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DJ'S RADIO GA-GA FOR HIS WIFE'S SISTER; Tim in fantasy prank on live show.


RADIO presenter Tim Shaw landed himself in hot water with his pregnant wife when he phoned her sister live on air - to claim he fantasises about her in bed!

The maverick Birmingham DJ made the sick wind-up call to sister-in-law Heidi after listeners challenged him to play a joke on a member of his own family.

But the prank backfired when his phone call sparked a row between Heidi and her sister Hayley, and ended with Tim's upset wife angrily ringing him up.

To make matters worse, the Kerrang DJ then broadcast his unsuspecting wife's reaction as she gave him a dressing down for propositioning her younger sister.

'At first I thought it was a joke,' said one listener. 'I couldn't believe what I was hearing. It was bad enough that he made a pass at his sister-in-law.

'But then he secretly played his wife's phone call live on air as well. It was unforgivable. He deserves the sack for doing that.'

Tim, 30, played the prank on Heidi, who's 24, after being challenged by listeners about a controversial feature of his show, called The Sunday Sacking.

Every week the DJ phones an unsuspecting victim live on air and tells them they have been fired.

'We've had grown men crying,' said Tim. 'Some of the listeners think it's a bit cruel, and one bloke bet me that I wouldn't play a trick on a member of my own family. So I called Heidi.'

During the wind-up call, Tim professed his love to a gobsmacked Heidi before declaring: 'I think about you when I'm having sex with your sister.'

Just minutes after the call ended, he received an answerphone message from a furious Hayley, demanding that he call her straight away.

But instead of making peace with his wife off air, Tim allowed listeners to eavesdrop.

They heard furious 26 year-old Hayley tell Tim: 'Why are you saying things like that to my sister? It's not normal behaviour, is it? You've caused problems between me and my sister.

'You're sick!'

Last night, a remorseful Tim admitted he had gone too far.

'Hayley is really upset with me,' he said. 'She's six months pregnant and her hormones are all over the place, so she has been quite worried that I do actually fancy her sister.

'I've been trying to reassure her that it was all a joke. I bought her a bunch of flowers and a copy of OK! magazine from the garage, but she still hasn't forgiven me.

'At the moment, I'm still getting a frosty reception but I'm hoping she'll come round soon.'

It isn't the first time the madcap DJ has courted controversy.

In 1999, he was sacked from Sheffield-based Hallam FM after the Radio Authority fined the station for a feature about bestiality during a late-night show.

And in 2001, we revealed how he was rapped again after the watchdog upheld a complaint about an item broadcast on his BRMB show which had involved a discussion about gay sex.

The Radio Authority also upheld a complaint regarding an on-air discussion when an Indian restaurant waiter called the show to claim he was paid pounds 100 to ejaculate in a customer's curry by his boss.

The Sunday Mercury also revealed how the DJ was carpeted by police because he had not told cops a 'live' mercy dash to prevent someone trying to commit suicide was, in fact, pre-recorded.

'I'm pretty used to being fired,' said Tim. 'So far in my career I've been sacked 19 times!'

What do YOU think about Tim Shaw's behaviour? Write to DJ Stunt, Sunday Mercury, Weaman Street, Birmingham B4 6AY or e-mail SundayMercury


SHAW THING: Radio presenter Tim Shaw with pregnant wife Hayley, who is still angry with him
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Publication:Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England)
Date:Jul 11, 2004
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