 4945 Village Gardens Dr., Sarasota 34234. 355-6054. Art furniture, sculpture, painting. The artist creates whimsical pieces: art furniture, wire mobiles, standing sculptures, paintings, and wall pieces. Design, art direction.

Patricia Tobin, Patricia Tobin Fein. 826 41st St., Sarasota 34234. 359-9588. Painting, mixed media, artist's books. Expressive, emotional and quirky. Gallery artist/The E.C. Gallery, New York City. Recently relocated. AT, ILL, museum education, design.

Lois Barlett Tracy, 580 Artist Ave., Englewood 34233. 1-813-474-3365. Mixed media. Artist in residence at two colleges, head of three art departments, published two art books, juried many exhibitions. "I am blind, in my 90s and painting."

James Tschirgi, 1257 S. Portofino Dr., #303, Sarasota 34242-3130. 349-6672. Painting. Watercolors and oils which strive for mastery of colors and light effects, whether landscapes or portraits. Art therapist, program planning.

Katherine Tsonas, 7630 S. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota 34231. 924-0889. Batik, drawing, textile design. Tsonas' award-winning naturalistic batiks celebrate the environment while her personal batiks elucidate facets of spiritual insight and human relationships. ILL, ATac, demonstration of batik, design.

Harmony Vanover-Feldman, Box 1183, Holmes Beach 34218. 778-3892. Video, choreographer. A pioneer in the dance/video movement, she has produced many dance-related works. She performs human sculpture in parks and gardens and teaches yoga and dance. Teaches adults (yoga), teaches children (creative movement). Choreographer, archival video.

Bella Weinberg, 6553 Gulf Gate Pl., #256, Sarasota 34231. 924-8556. Painting, collage, fiber arts. "Design in Stitchery" originated as wall hangings in collages of random fabrics with embroidery accents, derived from painterly background. Art critic, writing, curatorial.

Steve Welker, 3714 Lakewood Dr., Sarasota 34232. 377-9109. Ceramics, drawing, painting. The artist creates hand-formed clay fountains that represent realistic mini-ecosystems, for indoor and outdoor use.

Ed Wergeles, 15 Crossroads Ctr., Ste. 141, Sarasota 34239. 351-5020. Photography, illustration, communications. Composes informal editorial-type photos that "talk" rather than conventional top-of-the-piano type portraits.

Trudy Whitney, 4177 Hearthstone Dr., Sarasota 34238. 966-9345. Painting, sculpture, mixed media. Whitney's paintings emphasize imaginative, spontaneous acrylics and watercolors interpreting nature; travels to primitive cultures through contemporary expression. AT, art juror.

Joyce Wilson, 2832 Sunnyside St., Sarasota 34239. 955-9804. Photography, painting. Wilson's photographs and paintings are taken from our beautiful area -- beaches, birds, wildlife. In color-black/white and hand-colored black/white.

Harold Winer, 4430 Exeter Dr., Longboat Key 34228. 383-3984. Collage, painting. Winer's skilled figurative collages are tightly composed. His expressive beings are fragmented, tumultuous as the shifting, layered backgrounds they inhabit. ATac.

Adrianne Winer, 4941 Kestral Pkwy. N., Sarasota 34231. 922-6883. Sculpture, collage, metal. Winer's sculpture is very organic in its orientation, very tactile. She does abstracted forms -- female and couples. Her collages are colorful and fun. Outdoor metal sculpture. Photographer of art work.

Julie Wulf, 3235 Pine Valley Dr., Sarasota 34239. 924-8963. Fiber art, painting. Color has always been the most important element for Wulf in her art work and in life. Her batiks and watercolors are colorful reflections of the world around her. ATa.

Janny Wurts, 5824 Bee Ridge Rd., Suite #106, Sarasota 34233. Painting, illustration (books, magazines, etc.), author. Fantasy and science fiction illustrator/author of 10 novels. ILL.

Marilyn Davis Zacharias, 2241 Proctor Rd., Sarasota 34231. 924-5265. Painting, illustration (books, magazines, etc.), pastel painting. This versatile artist works in realistic flora in oil illustrations, portraits and landscapes in pastel (instructor), and illustrations and cartoon in acrylic. ATa, ILL, writing, publicity, marketing and sales.

Constance Zanger, 6017 Marella Dr., Sarasota 34243. 351-5689. Painting. The artist's love of nature is expressed through figurative, floral and landscape paintings in acrylic, watercolor and pastel media.

Ruth Zuckerman, 601 Longboat Club Rd., #S-402, Longboat Key 34228. 383-2732; (404-266-2545). Sculpture, foundry, photography. By gesture, line and rhythm she weds eternal statements on the human condition with eternal materials. Foundry, ATa, PHO.
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Title Annotation:Sarasota, Florida
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Date:Dec 1, 1994
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