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A/E/C Industry Alliance for Interoperability Links Building Industry Professions AT&T, Carrier Corp., Honeywell, Inc. and HOK Among Founding Members.

SAN RAFAEL San Rafael (săn rəfĕl`), residential city (1990 pop. 48,404), seat of Marin co., W Calif., a suburb of San Francisco on the northern shore of San Francisco Bay; inc. 1913. , Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 17, 1995--More than 11 eleven companies, leaders across the spectrum of the building industry, are collaborating with Autodesk, Inc. and its Virtual Corporation software developers to define and develop an open, object-oriented architecture that allows to allow information-sharing among the phases of a building's lifecycle.

The new technology will be demonstrated for the first time publicly June 6-8 in Atlanta at A/E/C A/E/C Architect/Engineer/Contractor  SYSTEMS '95. As a result of this innovation, each of the primary disciplines involved in creating and running a large building architecture, engineering, construction and facilities management The management of a user's computer installation by an outside organization. All operations including systems, programming and the datacenter can be performed by the facilities management organization on the user's premises.  will be able for the first time to share high-level, standardized information describing the building.

Joining Autodesk as founding members of the new Industry Alliance for Interoperability are: AT&T; ARCHIBUS, Inc.; Carrier Corp.; Hellmuth, Obata & Kassabaum (HOK), Inc.; Honeywell Inc.; Jaros Baum & Bolles; Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory; Primavera pri·ma·ve·ra 1 or pri·ma ve·ra  
1. A tree (Cybistax donnellsmithii) of Mexico and Guatemala, having opposite, palmately compound leaves, yellow flowers, and close-grained, light-colored wood.

 Systems, Inc.; Softdesk, Inc.; Timberline timberline, elevation above which trees cannot grow. Its location is influenced by the various factors that determine temperature, including latitude, prevailing wind directions, and exposure to sunlight.  Software Corp. and Tishman Research Corp. "In a report recently published in the UK that reviews the effectiveness of its construction industry, Sir Michael Latham Michael Anthony Latham (born 20 November 1942) was British Conservative Member of Parliament for Melton from February 1974 to 1983, and for Rutland and Melton from 1983 until he stood down in 1992.  has challenged the UK's construction industry to shave up to 30 per cent off project costs by implementing information technology," said Ian Howell Ian Lester Howell (born May 20, 1958 in Port Elizabeth, Cape Province, South Africa) is a South African cricket umpire. As a player he played first-class cricket for Border and Eastern Province in South Africa. , director of Autodesk's A/E/C Market Group. "The Industry Alliance for Interoperability initiative will be providing the building industry worldwide with the means to achieve this level of cost savings."

Having information accessible in a "common language" at each stage of a building project will enable each subsequent phase to build on previous information created for the project. Having access to this shared project data will reduce, and could possibly eliminate creating redundant information, which in turn could substantially reduce the time required to complete each phase of a building.

A/E/C software applications, developed by any company and based on the open object technology, will work together much like office suite software packages without having to be purchased at the same time or from the same source. Rather than being tied to a software package because of compatibility issues, A/E/C software users would be able to select the most appropriate package knowing it will interoperate with existing software used by other disciplines in all stages of the building's development and construction.

Autodesk is the world's leading supplier of computer-aided design computer-aided design (CAD) or computer-aided design and drafting (CADD), form of automation that helps designers prepare drawings, specifications, parts lists, and other design-related elements using special graphics- and calculations-intensive  automation software and the fifth-largest PC software company in the world. The Company develops, markets and supports a family of design automation and professional multimedia software, and component technologies for use on personal computers and workstations. A global company since its founding in 1982, Autodesk markets products in 115 countries and 18 languages. Autodesk shares are traded on the Nasdaq National Market under the symbol ACAD ACAD Academy
ACAD Academic
ACAD AutoCAD (design/drafting development software by Autodesk)
ACAD Acadia National Park (US National Park Service)
ACAD Atherosclerotic Coronary Artery Disease
. For more information on Autodesk, please call 415-507-5000 or type GO ADESK on CompuServe(R) (**See below for more information on the founding members**) -0- Founding Members Quotes:

"The new AEC AEC US Atomic Energy Commission

Noun 1. AEC - a former executive agency (from 1946 to 1974) that was responsible for research into atomic energy and its peacetime uses in the United States
Atomic Energy Commission
 Interoperability Alliance will make shared information throughout a building's lifecycle the standard business model at last, rather than the exception." --- Steve Segarra, Director of Software Development, ARCHIBUS, Inc.

"A growing global market demands interoperability in the construction and building automation industries. Interoperability has a significant impact on the construction and life cycle costs of a modern 'intelligent' building." --- Donald R. Coover, Technology Planning & Support-Director, AT&T Bell Lab.

