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Soap stories.


 in full British Broadcasting Corp.

Publicly financed broadcasting system in Britain. A private company at its founding in 1922, it was replaced by a public corporation under royal charter in 1927.
1, 8pm

Things get too steamy

Things have been going pretty well for Lucas lately but sadly it seems no one has told him that in Walford this is usually a sign that your life is about to collapse.

His downward spiral begins on Monday, when Trina arrives at Jordan's birthday party, clearly high on drugs.

Lucas turfs her out but finds it less easy to reject her when she turns up at the house the next day, asking if she can use the shower - and then shows her estranged husband what he's been missing by dropping her towel.

Feeling guilty, the preacher goes round to the shed where she's been sleeping rough so he can bribe her to leave.

But when Trina insists she's going nowhere, Lucas lashes out, with tragic results.

Meanwhile, there is a typical soap misunderstanding when Mo accuses Charlie's Russian girlfriend of being in the country illegally.

EMMERDALE TUESDAY, STV STV Single Transferable Vote
STV Star Trek: Voyager
STV Samanyolu TV (Turkey)
STV Satellite Television
STV Scottish Television
STV Stranglethorn Vale (World of Warcraft computer game) 
, 7pm

Nathan's wallet gets a Caining

Cain has never been the sort of bloke to let anyone cross him, as Nathan discovers to his cost this week.

The drama kicks off when a desperate Ryan pulls up to the garage in the stolen sports car and asks for Cain's help. The latter agrees to take control of the situation, much to Ryan's relief.

Later, Cain arrives at Home Farm and tells Nathan he needs pounds 5000 to get rid of the car. Nathan reluctantly agrees and asks Mark for the cash. However, when he refuses, Nathan threatens to tell Will about his affair.

A concerned Mark is forced to cough up.

In the Woolpack, Nathan gives Cain the money and warns him not to come asking for more. However, the nononsense Dingle puts him in his place, warning him never to speak to him like that again - and if he needs any more cash he'll ask for it.

Meanwhile, Natasha is far from happy when Nicola brings baby Angelica into work, and Carl waits for Chas after the party. He reminds her how good they were together and things get interesting as she pulls him in for a kiss. Will they rekindle re·kin·dle  
tr.v. re·kin·dled, re·kin·dling, re·kin·dles
1. To relight (a fire).

2. To revive or renew: rekindled an old interest in the sciences.
 their relationship?


Karl lands himself in a whole heap of trouble in Neighbours. After promising Libby he'll sort out her surrogacy surrogacy See Gestational surrogacy.  problem, the doting dad writes a moving article about her for the Erinsborough News. Unfortunately, his actions lead to him being suspended - is this the end of his medical career?


Bus stopper

Good things come to those who wait - and if you've been coming out in cold sweats during Home and Away's month-long hiatus from the screen, you'll be delighted to know it's back, quite literally, with a bang.

The school trekkers are trapped on the bus - which Trey has rigged with explosives.

Hugo and Martha are driving along a back road to the farm when they come across the bus. With John's help, the pair miraculously disarm the bomb, allowing the passengers to escape.

But, to everyone's horror, the timer starts again.

Hugo grabs the device and hurls it into the bush in the nick of time but he and John are sprayed with shrapnel.

Meanwhile, Trey plots an ingenious escape.

Amber's in a Stu


Amber is still suspicious about Lenny's involvement in Stuart's imprisonment Imprisonment
See also Isolation.

Alcatraz Island

former federal maximum security penitentiary, near San Francisco; “escapeproof.” [Am. Hist.: Flexner, 218]

Altmark, the

German prison ship in World War II. [Br. Hist.
. And who can blame her?

After all, when it comes to devious, underhand soap characters, Mr Murdoch is in the top five per cent.

Despite the fact they're no longer together, Amber is desperate to see her ex-boyfriend and begs Daniel to help her.

But he has bad news - Stuart no longer trusts her and wants nothing more to do with her. If only he knew what had really gone on and that Lenny had lied to Amber, not only about Stuart, but also about his plans to go straight.

But what will she do next as she attempts to put things right?

Meanwhile, Charlie's parents turn up out of the blue, landing him in a pickle. He breaks the news that he's dropped out of university - and his dad isn't exactly supportive.


What a screamer

Is it just us or did Bridget's pregnancy seem to go on forever?

