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MONDAY, STV STV Single Transferable Vote
STV Star Trek: Voyager
STV Samanyolu TV (Turkey)
STV Satellite Television
STV Scottish Television
STV Stranglethorn Vale (World of Warcraft computer game) 
, 7pm

Flings catch up with Carl

Women beware! Charmer Carl King just doesn't seem to like keeping his relationships simple.

He's cheated so many times now that he should be in a members club, and after ditching wife Lexi for supposed true love Chas, he's been carrying on behind her back with dishy dish·y  
adj. dish·i·er, dish·i·est
1. Slang Gossipy; sensational: published a dishy tell-all.

2. Chiefly British Slang Good-looking; attractive.
 Eve Jenson.

However, Eve is more than a little miffed miff  
1. A petulant, bad-tempered mood; a huff.

2. A petty quarrel or argument; a tiff.

tr.v. miffed, miff·ing, miffs
To cause to become offended or annoyed.
 to see that Carl still appears to be head over heels with Chas despite having told her he plans to leave his unsuspecting girlfriend for her.

Unfortunately for Carl, it's not just Eve's ire that he is going to have to deal with as Chas finally discovers he has been cheating on her. However, Chas plots to play it cool and decides that she will take her revenge on both of the lovers, who remain completely unaware that she has caught on to their deception. You can be sure that whatever Chas has in mind, it won't be pleasant for either of them. Be very afraid.


 in full British Broadcasting Corp.

Publicly financed broadcasting system in Britain. A private company at its founding in 1922, it was replaced by a public corporation under royal charter in 1927.
1, 8pm

Will it be au revoir Janine?

Janine's scheming has got her into some scrapes in the past, but nothing compared to her current predicament.

Not only is Ryan furious with her for kidnapping little Lily and then suggesting that they can drive to France together with the baby in the boot, but she's also managed to stall the car in the middle of a level crossing.

If that wasn't bad enough, the barriers are down and a speeding train is approaching.

Panicking, she and Ryan scramble to get out of the motor, but will they make it on time? Or is someone going to have to tell an already fragile Stacey she's just lost her daughter?

Back on the Square, Alfie gets the go-ahead to move into the Vic, and sets about organising the opening night. Not content with paying his rent, his new fairy godmother fairy godmother

fulfills Cinderella’s wishes and helps her win the prince. [Fr. Fairy Tale: Cinderella]

See : Fairy

fairy godmother

mythical being who guards children from danger and rewards them for good deeds.
 Roxy swoops in to help out behind the bar, but when Alfie tries to thank her with a friendly peck on the cheek, Kat gets the wrong idea and a fight breaks out.

To keep the peace, the landlord is forced to eject his own wife from the pub, but later makes it up to her by suggesting they renew their wedding vows. Kat is touched by the gesture, but it sets her on a collision course collision course
A course, as of moving objects or opposing philosophies, that will end in a collision or conflict if left unchanged: two planes on a collision course; dissidents on a collision course with the regime.
 with another Mitchell sister, as Ronnie realises the ceremony will clash with her own wedding reception.


Big Bob tries to help iona in river City. She's laid low with a hideous cold, so he offers to open the deli for her. a miraculous remedy prepared for her by annie perks her up no end, so much so that she decides to go out for a night on the town - will he find out she's taking his goodwill for granted and, if so, how will he react?



Whoever said the course of true love runs smooth had clearly never paid a visit to Summer Bay.

Life could be harder for Bianca - she's got two very lovely men falling at her feet. She's not going to score any brownie points with either of the boys by lying, but when ex-fianc Vittorio turns up, she cancels a date with Liam, saying she's poorly. Vittorio's full of apologies and all the right words for the way he treated her in the past, and Bianca finds herself in his arms, with a heartbroken Liam looking on. Can Bianca stop him when his thoughts turn to leaving his job and the Bay?

Meanwhile, Gina's not happy about John leading Xavier and April on, and wants him to own up to having known about the bus scheme all along. If John had his own way, he'd get a lot more mileage out of it, but for Gina's sake, he agrees to come clean.

Scarlett's baby blues


n. 1. (Zool.) The parson bird.

Tue, Tues abbr (= Tuesday) → ma 
, BBC1, 8pm

Although women are supposed to bloom once they're pregnant, getting to that state can prove to be traumatic and stressful - just ask Scarlett Mullen.

After having the same symptoms she had at the start of her previous pregnancies, she becomes convinced she's having a baby, but is devastated dev·as·tate  
tr.v. dev·as·tat·ed, dev·as·tat·ing, dev·as·tates
1. To lay waste; destroy.

