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Greater Amman Municipality Inaugurates Sulaiman Mousa Library Next Month.

The Greater Amman Municipality MUNICIPALITY. The body of officers, taken collectively, belonging to a city, who are appointed to manage its affairs and defend its interests.  is inaugurating, next month, the library of the late Jordanian historian and scholar Sulaiman Mousa, which is specialized spe·cial·ize  
v. spe·cial·ized, spe·cial·iz·ing, spe·cial·iz·es

1. To pursue a special activity, occupation, or field of study.

 in the History of Jordan The land that became Jordan forms part of the richly historical Fertile Crescent region. Its history began around 2000 B.C., when Semitic Amorites settled around the Jordan River in the area called Canaan. . GAM has started building the library in June, and is taking part in printing all of Mousa's literary works.

President of Jedara University, Dr. Ali Mahaftha praised GAM's role in restoring the cultural heritage of Jordan. During the meeting of Mousa's honorary committee at the library, Mahaftha said that GAM's efforts to establish this library that concentrates on all writings regarding Jordan's history will help enhance the rebuilding of Jordanian memory to stay alive the minds and hearts of the generations to come.

The committee comprises representatives of GAM, the Ministry of Culture, and Jordanian Writers League. It meets regularly to discuss the required plans to make the library a source of knowledge and science pertinent to the history of Jordan. The committee called for preparing a comprehensive book of all writings, in cooperation with the Jordanian universities, research and knowledge institutions, and main libraries.

The committee also advised for the acquisition of books, research papers and articles on Jordan's history, estimated at 2000 books and subjects. It also called on the concerned parties to hold an annual scientific seminar on the history of Jordan attended by Arab and foreign researchers.

Executive Director of Culture Department at GAM, Samer Khair Ahmad said that by allocating a library named after the late Sulaiman Mousa comes in honor of his role, and in recognition of his books that tell the history of Jordan and its development.

He noted that the library was divided into three branches, one for the old history of Jordan (Ammonites This list of ammonites is an attempt to create a comprehensive listing of all genera that have ever been included in the subclass Ammonoidea, excluding purely vernacular terms. , Moabites, and Nabataeans), the second for the old and modern documents of Jordan's history, and the third is for the documents of the Great Arab Revolt The Great Arab Revolt could refer to either of:
  • The 1916-1918 Arab Revolt against Ottoman rule, led by Sharif Hussein bin Ali
  • The 1936-1939 Arab revolt in Palestine.
. A separate branch will include CDs showing documentaries about Jordan and its history, to be available for the library's researchers and visitors.

Suleiman Mousa Library will be linked with a special database on the Internet, related to the libraries of the Jordanian universities. It will include books in Arabic and English.

GAM's Public Libraries Department is supervising the library's internal design, equipping e·quip  
tr.v. e·quipped, e·quip·ping, e·quips
a. To supply with necessities such as tools or provisions.

 it of all the required furniture and tools, providing visitors with convenient ambiance am·bi·ance also am·bi·ence  
The special atmosphere or mood created by a particular environment: "The noir ambience is dominated by low-key lighting . . .
 for reading, and enhancing its splendor Splendor
Aladdin’s palace

built of marble, gold, silver, and jewels. [Arab. Lit.: Arabian Nights]


the palatial 13th-century Moorish citadel in Granada, noted for its lofty situation, beautiful courts, and fountains.
 and appeal.

It is worth mentioning that the late Sulaiman Mousa (1919 -- 2008) was one of the prominent Jordanian writers, as he focused on different aspects, and some of his writings were translated into different languages.

His earlier writings were "Hussein Bin Ali and the Great Arab Revolt", "Landmarks of Jordan", "Faces and Facets FACETS Fairfax Area Christian Emergency and Transitional Services (Virginia)
FACETS Facilities Construction, Engineering and Technical Services
FACETS Frequency And Coverage Evaluation in Time-Sharing
: Portraits", "Images of Heroism Heroism
See also Bravery.


Greek hero without whom Troy could not have been taken. [Gk. Lit.: Iliad]


Trojan hero; legendary founder of Roman race. [Rom. Lit.
", and ending with his personal biography and memoirs mem·oir  
1. An account of the personal experiences of an author.

2. An autobiography. Often used in the plural.

3. A biography or biographical sketch.

, around 80 scholarly works.

The late Mousa has many writings on the history of Jordan, its development, including the founding of the Emirate e·mir·ate  
1. The office of an emir.

2. The nation or territory ruled by an emir.

Noun 1. emirate - the domain controlled by an emir
 of Jordan, Jordan's historic sites, the modern political history of Jordan, unforgettable days: Jordan During the 1948 War.

Other works include the Emirate of Trans Jordan: Its Foundation and Development in 25 Years, studies on the modern history of Jordan (papers of modern history), Prince Zaid's memoirs: Wars in Jordan, history of Jordan in the 20th Century (Second Part). With this book, Mousa had recited the great courage of Jordan and its citizens.

The late Mousa also wrote about the history of Jordan and Palestine, titled "Trips in Jordan and Palestine (two parts)", "Oh Jerusalem" (translated). His writings on the Great Arab Revolt include "The Arab Movement", "Lawrence and Arabs" (an Arabic point of view) - translated into several languages, "Historic Correspondence", "War in Hijaz 1916 - 1918".

Mousa has many writings and short stories, including "Al-Majhoul" (The Anonymous), "Mashahed Awraq Min Dafater Al-Ayyam" (Scenes from the Diaries), "Al-Zawja Al-Methaliya" (The Perfect Wife), among other stories. He also wrote for the youth, including "Fi Sabeel Al-Hurriya" (For the Sake of Freedom) -- The story of the Great Arab Revolt. 2009 Al Bawaba (

2009 Al Bawaba (

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