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Soap stories.

EMMERDALE MONDAY, STV STV Single Transferable Vote
STV Star Trek: Voyager
STV Samanyolu TV (Turkey)
STV Satellite Television
STV Scottish Television
STV Stranglethorn Vale (World of Warcraft computer game) 

Ashley's seeing the light

For months now, Sally has been inching her way back into Ashley's life, pushing away her own husband and causing the priest to separate from Laurel.

It's surprising just how oblivious he has been of her manipulative nature, but all that could be about to change this week.

When Nicola accuses Ashley of having an affair with Sally, he is shocked, and comes to worry that the gossip in the village about their supposed relationship will soon get back to Laurel. Diane advises Ashley to tell Sally it is time to move on so he can concentrate on saving his marriage.

However, Sally has no intention of loosening her grip on the priest and he is shocked when she confesses her love for him.

Will she ever leave?

We doubt it.

 in full British Broadcasting Corp.

Publicly financed broadcasting system in Britain. A private company at its founding in 1922, it was replaced by a public corporation under royal charter in 1927.

Ron points finger of suspicion

Fingers start pointing all over the Square as the hunt for Archie's killer continues.

With so many suspects with legitimate causes, perhaps the police should just accept that he was a nasty and manipulative so-and-so and declare the case closed.

But that would rob us all of one of the most exciting investigations in soap, and there's nothing viewers like more than coming up with their own outlandish theories.

Surely the police should just put CCTV CCTV
closed-circuit television

CCTV closed-circuit television
 in Albert Square Albert Square is the fictional location of the popular BBC soap opera EastEnders. It is ostensibly located in the equally fictional London borough of Walford in London's East End. . They could make a major impact on the capital's crime statistics overnight!

Ronnie blames Janine, Phil's false alibi is questioned and the police arrive to arrest one of the Mitchells.

Meanwhile, Roxy and Ronnie are stunned when their estranged mother Glenda arrives in Walford, but it's not long before she shows her true colours. Stacey and Bradley make a decision about their future, which they decide to keep from Jean, while Darren begs Libby to give him another chance. Lucy's attraction to Leon prompts her to throw a party, but things get out of hand when strangers arrive, including 'Fat Boy' and Shirley's niece, Zsa Zsa Zsa Zsa may refer to:
  • David Kaftan
  • Zsa Zsa Gabor, Hungarian-American actress and socialite
  • Zsa Zsa Padilla, Filipino singer and actress
  • Zsa Zsa Speck, keyboardist
, who clashes with Lauren.


In Neighbours, Kate is determined to make sure that the Deb ball will go without a hitch - and will be a totally environmentally-friendly event too. Alas, Amanda is out to bring her down a peg or two, which could end in disaster. Can Kate stay one step ahead of her arch enemy? Here's hoping so.


Just the job

Poor old Leila Roy deserves some good fortune for once, and it looks as though lady luck might be on her side for a change when she's offered the job of a lifetime.

However, the happy-golucky artist soon discovers that she will have to relocate to Paris - which will prevent her from reconciling with Elliot. So, come the end of the week, Leila has to decide whether to cross the Channel and follow her dreams - even if it means turning her back on love with Elliot.

Meanwhile, Hannah's deteriorating health is clearly getting to Darren and he decides he's had enough of his fragile wife.

However, after a day spent hitting the bottle, Darren realises the extent of his feelings for Hannah and vows to stick by her.

Spurred into action


n. 1. (Zool.) The parson bird.

Tue, Tues abbr (= Tuesday) → ma 
, BBC1,8pm

After Jennifer alerted police to her elderly neighbour's flat, they discovered Iris had been dead for a few days.

Jennifer is saddened when she realises Iris was completely alone but then discovers a stack of love letters from many years ago. Jennifer succeeds in finding the sender, Max, and it turns out that 'Max' is in fact a lady called Mary, Iris's lover.

Jennifer decides, unlike Iris, she doesn't want to live a lie and die alone so sets out to tell her parents that she is gay.

Jo announces that she has received a large amount of money from Nazir's insurance, and she is taking Romeo to Australia to start a new life.

Lenny tells Lee he is not welcome in Shieldinch and that he should leave.

But Lydia and Amber are both growing closer to Lee, putting Lenny in a difficult position.