"In order to better facilitate and enhance the building construction lifecycle, all those involved in the process must first speak the same language. The Alliance for Interoperability is making this technically feasible by creating a common language through which the software and users can share information interactively." --- Michael W. Conroy, Manager, Systems Product Management, Carrier Corp.

"We believe interoperability is a key step in bringing facilities design, construction and operations into the Information Age." Patrick E. MacLeamy, Managing Principal of HOK-San Francisco.

"From a manufacturer's perspective, interoperability creates new opportunities for manufacturers to deliver product data electronically, and for that information to remain consistent throughout the phases of a building's design, construction, and management." -- Patrick J. O'Neill, Ph.D., Program Manager, Honeywell Technology Center, Honeywell, Inc.

"We are very excited about this object-based connection moving information from design straight into scheduling and construction management. Customers are looking for Looking for

In the context of general equities, this describing a buy interest in which a dealer is asked to offer stock, often involving a capital commitment. Antithesis of in touch with.
 the intelligent use of information to simplify and streamline their design-build processes. Now, the scheduler handles the same object as the designer and quickly adds information content, based on his/her understanding of project-specific procurement and building processes." Joel M. Koppelman, President, Primavera Systems, Inc.

"To meet our goal of making the nation's buildings more energy efficient, we want to see energy tools used by the entire buildings industry throughout the building life cycle. Interoperability makes that possible--our new energy tools produced at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory and elsewhere will be able to easily share information with commercially available architectural/engineering, construction, and facility management software." Christine A. Ervin, Assistant Secretary, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Renewable energy utilizes natural resources such as sunlight, wind, tides and geothermal heat, which are naturally replenished. Renewable energy technologies range from solar power, wind power, and hydroelectricity to biomass and biofuels for transportation. , U.S. Department of Energy.

"Ideally, every company should begin managing a facility as soon as it is acquired or built. The Interoperability Alliance reinforces the goal so many companies strive for in all disciplines standardizing data for in-house operations and outside contractors and suppliers. Interoperable applications will make as-built information and standards available to people at all levels and introduce consistency and savings to an organization from the start." Ted Chumas, Director of Product Marketing, Softdesk.

"Interoperability breaks down a major barrier to computer integrated construction (CIC CIC

circulating immune complexes.

CIC Circulating immune complexes. See Immune complexes.
) by creating a standard way of sharing information. This will become a popular concept among A/E/C firms who want to swap information more efficiently, thereby eliminating wasteful steps and increasing productivity." -- Curtis Peltz, Vice President, Timberline Software, The Precision Division. -0- Founding Members of the Industry Alliance for Interoperability:

AT&T Network Systems is one of the world's largest manufacturers and providers of network telecommunications equipment, offering communications service providers virtually everything they need to build and operate their networks.

ARCHIBUS, Inc. is the #1 developer of Computer-Integrated Facilities Management (CIFM CIFM Computer Integrated Facilities Management  ) and CAFM CAFM Computer Aided Facilities Management
CAFM Certified Automotive Fleet Manager
CAFM Conductive Atomic Force Microscopy
CAFM Commercial Air Freight Movement
 software for Fortune 1000 companies, banks and utilities, in addition to hospitals, state and municipal governments, and federal agencies in short, any organization needing timely facilities information essential to strategic business planning. Built on a foundation of expertise in several fields, ARCHIBUS, Inc. is a recognized leader in CAD and database integration technology, commanding 66.5% market share of integrated CAFM systems.

Carrier Corporation is the world's largest manufacturer of heating and air conditioning air conditioning, mechanical process for controlling the humidity, temperature, cleanliness, and circulation of air in buildings and rooms. Indoor air is conditioned and regulated to maintain the temperature-humidity ratio that is most comfortable and healthful.  systems and equipment. It is a subsidiary of United Technologies Corporation, provider of a broad range of high technology products and support services support services Psychology Non-health care-related ancillary services–eg, transportation, financial aid, support groups, homemaker services, respite services, and other services  to the aerospace, building systems and automotive industries Automotive Industries, Ltd. (Hebrew: תעשיות רכב נצרת עלית, תע"ר .

With 1,350 employees and 18 offices worldwide, HOK is the largest U.S.-based architectural, engineering, interiors, planning and consulting firm Noun 1. consulting firm - a firm of experts providing professional advice to an organization for a fee
consulting company

business firm, firm, house - the members of a business organization that owns or operates one or more establishments; "he worked for a
. HOK was ranked the top architecture/engineering firm in general building in 19954 by Engineering News Record and the third second ranking architectural firm An architectural firm is a company which employs one or more licensed architects and practices the profession of architecture. History
Architects (master builders) have existed since early in recorded history. The earliest recorded architects include Imhotep (c.
 in the world by World Architecture. Celebrating its 40th year, HOK is dedicated to design excellence and quality service. HOK's St. Louis headquarters office currently employs 246 people.