2. To overwhelm; confound; stun: was devastated by the rude remark.
 when two tests turn out to be negative. Jimmy then persuades her to get checked out by her doctor, who thinks her symptoms may indicate something else...

Bob is back in Shieldinch but he's refusing to see his family. It seems he's only returned so he can sort out the garage lease. Despite trying to keep a low profile, Scarlett finds out and goes to see him, but he refuses to open the door, leaving her wondering what is going on.

Meanwhile Leo Leo, in astronomy
Leo [Lat.,=the lion], northern constellation lying S of Ursa Major and on the ecliptic (apparent path of the sun through the heavens) between Cancer and Virgo; it is one of the constellations of the zodiac.
, another Brodie brother, arrives and instantly becomes a hero to Conor - which doesn't go down well with his father.


Mother of all rows

With Steph's bombshell bomb·shell  
1. An explosive bomb.

2. One that is sensationally shocking, surprising, or amazing.


a shocking or unwelcome surprise

Noun 1.
 still ringing in his ears, Toadie races to the country to prevent her from giving up baby Adam.

But poor Steph's pretty adamant, and even the man who nearly ruined his life for her sake can't stop her. But is there more to her decision than meets the eye?

Lyn can't believe what her daughter has decided to do after everything that has happened over the past few months and takes her anger out on the Kennedys. After all, their hatred of her was what drove her out of town.

And after a confrontation with Libby, it looks like Steph might be having second thoughts too. She tries to pack away the baby's nursery, but finds herself so overcome, that she decides to find a few distractions - one of which happens to be Lucas.

Libby can't believe Lucas has let himself get involved with her former best friend again, but he confesses he still loves Steph. Can Libby forgive him, especially given the recent history between the pair?




NEIGHBOURS: Andrew feels guilty about not being at his father's bedside to see Paul open his eyes.

EASTENDERS: Harry finds a way to vent his anger at Vanessa, before telling Darren the truth about Jodie.

EMMERDALE: Maisie and Will struggle to get back to normal. Val and Pollard pollard

fine protein-rich feed supplement for farm animals; a byproduct from the milling of wheat for flour. Called also shorts.
 fear the B&B has rats.

CORRIE: With Claire insisting she's taking the kids to France alone, Jack gives Ashley some advice on how to save his marriage. Leanne offers Cheryl a job in the bar.

HOME & AWAY: Sid confronts Mitzy about her latest revelations, putting his relationship with Marilyn in danger in the process. Nicole tells Romeo to give Indi a chance.

TUESDAY NEIGHBOURS: Natasha tries to save face by telling Andrew it was her decision to end things with Kyle.

EASTENDERS: Ian surprises Jane with news about the adoption, and Darren puts his foot in it with Jodie.

RIVER CITY: Fraser hopes to get one over on Gabriel by sending a child into the shop to buy fireworks fireworks: see pyrotechnics.

Explosives or combustibles used for display. Of ancient Chinese origin, fireworks evidently developed out of military rockets and explosive missiles and accompanied the spread of military explosives westward to

EMMERDALE: Val decides it's not rats that are making themselves at home in the B&B cellar, but ghosts. John starts to think that methadone methadone (mĕth`ədōn', –dŏn'), synthetic narcotic similar in effect to morphine. Synthesized in Germany, it came into clinical use after World War II. It is sometimes used as an analgesic and to suppress the cough reflex.  may be Holly's best option.

HOME & AWAY: Xavier feels betrayed after realising that John was wise to April's money-making scheme all along. Romeo fears he's made a big mistake with Indi.


NEIGHBOURS: Lou asks Lucas to step up and become head of the Ramsay household. It seems Kate isn't currently up to the job, as she's waiting to see if Declan thinks that they have a future together after all.

EMMERDALE: Viv is still busy fuming fuming /fum·ing/ (fum´ing) emitting a visible vapor.

Producing or emitting smoke or vapor, as for certain concentrated nitric, sulfuric, and hydrochloric acids.
 over the friendship between Bob and Hazel, but soon has other worries when the cafe is robbed. And who should she turn to for comfort but her estranged es·trange  
tr.v. es·tranged, es·trang·ing, es·trang·es
1. To make hostile, unsympathetic, or indifferent; alienate.

2. To remove from an accustomed place or set of associations.
 husband? Val concludes that if the B&B is haunted, she may as well cash in on it.

HOME & AWAY: Paulie is furious to discover that his parents know all about his debt problems, courtesy of Angelo. Ruby comes out of rehab, only to learn that Liam has left town, and Alf is warned against going to the cops.


NEIGHBOURS: Rebecca brokers a peace deal between Susan and Lyn, and receives news of her own.