Under the thumb

Life just hasn't been the same without our Ramsay Street Ramsay Street is a fictional residential street in the Australian soap opera Neighbours and is located in the fictional suburb of Erinsborough, Melbourne. Traditionally, the street begins on the opposite side of the main road, fictionally dubbed "Wentworth Avenue", but  favourites, has it? Thank goodness, then, that they're back in our lives this week.

When we left them, Donna had become completely obsessed with getting her fashion career off the ground while working for Saffron, a woman so vile she makes Janine Butcher look like a pussycat, and Alexis Carrington a candidate for mother of the year.

This week, Ringo is horrified hor·ri·fy  
tr.v. hor·ri·fied, hor·ri·fy·ing, hor·ri·fies
1. To cause to feel horror. See Synonyms at dismay.

2. To cause unpleasant surprise to; shock.
 by the way Saffron treats not only his girlfriend, but the rest of her staff. But there's worse to come when Donna's efforts to impress her boss end in disaster when Saffron's comments turn from something merely unpleasant into downright abuse.

Rebecca and Elle realise something is wrong with their young friend, and urge her to report the designer to the police. But will Donna be willing to do so?




NEIGHBOURS: Lou asks Rebecca to help restock re·stock  
tr.v. re·stocked, re·stock·ing, re·stocks
To furnish new stock for; stock again.

Verb 1. restock - stock again; "He restocked his land with pheasants"
 Harold's Store, and she agrees to go behind Paul's back when she realises that her own business could be under threat.

EASTENDERS: Ronnie resolves to catch Archie's killer and accuses Janine. Peter discovers Tamwar has been dishonest with Afia.

EMMERDALE: Nathan gives Ryan a stern warning, telling him not to hurt Maisie, and Aaron overreacts to Cain's taunts after he is chatted up by a gay man.

CORRIE: Becky pours her heart out to Roy and Hayley, while Matt feels threatened by Dev's not-so-subtle declaration to Sunita that he is free and single again.


NEIGHBOURS: Kate tries to redeem herself in Harry's eyes by securing Sarah as his date for the Deb, but her plan backfires.

EASTENDERS: Lucy throws a party to get closer to new friend Leon, and soon ends up with a houseful, including a boy nicknamed Fat Boy, and blue-haired beauty Zsa Zsa.

RIVER CITY: Jennifer is upset when she realises her life bears a resemblance to that of her late neighbour Iris, and sets out to make sure she does not meet the same fate.

EMMERDALE: Katie is devastated when Ryan admits he does not love her, and Adam is furious to see Aaron using Holly to hide his true feelings. Meanwhile, Cain surprises Charity with an expensive engagement ring.


NEIGHBOURS: Elle returns to Erinsborough from New York New York, state, United States
New York, Middle Atlantic state of the United States. It is bordered by Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and the Atlantic Ocean (E), New Jersey and Pennsylvania (S), Lakes Erie and Ontario and the Canadian province of
 in an upbeat mood, only to find that she has spent more money on her credit card than she can afford to pay back. Eager to help his girlfriend, Lucas offers to help Elle live on a budget, but she finds herself tempted by Paul's offer to buy back the house. Will she accept the offer to ease her cashflow problems?

EMMERDALE: Adam pleads with Aaron to end his relationship with Holly, and Diane tells Ashley to stand up to Sally before she ruins his marriage. Maisie lends Katie a shoulder to cry on even though she's the reason for her heartbreak, and she soon begins to feel guilty. Meanwhile, John takes Moira to an Eighties school disco.


NEIGHBOURS: Amanda persuades Harry to buy alcohol for her, while Toadie urges Elle to tell Lucas that she has sold the house.

EASTENDERS: Whitney tries to break up a fight between Lauren and Zsa Zsa as the party descends into chaos, and Lucy ends up sleeping with Leon.

EMMERDALE: Adam confides in John about Aaron's sexuality, admitting that he tried to kiss him. Elsewhere, Ryan is given short shrift short shrift
1. Summary, careless treatment; scant attention: These annoying memos will get short shrift from the boss.

2. Quick work.

 when he tries to apologise to Katie, while Mark and Faye search for a new home.

CORRIE: Ken is furious with George when he offers to fund Simon's private schooling, while Becky's latest argument with Steve leaves her in turmoil.


NEIGHBOURS: Declan tells Harry to get rid of the alcohol, and demands that Amanda leave him alone. Meanwhile, Kate finally stands up for herself in dance class.

