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New move in row over supermarket on stilts.

Byline: Jane Woodhead Woodhead (SK091999) is a small and scattered settlement at the head of the Longdendale valley in Derbyshire, England. It lies on the River Etherow and the Trans Pennine Trail.  Wirral Wirral, metropolitan borough (1991 est. pop. 322,100), NW England, on the peninsula between the Mersey and Dee estuaries, in the Greater Manchester metropolitan area.  Chief Reporter

CONTROVERSIAL plans to develop a supermarket on stilts This article is about the poles. For the type of bird, see stilt. For other uses, see Stilts (disambiguation).

Stilts are poles, posts or pillars used to allow a person or structure to stand at a certain distance above the ground.
 in Wirral have been referred to the Secretary of State for the Environment The Secretary of State for the Environment was a UK cabinet position, responsible for the Department of the Environment. It was created by Edward Heath as a combination of the Ministry of Housing and Local Government and the Ministry of Public Building and Works on October .

Proposals to expand the Tesco store in Heswall have been thrown out by Wirral planning officials.

But it emerged last night that the supermarket giant is now taking its fight to the highest level and the plans will go to a public inquiry.

Councillors decided to refuse permission for Tesco to expand in Telegraph Road Telegraph Road may refer to:

In streets:
  • Telegraph Road (southern California), partly carrying State Route 126 as well as streets running through Ventura, California and Santa Paula, California
  • Telegraph Road (Michigan), in the Metro Detroit area, carrying U.S.
 believing it would result in "an unacceptable overbearing o·ver·bear·ing  
1. Domineering in manner; arrogant: an overbearing person. See Synonyms at dictatorial.

2. Overwhelming in power or significance; predominant.
 impact" on nearby homes.

They also believe the expansion would have an "unacceptable dominating impact" on woodland and open space in the area which has been designated as urban greenspace in Wirral's Unitary Development Plan In United Kingdom Planning Law a Unitary Development Plan (UDP) is an old-style development plan prepared by a Metropolitan district and some Unitary Local Authorities, which contains policies equivalent to those in both a structure plan and local plan. .

Last night, Heswall councillor Stephen Rowlands said:

"This development may enhance the store, but it will do absolutely nothing for the area or the local people.

"The proposals were given a good hearing, including a site visit, and the planning department decided that the development would be too close to houses and obtrusive ob·tru·sive  
1. Thrusting out; protruding: an obtrusive rock formation.

2. Tending to push self-assertively forward; brash: a spoiled child's obtrusive behavior.
 to people's views.

"Tesco obviously does not care about this.

"The fact that Tesco has now decided to go to the Secretary of State is something which worries me. In effect, Tesco is having two bites at the cherry when the people of Heswall have only had one.

"Heswall is one of Tesco's most profitable stores and obviously it wants to expand.

There is no room for expansion in this area and any extension would be totally out of keeping with the area.

"The site is already cramped cramped  
1. Uncomfortably small or restricted: cramped living quarters.

2. Difficult to read, especially for being crowded into a small space: cramped handwriting.

Coun Rowlands added that attempts were made to warn Tesco there would be no room for expansion before they moved on to the site in 1994 "but they would not listen".

Heswall Civic Society has also raised concerns over the plans. Chairman Stuart Marsden said the group was very concerned about the new building which he said would be "dominating and extremely close to houses in Broomlands".

But a Tesco spokesman claimed an expansion would be popular with local customers: "We do listen to the views of local people but obviously we cannot please everyone.

"This is a very popular store and we believe an extension would be of great benefit to customers and popular with local people. We do not just extend for the sake of it. We want to offer more and believe it will work.

"We are aware of certain concerns and we naturally do listen and try to address them within the scheme."

The expansion, developed on stilts because the ground falls away rapidly, would create 1,322 sq ft of retail space, expanding the store by a third.

It would include a customer service area, extra tills and additional floor space. Fifty new jobs would also be created, together with an extra 55 car parking spaces.

A date for the public inquiry, to be held at Wallasey Town Hall, has yet to be set.
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Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Oct 23, 2001
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