The teenager finally gave birth last week and now the little 'un gets her first taste of life on Ramsay Street Ramsay Street is a fictional residential street in the Australian soap opera Neighbours and is located in the fictional suburb of Erinsborough, Melbourne. Traditionally, the street begins on the opposite side of the main road, fictionally dubbed "Wentworth Avenue", but  when her devoted parents bring her home.

If her lungs are anything to go by, she's set for a great future as an opera singer.

The baby does nothing but scream blue murder, leaving Declan and Bridget at their wits' end. What can be wrong with her? Nothing much, apart from a reluctance to ever take a nap. Clearly she's learning early that Erinsborough is a bizarre place to live - and is keen to check it out early. At least she's finally given a name - India.

Across the street, Libby and Dan are devastated when the hospital cancels the surrogacy programme but fight back by suing for discrimination.

However, they may need a new lawyer after Toadie loses his cool when confronted by old foe Joe.




NEIGHBOURS: Zeke feels torn between his family and Sunny. The Kennedys worry about the break-in.

EASTENDERS: The Slaters are surprised when Charlie returns home with a new Russian New Russian (новый русский—novyi russkiy in Russian) is a term denoting a stereotypical caricature of the newly rich business class in post-Soviet Russia.  girlfriend in tow.

EMMERDALE: Mark has to think on his feet when Nathan accuses him of having an affair with Faye, but Natasha backs him up.

CORRIE: Emily opens up to Rita about just how much Ramsay meant to her, unaware Norris has received some disturbing news. Janice gets to put all that first aid training into practice when Joshua collapses at the charity fete.

HOME & AWAY: Jai finally makes it to the hospital, but Annie and Miles are worried he could be beyond help. Bartlett grows concerned about the missing students.


NEIGHBOURS: Steph arrives home only to find her lounge has been trashed and Zeke feels left out.

EASTENDERS: Tiffany suggests throwing a party for Ricky, while a hurt Zainab walks out on Masood.

RIVER CITY: Hayley and Robbie go head-to-head to see who's the best salesperson - until they discover the product is faulty.

EMMERDALE: Ashley is uncomfortable when Sally invites him for a drink - and Laurel isn't very happy either. Jimmy and Nicola come to a compromise regarding Carl.

HOME & AWAY: Trey confesses everything to his mother and begs her to help him escape - but she'll have to make a quick decision as the police start their search.


NEIGHBOURS: As if they were not under enough public scrutiny as it is, Karl and Susan face even more embarrassment when a personal item finds its way into the wrong hands. Declan and Bridget struggle to find a suitable name for their new arrival.

HOME & AWAY: Kirsty and Miles have squabbled in the past, but she fears their latest huge row could finally spell the end for their relationship. Martha's obvious concern when Hugo undergoes surgery to remove the shrapnel from his skull means Colleen col·leen  
An Irish girl.

[Irish Gaelic cailín, diminutive of caile, girl, from Old Irish.
 can no longer ignore the strength of her niece's feelings for her new boyfriend. Meanwhile, Charlie realises she is unlikely to be able to track down Trey on her own and calls for reinforcements - but will the new recruits do any better?


NEIGHBOURS: Lucas tries to rebuild Toadie's shattered confidence. Hugo is unimpressed by Paul's plan.

EASTENDERS: Zainab makes a decision about the future. Mo resorts to following the mysterious Orlenda.

EMMERDALE: Nicola has doubts about Jimmy's parenting skills and decides she'd be better off taking baby Angelica to work.

CORRIE: Ashley braces himself to tell Claire the truth about his operation and Steve keeps up the search for Slug, even though it's clear Becky is rapidly losing hope.

HOME & AWAY: Belle's hen night hen night

Informal a party for women only, esp. held for a woman shortly before she is married

hen night n (col) → despedida de soltera

 proves memorable when the bride receives devastating news, Rachel goes into labour and dad-to-be Tony is nowhere to be found.


NEIGHBOURS: Steph manages to put herself in danger when she tries to face up to her feelings for Lucas.

EASTENDERS: Bianca admits she has missed Ricky, and hopes they can finally get back together on his return. Orlenda confirms all Mo's suspicions.

EMMERDALE: Faye catches Cain in the act of handing Ryan the proceeds from the Porsche sale, while Debbie gives Michael his marching orders.