EASTENDERS: Jane lets Christian in on her plans to leave Ian, while her husband celebrates the adoption.

EMMERDALE: When Hazel's pills go missing, Adam is quick to blame Holly. Viv tries to get closer to Bob.

CORRIE: Becky concocts a cover story to explain why she's playing mum to little Max. Peter continues to support Carla through her troubles, but is he too busy to notice just how friendly Leanne and Nick are looking these days?

HOME & AWAY: Even trusting Marilyn is becoming suspicious of Mitzy, but she's still taken by surprise when her supposedly psychic friend reveals her dark secret.


NEIGHBOURS: Paul wakes up to a barrage of questions from his son about who tried to kill him.

EASTENDERS: Vanessa tries to make amends with Jodie, and Ian reads Jane's letter from the bank.

EMMERDALE: Aaron struggles to keep up a calm front while being shown how to care for Jackson.

CORRIE: When Ciaran adds hotpots to The Joinery's menu, Steve declares war - but it's Betty who comes up with the most fiendish plan for sabotaging the rival bar. Over at Underworld, Michelle starts to assert her authority.

HOME & AWAY: Miles warns Penn to leave Alf alone, but the troubled lad already has a new victim in mind. Sid comes up with an explanation for Mitzy's predictions.

Who's the daddy?

Kevin tells Molly she must find out who is the real father of little baby Jack

CORONATION STREET Coronation Street is an award-winning British soap opera. It is the longest-running television soap opera in the United Kingdom, first broadcast on Friday, 9 December, 1960 in the Granada region of ITV.  FRI, STV, 7.30pm

Remember, remember the fifth of November. You certainly will this week as the biggest dramatic fireworks of the night are saved until Friday as we finally discover who is the father of Molly's newlychristened child - Kevin or Tyrone.

When Webster finds out, he's far from happy and confronts his former lover with the test results.

Meanwhile, there's a big 16th party for Sophie, and Rosie is determined to ensure her younger sister has a good time. However, as Sophie and Sian get carried away, they are caught snogging Noun 1. snogging - (British informal) cuddle and kiss
caressing, cuddling, fondling, hugging, kissing, petting, smooching, snuggling, necking - affectionate play (or foreplay without contact with the genital organs)
 by the pastor. It looks like Sally is in for even more high drama. Elsewhere, it appears Liz has gone one step too far when she bars Ciaran from the Rovers.

Michelle is so annoyed by her actions she decides to throw in the towel.

But you can't blame Liz, considering Ciaran is planning mini hotpots for The Joinery's menu.

It seems the Peacocks' marriage has reached crisis point - again. Claire wants to move to France but Ashley's not too keen. Eventually he agrees to the move but she says it's just too late. And Steve is desperate to raise pounds 20k in a hurry. It looks like his only option is using the Rovers as a bargaining chip in exchange for Max, the child Becky so desperately wants to adopt. Given Kylie's track record, it wouldn't be too shocking if she did a runner with both the cash and her kid.

The Stapes' emotional rollercoaster takes another dip this week as the biggest skeleton in John's cupboard returns to haunt him. As most Corrie addicts know by now, there's a wreath at the factory and the former teacher wonders who sent it.

He also fears that someone is wise to his and Charlotte's deception - namely them dumping Colin Fishwick's body in Underworld's foundations. The fact there's a mystery phone call during a night does little to ease John's fears. Will the mystery figure expose Stape's secret or will the fastest liar in Weatherfield deliver more porkies to save himself?


After months of being as miserable as sin, EastEnders' stacey is about to be cheered up by her cousin Kat, who will help the young mum regain some of her old spirit. Nobody likes being away from home, including Neighbours star sam Clark Sam Clark (born 18 October 1987) is an actor from Adelaide, South Australia. He is best known for portraying Ringo Brown on Neighbours.

Clark won the role of Ringo after auditioning for a nation-wide Dolly Magazine competition; as the winner, he won a three month
. That's why his girlfriend Carly is joining him on his tour. sorry girls, he's taken!


WOMAN SCORNED... Chas Dingle Chastity "Chas" Dingle is a fictional character on the ITV soap opera Emmerdale. She is played by Lucy Pargeter. About Chas
Like most members of her clan, Chas Dingle arrived in Emmerdale in a blaze of glory - dressed as a nun.
 WOULD YOU BELIEVE IT... Carl and Eve are caught out DECISION TIME...Toadie tries to persuade Steph STALLED...Ryan tries to save Janine and baby Lily CHARMER...Vittorio woos Bianca NEGATIVE Mood...Scarlett EMOTIONAL TIMES...Kevin confronts Molly, left. Sophie and Sian get carried away, top, and Jack's christening day arrives, above
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