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To those who think Cyprus cannot be already is.

Clement Dodd is author of The History and Politics of the Cyprus Conflict (Palgrave Macmillan, 2010).

This is part of what he has to say: "Exactly fifty years after Cyprus became independent, the chances of reuniting the island look slim. The prospects for agreement are not high. Should the reunification talks fail the status quo will become permanent. The Turks currently control 37 per cent of the area and the Greek Cypriots 60 per cent while 3.0 per cent makes up the two British bases".

Dodd states, would it not be possible to consider a two-state solution with internationally guaranteed borders? Most Turkish Cypriots want this as a solution, and would doubtless be prepared to cede more territory for it than they would for a federation. Property and residence problems would be eased, partly because many Greek Cypriots would not want to live under Turkish Cypriot rule.

The question I ask is are we GC's happy with the current 60 per cent under the ROC or could we negotiate a better deal with the Turkish Cypriots for mutual recognition? Even former 'TRNC President' Mr [Mehmet Ali] Talat has publicly stated any future deal with the Greek Cypriots would mean ceding land and he mentioned a figure of keeping 29 per cent for the 'TRNC' as opposed to the current 37 per cent which would probably mean the return of Varosha.

Those who think that Cyprus cannot be divided think again. It already is divided and I suggest you look at a map of Ireland where we have the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland in the same geographic area surrounded by sea. The International community is not pushing the two Irelands to unite.

Personally I do not think Cyprus will ever be united and secondly I prefer we Greek Cypriots govern ourselves than one another. The ROC is already an EU member.

George K Georgiou, Australia

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Date:Dec 12, 2010
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