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you'vegot hatemail.

RICHARD DUCKENFIELD, former managing editor of BBC Radio Merseyside, writes: "Might Will Batchelor be prepared to apologise to Sian Williams for including her in his amusing piece about the move of BBC Breakfast to Salford (Daily Post, August 4)? I''ll take his word for it that she was born in Southwark, but her early career was spent happily and very successfully at BBC Radio Merseyside. I can assure him that while she was there, she was never given to simpering and that she doesn''t have a distant, stereotypical view of the North - well, not of Merseyside anyway." WB: Gosh, that was good of her. So why doesn't she want to come back?
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Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Aug 11, 2010
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