CORRIE: Claire thinks she's worked out the real reason Ashley changed his mind about the vasectomy vasectomy, male sterilization by surgical excision of the vas deferens, the thin duct that carries sperm cells from the testicles to the prostate and the penis. . Jack is in a reflective mood as he marks Vera's birthday, and Becky considers getting out of Weatherfield for Steve's sake.

HOME & AWAY: Tony is out drinking, unaware his wife is receiving some traumatic news at the hospital. Aden considers an unorthodox candidate for the position of best man and Belle is forced to make a confession A Confession is a short work on questions of religion by Leo Tolstoy. It was first distributed in Russia in 1882.

Consisting of autobiographical notes on the development of the author's belief, A Confession
 to Nicole.

Kev and Moll get it on

Molly and Kevin indulge in a spot of post-race grease monkey business

CORONATION STREET Coronation Street is an award-winning British soap opera. It is the longest-running television soap opera in the United Kingdom, first broadcast on Friday, 9 December, 1960 in the Granada region of ITV.  MONDAY, STV, 7.30pm

When Molly returned from holiday recently, Kevin gave her a frostier reception than a wounded polar bear polar bear, large white bear, Ursus maritimus, formerly Thalarctos maritimus, of the coasts of arctic North America. Polar bears usually live on drifting pack ice, but sometimes wander long distances inland. .

However, all that changes this week when they take part in a charity race.

While Tyrone is - conveniently - busy on a job and Sophie dashes off to be with her mates the minute her dad finishes the race, that just leaves a hot and sweaty Kevin and Molly to recover from the run - with a close encounter in a hotel bedroom. Looks like their attempts to do the right thing have failed miserably.

With their affair back on, it's clear that Molly's desire for the mechanic proves harder than expected to keep under wraps.

Later in the week, during Kevin's surprise birthday party, Sally has a great time poking fun at her husband.

Mrs Dobbs finally snaps and has a go at her, which leads to one of the most tense dinner parties of the year. Meanwhile, there's a fete worse than death this week when Claire's DVT See deep vein thrombosis.  fundraiser leaves her so rushed off her feet she doesn't have time to check on Joshua.

During the local fete, Josh has been stung.

Luckily, first-aider Janice puts her beer down long enough to spot the problem. And, as the ambulance races to the scene, she puts Josh in the recovery position while Claire becomes understandably hysterical.

Then again, that seems to be Claire's default setting this week, especially when she finds out that Ashley didn't have the snip.

Poor Ash probably wishes he had gone under the knife when he sees what sort of crazed woman his wife turns into at the news.

And after deciding to leave his home of 26 years, Jack is faced with a tough decision - move into Connie's mansion or get a place of his own.


Is Sean Wilson For the speedway rider, see .
Sean Wilson (born 4 April 1965, Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancashire) is an English actor, best known for his role as Martin Platt in Coronation Street.
 about to return to Coronation Street? The actor, who played Martin Platt Martin Platt was a character from ITV's Coronation Street, portrayed by Sean Wilson. History
Martin Platt is a nurse, working at Weatherfield General Hospital. He first appeared in 1985 as a school-leaver working in Jim's Cafe.
 for 20 years, thinks the time is right to make a comeback, although he's yet to receive a call from Corrie's bosses. Mother-of-two Samantha Womack, aka EastEnders' Ronnie Mitchell Veronica "Ronnie" Mitchell is a fictional character in the popular BBC soap opera EastEnders. She is played by Samantha Janus.[1] History
Ronnie arrived in Walford with her sister Roxy (played by Rita Simons) on 24 July 2007[2]
, claims she'd love to have more babies, but has been banned from breeding by her husband, fellow actor Mark.


WARY... Mo RIGHT SHOWER... Trina and Lucas CREDIT CRUNCH Credit Crunch

An economic condition whereby investment capital is difficult to obtain. Banks and investors become weary of lending funds to corporations thereby driving up the price of debt products for borrowers.
... Nathan faces Cain's demands BEING COMFORTED... Martha hugs Alf DESPERATE... Amber BABY BLUES... Declan and Bridget despair over India LURVE... Kevin and Molly resume their affair, while Ash and Claire wait by Josh (top). And Jack has a decision to make (above)
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