EASTENDERS: Peggy regrets allowing Glenda to stay when she shows her true colours. Meanwhile, Zsa Zsa visits her aunt Shirley, who is too busy worrying about Phil to give her a warm welcome.

EMMERDALE: Aaron is faced with an ultimatum after confronting Adam. Meanwhile, Mark and Faye panic when they realise Natasha is on to them.

CORRIE: Tyrone struggles to pluck up To tear up by the roots or from the foundation; to eradicate; to exterminate; to destroy; as, to pluck up a plant; to pluck up a nation s>
To gather up; to summon; as, to pluck up courage s>.
- Jer. xii. 17.

See also: Pluck Pluck
 the courage to tell Kevin he is leaving the garage, while Tina's struggle with her attraction to Nick becomes clear to David. Ken remains focused on destroying Peter's dreams for the bar.

CORONATION STREET Coronation Street is an award-winning British soap opera. It is the longest-running television soap opera in the United Kingdom, first broadcast on Friday, 9 December, 1960 in the Granada region of ITV.  MON,STV,7.30pm

Homing in on groom

Loan shark Rick's casting a dark shadow over Joe and Gail's big day

These really are the most trying times for the Websters.

With Sally's illness dominating Kevin's thoughts, it's little wonder he's having a hard time coping - the weight of hiding his affair with Molly must be weighing heavily on his shoulders right now.

Sally is still intent on keeping her condition a secret for the girls, but howmuch longer can that policy be maintained?

And howwill Kevin react when he finds out Tyrone and Molly could be moving to Chester?

Meanwhile, the Platts are also on a rollercoaster ride of emotion.Gail is disappointed that Sarah can't make her wedding due to illness, but she isn't downhearted down·heart·ed  
Low in spirit; depressed. See Synonyms at depressed.

 for long.

On the plus side,Audrey has offered to send them on honeymoon,and is even suggesting suitable hairstyles for the ceremony.

Of course, there has to be a fly in the ointment ointment /oint·ment/ (oint´ment) a semisolid preparation for external application to the skin or mucous membranes, usually containing a medicinal substance.

 where Gail is concerned, and in this case it's Joe - yet again. The long-suffering kitchen fitter is freaked out when Rick phones him.With the house sold he's confident he is going to be able to pay him off.

However, fate steps in and takes a swipe at him once more when he discovers the sale has fallen through. To make matters worse, the loan shark is now pretending to be a buyer interested in Tina's flat.

By the time Joe and Gail tie the knot, the former thinks he can enjoy at least one day of unbridled happiness, but his blood runs cold in the Rovers when he spots Rick loitering at the back of the wellwishers. Elsewhere, there's no ceasefire in the war of the grandads.

Adding fuel to Ken's fire is the fact George has offered to pay for Simon's schooling, so it's not long before the ex-teacher is kicking off again.

And when Norris and Freda win a competition, the duo are delighted.

But news of their success travels fast,and Mary - remember her? - is far from thrilled when she sees the news in the paper.

There will be trouble...


Sorry girls, Ben Price claims he won't be getting his kit off after joining the Coronation Street cast as Nick Tilsley Nicholas Paul "Nick" Tilsley (previously Platt) was a fictional character from the soap opera Coronation Street and was most recently played by Adam Rickitt although he was played by Warren Jackson From 1980 to 1996.  - despite his raunchy raun·chy  
adj. raun·chi·er, raun·chi·est Slang
a. Obscene, lewd, or vulgar: "[He]
 past as sexy Conrad in Footballers' Wives.

Sian Reeves claims she can barely walk down the street these days without Emmerdale viewers giving her a piece of their minds about Sally Spode, her bonkers alter ego A doctrine used by the courts to ignore the corporate status of a group of stockholders, officers, and directors of a corporation in reference to their limited liability so that they may be held personally liable for their actions when they have acted fraudulently or unjustly or when .


WORDS OF ADVICE... Diane tells Ashley to distance himself from Sally SURPRISE, SURPRISE... Ashley is aghast when Sally kisses him SQUARE GO... Ronnie doubts scheming Janine's alibi TOUGH CHOICE... Leila has big decision COMING OUT... Jennifer TENSE... Donna is ill at ease working under Saffon BEST WISHES... Gail is waved off on her wedding day, top, and takes her vows with Joe, left. Kevin is choked when Tyrone tells him that he's got another job, above
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