Honeywell Home and Building Control provides products and services to create efficient, safe, comfortable environments. The business offers controls for heating, ventilating ventilating

Natural or mechanically induced movement of fresh air into or through an enclosed space. The hazards of poor ventilation were not clearly understood until the early 20th century. Expired air may be laden with odors, heat, gases, or dust.
, humidification Humidification

The process of increasing the water-vapor content (humidity) of a gas. This process and its reverse operation, dehumidification, are important steps in air conditioning for human comfort and in many industrial operations.
 and air-conditioning equipment; security and fire alarm systems; home automation systems; energy- efficient lighting controls; and building management systems and services. Honeywell is a global controls company providing products, systems and services that increase comfort, environmental protection, energy conservation, productivity and safety in homes and buildings, industry, and aviation and space. The company employs 50,000 people in 95 countries on six continents Six Continents is a large retail PLC in UK which split into Six Continents Retail known as Mitchells and Butlers plc. The hotels and soft drinks business of Six Continents PLC is now known as InterContinental Hotels Group PLC. , and had 1994 sales of $6.1 billion.

Jaros Baum & Bolles is one of the world's largest engineering consulting firms, specializing in the design of mechanical, electrical, and vertical transportation systems for commercial and institutional buildings. Regardless of project size or complexity, JB&B brings a commitment to the highest possible technical standards and design quality.

Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory is a multipurpose mul·ti·pur·pose  
Designed or used for several purposes: a multipurpose room; multipurpose software.

 national laboratory managed by the University of California The University of California has a combined student body of more than 191,000 students, over 1,340,000 living alumni, and a combined systemwide and campus endowment of just over $7.3 billion (8th largest in the United States).  for the U.S. Department of Energy. With more than 3,000 employees, LBL's total annual budget of about $250 million supports a wide range of unclassified un·clas·si·fied  
1. Not placed or included in a class or category: unclassified mail.

 research activities in the biological, physical, materials, chemical, energy, and environment sciences. The Laboratory's role is to serve the nation and its scientific, educational and business communities through research performed in its unique facilities, to train future scientists and engineers, and to create productive ties to industry. The Building Technologies Program is one of five research programs in the Energy & Environment Division, one of 13 divisions at the Laboratory. The building science research focuses on the development of design tools for integrating energy issues into the design process and building life cycle issues.

Primavera Systems, Inc. provides a full spectrum of integrated project management solutions for planning , organizing, controlling and coordinating projects in the engineering, construction, aerospace, information systems, manufacturing, product design and development, telecommunications, and power industry. Primavera's project management software includes Primavera Project Planner, SureTrak Project Manager for Windows, Expedition, Finest Hour, Monte Carlo Monte Carlo (môNtā` kärlō`), town (1982 pop. 13,150), principality of Monaco, on the Mediterranean Sea and the French Riviera. , and Parade. Primavera is ranked 38th in Soft*Letter's 1994 listing of the 100 largest PC-based software companies.

Softdesk, Inc. is the world's leading supplier of Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) application software for AutoCAD, offering integrated solutions for automating the entire building site, infrastructure, and utilities project lifecycle. Softdesk products are sold, implemented, trained and supported by an extensive worldwide network of resellers and distributors. Covering the range of AEC disciplines, Softdesk software applications are grouped into families for Civil Engineering & Survey, Building Design & Engineering, Productivity, Facilities Management, Mapping/GIS, Process & Power, AM/FM AM/FM Amplitude Modulation / Frequency Modulation
AM/FM Auto-Mapping/Facilities Management
 & Utilities, and Scanning/Imaging. Softdesk has an installed base of over 125,000 modules in over 20,000 customers sites.

Founded in 1971, Timberline Software Corporation is a leading developer of estimating and accounting software for the A/E/C industry. More than 15,000 design and construction companies worldwide have implemented Timberline software in their business.

Tishman Research Corporation, the research and development unit of owner/builder Tishman Realty & Construction Co., Inc., is a specialist in building science and construction technology. It advises product manufacturers, building owners and tenants, government agencies and other parties on technical and practical matters concerning the building community.


Note to Editors: Autodesk, the Autodesk logo, and AutoCAD are registered trademarks of Autodesk, Inc. CompuServe is a registered trademark of H & R Block. All other brand names, products names, or trademarks belong to their respective holders.

CONTACT: AutoDesk Inc.

Julie Brown, 415-507-6537
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