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We aksed you on social media whether you thought: Anthony Devall: What a surprise. Money being spent in Cardiff.

There''s no chance the north getting anything, we are too far away from the capital for them to think of us.

Rob Kelly: Half of Cardiff aren''t welsh either! The airport will service all the other Londoners and associated high flying tax dodgers. We''ll just have to carry on sailing up the A55 canal for now I guess!

Hanna Elin Hughes: Yet again money being spent pointlessly down South. Why not spend that money on the more deprived areas up north and south? The government is looking after the rich as usual, meanwhile the average Joe gets zilch!

@rhydsnewi: Cardiff Airport''s difficult to get to and has fewer destinations than a bus from Bala.

Potential? Yes. Potential for success? Debatable. Potential for costing. No-one flies from Cardiff, the Welsh Govt have only saved it so that IeuAir doesn''t have to land at Bristol.

@Penbedw: Great potential for the future. We can''t forever label things 'north'' and south'' in Wales. Divide and be ruled. It''s very important for Wales that the capital city has a vibrant, viable airport.
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Publication:Daily Post (Conwy, Wales)
Geographic Code:4EUUK
Date:Dec 19, 2012
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