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your LETTERS: Keep us green.

Byline: David Insall

YOUR report (February 9) ``How the Welsh landscape is being used to sell high-street fashion'' tells how Topman commissioned a couple of photographers to find them a rustic location to launch their latest line, escaping ``the concrete jungle and spray-can graffiti walls'' and hitting the high street ``with the full inspiring force of the Welsh countryside behind it''.

Of course, clothing fashion is as short-lived as the ``green'' fashion: here today and gone tomorrow. They were lucky to find a place in mid Wales free from the concrete jungle of wind turbines.

Such is the totalitarian grip of the wind power industry on us, the rural peasants, that we are already starting to pay feudal dues for our electricity, to enrich the barons cheer-led by a handful of left-wing industrial commissars in Cardiff.

With the cost and ineffectiveness of wind power now being exposed to the elements by a leaked report in Germany, we can hope that the stunning landscapes of North Wales will be spared this ugly ``green'' cancer.

David Insall, Corwen
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Feb 11, 2005
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